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TIIH I'. .11. N. N.t'll'Y 411' I'l.KIMI 1
Mraiurr KIiihII Arrlvrtl Tliln .Tlnriiliiic
Oilier V'd lnunril nml Ont-
nnril-NoK-a nt Iiilerrtl.
City of Peking leaves nt 10 p. in.
Tlio Mikaltnla leaves nt 3 p. m.
for Nnwiliwili.
The Konulinu will &uil nt 10 n.
m. Monday for Onhu ports.
Tho German bnrk Ardpowuu ar
rived nt Tort Townseml Feb 8.
On tho 7th iust tho barkentiue
Klikitnt nrrived nt l't Gninble.
The Hawaiian bnrk Lenhi wns
wracked nt Knhnlui last week.
Tho Iwnlnui will depart nt 10
Monday for Lnhaiun nnd Haiun
kun. Fred Hnrrisou is supplying tho
bark liouteubcck with stouo bal
last. Tho bark And row Welch left
San Francisco for this port Feb
ruary 7.
Arrived nt Port Townseml Feb
9: Schooner Alico Cooko from
Tho Noenu arrived nt 11:30 this
forenoon. Sho reports "sugar to
burn" at Hnmakua.
The bark Highland Light is to
bring a load of conl from Dopnrt
uro Hay to this port.
On Feb 9 tho bark Santiago and
the schooner II "W Harriett sailed
from San Francisco for Hilo.
Tho schooner Albert Moyer hns
been chartered to load sugnr nt
those islands for Snn Francisco.
Tomorrow, high tido largo 0:7
a uijhigh tide small 7:31! p m; low
tide largo 0:17 p m; low tido small
0:J5 am.
Arrived at San Francisco Feb
11: S S Alameda, G days and 13
hours, bark Martha Davis, 11 days
from Honolulu.
Tho British guu-boat Icarus is
ready for her voyngo to. South Am
erica. The mtifioians gave a grand
Concert aboard last night.
. Hereafter, until furthor notice,
tho steamer Kiuau will leave Hilo
on Mondays and Thursdays at 8
p. m., ins tend of 8 a. m., leaving
Mnhukoun next morning at 8.
The Wilder steoinor Kiuau,
which should nnvo nrriVf,(i yester
day if cirnoon, did not got in until
.,iib morning. On account of very
Lad weather, eho could not load
sugar and livestock in time to got
hero uu schedule.
Tho Pnc'fic Mail liner City of
Peking from Snn Fraueipco ar
rived off Koko Head at 12.30 last
night, nnd entered tho harbor
a couple of houis liitoi . Shu
brought a number of passengers
for this port, and has a moderate
lint for tho Orient. She is taking
in several huudred tons of coal,
and will nail tonight at 10 p. m. for
From Kauai, por stmr Wainlo
ale, Fob 20-W J Singlelmrst,
Itov S Kaili and 10 deck passen
gers. From Hawaii and Maui ports,
per stmr Kiuau, Fob 20 Dr Hab
ever, W Baird, Chug Do Wolf
Brownoll, J S Wwrrin, N S Wor
rin, Miss A Poarco, W C Prater
aud wifo, II A Green, Mrs 0 Fair
child, Miss Beesly, J L Daugher
ty and wife, H Austin, W Austin,
TIiob Carter, C S Dcsky, Mrs
Seeloy, Mra Clifton, Mrs Black,
S E Laidly, Mrs Ludloll', E A
Jones, J W Mason, W Goodale,
F 13 McStockor, J McAndrow, M
Karaakaui, Madame Logrose, Mrs
Pritchard, Dr J Wight, It F
Lango, O H Mead, Mrs Dr Day,
Miss Brown, C L Wight, GJ
Fulk, U W Mibt, G P Wildor, Ed
Dowsett, Jas Wilder.
From San Francisco, por S S
City of Poking, Feb 20 Honolu
lu G It Thome, Mrs Thoruo,
Miss Mabel Thome, Miss Naomi
Donolly, Miss Julist Hartwoll, A
S Hartwell, W Bobbins, Carl
Paffrath, Mrs J M Walker, Geo T
Moyors, Mrs Meyers, Mrs Ohas
Hitchcock and maid, E E Porter,
Thos B Warron, A E Knesor and
1 Japanese stoorugo. Yokohama:
Miss G M Wilcox, Thos Williams,
It S Millor, Mrs Miller aud muid,
G Nakogawa, Miss E M Brown,
Geo II Ransom, U S N, Mrs Ran
Horn and son, D Kobaynshi and 18
.Japanese steerage Shanghai:
Rev V S Hart, Mrs Hart, Miss
Hnrt, Dr Maud Killam, O Hum
bnoh, Miss L A Brooks, Jus Dal-
ziol. Hongkong: Miss "E L
Lambo and -17 Chiueso steerago.
