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X ?.,,. Z.7-,.,i-iVi'lr AJ.i1 him O
The West Eight Tage
w Don't Read the Dullelni
.yaw ZW GV yZ,, c iVhwr.
Evening Paper Published f
on the Hawaiian Islands.
I Subscription 75c. a month.
Reaches ALL the Teople.
$Vm0$fr9m4M Ct4tt
Vol. II. No. 457.
Piuok 5 Cents,
,,,,. -,- " 3MRmrafP?l!f
. . . . r . M.V - T.4 YL'-HWP MIP XV - .1 . IE!" -C,T WUEMBKTTJ
4 r
Published every day excopt Sunday nt
210 King Strcot, Ilonolnlu, II. I.
Per Month, nnywhoro in tho lln-
wniinn IbIudJs 8 75
Per Year. ""
Per Year, postpaid to Atui'iiui,
Cannifa, or Mexico 10 U0
Per Year, postpaid, vihor Foreign
Countrloa 13 00
Puynblo Invariably lii Advance.
Telephone 2C0. P. O. Box 89.
B. L. FINNEY, Manager.
Mortgagee's Notioo cf Intention to
Foreclose and of Salo.
In accordanco with tho provi
sions of that eertuiu mortgago
mndo by Josoph Polo nutl Keatno,
his wife, to II. Dimond, dated
Soptonibor 20th, 188-1, mid duly
assigued by II. and J.Watorhouse,
executors uudor tho will of H.
Dimond, by assignment recorded
iu said otlico in Liboi 103, page
275, Ac, recorded iu tho Register
office, Oahn, in Libor 8S, pago
30S-U, uotico is hoieby givou that
said niortgagoo intends to forccloso
tho same for contlitiou broken, to
wit.: tho uon payment of both
principal and inteiost when due.
Notico id likewise givon that
after tho expiration of threo weeks
from this date the property cov
ered by said mortgage will bo
advertised for salo and will bo
sold at public unction nt tho auc
Uon rooms of Jns. F. Morgan,
Honolulu, on Monday, the 30th
day of November, 1S!)0, at 12
o'clock noon of that day.
Asbijjuoo of Mortgage
For further particulars, apply
to J. Alfred Mugnon, Attorney
for II. "Wntorliouno, Jr.
Dated Honolulu, Nov. -1th, 1890.
The propi-rty to bo sold is its
All Unit piece or p.treol of land
situated ntKowdo, Panoa, Island
of Onlin, d Kirilird in Iloviil
Patent No 10JO. Kulcanu 10,270,
to Mahiua as Apnim 2, Turo and
lvuln land, more particularly de
scribed i.'H follows:
''E hoomira mi ko kihi llomu
o ka loi kooio J. I'ii!:oi ko kihi
Hikinn niaiika o kuia ainii, u o
liolo Akau 49 : Kom. 100 If apuai
inn kuaumi miwiilic o ko koolo a
hiki i I: i IMiaku i Pou in X pili
una mo ko Kdiuvaia al.iil.i lloma
80 5 Kom. 52 Kapuai, uihi o
Kul.twaia, a Akau ."0 5 Kom. 38
Knpimi aiialnvi a Akau -I'.)c Kom.
1'10 K.iptuii ma ko Kaluwiiu ia
iiuiu aoao a hiki i ko Kokuwowo,
iihiihi Ileina 40 Km. 72 Kaim.ii
ma ko Kokawuwo a hiki i ko Ku
ia wain, aliul'i ma ia aiua Ilcma
d3 Uikinu 2S4 Kapuai a hiki l
ka pohnku ma ko ala liilii, o pili
ana me ka mokuna o Kewulo a mo
Auwaiolimu, nlailn, Polelei i uka.
E pili ana mo ka aina o ke kula a
hiki i kithi i honmaka ai o ka Hi
72-100 eka." -151-td
Mortgagee's Kotico of Intention to
Forccloso and of Salo.
