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1 Tm rW.c AT.Vrf Trr.
Zto (Advertising Medium.
s 1 ,f 1.0 !..;. 1 ei,
If you Dorit Read the Bullct.n
Evening Paper Published
on the Hawaiian Islands.
Subscription 75c. a month.
you Don't Get ALL the Ncivs.
It Reaches ALL ilte Tcoplc.
Vol. II. No. 411.
Piuoe 5 Cents.
feff; -rr '''r-' '"
Fublishod ovory day excopt Sunday at
.210 King Strcot, Honolulu, H. I.
simsciiu'TioN lLVTr.s.
Tor Month, nnywhoro in the Hn-
waiinn Inlands 8 75
Per Your.
Tor Year, postpaid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 100')
'Per Year, postpaid, ui'aor Foreign
Oountrloa 13 00
I'nynlilu Invni'lublv In Atlvnuoo.
Telcphono 250. P. O. Box 89.
B. L FINNEY, Manager.
CUllUll 1IY
ftyer's Saisapariila
Mm. 1!. "Wjntt, of INirt Hood. Went
IIIiiiliniiri.li, So. Aimtrrillu, wrllri of
tin- Kitil romlltltm lit liur llttlii iIhiirIi
.tcr, whino portrait alia alto ncudsi
"My daughter was alllicted with
".Eczema ot tlio most aggravated
type. The disease llrst appeared in
eruptions on her head, then her hair
began to fall out, and in spite ot
tlio best medical advice and treat
ment she grew steadily worse. Tlio
sores were full or matter and wero
extremely ollensive. Her eyes be
came affected, and she was, in truth,
in u terrible state. My neighbors
were verv sympathetic and took
great interest iu the case. They
persuaded mo to trv Ayer's Par.sa
jiarilla, and I am most thankful to
be aide to say that this wonderful
medicine completely restored my
daughter's health. .She has now as
good a head of hair is anyone could
wish, her eyes are perfectly well,
and she is a fine g'rl of eight years
with every prospect of growing up
to boa strong and healthy woman."
Gold Medali at the Wcrld's Chief Exposition.
TTn;.. r,.,,. n T 4-A
nOlllStei DlUg L0., LtCl.
flolo Agents for tho Iiepublio of ILiwaii.
The Traveling
Lawn Sprinkler
Mores itHolf about your Lawn. Travel
in n H'raifjht linn nr n irclo Stops fuitoui
aticUlly. Hot fur nny kijth cf huso.
CiT No snob Sjniuklcr
placcdion th'j uinrkbt before.
hn oor Ixcu
Come and See it!
Fun Street,, - -
& C00KE,
- - 'X't'lophono 20.
Thoro ore (i Lots at Waiki
ki, lying on the Waikiki sido
of Kaliu Iiond for sale, about
11 G foot niakai of Waikiki
Those lots will bo sold for
cash or on installment plan.
W For furthor particulars
i apply to
Heal Estate Broker, Bethel
St., near King.
Aug. 18, 189(5. 384-1 m
,11 v
co.hi: iikhi:.
Sin- kcui-mIuii Will Number A limit
ln. IIiiihIi ell mill I'ilty I.lllllVH
Mlltl Cl'llllCIIII'll
Tho pressing need oE a largo
hotel at tho beach may bo demon
strated iu a manner littlo dicnmcd
of, mid that in n very fow weeks,
lif'lliore i&tuny tiulh iu tho follow
ing item taken from Tho Cull oE
September '2d:
A meeting of tho executive com
rnitteo of tho Ghlifornia Press As
sociation was held Monday eveu-
I ing to ninko arrangements for tho
annual excursion of tho associa
tion. It is tho desiro to visit tho
j Sandwich Islands, and thus vary
1 the order of oxcurbioiiB to tho
! north, east and south by rail. Tho
j uRHocitition 1ms a membership of
170, and it is belioved that an ex
cursion of nearly 150 IndieH aud
gontlemen will bo able to go. A
committee consisting of Messrs.
1 11 ilclier, JJauiels and bhortrulgo
j was appointed to call on J.
1). Spreekels and securo as
i good terms as possible for tho
I excursion on one of the latter's
A prominent hotel man who
was interviewed yesterday said
j that it would bo impossiblo to ae
' commodate- such a largo party at
any hotel iu tho city, that they
, would havo to bo quartered about
in outsulo rooming houses or with
private fumilies. They could all
bo fed at either of tho two hotels,
but tho diiliculty would be in find
ing rooms for them closo enough
to tho hotols.
