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I'M? A ll'PlIfiU 1TV
UW, i U 1 1 1 Villi -
mn: i iikiimy oivrs
tan Wtn tin- (l.mrnmont (or the
tntmtli of June, I.e. clilmi filed Willi Hip
jn.y..Wll DC li.llalllu Oil WKII3K9IMI,
,k, mi, isirt
8. M. DAMON.
Milliliter n( Klunntc
IKnolulu, Nnviniln'r 4tli, lSJI
lenders For School Houses.
teiilcr will be rrrehrtl nt Hie ollloo of Hie
rtm tifKilneatlon until MONDAY, Nmcm
5V45, at IS o'clock noon, fur tliu conttrnc
vfifct uf two ncliool linuros IDOlxl0l.it Wul
3ii. dlnlrlct o Hnimli'l, Inland of Kauai, and
KBWna, illflrlct ol l'u n.1, llnwnll.
JKmm anil np.-i'lflratloiif of I he work rnn
69li'ii nt tin oilln'of tin Iloniil of KdiH i
le l i I .1 n it Lin I It ill to II I
Biai -' .i ii, . i lull r.
H order of tin' Hoard of Kiluuillon
1 '
i In
iBr; Euerir Bulletin
3l!i uliloli l liiooriornlril III p
.ON DAY. - - NOV. -1, 189o
It is a pity that the roadway
xa'm around Kimun Square nro
art spiinkled woll previous to tlio
tud conceits tliero. AVlulo the
fefformunco of last Saturday
ifcrnoou whs poing on, being, b
Ss way, an spocinlly goml one
x2c audionco mid musicians ivoie
Sill hmothcstd with the dust
sjBsing from tlio hoofs of the
uifos riddon and drivon round
'en enclosure. It would cert-iinh
rt but a tr'ilo to remedy th
Hero is nu account of a labor
tJiving invention which would
xiojm to bo worth looking into, in
?tw of the intended construction
.liquors in Honolulu. It is from
mJato American exchango: "An
;Ijii) firm has recontly brought
wt a uowttoam shovol for digging
inches. The shovol frame is 8
Jat wide by 30 feet long, very
HiMvily and strong'' built of steel
jiiJ mounted upon traction whoola
jl- special ilfsigu. which onablos
15c shovel to propol itself readily
trwr ordinary roads and grades.
'7&0 peculiar off.ctivenesa of tho
occhino is doiondent on tho con
duction of tho crano, which oo
dles the shovel to dig backwards.
'2jo makors clnim that it is tlio
wily i-tool shovol on tho market
ich is suited to tionch or sowor
iigging. The shovel will dig u
::biic1i from i to 12 foot in width
sad from 1 to 15 feet in dopth. It
mis a capacity of 800 cubic yards
.n ton hours. The material may
:o deposited at oithor side of tho
-nutei at a distance up to 1-1 feet.
Ilio dippor will swing ten feet
iom the h vol ol tho ground upon
thich tho shovol Bt.iuds. Its
eight is -10 tons."
Evorv now and then tho Ai-
lOrtlnUl' ll'Mlltb to therllbjiCt of
.lie dufunet Labor CommisMun
that is the paid one. It stems
lery anxious to show that lln
iody had earned its salt, or 10
lurnod valno to the c mntry for tho
imount of money it oxpended, In
to-day's issue it roproenth W. N.
r'lrmstrong us having, during bin
jecont visit to Japan, "collected
jonsidorublo material for a report
jii the 1 ibor nndinduhtrios-of Jaj -an
with tho oml in viow of
ihowing to what oxtont tho piices
ind systems of labor may nfl'ect
iho lehitions of that country with
iheso islands." Tho Advortiscr
nys tho toi ii i mti m of the Com
aission by law pievented the pie
usutatiou of u report by Jlr. Arm
jtrorg mi this huhjict. Ho ought
lo have public spirit onough to
3uish the job, or pass his btatis
rioul acquisitions to tho unpaid
Commission providod for by tho law
(hut wiped out tho paid ono. But
',no AilwiHunr oos on to my Hint
.-L'oimul Qunornl M.lvr "f YoIm-
lnuim kindly fnvmoil liim with
,1 .1.. ..I ...
