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VOL. 1. NO. 182.
Published every day except Sunday nt
COO King Street, Honolulu, II. I.
Per Month, anywhero in tho 11a
wallnn Islands .-S '76
Per Year. -8 00
Per Year, postpaid to Amorica,
Canada, or Mexico '1000
Per Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
I'nviihlit Iiivnrlulilr In Ailvimuo.
Telephone) 2o0. P. O. Box 80.
B. L FINNEY, Manager.
Buildmg -:- Lots
i Delightful situation. UcauUfulrleiv of tl.o
.oce.tn. Excellent neighborhood. Lovely
. Burroiinilln -s.
British Barque
Capt. W. Robertson,
JLi'om. Livei'pool
Neither tho en plain nor the undersigned
.condjjrces of tht) above named vessel, will
bo responsible for any debta that may he
contracted by the crow.
Thco. H. Davies & CO., Ltd,
Cash . Grocery
Fort Street, Opposite Club
Stables. Tel. 355.
317 Nuuanu St. P. O, Box U3.
Watchmakers and Manufactur
ing Jewelers.
Repairing of Watches and Jewelry, ALL
Importers of Watches and Clocks oi Finest
ll'J Grades.
Consolidated Soda Water Co., L'd
Corner Allen & Fort Sts., Honolulu.
talns parlor, two bed rooms, dining
room, kitchen, pantry and bathroom.
Enqulro I ADLEIt, 13 Nuuanu street.
rdly uton" piece of coral rock, while bath
ing at WalklKl, and wit eao up or maU any
pmlane remark, mutt also he able lo knock
ruomiullo (ill his nou without hlltlni; thut
organ, ho will ho rcmilrid to exuinlnu a bicy
cle Usck and (til wlilih wuythu wheel was
t ravel Inc; call on llriiwn A Kuliey anil limit
mi their new stuck lust rciilvcd per Ut
AuirH." ""
Irritating and Disfiguring
On the Face, Cured by
Ayer's Sarsaparilta
Bemarkablo Exporlfnco of Miss Dorothy
Mahcr, Fitzroy, Victoria, whoso portrait
wo aro privileged to givo below:
"I tnko pleasure in testifying to
the grout bcncilt I derived from
Ayer's Snrsaparllla. I suffered
f I'imi eruptions on my face of a very
irritating ami vexatious nature.
'r a considerable timo I experi
mented with various ho-cnUrd blood
medicines, but without any allovia
tiou of my tumble. At last, your
famous Sar.saparilla being strongly
recommended to me, 1 began to uso
it, and nfter taking two bottles it
was most gratifying to see and feel
tho effect ill allaying tho irritation
ami reducing tim eruptions. When
I h.ul used tlireo bottles tho erup
tions disappeared altogether, with
out leaving a mark on my face, and
1 lmvo never been troubled with
anything of the kind since."
ZM Medals t the World' Chlel Expoiltlont.
Holiister 'Drug Co., Ltd.
Solo Agents for the Republic; of Ilnwnii.
Imports of Champagne In
to the "United States,
FUOM JAN. 1st !TO JUNE 1st, 1895.
G H Mumm & Co.'b extra
dry 30,831
Pommory & Greno 11,708
Moot & Ohandon 9.G08
Hoidsieok & Co., (dry
Monopolo) 7.501
Louis Roedoror 3.438
Ruinurt 3.13G
Perrier Jouot 3.28G
Irroy&Co 1,785
Vve. Clicquot 2,378
BonoheSeo 992
Delbeck&Co 728
St. Mnrcotux 334
Krug&Co 270
Ohas. Hoidsiock 355
Various 5.419
Total - 81,859
Macfarlane & Co.,
Solo Agonts for G. H.Mumm&Co.
for tlio Bawuiinn Islands.
and dealers In
Water Pipes, laid and repaired,
and plumbing neatly executed.
143- No 41, Nuuanu street.
Orient Planing Mill,
Kurnlturoof all kinds tnadu and repaired
lliilldinir home mid maUni; rho mills a !
dally. P. O. Ho r W, comer King anil llctiicl
struts, U'J
co.iirANY it ivili, ciioosi: irs
Without llio Anktatnnco )l Colonel
.Tlot.cnii mid Oilier Itotlniiiliil
OllU-cr I.not Night' nicptluu.
