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Evening bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1895-1912, August 04, 1896, Image 4

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""JS-r ?-?$?j
U... .'
oinsiih mm hi:.
1b mnlti! with tin Miulroiniit ol tlie
hw. a gtril mhmm of the IIhi1Imi Islands
wlW bo taken m of date or the ultjlit (if Sept
ember ST, lSPrt. Attention Is calUd to tlio
foll(ilitjt exlrnol Irani tlie Uw .
"All fterwii rc lierclij required umler
ialii or a fine not to vxrrl lift dollars, to be
Imposed by any police or district Jmtlee, to
tns or all slieli questions nsslinll lie propound
olbj theaKentsof tlislloarilofKdiKHtloti, r.
Ittlng to or necessary for making the census ''
The follnlnjj District Superintendents lmre
Ik-pii appointed for the purpose oTmakltiK the
Illlo II. 0. Austin
Hamnkuii Chas. Williams
North Kolmh W. 1 McDoiigul
Smith Kotiala MlM 15. W.I.)ous
North Kona Wnldem.ir Mullcr
South Kona Hurry T. Mills
Ksti 0. Mt'lncckc
l'uiu Harry Uj croft
I.tliMna ami I.aiml Henry Dickenson
Walluku John A. Moore
JUaknwno C. II. Dickey
llaim It. Strnuch
MoloUal (Ro Trlmblo
I', a anil Wahnae 0. It. Dement
Walalua 15d. Horo
Koolauloa anil Koolaupoko.. William Henry
Walmea ami Nllhiu 15 Orasteil
Kolot Kdsrd titrctz
Millie W.J. Wells
Kawnllmu II. '.. Austin
Haiifilel W. K. II. Dcvcrlll
General Superintendent of Ccnsm.
Irrigation Notice.
Holders of nater prhllcjfw, or those pay
'Ijkj water rate aro lurutiy uotliiul that the
hour for Irrigation purposes are from 0 to 8
o'clock A. M. and 4 to t) o'clock v. m.
Superintendent Honolulu Water Works.
,T. A. Kio,
Minister of tin Interior.
Hnnolutu, July 10, 181)d. 360-1 m
'tyU Zjqt'u)$ Bulletir;,
TUESDAY, AUG. 4, 1890.
Since Saus Souci has changed
hands to bocorno privnto residonco
property, thoro is no ttdoqunto
hotol accommodation for tourists
at tho Wnikiki beach, tho only good
bathing district within easy reach
of Honolulu. Thoro is no doubt
that tho lack is a great drawback
in attractions for tourist travel.
Elsewlioro in this issue, in tho
somewhat indirect form of an ap
plication for a retail liquor li
cense, will bo found tho particu
lars of a dofiuito proposition to
establish a first-clash hotol at Wa
ikiki. It is submitted by a man
wlto has earned an oxcellent re
putation as a hotel-keeper and
genoral catoror in this city a
careful, attentivo and judicious
host. Mr. Krouso nsBPrts in his
potition that it is a necossary con
dition to tho maintenance of a
hotel, such as ho proposes to es
tablish, that ho should havo n
lioonso to soil wine? and liquors.
Tin's may bo takon for granted,
ns, for somo timo to como, it is
improbable that bo largo a hotol
will have such a constant i tin of
patrons as would pay expanses.
Tho place selected is known to
every resident as already contain
ing ouo of tho handsomest build
ings nlong tho whole Wnikiki
strand, and the projector engages
to add improvements at a cost of
11,000 foitbwilh. The situation
ib most removed fiom private rooi
denco piomisos of any on the beach.
Oi'CHsional prosecutions show tho
public that I hero is liquor-selling
without licenso going on at Wui
kiki, and whatever thoro is of such
a tralllo is entirely without tho
regulations for ordor and hours
to which llosnsod places are sub
joot, Any disorder ut u hotel os
poolnllyfioliciting tourist patrnnngo
would bo sedulously guarded
. h .' . ?h
jilikyg nnk mtuim MbLh,utfmWth(tfmiJikL &&& ... iilii
nynitiBt by tlio proprietor in 'his
own interest. Suoh a hotol could
Bcnrooly dogonorato into ti moro
snloon or drinking joint, mid il ifl
Aory doubtful if it would iniikotho
Blightost difforonco, npart from
tlio rosults of nn increased volutno
of tourist travel, in tbo oggreguto
of wines mid liquors consumed in
tlio district ns (i whole. Whonovor
prohibition of tlio liquor traffic is
not general in u country, liotolB
nro doomed first in ordor
for procuring license. And
usually whom prohibition doe
provail, hotol kooporB its a rulo
inanogo to provide supplies of the
contraband article for their
guests. Commercial travelers and
tourists who have been accustom
ed to tlio uso of stimulants in
tboir own couutrios doom it un
reasonable to bo deprived of tboir
indulgouco abroad. In a country
wbero licenso is the policy, how
ovor, tlioy ore disgusted lo find
that in country or suburban
hotels their wants in that regard
havo to bo supplied surreptitious
ly, while thoro is froo trado in the
nrticlo in city qttartors whoro tho
trallic is moro liablo to bo abused.