In accordance with tho pro
visions of that cortiiin mortgage
mado by Annio Iluinos and
Charles Haines, hor husband, to
W. A. Kinnoy, dated Aug. 4th,
1837, rtcord. d in tho Register
Oftico, Oihn, in Liber 111, iingoa
403 ot Koq., which mortgage was
duly asHigiud to J. A. Magoon by
aS3ignniont, notice is hereby giv
on that tho assignee of said
luortg'ge intoiida to fori close tho
same lor condition broken, to wit:
tho non-pay mont of both princi
pal and inteitst when duo.
Notito Is bkowiso givon that
after tho oxpiralinn of throo
woeks from this date tho proper
ty covered by said mortgage will
bo advortisod for salo aud will bo
gold at public auction at the
auction rooms of W. S. Luco,
Honolulu, on Monday, Doe. 7th,
18UG, at 12 o'olook noon of that
(my .. , 1
For further particulars apply
to J. A. Magoon.
Datod Honolulu, Nov. 7, 1890.
Tho proporty to bo sold is as
All that picco or parool of laud
situato at Puunui, Honolulu,
more partioolarly d.fccribod in
lloyal Patent 4401 R, Kuloaiia
1070 to flikoula. 453-td
Indian Sales by Jas. F. Morgan.
Valuable J'louseLots
King SU03'., qoj::U3 tho Kavjal
ahas Seminary,
I am directed by Charles M.
Cooke, oxeimtors of tho ostato of
Juliette Zlt Cooke, deceased, act
ing under instructions given iu
tho will of said Julielto M. Cooke,
to soil at public auction, at my
salesroom in the city of Honolulu,
Island of Oahu,
On SATURDAY, Nov. 14th,
at 12 noon of said day, tho follow
ing property boing a portion of
Boyal Patent No. 1931, commen
cing at tho north corner of this
lot on lower sido of King street at
junction of wooden fonco and coral
wall and running:
1. S. 57 8E. true 117.5 feet
along King stroet along fouon to
nil iron pin nt tho north angle of
Sato post on northwest sdo of
2. S. 31 00 ' "West (mo 132 feot
along A. F. Cooko lot along north
west side of drivoway to nn iron
3! N. G2 21' W. true 101ft.
along A. F. Cooko lot to an iron
piu at fence; thence
1. N. 31 10 ' E. truo 28 feot
nlong Chnmborlain lot along fonco
to anglo of enino; tlienco
C. N. 00 40 ' W. truo M 5
J fert alopg snnio nhuig fonco.
G. N. 29 U3 ' 13. trno 113.8
foot al.mg siuio aloiig imrthwfst
lac' of nld coral building on tho
Cooke homestead aud along fonco
to initial point.
Area 33 100 acre.
Also buildings thereon.
Ternu cash in U. S. go'd coin.
Hood at tho expeiiRo of tho pur
chaser. For further particulars apply to
C. M. or A. F. Cooke.
43." 4t
Homestead Siles
A.t A.iction
On SATURDAY, Nov. 14th,
There will be sold at Public Auction, nt
tho auction rooms ot Jas. V. Morgan
Situated on tho east corner of KcoAarooku
street and Wilder avenue lu Maklkl.
Tlie locution of tliose lota la ono of tlio
best la Honolulu,- The neighbors are anion);
tliu best la the city.
tST Tor further particulars, apply to
Or to W. O. Achi .t Co., Itcal Entnto
llrokors. 410-Ul
lily Lot
lly order of John F. Colburn, Eea., As
Blnee of tliu Kbtate of 11. F. Poor, hmi , n
IhnUnipt, I will sell ai l'ubllc Auction,
On SATURDAY, Nov. 14,
At my Salesroom, Queen street.
Lot 4, Block 1, at Pearl
Lot 9, Block 15, at Pearl
37" Lot N'o. 4 U adjacent to the Depot at
1'curl City and U a valuable Lot,
4rC-:U Auctioneer.