Thoro was a laigo meeting of
tho inombors of Company D,
N.G. H.. luat evening nt tho houd
qnnrters of tho company in the
drill shod, Second Lieutonnnt
Rowell presiding. An election
hnd boon ordorod for that timo to
fill tho vacancy of First Liouto
nant of tho company. After wait
ing sonio timo, ono of tho mem
bers remarked that ho had peon a
notice in tho Star that tho elec
tion had been postponed by ordor
of Colonel McLean.
Sergonnt Crozier was appoiutod
a committee of ono to go to regi
mental hcadquarlors and a'k for
more defiuito and formal notice of
such postponement. After some
time had dapped Sergeant Crozier
accompanied by Adjutant Broomo
returned and Adjutant Broomo
formally notified the members
thut the olection had boon post
poned until nfter tho holidays,
and that owing to such chango
being tniido late in tho aftornoon
a writton notice had ovidontly
not been received by tho com
manding officer of tho company.
A number of tho members of
Company D. expressed thotiiBolves
as fooling slighted over tho turn
afl'airs hnd taken. Captain Broomo
nnswored a quostion by Private
Nott for the'roaHon of tho post
ponement by saying ho could not
givo it at that timo. Aftor thank
ing Captain Broome for his kind
ness in giving tho company tho
only ollioinl notico that such
election was postponed tho com
pany proceeded to carry with much
enthusiusm and only throo dis
BQnting votes tho following reso
lution, which was proposed by
Private Soverin:
Whereas: Tho following reso
lution was unanimously udopted
by tho let Co. .Sharpshooters,
N. G. II. at their meeting, Tues
day evening, Dec. 17th, 1895:
Whereas our First Lioutonant.Mr.
W. E. Wall, has boon asked by
tho Commander - in - Chiof, and
cortain officeis of tho Regimont,
to run for oloction as first Lieu
tenant of Co. "D," N. G. H., nnd
whereas his olection to such office
would cnuso his withdrawal from
his present position as officer and
member of tho 1st Co. Sharp
shooters of Hawaii, and whoreas
such action on his part would
greatly iinparo and injure tho
presont oflioioncy of the company
ho .t present commands, there
fore Bo it resolved thut tho members
of tho 1st Co. of Sharpshooters of
Hatvaii, in special mooting as
sembled, do Iioroby protest
against the efforts mado to cause
Ins withdrawal from said company
and enrnostly rt quest him to do
olino tho office offered him, and
so remain an officer aud member
of the First Company of Sharp
shooters of Hawaii. While so
fooling we wish to express our
hoarty sympathy with all those
who aro trying to improve tho
oflioioncy of tho military.
Therefore be it JUsolud; Thnt it
is with uBtonishruont and indigna
tion that this Company finds it
solf in tho position of a suppliant
for leadership. Whilo It may bo
that on acoount of the mombcts of
this company which is composed
of rneohnnics, nrtizaus aud busi
ness tnon, finding it impossible to
keop as good tin nvorngn uttond
unoo as no mo other companion
composed of younger men, wo still
Insist that Company "D," is and
always will bu tho Banner Com
pany of tho First Itugiment N. (i.
H. That wo look back on our
glorious past with prido that in
our threo yoais organization wo
lmvo never as yet called on any
hut our own tried and truo inom
bors to act as our loaders or oil!
ceis. Wo shall always adhoro lo
tho prinoiplo thnt our own men
got the nr f-innco in all promo
tions. Willi tho hciiliest "aloha"
for tho Sharpshooters we thank
thorn for tho spirit which they
havo shown in retaining thoir
good officer and he it further
Resolved, that tho recent sug
gestion for tho Lieutenancy of
company u was wimnut warrant
from this company. No action
was ever taken by Company 1) in
this mattor whattvor.
A motion to appoint a commit
tee to ascortnin tho feasibility ot
tho amalgamation of tho Sharp
shooters aud Company Dwus lost,
tho members thinking that nny
such proposition should come in
tho first plnco from tho Sharp
shooter's company. Tho mooting
thou adjourned. A warm fooling
of sympathy was expressed for
tho position of Captain Wall
throughout tho mooting, and nlso
to all the mombors of tho Shnrp
shouters, and it is probahlo that
sumo mutual understanding may
bu arrived nt which may uuito
theso two powerful military or
run tiii: at-ioh.sxy uenkh.yii
ruinitiirllct lo lie Tntiu to I)ii;
-School Children Villi tu lluve
Halted Witter.
At tho mooting of tho
Board of Health yostorday,
John T. Waterhouso rcaignod tho
presidency in view of tho return
of tho Attorney Goneral, W. O.
