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,! V
Sealed Tenders.
Sealed tenders will bo received nt the
Ircigu Ofllce until TUUltSOAY, Feb
mary 20, 180(3, nt 12 noon (or furnishing to
,lta Commissary Department of the Nation
al (Inrird of Hnwntl, tho following supplies
h tho term of ten mouthy from March. 1,
Jitter, hlnud loll, por 11, up to 500 lbs.
Jitter, Col kit, per ib, tip to U000 lbs.
IT con, per lb, up to lf00 lbs.
.Stead, white uiul brown, por louf, up to 23,-
000 lonves.
3e( steaks, round, per lb, up to 18,000
IStef steaks, porter-bouse, per lb, up to .1000
Itwf rib ronsts, per lb, up to 112,000 lbs.
3wf corned, per lb, up to 3000 lbs.
JVcf heartR, per lb, up to 100 lbs.
3tf liver, pel lb, up to 130 lbs.
Jef tongue, por lb, up to 1)00 lbs.
3f tripe, per lb, up to 200 lbs.
Ttf brisket, per lb, up to fiOOO lbs.
Poffee, gicei), island, per lb, up to 4,500
;39, liuii, per iW.
iC8s duck, pel do.
.Btui, per lit, up to 3000 lbs.
-Milk, per nil, up to 4000 gds.
-Mutton, per carcass, up to 4500 lbs.
Totutoos, per lb, up to 10,000 lbs.
3brk, Tickled, per lb, up to 1A00 lbs.
Tl, Uiudipaiirtors, por lb, up to (1000 1 lis.
lllds must bo mudo for ouch item scimr
lily. ATI supplies must 1)6 of liibt-olnHS quality
and bo delivered nt the Barracks of the
Xatiouul Guard in such quantities ns mny
fortqnired from time to time, subject to
iao lliincctiou of thu Commissary Officers.
All tenders must bo endoiscd "Tenders
Vr Commissary Supplies."
Tho Minister of Foreign Allans does not
I'lfid himself to accept tho lowest or any
Minister of Foreign Affaiis.
Foreign Ofllce, February 17th, 1800.
All Government Offices throughout the
Itepnbllo will bo closed on SATUKDAY,
Tctirnnry 22. ISOO.
Minister of the Interior.
Jnttiior Oillce, February 17, lSJMi.
230 .It
Z'jo Ej2T)r) BuIIetir?,
. CTAWlEIi:OGA.N. -Editor.-. -
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19, 189(5.
In nn nrtielo on ''The Sugar
Trade of 1895," tho Foroign niul
Colonial Importer (London) is
jubilant, almost, over the change
5n the sugar market from last
joar. At the end of 1691 a
""cloud," in tho shape of an es
timated production of 1,000,000
tons in excess of that of the pre
rious year, had long been hang
ing over tho market. Its import
traco was exaggerated, howevor,
ind May-August; an important
-poriod "wero still distant enough
io leave plenty of time for a
aJosor inspection of tho terror."
There was a docided improvement
in May, and no relapse since is
jnotod. Tho estimates of produc
tion available for 1895-G, as given
iy Mr. Licht whom tho Im-.
3ortor prefers ns an authority
iro 2,540.000 tons of enno sugar
and 4,130,000 tons of beetroot.
Thore is thus tin estimated do
tcrense of 525j000 tons in enne, and
75,000 tons m beetroot sugar, ns
wimpared with tho crop of 189-1-:J5.
The Importer speaks oftho
Jiatler of production ns boing,
xhilo n dominnnt factor in tho
jogulation of till values, more than
ordinarily so in the caso of sugar,
because of tho unnatural condi
tions in European countries. "Pro
looted and fostored as it has been
ly export bounties, etc., the quan
tity produced hns periodically so
rontly overlapped requirements,
Siat this danger may bo said to
slaud boforo tho trndo ns a per
manent menace."
. .r&&
'-.- i
.A.-unt .A-bbey.
-iV -.
i 'VFEA- .'AKf.TZl't
Continual from lt Pnije.
within such limits aftor tho adop
tion thereof. Bills enrrying out
this idea have boon prepared nnd
will be submitted to you by tho
Since tho enactment of tho Land
Act, 1895, tho Land Commission
appointed undor tho Act has initi
ated operations undor tho same,
inking up tho survey of hinds in
vnrious localities for purposes of
settlement, laying out roads for
proposed settlements and prepar
ing forms and blnnks for carrying
out the details of tho Act. Al
ready on tho Islands of Hawaii
nnd Oahu thoro are lands nearly
ready to bo opened for settlement.