At all ovouts, thoro is no question
that a hotol at "Wuikiki would bo
a vory material addition to tlio in
ducements for tourist travel, and,
if tho decision of tho Government
is irrevocable as to a refubal of
tho privilogeiequcBted in tho pro
sont instance, such anothor op
portunity for providing tlio great
ly needed accommodation for
public recreation will probably
nover again offer itself.
Minister Willis is coming back
to finish out his torm, in spito of
tho littlo efforts of tho morning
nnd ovoning oracles to curtail tho
torm of his services.
Commissioner Marsdon wants
to givo tho coulract labor system
a vested intorost in tho coffee as
well ns in tho Bttgar industry.
Contract labor 1ms boon proved, in
many instances, not essonlial oven
to tho sugar industry. It ought
to bo abolished.
Elsowhoro aro quotations of
municipal bondB of several Mas
sachusetts towns, showing four
porconts taken at goodly premiums,
Tho exhibit ought to contain a
fair promise of succoss for Mr,
Jones in floating tho Hawaiian
refunding loan in tho United
- "i
Accuiding to an article in the
Examiner, tho venerable jurist,
Stephen J, Field, Associate J us-
tico of tho Supremo Court of tho
United States, is failing moutully
ub woll ns physically. Ho bus
only to hold on n fow months
longer to havo served tho longest
timo of any J uslico that ovor sat
on tho Federal honch.
Old England gets somo satis
faction for tho many woary years
it has tried to recover tho Quoen'B
cup wrostcd from it by tho yacht
America, in tho comploto subju
gation of tho Yale University
crow to tho English stylo of row
ing even to the getting of English
boat and oars for tho homo inter
collogiato racos,
Ono of tho campaign stones,
which omunaloB from Washing
ton, is that the Hcpublicaus, head
ed by Mark Hanna, aro willing to
spond it necessary 1,000,000 to
prevent tho endorsement of JJryan
and Sowall at tho Populist Con
vention, All indications seem to
bo that thogamo is serious onough
to tho Kopublicans for groat
Olive culture on Tho hills about
Honolulu used to bo advocalod as
foasiblo, Experiments worn nindo
but not enough to decide tho ques
tion, An article copied from tho
Examiner shows that tho demand
for California olives has far out
run tho supply. Hoing pickjei
when moJJow tlmfr flavor is great
ly preferred bycoii?ioissoursfotho
grooji-pickled export of Ejiropo,
lmeSy Jopie$
Democratic Party And
The singular situation of the
Democratic parly at this lime
js aptly illustrated by the story
of two Irishmen who occupied
beiths in a sleeping car on one
of the great American railway
lines. A collision took place
in the night and confusion
ensued. Both men dressed
hastily, and when they emerged
from behind the curtains, Pat,
recognizing his friend Aike,
said to him, "Alike, are you
liurted?" "No," said Aike,
who in his haste to dress had
; gotten into his trousers with
the hind part belore, "I am not
! hurt, but am fatally twisted."
i ti r i i . i
i ne uemocrauc party, u is al
most needless to remark, is like
unto Mike, "fatally twisted."
Instead of being twisted in
a railway collision, however,
Democracy seems to have been
twisted by wind. Whether
some remnants of the recent
St. Louis tornado hovered
around the Chicago convention
or whether it was simply a
tornado issuing from the mouth
of the"BoyOralorof the Platte"
certain it is that windy
eloquence carried the day in
the Democratic convention,
and from all accounts the
campaign will have to be
carried through on wind, as the
banks refuse to let the Demo
crats have any gold to run
it with.
II the windy eloquence of a
boy orator can force a Presi
dential nomination in favor of
an almost unknown candidate,
what must be the power of old
Boreas himself when he turns
loose a consignment of the
real article. We have seen It in
the almost total destruction of
a portion of the city of St,
Louis and we have seen it
take a "twist" through Kapio
Iani Park just to show the
people of these islands that we
are not entirely forgotten.
Wind, however, properly
regulated and controlled js not
only a good thing in the mouth
of a man like Win. J, Bryan,
but it is a beltei one in the
case of the AbUMOTOR Wind
mill, and a very Jittle of it
will answer the purpose. The
mechanism of the Aermotor is
of Steel and it js simplicity
personified. A boy or an
ignorant Jap can run il and
keep il in order, OnJy a few
weeks ago we replaced a wind
mill set up in the grounds of
the Queen's Hospital, which
would not do the work re
presented, by an Aermotor,
There has been no trouble
about water since. The hospital
people are using more water
than ever before, have more to
use and yet the Aermotor only
runs a portion of the time,
Por the first time in the jiislory
of the institution, the tjuslees
are assured of water enough to
irrigate the entire grounds and
the pipes will soon be Jaid
to do so,
Put enough saidl Everybody
knows the Aermotor does
exactly what it js represented
to do, To those who liaye not
examined its simple construc
tion we would like to show a
small woiking model which
ve have in operation,
Hawaiian Hardware Co,
Qjiposjlo SrecMs' Jwk,
i wo, 307 vow ppwrnv,
to your tyj jHrintad visiting
ommI, whan it t bo ny t
got the corroot tiling right ml
No enrd lml an iHfmvml
one ut ao('pU4il( ; (HIhsTM r
considered shoddy hihI Hhottld
not bo used.