'"' Bi m.-ihiiiiK hi
Mllmtl," OllO WOllltl tllillk from
U,8 thnt iIr ArillsllOIlK hail to
i , it , ,
tlkc lo '""K journey noro'
u journey iioroB boh
to Japan for tlio purpoBU of jol
ting tlint Hcalo of wiigos. As a
matter of fnct tlio wliolo mnltor
Ir iiriiitt-tl In Vol. XliVIIl., No.
178, of IJuitctl Htitcs Cons' lnr
HoDorts, beginning on pngo 021.
Mr. Armstrong cmlil Imvo git it
without walking two blocks from
tlio Ailvortisor sanctum, imil tliu
Oovornniont cmilil lmvu lont liimu
oopy una" mh veil his pns'iign n on'y.
I Hmv much ninro humbug iir- wo
I to ho tionti'i! to, with rogiiil to
I ' ur r l.itiins to J jh , fi mi Hi 't
commitujtun of m mv r puits'
oi 'i a i:iiiums nr
I lie Club Mill ."cl n llniiiloiinv .Sum
Iroin ilio l'roci'eiN Xolr ol Hie
The Y. M. C. A. hall was crowd
ed on Saturday (.veiling with a
fushioiiiible audience assembled to
hear the concrt by tho Rorot uia
Liwn Tennis Club. British Com
missioner Haues was among those
piosent. Tho platform was prot
tily decorat d with a liwn tonnis
net stretched from ono end to tlio
othor, the club's colors, or.mgo
and blick.boing tw nod around
tho not. At the back of tho plnt
foun wore sevor.il Hags, while
potted plnuts wero consjneuous in
appropriate pluces. Even the
programs wore orango with black
Tho program wLich had been
preparod by 'ray Taylor, undor
whoso diroction tiie concert was
held, consisted of twolvo nu nbors.
Miss Kulumanu Ward was unablo
to appear owing to n borouvomont
in her family. This was much
regretted as she is ono of our
most popular singers. A slight
chimgo hud to bo tnudo iu the
order of the pr gram owing to tho
chorus of tho Y. M. 0. A. having
another engagement, Their sing
ing was a great treat and they
were concored at ouch appoar
nnce. The first number, an intormoz
zo, was moat delightfully played
by Miss Atkinson on tho pmno,
B. L. Marx, violin, E. Kope.ilute,
Wray Taylor, cello and C. Hedo
ninn, bass. Mrs. "W. A. Kinney's
singing of Abt's song "It m j8t bo
so,' so ple.ised tho audioneo that
they insisted upon a repetition,
ami sbo gave unothir number. It
is soldom th.it Miss Molly Atkin
son is heard on tho concort plat
form. Her piano solo was a real
surprise- to thoso piosont and she
Whs most enthusiastic tliy oncoied.
The appe.ir.incu of Miss Kate
McGrow was tho signal for a burst
of warm applause from the au
dience. In singing a romance
from tho "Daughter of tlio Rtgi
mont" hor well cultivated and
fcwoot voico was hcml to the
gientest adviintaoo, and hIih was
eouipollod to rinpoiid to a ii.-o.ill.
Later .Mies MoGiow Mtnply
charmed hor iieuieis with all ex
quisite rciideiing of Krio-t "E o
gio" on the violin." Mis. Lewis
at the piano, Vv,y T.iylor at the
oigan uuil Jos. Rosen with his
violin, placed a trio in a masterly
mannor. It was most ell'ective. A
song "Lovoiy Spring' was nicely
sung by II. F. Wiohman, wlio was
in good voico. The Quurtelto for
mundolins and guituii. by Messrs.
Conoy, Afong, Hounossey and
Ward just brought down the
house and thoy woro loudly ap
plauded. J. Ilollandor a recent
arrival played a "Spring Song"
on tho violin, showing him to bo
wll ncqiuinud with that instru
ment. This was tho last number,
but tho audience still remained
seated. However, Wray Taylor
so ui dispoised them by playing
"Hawaii Pouoi" on the piano.
Mrs. Wichman, Miss McGrow,
Messrs. Oscar Horold and Fletch
er officiated aB accompanists dur
ing the evening. Tho conceit was
a siuco&h in ovoiy way. Quite a
Inrge sum will bo louliscod.
iv mi: iiitrt'H roitui.
f T07iff'niir yVoni hi jtnyr.