Blood-Purifying Effect
Ayer's SarsapariEEa
Sir. Clinrlcs Btcplicimon, a mcIMuhhth
Itullivuy diipluyo nt Kuluiiil, Now
Zcnlaml, irrltest
"About ton years ago, whllo en
gaged in shuntiti,', my foot caught
between tlio rtilH, ami my lpg was
fractured below the knee. It healed
iu time, but 1 havo been troubled
ever Binco with swollen veins, nnd
have been obliged, at times, to wear
a bandage. About a year ago it bc
camo much worse, and I feared I
should be obliged to givo up my
work. A friend advised mo to try
Ayer's Sarsaparllla. I did so, and
after taking four bottles the swell
ing disappeared, and I havo not
been troubled with it since."
Ccld Medals at the WorlJ's Chief Expositions,
AYER'S PILLS for Biliousness
rlOlllSter DlW L0M LtCl.
Hole ARcuts for the Republic ot Hawaii.
Light and Serviceable.
Moderate Prices
Castle & Cooke
W0 m
"TISP PI ftsF j
B H S e llJI Eu vL ty tia
utvt: 1'i.iiroiut tX(!K.
llvi iiIiii;,) t iiiiiuciikmiI I'roiil
1'rnli'Xkliilinlx Cixt of
Hip Plnr.
Ab luiuounccd iu ailviiuco in
yestordny's paper, Nat Goodwin
aud his talented company gavo a
porfornmuco iu tlio Ilawaiiau
Opom IIouho yesterday ovouing.
It was a grand surpriso to tho
peoplo of Honolulu, but thoy woro
not caught napping. Ilonolulu
knows a good thing when it sees
it. This was tho caso last night.
Mr. Frawley's manager did not
hurt his employer a littlo bit by
lotting go a trifle on his "exclu
sive" privilege-of. tho first profes
sional opening of tho rostored
theater. Yet ho scored a black
mark for himself as a manager,
through his small business iu
trying to grind ovary cent ho could
out oF Air. Goodwin aud tho pub
lic. Although ho received a lib
eral commission from tho com
pany, ho was too mean to afford
programs for tho audience, to
ennblo them to follow the play
properly. Tho oxcuso given out
that there w-as not timo was too
thin. Thoro is not a printing
bhoo in town which could not
, ltuve given him programs for the
r prieo of two or throo seats at
twenty minutes' notice.
I Mr. Marks, so liia name is givou
out, will not do as a theatrical
manager in ilonolulu, u tueli
lowdowu picayuuish business
' muthodB as that just mentioned
I 1.3 !1 I IT .. .. 11
lire ms criiiTion. ixw iuiiy us won
' pack his gripsack and take a ticket
, by the nest uteuumr.
I Not from nny favor shown by
J Mnn.igor Marks save the mark
1 but by tho enterprise of the Bur.-
lt:tin, on luo cast ot characters in
"llio Uilited iool is givon as bo
low: Chauncey Short C. Goodwin
Matthew Uuthvoii
I Clareuco Haudvird
j Ijanuifter Straught
i Frazer Coulter
' (The fiim of Huthven t Co.,
Rhv. Jacob Howell. . . Ingersoll
D. Bnyster Huthven. Louis 1'ay no
Jaok JJuval Arthur Hoops
Perkins Louis Payne
Morgan Noil O'Brien
Mrs. lluthvon .... Miss E. Mai villa
Jessica Hood . . . .Estcllo Mortimer
Nell Audrey lluthvon
Ethel Brunuiou
Margaret Huthven
MisB Mnxiuo Elliott
The foregoing cast has to be
corrected in tho part of Nell Au
drey Huthven. Miss Brunniou
having boon indisposed Mrs. Ster
ling, sister of Mr. J. J. Harvoy of
Honolulu, aud wifo of tho ship
wrecked captain on board the Ala
meda, not a professional nctrcss,
bravely took tho role. She car
ried it out iu a manner that tho
wholo audience will agroo reflect
ed credit oven on tho brilliant
company that alio assisted in tho
pinch stated.