It is tho desire of tho Government
to push the work under tho Land
Act with all tho enterprise pos
sible undor such npproprintions
as tho Legislature mny grant for
the purpose, fooling confident that
the speedy seltleinent of nvnilablo
lands by small farmers owning
tho soil will be n lnrgo factor in
tho industrial progress of tho
country and will also directly tend
to increase tho number of intelli
gontvotere.AVhilo somo of our peo
ple do not sympathize with the pol
icy entered into by tho onactmontof
tho Land Act,no opposition to it has
appeared. Somo land holders have
begun to see that its measures will
tend to their own benefit in tho
way of furnishing n near market
for the produce of their estates, as
well as by creating a demand for
holdings thereon under conditions
of tenancy.
A number of persons,' the sub
jects of other governments, who
wero arrested for alleged com
plicity in tho insurrection of last
year, liavo complained to their
governments charging the Hawaii
an authorities with ilhgal con
duct and asking that personal
damages bo demanded .therefor.
Tho greater part of tlieso com
plaints have ben referred to this
Government for information
which hns been furnished.
During the latter half of last
year n policy of clemency townrd
tno political prisoners in confine
ment was adopted by tho Government-
nndor-which, from time to
time they liavo been released un
der conditions of parole. TJio
action hns beon justified so far by
the result of greater politienl
An net based upon tho conces
sion for n Pnciiic Cnblo nuthorized
by tho Inst session of the Legis
lnturo, is now undor discussion
boforo tho Congress of tho United
States with n fnvornblo prospoct
for its passage
Tho status of tho question of
tho political union of this country
and tho United States has not
materially changed since tho Inst
session of tho Legislature.
I fool confident that tho reports
of ( tho several investigating com
missions created by tho Legisla
ture at its last session will materi
ally aid you in your deliberations.
Tho Minister of JFinauco will
present to you tho several Appro
priation Bills, which hnvo re
ceived tho careful consideration
of tho Executive Council.
Tho nniiunl reports to mo of tho
heads of tho oxecutivo departments
furnish a clear statement of the
administrative work of the pnst
year. They aro herewith trans
mitted for your consideration.
I congratulate you that tho first
regular session of tho Legislature
of tho Republic of Hawaii, opons
undor circumstances so auspicious
for tho gonoral welfare. Tho pro
mise of abundant crops for tho
coming year, of n lnrgo develop
ment ot industrial anil business
enterprise, and, best of nil, n do
cadonco of tho politienl nnimosi
tios whioh for tho pnst fow years
hnvo boon so groat an obstaelo to
national prosperity, may well add
hope and patriotic euthiiBiasin and
a broad sympathy to your deli
berations. SUCCESS
Cooked Hoi led Oats,
Tho original brand.
JrJ.ealtli.ful. Jiloonomical,
Difloicnt from and better than auy other brand,
EST Fortmla liy nil Leadiug Grocein.
Jimely Jopie3
President Krueger of the
Transvaal republic is one of
the greatest diplomats in the
world. He is a living proof of
the fact that in fare instances
the diplomatist is born, not
made. He is ignorant of let
ters and the elegancies of life
and his range of reading is
very limited, but the old Boer
possesses qualities that enable
him to cope with the cleverest
of the trained diplomatists of
'I he attention of the whole
civilized world is now riveted
on this man and his doings.
His every act is reported in the
London and New York papers
by able special correspondents
detailed for the purpose.
Here in this little republic of
fly-specks on the great Pacific
we are so far from the arena
in which' the present great
game of diplomacy is being
carried on, and our means of
getting news from the outside
world are so few and far be
tween, that we have more time
to attend to our own and our
neighbor's business especially
the latter, if all reports are true.
We want to call the atten
tion of readers of the Bul
letin this week to something
which not only interests them
but their neighbors also. It is
to an article called CARBO
believe those are Latin words
but we doii't know and we
don't care. We know the ar
ticle is good for the purpose it
is used, and that is all that
concerns us..
Carbolineum Avenarius is
used for preserving wood
against all insects, rot, fungus,
etc., and it does the business
in great shape. It is applied
the same as paint and is in a
convenient and handy form
for use. We had a lot of this
valuable compound some time
ago but the demand was so
great when people got to know
about it that our stock was
soon exhausted. We have
plenty on hand now, however,
to supply everybody.