SvmiDAY, Feb. 20.
8 8 Cltj of ft Mug, Smltli, from San Fran
clco. Stmr Noeau, I'eternon, from Hawaii.
Stmr Klnati, Clarko, from llanall nml Maul
Stmr tValalcalc, 1'arKcr, from Kauai.
FlilliAY, Feb. 10.
Stmr Jniiies Mnkcc, Ttillclt, for Kapaa.
Stmr Kaala, .Moucr, for Oabu ports.
Satuiiiuy, Feb. 20.
Stmr Hawaii, Wclr, for Hawaii.
Ex stmr Klnau 7413 baj;s sucar, 203 sliccp,
2 cattle, 21 hoi;, 75 liUca, 117 bags spuds,
211 bags corn, VI pUg sunil.
ExstmrNoeau 3110 bags stujnr, 31 bags
F. stma Walalcale 3430 bags sugar, 21
pKgs suml.
VFSSnt.i IX 1'OUT.
11 1! M S Icarus, Fleet, Eniilmalt.
U ." S Alert, llanfoid, San Frnneii-eo.
(Coasters not Included In tills list.)
Am sclir Robert Lcwers, Goodman, New
castle. Am bktn fleorgc C 1'erMus, Maas.Nvn castle,
Feb 10.
Am fclir Ji'6iu Ml. or, Whitney, Eureka,
Feb 17.
Br bk Routcnbeek, Rodgcrs, Liverpool,
Feb 7.
Brslilptfamantlia, Crone, 8 F, Feb 15.
Am bktn Planter, Dow, Newcastle, Feb 13.
Am bk S C Allen, Johnson, S F.
Am i-clir 'Iintiilt, .lor.'eiison, S K,
Am bktn Irmgnrd. fcliniMt, S F.
Am bktn Ardier, Calhoun, S F.
ltr bk Northbrook, Lauilon, Hongkong.
(icr ship .iarle llackfeld, Krusc, Bremen.
(ier bk J C (Hade, I.lerpnol.
Haw n-lir Honolulu, Thoiiagel, Tocopltla.
Am ship C F Sargent, Morsc.NuwcastleFcb 1
Am ship JUy Flint. Nickels, S F Feb 13.
Am schr Aloha, Dabel, S F, Fob la.
Uk Callao, K outer, Newcastle, Feb 18.
Vessels here trom Duo
S S Chlttiigoug 1'ortland Feb 10
Mlowera Colonies " 24
Heinle Yokohama " 2ll
Bk Mi'iuluole, Nen'tcaatlo ....Feb 2s
Am bk Any Turner,.. New York Due
Nic bk Dominion, ....Newcastle Due
llktn Wrestler Newcastle Due
(ier bk 1'aul 1-inberg... .Liverpool Duo
Haw bk Andnw Weleli S F Due
Bk l"intnl Newcastle Hue
N-'lii- I.nuls New cattle
RkNewbii.. .. Newcastle
Schr Novelty .. ..Wwcastlo
Am flilpli api i ..Nuwcimile
Bk Fortuua Newcastle
belir Uolilen ihore. ..Newcastle
Schr W II 'lnlb.it,.. Ni-wciutle
Schr Wm linmlen . ..NcwcaMlc
Schr Keho Newcastle
Nicely furnished rooms at tho
Popular Houbo, 151 Fort street,
from 81.00 per week up.
King Bros, have just received a
now lot of tissuo paper, window
polos, eosh rods, urtists' materials,
picture frames, oto.
Sterling, tho painter, is pre
pared to quoto prices on roof
painting. Ho uses a composition of
coal tar and conient. Cheapest
and best roof preparation in Ho
nolulu. City Carriago Co.. J. S, And.
rado, manager. If you want n
hack with good horso and care
ful driver riug up Tolophone 113,
oorner of l'ort and Morchant
atreetB. Ilaok at all hours.
Kroogor Pianos.sweotestin tone,
Jas.W. Borgstrom, Boloagont, cash
or installments. "Warorooms at
Q. "Wost's, Masonic Templo. Of
fico at Thrum's Book Store. Tun
ing and repairing. B"" Tolo
phono 3-17.