Nat Goodwin i-. too well known
to waste words in his praise. Tho
thought that must have been in
tho mind of tho Honolulu public
last night was what a splendid
lesson was givon to our local
talent, very excellent as it is, in
tho fine points of dramatic exposi
tion. Ho was simply grand im
perturbable, calm, "a gilded fool"
to tlio world but a master of ii
nanco in reality a lover with
monoy onough to mako n big hole
in tho national debt but winning
his lady lovo on his intrinsic
morits. Mr. Ingorooll, as a Pin
korton dotectivo in tho guise of
aCongo nogro missionary solicitor,
carried off second honors among
the gontloman performances
easily whoro thoro was cIobo com
petition. Miss Elliott was superb
in presonco and does not need hor
foroign reputation hereafter to
nmko her namo a druwing card
iu any company that may visit
Thoro is no occasion to specify
individual niorits further. Hono
lulu will fill a house any timo for a
season of Nat Goodwin's company.
Tho now Opera Houso was well
filled on this occasion with n
representative audiouco Mr. aud
Mrs. Irwin iu the proprietory box
entertained tho leading ladies of
tho amateur performances of tho
graud opera "11 Trovatore" and
tho drama "Jane" Mrs. Dimond
and Miss McGrew also Mrs.
Chas. L. Carter nnd Sonhor Caua
varro, Portuguese Charge d'
AlV'airoB. Tho other throo procon
ium boxes were occupiod by oil!
core nnd passongers of the steam
ship Alameda.
It was au ovoniug of comedy in
tlio rostored Hawaiian Opera
House long to bo romombored.
('ounce Destroyed at the llobrou
1M , WnlkiSit.hvt.
Tho alarm of firo about 11:15
last night came from tho Hobron
place at Waikiki-kai. Mr. J. Oil
man was passing tho promises
and saw ono of tho cottages was
all ablaze. Ho rushed in and
gavo tho alarm, but was too late to
save the building. Ho kicked in
ono of the doors, however, nnd
succeeded in saving some minor
The cottago belonged to O. B.
Gray but was temporarily occu
pied by W. H. Farrington, his
wite and hor mother, all ot whom
woro at tho theater and had not
reached home. Tho Chineso
cook wns asleep in the servant's
quarters and know nothing of tho
lire. In another cottago Mr. von
Gravemoyer wns sleeping and
know nothing of tho blaze until
awakened bv Mr. Gilmau.
Engine No. d and Hoso cart No.
2 wont out in rospouso to tho
alarm in olinrge ofChief Engineer
Hunt and did good work nitor
their arrival in preventing tho
flames from extending to the
neighboring buildings. Tho blazo
was seen by a Bulletin roportor
from Wilder avenuo nearly 10
minutes beforo tho alarm was
turned in.
Mr. Gray loses tho cottago and
furnuuro aud Mr. and Mrs. Har
rington loso all their clothing,
wedding presents, trinkets and
souvonirs. Tho von Gravemoy
ers, who with ono exeption wero
temporarily btaying at Nuuanu
Valley, also suffered cousiderablo
loss, as thoy had a quantity of
silver ware, trinkets and valuables
recently brought from Gormany
stored in the cottage.
Mr. Farrington is of opinion
that tho firo originated from a
porch lamp, which was left light
ed by tho Ohiueso sorvant in
readiness for their return. Tho
theory is that this lamp must have
oxploded, as thoro was no othor
light about tho premises.
Thoro was no insurauco on any
of tho proporty destroyed.
I.oait 'I heir mother.
Six child ron woro put on board
tho Alameda at Auckland by their
mothor, who claimed that sho was
on hor way to join hor husband
at San Francisco. Whon tho
steamer left tho woman was not to
bo fouud. The children, who rango
from ') to 1-1 years of age, aro be
ing kindly looked after by Steer
age Steward Hagett, and by the
klndnobs of some of the cabin
passongors woro given a wagonotto
ride through tho city yesterday.
It is probable thoy will bo return
ed to Auckland if thoy cannot
find their fathor in San Francisco.
At Thoiiino Ni(iinro.
The Hawaiian Band will ron
dor tho following selections at
Thomas Square at 7:o"0 this evou
iug: i'aut r.
