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to tldvertising Medium.
Th rR.,r r,v, 73 f
I Ills Ul-Jl Ltgiu I llgl y
If you Doit Read the Bulletin
Evening Paper Published
you. Dotit Gel ALL the Ncius.
on ihe Hawaiian Islands.
It Reaches ALL tlicTeoplc.
Subscription 75c. a month.
Vol. II. No. 420.
PitioE 5 Cents.
A . F"
w - r I
St I
w 'I
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te '
Published ovory day excopt Sunday nt
jjiu Jimg atroot, uonoiuiu, n. 1.
Por Month, anywhoro In tho Ila-
wailnn Islands g f
For Year. it '."
Tor Year, postpaid to Amalcn,
Canada, or Mqxlcd 10 00
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JfiKfra rotai tho youtlif ul
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hair to
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an nod
of life.
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Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
flolo Agents for tho Itepublio of Hawaii.
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Come and See It.
473 Fort Street, -
Telepbono 20.
Thoro ore G Lots nt Waiki
ki, lying on the "Wnikiki sido
of Knlia Kond for sale, about
11 G foot miikai of Waikiki
Those lots will' bo sold for
cash or ou installment plan.
&F For further particulars
apply to
Real Estate Broker, 1 0 West,
King street.
Aug. 18, 189G. 84-1111
Piiunui Tract !
$150 OO
A Lot 50 feet by ioo feet
On the Instalment Plan and 10 Percent
Discount for Ciwb.
fjaST Apply to
Or W. 0. AOIII, Itoal Iitato Urokor.
September 21, 18'JO. 'U2.tf
fi 4
ntf.SrF-;;'5'! ,.-a
Xr-SsSAS-i .SShaii
j MWAW V.3W5i t'
:'j" ' v
t. k. icr.orsr, ,AIW 1J.TITIINS T1IK
nitMsitfu or Tin; i.nckkiok.
.t4-rfH Hint 11 Otcldcd Scntltilfiit i:x-
li in I'ir of 11 Mcciitti lor
the WilIdM llulol.
yesterday af temoou. Thomas E.
Kronae oE tho Arlington hotel
filed another application with tho
Minister o the Interior for n
liquor liconso in connection with
tho proposed new hotel at Wai
kiki, and with it presented a peti
tion with 417 signatures asking
thnt'tho license be granted. In
Booking signatures to his potition,
Mr. KrouBO asked only those to
Bij;n whoso nutographs would car
iry eomo woight. and among the
names will bo found most of tho
representative business mon, law
yers, doctors and statesmen of tho
city. Tho number of employes
and prominent supporters of tho
government whose names are at
tached to tho petition is signifi
cant 1'ollowing is a copy of tho
document filed with the Iutorior
aflice :
Honolulu, September 28th, 1890.
Jamls A. King, Minister of tho
Interior, Republic of Hawaii.
Sir: Since filing my petition
for n licenso to sell spirituous
liquors at Waikiki, and receiving
your reply thereto, tho issues in
volved in that petition have been
fully discussed, pro and con, in
this City, which was not tho case
at tho time my potition was filed
and acted upon. Believing this
discussion has dovoloped a de
cisive sentiment in favor of grant
ing tho licouso among tho re
sponsible cilizous and merchants
of the City, 1 take tho liberty of
renewing herewith iny application
for this license upon tho same
lines and terms set forth in my
original petition, and present
herewith for your consideration a
potition in favor of granting the
same. I enclose also a copy of
said petition, with tho names of
the signers, alphubotically arrang
ed, aud a photograph showing
improvements to bo raado if tho
license is granted.
Enclosed pleaso find also clip
pings taken from the only news
papers in Honolulu, which huvo
seeu fit to express their Beuti
mente, containing interviews with
prominent citizens and business
men relative to thi proposition,
and Betting forth their arguments
pro and con.
It is understood also that a
counter petition will bo filed
against granting this or any other
license for Waikiki which will
probably fully sot forth all of tho
roasonB and arguments against
Bnch a stop.