Wo know the correct thing,
and any work UiriiMl oat by
us, will place you right 1u
tho swim.
Evory effort is Ixiiug mnde
by us to koop this work at
homo, and if ft strict adher
ence to San FranoUoo riomt
combined with good olwiu
work is any inducement to
placo orders horo, wo will uet
all your work from now on.
Jiear in mind that u ure
not trying lo meet tho cut
rates of Eastern Uepurtmont
stores for inferior work; but
are doing good work, using
tho vory host of material, and
adhering closely lo ruling
rates in Han Francisco.
Nor is tho work confined
to Cards alone, but Wddig
and Society Stationery, J'usi
ntMs Cnrdtt, AunouiissmoiiUi.
JJill Heads Un Vwliamionux
men, Embossing, and the
g-neral run of work uonnng
under that JjmcuJ, mu tJw
same curuful attention.
You may not umd nay'
thing now, but it is vtll to
bear in mind whm th tiw
comes, nnd mavi the mivmm
of sending nvuy tor it.
EL y.WiclimaL
if yon am thinking of tting x
i'W'UM, now i th liiilM U) gt
ono wJjH thoy Jwtt, 'J'bi offar of
JlAMW.j'.i t 750 i nol h iml j
pjjcp, m dou't wU mmllpn ip
soo tho price come wiy lowr, ns
are offering h w ));) it Ihh
prio nnd thorn mn but fsyr lfl.
This wJtool U litUl vith ti
Civtsui, Cif &. fJf'Flyi-
which has proyan in) fiilHtjutloty
jn this land of the
Wo nlso Jmvo n loU of the WM)
wJioels both ladfwH nnd gouts wltluh
wo nro offering at n lowSur and
on may tunns, Conn iumi(l py
n Jook t our wjioiils nnd arttisfy
yourself that ya firvhfjiljp JnSytav
A n fn vanifiHi-'
SUp and think bow inwiiv Jfjqk
Jos nni Diuiw you mkfit mv
had yon ft wJicoJ. A ;do i Vii
kiki is not only n nlwuturii l)ii &
aura saving of health (UitlrMiigfJi.
Von will find ww ylnur by U Ue
of niiisoluM never bafor broiiJit
vw nw W rap
E, P, HaJJ & w
tuif ill ni- M i 'stj
We !Hwe
H,Qpe to
Ane W foel
rar-H' nmtmr nt anurmm In Vi
in oolertf for LmIm
m ou ss&ed. twmm
MWWhLWI TilllllililU WiMIl
Uli Shoe Sx.
jley JfaAits3& iq &m2dam
VuUi jumt Table JJatmmk, wmA wpkly
vv iiiuj jummi h mtij4im
A'biU humx YM Wumlim
WHlL Liumt UrPmCmm.4mmmi
Vim WlttUi Sjutmt, M wAt, 40e MWHaL
W Table )dumk, Hk-mkI Jtm$m&
Wluu Duumak 'S'tdAe C m) K6
and l, 7 it imee.
M mi
4 FJy M&
f$W,&M?)ty $
annum ImrMmm
wMmjH'ixpjv i
,iif i
- t
$ 1
JBf :tfft TT
ftia mksim
avui!XU)ViLruiuwiJuw ftv'jLiKj& y?M
&&J3 W&tmjfetvmvL.
wmst wmm mi v .
mdt M
W'k Mtid fnj-j:niiMi j$
m& m tmd.
uam ljtti'rC&fc
VPP bbahk Mv mBMMwmmmm:
t.. -. .-.' ...
4ft' tikitddmtfM' r-T "i rr c
Wm W mm w m I m fir-'M" M- J
mmmpmmfm m mr
fa Hm ft Kmm
r . T: r :
ltfmVAMi mmMC ttt ftJ l(r-
JLSLBMmtL Ctf !. U llf-t--i r
JttHfiU Um immfc t
1 . . t M . S t --l
mMVk't 1-fcMT fit.-.l-' C lK
p ww p jpr wr im pnn
MHT mMM& MM ft A
5te4t 0mm mm
i tki4iilAiV' &A
' im Ip mmmm4
jr"-w vm pp" r np w wtmr ppr
Ijt ifriM-Mrth tjj jlHiHlliltt'
www' W mm 1mm
MttititUGLl&' Mt juu v-
KttHMi iMMlCuiMlB tt
wLAuttv. t -el - irt-rtst---ir
; ;4mvtMm' m mm
m9 Am r ;
trim m 4 ml tf vm
jCL 4 hi t- mdM' w AjL mm)m
fmmmmmr m$mw' tw nmW' w? mmm?
' Mm mp & ? 4m
mmw fa4 to mmj
WW II II PJ p i m
' m
mm mm
,.-djisffc.v t 1tf

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