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VOL. 1. NO. 1-2(5
ueQii5 Bulletin
TS'ltli which Is 'incorporated tlic Iniuu'Exii.
Hawaiian CoryrlRlit by A. V. Oka it,
h!uiio '22, 1895.
Published orory day except Sunday at
w.i Jung street, Honolulu, 11. 1.
Per Month, nnywhero in tho Ha
waiian Islands 3 7fi
Per Year. 8 00
Tor Year, pout paid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 10 CX)
Per Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
I'nynlilc Iiivni'liililv li: Atlvnnoo.
Advertisements unaccompanied by
Bpecille instructions) innerU'd till ouiered
Ad ertlhcments discontinued boforo
ex)iration of Kpecilicd period will be
charm d an if continued for full term.
Liberal allowance on yearly and half
yearly contracts.
Address nil coninmnicatiotiH to tho edi
torial department to "Editor liullc-tiu."
Business letters should lie addreswsd to
"Mtimujer Evening Bulletin."
Tolephono !KlJ. P. O. I3oi -S9.
B. L FINNEY, Manager.
It attacks
nml breaks tip
overy humor,
cures siilncrup-
lions, restores
I exhausted vltnl-
iliy, uud drhes
out rvjry clo
mfiitof disease..
Sufferers from
liidfgi stlon.Ben
cral debility, or
any other ail
ment nrlslMK from Imptirn Mood, should t.iko
Aycr's Sarsaparlli.i. It gives strength to
tliu weak, and builds iii tlio sjsteni gener
ally, lly Its uie foml Is mule nouruhlug,
sleep rcfrcshlnc uud Iiio eiijo)nbio.
Ayer's Sarsapariila
World's Great Expositions.
Mft(.o.rlr..I.OAjorA (.' Louc.t,Maiis .V.S.A
tfr'-lU'vnrr of r!i j imltatir-m. T!o n&mft
-.ir harHiiimrlilu In proniluriit tut thn
nrupiitT. ana 1 blutwi it. tho &lx of euvli ot
our UotJu.
Hollister Drttg Co., L'd,
iSolo Agents for ILo Iiepublio of Hawaii
o 0
Imports of Champagne In
to the United Scates,
TItO.M AN. lhl TO .lUN'i: lfcT, 1895
G II Mtunin it Co.'a ixtrn
dry i0,831
Pommory it Cirouo 11,71)8
Meet ic Chiiudon 9,008
Hoidsieck & Co., (dry
Monopolc) 7.501
Louis Uoedoror 3 d.'J8
Ituiniirt 3 UG
Perrier .TVmot ii.'2S
Irruy & Co 1,786
Vve. Clicquot 2,378
BonolioScc 'J!)2
Delbeokct Co 728
St. Mnrcohux 33l
Krwgit Co. 270
Chan. Uoidbicck 355
Yarious W10
Total 81,85!)
Macfarlanc & Co.,
Solo Agont- for G. II. Alnmm it Co.
for tho Iliwftiinn Is'ands.
l '.'! If
U w EP Ira
lfrtV&j..'4., Ms 6
I'lncttTur Minrlius i'lmfomrro Afpr
Nine o'clock on Snnilnv Ioritliic
Oilier Police Noli.
Judging from tlio nnmbnr of
Kljcotivcirt upotl in the complaint
Kyuiiist thorn. Ah On, Quhi 'Cliim
and Hu Tim must bo torrililc
follows. Thoy wore tried on Sit
uidny morning charged with con
spiracy in tlmt thoy did on or
rtliout the 30th day of Soptomlior,
5895, nmliciously, fratidulontly,
'ulsely, unlawfully and sronnd
lessly inutuiilly uiulortake. com
bine, agree, concert and conspi'-o,
ouch with tho other, to fulooly nc-
icuso one Cliu Kan to be prose
cuted for na offense, vir ill
otlbiise of unlawfully having pns-
, session of opinion; and did so
i falsely neenxc the said Chu Knn
of, uud ciiuso him to be prnse
, cuted for such offense
; And also, on or abmit (lie snid
:30th day of Soptombor, nt enid
ilonolulu, did malicious v. fru -
I dulcntly. falBely und unlawfully
xnntuuiiy undertake, comlmi .