It is submitted that a careful
consideration of tho whole mat
tor will lead to tho conclusion that
tho objections to this license are
the objections of those who
believe that no license should
be granted at Waikiki or
anywhorp else, and whilo
ontirely logitimato nnd appro
priate from a prohibition
standpoint, arc not convincing or
appropriate under an established
aud accepted licoii6o system liko
ours in tho Dibtrict of Honolulu.
It is submitted further that, so
far as this district is concerned, it
is proper that any locality within
it should bo licensed if thero is a
greater and inoro logitimato de
mand for licenso thoro than in
many other localities in tho city
which hnvo nlroady beon licensed,
and if a refusal to licenso must in
evitably bo followed bycoutinued
illicit soiling as will undoubtedly
bo tho caso horp.
In this connection with this po
tition I bog further to Bubmit to
you for your consideration tho
following additional facts not set
forth in my original potition. I
lmvo obtained control practically
of tho only promises at Waikiki
largo enough and otherwise suit
able for tho establishment of a
first olass hotel, with proper bath
ing facilities, unless 0110 goos into
a soction of tho beach which is
occupied strictly for privato resi
dences, and where tho publicity of
a hotel would strenuously bo ob
jected to. (Tho lease of tho Sans
Souci will bo up jn a fow months,
tho proporty having lately chang
ed hands.)
I respectfully submit the coun
ter propositions for a licouso at
Waikiki should bo considered on
ly whon coupled with the proposi
tion to establish a hotel and bath
ing facilities, and only on satis
factory proof that tho applicant
lias appropriate promises and
ccst that parties'may bo willing to !
t1iiMil liiiliIriH In Hinlm It tn k-t4it. IL
furnish meals, and rim a hotel iu
name, moroly to cot tho license. In
other words, it would bo a licensed
saloon with a hotel in name at
tached thereto, aud only enough
spout on tho hotol to furnish an
excuse, for porpotuating tho
licouso and saloon. 4
My proposition, however, in
volves an expenditure in tho way
of improvements of fully eleven
thousand dollars (and in all liko
lihood it will run to fifteen
thousand dollars), besides exten
sive improvements already there;
tho sum total (involving an amount
of capital that forbids its use mere
ly to bustaiu a saloon.
I will accept tho defeat of my
proposition with perfect good
graco if n licenso is granted to
someone who will establish u
first class hotol and bathing ac
commodations, and 1 recognize
tho justice of considering appli
cations in tho order they aro
made, providing tho propositions
are otherwise equal.
. The granting of my petition
will enlmuco tho valuoMf adjacent
property, and this is recognized
by tho owners of tho same, who
aro all favorable to this petition.
Tho Tramways Company has
volunteered to put on a fifteen
minute service in place of tho
present thirty minute service as
soon as the hotol is opened.
If ray statement is challenged
that I hnvo control of lha best
location and accommodations for a
hotel, or if any one claims to bo
abje to do aB well as I, I ask tho
privilege of appearing personally
before you, aud of proving my
statements, mid of having a
chance to oxaraiue into and verify
any counter propositions.
I beg also to submit tho fact
that, as tho owner of the proporty
is about to leave Honolulu, tho
presont opportunity to afford
hotol accommodations that aro
urgently needed nB a public con
venience, will bo lost if tho licenso
asked for is refused, and an equal
opportunity may probably not bo
All of which is rospectfully
Tnos. E. Kitousn.
Sultntlon Army 'I'm.
IjironTANT: Thoro aro very few
things'inoro hurtful than common
tea. An ominent Euglish doctor
once said: "If tho public gave up
drinking common tea, tho occupa
tion of 0110 half of our profession
would ho I'nno." Good tea. how-
.. . , , .,
over, is refreshing aud stimulat-1
ing, and iu introducing this arti
cle to tho public,the officers of tho
Salvation Army lmvo taken great
pains to secure n tea, which can
with tho greatost confidence bo ro-
commended aB boing of the very
highest .standard of excellence,
and lmvo decided to soil it at a
Iirico within tho roach of every
iody, and although it will leave
ub a very small margin of profit
indeed, wo aro satisfied, knowing
that what wo soil is snro to give
satisfaction, Sold in lb packets.
