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i HigKliJW
Notice for Tenders.
Smiled Tender for ptlblltdilne; tlif
llet nf I)i'lhi((iiHiit TuxpHyiTH for ISW,
In tlio Kuyllidi mill Hawaiian Ian
gunge in weekly iiiwMipfi, will be
received at the Tux AmeM-orVi Olllue,
Hono'ulu, until t- n'olnek imiiu,
RATt'UI) W, Miiroh the L'Otli Inst.
Further liifnrni'ition can tie luid by
nppUf'Hlon In (lie ,"etnr.
The iHenr doe not bind himself
to aui'cpt tlio low st or liny bid.
5H1-HI A" nr Vr- IVvMmi.
Quarantine Notice.
OKI II K or TIIK HiM llll "K TlKAl.TII 1
Honolulu, Miiii'li 17, 1SI7 J
Ni'tlP" l hereby given Hint YOKO
HAMA, japan" i- nu infuci'ko
l'nill'; lh.it, until further notice, nil
Veim-ii mill l'nfcseiiueri from Yoko
hama, .Iiiiun, will be strictly ipuirun
tlnul for tlit full ifilo.i of Klglittcii
Days" from dale of leaving Yokohama.
By order of the Hoard of Health.
fifll ,'it Secretary.
Tenders for Beef Cattle.
Oki k I-, ov Tin: lloAitn ok II i:i.rir, i
Honolulu, March 17, lb'17. )
Tenders will be received at till"
Oiiice until 12 u'eloek imtiii, WED
N1)A Y, March 31, 1MI7, foi supply
"inijli" I,-ier si ttleineiit ut Mnlukal
with M Kiit Hi( Cattle, or fL'i CJnod
ISeef futtle, to weigh not Irs than il'iO
poiiinN net when dressed. Cattle to
lie dt-livertil at the Leper Settlement
at an average of about ninety head
per month, fortbe period of i-ix month"
eliding September ."iD, 1S')7.
The tender nuit bo for the price per
pound dreeii, unit i.ot p"r head.
Hides uud Tilinw to lie the propel ly
of the Hoard
The Hoard of Health does not bind
itself to accept the Iowet or any bid.
By order of the Hninl of Health.
oil! :it Stcreiury.
51? EuerjiQ Bulletin
THl'I.SDAY, MARCH 18, 1897.
Kuiopn is becoming nil ngojj
with anticipation of the now open
ing for trade shortly to ho provid
ed I iy the Siliciiati rtiilwuj . Vlndi
vobtuuk will on the inauguration
of that grcnt nrtery of trallic
ppring into hugo importance ns
an entrepot of the commerce; of
Europe, Ahia mid all the shores
of the Pacific. It will tin certain
.15 fate lie the terminus of
stonmer Hues from the Pacific
Coast, calling at ports of Japan
as bteainers do now running thence
to Hongkong. The distance from
Yokohama to Vladivostok is
nhotit the name as that from Yoko
hama to Hongkong, while the
distanco from Hakodate to Vladi
vostok is only about half that
from "lokohaiuuto Hongkong. As
between direct steamer routes
from Hun Francisco to Yladivo
stock and to Hongkong, there is an
ud vantage in favor of Vlitdivostock
of probably a thonximl miles in
round figures. The opening of
the Siberian i ail way, therefore,
moans that the Hawaiian Islands
-will be touched by vast now crea
tious of commerce, and have their
position as the crossroads of the
Pacific rcali.'-d in a gi eater de
gree tJiau may have linen imagin
ed only a few years ago. Kven
tlio oponiug of a canal across i
Ceuliul America, which is only J
as yet a dim and dintant ptospect, '
might not lmvo results more im-1
portant iu their bearing upon the
destinies of Hawaii than tlio
opening of tlio Siberian railwuy,
which in the nenr future is to bo a
faot accomplished. For ono thing,
the approaching evout is going to
liiukv tlioso Hawaiian Islands and
the Kmpiro of Jlusaia quite in
timate neighbors.
Au editorial in the Planters'
Monthly insists that "enne sugar
is superior to boot sugar in overy
respect." Also that the peoplo of
tlio United ytateti will not bo sat
isfied with beet sugnr alone, or
ovou in tlio chief proportion, but
must have at least half its supply
in cnuo sugar. It gives figures to
show that the consumption of
sugar is inimensoly greater, in
proportion to population, in those
countries that hnvo been using
mostly cane sugar, than in
countries whoso supplies are con
lined almost wholly to their own
productions of beet sugar. Not
only that, but tho only countries
exhibiting an inciease of sugar
consumption worth mentioning
are tlioso that have given the pre
feienco to tho cane product. It is
to bo hoped that these statements
will bo borne out by future ex
periences, as they mean a great
deal to the fortunes of Hawaii.