Hgreo, concert and conspire, each
with the other, to ohargo tho said
Chu Kan with mi offense, viz: the
offenso of unlawfully having pos
session of opium, with tho iutont
and for tho purpose of oztortinj
cacnoy from him, the said Chu
i Knn, contrary to the provisions of
1 Chapter '.J8 of tho Poind Code.
L. A. Iliurston iipnoardd f .r
tho prosecution and Paul Neu
mann for the defendant Quan
Chan, togothor .with a largo con
courso uf tho sistors, cousins and
aunts of tho defendants, includi u
a fat six-nionths-old snocimon of
jChicost humanity with a gorgeous
oup and tussol, wiioso jirinoipal
business was to look supromoly
happy and imbibe a large quan
tity cf lacteal fluid from an imi a
tion inatenial fount commou'y
known as a feeding bott'e.
The prosecution discharged its
llrst gun irto thoeneny's cimp by
entering a nolle pros, against Su
Tim, und then usiucr him as its
irinciiiil witness. Tno tcstimonyj
ot Jiioutenant oi rouco ihornton
and Chu Knn, which would oc
oupy about a pagu of the BrLf.c
TIN, wuh taken when titu hour of
noon arrived and tho enso wont
ovor until today, but it wns not
reached during tho morning ses
sion. The proceedings of today open
ed witli tho imposition of the
I'sual lino on five drunks. Ama
lin Knihuinuii, whobo Siturd-iy
night diveuiions required tho
unitod efforts of throe policomon
to stop, disdained to sppoar in
court and her bail was forfeited.
The charges of violatii g tho
rules of tho Board of Health pie
forred against J. H. and F. K.
Thomas nere nollo jiros.'d.
Maluoa, cliarged with malicious
mischief in keeping a vioious
dog, ploaded guilty, but tund he
had put an end to tho dog, whore
upon sontonco was suspended.
Slitcholl pleaded guilty of
selling liquor without u license,
yentouco suspended.
Of eight Chinese ftnoslod fjr
gambling throo ploided guilty
and tho rest were discharged.
Tho guilty ones wero fined 10
ouch and costs.
Lau Chong nleaded guilty of
having opium in possession and
was fined .f50.
For shaving a man after 9
o'clock yesterday morning, Wong
Kuti was fined 2 and costs.
Til t 'llreil riellu-ii
fs a common complaint uud It i a d mseroiu
mi)tom. It means tlint tliu sjstcin 1 d' bili
tuted beciiasu of Impure Mood, and In Oils
..iimlWInti I, 1.. ..j....nl..ll.. it..i.i.. .. .. I
WinCim (g tBjilllMliJ IIUU1C U III I IIC IV II
disease. Hood's Samupurlllii h the niaidy
fur llild nr..L.llf I... I ..I... . .1. .. .1 . .
"" n'tlMHUlll, Ullll UIP.I 11.1 111,11 IU JltlllM
nlilcli pruvulls ut the clmiigit of Beinnii dl
muto or life.
Hoop's I'll.l.s net easily, et proniUl) and
I'dlcleatly on tliu bowels and liver, .'it.
wliicli is Incorporated the "Independent."
JimiciAiiv jorn.Mis,
I'lvr TlKKiannil Ilnllara rialmctl
for I.tbrl-llcnl Klnl"Varlli 8HIOO
Willed lo a T.nvjir.
Judgo Cooper Iirs iqipointod K.
Podoyn as guurdir.ii of Frederick,
August and Wuldomar Podoyn,
minor, without bond.
Camillo Peroira lias ontored nn
action against J. M. Vivas und J.
M. ITeixeint, manager and editor
respectively of tho Portuguese
newspaper A Scutinella, claiming
."SoOOO daniages for libel.
Knoch Johns in, lawyer, has
filod a potitioc fur jiroba'te uf tho
will of Keaku, a native woman
who diid ut tie ago of 80, leaving
real ostate in Honolulu valued at
JrlOOO. Tho heirs nt law and next
of kin nro tho Widowor, a uephow
and n niece, and the petitioner,
Mr Johnson, is named in tiio
will as dovisoo, legnteo ami
1 n the divorce case of Caroline A.
Laing vs. it, Lniug.Hti order to Jn
fendaut to pay plaintiff 7,5') a
week temporary alimony wis
made this morning by Judg
Cooper. Defendant had already
paid into court $25 costs and
$25 attorney's fee.
