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kstcIfiiyrlishig Med htm.
The Oldest ? 7
lyoirthih Rtftirthc Bullet n
Evening Paper Published
you Don't Get ALL the Mrws.
on the Hawaiian Islands.
it Reaches ALL the 'People.
Subscription j$e. a month.
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Wftilo'tiMMt.Si, '
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- vsHH
Vol. III. No. 594.
Published ovory duy czcopt Sunday nt
210 King Stroot, Honolulu, H. I.
Por Month, anywhere In the Ha
waiian Islands 5 75
Per Year. ; 8 CO
Per Year, postpaid to Ancricc,
Oanndn, or Moiico 1 J 00
Per Year, postpaid, olhor Forolgn
CountrloB 13 00
Payable Invariably 111 Advnuoo.
Telephone 2G0. 1'. O. Dox 89.
B. L. FIN KEY, Mf.ncr
,Wv CJ-uX
- ..
XVjV& MV 3nTk
pA- -Mrla
Picking up
is easy enough if you look for it in
the riijM j-1 ict. This h t'u ril t
place to lenrn just what to do for Unit
debilitating condition which warm
weather nlwnys briiifrs. T)c von want
to be cured of that languid feeling,
get baci yuui bpjioiite, Hieep oouuUly,
and feel like a new being?
will do it. It hn doue it for thou,
ands. It will do it for yoa. Try it.
UfcJJUtYEH 3 M., tell. Mm., U.S.A.
60L0 MEDALS allfia ft'orid's CMtf EicsIleKa".
Ayer's Pills c-n" ro'3,i?vn-
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
BoloAconts for the Kcpublio of Hawaii.
I. tf. oidt OD
Von Holt Iilouk, King Street.
EC. Gc. J3TA.RT,
401 Fort Street.
JeWelcr aid "Vatchmaljej
M7" ITavlmr linuuht out tho eifclre
cffinlr tt T H? Mhiiiku f inn urmtircil
to furulMh Flrrtichifl Javvtlry at reu
Botiablu price.
WllUUHUillE m Repdiuiu a iSiU'ail.
6T Native Work of all kind, Alto
Wire OrnHiiiHit.
Architect and Superintendent
tUfc. Odloo: HOfi Fort fctrvet,
Sproolcolu' Block, Room fi,
m u r .xi.m
fTf VlANE7
tax ar.vtn vteri; too much V9u
Alwit r,lsht Mmirtrrd VpoiiIi WIIiiom
n Louie mid Uiiliilnrentliig Uaine
The llHud I'rcinut.
Oor 000 pooplo bought tickets
for Saturday's ball game, and
'.?.'.L the lanouu clubb, ofiicials
r.iul otboru who wout iu on paBsos
oboul eight hundred iu all were
4, ,. , ti. f,rp nrp fir,,t to tJle
bat and succooded in piling up
twclvo runs, mainly by Luahiwa's
iai :' 3 r -"nplo of llioa whon tho
baBts were full. Thia gave tho
StnrB suoh a start that tho result
was almost a foregone conclusion,
Ec;L pitchers did poor work,
uvidontly uot being in good form,
ili.il gniug away ten liases ou
imiirt atiii Ht'iuicBflfy 7. Tho
boltlibis were credited with eleven
eriuis and tho Stars with two
only, both charged up to Captain
Wiitlor. Following are the de
tail of tho game:
xittrry Wilder was struck by tho
fou.tii L I! mid took his base and
.w-iil 10 i'onil on Llart's liner to
loll Held. Cunha filled the bases
wuli a ily to loft field which Lua
Li.vti liUBtiod. Lishiuiiu'b drive to
Hind which wus muffed brought
W iliter homo but Hart was put
out on thiritLishraau. was put out
trying to steal third on l'ahau's
hit lu huui (slop. Rohb medo first
and stole second. Woods took his
Uubd being struck by pitcher aud
i1j1j. , . ii.H jjjRiU. Koki's
tin oo bacuer in tlio right field ter
iilor oiujLfhtic three runs. Bab
j bin. wus struck by a pitched bull
uuu took urst. liairy Wilder
iuuuu ihu bull ou the Hint liuL
cud i jf to second while Koki
enmu homo. Hart's liigh fly to
Luuhiwu wus tuis&ed aud iiabbitt
scored. Ouuha's threo bagger
through shortstop's fingers
brought Hart home. Lishman's
drive to third brought iu Ounlm.
