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I Best Advertising Medium ...
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77? 2ta V 7
ry n...j n u. n..ll.i ?j
Evening Paper Published
on the Hawaiian Islands.
ij you uun i jcaa mc uuucai,
you Don't Gel ALL Ihc News.
It Readies ALL the Teople.
Subscription 75c a montJuA
' -K
44 .- O0
Vol. II. No. 398.
PnioE 5 Cbhts.
sv: x 5
ar-m r TV T T-Yr
'LjT , Mk 0 I 47 -
4 V
"i Published ovory day except Sandfly nt
210 Kinff Strcot, Honolulu, H. I.
StmSClUl'TION 11A.T15S.
Pot Month, nnywhoro In the Ha
waiian Inlands (! 75
Por Year. ll i
"Per Year, postpaid to Ainorlen,
Oanadn, or Mexico 1000
Per Year, postpaid, othor Foreign
Oountrloa 1,3 00
Pnyablo Invariably In Advimoo.
Telephone 260. P. O. Box 89.
B. L. FINNEY, Manager.
You've heard us say that
"V " ' -
ours is a. department store in
.many ways. Wo do not sell
furniture but wo sell nearly
everything else for use in the
house. Nor does our business
stop there; we sell everything
required in putting up a frame
house except the lumber, so
that with the exception of ono
or two articles.
If you have built your home
and need articles in hardware
for trimming, ours is the store
to get them. If you contem
plate building you will need a
hundred different articles in
shelf hardwaro; ours is the
place to get them in the best
' quality at lowest rates. .
Our stock of shelf hardwaro
is complete in every detail.
There's not a thing omitted
for which there is a call and
the goods are bought by us
tso we may sell, them cheap
auid at a profit. ,
Queen Street.
p. W. midi ln
Retail Their . . .
. . . Large Stock
At Wholesale Prices!
Specialties THIS WEEK
, 3G7-Cm
l ii I 1 75..TO
s" n
' " i &rl
iv .iib snares! of good health,
&;;s SarsapariHla
ttrAes Pure Blood,
ilirenatiions iho Norms,
S Shai pons iho Appotito,
Removes that Tired Fooling,
y and Makes Ufa Worth Living.
.. V.UM5S, frmnlnillcrps.
ft ii f f nrnra
fbfr'-'sS f" debility, bkln
. i .- Hwh J. S . 8 diseases, or
?" YAH l any ot her all
vjWjPA?y? ,ncnt sirlsitiR
SS-'y itom iinpuru
o z"y l),(,o(, siioui(i
tTVi tJ Era a ft W
Cola f':&"Ai i. 'as oild'4 Graal Grpoiltions.
gS'i''w:ir of i:In(ipini1tatlnnH. Tlio
limim Ayor's SurHiipit r 1 1 1 tv Is proml
nmit on tlio wrupimr, mul i blowii in
tho b'.iv'j) of uuvli liuttlo.
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Bolo Agents for tho Republic ot Hawaii.
The Traveling
Lawn Sprinkler
Slaves itflelt about yoorLawn. Travels
in a straight line or a circlo Stops nntom
ntically. Hot (or aoy length of-liose.
13T No such Sprlnklor has over besn
placed on tho market before.
Come and See it!
Fort Street,
- Tolophono 20.
There are 6 Lots at Waiki
ki, lying on tho Waikiki side
of Kalia Road for sale, about
116 feet makai of Waikiki
Those lots will bo sold for
cash or on installment plan.
K2?' For further particulars
apply to
. Real Estate Broker, Bethel
St., near King.
-Aug. 18, 189G.
384-1 tn
F. H.
Contractor and Builder.
Ofllcea and Stores fitted up and
Estimates given on
ra- Ofllco and Shop; No. 01Q Fort street,
adjoining AV. W. Wrist's CairlaRO Shop.
Cor. Fort and Qncon Streets, Honolulu.
iti:eon.m:XDKUAMi coNFiit.tir.ii.
Roma liiicliy Tenchero Who t n
Itnlae In Thrlr .Salurlro Tlio
Knuliiupln School.
At tho mooting o jo Board ol
Education ycstovJfiy nftornon
tho following nppciintmonta and
transfors, recommended by tho
toachertt' commitlce, wmo ojidoid
od by tho board :
Eli Svdnev woo' aunointed to
Huolo school. OlrfiBtian AudroW
transferred from Kaluaaha, Molo
koi, to Hauula, OAhu. Miss Aug
usta Bruco appoiptod toaohor for
Knluaaha. Miss Millio Morris
assistant in samo school. Mr.
Isaiah Faheo appointed assistant
to Waiaholo school. Miss Grace
Sharpo principal ntKokaha and
Miss Flora Sharpo assistant. Miss
May Atkinson assistant to MisB
Courson's school. MisB Perry to
take Miss Atkinson s place in ro
hukaina and Miss Juliotto King
appointed to Miss Perry's place.