Republic vs. Kiln liti, IVIiil i
cious burning. Prosecution de
clines to proHent itidietmeiit.
Republic vs. Ilolani and Hon
pi i ti ii I. (Iras cheat. Prosecution
deulines to present indictment.
Republic vs. Kepano. IIouoo
breaking. Defendant plead not
Republic vn. J. knliiiiiitii ii.
liurglary. Defeiidnnl pleuils mil
Itepublic vs. N. Mitchell. House
breaking, l'lea losoived until
November oih
liopiiblie s. A. Manuel, l'er
jury . P'ea lusorvod till Novo'ii
l.oi'lith R, ,, blie v . 1-' il M.'i.donhaM.
(li isscn-.it l'lea of g'lilty .
t lVll
ii j nbl e vs All Ying l'u
jmvi ili vc'iml d ?rH. To.
U nirt ileelinth I. fi id an inlict-nii-iit.
J'lie c.ho it u S. Iloiglit.iiling
for soiling lniunr without a liconso,
appealed from the District Com t,
is on UtiI tins afternoon before a
iintivojuiy. Deputy Attorney-General
Cutter for tho prosecution
and Rosa and Kane for the de
fense. Tho annual account of Josoph
O. Carter, guardian of Edward J.
and Charles Mark Hardee, show
ing leceipts of 'JoLio ana ex
penditures of Slfc0 25 has been
filed this morning. The b.ilanco
remaining in tho guardian's hands
in this o-tito is S774.."0.
In tho caso of William Kalae
huo vs. W. C Acln et ill, ti bill to
determine lease, .Judge Cooper has
reiidei'd a decision t.itiug tli.it
the plaintiff is entitled to the lc
liof prayed for. Mag ion und
llumphieys for plaintitf and do
fundaut in person.
In tho caso of Aswan vs. Pang
.ii in et ill. a stipulation has been
filed by tho attorneys that tho
motion for a now trial may bo
hourd within 30 days by Judge
Cooper, ho haviug heard tho case
at firht.
hell Explanatory.
Tho following communication
roceivod at this office today is
self-explanatory :
Dear Sir: We the undersigned
hioyclo riders who have beeu tak
ing part, in the "Bulletin Bioyclo
Contest" wish to buvo our names
withdrawn from samo in favor of
tho ludy contestant.
H.E.Walkeu R.A.Dextek
H.A.Giles Jas. Spknckii
G.U.Anqus Allen Walkeu
miLMiriN iiicY;i.i: contkst.
Tho subjoined ballot, rcnowed
iu evory issue, will bo leceived
nt the Bulletin business oilice,
GOD King street, until 12 o'clock
noon on Wednesday, November
27, 18J5. E ich No. of ballot will
only bo acceptable up to the time
notod on it, and billots will be
counted and tho results announced
immediately thereafter. More
than one voto for one bicyclist or
one bieyeio on a singlo ballot will
render it vnd.
Tho "Most Popular Bicyclist"
acoouling to tho ballots cast will
bo awnided the pnzoof tho"B -t
Bicyclo"i,nld iu honolulii acc'id
ing to the t-iimu ote. Tho follow
ing iiained gentlemen have kindly
consoottd to act as telleis and
judges of tho coutcst :
0. M. White,
J. T. Stackeu,
IS. A. Williams.
l-tf" I'lll Iu blmiki villi jour (linieo
ol liliji lit nuil lilcjde, mill ill posit
till-, lullnl nt tliu ill 1 1 1. 1 1 lnii.ni,
olllio liy la o'clock noon, WulmmUij, '
NimmUrll, WJ't.
S Ii II 1' IV K H II J ra
j Bulletin Bicydrliiillol i
au (.'(mil for Tno D.ijs Only.
Sj ' i H
1 0
1 -
ii iiaisiaiaiaaaiaEiaiaajEiaiaiaiaaEEiara
Jimcly JopiG5
The able address by Ars.
Sturlevant-Peelj president of
the California Woman's
Christian Temperance Union,
on the occasion of the annual
convention of that body in San
Francisco, contained a passage
which takes strong ground on
the benefits of the bicycle. In
speaking of phvM'cal culture
and theVelation of the clothes
to the subject, Mie said:
"All kimw the value of a
stionvr unhindoivd bodv. I or
this reason the banishment of
the corset andrestiictingbands
is a foregone conclusion.
