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on the Hawaiian Islands.
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Vol. l. No. 232.
Published ovcry day excopt Sunday nt
009 King Strcot, Honolulu, H. I.
Per Month, nnywhero In tho Hn
waiian Islands $ 7fl
Per Year. 8 00
Per Year, postpaid to America,
Onnndn, or Mexico 10 00
Per Year, postpaid, othor Foreign
Countries 13 00
I'nyutilo Invnrlnlilr In Advance.
Tolcphono 25G. T. O. Box 89.
B. L FINNCY, Manager.
srsfii nr&es
' Wl "
ffrjfc-T-.'S'i :-
m. "X
Are Purely Vegetable,
Are Sugar Coated,
Are Mild but Effective.
Good for the Stomach,
Good for the Liver,
Good for the Bowels.
Highest Awnrdc at tho World's
Croat Expositions.
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
BoloAgonts for tho Republic of Hawaii.
g McmtiDg !
Imports of Champagne In
to the United States,
FROM JAN. 18T TO JUNE IsT, 1805.
G H Mumm & Co.'s extra
dry 30,831
Pommory & Grono 11,798
Moot & Ohaudon , . 9,008
Hoidsiook & Co., (dry
Monopolo) '. '. 7.501
Louis Roedoror 3.438
Ruinnrt 3,136
Perrier Jouot 8.280
Irroy & Co 1.786
Vvo. Olicquot 2,378
BouoheSeo 992
Delbeok&Co 728
St. Mniconiix 334
Krug&Co 270
Ohas. Hoidsiock .-. . , 335
Various 5,-119
Total 81,859
Macfarlane & Co.,
Solo AgontH for G. II. Mumm fe Co.
for tbo Hawaiian Islands.
1 "" r&tilf J.'K
jr . r
sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to uuy
person or persona conuooted wv iio
Pocilio Comm-rcinl Advertiser" or the
Hnwnilfm Giwotto Company, who will point
out ft word or ft Hue of "immoral or inde
cent" mnttor in tho Decombor number of
The IUwaua.v. Judgmont as to matter
to bo rondoiod by the Now mk Heinld,
tho Now York Kvoiilug i'ost, r Y N,e.w
York Timos. Criticism to bo submitted in
writing to the Editor of Tin: Hawaiian
within siity duys trom date
192-tf Editor oi The Hawaiian,
imy ,ti'n:it tiiionr mthmis.
!cnn(nr llroun nnd Illi Opium Hill
Seimlor l.jtniiii Vt'nnti IIIIoVMrrct
liuiirotcil (.'rncrnl ?otei.
Slcond Day, February 20.
President Milder called tbo
Sonnto to order nt 10 o'clock this
morning in tbo upper hall o tbo
Executive Building, and Chaplain
Peck opened tbo proceedings with
Boll called and Sonators Kau
bauo, Northrup and Baldwin
found to bo obsont.
Minutes of yesterday's mooting
rend and approved.
President "Wilder appointed
Senator Brown as a special com
mittee of one to act with a similar
ono from tho House to notify tbo
President that tbo Sonnto was
r ady for business.
A communication was received
from tbo Houso of BopresontativeB
stating that it was organized and
ready for business.
Senator Cecil Brown gave
notice of his intention to intro
duce a bill to regulato tbo impor
tation and sale of opium and re
peal existing acts relating there
to. Sonator Lyman gavo notice of
tho introduction of a bill to im
provo the streots of Ililo.
Thdro boing no further busi
ness on baud theSoiiato adjourned
until 10 a. in. tomorrow.
After tho opening ceromonies
at 10 o'clock, a communication
from tho Senate wns received,
announcing its election of tho
following oflieeis: W. G. "Wilder,
president; J. Kauhano, vice presi
dent; J. F. Clay, clerk; A.
Smithies, sorgennt-ut-arms.
Bop. Bobortson introduced a
resolution to have all standing
committees of the special session
discharged and now ones appoint
ed. Curried.
Bop. Kamauoha gavo notico of
a bill to make Kailua, Ilawaii, a
port of entry.
Tho Speaker announced tho fol
lowing standing committees :
Foreign Aitairs A. G. M.
