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5r Euer?ir$ Bulletin
iSUMi ulilrh l liicnrpnriitril I lie
ffRD2il3Sl)AY, OCT. J(i, 1S!)5.
An article from u San FrancNoo
.mpor, lopvintoil in yesteid y'a
'Bulletin, roluted tlio aptnoliun
sions.folt by California wino pro
Iiicom at tlio fact of tho Japanese
siki trade's onoronelunonts on
iheir bufiiH'9 with these islniuls,
also at tho reports of a possible
.otul prohibition onaotinont at
ftho rogular session of tho Hawai
ian Legislature Against both
menaces to thoir bnsinoss tlio
California wino uion threaten a
movement for tho abrogation of
the reciprocity treaty. Tho saki
question is a difficult one. in view
of tho"most favoroduation"treaty
with Japan, hut unless it is satis
factorily dealt with in somo way
both in the interests of tho Ha
waiian pooplo's health and of tho
Jaliforuiau wino merchants' good
will this country will bo likely
10 sutFor. As for tho prohibition
scaro, it is not likely to como to
anything boyond, perhaps, somo
nionsuro for tho abatement of gon
arally rocognized evils of tho leg
alized liquor traffic, together with
more stringent provisions addod
to the law against tho unlicensed
.salo of strong drink. This coun
try's oxperienco with opium pro
hibition will probably deter the
-Legislature, ovon if a majority
may bolievo in the principle, from
making the experiment of outlaw
ing the importation, salo and
-nunuf.tctureof alcoholic bevorages.
At the samo time such romodios
ior tlio ovils arising from tlio
liquor traffic as tho Gothonberg
systora and tho So ith Carolina
dispensary plan might bo dis
cussod with advantago in tho
Auothor practical letter ou tho
ZSuuanu bod and border improve
ments will bo found in this issuo.
Emma equaro fence and the
High school wall are very well as
thoy aro until mono' can bo spar
ed from moro important objects.
In a Supromo Court decision
alsewlwo ropnrted a point of law
is elucidated which it is import
ant should be gonorally under
stood. At latest accounts a lawsuit was
jponding in San Francisco.rolativo
to a million dollar ostato hold in
trust for two minor childron, which
-vould turn upon tho scope of tho
word "manage." Tho power to
.-naungo tho property givon to tho
'.rnstoos by tlio will thoy contend-
od gavo them authority to sell
proporty belonging to the ostato
without any order of court.
C.ipta'm Smith would soem to
'00 completely exonerated from tho
charges preforred ogainst him by
two Into employes on tho drodger.
Loss harm is dono him by lotting
.ais oncmies como out in tho open,
.vhio llias given him an opportuni
ty of tho most public exculpation,
than by having thorn ciruulato
damaging reports about him in
private which could novor bo
'fully ovortakon.
A San Franoisco papor says :
'Applied to Hawaii, thoro is
. somotliing fascinating in Captain
' Cross' proposition that tho islands
jiinox thomsolvos to tho United
'States. It is somewhat different
iitow tho ordinary process, how
avor." It would bo liko a small
boy trying I . steal a ,i,l. on ,
Sam might givo his whip a back
ilourish that would mnko Hawaii
lot go Hiiddonly.
Dolays aro not dangorous wlion
thoy eatiso avoidance of costly
blunders. Deliberation is wanted
in tho Nmianu stream and harbor
improvement mattors. Jin suro
you urn r'ght, then go ahead.
Somo interesting information
regarding tlio grout drainngo
canal of Chicago is given olse
whoro by a correspondent, lie-
sides tho object of drainage, tho
canal is ultimately intended to ho
a waterway for commerce, by way
of the Mississippi river, between
Chicago and tho Gulf of Moxico.
Canada has taken alarm at tho
prospect of tho lowering of water
in the gro.it lakos by the canal.
Harbor impiovomonts planned
sevoral yoars ago near tho en
tr.inco should bo completed bo
fore tho heavy expense of digging
out now docks on tho Iwilei flats
is undertaken. If tho whole com
morco center is to bo shifted to
follow somo of tho thoorios afloat,
tho Government may as well
dredgo out tho entranco to Pearl
harbor at once.