In building houses this pre
paration is invaluable for coat
ing plates, mudsills and any
lumber which is liable to come
in contact with moisture. It
is excellent to preserve the ends
of fence posts and telephone
poles. Railway ties coated
with it last twice as long as
without it.
Nearly everyone is troubled
with borers about their prem
ises. These pests will not
touch any woodwork that has
once been coated with Carbo
lineum Avenarius. Five dol-
. lars invested in this prepara
tion will save tfSOO worth of
This is not a new preparation.
It has been in extensive use in
Europe and the United States
for twelve years past, where it
is gaining favor as its merits
become better known.
For sale only by
, TI-IJ3
Hawaiian Hardware Co.
Opposito Sprockets,' Bank,
Auction Saks by W. S. Luce.
Auction Sale
At the
Circus Tent
On THURSDAY, Feb. 20th,
I shrill sell nt the Circus Tent, corner
of Fort and Borotanin utreot, ny
200 Olisulxo.
j"A fjnort opportunity to obtain Rood,
strong and comfortable ncnts nt a bar
gnin. W. S. LUCE,
lU0.2t Auctioneer.
jATUipy, FEB. 22,
Grand T3alloon
A-scension and
Jrarachute Leap
The World's Champion Aeronaut
With tho Largest Balloon in
tho World.
5000 ft. 5000 ft. 5000 ft.
is tho Height nt which ho
will leave tho Balloon,
hanging to a Singlo Tra
peze Bar. Wonderful
Feats will be perfurmed
during the descent.
K PitoFKSson Phick
is the hero of over 500
Balloon Ascensions and
has made two trips around
tho World exhibiting in
all tho Principal Cities.
EgP Excursion Trains
will leave O. R. and L.
Depot at 1:45 and 3:00
i. Jr.
I Ob
Inflation of Balloon at
3:45, Ascension at 4:15
New : England : Dinner
Ladles Temperance Union,
FBIDAY, FEB.' 22d,
Between 5 and 0 l M.
Haaielaa Lazmzt
Cor. Hotel anil Itfclinrd utrects.
Frozen Turkeys
t)W These Turkeys liavo beon in Cold
Storage ono month. 224-lvr
Excursion & Dance
FEBRUARY 22d, 1896.
Tickets S1.00 for Sale nt Halt k Co. nnd
Love's Bakery, ,
Busses will inoct truin on return nom tho
Orove. 'J27-7t
Suboribo for the Evkninu Bul
letin, 75 cents por month.
Auction Sales by Jus. l Morgan.
Watch This Colin!
On Friday and Saturday, Fob.
28th and 29th, at 12 o'clock noon
each day, at my salesrooms on
Qucon street, I will hold sales o
Heal Estate, comprising InndB in
Honolulu and throughout tho Isl
ands. Parties desiring to dispose of
Ileal Esttito at theso Bales will pass
in their lists ns early as possible.
Jas. F. Morgan,
let Lot niul lUillillnjjn nt tlic foot ofl'uncli'
howl Btreet,I houso rf nted at ?I5 per month;l
liotie rented ot ?12 per month; 1 houso rented
nt f 18 ncr month. Tlicao nro low icntals.
Snd Houso and lot nt Anla nenr the St
Louis College, rented nt S12.5U per month.
3rd lloiuo nnd lot nt Aaln, rented at (12
per month.
4tli Tnro land nt Kamnkcla, planted with
taro, nbout 1 acre. Last ienr's crop sold for
MU SO acres of land on .Titdil street ful
loinlnc the residence of A 8 llnrtucll Esq.
The nliole property commands n (lnoiuw.
As nn Investment, can be dh lilctl Into smaller
lots ntn large profit.
tith. I l'lcce or Land at Kallhl near Kin:;
street, containliiKSM-IOOncrc, l'art of It. Is.
3540 L. C. A. IUmt to Nahlnu.
A Splendid residence site.
7. Lots 0 nnd 7, Block Io, on tho Penin
sula, Pearl City.
8. 45.100 ncres Tnro Laud nt Puunnl,
above Judd street.
9. 7 0-10 ncres of Land nt Knllh', partly
planted to pineapples.