Upon agreement of all concern
ed, Judgo Cooper today appointed
W. C. 1'nrke as administrator of
tho estate of Hannah Kukona,
who diod intet-tiitr, leaving an
ostato of ifGOO. llenjninin Kalunn,
petitioner, withdrew the name of
A. P. Huiola nominated in his
petition. Poopoo for potiliouor;
Ma goon nndllookano, soparatoly,
for other parties.
Tomorrow will bo the last day
for the sorvicoof summons for tho
November term of tho Circuit
Judge Whiting bus a number of
prob.to cases due bofore him this
a ;it.sn,v i'imi.
A Nnllio llrlusH ii Iliiiniin IIuuil
o Hie Police .Million.
At about 8 o'clock this morn
ing a native walked into the Police
Station boaring a plnttoron which
was a human hand, und handed it
to tho liativo DOlinnimiii nn iln!,.
Tho lattor took him and
his bunion at once in
to Doputy-Marshal Hitchcock's
office, whore ho wus questioned.
Oo said ho found tho hand in a
houso on Maiunikea street near
the old fishmnrkot. Inli..n .
sout to tho houso and tin, ,,,,;.
tor, a Chiness uuinod Ah Wu, was
pinceu aimer arrest pending in
vestigations. Thoso wire not
completed when tho Biti,m:tin'
wont to pross, but the dopnty
marshal folt f-nnddmit fr, in
formation alroadv rponivnil flmt
tho hand would 1m fully and satis-
luuioruy accounted lor.
A similar ocourronee wna rn-
portod somo timo npo. whon a
hand was found which had boon
amputated from a Japanese, and
it is most likely this find will bo
traced to tho same source.
llUtnrliiiiice on Klunu.Mruet.
J.M. Vivas, living on tho corner
ofKinau and Punchbowl streets,
telephoned to tho police station
ln3t evening, reporting that his
peace and quiot was disturbed by
some Portuguese next door, who
wero colobratiug tho fact that thoy
had sixtoeu bottlos of wino in tho
llOUSO, A collide of mounted nf-
ficers wero sent out to ro.id n
tomneranco locturo to tlm nnnvivinl
Azoreuns, but found tho houso
(;'iom V, S. Journal cjMtJMni.)
I'ror.W.H.Pccke.whomakesa specially of Epilepsy,
has Mrltliuut doubt treated uud curid nioro cases than
inylhliiKriiyjIclani'ilsBiiccesslsai.tonbliiK. Wo
umls 1th a lare hotlle of Ins absolute tu re, free tu
ilrt.s. Woailvloaujronowlhlniaciirotoudilitt,
1'wt W. H. l'EEKJC, f J 4 Ctilar bl., Ney York.
hie ur.qui.T oi' as eaiii.v
Jolui Ulrotvn Mt-iupl to Priitl
AnuOicr HriMVn Willi u Ilujrnnel
nnT Ani'runrd Mi&nln II tin.
About -1 o'clock yoitarduy morn
ing ii young man who goeB by tho
mi mo of "Scotty" Brown with a
couple of companions got into a
row with John Brown, who rooms
in u houso whore thoy had boon
celobrnting tho previous evening
and night, during which quan
tities of wino woro imbibed.
"Pcotty" admits commencing tho
row with Brown and daring him to
coimJoulnnd fight. Instead of doing
so Brown went for "Scotty" with
a bayonet but ouPy just grazed his
side with it. Ho then picked up
a Springfield riile und fired one
shot at him, which ontored the
loft side. This was ouough for
"Scotty," who turned and rnn,
whilo Joo Dillon.ouo of tho party,
went for the police.
Captain Scott answered tho
call, arrested Brown and convoy
ed him to tho station house, while
the wounded man wus eont to tho
At this morning's session of tho
police court John Brown was able
to appear in person and tell all
, about the affair. Ue acknowledged
being tho aggressor and stated that
I ho had had ono glass of wino on
' Saturday night. On cross ox-
aminntion he admitted he had had
two, but altogether his roco'.lcc
tion of tlio affair was somewhat
hazv. IIo did remember bnw-
,. .......