February 0, an engineer of long
exporionco writes tho Pacific
Hardware Co,, as follows: "I
recoived your circulars concern
ing Vacuum Oil nnd as I have
used thorn since, haviucr tho nower
of solecting my ovyn oil, I can
only echo the facts wliioh thoy ex
press." Singors lead tho world. Over
13,000,000 made and sold. High
est awards at tho World's Colum
bian Exposition for excolleuco of
construction, regularity of motion,
easo of motion, great speed, ad
justability, durability, oaso of
learning and convenience of ar
rangomont. B. Borgorsem agont.
10J Bothol streots.
so-) cm. y.iM rouiuMA
Wlioro Ilonaliilii l'eoplo ?lAy Wiir
lil Tomorrow.
Central Union Church. Cor
ner Beiolania aud llichurds street,
Douglas P. Birnio, minister. Servi
ces Sunday, Fob. 21st: At 9:55,ti.
in. Sunday School and Biblo
class; 11 u. m., public wnrMiip,nd
droHs by Mr. J. R. Mott; 3:30 p.
m., Junior Endeavor; 0:30 p. in.,
Y. P. S. C. K. prayor mooting;
7:30 p. m., public uorship and
sorinon "Christianity aud Evolu
tion." Palotna Cliapol Bov. J. M.
Lewis, pistor. 9:45 a. m., Sun
day school; 7:15 p. m., Qos
pol sorvico. Sunday schools
Japanese in Lyooum at 10 a. m.,
Portugueso nu Punchbowl stroot
and Hotel stroot mission at 2:30 p.
m. Prayor meetings at tho church
"Wednesday, 7.30 p. m., at Palatini
Chapel Frid.iy, 7:15 p. m. A cor
dial welcome for all at every
First MkThodist Episcopal
Church. Corner of Berotauia and
Millor Btrools. Bov. 11. W. Pock,
pastor. Sunday, Fob. 21il:10a.
m., Sunday school and pastor's
Biblo class; 11 a. in , sermon to
childron; 11:10 a. in., aormou by
pastor; 6:30 p. m., Sonior 12 p
worlh League, 7:30 p. in., Second
Illustrated Talk on tlio Life of
Christ. Pearl City, 2-1:5 p. in.,
Sunday school; 3:30 n, m . Mi
nion by pastor. Ewn plantation,
7:30 p.m., Song service and ser
mon. "Wednesday, 2:30 p. m.,
Junior Epworth League; Wed
nesday 3 p. in., pastor's class of
probationers; "Wednesday, 7 p. in.,
class meeting, J. O. Chamborluin,
teacher; Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.,
prayer eeryico. A cordial wtlcomo
to nil sorvicos. Puatnr's rosidonce,
512 Borttania street.
Christian Church. Alnkoa
streot near King. J. M Monroe,
pastor. Services for Lord's Day,
Fob. 21st: Preaching at 11 a. m ,
and 7:30 p. m., by tho pastor.
Morning tliomc, ''A Sermon to
Y'Uing Christians." Evening sub
ject, "Faith and Obedience Es-on-tiul
in All Dispensations." Sunday
school at 9:15 n. m. ; com
munion st-ivice ut 12 m.; Smith
St. Mission at 3 p. m. Young Peo
ple's Mooting ut 0:30 p. in. ; Prayer
mooting, Wednesday evening;
Ladies prayor meeting Friday at
3 p. rii. All are cor.lially invited
to attend theso sorvices.
Roman Catholic Cathedral
Soivces will bo us follows: G and
7 n in, Lyw Mass with Hly Com
munion; 9 a in, Muss with English
instruction; 10:30 a m, High Mass
with native sorinon; 2 p in, Rosary
und native instruction; 4:00 p m,
uutivo instruction and Benedic
tion: Weekdays, Low Mass ut (i
and 7 a in.
Latter Day Saints Reorga
nized Church of Jesus Christ of
Lattor-Day Saints; Mililuni Hall,
roar of Opora House. Services
will be held on Sunday as follows;
10 a. m., Biblo class; 11:15 a. m.
and 0:30 p. m., preaching.
Y. M. O. A. Sunday, 11 a. m.,
sorvio?nt Onhu jail;3 p. m., boys'
meeting in Association Hall;
praise sorvico in Y. M.C. A. Hull
at 0:30 p. m.
A Heckle Hut Nervy Killer.
A Lyons, Franco, cyclist named
Garaud, a plumber by trade, who
had undertaken to rido round the
coping-Btone of a house in tho
courso of construction, success
fully accomplished his feat in tho
presence of a largo gathering The
coping-stono is barely two feet
wido and is aboiit fifty feet from
tho ground.