They boar out tho opinion given
by James Dunn, a sugar factor of
Glasgow, until lately the Hawai
ian consul at that city, iu an in
terview he gave the wiiter at Ho
nolulu some years ago. If tho
theories iu question can bo up
held by unchanging facts,
it is worth while pushing
tho discussion and making
it prominent. There is dang
er that beet sugar may,
by artificial aids of national pi
tection and municipal subsidies
bo forced down tho throats of
American consumers until through
usage their tasto may be vitiated
iu favor of tho inferior article. Lt
has become common knowledge
that the consumers of coil'ee iu
different countries have come, by
the involuntary ueo of the adulter
ated article, to ncquiie a distaste
for puro coffee. As a matter of
fact tho tootera of beet sugar in
the United States are now strenu
ously arguing that beet sugar is
superior to cano sugar in both
strength and purity. The ques
tion is of hugo importance to Ha
waii and ought to bo forced to a
universal decision if possible.
We have just received our
I897 Tribune Wheels and
invite inspection. We have
them both for Ladies and
Gents and we have plenty of
them on hand and more on the
The '97 Tribune is an im
provement over its predecessors
and is second to none. Among
the changes made we might
mention the increase of the
upper frame tube to 1 1-8 in.,
and the adoption of one inch
tubular seat post, secured by
clamp, retaining otherwise the
same foim of forging into
which the rear tubes are brazed.
The crank fastening is also im
proved, and secured more posi-
tively by the use of a small
key instead ol clamp screw:
the matched corrugations of
the shaft and crank are retained.
We are selling '97 Tribunes
at $110.
For a good, strong, durable
wheel for every day use we
have the "Stokmek." It is a
cheap wheel for the money
and will be found quite as ser
viceable as some ol the higher
priced ones. It is the '97 pat
tern and has all the late im
provements. We also have a few "Zimmy"
wheels on hand, which we are
closing out at $4". They are
cheap at double the money.
We carry a full line of bicy
cle sundries of all kinds, such
as wooden handle bars, shoes,
pumps, etc., at reduced prices.
Bicycle development has been
about as rapid apiocess as any
thing in the nineteenth century.
One of tho greatest improvements
was the pneumatic tire, and now a
remarkable) iuiptovemeut in mak
ing tires is announced. A ma
chino has been invented iu Eng
land for that purpose, which turns
out JiOOL) tires a day, doing tho
work of 130 men. Its product is
a single tube tiro better iu every
way than any kind hoietoforo pio
duced. This invention ought to
mako bicycles cheaper.
A Newcastle, England, firm has
obtained an order from the Spa
nish Government for a pontoon
capable of lifting a vessel of 1-1,-000
tons, to bo placed in the Phi
lippine Islands. This looks like
Spain's succumbing to her sea of
troubles in that distant quarter
not a littlo bit.
Purely for its curious interest,
and not to put mischief into tho
niiuds of local importer, is the
story of a Belgian's '"doing the
customs" repiinted elsewhere.
I.oeal 'miriest ill I he ei h-ket guim-M
as u-Heeled fioni the "hleaelieis" is in
eiiMxIiig. Dining Sal ill (lay 'h gmiiu
the "ble.icliein" weie p.irticulai 'y o
clfi'ious and l.ept the playeri under .1
running lire of jood nutiiied banter.
One siinill bo liimight down the
crowd by udiing the ImtMii.in to "go
buy a ease of Itnuiler lirer and gut
some life in yon." The crowd applaud
ed the retnnik, knowing that liaiuicr
I leer is celebrated for Hi ini i)'i'atlnp
and strcugUi-giwng piopensitles.
On tii)) or in bottler at the Criterion.
Mechanics' Homo, cornet Hotel
and Ntiu.inu streets, lodging by
day, week or month. Tonus: 26
ami GO cents per night, if 1, and
$1.25 per week.
Hawaiian Hardware Co.
Opposite Spreckels' Bank
To My Patrons:
It gives me much pleasure
to announce that iM M. R
COUNTF.lt, one of the most
skilled watchmakers ever in
these Islands, is now managing
my repairing department. Nn
watch is .so coiuj.kx in its
mechanism but we can givo per
fect satisfaction in correcting
tho evils to which watches are
heir. Watchos aio delicate
thiugs to handle. Wo guarantee
that they will rocoivo no injury
ut our hands and will leave
our store iu norfoct ropair.
1507 Fort Street.
404J Fort Htreot.
Jeweler aid Watcrimaer.
jP" Having bought nut the ontlro
ntook of .1 K. OotneH I urn prepared
10 furiiiidi First cIiihs Jewelry ut ro'i
lonatilo prlcfH. , .i
WatrtmallMltol Rtpiiriiu a Specialty.
HfiT Native Work of all ItiniiH.Alxn
Wire Ornaments.
From and after thli date A V Clear
ban full powur to collect all iiceountH
due me.
N. lirSSKL, M. D.
Honolulu, Mareu IB, 1SD7. 559 31
No Cause
for Alarm!!!