Moxico and Contral and South
American oountries arosomotimes
montionod as importing cheap
labor by tho wholesalo. Now ond
then a bonanza for skilled labor
comes from thoso regions. Latoly
an application was inado at tho
Froo Labor I3uroau in San Fran
oisco for thirty carpontors at
sovon Mexican dollars a day, to
go to San Joso do Guatemala for
work on a Government contract
and six months' employment guar
antoed. With rogard to tho recommen
dation of tho Commoroial Journal,
that a skilled engineer ought to bo
employed to mnko estimates on
cortiin discussod public works,
soma historical reminiscences
como up. Tons of thous mds of
dollars wore spent in tho not re
mote past for tho reports of skillod
ougincors upon tho improvomout
of tho wntor supply, only to havo
the cosily roports discardod by
administrations succooding thoso
that employed tho high-priced
talont. Other skilled ongincors
employed pormauontly on public
works woro drivon from their
places to make room for mon who
woro nover ougineors. but whom
it wns deemed oxpodient by dif
ferent administrations to reward
for political services rondcred.
lingua Leather 111 Mioi-,
"For yoars," said a Maino man
ufacturer, "shoes of u cheap grado
havo boon mndo of what is known
as leathor-board. It is a com
pressed pasto. Thoro is a factory
in my State which tunm out tons
of it every month. Many of thoso
shoos aro sent to Contral and
South Aint-riua and, as a mutter
of fact, thousands aro sold horo.
"As long as tho weather is drv
thoy wear first rato, hut whon you
strike u rain you are gono almost
suroly. Two wettings and you want
to look out. "Whon you invost in
your summer shoos bo suro thoy
are what you want. Leather is
oxponsivo and you can't cover
your foet with it for a trifle."
New York "World.
Pound Notice.
right hind quarter, while spot on forc
hi.ul anil on nose, tun whits spots on
back, white Knot uu ri(-ht fore, foot, hiud
legi both white.
Ono brown spotted horse, branded on
rij;ht anil left liiud quarter, left liind leg
Uu itw tailed for thoy will bo bold on
SATUHDAY, Oct. l!l, at 12 olclock, nt tho
Public Pound. IIUKKY KUAIiII,
12S-31 1'oaud Muster.
iv tiii: MiiMiii:it.N
Ol' .tl'HICA.
At l'lrl Hooks Wire 1'iillurea
In llii. Mlernry World of
Among thoso who have milFoiod
tho misfortunuof boingon the un
popular sido in tho recent parlia
mentary elections in England is
tho author of thoso onco popular
ronnnces, " King Solomon's
Minos" and the woiid "She."
Mr. Hngg.ud stood for election in
East Norfolk and his canvnss was
attendod with various lively and
exciting incidents which porhaps
niny servo him as tho warp if not
tho woof for somo futuro rotnanco
of real life, sinco thoy failed to
borved his political purposes, lie
sivo his heud from boing broken
by some of his belligerent oppo
nents in the canvass only to havo
it badly fractured in a political
SCH80 whon thoy got nt him at
tho polls.
If this suddon and calamitous
onding to his political aspirations
has tho lesult of turning Mr.
Haggard's enorgies into n litorary
channel again tho reading public
may gain more by his defeat than
tho llouso of Commons lost. Mr.
Haggaul has not boon much in
ovideuco lately in a literary sense,
but the qualities manifested in
tho production of suchremarkablo
storieB as "King Solomon's
Mines" and "Joss" suroly justify
tho boliof that we have not hoard
the last of this versatile and pow
erful writer. Mr. Haggard is still
a young man, only 39 last March,
and is theroforo good for many
more yoars of work, as lifo usual
ly goes. It is worth noting in
this connection thnt Mr. Hag
gard's first book was of ft political
character. It roluted to ovents
in South Africa and nppoared in
18S2. it hud no better success
than tho writer hhnsolf has hud
in politics rocoutly.
Two years later ho publish
ed "Dawn," and a year lator
"Tho Witch's Head," both
stories of udvonturo. Ihoy caused
not much comment. ""Dawn"
was rather crude, but "Tho
Witch's Head" indicated that tho
power to write a stirring story
for boys lay in tho author. In
the autumn of 1885 this power
was rovoalod when "King fcsulo
mou's Minos" was published, a
book that was highly praised by
tho critics and immediately ac
quired wide popularity. The
presouco of a new lorco in fiction
was recognizod, a force that
brought fieehnoHs of method and
great vigor and vitality of treat
ment to the doveloptnoiit of an
old idoa tho hazardous search
for a hiddon treasure, which now
nothing loss thun tho diamous
mines from which King Solomnd
was supposed to havo got his
jewels. Such u story of daring
adventure, however, in which the
interost wus not only maintained
but was incroasod from tho begin
ning to tho ond, was well-nigh
umquo, though it by no means
repiesentod tlio highest form of
Writing of this story, which
inado him famous, Mr. Haggard
says: "King Solomon's Mines"
was written us an experiment in
boys' books. It would bo impos
sible for mo to define whero facts
end and fiction begins in tho work,
as the two are vory much miiod
up together. I may add that its
success was quite unexpected by
mo, as the work, uudertakou at
haphazard, was carried out at odd
hours, for tho most part aftor a
long day nt chambers."