Bobortson, "W. McBrydo, J. 0.
Judiciary A. G. M. Bobortson,
S. K. Kneo, G. P. Kamauoha.
Finance E. E. Bichards, J.
Davis, E. 0. Bond.
Puulio Lands B. Bycroft, E.
M. Hanuna, A. G. M. Bobortson.
Manufactures E. O. Winstou,
L. K. Unlualani, J. O. Clunoy.
Sanitary and Education E.
O. Bond, A. Pali, E. O. "Winston.
Military A. G. M. Bobortson,
"W. McBrydo, S. K. Kaeo.
Enrollment, Printing, etc.
E. E. Bichards, E. G. Bond, G. P.
Accounts W. McBrydo, "W. P.
Haia, G. P. Kamauoha.
Bules- G. P. Kamauoha, B.
Bj croft, E. M. llnnunn.
Also tbo following joint com
mittees to act with similar ones of
tho Sonnto:
Foreign Aitaihs A. G. M.
Bobortson, W. McBrydo J. O.
Judiciary A. G. M. Bobort
son, S. K. Kneo, G. P. Kamauoha.
Finance E. E. Bichauls, J.
Davis, E. C. Bond.
Puhlio Lands B. Bycroft, E.
E. Bichards, A. G. M. Bobortson.
Sanitary and Education E.
C. Bond, A. Pnli, E. 0. Win
ston. Bules G. P. Kamauoha, E.
M. Unuunn, L. K. Unlualani.
Passed Bills E. E. Bichards,
E. 0. Bond, W. P. Haia.
A communication was received
from tho Sonato, announcing that
Sonator Cecil Brown had been
appointed n committoo of ono to
wait on tho President and inform
him tbnt tbo Sonato is organized
and rencly for business.
Rep. Robertson moved that a
committeo of ono bo appointed by
tho peakor to act with tho Sonato
committeo. Carried, and Bop.
Bobortson nppointed.
Bop. Kamauoha moved that a
messonger and janitor be elected.
Bep. Bond saw no necessity for
bucIi an oflicor any moro than nt
tho special scbsiou.
Bep. Bobortson called attention
to tho rulo showing that tho ser-gonnt-at-arms
performs tho func
tions of messenger. Tho janitor of
tho building takes care of tbo
Motion withdrawn.
Mr. Kamauoha gavo notico of a
bill to amend Articlo of tbo
Constitution, prohibiting tbo pay
ment of public money to private
or denominational schools.
At 10:35 tho Houso adjourned
till 10 o'clock tomorrow.
Senator Brown's opium bill to
bo introduced tomorrow provides
for tho sale of ono license on each
island at auction at tho following
upset prices: Oahu 820,000, Maui
and Hawaii S15,000 and Kauai
SIO.OOO, and a duty of ono dollar
por tin on all importations.
A spirited informal discussion
on tho opium business took placo
in tho Senate Chamber nt the mrr-
ular meeting, in which Sonators
waternouso, McUanclless, Hock
ing and Brown took tho loading
Tho Sonnto Committeo on Bules
was to moot at tho Sonato Chamber
at 2 o'clock to considor tho amend
ments to bo offered by Senator
Brown on the subject of printing
and engrossing of bills.
Tbo third house lind a lively
discussion this morning,nnd gives
promise of boing frequently heard
from during tho session.
Archio Smithies, tho new ser-gonnt-nt-nrms
of tho Snnnlo, 1ms
recovered sufficiently from his re
cont indisposition to be able to
perform bis duties. Ho expects
to bo fully recovered by Monday.
Senator McCnndless would like
to know why eomo Senators ad
vocate tbo sale of liquors by tho
Government and yot donounco a
similar proposition for opium.
Sonator Brown says that at the
very lowest estimate tbo Govern
ment will derive a revenue of
$90,000 por nuuum from his
opium bill.
The now nrrangoments for tho
seating of the Sonato will givo
general satisfaction when com
pleted. Both Houses will now bo
within oasy roach of tho bonds of
dopartraouts whon their prosouco
is required.
tiii: m:u' oii:ica huiisi:.
