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Dl iiU 1 QUIllIi
Notice for Tenders.
Sealed Tenders for publishing the
lint of Delinquent Taxpayers for 1850,
In the KimlMi iiiul Hawaiian Inn
ru tges In weekly newnptipeiM, will lie
recelvul ul the Tax Anwor'8 Ofllce,
Honolulu, until 12 n'elix 1; noon,
SATl'ltD Y, Match the Udtli lllt.
Further Information on be had by
application to the Ai'cwor.
The AM'fnr doc not bind hlimelf
to hci'i p. Hie lowest ur any bill.
VII .It Ao-e-oior First D'Nlmi.
Quarantine Notice.
Ofkii i: or tiik Koakd of Hkai.i ii, 1
Hoi (Xiiln, March IT, 1VI7. j
Notice hereby given that YOKO
1'ORI'; that, until further notice, all
'Reln and Puocengeri" from Yoko
Imtmi, .luptn, will hpMrictly iumui
tlnxl for the full perloi! of Kighteen
!). fioiu ibile of leavliig Yokohama.
Hy order of the Hoard of Health.
of) I lit Secretary.
Tenders for Beef Cattle.
OKI !( i: OI- TIIK HllAIII) OF Hkai.tii, I
Ilutiolulu, March 17, lb!)7. )
TendoiM will be rtcelved at thin
Oltlce iinlll V o'clock noon, WKD
NID. Y, Mutch III, 1S!)7, fur eilpply.
Ihk the I,e per Hettlenient in Molnkal
with I Kut Reef Cattle, or ('- Unod
llet-f Cattle, to wei'll not Us thau iloll
pound net when dressed. Cattle to
be delivered at the l.tper Settlement
:it uu average of about nlrelv head
)ier mouth, (orthe jierloil of fix mouths
ending September 30, ISitT.
The tender mut he for the price per
)iound dre-eo, anil not p:r head.
Hide" and Tilluw to be the property
of the Hand.
The Hoard of Health does not hind
Itself to accept the love-t or u'iy bid.
By order of the Hoard of Health.
5l-3t Secretary.
!?( Euerir? BuMetii),
Fill DAY, MARCH 19, 1897.
Mow often luiB it to be repeated
that the Snpu'inu Court did not
decide anything agaitifet Japanese
immigiatioii, tlie Japanese treaty
or the rights of Japanese to the
protection of the laws of this
cniuitry y It dimply decided that
Japanese or au other aliens huve
no stauding in the courts of this
country until they have entoted
this country according to tlie laws
of this country. Theio is nothing
in the decision to absolve the ofli
ciuls who have to decide upon the
qualifications of aliens to enter the
country from responsibility to
their suporiors, nor toplaco eithor
them or thoir superiors above tho
treaties and the laws of tho coun
try. The decision does not put
tho aggrieved parties, cither im
migrants or thoso interested in
thoir entry, out of an
appeal from tlie judgment of tho
Collector General of Customs.
The Government is responsible to
tho friendly nation from which
tlie emigrants came for its subor
dinates' actiou in accopting or re
jecting them, but that nation can
have no just complaint against tho
Government on account of its
huhjoets refused admission, if tho
refusal is made in confotmity with
the laws of this country which aio
not contrary to tho treaty. In tho
case of rooideiits of this
oouutrY who may buffer iujuiy,
loss or dauingo from the rejection
of intending immigrants, they
have thu courts of Hawaii opou
to them for procuring redress and
compensation. The Supremo Court
has pimply thrown tho responsibi
lity of passing upou the qualifica
tions of alioiis to enter the couu
try upon tho Executive. This is
strictly in obsorvunco of tho con
btitution. Jf the courts weio to
decide tho merits of every act of
executive discretion which might
I1"3 ('rneep(l "ofo them, our
:ml 0S 1Hi lt UH Wfl bP
made our governors also, like it
was iu primitive times. Had the
principle now decided bcou iu a
caso whero only one, or pay two
or threo aliens American, Eng
lish or French just tho same as
Japanese-were coucornedtho deci
sion would hardly have inndeinoro
i of a ripplo in the community than
would tho deportation of a habit
ual misdomeauunt or vagrant by
the police authorities. It is bo
cause thero are two or three hun
dred aliens rejected in a batch,
because they aro all of ono na
tionality, beeuuso immigration
biokers havo n pecuniary
interest in them, because some
people interested in sugar think
it a shamo to be kept out of such
a wad of cheap labor these are
tho principal reasons that hove
given thu recent judicial decision
such preponderating importance
iu the public eye. It is of ory groat
importance for anothor reason,
though, which is that it maintains
tho constitutional distinction be
tween the Executive aud tho Judi
cial in our system of
government. Tho Bi'bbi'.TiN has
no call to say that the
customs inspection of those reject
ed Japanese was properly done
and just and right. Jinny or all
of them may have been unright
eously dealt with, but this would
not inlerfeie with the principle at
issue. If the Government uphold
wrong of that kind, it will be res
pouuiblo iu damages to the nation
whoso subjects are wronged. And
if the taxpayers have to put up
for bitch damages, they will know
whom to blame and how to act in
tho premises. Tho Government ib
responsible, and thut is all thero
is about it excepting this pleas
ing consideration, namely: Aliens
who want to enter this country
must do so according to our laws,
and tho courts will not pull them
ashore, overriding the intent of
such laws, upon a raft of technica
lities. Greoco seems likely to gain her
ends iu Creto through sheer pluck.