.Mr. Huggurd's information re
garding South Africun scenes and
native character wus gathered ut
first hand. For whon only l'J Mr.
Haggaul accompanied Sir Henry
Bulwor to Natal, and during tho
two succeeding years ho served
on tho statr of Sir Thoophilus
Shopstono, the special commis
sioner to the Transvaal. Ho
withdrew from tho colonial sorvico
in 1871) and roturning to London
and marrying tho only daughter
of the lato Major Margltson of
Ditchinghttm Honso, Norfolk, be
camo a practicing barristor of
Lincoln's Inn. Ex.
Judjre Otrden of Oakland
recently jjave a young1 married
woman some good advice when
he refused to grant her a
divorce. The couple had been
mairied three vears and were
quite young, but they evident
ly got along about as well as
most married people do. How
ever, the young woman thought
she ought to have a divorce
and filed a complaint against
ner Husband alleging cruelty.
The specific facts set foith
were that her husband fre
quently slapped her, whether
playfully or not the complaint
does not state, and that once
he spoke crossly to her. This,
however, was while the hus
band was putting up a stove,
and therefore cannot be won
dered at. On another occasion
the .young wife says her hus
band' threatened her, but in
answer to the Judge she ex
plained he had only told her
the proper thing to bring her I
under subjection would be to
raise a family. But this poor
husband's greatest offense lay
in his feet. He had big ones
according to his wife, and on
one occasion he had the auda
citv to place them in her lap,
and she said, "he had his boots
In refusing to grant a divorce
on such trivial testimony Judge
Ogden gave the wife a little
fatherly lecture. " You can
hardly expect the court to grant
you a divorce upon such testi
mony. If we were to grant
you a divorce upon that snow
ing there would not be a
couple in Oakland that would
not be entitled to a divorce. It
is impossible to find human
nature that is ideally perfect.
There are many little imper
fections that education and as
sociation will smooth off, and
married people must exercise
forbearance and patience. In
stead of widening the breach
close it up. A young couple
such as you are will find mar
ried life a very happy existence
if you will, return to your home
and not do just what you have
been doing heretofore."
That Oakland Judge had
some sense, indeed it is ap
parent that his wisdom arose
from experience. It is a pity
there are not more like him. If
there were there would be
fewer divorces and more hap
py homes. What is home
without a mother-in-law and
the privilege of putting your
feet on your wife's lap without
putting vour boots on first.
All or which reminds us of
another little story. By the
sieamer Australia we have re
ceived one of the largest con
signments of hardware ever
landed on these fly specks of
the Pacific. It comprises an
assortment of plated ware, ideal
coffee pots, three and five
thousand gallon tanks, steel
wire cloth, tlour sifters, black
smith's bellows, wire mats,
cutlery, feather dusters, hoe
handles, California lawn sprink
lers, lanterns, shovels, rice
plows, bath tub enamel, Dis
ston's No. 2 cane knives, mill
saw files, sole leather and as
sorted goods such as varnishes,
patent water closets, paint
burner's, Hendry's mixed
paints, hose in all sizes and
qualities, metallic paint in oil
and shooting coats.
We have also received a
fresh shipment of "Tribune"
and "Monarch" bicycles, with
lamps and fittings of all kinds.
All of the above goods are
on the wharf and may be ship
ped to any port of the islands.
TTia Hawaiian Hardware Co. Ltd.
Omoi&tm Szrakea Block,
eo womnt wnewKumnti,
$50 PRIZE.
