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Evening Bulletin
" k?,-
VOL. 1. NO. 170'.
Published overy clay except Sunday nt
GO'J KlnR Street, Honolulu, II. I.
Per Month, nnywhero In tho Hn-
. wnilnn Inlands $ 75
Per Year. 8 00
Por Year, postpaid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Por Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
I'nynlilu Invnrlnlilv I" Ailvnnoo.
Tolcphono 25G. P. O. Box 89.
B. L. FINNEY, Manager.
AH The Worry.
At tho World's Co
lumbian Exposition,
tho Comptomktkr re
ceived tho highest
awurd on adding and
calculating machines.
jjSrCall around and
bco this tune-saving
machine; computes in
terest, discount, ex
change, etc.
Health and Strength
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Mm. ?r. A. Cuintnlnjr, nf Ynrrnvlllo,
Victoria, Aiittrnlln, Snjsi
"About a year ago, I had a sevcro
attack of Influenza, which left mo
very weak, without energy, appe
tite, or interest in life. Obtaining
little or no relief from doctors, or
from tho many remedies recom
mended to me, I finally tried Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, and from that time,
began to gain health and Ntrcngth,
I continued tho treatment until
fully recovered, and now havo very
great pleasure- In telling my friends
of tho merits of Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
and tho happy results of its use. I
consider it the best blood-puriflcr
Gold Medals at the World's Chid Expositions.
AYFR' Pll I for Constipation
H lUlU rlLLO and Biliousness.
Sugar-Coated, Mild but Effective
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
iolo Agents for tho Republic of Hawaii.
Something Interesting !
Emports of Champagne In
to the United States,
puom jaS. 1st to jd.ne 1st, 1895.
G H Mum id & Co.'s extra
dry 30,831
Pommory & Greno 11,798
Moet & Ohandon 9.G08
Hoidsieck & Co., (dry
Monopole) 7.C01
Louis Roedoror 3.438
Ruim.rt 3 130
Perrier Jouot 3.280
ErroyifcCo 1.786
Vve. Clicquot 2,378
BouohbSec 992
Delbeokfc( 728
St. Mnrco.,ux 33 1
Krug&Co, 270
Dims. lloidsioek 3.r5
Various 5,119
Total 81,859
JVIacfarlane & Co.,
3o!o Agouti! for G. II. Minnm fcCo.
for tho Hawaiian Islands.
Country Store
for Sale.
Tbo farmer plantation storu at I'apalkou
now leased from the Onomci Huu'iir Company
by OUuM A Company Is nuw oireicU tor
In addition to itorc and stock there la
a new dwelling lioua on tliu premises.
The ouUUndiuK accounts and other assets
trill he sold with store or fceparulcly.
Tho business oilers a due cuamc for one or
morn active men. .
JiyKor particulars ujiply to V. M. Illndt
at I'liphlkou or to
Airl-fiiie ol tliu I'.Mitlu uf Otstikl A I o
P$F HT pit
(.'(DIJIIStlOMIIt .1IAHHIH:N Ti:i,l.t
lie 11a Mai ril tho Cane VI cld oil Hit.
wall i:v.-u II llo Doc. SCeal
I'-GZ auil CIiIcIiciik.
An mtiolo in the Advertiser of
Doc. 4 under tho lieuding of
"Mongooso in Hawaii," states
that some fivo or 8ix years ago tho
mongooso was imported into the
islands for tho purposo of exter
minating tho rats in the cano
fiolds. It is true thoy wero im
ported for that purpose, but it is
over fourteen yours sinco the first
of these inteiesting littlo animals
woro brought bore. Mr. W. H.
urvis a cano planter, and part
owner of tbo Pacific Sugar Mill in
Humakua, was tbo first to innko a
trial of tho mongoose for destroy
ing rats. On roturning from a
journoy to India ho brought with
him fivo or s x mongooso of a dif
ferent variety from tho later im
portations. Thoy wero much lar
ger, boing as largo as a big cat.