Work lo bo Ooiiiiiiencctl Tomorrow
Tho final papers in tho award
ing of tho contract to rebuild tho
Opera Houso to Goorgo W. Lin
coln Avoro signed in Architect
Biploy's offico this morning and
tho work of rushing tbo building
through to completion will com
monco early tomorrow morning,
Avhon lumbor and othor material
will bo put on tho ground.
Undor his contraot Mr. Lincoln
is required to put on tbo roof first,
bo as to thoroughly Uraco and
proborvo tho walls now standing,
and work on this portion of tho
contract will commence at once by
tho rebuilding of tho rear wall.
Tho building is to bo comploted
by August or Soptombor at tho
AVhon completed tho now Opera
Houso -will have a seating capacity
of 1000, and will bo providod with
all tho latest improvements in
chairs, stngo accessories, otc. Now
scouory will bo painted hero by
imported artists mid nil tho mo
dern comforts nnd conveniences
will bo introduced. In tho now
pinna six largo boxes are provided
for, two on either side of tho stago
and two baok of tho parquet.
Thoro will bo soparato stuirwnys
to tbo gallory and dross circle.
Tho contract price of tho building
is close to 23,000.
Attorney Thurston Itnloc n I'olnt In
the I'lretlon rniilent .liilter
lit C'lininlii I.
Tho Senatorial election caso
from Hawaii was boforo tho
Supremo Court yesterday. Mr.
Thurston moved that tho Court
cither proceed to look into tho
question of who wns elected Sona
tor for the Island of Hawaii on
the petition of II. L. Holstoin and
tho answer of Alexander Young,
or postpone tho hearing until tho
petition of Alexander Young bo
returnable, that tbo Court should
not ontertain each petition separate
ly, but boar and determino on
both cases who wns elected Sena
tor. Tho Court took tho matter
under consideration. Hartwoll,
Thurston & Stanley for petition-'
or; lunnoy and iiallou lor re
spondent. In tbo equity caso of A. M. Ka
hananui vs. James Ashford tho
dofendaut, by bis attorney, Chas.
Croighton, has filed a motion for
J. A. Magoon has filed his third
account as guardian of Susan
Brash, showing receipts of $1035
and payments of $1292.30, leaving
a balance duo tho guardian of
$257.30. This is a reduction of tho
previous yenr's advorso balance
by $39 57.
Enoch Johnson, attornoy for
defendants, has filed a domurror
to tho complaint of Kokoalnni and
Mokini Ohuli her husband vs.
Kaili, Helen Maiopili, Malin,
Anolu Pokolo, Lui, Wong ViTa
Foy nnd Henry Smith, commis
sioner. -A'li Fbolc, who annealed for
'mitifmtion of Kfititnnon fnr miinm I
in possession, was sentenced bv
Judgo Carter to bo imprisoned at
. .
Hard labor ono month nnd to pay
costs. Bobortson for dofendaut.
Boforo Judgo Carter this morn
ing Mrs. Gonsalves and Miss Bod
riguos woro put on trial for un
lawfully importing opium. They
nro tho woman who nrrivod
by tho Australia and woro
arrested shortly afterward,
charged with taking a quantity of
opium nshoro to Fowler's yard.
Attorney General "W. O. Smith
prosecuted, and P. Neumann and
O. Croighton appeared for tho do
fendaut. In drawing tho jury J.
Coakloy was oxcuscd for cause,
and tho prosecution challenged L.
Marks, S. Docker and A. F. Gil
fillan. Tho following jurors bo
ing found satisfactory wero sworn
to try tho caso: D. Crozior, Fred.
Philp, AV. L. Howard, C. S. Hall,
M. N. Kennedy, A. Y. Gear, W.
V. Harris, J. E. Westbrook, O.
Hustaco Jr., E. F. Bishop, "W.
E. Tyrrell, G. W. Farr.
L. Busnoll wns sworn ns Italian
interpreter, and C. L. Hopkins as
Hnwaiian. The piosocution was
allowed to amend tho record by
inserting "Miss" in placo of "Mrs."
bofoi-o "Bodrigues." Mr. Neumann
admitted thnt tho M tins in court
woro thoso pioduccd in tho Dis
trict Court, nnd tbnt thoy contain
ed opium. Othor exhibits in the
case aro pairs of drawers with
pockets in which it is alleged tho
opium was trauffnricd ashore.