10. r. Building lots nt Knlihi on Kaili
nvcuue, nenr King street. Si.o of lots COx
100. Government water lnid to lots.
11. Lot No. on Lchnn avenue,
Penrl City, commands n lino view of tho
city nnd Pcnil HiirLor,
12. 3 Residence Sitoi nt Anwaiolimu,
on lane lending from Punchbowl streut.
Area nbout C00O hqunio feet each.
Important Salo of Coffeo Lands, Cano
Lands, Rico Lands and Houso Lots.
By order ol owners In leo simple of the
following designated property, I will sell at
Public Aucllon ntmy Sales-lloom, on Friday,
February 23, lilHJ, at l!i o'clock noon of said
day, thu following properties:
1st Nine Share In the Hut oniolnaloa,
Komi, Hawaii, which contnln about It()
Aires; a p.irt of It is very good CollVe Land
and second to none lu Konu for Coffie, being
a part of Kulcana ??I3 to Victoria Kama
2nd All the undivided ohc-half or Wong
W'a Koy In Apina Jdescilbed In Hojal Patent
0S73 on L O. Award I7fi8 to Knlaeoiic, con
taining an area of 1 70-100 Acres, at WalUlkl,
Oahu; thu piece being leased for 10 jears
from November 1st, 1SS9, at $50.00 per
3rd All tho undhldtd one-fourth Interest
or Wong Wn Foy lu llo)al Patent
3117 to Kamoliomoho, containing an area of
47 100 Acre, nt WntWIkt, Oaliu; tho piece bu
lnc leased to Kong Man Wat for $20.00 per
J ear, for 10 years from 1680.
4th .'I(U Acres In S Kona, Hawaii, nnd be
ing thu Ahupiiaa of Kaiilcoll, near Honau
nun, nbout 100 acres good Coiku Laud; tho
rest Is good for pasturagu and house-lots; t lie
laud has a good sea-llsliery. Theiu are two
good houses on land nnd wells. There are
ncres of old Coffeo In bearing. The erop
of lb'Jo amounted to about 1300 pounds; there
nro also about 10 acres of new Coffee.
5th 83100 Aero at Kallhl, described in
Royal Patent 3GU3 to Kuo E Campbell; and
Pjlngnnthu Ewasldaof Mrs Cockttt's land,
Ctli Five, Lota nt Kapalama on tho Tram
w nys Hue. Tho Lots are 50x00; one lot has a
houso on, mid Is rented nt $120 per annum; If
n SW'O houso be built on each lot, they would
cam $180 n lot, a better Investment than any
kind of stock.
7th Fho Lots In Kamanuwal, situated
80 feet from Ucrctanla street. Tho lots nro
nbout 3500 square feet each; one lot has n
house on, there Is a road 2o feet wldu leading
from Deietanln street along tlieso lots.
8th A part of Nuuatiu stream, ljlng inau
Kn of Smith's bridge, nnd part dry land ma
kal of Lai Say's Jos House; the lot Is about
120 feet b- 258 feet. In case, the Nuuatiu
stream is moved over ns decided by thu Gov
ernment, this will be n (ir.u Investment.
Dth. 054 ncres In tho Ahupuun of Hono
lulu, Including 80 acres which were set a part
for thu seller; 30 ueres of It is planted with
Coffee, the crop of which lor 1S05 was over
5000 pounds; tun estimate for 1807 Is about
15,000 pounds; there aru two houses on tho
premises, one a duelling house and ono lor
tho laborers; thero Is also a water tank of
5000 gallons. Tho SO aero lot Is walled up,
the rest are paeturo and fmest lands,
10th Seven Lots at Kallhl. Tho lots nro
SOxlQU and ly I tip makal of Itosu street, and
on tho Ewa slue of D II Kahaulello premises;
and morn particularly described In Koyal
Patent 3548 to Jerry Coughlin; the lot may
be sold In wholo or In scpaiate lots.
Hth A lot of200x200 feet on Kallhl or Ka
rriuhamclu IV road, maKnl of tho Kallhl
church; the lot Is fenced on all sides; it Is tho
best lot at Kallhl.
I2th The undivided four acres of Wong
Wn Foy In Hoyal Patent 2130 to Knraahlal
and Laul, of thoso premises tltuatud at
Wullua, illlo, Hawaii; the wlinlu premises
being leased to tho llakalaii Plantation by
lease dated March 13th, 1803, audiecorded
in Liber HO, pogo 437, at 2.25 per acre per
annum; the rent duo to Wong Wn Foy's
shnio Is not paid yet.