Thoy wero liborated at Kukui
haole, but apparently did not
breed, no young boing over seon,
and after a yenr or so the old ones
woro lost sight of. Tho no.t im
portation of mongooso was by the
Ookala plantation in Hamakua,
which imported from India somo
ton or twelve pairs of the animals
Aftor arriving snfely in Honolulu
from tho long voyage, thoy were
taken to Ookala and in trying to
land them in rough weather ono
of tbe boxes in which thoy wero
carried was dropped into tbo son,
and about halt of tho mongooso
wero drowned. Tho survivors were
liberated in the cuno fields, and
no doubt soon increasod in num
bers. Tho next importation whs by
tho Hilo plantors, who in 1883
sont Mr. Jonathan Tucker to Ja
maica in tho West Indies to pro
euro moDgoose for thom. Mr.
Tuckor roturnod with 75 mon
gooso in good condition, which
woro liborated in tho cano fiolds
in Hilo. They soon increased in
numbers, and tho ravages
of the rats corrrespondingly
diminished. The plunters of Ha
nmkua. hearing of tho good work
done by the mongoosn in Hilo, de
cided to import somo on their
own account. The writer was
asked if ho would uudertako the
trip to Jamaica and bring back a
numbor of mongoose. Tho in.it
tor was soon arranged by each
plantation in Ilamukua paying
itn qmil shnro of theoxponso, and
in 1885 after a fivo months' trip
tho writer returned with 215
mongooso in iiuo c nclition. They
were distributed throughout tho
district from I'auuilo to Kukuiha
olo. These are 1 boliovo tho
t-hbcntinl facts concerning the in
troduction of tho nioi guOro into
those Islands, and now a word
concornnig tho merits and do
merits of tho littlo nnuntil. It is
truo ho will out eggs and chickens
and uny ground gaino that ho can
ovorcoino, but rats are his delight,
and he pursues thom relentlessly
and will only turn to othor things
when thoy become scarce. The
ravages of ruts iu tho o.mo fields
of Hamiikua previous to tho in
troduction of the mongoose wero
so alarming ns to cuuho fours that
cano culturo wou.d have to bo
abandonod. As soon as a
oatio field was plantod it soeraed
to bo a new hrotding ground for
the rats, which appeared to oxist
by tho hundreds of thousands.
Tho writer has soon a piece of
cuno, the last of a field that was
boing out, about an acio, sur
rounded by all the available help
armed with sticks, hues and cuiiu
knivos, tho cane was set on firo
all round oxcopt in ono place
that was cleared of trash, tho rats
woro killed as they can o from tho
burning cane, and ifter tho fray
was over tho dead ruts fillo 1 7
limo barrels and u f-w over. Th
(lestructi ui e ii.Pi'd hy thuso .'or
min was uppalltng, wholo cano
fields wore utterly destroyed and
no cano that was unground by the
ontl ol Slav was worth tho taking
oil", and on ono plantation it wus
decided to restrict the plunting
to sucli nil area as could be taken
oJF by tho end of May. Not only
did tho rats destroy the cano, but
also chickens. Tho nits would
como at night and take tho young
chick from undor tho mother
and in ono rat's liolo tho writor
found 13 young turkeys and
chickens. Tho quail woro prac
tically destroyed by tho ruts long
before tho introduction of tho
mongooso and chiokon raising
was almost an impossibility.
In less than two years aftor tho
importation of tho mongooso by
tho writor the rats wero so dim
inished that it was and is now a
rare thing to soo a stick of cine
that is oaten, and tho plantations
have so extoudod their plantations
that thoy now grind nearly all tho
year, giving omploymont to
dotiblo and tioblo tho number of
hands witli a corresponding bono
fit to the trado of Honolulu. This
is what tho mongooso has done
and wo can well nfi'ord him an
occasional chicken or oggs. Asa
matter of fact poultiy raising is
an onsier matter siucu the intro
duction of the mongoose than it was
before. I am referring to Huma
kua whore wecould simply do no
thing againBttho rat, but it is an
easy mattor to protect chickens
from the mongoose. If tho ground
is kept clear of tall grass and
weeds for say an ore round the
chickou houso and a fox torrior
dog is kopt tho loss from mon
gooso will not amount to anything.
Tho mongooso will only work in
tho daytime, nnd it is tho onsiost
thing in tho world to catch thom.
I havo scon a mongooso caught
in a littlo giant trap, tho wire
falling with forco onougb to in
stantly kill a rat. but the Mon
gooso pulled hs nock clo.ir of tho
trap and thou proceeded to oat the
Tho account of tho mongoose
eating sugar cano is all balder
dab, it is u physical impossibility.