'i'lie casu of M. J. Watson, who was
charged with stealing a keg of beer
from the Seattle Ihewing nnd Malting
Company, was dismlshcd by Judge
OInsgqw yesterdny afternoon. The
judge' hold thnt If tho prisoner was
bright enough to discriminate In favor
of pure Itniiiior IJeer he deserved re
lease. On tap or In bottles nt the
Holiliionn Dloi'k, Hotel Btreul.
Look at Our Bargain List
Fine Strnw lints, 25c. up.
Crope Piijnnms, $1 a suit.
Colored Bosom Shirts, G5c.
Ladies Kimonos, $1 up.
Gents Sox, 4 pairs for 25c.
Paper Napkins, 30c. a 100.
Ladies Leather Purses, 25c.
Silk Embroidered Pillow
Covers, 75c. a piece.
Hoblnsoi) Block, Hotel Street.
Rom Sanatorium.
Situated mi llentifiil Uillsido Overlook
ing tho Ocean, aud 1.300 feet
nbevo Sen Level.
Only 24 hours' snil from Honolaln.
Clitunte uiitd, clear dry atmosuhore, free
from fogs aud malaria, csnocinf provision
for ijulet aud rpst as well as for amuse
ment nnd ontdoor life. Rates $2 per day
or S10 per week. Modioli attendance extra,
fcJT Address
DR. H. A. LINDLET, Prop.,
325lf Konn, Hawaii.
:. mi
plant for hulling, polishing and assortiug
coffeo, we are prepared to buy and clean
coffee iu the parchment.
Oofrfe 2
VST Apply to
Lawn Mowera, Garden Hcse,
Sharpens Scissors,
In fuct all kinds of Tools, and does nearly
ull kinds of work that anyone requires.
tg. Work called for nnd lettmied by
ringing up
Telephone 852.
BJB5 Remember wo do uork cheap this
your. 510-tf
David Dayton,
Real Estate Broker.
209 ilciehant Street.
IIouso on Beietanin street, near TiiUoi
street; 4 rooms, dluiutj-room, kitcVcu, bath
room and nn empty lot to keep a horse.
House on Botiool nlreelj parlor, sevorul
bedrooms, kitchen, p.iutry, outhouses and
stable formerly occupied by Hon. II.
IIouso on Robello lane, Palama, 3 bed
rooms, diniug-rooin, kitchen, bathroom,
carriaj-o house and stable, largo yard.
Lot opposite Lunuhlo Home; healthy and
tine location.
Furnished Rooms; Property in all parts
of the city.
General Business Agent
Will attend to Convoynncing in
all its Branches, Collecting
and all Business Matters
of truot.
All Business entrusted to him
will receive Prompt and Careful
Attention. Office:
Hcnokaa, Hamnkua, Hawaii.
A XTew Abstraot Office.
As a result of 15 year's experi
ence in tho Abstract Business, I
am prepared to make Abstracts of
Title in n most thorough, accurate
and complete manner, and on
short notice.
F. W. Makinney.
In W.. O. Smith's Office, 818
Fort Streot. 215-tf
Consolidated Soda Water Co., H
Corner Allen & Fort Sis., Honolulu.
Bojok and Job Printer
Merchant Street, Honolulu, H. I.
Over Hawaiian Nows Company's
Book Storo. my 18,
Hteamors of tho nbove Lino running in connection with the
Between Vancouver, 1). O., nnd Sydney, N. S. W., nnd calling nt Viotorin, B. Q .
Honolulu nnd Buva (Fiji),
On or nbout tho dates below stated, viz.:
From Hjclnejr anil But, for "Victor! and
VancoiiTsr. II. C.l
Btmr "MIOWnitA" February 24
Htmr "WAKIUMOO" March 24
Htmr "MIOWr.lt A 11 jj
Btmr "WAimiMOO" May 24
TJiroiiKli Tickets Issued from Honolulu to Canada,
United StutcH and Europe.
n. MnNTrnr.T.. Trnnfrnnl. f!nnni1i '
ItoniinT Kr.itit, WinuiieR, Canada.
M. 31. STisntjf Snu Friiucinco, Cnl.
O. Mcti. Biiown, Vnticotivnr, B. O.
Oceanic Steams! Co.
Australian Mail Service.
Par San Francisco:
The New and Fine Al Steel Steamship
" Zealandia "
Of tho Oeeanio Stcnmship Company will
be duo at Honolulu from Sydney and
Auckland ou or about
March 4, 1897. '
Atid will lenve for tho abovo port with
Mnils and Fassengors on or about that
For Sydney and Auckland:
Tho Now (uid Fine Al Steo Steamship
Of the Oecnnio Steamship Company will
bo duo at Honolulu from Ban Francisco
on or about
Marcli 11, 1897.
