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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, April 20, 1897, Image 8

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r -
Temple of Fashion
Biggest Bargain
25 Percent Discount
On the Actual Cost!
This Means 50 Percent Less Than You Pay Elsewhere-!
1WHY ?
The Stock Must Be Closed Out Regard
less of Our Loss !
25 rerceiii Discount on the
E3?" You can yet any piece of goods in the store at this discount.
52?" This discount don't apply only to any certain line.
s3?" Advertising a singlo leador in order to draw a crowd and then sell other
cheap goods at a big profit don't go m this store.
g3T Every aiticlo in my stock is a loader and you are allowed a reduction of 25
per cent, on actual cost.
jssy Everything marked in plain figures.
tfp- Don't get mixed. The Teniiole Of Fashion is the only
place m Honolulu where you can got good quality for a little monoy. Yours for
business, only. "
People Know a
"When Thev See
Sab Ever Offered in Honolulu !
Good Thine:
Actual Cost.
run sam i'it ixris rAiut:r
A l'rttnler Vlll tlu Win. ltondcu
.Tlanjr lulerestlnir llcnia ilnihcreil
ii Mil aud Whitrtea.
Tomorrow, hiyh tide lnrgo 7 :50
p m; high tide small 7:25 am; low
tido large 11:55 a m; low tida small
2:30 p in.
Tho Jnmos Makoo is on tho
Marine Railway for slight ropnirs.
This is tho first vessel on tho ways
for quito a whilo.
Tho stoamor Mikahala brought
in n big load of sugiir from Laua
inn this moruiug. Pursor Grubo
says thoro wan a glorious time at
tho big picnic at Lahaina.
Tho old bark Rosalie has gouo
to tho houo yard at last. Sho is
now lyiug on tho mud Hat near
the cuttlo pou, and tho Jnpaueso
havo begun to break up her hull.
Portuguese Charge d'Affairos
Canavnrro and British Commis
sioner Hawes visited tho U S flag
ship Philadelphia this morning,
each receiving a saluto on return
ing ashore.
Two dosorters aro reported from
tho ship Iroquois today. Oaptain
Harry Evans captured the follow
belonging to tho Iroquois who
visited tho steamer Kauai lato Sat
urday night. Nothing was dono
with tho rascal, however.
Tho customs inspector and tho
agents' freight clerk who aro dis
charging tho bark Albert at
Brewer's wharf appreciato tho
kindness of Minister Kiuu, who
hud a water cart sprinklo tho
wiim I yobieruay to lay tuo dual.
Tho big ship Iroquois begnn to
haul nut in tho stream to complete
hor sugar enrgo, but being id ready
deeply Inden, sho grounded oppo-
Mio ueoHiuo wuart in tuo nuuuio
of tho haibor. "With the noxt
high tido sho is oxpectcd to iloat
clear without trouble.
The big ship Kenilworth, which
arrived yesterday, is tied at tho
Oceanic wharf whero thousands
of bags of sugar await her. Sho
1ms a fow hundred tons of ballast
to discharge. About 7G,000 bags
is tho amount of sugar Bbe is ex
pected to tako away.
The American barkontino Ar
cher, Goo Calhoun master, arrived
this morning. Fine woather wns
had throughout tho passage of 18
days. Tho skipper says the
weather was too fine, a succession
of light windR and calms boing had
most of tho trip. Tho Archor tied
up at Brower's wharf. Sho
brought fivo pa9sengors. The
cargo was made up of 845 tons
gonoral merchandise, 10 mules, 4
horses, .'I dogs and (J chickens.
After a run of 17 J days from
Sun Francisco, tho American bark
C D Biyiiut, Captain Colly,arrived
this morning. The bark sighted
tho Aiohor two or throo times
during tho passage. Tho Bryant's
cargo consists of 1300 tons general
merchandise. Thoro aro two cubin
passengers and ono stowaway.