If thcro was any argument
needed in favor of ii new beach
hotel, surely no bettor ono could
bo advanced than tho mere state
ment of fact that Honolulu has no
caravansary where an excursion
of 150 pcoplo could bo accommo
dated at short notice. According
to tho statement of the San Fran
cisco paper these peoplo will como
if thoy can make suitable arrango-
i u U1y Cfu mate suitaolo arrauei
meuts with John D. Sprockel
They may come on tho next Austra
lia, and tho possibility of thoir
doing so should mako hotel men
bestir themsolves.
Tho visit of such a body of
tourists as tho California Press
Association would bo of incalcu
lable benelit to tho Hawaiiau Isl
ands in tho great amount of ad
vertising thoy would recoivo iu
consequence provided thoy did
not givo Honolulu a black oyo for
its lack of accommodations. To
proven any possibility of this
happening, it behooves every
ono to oncourngo and promote tho
now hotel scheme so that at least
these visitiug California journa
lists can Bay that proper tourist
accommodations for similar parties
are actually under way.
Chas. 13. Wilson is ono of those
who aro outspokon in favor of the
now boach hotol and, incidentally,
of the granting ot liquor license
to its maiiagoinoiit. Ho said to
tho writer yestorday :
"I signed tho petition becaueo
1 believe tho lime has como that
any person raising objection
based purely on sentimental
grounds to retard tho wheel of
progress on these islands, and
especially Honolulu, should bo
considered a fool or a crank by
all right-thiiikiug and public
spirited men. A seaside resort or
hotol nt Waikiki near Kipiolaui
park, such as has been proposed
on tho Peacock grounds, is some
thing that tho largo foreign pas
senger traflio of theso islands has
been much in need of. With tho
increasing number of mail and
pnssongor steamers going to and
from China, Japan, Australia,
Now Zealand, Vancouver and San
FranciBco, and a majority of
those making this tho port of call
both ways with this fact alone
anyono cannot help but soo that
oiu tourist and passenger travel
must bo on tlio increase. By hav
ing proper accommodations for
tourists, to Bay nothing of island
passeugers, it must still furthor
improve, and tho sooner tho city
of Honolulu puts itself in a posi
tion to bo able to meet all tourist
requirements the bottor for tho '
islauds,if wo consider tourist travel
an advantage. Do wo want tourists
or notf Inousanus ot dollars
havo beon spent for tho purpose
of advertising these islands iu
years past. For every dollar here
tofore received from such adver
tising wo may expect ten when wo
furnish tourists with proper treat
ment and accommodations. Find
ing such thoy cannot afterwuiil
say anything but pood ot tin
country. On tho othor hand with
poor or no accommodations what
can wo expect them to say of the
Islands or of Honolulu? With
regard to tho license I will refer
you to tho recommendation I
raado to tho Attoruoy-Gonoral iu
my report of 1892, when I was
Marshal of the Kingdom, which is
as follows: 'I am of tho opinion
that muoh of our illicit liquor
traffic would bo put a stop to if
tho Legislature would allow
the granting of say fivo retail li
quor licenses for tho suburbs of
Honolulu, and ono or two for each
country district on tho islands,
and only granted in connection
with conveniences for travelers
aud tourists, such as providing
rooms and meals.' I saw the neces
sity of such a hotel at Waikiki as
is now proposed in lbi)'2 and I am
inoro tnan ever convinced or it
now. In fact in that year 1 sign
ed a petition to tho government on
behalf of parties who wished to
put up a hotol at Sans Souci at that
I timo."
j Chas. S. Desky is uuothor who
' thinks a good deal as Mr. Wilson
docs. He said: I am heartily in
, favor of the hotel proposition and
1 will say right hero that 1 know
of at least twenty families in this
city who would gladly avail them
selves of such a place woro it open
today. As fur as liquor selling is
concerned I have heard
of no complaint being
made by tho residents of
"Waikiki so far and don't believe
any would bo made if a license
was granted. The licenso is a
necessity for n hotel tho sizo of
tho ono proposed. Tho building
of such a hotol would givo an
additional impetus to tourist tra
vel and Volcano tourists will bo
induced to stop over ono or two
BteamorB. Tho opening of a pro
porly conducted hotel at tho beach
will greatly enhance tho valuo of
adjoiniug properties. I have had
fourteou years oxporionco in tho
real estate business and havo
watched tho course of similar en
terprises, and I am certain that
tho valua of Waikiki real estate
would bo largoly increased instead
of deteriorating. Liquor is sold
at tho 'Hawaiian hotol to all who
wish it. I havo never heard of a
complaint from any of tho patrons
of that house on that account and
I don't think any one elso has. If
a licenso is granted to a Waikiki
hotol, thoro will never bo any
complaint ubout tho side of liquors,
tho management would havo too
much at stake.