Tho mongoose has a mouth liko a
cat and tears his food, ho cannot
gnaw liko a rat. I havo tried to
food tho mongoose with vegetable
food, and it will when pinched
with hunger eat pieces of ripo
banana, but very gingorly and
with ovory appearance of dis
liko. Tho statomont about the
mongooso attacking and killing
young pigs, kids, lambs, calves,
pups, kittons is on exagger
ation, and far from tho truth. I
vory much doubt if it can bo proven
that a monguobc ovor uttiickid
and killed a pig or a calf. If a
mongooso found a do id pig
or a oulf it would undoubtedly
feed on it. About tho mongoose
destroying ali thogaino is it not a
fact that tho inngimbo luve been
on Oahu for 8nr U jrars, yet our
spotsmon go out and return with
good bugs of pheasants which are
ground resting birds. In regard
to ducks, plovers, pigeons and
doves, tho mongoose will not aiiucl
thom and dospito tho mongooso
our sportsmen will have plenty to
shoot at for all time. It bus boon
said that othor means might have
been tried that would hv" proved
as effectual as tho m ngio.se iu
destroying tho ruts. Tho Lot is
that cvory known mouns wero
hied. Poison was tried and packs
of puro bred fox torriors killed
tweuly-oight thousand rats in one
year, and tho owner said the cano
was oaten as bad as evor, nnd I
think, nay, lam suro, that if tho
merits and demerits of tho mon
gooso in Hawaii are woighod in
the balance, it will be found that
tho benefit to tho country far out
weighs the small amount of dam
age ho does to poultry and gimo.
J. Maiihiu'.n'
i)i:i.Mi,s oi' ho.ni: oi the nor.
Thoy Arc Curiloiici-x, Walter, Win-
dniv-rlciuirm, Slltcr I'olKhrr",
'imIm) iiml tiloliwiiitlicrK.
Tho Novembor number of
Handicraft, issued ycslorday, con
tains tho work schedule of tho
mouth, comprising tho work dono
in tho daily hour and a half bo
foro breakfust and tho names of
tho boys detailed to do it. It
gives an interesting idea of the
daily labor perfurmod outsido of
tho routino duty of lessons and
school attondanco.
Tho sohodulo shows that one
boy has to care for tho pigs, an
other tho laundry and swimming
tank, and still another is given
tho daily task of donning tho ma
chine shop. Otio boy is detailod
for work in tho library and an
other to caro for tho fiowors
around the dining hall. Tho win
dow w.ishing for tho school keeps
ono boy busy evoiy morning and
helps him to got up an appotito
for breakfast, while the chap who
has to polish the silver bus a com
paratively easy job of it. One
boy is denominated tha cow boy
uud presumably his dutios consist
of going after tho cows instead of
chasing thom over a raugo iu
Texas fashion, as two others have
tbe oaro of thom.
It takes sevon boys an hour and
a half ovory morning to chop tbe
wood consumed on tho promises,
whilo two boys find onougb to
keop thom busy in swoopiug up
the four dormitories. Two boys
have all thoy can do caring for the
fiowors around tbo dormitorios
and six ure detailod for farm
Although thoro aro a good
many obickons about tho school
thoy aro undor tbo euro of one
boy only, while anothor baB to
look after all tho tools used in
tho different avocations. Ono
boy acts as stow ard nnd the others
havo tho care of tho dynamo
room, Btoam plant and forgo siioo
respectively. Four buys aro do
tailed to koep tbe Bishop Hall
in propor condition as rogutds
cloanliness, two of thom have tho
scullery to look after and ono boy
blows tho buglo which culls tho
boys to breakfast, after which tho
real work of tho day coinmencos.
Even eating bioakfast entails ad
ditional labor on somo of tho
boys, for six of them act as table
setters and sweopois, nine of thom
as waitors and ten as dishwashers.
Every niuiitli this woik in per
formed by different boys, the
plan boing to give ouch stident
his oxact share of all tho work
necessary during the your, and by
this means all got borne pniotii-nl
knowledge which will bo of vbt
bonefit to thom when thy com
muuco luiiiboLeopi. g for them
selves. juam:m: aohoratm.
V.'lll cite a Unrn I'erroriuaiico in
Their I'iitIIIoii.