Miss Sarah Pcterron to take Miss
King's place. Mrs. S. D. Heapy
transferred from AVaikapu to La
nai. Josoph Honnessy appointed
temporarily at Lahainaluna until
the arrival of the regular teacher
from California when Henuesay
will be transferred to tho shops
as assistant instructor. Mrs. S.
Koliinoi temporary assistant at
Waiheo. Mibs lioruico Cook
assistant at AVaianao and Miss
AlvinaKoiki at Waialua, Josoph
Kealalio at AVaihee, James Posi
assistant at Ilonolcowai, Miss 0.
D. Pringlo and Mr. Vincent as
sistants at Hauapepe, and Miss
Abbio U.03Q assistant at Lahaina.
Inspector - General Towuseud
reported that owing to non-arrival
of Mr. and Mrs. Tngcard appoint
ed to position? at JIaahoo, Miss
Hattio I?. Coau had beon tempo
rarily appointed and will select
hor own assistant. Mrs. J. 0.
McSlny had been assigned to tho
priucipalship of Ililo soloct
school. J. Kealalio had declined
tho appointment as assistant at
Kipahuluand J. L. Paoo appoint
ed. Tho report was accepted and
tho appointments of Mrs. McStay
and Mr. Paoo mado pormauout.
Tho matter of freo scholarships,
for whioh thoro wore three appli
cations, was referrod to deputy
inspector Scott to roport at tho
noxt mooting.
Tho salary of Mrs. M. F. Scott
of North Kona waB raised to S1000
por annum aud thoso of Mr. Cook,
Mrs. Frazer and Miss Davidson
wore also slightly raised.
In tho Kauluwola sohool mattor
it was finally decided to transfer
tho Kauluwola school teaohors and
scholars to tho Fort Stroot build
ing, and to transfer Mr. Wells to
the Kauluwola building.
Tlilrly-I'lvo Mile mi Hour.
Probably tho swiftest vessol in
tho world has recently boon built,
according to tho Rovuo Industri
als, in Franco. This oxtraordi
nary craft is tho sea-going torpedo
vessel constructed at Havre by tho
house of Aunstin Normand, tho
contract requiring that it should
maintain a speed of from twonty
nino to thirty knots for an hour
under full steam. At its trial trip,
it seems, this vosboI, tho Forbau,
rau a distance of moro than thirty
ono knots in au hour, this boing
equivalent to about thirty-five
Kroogor Pianos, BwoeteBt in tone,
Jos. W. 13orgstrom, solo agent, cash
or installments. Warorooras at
G. West's, Masonic Tomplo. Of
fice at Thrum's Book Storo. Tun
ing and repairing. Bffi" Tolo
phono 347.
A. J. Dorby, D.D.8., Dontal
offioo, Cottage No. 100, Alakoa
stroet, tolephono No. 615. Oflice
hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
r.vn-sr kkpoiit,
No Cl:mic In the l'rlco nV Suirnr
but Suar 8tirtM IShvu Atlvmiretl
From Castlo
sugar circular,
afternoon, tho
coijcorninir the
it Coolco's latest
issued yesterday
following items
condition of tlio
siijur market aro obtainod :
Centrifugal Siuco our last
idvicos, which woro by tho Mono-
vwai four sales have been report
ed, viz : Aug. 21, 1200 bags duo
to arrivo 3g for 9G dog. Aug. 22,
1300 bags spot 3 for 90 dag.
Aug. 25, G00O bngs spot 3J for
OGdeg. Aug. 20, -1000 tons spot
3 for 90 deg.
Granulated both hero and in
N. Y. is unchanged, viz: -4jj cts.
net and 4.CG cts. respectively.
Boots following aro tho quota
tions received daily since our last
letter: Aug. 21 9 8 por cwt;
Aug. 22 9-6 por cwt; Aug. 24 9 0
3 por cwt; Aug. 25 90 por cwt.
Sugar stock has advanced Bomo
what but is not vory strong inits
position, following aro tho closing,
quotations on dates given: Aug;
21, common !5iU3:i; protorrocl JSyutf;
Aug. 22, common $104 7-8; pro
forrod SOGf; Aug.24,common S104;
proferred $95; Aug. 25, common
i$104J; preferred S95!l.
Arrivals Martha Davis, Hono
lulu, Aug. 20; H. O. Wright, Ka
hului, Aug. 20; Lurline, Kahnlui,
Aug. 23; Cousoelo, Mahukona,
Aug. 25.
Sailings None.
Vessels discharging H. C.
Vessels waiting to discharge
Vessels on tho berth S. G.