Cunit I'lrc.
The 1-ltli annual Camp Firo of
i Ueo. W. L)e Long L'ost, No. d.,
1 DopartinontCalifoi nia andNevadn,
will bo held at the resident!- and
grounds of Comrade Past Com
mander John N. Wright, Littlo
Britain, on Tuesday evening,
September '22, at 7:110. A cordial
invitation iB extended to all ineiu
1 bors of this or any other Post, to
j gether with their families, also to
all veterans of the Union's Army
j and Navy and thoir families, who
may Do residing or visiting in our
midst. Trouble bogins at 8 o'clock
p. m , taps at 11 o'clock p. m.
Mit. and Mitfi. J. N. Witiairr.
Honolulu, Sept. 18, 189G.
U'MiittMl to Know.
From Waikiki to Waianao, that
J. 0. Quin n of the United Carri
age Co., has tho finest Livery
turn-outs in town, Phaetons, Bug
gies and Surreys with fino gontlo
horses. Call at tho hack-btaml,
or ring up '290.
i,i:r oi' r.Miins roit mi:
ri'iiiixciMoiilK .llhili- ly Hit' llrtrittlit
'illllllllli'u Inr lite Coiiirorl ofllic
Public tamrral Itiillilii.t .
Thoro can bo no doubt that tho
first National Regatta Day will be
celebrated iu a manner biitisfac
lory even to those who procured
tliu pubuitgu of the law setting
apait such a day as apublic holiday.
Tho Regatta committeo haB ar
ranged for tho uso ot tho Pacific
Mail wharf during tho day and
Captain Brown of the steamer
Aztec will throw open his vessol
to ladies aud thoir escorts who de- ,
siro to obtain a good view of tho
races. Three hundred chairB will
be provided on Captain Brown's
capacious decks. At intervals
during tho day tho government
band will play at the wharf.
Both the Healani and Myrtle
Boat Clubs will keep open house
during tho day at their respective
quarters aud invito tho families of
thoir members to attend and bring i
thoir friends along with them.
Both clubs will havo bauds of
music, and singing and dancing
willbo in order. Refreshments
wilfbo served at both houses.
All -tho -largo stores and banks
will remain closed tomorrow so
that their employes may have tho
full benefit of the holiday:
Tho ovonts will opon with tho
first class yacht race at 9 a. in.
Following is tho program:
First Class Yacht" Holene,"
entered by W. G. Irwin; "Res
cue," by C. JohuBon; "Hawaii"
and "Bonnie Dundee," by W. L.
Four-oared Shell Rnco -Tho
Ilealaii Yacht and Boat Club, tho
MyrU-Bonl Club.
Steamer Boats Race "Wild
Swan," entered by James Spencer;
"Kinuu" and "Kilauea lion,"
Captain Andrews; "Iwuluni,"
"Kauai," "Ko An Hon," and
"Wuialeale," Frank Harvev:
f"Lavinia,"R.M. Fuller.
bix oared Cauoo f paddle)
Hiol Knpu (two), Koiki, Kaiuwa,
Kooliokii and "1."
Four-oared Sliding Seat "Po
maikelani," by tho Healanis;
"Alt Rogers," by tho Myrtle..
Second Class Yacht "Edith
L.," by tho Myrtles; "Rose," bv
Honry Roth; "Dahlia," by T. W.
Ilobron; "Coral Queen," by
Charles AValkor; "Pokii," by H.
A illiams; "Hokulolo," by C. W.
Six-oared Sliding Seat Bargo
Race "Carl W.," by tho Hoa
lanis; "Myrtlo," by tho Myrtles;
"Alice M.," by tho Myrtles.
Canoo (sailing -Koiki, Hiol
Kapu (two), Kelioki, Bolabola
and Kelioliokii.
Whaloboats TJ. S. S. Adams,
two boats ontered by Lieutenant
Stan worth; pilot crow, Pinnu.
Two-oared Shore Boat "Hiol
Kapu" and "Every Timo," Eloka
la; "Fair Play," "January," "San
Francisco," "Edison" and "Fat
Boy,"John Mahuka; "Forty-One,"
Apaki, "Shoo Fly," "K.da," "Alo
ha," "Akuhi."