Tub bcforo tho vpsh"1 nailed from
'Frisco, Capt Jack Lee was reliov
ed of his command, ami was suc
ceeded by first male Colly.
Judgo Hauford at Seattle has
filed a decision in tho salvage
suit of tho Puget Sound Tugboat
Co nguiubt tho Pacific Coast
Steamship Co's stoamor City of
Puobla. Tho plaiutiil's' tug Wan
derer, under gioal danger, pulled
tho steamer away from rocks to
which sho was boing driven, and
towed hor into tho Straits of Juan
deFuca. Judgo llanford awards
$13,500 to tho tugboat company,
S1000 to the master of tho Wand
oror, S000 each to mato and chief
ougincor, 8100 to assistant eu
ginoor, cubin boy $50 and to each
of tho other oight men of tho crow
$100. Tho City of Puobla was
heavily loaded with a valuable
cargo when roscuod.
Another 1'rowlrr.
Tho sohoonor "Wm Bowdon is at
Pacific Mail wharf, whore she will
dischargo coal. About two o'clock
last night, whilo Captain Fierom
was lying in his bunk, ho hoard
someone walking lightly on dock.
First ho supposed it was tho mate,
but knowing that tho mato did not
steal about the dock as if foariug
to tread on eggs, ho know it was
ebmoono up to mischief. Moan
whilo tho skipper kopt still. In
another minute a man stole quiet
ly into tho cabin. Thoro was a
light in the cabin. Tho stronger
I wont straight,, to the captain's
clollipn, which woro hanging near
tuo uuuk, and started to appropri
ate a uold wnteh nnil nlinm. Thn
captain thon shouted, "Drop
man xou'ii step on rotten eggs I"
Thoro was immediately a stroak
in tho air. "Whon tho muoh awake
marinor reached the dock, his
nocturnal visitor was out of sight,
having mado a break for uptown
as fast as his logs would carry
him. If tho "old do'il" himself
wbb aftor tho fellow, ha could not
have left tho ship in greater hur
ry. Captain Fjorom says nothing
is missing from tho cabin.
I'lnria 1'ntrlck.
Patrick wbb tho captain of a
schoonor that plied botwoen New
York and Ilavcrstraw on tho
Hudson. One day his schooner
was loaded with bricks, ready to
start for Now York, but Patrick
gavo no sign of any inteutiou to
got under way. Instead of that,
ho sat on deck smoking a pipe.
Tho owner of tho biiel.yard,
who was also tho owner of tho
schooner, and who had roasonB
for wishing tho bricks landed in
New York at the oarliest possible
moment, came hurrying on board
and demanded of the captain why
ho did not set sail.
'Shuro, your honor,' said Pat
rick, 'there's no wind.'
'No wind! Why, shut's tho
matter with you? Thoro'a Law
son's schoonor under sail, going
down tho rivor now.'
Tos, I'vo been watching hor,
but it's no uso my gottiu' under
way. She's got tho wind now,
and, faith, thero isn't onough of it
for two.' Harper's Round Table.
From San Francisco, por bktn
Archer, April 20 Wm Higby,
wifo and child, E M Boiouda,
Vm Muitou.
From San Francisco, per bk C
D Bryant, April 20 Mr Galla
gher, Koto Gallagher.
From Maui and Hawaii, por
sltur Mauua Loa, April 20 Queen
Dowagor Kapiolaui, D Kawauana
kon, G II Robortsou, Dr H A
Lindley, AV J Gallagher, E P
Dole, J Mousarrat, II S Town
soud, Prof W D Alexander, Rov
O H Gulick, Paul Noumann and
servant, Kiuau, Rov Waiamau and
if,2, Rov S L Desha, John Sher
man, D T Bailey, AS Humphries,
Col G F Little, J H'Boyd, I H
Sherwood, L Chong, Dr S E Bis
hop.J KKaulia,S M kanakanui,A
Kaleikau and wifo, J M Uluna
hole, O Aonn ond wifo, J K
JoFoph and wifo, Wm Manu and
wifo Mrs R P Lowis, Mrs Clark,
Mrs Sam Amain, Naukana, D L
Akui, Li Oheong, Tan Shu, J S
Trogloan, J F Morgan, and G7
Ai llr Sees llcr.