Wilder, Honolulu, tulvt to sail on
29; W.G.Irwin, Honolulu, advt
Ho sail on 27; Martha DaviB, Ho
nolulu, no sailing date hxed; bau
tiago, Hilo, advt to sail on the 27;
Muriel, Honoipo, no sailing date
4iii.iu.nt' r. LitTLirs wife.
I'lucliJ' Wontmi Itrlveu IiiHauo by
Unfcullni; llusbaiid.
Tho following is taken from a
recont number of tho Seattle Post
Intolligoncor: Another chapter has beon com
pleted in tho Bad and unfortunate
lifo of Mrs. Gilbert F. Little, and
today alio will bo romovod from
tho Seattle general hospital to tho
Western Washington aBylum for
thoinsanoatSteilacoom. For some
timo past it has been observed
that hor mind was failing, aud
yesterday an examination was con
ducted under direction of Judgo
Langloy at tho hospital, tho phy
sicians boing Dr. Sharpies, Dr.
Palmer and Dr. Koons. Mrs.
Littlo was found to be deranged,
with a strong tendency toward
Littlo is supposed to bo still at
Honolulu, whoro ho wont shortly
aftor his political aspirations in
this county woro cut off by tho
rovolations of his record in an
EaBtorn state. As soon aa ho
reached tho island republic ho
tried to achieve prominence, and
his efforts in that direction led to
another publication of his derelic
tions. It was thou that his do
sorted and destituto wifa ciuuo for
ward and battlod for his good
namo, and bJio wrote for tho public
pross several communications with
tho object of saving hinTfrom dis
graco, Singers lead tho world. Over
L3,000,000 mado and sold. High
est awards at tho World's Colum
bian Exposition for excellence of
construction, regularity of motion,
oaso of motion, groat speed, ad
justability, durability, oaso of
learning and convomonco of ar
rangement. 13. Borcorsen, agent,
King and Bothol Btroots.
milt. 1'iioimti.v in; ;oncl,iji)i;i
Oetnctlvc Knnpa llrinc ,'roHN.i:xmnln-
rl l.j Attiirnvy Urclicliton thUAttrr-
iiikiii Tills Jf ornlnc'N fcMtliiion'.
Aftor tho attorneys aud tho
Court had boon to tho suono of
tho Bhooting of policeman Ah Fat
by Arthur Fitzgerald yesterday,
the caso was continued in tho Dis
trict Court. Ah Fat tcstifiod to
being shot in the leg. Sworo that
ho could BOoFitzgorald vory plain
ly as ho was only about 20 feet
from him.
Officer Huihui, who was on
guard with Ah Fat at tho timo,
also testified to seoiug Fitzgerald
after tho shot was fired and then
firing two shots at him as ho was
running away. He Baw Fitzgerald
vory plainly as ho was closo to
him at first.
Luha was Uio first witness for
tho prosecution this morning.
Ho testified that on tho ,night of
tho shooting ho was awakened by
tho report of a gun. Went out
on tho verandah and hoard tho
Insano Asylum clock striko 3. A
short timo after tho first report
hoard two others. Ihou suw a
hack coining furiously without a
light. It was too dark to dis
tinguish color of tho horse, the
number of tho buck or tho
Kapaha, a sou of tho last wit
noss, gave similar testimony, but
stated that ho only heard ono of
Tunc, a Chinese woman, who-
lives'ina shanty near Fitzgorald's
houso, testified to the finding of a
bullet on tho outsido of her houso
and identified a pioco of board
which it had struck aB being cut
from tho houso, and hor husband
gavo corroborative testimony.
David Kaapa thou tedtitied that'
in response to a tolophono mea;
eago ho wont out to tho Potorapn
barn and tho two girla showed
him where tho money was. Ho
found $116.30 wrapped up in a
bundle. Wont thoro a second timo
and found $19.40 more. Wont
thoro again twice and ' stationed
officers thoro on tho lookout. At
5 o'clock on tho morning of tho
25th wont thoro again, Fitzgorald
was not in his houso but
Bonnott was. Wont in Fitzgerald's
room on tho mauka side of Ben
nett's and found tho riilo pro
duced in court with fixed bayonet,
lliilo was loaded. Brought it to
tho police station and it has boon
in my possession over siuco.
Idontiiiod tho cartridge in tho
gun. At that timo did not search
tho houso as tho defendant was
not at homo and had no Boarch
warrant. Found these tags on
tho mauka Bido of Fitz's houso.
Did not find any moro money
that morning. Did not find tho
money in tho stovo but Parkor
did. I found tho torn piocos of
envelopes near tho stovo.
Detective Kaapa'a cross-examination
had just commenced when
tho noon hour arrived and a re
cess was takou to 1:30 p. m. It is
expected tho caso will bo conclud
ed this afternoon.