And will have prompt despatch with
Mails and Passengers for tho abovo ports.
Tho undersigned aro now prepared
ThroiiRli Tickets to All Points
in tlio United States.
tFor further particulars regnrding
Freight or Passage apply to
WM. G. IRWIN & CO., L'd,
Qoneral Agents.
Arrive Honolulu
from S. F.
Lenv Honolulu
for 8. F.
March 2. 1897 March 10, 1S37
Miuch .10, 1807 Aptil7, 1897
From San Frcncisco From Syduoy for
for Sydney. Son Francisco.
Arrive Honolulu. Leave llonululu.
Alameda, Mo 11, '97 I Zealandia, Mo 4, '07
Mariposa, April 8, '97 Moana, April I, '97
Tho fuslilonuble battels
Imagine that tho
label In the crown
does tho talking.
Our experience proves
thnt It talks Two Dollars.
If jou are buying Lata
and not labels, wo bavo
nil, the swell form's from
Two Dollursaud upwards
"The Eash."
9 Hotel Street : : WaYCTley BlOCt
Sprouted Cocoanuts
For Sale I
Small Bonnbe Cocoanuts ready
for transplanting. Apply to
Evening Jiull(tii '7 Be per vionth.
Steamship Line
From Victoria anil Vanenurer, It. C to
Suva anil Hjiliieyl
Btmr "WAHIMMOO" February 16
Btmr "MIOWEltA" , . "toutA 16
Stmr "WAIUHUOO".... ....... aSS 16
Stmr MIOWltA' "SES Ifl
JS2T for Freight nud Pnssngo nnd all
Ooucrnl Information, npply to
THE0. H. DAVIES & CO., L'd
Agents for the Hawaiian Inlnnds.
Miller's Stamsliip Cos
Stmr. KINAU,
CLARKE, Commander,
Will leave Honolulu at 10a. M.,Houchino at
Manama, Manlacn Hay and Mnkena the
same day; Mahukona, Kawaihaoand Lau.
rmhoehoo tho following day, arriving at
Hilo the same ovening,
Tuesday Feb. 23
'Friday Mar. 6
Tuesday... ..Mar. 2
Frirtnr. . .111. 10
Friday .Mar. 20 f Friday. .'.'. .'.April 2
xuesuay aiar. 10
Tuesday., .Mor. 23
Ketumlug, -will leave Hilo at 1 o'clock
p. m., touchlug at Lanpahoehoe, Mahu.
kona and Kawailmo samo duyj MaLena,
ilonlaea lluy and Lahain'k the following
day; arriving at Honolulu tho aftornoons
of lucsday and Fridays.
"Will call at I'ohoiki, Puna.
, W"No Freight will I received altoi
12 noon on day of sailiug.
CAMERON, Commander,
Will loave Honolulu Tueaday ot 6 p. k.i
tmmlit.ir. ni lnt...ft Tf " T 2
Kipahulu, Maul. Jteturnlng arrives at
Honolulu Sunday mornings.
Will call at Nuu, Kaupo, on second trip t'V
of each munth.
flfNo Freight will bo received after
p. h. on day of sailing.
This Company will reserves the right to
make changes in tho time of departure and
arrival of its steouieis without notice and
it will not be lespoiibiblo for any conse
quences arising therofrom.
Consignees must be at tho Landings to
rccoi e their Freight; this Company will
not hold Itself responsible for freight alter
It has beeu landed.
Live Stock only at ow uer's rUk.
This Company will not bo responsible
for Money or Valuables of pasbeugers
unless placed iu the care of Pursers.
Passengers are requested to purchase
tickets before embarking. Thoso failing to
do so will be bubject to au additioud
obargo of twenty-live er cont.
The . . .
Hawaiian Electric
Cor. Alakca & Halekauwila Sts.
Ha6 a largo assortment of
Chandeliers and Elec- x
trlcal Goods. '
Constantly on Land.
Estimates givon for house wir
ing and Electrical plants.
Marino Wiring u specialty.
32-td Manager. ''
Just Received
Gold and Silvorwure,
Crookory and Ivoryware,
Embroidored Fans,
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Shawls, croons,
White Gruss Oloth, Mattings,
"Wicker and Stoumer Ohairs,
Cigars, Etc., Etc.,
214 Nuuanu Street, Honolulu,
DtTotaxr ZFia.'bllc
Telephone 85B, : i : s No. 210 King Bt.
Subhoribe for the Evenino Box
letin 7C contB per month.
V. -:.

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