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"J)PH " lr"(!;
i.t. 'qsgFffps rip
Regulations of the Board of Health.
Hovit t IX, Noemlcr la, 1395.
Tlio tikltir of 1I1I1, fliell HkIi or any product
oftlio sen, or water ol any pond, stream,
creek, Inlet, bay or linrbor, or upon tlio oa to
n illstince of two tnlln from tUe Miore with
In tint portion of tlieuaters of tlio district
of Kotia, OaIiii, lylni; between u line formal
by the east wall of the enclosure for druli;
Ine at Kakaako to Its southwest corner,
tlienoe to sea In a ntrnllit line with the spar
buoy, on the st, mid on the west by aline
running from lunctlon with sHore of the west
wall of the Kalhl Kapu flh pond near Moa
lialin to Its most western point, theme
struma to sin In Hue with the most western
point of the llet Known as Kahakaiulana, In
the District of Koni, Oaliu, and from inoun
tiln to sea U xtrlctl) prohlliited
The sate of lull and of nil products of the
H'.i Is prohibited In the District of Honolulu,
excepting at the new inarkit building and
snch other places ns arc peclall) permitted,
where si ale llkb, ojslcrs, clams and lobsters
from water outside of the boe limits may
be exposed for sale uiukr unpen Islon of In
spectors nppolntid b the Hoard of Health.
Such Inspectors shall hate power to seize,
condemn and deilrot am hsh or product of
Ihcsea cpocd for Ailc, or brought to the
markit, which Ihev shall liatu reason to lie
Hoc was taken from the locality prohibittd
bt these regulation, or nlilili hall appear
to bo unlit lor food
Tho regulation rf the Hoard of Health re
lating to the taking and sate of hsh dated
Oct. 11, lvjj, Is hercb loclndcd
Ily ordu ofthe lloird of lliallh,
lW-3t President.
Dci'jliitmcnt or KiNwrr,
Honolulu, II 1., No
IS'.I') 1
Notice Is hereby glien that clilms against
the (iowrumint for the month of .luh, lsys,
1. e., claim tllul with the npecthc Depart
ments pn lou to Augii"t ."ith, lv.tt, will be
pajable on VI11DAY, NoMinbel l.'itli, and
MONDAY, N0M.ml1. rSltli. Mlj
r30-lt llnltir of Finance
oi)? EveT)T)! Bulletin,
NOV. 1-1.1805.
Upon investigation irado by
.ho Government, it appealed that
Kiino Chineso immigrants wcro
signing engagements "not under
.standingly." This wrongful ac
tion was slopped when it was dis
covorod. But surely tho Chineso
cie all informed boforo leaving
Hongkong that tlioy could not land
In ro unless they ontered into labor
contracts. Lau Gluing is shrowd
eno lgh to know that decoption
in that rospect would defeat tho
object of his mission. "When theso
last fow arrivals of Chinese, who
have come uuder the now under
standing, shall havo sent word
buck home, that it is no use
scheming to get away from tho
bargain at Hongkong, there will
not bo likelihood of innoh moro
trouble with fresh Chinese labor
ers on their ariival.
Sttess is laid by a oorro-pondont
on tho valuo of harbor improve
ments to tho country. It would
bo hard to calculate how much
money has boen put in circula
tion hore, in consequence
of the doeponing of the chun
nol which allows tlio largo stoam
ors to and from China to como
into tho haibor. "When those
huge vessels had to lie away off
in tho roadstead, fow of the
p.i&songors cared to como nshoio.