Now thnt wo hnvo found n
prepnrntion that is u powerful
disinfectant, perfectly hnnn
I08S, free from odor, con
venient to use and at the re
markable low figure of
5 Gents a GaI!oo.
No prudi-i.t hoiihclucjH'r fin
nfi'ord to run the risk of con
tracting sickness, which is sure
to occur, phou'd you ncjkct
to keep the sewers, cess-pools
and outhousis in a pcifectly
dcodoi ized condition.
Pyrifine 25c.
Any Physician will endorse
what we claim when we tell
you that nine tenths of all
fevers and alike illness is tho
result of carelessness ahout ,
tho sanitary conditions of tho '
premises. i
Purifine 50c. i
One great objection to most !
disiiiftcLnt'U is that they have
such a disagreeable odor. Puri-
line is odcrless.
Purifine $! 00.
Don't delay in purifying tho j
air you dairy breathe and j
trust to kind providence tint j
you in.iy escape illness. Now
is the time to commence the
good work, don't wait until
the dead heat of summer has
arrived; it may bo too late.
Take time by tho forelock.
To be forewarned is to be fore
armed. Purifine in quantities to suit.
We are the Sole Agents.
wise will not be persuaded
into purchasing the unreliable
baking powders which some
dealers wish to sell for the sake of
jgj the additional profit derived therefrom.
p Crudely mixed from low-grade, impure
$ ingredients, such powders cost but half
yPt as much to make as the highly refined,
S absolutely pure Royal Baking Powder,
although retailed at the same price.
$j They are unwholesome and lacking in
leavening strength.
gjg Royal Baking Powder gives the
&j greatest value for its cost, and there is
10 no other baking powder or preparation
y that will give such satisfaction, or make
p such pure, wholesome and delicious
l4 food, or which in practical use will be
vh found so economical.
.CWirWV mwimi. unnu runiLU j,t iuo WALL ST., NEW-YORK. r3Sjt.
Hollister Drug Go
& Yielding to a uuivernul do
! maud, I have again inaugurated
a bii ien of my
I Popular
1 Watch Clubs.
Most of you are acquainted
with tlio mode of proceduro, but
to tlioso who aro not, wo would
explaiu, that it is a plan dovised,
whereby you got a Fine Solid
Gold Watch,of recognized value,
by paying a weokly sum of
Invented ami 1'ateuted by W. W. WttlOIU'.
It Obliterates All Horse Motion.
This device can bo attached to Any Brake
with Straight Shafts
1 1. For full particulars, call on or address
.ViO-tf Proprietor Honolulu Cnriinga Mutiufaitoiy, Port street, abovo Hotel.
All ucceiiiitH otTHHBH months or
longer Htuuiling, will he placed In the
in mli of our MtoMit.v lor colli ction
iiiiIhh-i Immediate settlement Ih iiiude.
552 15t J. J. JCQAN.
lilock rear
isox :i;iu
i 20S llorehuut street, Oauipbell
nr of J. O. Carter' offlcel. V. O
It in of especial voluo to tlioso
who could not afford tho outiro
amount in otio paymoiit, and
appeals to tlioso who do not
caio for the Dollar it costs thoin
oery week.
lt tool: less than ono week to
fill one club complote, and one
halt of a second elub. This alouo
is Hiiuiciout guarantee of its
popularity, and of tho confidence
placed upon tho reliability of
tlioso in charge. Club uuinbor
ono draws today.
Club number two will bo full
before tho next wool; is out.
Each day adds from one to two
dozen names to tho list.
Will you bo ono to join this
coming wook.
gaiaajais.'siBiaia'sisjajsrti'sisia sjbiseseeibi
Rattlesnakes, Butterflies,
and ... ?
Washington Irving said, he supposed a certain hill was called
" Rattlesnake Hill" because it abounded hi butterflies. The
" rule of contrary " governs other names. Some bottles are, sup
posedly, labeled " Sarsaparllla " because thev arc full of . . . well,
we don't know what they are full of, but uc know it'll not sarsapa
rillaj except, perhaps, enough for a flavor. Theic's only one
make of sarsaparilla that can be relied on to be all it claims. It's
Ayer's. It has no secret to keep. Its formula is open to all
physicians. This formula was examined by the Medical Com
mittee at the World's Fair with the result that while every other
make of sarsaparilla was excluded from tho Fair, Ayer's. Sarsapa
rilla was admitted and honored by awards. It was admitted be
cause it was the best sarsaparilla. It received the medal as the
best. No other sarsaparilla has been so tested or so honored.
Good motto for the f.i.uily as well as the Fair: Admit uie best,
exclude the rest.
Any doubt bout it? Scud for tl "Curebook."
It kill iloubu aud cures diiuburt.
AddreMi J.C AjirCo., Luwell, Miu.
Hollister Drug Co., Agents.
.BfT-V i
.i - Mi "r
rvrv tN
&&MiBrMMm H
JSSMlsTMfi'A.J't 3-!Ulf
MJ -
Bulletin, 75c, der Month
Patent - Shaft - Springs
UnhM-fi 'iftJihi k ivy
i i t nii itiar t'uni1 1MB mmmm jU '

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