She's a pretty puss in boots,
With n saucy name that suits
Every glunco.
j It is whispered, it is sung
oun ii ruiues ou inu louguo
In tho dance.
Oh, sho walks so pit-a-pat,
And sho t.tlks of this aud that
Such a way.
Just to watch hor witching blush
Evon KM0i'iti.B voalvi Liali
Half a dny.
She is not an uugol, no!
They are out of pluco below;
Lot us griovo.
Yet porchanco thoio i3 a wing
Hid beneath that puffy thing
Styled a Bleevo.
Samuel Miuturn Pock.
Still IllHlllL-.
"Upward" wns the subject
Of his noblo chiBs oration,
Spoken in n muuuer
That did win him au ovation.
Ah, how ho did love her,
His dear old alma mator;
"Upward" was hiB subjeot
And ho runs an olevator!
"Hnlo, Central." "Well?" "Let
mo havo Havana. I wish to speak
to Captain - General Woylor."
"There you are." "Is that Geuoi
nl Weyler ? " "Yes." "How aro
you gottiug along with tho puuifi
catiou of Cuba, Gonoral ? " "I am
progressing by slow dogroos."
"Thank you, Qoneral. Good-by."
"Good -by."
A Gentle Hint "Nioo dog !
Havo you taught him any tricks
siuco 1 was here last?" "Oh, yos;
ho will fetch yonr hat if you
whistle," Baid sho sweetly.
Publisher I wi&h you would
writo us a good sea story. Groat
Author But I havo uover been
to soa. I know-it. 1 want a
sea story that people can understand.
Tuesday, April 20.
Am bk C D Bryant, Colly, from 8n Fran
cisco. Am bktn Archer, Calhoun, from San Fran
cltco. atmr Mlkaha'a, Thompson, from Lahaian,
Stmr Manna Loa, Blmerson, from lUwall
and Maul.
MONIUT, April 19.
Am bktne Mary Wlnkdman, Ucnelkc, for
Stmr J A Cummins, Static, for Oabu
Stmr Kllauca Hou, Wclr, for Maul.
Toesdat, April 0.
Btmr Clsuidlne, Cameron, for Muul.
Stmr Iwntanl, Oreory, for Lahnlna, Ho
nokaa and Kukulhaclu.
Stmr Knaln, Muiher, for Kabuku and
Stmr W O Hall, HaKlnnd, for Nawlllwlll.
Ilaunmaulu, Kolon and Klcclo.
Stmr llclcne, Flt7);crald, for Mahukona,
1'aauti.iu mul Ookala.
Stun Janus Mnkvc, Tullctt, for Knpaa.a
8tmr! i Kauai, Bruhu, for Makancll, Wulmo
and Ki'kiiba,
oargou" rnoii isr.A:;r raurs.
F.x stmr Mnuua Loa CjJ bags sugar, IIS
bags ciifTco, 74 baps awa, 193 bdls hides, SO
head rattle, 1 horse.
HUMS Wlldsnan, Napier, Kniial, April 1C.
U8H Philadelphia, Cotton, San DIcro, April
U 8 S Petrel. Wood, S F, April IS.
U 8 S Marlou, Greene, Han Dlcgo, March II.
(Coasters not Included In this list.)
Am shin Iroiuiola, Taylor, San FranrUco,
April 7.
Am sclir Allee Cooko, Venhallow, Port (Jam
bio Aprils.
Am bktn Mury Wlnkelman, Benncchc. New
catlc, April 12.
Am bk 'emliiolo, Wecdon, Nowcastlc, Aprfl.