Nu.ry tho latest nens from
Cub 1 tells of a battle cousidor-1
ably ho'ivier than tho skirmishes
that have usually formal tho j
rtiiiie of intelligence fiom tho
seat of war. It was fought a fow '
days more than a month ago, near
tho headquaitors of tho oastorn
division of tho insurgent army at
Puerto Principo. Tho rosult was
n rout of tho Spanish, with foar- ,
ful loss including tho doath of a ,
goneral. A thousand insurgents
uudor Genoral Macoo, who were
well disposed in nu old sugar
plantation, attacked Bix-hundred
ind nt tho first
tiuaitor of tlto
Spaniards foil. Tho ronminder
rotrKitod but, on mooting roln
forcoments, rotnrncd and ronowed
tho bnttlo. Aftor fighting through
tin nftornoon tho Spaniards were
again drivon buck, having lost
'ully fivo hundred killed nn(l
wounded for tho tiny. Goncral
Snlodo, who was aide-de-camp to
Captain Goncral Campos and who
lod tho Spanish forces, died lato
in tho aftornoon from wounds 10
coived in tlio battlo. If the in
surgents contiuuo ns successful as
most of tho news would indicato
they have boon, they will not ob
tain recognition as bolligoronts
from tlio United States much
soonor than they liavo earned
that consideration.
An uunamed missionary, who
Ins spent fourteen yoirs on tho
Congo nud just roturnetl to Eng
land, has in an intorviow doscrib
ed n reign of torror prevailing on
the Upper Congo. "The valley
has been desolated by the tyranny
audoxactionsof the ollicitils, whoso
solo uim is to raise ruveiiuo If
the nitivos usist tho exlortiotrito
demands tluit are mudo upon
them expeditions aie sent to burn
thoir villages and slaughter tlio
inhabitants, incredible cruelties
are practiced by the ollioi.ils." So
darkest Afiicu 11 heingonlighton
ed by tlio tlaine-" f its poor in
habitants' homes.
It will bo seon that country
schools aro becoming crowded as
woll as city ones. Education will
bo crying out f.ir moro money,
liko every othor important public
servico, at tho regular session of
the Legislature.
When tho steamer Australia
arrives it may be soon whethortho
cholora scaie has seriously tincct
od tho prospects of tourist travol
hero this winter. If wo aie to be
left all alouo with ourselves
through "tho season, this will bo a
dull town both for business and
It is said that Senator Shorman
disagroos with Mr. lteed and
othor Republican leaders on the
question of opening up tho tariff
at tho coming session. Ho is re
ported as saying that tariff re
vision is nocessary becnuso tho
treasury is need of monoy. An
othor session of tariff tinkering
would moan tlio sotting back of
tho hotter times that havo startod.
Ptobably that is what tho shiewd
old warh.irsi) wants, to make
capit.il agiinst tho Democrats in
tho presidonti.il oloction. If so,
it is highly unpatriotic; it is
treason to tho country.
Latolj' a train on tho London
and Northwostorn llailway ran
noarly thtoe hundred miles with
out n stoj). Tho spood was moro
than fifty miles an hour, and tho
distanco is tho greatest ovor mado
witliout stoppiug. TUoro was
coal to spare in tho tender, at tho
end of tho journey, and tho en
gine's journals woro all cool.
Another powerful drodgo has
boen added to the Liverpool har
bor equipment. It is a sister ve
sol to nno that has beon in use
WOJO.trs, and in that timo ro-
movodmoio than eighteen rail-
hon tons of sand.
H JI&ATL I i ... DEUICIOUal " "DAWT'r-i "I
j yifS 1 ilMs speciauuv for"'" wpsTjT
S sJoaeTVial will proe their m,erlrr" m"!"" yxC
On the l'rnspoct oTtlin Southern Calt
fornl 1 llrsnp "roi.
This issue contains tho busi
ness announcotnont of Dr. A. J.
Derby, D. D. S., who has oponod
an ollico at his residonco at Judge
Bickoi ton's former homo on Ala
kca street, tatweon Hotel and Bo
rolania. lie is a craduato of tho
Boston Dental Collego, and comos
from Itiversido, California, which
has boon his homo for tho past
fifteen yoars.
Tho doctor visitod hero last
Juno, and has spent tho summer
and fall upon Kauai, making a
complete lour of th it island.