7licIolnt Committer ninilnlcd to rcjwit
iiH.niliilHiM for n (in-il Si.il nml Hqmrt
mint "ml, Invites micxpitlmu fur n ilrtlcn
fcir ii Orvnl Si-nl of tlio ltrutllr, nnil iiIIcm a
jirln nfl'lft) Knllaw tn be ill to tlio it
fun nlnxr ilpilgn l oci'Crtnl li the l,cgl
btiirc It W tin- opinion of Hip Cur.imltlrc Hint tliu
.iil .Imiilil Im' nhmit lln Ini ti li: dlimilcr
mill Hint the prpfent mutln, "l'i ninn lc I'll o
kn nilM I kn IKilin," tv rclnllicd
ComiM'tlloniarr rriiietril to flKiinnnm-ilp-luine
to tlnlr iltflgiii, nml write tli!r
n nl tintnPi on n rpnnte pnper, enclolni; (lie
nlioli In n pnl"i cnTflopu nulrrml to the
Sccii'iarj of Die Committee nml innrketl
"l)Miiii furOrcnt Scil."1
Tin competition 'lll iloe on tin- lit ilny ol
tlpii'inlior, lStt.
1 urllier Infonniitlon may lie liatl of the
12.' lu Srerelnry of tlwCoinmltlteon 8eilt
Evening Educational Classes
Y. M. C. .A..
Sul'jci'U tnnclit li first itns te.iclicri.
lloiikldiplni;, T pen riling, Sh'irllianil, Mc
ehanlenl llrnulm;, 8liurlm.', ltctu'.lm:, Spelling,
Writing, Aritlimctlc nml Onuiirmr.
JT" Tor term, etc., apply ut the ofllcc or
ring up telephone liOU
D. W. Corbett.
125-7t (leneral fecretnry.
Everyone admires
the beauty of . . .
" Cleveland "
for tlio
A pout. J
Is p.iu and tho city of Honolulu
lt today the cleanest epot on
earth. We've hail sickness In
the town hut It Is over ami
every one Is happlir In cdiim1
ipienee, reaction has set In .mil
huslness Is on themoio upilu.
Ladles do not have to devote
ho niueh time to house clean
Ins liir.ilrii, nml thty can e;io
home of the hours during I lie
day to mnklng their dreises or
selectlns nialerlal for Uiem.
Durlnc the dull days ol the,
plague w e hav e overhauled all
of our ImmcniH! stock und
marked tliiwn prlees to suit Hie
times. Just look at tho j;n'l
and eompare tho prlees with
those you havo been paying In
the past
Boys' Suits,
Cliilclrons' Suits,
Latent sty let, lift cents to a.
much us you want to pa.
for the children a '.10 cents u pair. I
Ladies' Shoes
Flue quality fitim il 43.
You never saw such a 'Ineof liousc-furuttli.
Iiik jfnods in your life us we carry, nur did
)ou ei'i see mch value for jour mom') I
Sheetings, Toweling, Bed
Spreads, Hairand Clothes
lJT Sntumer diesa yoods reduced to the
lowest price.
Awnings a Specialty. Over Cali
fornia Food Company's store.
ii l fin
i i
And wnnt tlio proper
tiling both in cut nnd
' stylo nml desire to
have the latest Pnt
toru you must call on
ftledeiros Co.
Ilokl street.
AjhI EJo3'1 Ym Forget li?"
A Good Fertilizer
To Suit the Times
At ?.!0 per ton of 2000 lbs.
A mil zod iih follow.i:
10 per edit, riiohplioiio Aoiil. bolulila
and nvnilnlilc.
ti per cent. 1'otin.li (aclinil).
!! per cuit Ammonln.
It) per cent. I.lme (Ciirlionntu).
10 per rent, to -15 per cent
mlublo in wntor, in qiinn.
titiert to suit.
oi:i)i:u ky
The . . .
Hawaiian Electric
Has a lurgo assortment of
Chandeliers and Elec
trical Goods
Constantly on band.
Estimates givon for house wir
ing and Electrical plunts.
Marino Wiring a specialty.
32-ttl Manager.
Horizontal lido Valvo En
giuo made by Ilnnolulu Iron
Works Co. in 1885. Boro of
Cylinder 13": Lentil of Stroko
6M: Cn.nk Slmft on loft of
Cylinder: Ilandllevorsing Goar.
Diiimotor of Fly-wheel lift.: 'Sizo
of Engine Bud 3 foet wide x 20ft.
For further particulars apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd.
H. flY co.f
Wholesale and Retail
9S Fort Street, Honolulu
Telophouor 22 P.O. Box -170
iul If
-.. m

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