If she is not ready for a tussle
with the Turk, as wiib lately re
ported, she is awfully willing.
Public opinion iu Great Britain
and Germany appears to bo shap
ing so as to break the coercion
combination, and. if that iiuppou,
it is extremely doubtful if the
othor Powers will take tho respon
sibility of refuting to accept the
compromiso proposed by Greece,
If Japan goes for Spaiu iu the
Carolines, the fur will lly in that
group more lively, even, than in
the Philippines. Should Japan
seize the islands with a rush, how
ovor, mauy great nations would
begin to consider how far it was
safe to let Japan go without inter
posing hindrances to her ambi
tion. Judging by tho entire absence
of lighting uows from Cuba - ex
cepting of what Woylor is doing
with his mouth the wires in that
direction must bo down. Tho war
correspondents will soon bo starv
ed out of Cuba at tliis rate, and
then tho opposiug armies may
slaughter each other in peace.
When the Legislature conies to
voto Mr. Deputy Inspector Gen
oral of Schools' salary, it may bo
expected that a petition will be
preseuted from that functionary
to "keep it out of tho papers."
SFHllle lliick.
iy tho btoumor Mioworo, tho
Critorion Saloon rccoived a largo
consignment of tho celebrated bock
beer, brewed by tho Seattle Brow
ing and Mailing Co. This is tho
first bock to mako its appearnuce,
and is a sure indication of better
Superior breakfast sausago is u
specialty at tho Central Market.
Itiue up 101.
CTinK'MywKAtvi'nir. Muvmiutw
A lomo. m'ahi'iion.
Vihiiii: mill l'oiuliir Aelrii Join tlie
.Nnl ration Army.
London, March (i. Miss Ada
Ward, a young actress of brilliant
promise, has created a sensation
by joining tho Salvation Army.
She began her new career in the
slums of London a fow days ago.
After concluding a fortnight's
otigagotnout at tho Princess
theatre, Portsmouth, in which sho
took leading roles iu "East
Lynuo" and "Tho Forger's "Wife,"
the actress called her compauy
together and announced her in
tention of quitting the stage for
ever. She parceled out her jewels
and stago wardrobe among (ho
players and surrendered her
rights in the piny by Mr. Heiinann
to tho acting malinger of the
Miss Ward was converted iu
January. Her conveisiou is con
sidered ii great triumph for the
lollowers of (.iiiiicrnl IJootli,
though Miss Ward decided not to
enlist in active forvico until after
the fulfillment of her theatrical
Miss Ward's conversion is the
sensation of tho hour. It is
whispered iu the wings and talked
about iu tho swell clubs of Lon
don. She is n remnrkable pretty
woman, and groat things were ex
pectcd of her on tho stage. As
leader of the Salvation Army
meetings she holds her audiences
spellbound, not alone by her pret
ty face uud attractive manner, but
by her intense eniijPHtuobs.
M.NAIOU "Mel MlM-s
Annex i lit, i. M- nt I in. nt Is 4. ntti Sun
In I lie I ulieil Mtc..