I over, that Hrown had made a pass
nt him with tho btyonot, and
I that ho had afterward gone into
ins room nod procured tho rillo
with which ho'had shot him. The
bnyonet had glanced off his body,
inllictihg only a slight bruiso, b.it
tlio bullet hint. After being shot
ho went to Dillon's room and got
a shirt which he tied over tho
wound, and the police surgeon did
I uie lvst.
J Dr. Kmorson testified that ho
drossed the bullet wound soon after
tho oicuireiico. The point of on
trance was ovor the seventh or eighth
rib. He did not count which.
Tlio bullet glanced oil" and came
out about four inches from where
it entered, inflicting a wound
which with ordinary caro would
heal up in a wook or two. Too
wound was undoubtedly eaubod
by a bullet.
Joo Dillon and a woman who
was present also tostili'd as to
tho occurrence, but tho exunina
tiou was not completed at the
morning seesion.
The charge against Drown is
assault with a deadly weapon, and
tho ufi'rny took place at -1 o'clock
on Sunday morning and the arrest
lilVon minutes later, and not on
Saturday as stated in tho morn
ing paper,
iim co.m:i:kt to.muut,
'I he Programme 1'rrpiireit for Visi
tor" to Emiiin Milium Timtlil,
Lovers of music havo a treat in
pro9iect tonight at lOmmii Squnro
when tho baud will rotider the
following program under the
direction of Mr. Hoitmaun, com
mencing ut7:30:
March "Tno Nauflity Cuatluong"..
Overture '-Medea ' Cherublnl
Waltit "llcl una.' Haus" Strauss
Selection) "Itcinluliicncea of Sulll-
an" Wluterbottoin.
Selection "The (ircat C'asimlr"....I.ccoii
Quadrille "Hippodrome" Fahrb ch
(Uvntte "EnlrKiuliiK" Hogt?ettl
(a) Comic Sonir "Tliu Hand l'laycd
On" Ward
(b) Oalop "Saus Kacou" lllti
Ifnwuii Pouoi.
THE IJ. S. N. OLVni'lA.
All IIhiiiIs EtifCRKml In ToUIiik On
At an onrly hour th:s morning
tho work of Bonding out coal to
tho U. S. S. Olympin was com
menced. The coil is supplied
from the yard of Allon & Bobin
son, from uhinco it is carted to
tho Ewn end of the Pacific Mail
dock nn 1 d"mpnd into tho
schooners Moiwahiuo and Luka,
which nro afterwards towed out to
the war voasol by a steam-launch.
Ono thousund tons will be put
aboard, aftor which tho big vessel
will be ready to depart for China.
Sho will probably await dii
putches by tho Mariposa uud Aus
tralia boforo proceeding on her
Tlio Time.
The latent issuo of tho Timo
hits a stro ig criticism of tho ar
ticle "Then and Now" in th"
latost number of tho Hawaiian
magazine, which it holds chargo
ablo with falsifying history. Dnlph
Turner continued in nn enlcr
taining way tlio u minis f "Our
Neighbor." Hilary Neal Woston's
vorso is clover as usual. "U. R.
A. Jay" should hold his signuture
up to a double mirror, so as to
roaliz' his own idoutity "The
Chap on tho Corner" is not up to
his usual mark. In the editurial
columns exception is taken to tho
landing of Yokohama pasongeiH
from tho steamer China. Tho
advertising patronage of tho Timo
would indicate that business men
know a "good thing," us the
trade motto of tho jmpir if.
"Viu Pnj Your .Tloiiey ami You
Taliex iur Cliolcr.
The follow ug p:r graphs both
nppeared in tho ed.torittl columns
ol tho Common Scold of King
street on the same pi'ge in one
"The writers of tho Independent
have always been the champions
of tho lluwaiians, and it is for
that very reason that wo have at
tempted to point out the faults of
tho present system of tho relief
"Tho editors of Tho Indepen
dent have never claimed to bo
"champions of the llnwaiians."
Thoy have piobably proved their
friendship in the past and suffer
ed for it. Do any of tho relief
ladits wibh to go to jail?"
A whalobMit was noticed, stand
ing ofT and on all day yestorday,
eight mi Us from the city beyond
Koko head. Two mounted police
men woro sout to Wailupo, near
Waiului1, yostorday inuriiinii. to
reconnoitre Thoy stayed all day i
and wero replaced by two others
last night, but nothing turned up.