Overture-I'oi-t anil Peasant aiipi10
Finale Carmen Ulrxl
KemlnUcencia of Haifa Ooilfrcy
Toll I'uniclituia, I.iku no a l.lke, Main.
Medley Plantation 8oni:a Contcrno
Funlaala The Cat's KumlezvouH Ferenl
WulU-Tliti Mlkudn Sullivan
March Nnllouul liiunl of Hawaii. . . .Merger
ll.nwtll Pouol.
(Drciit tvnrm tirSl.niitliiRNtiiri Inj' t)8
VIMIiIp nvrry lhlrly.lirc- Vonrn
I In- I'Ik-ikiiiioikiii Ilt-rur.
Toward the close of the presout
century, probably in 18'.)'.), tho
world will ngain witness tho great
moteor shower that occurs every
thirty-threo years. This is tho
rarest of celestial phenomena
visiblo nt night time. Hundreds
of thousands of shooting stars
streaked tho heavons with radi
ance for hours in succession on
tho last occasion in 18GG-07, also
in 1833-31, and in 170U,twhoii ob
served by Humboldt in South
America; and the historic vccoul
of tho periodic display, which
dates back nearly a thousand
years, furnishes similar accounts.
As the visibility of the swarm is
not confined to overy thirty-third
year, but commences a few cars
boforo, and lingers on a few years
after that period, it is now ex
pected that during the present
mouth tho foremost ranks of tho
advancing host will make their
appoarauce in unusual numbers.
Evon as early as lb'.)2 Profcs
Bor Barnard of tho Yerkes Obser
vatory saw some indications of
this, though tho intervening years
revealed only the few stragglers
of the swarm usually seen on tho
13th of November or about that
date, for it requires boiuo days for
tho earth to puss tho inter section
of tho meteoric path.
During au eight hours' watch at
tho Mouut Hamilton Observatory,
California, on tho 13th of last
November thirty seven swift, pnlo
tinted Leonids woro seen streak
ing tho southern coiiBtol!:.tione.
This is tho unmo given to tho
Novomber star shower thut seoms
to radiate from tho constollntion
of Leo. "Wliou a uuinbor of
shooting meteors streak tho firma
ment the area from which thoy
all retreat in common, in diver
gent tracks, is named the radiant
point, aud it shows the direction
in space from which tlu-y ap
proach tho earth n orbit.
Scientific investigation carried
on chiefly within the last sixty
threo years has shown that myri
ads of small, dark bodies aro cir
cling through interplanetary
spaces, sometimes singly, often iu
groups, and also in immonso
swarms; that in weight they rango
from many tons to a few- grains
or less, and whilo too small to bo
seen iudividually shining by re
flected sunlight nnd too far apart
to glimmer conjointly, occasional
friction with tho earth's atmo
sphere givos them a luminosity
that revealB their existence. When
a small, cold, hard body ranging
the realms of space with tremen
dous speed encouutors oven tho
vapory onvolopo of tho swiftly
moving earth the twofold velocity
heats it to a bla.o and generally
reduces it to ashes iu a fow sec
onds. Houco tho falling star that
iu golden script tolls tho routo of
tho unseen host that is speeding
by. Tho scientific obiorver marks
tho aspect, motion, distanco or
spectrum of the luminous wauder
or, and if it falld to the earth be
foro boing consumed analyses its
Composed only of such well
known substances as iron, stone
and faodium it nevertheless bears
tho brand of its nou terrestrial
origin aud also the traces of its
fiery flight. Tho Leonids belong
to tho largest of known swnrniB.
In a long elliptic orbit, intersect
ing that of tho oarth at ono point
and extending beyond that of tho
plnuot Uranus at tho opposite
onrvo, thoy rovolvo round tho sun
in about thirty-threo and a quar
ter years, tho elongated Btronni
taking somo years to cross tho
path of our piano t. But the grand
mystery of tho mctoorio host is
their nnoxplained relationship .to
tho wandoring comot, so uuliko in.
nnnfnl ntwl it'nltn ntl1 t-I 1 1 1 CLf AVI
- "f
l ,iUi !t Jt

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