Ton-oared Bargo U. S. S.
"Adams" by Lioutenant Stan
worth; "Aloha," A. G. M. Robert
son. Tlin nllienrri who will bn in
I charge of tho raceB tomorrow aro:
Judgos--Capt. J. A. lung, Liou
tenaut C. S. Stamworth of tho U.
S. S. Adams and F. S. Dodgo.
Starter Chas. B. Wilson.
Timekeepers Messrs. Kruegor
and Wallen.
Tho signal adopted for calling
tho yachts and boats together at
the starting point will bo tho ox
ploding of a largo Chinoso bomb.
Tho start will bo givon by a pistol
Tho stand ocoupied by tho
judges and starter will bo a
largo scow moored oil the Kinuu
Tho committeo have mudo ar-
j rangomonts today to have a largo
number of chairs placed on the
Pacific Mail wharf, iu addition to
those on the steamship Aztec.
The Regatta Committeo which
is in chargo of the wholo colobra
tiou consists of W. E. Wall, chair
man; AV. C. Parke, secretary, and
David Kawauauakoa.
n.iKiiu.n in i it Lie.
.lllulotcr ' Mt'h VIkII to till- Kclitrtn
Srliiiul mill l(n lli-Milt.
Minister Cooper spent a couple
of hours of his vahnblo timo at
the Reform School this morning,
investigating the condition of af
fairs at thai place, in connection
with recent complaints of cruel
treatment of the b ys by ono of
tho luuas.
About 9 o'clock tho six boys
who attempted to assault the now
teacher, Mr. Hrightwoll, arrived
from tho polico station in chargo
of ollicors. Tho other forty-threo
boys in the school woro then sum
moned to lino up in tho yard and
tho six hard cases woro then pub
licly Hogged, ono at a time, iu
their presence). Threo of them
wero given six lashes each and
tho others four, tho lashes being
administered with a wide aud
heavy leather strap.
After tho whipping was over
Minister Cooper gave tho wholo
school a good talking to, remind
ing them that discipliuo must bo
maintained and warning them of
what would happen if any more
outbreaks occurred.
ICccIiiiiIii ol ii Xpiv Term nt V. 71.
'. A. llullilliis.
On Monday evening noxt a now
term of evening classes will open
at the Y. M. C. A. Tho business
department comprises tho branch
es of bookkeeping, typewriting
aud shorthand, couducted respec
tively by Mossrs. Cliapin, Blux
omo and Potrio. Prof. Cook will
teach vocal mutic, with especial
roferenco to tho mastery of chnroh
biimng. aii nemotHuy mass
AviM bo conducted for tho benefit
of persons who havo not had the
' advantages of schooling. Mr.
Punpoo will givo instruction
in tho Hawaiian luncuago. A
u-lio hnvn tint l.nrl !,
courso of historical talks will
be given in tho hall, aud
a dobating society is also project
ed. Instrumental musicians who
would like to enter tho orohes-
i ii, l i ,r tt -i
mi biiouui aj)iy u iui. xxuiiiuaii,
1 ho small feo of two
10 term is ciiarcrcd m
dollars for the term is charged in
each class to thoso not members
of tho Association. Any wanting
to join should go at tho begin
ning. m.i:itrhi ni:it iiotik.
Woman I.eavita Iliiabanil nml I.lttlo
On cm by tho Doric.
Tho wifo of John Lycott, a woll
known, industrious, young me
chanic, slipped off on tho steamer
Doric for ban 1 rancisco, without
bidding farowoll to her iudulgent
husband and three young childron.
She gathered up all tho house-keeping
funds, Mr. Lycott having been
in tho habit of leaving his wages
homo iu hor charge, and went on
board tho steamer with a man who
had boon visitiug tho family as
her brother, and who for any
ovidonco to tho contrary may havo
that relationship to her. Hor
taking of tho money, although a
goodly amount, is not regarded
by iho friends of tho wronged
husband as quite so heartless as
her abandonment of tho littlo
Toiiioirow'a Hull tlunic.
Thoro is no question that tho
ball game botwoou tho Stars aud
First Regiment tomorrow after
noon will bo tho best of the sea
sou. All tho members of both
teamB have blood in their eyes
aud moan business. Babbitt will
pitch for the Stars, while Hart will
play right field and Tom Pryco at
second baBO. Tho soldier boys
claim to havo a surprise in Btoro
for thoir oppononts, but nro keep
ing" vory quiet about it. It can
safely be said that tho attendance
will bo the largest of this season.
tiiiim: i::(ii:iii.nr.M'ic. v.im:oi.n
co. in: to at i it.