Senator John A. McCaudless
was seen by a reporter this morn
ing, after a two months trip to the
United States. He spent most of
his time along the Ohio river
iu tho stales of West Virginia
and Ohio, returning by way of
Vancouver. While his trip was
mostly on business the Senator
found time to do a little talking
for the cause of annexation. Ho
says that almost without exception
people whom he met were in
favor of it, and among many of
his own acquaintances who wore
opposed to it when ho last visited
the States ho found uono who had
not siuco been converted.
Mr. McCandloss says that busi
ness generally was dull till over
the States, but that bettor times
were looked lor with tho opouing
of tho spring trade.
i:lieeleil to lii I'l'.il on .licit lull' '
Treating of tho foreign rclutious
falling to the new administration,
a Washington coriespoinlent says:
Uuo ot tno issues carried over
from tho Harrison administration,
but which now stands in very dif
ferent shape to what it hold thou,
in the subject of Hawaiian annex
ation. Thu citizens of tho littlo
island republic will seek with the
aid of powerful friends in and out
of Congress to induco tho Presi
dont to negotiate a now annexa
tion treaty at tho earliest possible
(real 'IrHde 1'rniuUrrf.
San Francisco, March G. A
shipload of Hour, potatoes and
other provisions for Vladivostock,
the to nil in lib of the great Traus
Siboriau railway, will soon be
under way from this port. Tho
shipment will be mado by the
ship Snow and Burgess, which is
at tho Ureon street wharf. A part
of tho cargo contiists ot !l(i,0t)() 30
pound sacks of Oregon Hour fioin
Portland. It in said that thin is
tho beginning of a trado that will I
bo gruutly increabcd with tho com
pletion of the great railroad. j
KCltHtlllW t ll) ,
Thmo nrc two rertbouH
people aro now puying
car faro
all the way from Waikiki to tho
Palama Urocery and back. Itoason
1. It is the only placo on tho
Islands whore tho celebrated Sal- j
vation Army tea is sold. Reason
2. After paying car fare both
ways patrons tind they aro money j
in oouket by dealing at this "live
and let livo" establishment. Wo i j
hIho deliver noods between Uia- ! ra
mond Head and Moanahm free.
Palatini Uroceiy. I
Oooosito Ilailwav donnt. Kim 1
street. Tel. 7fifi.
Jlmeiy Jopisj
We have iust received our
I897 Tribune Wheels and
invite inspection. We have
them both for Ladies and
Gents and we have plenty of
them on hand and more on the
The '97 Tribune is an im
provement over its predecessors
and is second to none. Anion";
the changes made we might
mention the increase of the
upper frame tube to 1 1-8 in.,
and the adoption of one inch
tubular seat post, secured by
clamp, retaining otherwise the
same foim of forging into
which the rear tubes are brazed.
Tlie crank fastening is also im
proved, and secured more posi
tively by the use of a small
key instead of clamp screw: !
the matched corrugations or
the shaft and crank are retained.
We are selling '97 Tribunes
at $110.
For a good, strong, durable
wheel for every day use we
have the "Stormek." It is a
cheap wheel for the money
and will be found quite as ser
viceable as some ot the higher
priced ones. It is the '97 pat
tern and has all the late im
provements. We also have a few "Zimmy"
wheels on hand, which we are
closing out at $45. They are
cheap at double the money.
We carry a full line of bicy
cle sundries of all kinds, such
as wooden handle bars, shoes,
pumps, etc., at reduced prices.
Hawaiian Hardware Co.
Opposite Spreckels' Bank
Yielding to a universal de
mand, I havo again inaugurated
a series of my
I Popular
I Watch Clubs.
Most of you aro acouainted
a with tho modo of procedure, but
j to those who are not, wo would
a explain, that it is a plan devised,
a whereby you get a Fine Solid
Gold utch,of recognized valuo,
by payiug a weekly sum of
It is of especial value to those
who could not utTord tho ontiro
amount iu one payment, and
appeals to those who do not
caro for the Dollar it costs thoin
every week.
It took less than ono week to
till one club eomploto, undone
halt of u second club. Thisalono
is sullicient guarantee ot its i
...... m . I
1 , i ,. ,, ,. i
popularity, and ot the confidence
piaceu upou mo reiiaoiuiy oi
thoso in charge. Club number
one draws today.
Club number two will bo full
before tho noxt week is out.
Each day adds from ono to two
dozen names to the list.