Speaking of tlio last winter's
orauRO crop in southern Califor
nia, l)r Derby says that tho hard
freeze, which ruined a number
of tho Florida orango growers,
was oxpected to bo a great god
send to the Cilifornm fruit rais
ers. As n consoqueuoo tho Cali
fornia people withhold a largo
poition of tho or p, expecting n
great riiso in pice-. .Meditor
l'.iino.ui LTiiwiu took Mlvuntago
of this mill b-f.iro tin- Calif r
nans could got thou- fiuittotho
Eastern in rket it w.ts lliodnt by
the ICuropoan fruit muti.
"Miiuimu, uid iVillio, "diyoti
suppose they will lot in 1 ido a
bicycle when I go to ho-wn?"
"Wh.it makes m -sk such n
quostion as that, de.ii '
"But I don't believ H'll bo any
fun,"' pursuod Willie, pinively.
"if they sprinkle tlio golden slreein
as they do om&." Un c.igo Tri
bune AUertioou'n Concert. ZZ
The regularTliursdiy nfternviu
concert will bo given at Thomas
square at lo'clock with the following
program, which contains three
new pieceB:
1. Overture "Memories of the Hill"
2. Tantasla "A l'astoratc Scene" (utw )
3. (lavotte "Dulcle" (new) Torey
4. Komanra "Ethel" (new) Coutcrno
5. Fantasia "Herman Sonus" (new)
6. Waltz "Vienna Chronicle". ..strains
7. Quadrille "Tullpatau" Otli'iibach
KUM.irriN iiicy:i.i: covriT.
Tho subjoined ballot, renewed
in evory iesuo, will be receivud
at tho Buu.r.Tlv business office,
GOU King street, until l'-J o'clock
noon on 'Wednesday, November
27, 1S!)5. Each No. of ballot will
only bo accoptablo tin to the time
noted on it, and billotb will bo
counted and tho resultsnnnounced
immediately thereafter. More
than 0110 voto for one bicyclibt or
one bicyclo on a single ballot will
render it void.
the riuzn...
Tho "Most Popular Byolist"
according to tho ballots cast, will
bo u winded tho prize of tho "B -t
Bicyclo" sold in Honolulu accord
ing to the sumo voto. Tlio follow
ing naind gantlomon havo kindly
consonted to net as tollois and
judges of the contest :
0. M. White,
J. T. Bxvckku,
13. A. Williams.
raigja rsasaiMia'sisiaiaun'S'areaia'a
HiTo. SO. .
(Joort lor Tno D.ijs Only.
ntiwi 1 11 us mtmimmcf niraim
Z?r Fill In blanks with jour choice P
of bicyclist and blejele, and deposit &
M nlllco by 13 n' clock noon, Saturday, 1
g IU i0-
' BaiaiaaaiBSiaiaiaaiEiayaEEiaEisiEBr
R11 Win Xm
pmely Jopie5 Y OOPS
The able address by Ars.
Sturtevanl-Peet, president of
the California Woman's
Christian Temperance Union,
on the occasion of the annual
convention of that body in San
Francisco, contained a passage
which takes strong ground on
the benefits of the bicycle. In
speaking of physical culture
and the relation of the clothes
to the subject, she said :
"All know the value of a
j strong unhindered body. For
this reason the banishment ol
the corset and restricting bands
is a foregone conclusion.
Dress reform has pressed its
claims for foity years, with lit
tle progress till the bicycle,
that graceful, silent slee'd of
motion, dashes thiough and
bursts open the door of preju-
. dice. This mystic wheel that
we meet on every road and
street is the mute" but telling
advocate of dress reform.