Tlio Inllliil Vi'kiX'1 'itr-unli-fl nml
I'lonlcd Only to Oi)hIxo mill
SI It I, nlcr
When the burl; Gainsborough
was stranded ut Diamond Head,
that day the Bulletin told of the
hard luck of tho vessels willrox
pori mental cargoes of Westport,
Now Zealand, coal. Au "accident"
had happonod to tho first, tho
second wa8 lost and now tho third,
tho Gainsborough, was cast away
within sight of Honolulu harbor.
Contemporaries had tho utrandcd
vessol as hailing from Newcastle,'
and her predecessors as having
both been lost. As usual, the
Bulm'tin's news was correct.
A. M. Hewitt has favored this
paper with a "lleporl of tho Nau
tical Enquiry into the Stranding of
tho Coromandcl at Westport on
Wednesday, April 15, 189(5." A
preliminary note Bays : " Tho
hark Coronmndel was tho pioueoi
vessel chartered by tho Westport
Coal Company to initiato foreign
coal oxport from Westport. When
leaving th port on 15th April,
bound for Valparaiso, Chili, tho
vessel was stranded in the Buller
rivor.under circumstances detailod
iu the evidence givon at tho in
quiry. On the '2(th April sho was
iloatcd. On the UOtli sho sailed,
fully loaded, for Welliugton, leav
ing tho port with the greatest
oase, and drawing two inches more
water than when she stranded,
with tho same depth of water in
tho river. The eventual safe de
parturo of the vessel emphasizes
tho finding of the Court, that tho
stranding was in no way duo to
, defects in tho port itself."
bo fat so good. But hard luck
t b , jth Westport
i i rM n.. r.,n...: i; 'i.
i """ ' l"" wm uluu
snows tlio Joromai)(1ol to be in a
plight as bad as that of tho Gaius-
Wellington, August 18. So
far tho attempts to raise tho
sunken bark Coromaudel, which
enps'zed after being brought hero
i i;i T ;' :..,.., ,i ...
from Westport, havo
mini;. ib in uui, in iummcii iu
Kllllrl it ii-v(V.-k jli.it llin fj-w
. ,mtc, ,m(1 w,pn t, t j
i i ' , . , .
oeun pumpeii om y coniriiugai
pumps a further attempt will bo
made to get her on an oven keel.
Nil n ili y lliinil Ciii-i-rl.
Following is tho program for
the Government band coucort at
Makeo Islaud at' 3 o'clock' ou
Sunday :
OKI Hundred.
Overt lire Willliiin Tell lloslni
lnteriiie.zii- Cuvallerl.i KustU-utiu..Mii9eui:nl
llallacl Morning Ileottmvtn
Selectlon-IiolicuiUu Girl Ualfo
1'AIt.T II.
I'nntnsln - .Mtiiillli'uiit (new ) Me lellei
l'nrnplirnfto -.Mcliiillu In V (nuw).,Iul)cntelii
Fnntiitln Tulll;lit Wlilnperii (nuw)..Hnlmei
Finnic ttiiniiiivriiie (now ) llotgettl
Hawaii l'onul
'o Combined Ounce.
Ton days or so ago the Healani
Yacht and Boat Club began en
deavors to havo a combined danco
with tho Myrtlo and Loilani Boat
Clubs on tho ovoniug of Regatta
Day. Tho projoct failod, how
ovor, on account of tho Myrtlo's
having mado arrangomonta to
have an informal hop iu its own
houso. There will be no ovoning
danco at tho Hoalani's house.
IIuiiiIkiiiiio lrlzo.
J. J. Williams has offered to tho
winning crow iu the four-oarod
sholl race a group picturo of its
members, 18in.x20iu., also to
oaoh mombor a copy of tho group
and au individual picturo of liim
Bolf. Two bottles of stout or two
drinks of half aud half for .'25o at
tho Louvro.
1j . .1. .J. -. i-i. :,..' --. .. t.4...r.
IM. t ifc llMl.
ft jj .
iitii Hinilia ii i'ii tl -
ifn -Hh ' i wni tmfc i
mW3ilM w;
gUi 4 nli"i M'.rii irm v
-tii t ii ul'i m ii'--;- (.'

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