A customs guard, who was
patroling in tho harbor whentho
Coptic sailed yestorday, noticed
a boatman row alongside tho
steamer with a letter. Tho liuor
was going at a good rato, so that
ho wus unable to hold on. Ho
thon took tho lottor and toro it
into strips, and throw them ovor-
board. Tho lottor waa given to
tho boatman by a whito mau, and
was likoly about business. If tho
person who sent tho lottor reads
this, ho will know what became of
tho missive.
M. A. Peixoto, proprietor of tho
Union barber shop, noxt to tho
Art Gallery. Guarantees to civo a
shavo that will make your hair
curl with joy.
jruixjt: cAi.Tf::t hdiiiai.vh j:cuee
AtlAI.Ssr M. N. LEVY.
I.lbcl of nnrk GilimhnroncTi on TrUI-
Varloim Other illnlterw In
Circuit Court.
Judge Curtor hiiHroudored a de
cision in tho bankruptcy caso of.'
M. S. Levy. In givnig a sum
mary of tho mattor ho mentions
thntTliuo. H. DavicB & Co. had
abandoned tho allegation of actual
fraud as against tho petitioners
for a decree in bankruptcy, add- -ing:
"Tho commission of frond-'
was confined to tho bankrupt, .
who practised it upon H. W...
Schmidt & Sons ob well nB Theo..
H. Davies & Co." Ho says that
ordinary receipts may bo called'-,
in quostiou, holding that Theo. -H.
Davies & Co. aro not pro
tected in assuming that thero
woro not faots which would
modify tho apparent scopo of tho
receipt of H. W. Schmidt fe Sons
exhibited by tho bankrupt. '"Tho
bankrupt mado false represent,
tions to T. H. Davies & Co. aa
coming from H. W. Schmidt & -Sons,
but it cannot be said that
tho latter aro bound thereby."
Tho motion to vacate tho deoieo
of bankruptcy is overruled, ilob
crtBon for petitioning creditors
Thurston for motion.
Judgo Carter ib today hearing
tho admiralty caso of Marcus Col
burn's libol of tho stranded bark
F. A. Schaefer, guardian of tho
Long minors, has filed his annual
account, showing receipts $4447.42,
payments $2997.94, balance $1449.
48. Judgo Perry yesterday hoard a
petition of James Love, who is
under guardianship, to allow hia
daughter, Anuio K. Hart, to oc
cupy his residence on King qtceet
freo of charge Mr. Kinney for
tho petition and Mr. Magoon as
guardian argued, and tho Court
authorized tho guardian to con
tinue paying tho sum of 820 a
month for rent of a houso for tho
use of tho children.
John O. Lauo, guardian of Jaa.
0. Lane, petitions for confirmation
of salo of real ostato to Margaret
V. Carter for $1600.
John Ena, guardian of six min
or children, petitions for confirm
ation of salo of real estate to
Margaret V. Carter for $1600.
W. G. Walkor by his attorney
W. It. Castlo, auBwers the cora-
plaiut of Koliikanakaole's bill to
cancol a dood, Baying chiefly that
tho land in question, situated in
Hamakua, wad conveyed by deed
of salo in good faith to him by
the plaintiff.
Death of Din. Mayer.
MrB.Marguorito E.Moyor,wifo of
A. W.Moyer of tho Holliator Drug
Co., died at an early boar this
morning aftor a short illness. Tho
deceased was an ostimablo young
lady whoso married lifo dated on-'
ly from tho 1st of January last.
Her husband will havo tho Bym
pathy not only of his many friends
but of tho outiro community in
Iub Buddon and unoxpeotod bo
roavomont. Tho funeral will tako placo this
afternoon at4 o'olook from tho resi
sonco of J. M. Oat, Esq., on Emma
Tho funoral sorvicos will bo
conduoted by Eov. T. D. Garvin
and tho intormont will bo at Nuu
linu comotory. Tho pall bearers
will bo MossrB. Wallon, Shaw,.
Wood and Thompson.
Mechanics' Homo, corner Hotel
and Nuuunu streets, lodging by
day, week or month. Terms: 25
and 60 cents por night' W, arid
$1.26 per week. .
Beautiful, artiBtio, accurate,
charming island views at King '
Broa. Every prominent point on
tho ialandB is photographed by U3
and paiuted by tho boBt of our
' H
'bviJ,& - ... stti4$L&t . .iii.-".
'' lOttflDA'-P ...'.' Ii-if . x l ." y ....: ii '.K ', '.V i . '.-'JfcJ. 'i .,'... - .. M.i- .. ,nJ ' ...ii'k'J.'-! f!'.V" tj- .
'i .' ,
jt&tt-tAifeffa iiAMi-iti'
if,- 'HrW.;
t f K&tffKiWhXmMWfiBman In iiiWimimMmSmitm riwff"81 -

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