Memorial Mixturo,English Break
fast, Young IIysDii,Japan, Oolong,
Gunpowder, 80c; Auxiliary, o5o.
Telophono 755. H. Cannon, Pa
lama Grocery, opposito Railway
Depot, solo agont for tho Hawaiian
Rovoro Garden Hoso has estab
lished a lasting roputatiou for
superiority. Tho 3 ply granite
brand will last longer than heavier
1 ply hoso raado of inforior
materials. Tho Pacific Ilardwaro
Co., L'd.
A J.niijj I'riii'oaslnii irX(H .1I(iimicr
lulliiti tlio I!c i rc (liivt'i 11 incut
limit! mid Itui'tirt ori'ollco.
t Largo numb.iiB of mourning
friends of the lato Joseph Nawahi
visited tho lato rcsideuco of tho
rlenXny nfu,rnoou to
)'av lL'011' J(wt reelects. Dm ing
Uhe afternoon Major Pi
otter, rep
resenting tho government, called
on tho widow aud tendered tho
services of the baud aud an escort
of police, which were accepted.
Arrangements were also made by
which E. A. Williams took charge
of the funeral.
Tho roligions services at tho
Iioubo commenced at 12:00 this
afternoon, lasting about air hour.
Thoy wero conducted by Rov.
E. S. Timoteo. Tho proces
sion was thou formed and tho
solcmu cortege wonded its woy to
tho wharf in tho following ordor:
Tlio ITudcrtnkiT
Qtinrd of Police.
(!oi eminent Hand.
Women's Hawaiian l'artrlollc l.cncne
Officers of Women's Hawaiian Patriotic
Officer of Mul Kalnlalim
Men's lluuull.in Patriotic League
Committees of lluwallan Patriotic League
and Hill Kiilalalna
OHIccrs of Hawaiian Pa rlotle League
. Chairman nf Executive Coimnitleo
Hut Kulalalna drnnlng tlie Hearse
Pill Hearers
Cnlel Mourners
Frlfnd nnd Acnuululnnccs
Tlie Public Generally
Tho pall bearers wero S. K.
Kano, R. W. Wilcox, W. C. Achi,
S. M. Kaaukai, J. K. Kaunamano,
F. J. Testa, David Dayton, J. L.
Kaulukou, J. O. Carter, ChaB.
Croightou, 0. K. Kanealii and E.
Iv. JLiIikalam.
Tho native societies walked two
nbrenstljero being between four
and fivo hundred women in tho
ranks. Tho casket was draped
with tho Hawaiian flag and covered
with floral offerings. Tho
hearse was drawn by tho Hui
Knlaiuina. In tho procession,
which was headed by a detach
ment of twenty-four polico and
tho government band of twouty
six pieces, was a delegation from
tho Portuguese Benevolent Soci
ety. A long line of carriages and
people on foot followed tho hearse.
King and Fort streets wero crowd
ed with natives whilo tho cortogo
waB on route.
Through tho kindnosB of tho
Wilder Steamship Company, tho
stoamor Hawaii will go direct to
Hilo, touching only at Lahaina
aud Mahukoua to laud mails. Hor
freight will bo discharged ou tho
return trip. A largo quantity of
lumber was also left behind, bo
that tho 1 funoral arrangements
might not bo interfered with.
oni: or i.yovkui'n' joki:h.
of tho best jokes of tho
has not aB yot como to
light in any of tho Honolulu or
San Francisco dailies, so hero it
is. Whilo a prominent society
family and young Mr. Whittier of
San Froucisco wero stopping at
Sans Souci nomo timo ago thoro
wero many jokes continually go
ing ou between them and the
jolly proprietor and bon vivant
of that rosort, George Lycurgus.