It has its virtues as well as its
charms. It invites, yea, de
mands, simplicity in dress, it
encourages physical exercise
and utter v refuses to carrv a
drunken rider. Unlike the
horse, it balks when touched
by the hand of inebriety. It
inconveniences and discoui
ages the use of cigars and cigar
ettes to the number of 6?,000,
000 a year. In short, the wheel
is a reformer, and, though, it
came not through the virtue of
moral conception, we should
welcome its presence as we do
the advent of every new in
vention and corporate edict
bearing the balm of sobriety,
with tne promise of stronger
and better men and women."
This is a straightforward ex
pression from an able woman
who led the California forces
of one of the greatest National
organizations ever instituted
for the uplifting of the race.
The dignity and earnestness
which characterize her opinion
cast into the shades the hallow
objections which some physi
cians have made to the bicycle.
Mrs. Peet gives us to under
stand that m the sole aspect of
reauirine women to dress sen
sibly this simple instrument of
locomotion has accomplished
more at a dash than the preach
ers on sensible dress for wo
men have been able to bring
about in nearly half a century.
With so eminent an indorse
ment as this, even the most
timid woman who is not held
in what amounts to physical
restraint by father, husband or
brother from obeying an in
stinctive impulse to dress ra
tionally and enjoy life and
health on a bicycle, mav at
least console herself with the
inflection that her impulse was
right and lament that she was
born a few years too soon.
In addition to the above
Atrs. Peet might have mention
ed the saving in labor attained
by the patent sprocket attach
ed to the Tribune wheel, which
amounts to over 1 $ per cent,
no small desideratum when
ladies are concerned.
The Tribune is the wheel
oar excellence for ladies' use,
it has the newest patents and
improvements and can be run
with 1? per cent less work
than any other wheel in exist
Bia Eamlian Miara Co. Ui
In Honolulu tlicro is
always something that de
mands the attention of the
fair sex. More especially
is this true when good
bargains are ofl'ered. In
catering to the wants of
the Honolulu ladies, the
merchants must buy judi
ciously and select only the
most artistic designs. Es
pecially is this truo of
white dress goods. I re
ceived by tlio AusTitAMA
n now lino of these goods
tlint aro very pretty. They
must be seen, however, to
be appreciated. 1 also re
ceived a lino line of Lad
ies' Shirt Waists' and Cor
sets. Now that tho Cho
lera is over and life, social
ly, has resumed its noriiinl
condition, the dry goods
business must increase
materially in tlio next
month. Anticipating this
demand 1 have laid in this
lino stock of goods nnr!
the' are now ready for
your inspection, and can
be purchased nt a reason
able fiinire.
rot- -r"
Everyone ndmires :.j
the beauty i
7Unr i t
" Cleveland
ibr tlio
JU Apont.
If you
3. . . , .
Ring Up Telephone 705.
BJSST St ynd s
Kuuauu striets.
Comer Bcrotanin aA
enjsene Qi
Hawaiian Hardware Co.
of all kinds.
and Feed
ri:i:i: dkuvkhv.
Til I'ort Street Telephone. 422
In order to ho "lUght
in it," always insist on
getting "(udtle Hrcw
iv(j ami Mailing Co. 'a
FROM 35.00 UP
Empire Saloon
A general
(.took of Liquors,
Aro fifTtlio fluent mill como to na
direct fmm Europe, -
Impoitoil str-tiglit
from Louis-
i Ring Up
Ring Up
For a Hack,
For a
Hawaiian Blue Stone
-riioM tub rvMoi's-
The flntit Stone lnllauall for tiiilJliiK and ftn.
cIiik imrioseb-Cut lo onltr in any klzu or
shape to suit Hie trade or public.
Arthur Harrison, Prop.
JC& I lus sloiu is the s line as Ukcd In the Tu
nahou Colliue jml Von Holt buildiiiKS. 151-tI
&SBHp5aBn i ., . Lmrrianla
in . ,
rftSJSjSfH" 1
7 I Ml I ! I
"J llim WIW h
H 111 11 fl
Jf 11
ffl 500 PAIR

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