Dress leform has pressed its
claims for fortv veais, with lit
tle progress till the bicycle,
that graceful, silent steed of
motion, dashes through and
bursts open the door of preju
dice. This mystic wheel that
we meet on every road and
street is the mute but telling
advocate of dress reform.
It has its virtues as well as its
charms. It invites, yea, de
mands, simplicity in dress. It
encourages physical exercise
and utterly refuses to carry a
drunken rider. Unlike the
horse, it balks when touched
by the hand of inebriety. It
inconveniences and discour
ages the use of cigarsandcigai
ettes to the number of 6,000,
000 a year. In short, the wheel
is a reformer, and, though, it
came not through the virtue of
moral conception, we should
welcome its presence as we do
the advent of every new in
vention and corporate edict
bearing the balm of sobriety,
with the promise of stronger
and better men and women."
This is a straightforward ex
pression from an able woman
wno iea ine vamornia iorces
of one of the greatest National
organizations ever instituted
for the uplifting of the race.
The dignity and earnestness
which characterize her opinion
cast into the shades the hallow
objections which some physi
cians have made to the bicycle.
Mrs. Peet gives us to under
stand that in the sole aspect of
requiring women to dress sen
sibly this simple instrument of
locomotion has accomplished
more at a dash than the preach
ers on sensible dress for wo
men have been able to bring
about in nearly half a century.
With so eminent an indorse
ment as this, .even the most
timid woman who is not held
in what amounts to physical
restraint by father, husband or
bi other fiom obeying an in
stinctive impulse to dress ra
tionally and enjoy life and
health on a bicycle, may at
least console herself with the
I inflection that her impulse was
right and lament that she was
born a few years too soon.
In addition to the above
Mrs. Peet might have mention
ed the Saving in labor attained
by the patent sprocket attach
ed to the Tribune wheel, which
amounts to over 1 5 per cent,
no small desideratum when
ladies are concerned.
The Tribune is the wheel
par excellence for ladies' use,
it has the newest patents and
improvements and can be run
with 1? per cent less work
than any other wheel in exist
The Ha'i'aliM Hardware Co, UA
When It Comes
To Disinfectants wo still Imvo
plenty, our stock litis not
boon exhausted, and now
arrivals nro on hand.
1 wM--M-m--m-iga
Everyone admires y
" Cleveland
lor lino
H. E. Walker,
A gout
In Honolulu thora is
always something that de
mands the attention of the
fair sex. More especially
is this true when good
bargains are offered. In
catering to the wants of
the Honolulu ladies, the
merchants must buy judi
ciously and select only the
most artistic designs. Es
pecially is this true of
white dress goods. I re
ceived by tho Austkalia
a new lino of these goods
that are very pretty. They
must bo seen, however, to
be appreciated. I also re
ceived a fine lino of Lad
ies' Shirt Waists' and Cor
sets. Now that the Cho
lera is over and life, social
ly, lias resumed its normal
condition, tho dry goods
business niUbt increase
materially in the next
month. Anticipating this
demand I have laid in this
tine stock of goods and
they are now ready for
your inspection, and can
bo purchnscd at a reason
able figure.
Lime & Stone
OUtr for snlo tlio best quality of Liino at
tliu tilling uuuLtt 111U This Liiuu in tin
gi'iiuiiiu urtiik', ptuu 11ml biuiplo, No for
(.It'll HllllstlUlCCIi tlhul.
filing up 217 mill leave jour oulers.
jr 1
rl 1
j 1
The Bus man will oiwl
busses to private residen
ces for nnsbonuers to Wni.
Kiki without extra eliar"o
private parties can bo ae
commodated nt reduced
rates, but remember this,
that a bus or wagonette
will call at your privnto
residence and take you to
Waikiki and bring you
back at the regular street
car fare.
"W- Saccii-fcli.
t ltd EN &
Kino ami Nuiwmj Stui.ets.
Telephone ULC.
K& Comment is tiuticcehhny.
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Kvcry Sntunlny cM-iiiti, for
its pntroiiti
Oltim ClioAVlei,
Fish Cliowd.oi'.
500 PAIR
mm T
fiSJ'Iiti ) M I 111 MM
FROM S5.00 UP.
.v- '

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