Am bktn Nrwjloy MollMt'd Nbm patle,
Aiil Iu.
Am chr Wm Uowdcn. FJercm, Newcastle,
April lfi
Nor bk Kortuni, Miklx Non, Nt-wcastle,
April 10.
Am bhlp Kenllnorth, Raker. SP, April l'J.
Am bktn Archer, Calhouu, a l", Apili 'M.
Am bk C D Uryant. Colly. S F, April au.
Vessels here ironi One
NIc bk Dominion, ... .Newcastle Due
Her bk Paul Ucubcri;. ..Liverpool Duo
Sclir Louis Newcastle-
Sciir Noclt) Neuuutlo
Am ship Reaper... Newcastle
Schr Golden Shore. ..Newcastle
Sclir Echo Newcastle
Han bklolanl New York .... May 31
Bk Nuumiu, N'ew York
Am Schr Oceania Vance,.. Newcastle, Apr SO
Schr W II Talbot,.. Newcastle Apr 39
.Uu ui .llJwU b.se b F
88 Australia 8 V Apr 27
SS Doric Yokohama Apr 23
8 8 Mlowcra Sjc'ney Apr 24
a8 Alameda Swlncy Aprs '."J
Am bktn Amelia, Vuijet Sound
8 8 Amanipoora,.... Puget Sound
Am schr Transit 8 F,
Am bktn 8 N Castle,.,. 8F
Am bk Ceylon l'uset Sound
Haw bk UP Ilithct, ... 8 V
Am bktn Irmijard, 8 F
Am bk 1'rt.siio, I'ugct Sound
Am tblpDalcaliiile Astoria Due
KITl AT DANFORD.-At St. Andrew's
Cathedral, Honolulu, on Monday even
III!.', April IU, 1HU7, by tho Rev. John
Uhliorue, aslntid by the Rev Alexander
Mackintosh, Ebriibeth Marj.eldest daugh
ter of the late Wllllum Danfiinl, Esa., of
Dublin, aud Lad) llerrou, t the Kcv.
Vincent II Klteat, third son of James K.
Kitcat, Esq , of London.
Potmdmaster'a Notice.
lowing eatruy Iiuh liven impounded
.. .. U.. . uiw. v Pullllil iu Mulxlki,
Uoutilulp, viz. :
1 Slier branded on rilit lilml lilp
am white uuil black Hpotn all over the
Ami If such estray Is not claimed
ntnl nil iioutid dliari;eij Hatlsfied uu or
beforo SATURDAY, Jluy 1. 1S97, at
12 o'clock uoou, tliu Ha tuo will be sold
on thutdutB and liuur to tbt' highest
iji.i.iMr K 'CKflKV"
Honolulu, H. I., April 19, lb97.
Queen's Hospital Notice.
Notice is hereby given that n, Htrlct
wittcU will be kept her after fur auy
onu destroying ot injiiiiiir with umll
cloud iuteut luiy plants, treeri or other
property of the Queen's Hospital, aud
whon found kucIi trespasser will be
prosecuted according to law.
Siiperliiteuuent. of the Queeu'n Ho
fiitul. Honolulu, April IU, 1S')7. 588-3t
Meeting louce.
The A n nil ul Meeting of the Aloha
Kuisfitrn itr
Honolulu, April 10, 1h'l7 fiSl-2w
uoiioo uouinuny, ijinmeii, win taKe
pluuo at tho ile.-idoiic-' of 5Tr E. I'euk,
ou Saturday, April 21, lhJ7, at 1
o'clock p. in. S. S. l'KCK,
Hotel St., near Fort. Tol. 8C2.
i ' '
i i4ftilJi,'lilll"-ll
"" -ti-M
-..ft-rtM.rttMfrrf ,,-,.,', t ,, , .1 i.,r.fa fak.' . -t ,, nVfc-ff ' Maih-.l. ., . .. ...Jtttf. u U . .M ,..-.. ... .

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