The cases of L. Bonani and F.
Marsick wero iuoa ed on the calen
dar, along -with that of tbo women,
and woro nollo pioboquied. Tho
men woro used ns witnesses for
tho prosecution.
Judgo Perry is hearing tho
oquity enso of Tong Tai Wai Co.
vs. LauPionnd t o othor Chinese.
It is a bill to enjoin defendants
from building n dam across tho
"Wnikolo stream. Hartwoll, Thurs
& Stanloy for plaintiil's; Mngoon
for dofondauts.
hull I'rmielseo'N illiic!illnil Jhihiii
ci VlcO'Coiimil.
Mr. Fannkoshi, tho nowly ap
pointed Japnneso Yico-Consul lo
San Francisco, nirivod thoro ro-
contly by tho Bio Janeiro. Ho
is a diplomat by education and
blood. His fathor was formerly a
provincial Governor of Japau,aud
now bo is a membor of tbo Sonato
of tbo Mikndo nnd also of tbo
Privy Council.
Tho son was educated for eight
i years in the universities or tier-
many and 1 ranee, nnd ho speaks
Gorman and French fluently, but
not Euglish. Ho served almost
two years as Vice-Consul at Fu
san, Korea, and afterward was ap
pointed to tho samo position at
Vlndivostoek, Bussia.
Tho fortunate Japanese, more
over, who is not over 30 yeaisold,
lins just boon married to tbo
handsome daughter of the gall nut
Field Marshal Ynmagata, who
made such a record in tho recent
war with China. The young dip
lomat and his bride are now at
tbo Occidental. Tho lady is very
amiable, nnd while having tho
characteristics of tho ladies of her
nation is unusually attractive. Sho
was tho object of much attention
on tho voyage over aud was gen
erally admired for her pleasant
and modest ways.
Neither tho vice-Consul nor his
brido speak any English. It is
tbo intention, however, of both to
acquire the lnugungo as rapidly
as possible. Fannkoshi likes San
Francisco far bettor than Fusan
orYladivostock, and bis popular
brido shares tho profereuco with
Ail rlilcrlr Couplo I'orltmi l'nlnll.v
Injured nt Luhnliiu.
A lady in Honolulu received a
letter by tho steamer Kinau on
Tuosday, giving an account of a
deplorable accident that happened
at Lahaiua on "Wednesday of last
wcok, Ghineso Now Year s Day.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Abbott, pnronts of
tbo principal of Lnhniunluna
Seminary, woro returning to La
i i : : i r "?ii n
haina village from a visit to thoir
son. Thoy woro riding in a car
riage drawn by a imir
of horses, and tho team ran away
with them. Mr. and Mrs. Abbott
wmo thrown out of tho carringo
and wero both picked up in an
unconscious state.
Dr. Davidson, tbo district phy
sician, was sent for but ho could
not bo got, and Dr. Armitago of
"Wailuku had to bo summoned
from noross the mountain. Dr.
Armitago enmo ns soon ns possiblo
nnd did nil ho could for tho in
jured couple, yot when .tho mail
! for tho Kinau closed thov had
not rogained consciousness. It
was feared that both of thorn
would dio.
Tho 'forogoing particulars aro
from a verbal account of tho letter
bringing tho nows from ono who
had lead it. Thoro was not time
for our roportor to obtain a per
usal of tho lottor, after getting tho
infoimation, boforo going to press.
J. J. Cameron, mnnagor of
"Wirth's circus, has completely ro-
vuvuati uuni ixia rucem liiueSBi
nnd is profuso m his jirnises of
Dr. J. Clillbrd Bydor nnd his
mnny friends who hnvo expressed
their symj)nthy( for mm Avhilo ill.
Mr. Cameron is about again to
day attending to his businesB
Senator "Watorhouso says tho
Liquor Commission is not yot
ready to report and will not bo
for Bomo days. Ho denies that
tho Commission hns yot commit
ted itself in favor of tho "W. 0. T.