So whon tho Australia Bhanied
jtway with tho party for tho Bay
City sotno weeks ago, besides
mauy othor floral souvonirs of
our beautiful islands from the
host of f rionds of tho young ladies
was 0110, tho largest and prettiest
of all, a hugo basket of roses of
groat beauty. Now this basket
looked larger than necessary but
no ono commontod on that. Good
byos wore givou, tho lois woro
thrown back to laughing friends
on tho wharf, tho band played on
and tho liner Blowly pointed hor
noso aorops tho harbor bar. Tho
last gallants hud a lingeiing look
, at Diamond Head and tho
sweet little nook of Sans Souci,
whoro thoy had Bpont so many
happy dayB, tho young ladies Bot
tled down iu their Bteamor chairs
and young Whittior look a fresh
cocktail, lit a cigarette and com
menced to meditate ou a pros
pective honeymoon. So tho after
noon passed away. Dinner was
announced and afterwards a deck
promenade with n concert in tho
saloon for thoso who had not suc
cumbed. About eight bolls 0110
of tho young ladies wont to her
room to cast auothor look at tho
oxquisito Lycurgus floral basket.
Soon she camo running back,
bi'natlilc8s and pale. "Mamma,
thoro is something moving in that
busket." "Nonsense," replied her
tuolhor. "Yes, thoro is; I'm suro
there is," replied the young lady.
VisioiiB of mongooses, big rats
and contipedes possessed the
party. Armed with canea Mr.
Whittier and soveral gontlemon
accompanied thoyouug lady to her
stateroom. Suro enough there it
was. The mass of flowers woro
wriggling about in a most myster
ious way. Ouo of tho bravo ones
was'about to ram his cano into
tho basket when a plaintive "Baa,
baa,"arrested him. Tho young lad
ies rushed forward and removing
tho big lot of flowers ou top they
uncovored us beautiful a little
white goat as ever browsed on
Punchbowl lantana, snugly lying
in tho bottom of tho basket.
Around its nock was an infant's
nursing bottle, whilo a can of, fresh
milk showed that the donor had
not forgotten what a kid wants.
Well, thero was laughing and
fizz all 'around till elbows wearied
in washing down Dicky's health.
For Dicky he was straight way
named, and coddled by all tho
dear girls onboard to his heart's
content. During tho wholo voyage
tho Punchbowl kid pranced
around the deck in gleo, shedding
a tear ouco and awhilo as ho
thought of his mamma Nanny
chewing an aud tomato cans out
near tho quarry at homo. Dicky
is now an inmate of a fashionable
Van Ness avenno mansion in San
Frnnoisco and lives 011 tho fat of
tho land.
Motion to tmtli M'rlt of Krror-
lvvy llmikruptcv.
Tho Supromo Court Iibb denied
defendant's motion for a continu
ance in It. N. Boyd vs. J. W.
C. V Sturdovant by his attor
neys, Kiuuoy & Ballou, files a
motion to quash tho writ of error
of tho Hawaiian Tramways Com
pany, with roforonco to judgment
for illegal collection of furc.
Christina Gillilaud has render
ed two yoara' account of hor
guardianship of tho Gillilaud
minors, showing receipts S85G 50,
payments 810.89, balaueo $15.01.
In tho Levy bankruptcy cuso,
Thoo. H. Davios & Co. Ltd. havo
filed a replication to tho answer
of H. Lose, assignoo. Judgo
Porry is hearing tho caso on tlio
general merits this afternoon.
Vlcuccl lliu Ilrnly.
At 1 o'clock this afternoon Cor
oner Hitchcock ompaueled tho
following jury to inquiro iuto tho
circumstances of tho death of the
Chineso boy who was shot by Ah
Fut yesterday: B. Ordenstein, J.
Radin, Jas. Qtiinu, .I.Brown, 1).
K. Dayton and Louis Moyor. Tho
jury were driven to tho hospital
whoro they viewed tho romaitiB,
after which tho iuquost was post
poned to 10 a. in. tomorrow.
Ii'CNltleiit Hole.