Smith, from Now Zealand. Mr.
Smith was elected to his old posi
tion at tho head of tho board.
Tho usual weokly reports of
officials were read. Mr. Keliipio
reported G7.000 fish sold at the
market. R. V. Moyer, suporin
tondent of tho Lopor Sottlemont,
made suggestions that woro ac
cepted. It was decidod to ad
vortieo for tenders for supplios for
next year.
Upon tho suggestion of Marshal
Brown, tho policoman looking
aftor unlicensed dogs was mado
an agont of tho Board. Exocu
tivo oflicsr Reynolds remarked on
tho dogs frequonting tho fish
market. It was agreed that In
spector Keliipio bo instructed to
keop dogs out of tho markot, and
to havo mangy onos killed
whether having a lag or not.
President Alosundor of the
Board of Education informod tho
Board of Ileal Ui that tho money
for boiled wator for tho schools
had all boen Bpont, and if
tho practice was to be continued
the Board of Health would havo
to do it. It was agreed all around
that the school children should
havo boiled water.
Claims of $133G G5 on account
of choloru, ovor tho $00,000 ap
propriated by tho Council of
Stato, woro tepirtud.
An old native named l'iniu at
tended tho mooting to beg that ho
bo allowed to live in ono of his
housos that was vacated tho time
of tho cholera. Tho houso ho had
lived in whs burnod to destroy in
fection. It vrns thought not ad
YiBttble to grunt tho request until
all the housos in tho particular
locality havo boon inspected.
The Young llawnliaiis Iiistlluto
will huvo both a biisliiosa and to.
oial moiling nt thoir hall this
evening. IIusIiuhs Hist and pleas
ure afterwards.
.llorr (linn I50,(M)0 Acrct to uc lipi..
oil lor Ct'iivrul Pirniln '. p.
Iltiiitlnutoii llltcrrolnt.
Tho following is condensed
from an articlo in the S.tn Fran
cisco Chronicle of Dec. 1, 1895:
A syndicato has boon formed to
purchaso and plaeo on tho market
over a dozen pf tho largest and
most valuable rauchos in Norlhorn
California. From present indica
tions tho syndicato will closo with
153,000 acres, though it is pro
bahlo that an additional 10,000 of
tho Cono ranch may bo ndmittod
into tho deal. All this proporty,
which is now owned nnd cultivat
ed by a few wealthy men, will bo
out up into small ranchos of
twenty and forty acres and bo im
proved with dwellings and out
houses. When the vast noreago
of tho syndicato land is takon in
to consideration, and tho fact that
tho land has a frontago of seventy
four miles on tho west
bank of tho Sucrumonto, bo
sidos a largo frontago on tho east
bank, the colossal extonl of tho
big land deal will bo readily ap
parent. Arrangements aro not yot com
pleted as to tho Cono proporty, as
t is not definitely known whether
thu original offer of tho Cono
ostaleof 3000 ncres will besupplo
monted with an additional 10,
000 acres. Arrancomonts huvo
boen completed for tho transfer of
153,000 ooroa. Tho most impor
tant holdings in tho list aro as
follows: On tho west sido of the
Sacramonto rivor Boggs, 12,400
acres; Glon, 41.500; Chambers,
20,000 acres; Finnoll, 20,000
acres; Tyler, 2000 acres; Hom
stroct, 1500 acres; Hart, 1600
acres; Itawsou. 4741 aoros; on the
east sido of tho rixor Rovis
grant, 8000 acres; Bidwoll, 7000
ncres; Cone, 3000 acres; Wilson,
3500 acres. These aro tho prin
cipal holdings, and thoy aro in
torsporsod with smaller holdings
of 1000 acres and loss.
To oxpedito tho work of divid
ing the big holdings into small
improved ranches, nnd thus at
tract settlers to California, a cor
poration will bo formed, to which
all tho lands enumerated will bo
dooded ovontually. Tho salo of
tho stock of tho corporation will
bo used to pay tho owners for
thoir proporty, though many of
tho owners havo signified their
willingness to tako tho purohnso
price of their land, in part nt least,
in stook.
Thon tho plan will bo sub
divide' tho lands into classos.