Yestorday afternoon ut tho cor
nor of Merchant and lliohurds
streets a roho'irsal performance of
tho Takizuwa family of aorobuts
and gymnasts wus given, mem
bers of tbe press and a few Jap
anese composing tbo audionao.
Tho theatre, built with wooden
walls and canvas roof, boro a dis
tinctly oriental appearance. A
s tn go bad been erected, with
dressing rooms on either sido,aud
u background of broad, blripod,
crimson and white in sliu.
The Urht not of the u-h urtml
cousiMcd of a h.iliiuuii'g lo.il tnil
I marvelous. In a woi-dcn box,
bout 1G inches in dinmoter, is
j firmly sot u polo ten foet higb.'jAt
tignt angles with the polo is a
t-hort ladder-liko arrangement
with three short traprzs dangling
from it. Ono of tho two acrobats
who perform tho act, Tukizawa
Cliio liichi, extends himself on a
small t.iblr.niidbalunees the frame
woik bofuru mentioned on his feot.
His brother, n muscular little
fellow, climbs tho pole, and
goes thr.mgh an elibortte acroba
tic porformaneo on tho horizon
tal ladder, during which Chio
balancos the entire apparatus,
boy and all, on his uplifted feet.
The socond feat was tho balanc
ing of a largo screen, nndjhns
beon seen iu Honolulu beforo.
2s'oxt, Ohio Kiehi walks a tight
wiro and afterward rides up and
down the sumo on a bicycle. It
is n thrilling porforn.ii nee as tbo
whoel glides along tho slender
support, suspended as it is fifteen
feot above the stngo
Mr. EvntiB is to be congratulat
ed upon having secured so good a
tr.'tipo and the theatre will doubt
less bo crowded nightly, not only
on account of tho merit of tbo
program, but also from tho novc'
ty of tho acts. Thoro are in all
six porformers, but space doos
not admit of a forthor description
of thoir talent.
Improicil jtIoiiiltu NVt l'ramo.
A. M. Mollis has invented a
useful household articlo, that
ought to como intogouoral voguo.
J lis a mosquito not framo with
only two posts, and these boing
fastened to the hoadbourd of tho
bedstead will novor bo in tho way.
There is u horizontal framo ex
tending from tbo posts, bonring a
canopy that may be trimmed to
tho height of the housowifo's tasto.
Within this framo tho net is.ox
tonded or run back to the ho.'d
board on rods by moons of cords.
Tho net is easily uttacliod or de
tached for changing or washing.
Hosidcs boing a groat convenionco
the device will save wear and toar.
It ought to bring woman's bless
ings upon Mr. Mollis's head and
many dollars into bis pockot.
Vruarmtix or the Hand Concert Tlila
Tho Hawdian band undor Pro
fessor Bergor's loadership will givo
its usual wookly concert at
ThomiiB square this aftornoon.
Tho program consists principally
nf danco music, with threo now
selections. It is as follows :
1. March "Belle or New York" Clarke
a. Selection "dtradtlla" Wowtow
3. Garotte "The First KU"(ncw)
4. .Mazurka "Ijilla Itookli" (new).. ..Killing
5. Selection "American Aim llejcr
5. Vaitz "SldeitaikH of New York"....
7. March "Company A. N. (!. II." ....
8. (ialoii "Uurly Durly" (new) I'aust
"Hawaii 1'oDoi."
AiJt'sr.in,i: i-itioi-'K,
llrllertloii on Honolulu McrclinlltN by
Principal Illrliiud. oflCa-
Hindicraft. the j mrtial printod
nt Kimobamelia school for boys,
has tho fallowing on its editorial
"tSponking of 'too muoh' sug
gosts a view of Kamokamcha
aBets sometimes taken byUono
lulu morchants. Thoro seems to
bo quite a gonor.il notion all at
(which may ho a rolic of old
fashioned phlebotomy) that tho
moro healthy the body tho inoro
it should bo bled. This idea has
found expression in the following,
familiar to Kamehauioha buyers,
'What do you euro ubout price?
You don't havo to pay for it, 1
guosi tho Estate can stand it !"
Queer ethics on thoir part and
very dishonest stewardship on
ours, if w listened."
A. J.""l)orliy,' D.D.S., Ddtital
oflieo Gottigo No. 100, AIiiroa
sheet, t-lephiiuo 0.015. Oflieo
hull 1 8 9 A M. to 4 I'.M.
s .
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