I3th Thu undivided ono and one-halt
acres of Wong Wa Foy lu Hoyal Patent 010
to Manuhoa In those premises situated nt
Kamaee, Illlo, Hawaii; llie whole lot of 22.23
ncics being leased to the Hakalnu Plantation,
by lease dated March 13th, 1803, and record
ed lu Liber 140, pugo 480, nt W.85 pur aero
per year, tho rent duu on Wong V a Foy's
share for the last year Is not ptld.
For further particulars apply to Wong Wa
Foy at tVIng Wo Tai Company.
Jas. F. Morgan,
Dated Honolulu, Feb. 3,18'.'0. 217-td
For Sale.
I am directed to sell at Public Auction on
"Wednesday, May 27, '96,
at 13 o'clock noon of said day at my sales
rooms on Qucon street, lu Honolulu (unless
sooner disposed of nt pilvate sale) tho follow
ing described property, namely;
A tract of land of about 2,300 acres In tea
simple sltuatn at Kolo and Olelomoana 1 In
Houth Konn, Island of Hawaii, about eight
miles by a good road from Hookcna, ono of
the largest village In Kmm, Thero Is na ex
Auction Sales by Jas. F, Morgan.
cellent landing on tho land Itself from where
the colli e nnd othcrprodiico could bo shipped
and a good situ font mill near tho lauding.
Fifty acres of land aru In collee. Boughly es
timated there Is about seven hundred ncres of
splendid coffeo land lying all on ono block on
both sides of the Government Kond. Eight
hundred ncres lying nbovc and to the Eastof
tho seven hundred acics above mentioned Is
also excellent land and although at a higher
altitude Is no doubt also well adapted for
coffeo culture Tho lower land below tho
coffeo belt Is suitable for pineapples nnd sisal.
Thero Is a drying house, store and work
rooms, n Gordon's Pulpcr, laborers' quarters
and water tanks at the plantation, and tho
laud Is partly walled. Tlieie hns never been
any blight on this land, although coffeo was
planted n great manyycarsago. Old residents
of Kona like tho lato 1). 11. Nahlnu, J. W.
Kualmoku and othors liavo testified to this
fact. Thero Is a sea fishery appurtenant to
Olelomoana 1.
Terras cash or part of tho purchase prlco
can remain on mortgage nt eight per cent per
annum. Deeds and stamps at the expense ot
A map of tho property can bo seen and fur
ther particulars obtained at my sales rooms.
211'td Auctioneer.
Crown Silver,
Under instructions from tho Hawaiian Gov
ernment, 1 will sell nt Public Auction,
nt my Salesroom, Qneen street, on
Monday, Feb'y 24th,
AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.,
Sterling Silver,
Cut Glass and
Comprising n Lnrgo Vnrioty of Histori
cal Wnies.
fjty Articles will bo on view at my
Salesroom nil day Saturday, Feb. 22d
Jas. F. Morgan,
'-"SO td Auctioneer.
Portrait and Landscape
in Prices !
Cabinet Fotos
$8 TO $6
ASF And Everything else in
Sans Souci
Seaside Resort.
Tho plenauiitost, quietest,
shadiest and most perfectly ap
pointed seaside resort on tho
Islands. It is only four miles
from tho heart of tho city und
within otisy reuoh of tho trnracnrs,
whioh run every twenty miutites
or oftonor. Elegantly furnished
dotuclied cottugos or rooms aro
obtainublo on easy terms. The
table is superior to that of any of
tho city hotels and nil tho modern
conveniences are provided.
Picnics and bathing parties can
obtain extra accommodations by
telephoning in advance.
Tho bathing faoilitios of Sans
Souci aro superior to thoso of any
plncoon tho beach, 89-tf
Horses for Sale.
A goutlo porrul horse, broken to lmr
nefcs and saddle. A ilno aniinnl for a
lady. Also a brown horpc, broken to
Inquire at "Ilullotin" oflieo, 009 Kinc
street, for further particulars. 228 ly
i'Witetfta -. . jiM&ti jiJ
.i " -'j .i
.-yiMrfrt' ' d.. '.Jl!lftllW. '. ,
I r'h.
" ' JW .1
Afi!,'.'fe4d '. MAk-,i-..-ild

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