Lands nro to bo oflored at prices
that will roprosont thoir relative
value, and whatovcr surplus is
dorivod abovo tho cost to tlie cor
poration will be distributed to tho
purchnsei'd of tho land whon tho
fit subdivision of 10,000 acres is
closed out. The object is to soil
tho land at a very low figure, it
boing the ultimtito and para
mount object of all intcrostod to
Beouro a subdivision and occupa
tion of tho country by actual
All tho land will bo dividod
into two principal olnssoB, viz.,
laud that is wholly unimprovod
and lund on which tho corporation
will build houaos and outbuild
ings. Enoh twonty, forty or
olghty aoro trnot will bo iinprnvod
and mado rendy for tho occupant,
and by contracting for ten or
twonty such dwellings ut a timo,
the corporation will roduco tho
cost to a minimum, Tho plan is
to Hiibdividu a tract of 10,000
acres at a time, mid ponding it
Hiihilivihiou tho land will bu kept
in a high stato of cultivation, so
that its' value will not bocomo
impaired. Thiotigh each of theso
liMcls of 10.00U acres will bo built
a main aveuue. At the center of
e.ich tract will bu established n
trading centor or vitiligo. In con
nection with tho general plan of
subdividing tho laud is a proposi
tion to sot aside nut of i-nch ttact
of 10,000 uer'-, t -iiil'ic out arov
for tho duelling mid farmhouses
of all tli nottleri in the tract. By
plicii'g fie houses conveniently
near Oiieli utin r on a triet of land
8rt tisldo for the par, .uso. instead
of dcattoriug thorn all ovor tho
country, social advantages will be
nfibidod to settlors which, it is
thought, will prove a groat at
traction to prospective purchasers,
C. P. Huntington has bocomo
intorostod in tho colonization
schotno anl bus promised to sub
scribe liborally to tho stock of tho
corporition. Two foat'iros which
are olemonts of the plan, viz., tho
orection of housos and the distri
bution of any surplus derived
from tho salo of tho lands, nro
foituros introduced by C. P.
Huntington. There was a meot
ing of all the loading bmkorsof
San Francisco and representatives
of tho owners of tho property in
tho offico of O P. Huntington a
fow days before tho lattor's de
parture for tho East, and two
hours was spent in discussing
plans for tho subdivision of tho
big rinches. Mr. Huntington
said thnt no ono real. zed more
than he tho nocossity for a divis
ion of tho biu ratiohos of Califor
nia as aid to tho settlomont of
tho Stnto, and suggested tho two
foaturos abovo named. Thoy
will bo tried in the subdivision of
the first tract of 10,000 acres.
Loss than 300 people aro now
living on tho 153,000 acres com
prising tho soveral big ranches,
and tho syndicato hopes by divid
ing the laud into small ranohos
to secure 300,000 now settlors in
tho Sacramonto valley. It is cal
culated, at loast, that the land in
question can aupport that many
Tho entire mattor is now in tho
hands of W. II. Mills for adjust
ment. Mr. Mills said yestorday
that tho land represents the larg
est area of fertilo land with tho
loast waste of any land in tho
Stato. It is also tho most fertilo
laud in tho Stato and includes tho
largest Spanish grants in tho
"It ia a popular fad witji writ
ers and spoikers," ho said, "to
say that wo aro now on tho dawn
of a now ora, but that sutoment
was noyor moro truthful than it is
now, with tho subdivision of those
immenso ranohos assured. In
touslvo culture has suporsedod
tho old cattle husbandry of tho
old Spanish period, and it is all
in reponso to nn evolutionary
Central Union Clinrcli.
Tho following oflioers for tho
oiisuing yoar woro elootod by tho
members of tho Coti'r.il Union
church at thoir meeting last
night: Dr Whituoy nnd U W
Andrews, deacons; R-v S E Bis
hop and William Boyd, moinben
of the standing committor: Miss
HSJudd and Mrs Andrew Brown,
doaconessos; W W Hall, olork; T
It Ilobiiison, treasurer, II Water
houso, J Shaw and Alexander
Young, trustoos; A B Wood,
Sunday school superintoudont.
nnd Professor French and E A
Jones, assistants.
Lei lllma Club.
At tho mooting of this club at
tho hotol last night it was docid
od to givo a dnnco nt Indopond
euco park on New Year's ovo and
a committee of arrangomonts,
consisting of E A Williams, L de
L Ward, Dr Geo II Untidy, TP
CuiumiiiH and J L Holt was ap
poiutod. Yoonl ami Instrumental
music in to bo furnished botwoon
tho dances.
esafcaa e,wliaPW , , ,. x,im .As

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