The boat was captured early this
morning by the polico boat, de
tails of which will bo found in the
shipping column.
Ituer hn n'Icniicruiice Ailtnriitr,
In order to impress upon your
mind tho fact that the Seattle
ltrewiwj und Mnltiwj I'o's boors
ro Mild, Light and Lively, we
bolow givo the uvorngo per cont of
alcohol in various liquors in com
parison :
"Rainier" liter . . . 3.1 por cont
Olymiic" Ike?. . 3.1
Alo 7.1
Cider 8.0
Claret 13.3
"Whisky 51.0
On draught at tho Critorion.
A I'lslilu. Excursion.
Tho steamer Lohun loaves next
Friday ovoning on a fishing ex
cursion to Lanai with about thirty
prominont good fellows of this
city aboard. Thoy wiUroturu on
Sunday afternoon.
price 5 rv.s ru.
Willi, make coon citizen v..-
i iiinrsp lliiiiilL.-rnltt at lUc ih-
raiitlne Mnllun mi Hip WiiriHilli.
A tolophono messogo about G
o'clock last night causod Agent
lioynnlds to.lcavo homo in h hur
, ry carrying with him nil the guns
and ammunition ho had. The
messngo wns to tho . Scot that the
Chinosooii Quarantine island wors
fighting among thoniKolves unc.
trying to escape from captivity
Deforo leaving for tho island, Mi
Reynolds was joined by C'pt.u'n
Parker and a Mpuid of twelve
police, but on their airival at the
island tho row was ovor.
The trouble appeals to be a
dilferenco of opinion betweon the
immigrants and tno shipping
agents as to the terms of their
contiucts, which ltd to tho agents
getting badly ptimmoled. They
wero quuioling all day Snndav
and about -1 o'clock mode n break
to oscapo from the blockade. Jnck
iueegii and his gunnls, utsibtul
by five of tho Inter-islund Stuam-
J ship Company's men who were in-
l......-.....i!.... . .1.1. -1-1 ! 1
ijuiiiauiine, nseu tneir ciuos irieiy
und kept thoin back, nnd it wns
not until the guards woio thor
oughly tiled out that assistance
was telephoned for. Tho sight o
Captain Parker's squad of police
und their niles put an end to alL
trouble. The Chinese will nil be
shipped to tho plantations tomor
row, whore they will have a chance
to fight out their diuicultios with
thoso who imported them.
Curler -llurturll.
Tho mnrriugo of Miss Edith
Hartwell lo Alfred "W. Carter took
place at 8 p. m. on Saturday at
tho homo of tho bride's paronts,
Uov. II. H. Parker officiating Tli&
widdmg was a very quiot one,
only lininedinto friends of tho
fann'lios being present. Miss
Mndolino Hartwell was maid of
honor to hor sistor, while Mirbhnl
Brown acted ns best man for tha
groom. Tho nowly-muriiod cou
plo will reside at Waikiki for the
Geiieral Sale
TUESDAY, OCT. 15, l59f.
At III o'clnik a,m.,
1000 Bigs of laland Dice. Cloth
ing. Diy Goods, Ftirnituro,
Meat Safes, Bed Boom
Sets, Mnrblo Top
Wnsh Stands,
Etc., Etc
1 Combination Folding Bed audi
Writing Desk.
Ferns nnd other Plants.
Queen's Hospital.
iiiK of tho Iloaril of Trusties of tin
Queen's Hospital will bo held nt tlm Room
of tho ('lmmlicr of Uoimnercu on Wl'DNliS
1).Y the Kith lust, nt lOltO a. m.
A full uttcuilanuo is reipieiteil,
v. a. sciiAi:n:n,
Houolitln, Oct. Nth, lS'J.'i. '.'lO-SS
Cook's Music School.
1'liOK. K, Cook, for fifteen years l'rincip
ul of Cook's .Musical Institute, i'ortlaud
Oregon, is prepared to give
For terms apply at the Studio.
llentanl.i strict. lliS-itrcf
TUTC DIDrD Iskept on filet B-C:
Agency, lit and 05 Merchants I!xcliar.Le, ilaa
FratirUcn, California, where contracts tor uC
vertUliiK can be made for It.
,v j
--"S'r ' !
MKjm-" .im.f

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