Will you be ouo to join this
coming week.
H. F.Wichmail
; Patent - Shaft- Springs
mm wSSm
Invented mill Patented by W. W. WRIGHT.
Obliterates All Horse Motion.
This dovice can bo nttachod to Any Brako
with Straight Shafts
l ty, .For full particular, cull
n.'O.tf Proprietor Honolulu CiiirinKii Manufactory, Forfstreet, nbovo Hotul.
A rare good bnrgain was the
buying of a hundred dozen
shirt waists. And you sharo
tho benefits. Shirt waists of
newest patterns in colorings
and 'cut 'o to vu at a dollar.
The lot is almost gone, some of
the prettiest will not Inst the
week out.
A new stock of ladies and
mens hose and half hose at
half price. Cricketers llannel,
just what is wanted by men
who try with tho wickets, at
low prices. Outing llannels for
ladies, in beautiful shades.
Such linen duck bargains
were never heard of in Hono
lulu. It's the restdt of stock
taking maybe over-buying
has something to do with it
whichever it is you aro tho
winner. Summer dress goods,
new importations, were never
prettier than now. Tho weaver
seems to know as much as tho
designer these days, and ho
puts them together so they
wear. This applies to Dimities,
Organdies and Muslins. These
aro in fancies; the plains are as
A whole department of Cor
sets gives you tlie chance
you've waited for. Prima
Donna, P. D., R. & G. and
ventilated. Tho price is right.
Navy Blue aud Black rain
proof cloth is serviceable for
wraps at this season.
Stock taking atl'ects Turkish
Towel prices tho same as every
thing else, ihis is customers
week in profit sharing.
Queen Street.
Poundmaster'a Notice.
Notice lu hereby given that the fol
lowing entrayH have been Impouniled
lu the Government Pound at Muklkl,
Honolulu, viz. :
1 Uloclc Mare, brand "JIM" on the
right liltiil hip, white "pot on the fore
heml, ami the two hlml feet white.
1 liluck Mare, bruuil not clear ou
left lile, white i-pnt on the foretieiul,
1 Huy Horee, brand "K" " the left
fnrplpfr iliiiI wliltciMnnt fin thu fnt-olipiwl
1 Cream-colored Homo, brand "JK"
on the riKht hind hip. and uUo "HI,"
mi II... li, i. .If I 'ill, lllltU,. i. ! ! t.l ......
V" ;"T . ' . K.7". 'l '"""f
liuill luit'll il'l hi tlir iiii-r, tviilll lldll
, llllJor Ulu clllll( wM. h'mts oll hu
fiui'ii fureh ad to the iioie, white spot
Imcl;, white "trlin under the btonmuh.
all lour leet while and u fault buck.
And If such e'trays are not clnlmed
uud all pound churta mtthtled im or
before SATURDAY, March 27, 16i)7,
ut 12 o'clock neon, they will ho Hold
on thut date and hour to the hluliest
bidder. K. KKKUKNE,
Honolulu, H. I., Murch 17, 1807.
601 at
$25 Reward.
The underaigued will pay a reward
of .r2r tor the detection of the person
who Hhnt and killed three funny Btoek
l'lgt'ous licloiiglnn; to my turn Carl.
Hnuolulu, Murob 17, 1SHT, fitiO-lt
on or nddrex!)
(4 AND-4)
Mixed with the f.uuoti
,l0KRP"Rls;ii! BEER
Will mnko n
Kor tho wonry and tldisty thnt will bring
Joy to their Soult.
Merchants' Exchange
Nuuanu and King Streots.
These opening buds
of spring scarSngs
havo been gathered
from a voritablo
Eden of color oulture.
Exolunivp formi
designed to. fill tho
dictates of swell dress
notions ordinary
scarfs cost as much.
FOR C0o.
9 Hotel Street, : : WaTCrlBy BlOCfc
We Make Shirts to Order.
EL". Q. iBlAJRT,
101 Fort Street.
Jeweler and "VVatdimaei?.
f Having bought out tho entire
Block of J. K. OnnieH 1 am preiured
to furnish Kirstclusa Juwelry at rca
Hquahlo prices.
Watchmaking and Repairiag a SpecJilty.
taT Native Work of all kliuU Also
Wire Ornament".
1 '
BwlMHlBrlii ifclto in i
. )

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