The President did not roturu
from Hawaii by tho stoamor Ha
waii on Sunday aB Btatcd in this
papor yesterday. Tho stoamor
convoyed President Dolo and
Mrs. E. P. Low and two childron
from Mahukonn to Kiholo on tho
Kona coast. Ono who ought to
havo known tho fact, howovor, in
formed this papor positively that
the President camo to town by
tho Hawaii.
Tho battleship Toxas was got
off tho beach at Newport without
Inventor 1'oya a Woniou 9900
f.ir NMiiiiue NlniTed ttltli
Ililltiinn .Tiller, etc.
Buying bolognas stuffed with
wind instead of sausago meat is
not a profitable investment, as
John Daly of 43-1 Jossio street
can testify, says tho San Francis
co Examiner. A few days ago
Mr. Daly bought a half interest in
a dolicatessen store at 30-1 Fourth
Btreot from Mrs. Martha Evavett,
paying 200 for his Bharo of tho
stock aud good will. Ho buw her
advertisement in a daily paper
and thought the storo would be a
desirable buy for n gentleman who
wanted to embark in busiupss.
Before purchasing John went
down and looked at tho place,
which fairly rooked with good
things. Along the walls hung
rows of nice fat BauBageB nucVo
hams and smoked fish, whilo tho
shelvoB hold dozous of cuns df-V
corned' beef. Thoro woro kegs of
ostensiblo tripoand pigsfect, dried
beof, cheese and tins of pickled
goods. Mrs. Evarott showed bur
partner a largo cousignmout of
eggs iu cases aud barrels of but
ter, and pointed with prido to a
robust porcelain pig rooting in u
plato of uncooked beans 111 tho
window, after tho manner of pigs
iu delicatessen stores.
Thinking that tho place con
tained at least StiOO worth of
stock, Mr. Duly bought in nnd
took chnrgo of tho storo. His
partnor wanted to go to tho coun
try for a fow days and was per
fectly willing to trust him. Tho
first morning John opened up he
alleges that ho made a discovery.
Ho shifted tho egg cases and
found that ouly the top layers
boro fruit. The rest of tho paste
board pigeon holes wero hollow
mockeries. Sawdust took tho
placo of flesh and bono in tbo
ham covers aud tho rolls of butter
wero empty cans rolled in damp
ohoeso cloth. Tho 400 bottles
wrapped in pink tissuo papor aud
supposed to contain wino and
beor proved to bo nothing but
uuiiltored Spring Yalloy water.
But the cruolcst Bham of all
was tho sausages. Tho eleek
brown skins woro filled with
wind, uud each ono was ballasted
with a bullet to prevent tho sau
sage from floating up against tho
ceiling, liko a toy balloon. It was
tho same way with everything
Also. Tho caus wero all empty
and tho pickled tripo department
was a delusion and a snare. Mr.
Daly soon retired from business
and will tsell tho counter and
Bhclvcs at a discount.
Mrs. Evarett, alias Gotching,
was nrrested last night on Fol
som street by Detective Dillon,
and locked up at tho City Prison
on a chargo of obtaining money
by falso pretenses. Sho will not
make any statement.
I ho Title Hole.
Bob Scott,
ing role in '
who takes the load
Olo Olson," to bo
the drill shed
Saturday evening next, has beon
idontiiicd with that character for
a long timo. Tho writer has at
hand a portion of a copy of a
Houston, Texas, papor of somo
years back, giving tho cast of tha
play and a criticism in which Mr.
Scott'ri rendition of tho character
is spoken of in uiibtiuted terms of
praise. Doubtless tho porfor
manco at tho drill shod will bo as
amusing and interesting as any
thing wo havo Beon for n couple
of yoars
Melvillo Marx, ouo of the threo
proprietors of tho Columbia theat
er, San Francisco, is nt tho Ha
waiian hotel. Ho will probably
arrango for tho presentation of
future attractions at tho Irwin
opera houso.
: 1
3 ?
. V
'' '.M
r '

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