U. or any othor plan advocated
boforo it. Tho Commission will
probably ovolvo a plan of its own.
J. F. Brown, agont of public
lands, announces a salo of throe
lots in "Waianae on March 21. A
condition attached to one is that
tho buyer erect on it within a year
a building suitnblo for a small
G. It. Harrison, prncticnl piano
and organ mnkor and tunor, can
furnish best factory rofoionces.
Orders left at Hnwaiian News Co.
nnd tbo Wall, Niobols Co.
will rccoivo prompt attention.
Tolopbono Xos: 281, 190 nnd
112. "
Prigs 5 Cents.
imi,k:i: oi'i'icriis ;ha in: vkinon
i:ks iiv t.xcin:i cm si si:.
Ono Chinese Shot In tho Leu 1V Olio of
III Countrymen Tho Trouble
I ii (I el.
What might hnvo turned out a
vory serious affair took placo at
Mokulein, nonr Wuinlua, Inst
night. Deputy-Sheriff Andrew
Cox, with a number of special
officers sworn in for tho purpose,
raided tho houso of a native wo
man nnmed Knknu, near Silvn's
rice plantation, for Chinese gani
blors. Thoro woro a number of
them in tbo house, but they mado
their escnpo through a rear door
and struck out for tho plantation
houso, calling for help from thoir
countrymen as thoy rau. Doputy
Sboriff Cox and his specials gave
chaso and tho Chinese who had
gathered to tho number of about
forty showed fight. In tho scufllo
which followed sovornl pistol shots
wero fired and tho special officers
took to thoir heels. Cox wns
captured by the Chinese, although
no was armeu witn a rovolver and
could have laid out several of the
Chinamen had ho desired.
After tho mcloo was over it was
found that ono of tho Chiiieso
had boon shot.in tho fleshy part of
tho leg, and diro threats wero
made by tho others against Cox,
if tho doctor's report was not
favorable. Dr. Boid was tele
phoned for nnd extracted tho
bullotfrom tho log. On examina
tion it was found that it would
not fit any of tho revolvers belong
ing to tho polico nnd thnt it must
havo corao from a revolver in the
hands of ono of tho Chinese. On
this boing explained to them, Cox
was allowed to dopart.
Deputy Marshal Hitchcock was
notified of tho trouble by tolo
pbono and wns proparing to tako
stops to insure Cox's release, when
notified that it hnd been accom
plished through Dr. Boid's ex
plnnutions. 1'ho Mnrshnl will
probnbly tako no further steps in
tho matter, although tho Chinoso
threaten to have tho specials ar
rested for attacking thorn without
a warrant.
Tho Marshal would havo sent a
heavily armed forco of polico to
aialua at daylight this morning,
if Cox had still been detained by
tho Chinese, though ho thinks if
Cox had used his rovolver in his
own dofenso tho Chinese would
havo recoived a well-merited
lesson. Cox is a good shot with a
revolver and some Chineso would
undoubtedly have beon hurt.
i:ancllttr. NcrU'e.
The ovangolist Bomic created
profound awo Inst night in his
masterful treatment of tho subject
of Biu and its euro. Tho sermon
abouuded in clear nnd lucid de
ductions from tho lesson of Moses
nnd tbo Israelites nud w lint thoir
oxjiorionco foreshadowed in tho
spiritual sphero now. Tho man
bitten by a sorpont, which was a
typo of sin, in that day and re
fused to look to tho brazen serpent
orected by Moses at tho command
of God for his euro, died, and
thoro was no uncertainty nhmit if?
it wns tbo inevitable fruit of dis
obedience "For if tho word spoken
by angola was steadfast and every
uansgression ami disobedience
received a just recompense of re
ward; how shall wo escape if wo
neglect so groat salvation?" "Turu
you, oh, turn you," says God, "for
why will you dio?" Singor Har
roll roudored a vory touching solo,
tho sentiment sacred, to tho tune
of "Annie Laurio." Tho singing
by tho congregation wns also
hourly nnd spirited.
Doputy-Mnrshnl Hitchcock has
given notico that niw policeman
who doos not pay his personal
taxes for 1895 boforo Maroh 1st
will bo dropped from tho forco,

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