llooort Puhau followod with, a
three bngger, andLishraan scored,
ltoos sent a hot oue to shortntop
which ho could not hold and Pa
hau orossed tho plato again. Boss
was put out tryiug to steal second.
For the soldier boys Bower took
first on a passed ball and stolo
sec'ond aud was put out at third.
Davis took his baso on balls and
Aloore could uot got first. Davis
bcuioU on i, pusbod ball. Gormuu
look his iHst on balls and stolo
Bcrond and got to third on a pass
ed ball which gave Kiloy his
lmnH. Tjiinliiwa went out at first.
L'or nib Stars Woods wont out
on tliroo gtrikes, Koki was put out
at liistrtuil Babbitt's foul lly was
Uihuu iu by Cunha.
The second innings of tho Regi
ment nine opened with Duucau at
the bat. Uu took first ou four
balls, O'Couuor made first but
Duucau was slow in getting to
h. i..)ud. jriuuuedsoy and bower
n' .-u k "ii
Cuptaiu Wilder went to the bat
in the third ami took his baso ou
bulls. Hart Hew out at bhoitstop.
CVihaVt drive to riyht field for
second brought Wilder homo.
Lishmau made his baso on a liner
to third. Paliau's hijili ily to
center field retiied his side.
For the Itetjiinnuls Davis fail
ed to beat the ball to tho first bug,
JMoorii took hir, turno on bulls und
was put out trying tost-al second.
Goimau was put out at first.
In the fourth ltoss wcut out ou
a fly lo bbiitciiibJ.I. Woods' liner
ti cjrtp- v-i good for two bases.
Koki flew out at coutorfiold and
Bitlibill, look his base on Ivillb.
Harry Wildor's daisy cutter to
cuiiU-i field brought Koki homo.
1 1 ' Vu ;itll out wb lllot.
Ki't' will to firnl ou four balls,
Jjimliiwu nnule firM, Duucau sti tick
out, O'Connor took his first anil
fi'hl I' r Hjs, Hennessey took
luu buoo on uitlls aud Kiloy cauio
In. Jlower struck nut. Davis's
thrnO'buggcr over tho first fence
' ' H leu In. Monro fail
ed ( litti'll Itlnt,
ill tho fifth Uuiihii wont to tliu
bat for tho Stars aud knocked n
sky scraper to conterfield, which
was taken in neatly. Lishman's hit
to left field was good for two
bases and ho took tho third on a
passed ball. Itobort Pahau took
first on four balls, ltoss mado
his first and Lishman scored.
Sam Woods' two bagger brought
in Tahau. Koki took first on
balls. Babbitt struck his foot as
well as the ball and had to give
placo to McNicoll ob a substitute.
His drivo to left took him to first,
Boss camo in and Woods got left
at the homo plate, Koki goiug to
third and McNicoll to second
during tho mix-up. Harry
Wilder rotiied his sido with a fly
to center.
Gorman struck out, Kiloy got
in a clean base hit, Luahiwa fol
lowed with another. Duncan's
bono hit brought Kiloy in, O'Con
nor flew out at third aud Hen
nossoy struck out.
In tho sixth Hart mado first by
a muff of Gorman, Hurt wos put
out trying to steal second. Cunha
couldn't reach first. Lishman
was put out at first.
For the Regimouts Bowor flew
out at loft held, Davis failed to
reach first, Mooro took his baso ou
balls and stole second. Gorman's
two bagger brought in a run.
Kiloy made his first. Luahiwa
flew out to Sam Woods.
In tho seventh itobort Pahau
put the ball into shortstop's hands
and retired gracefully. Ross
wont out ou a high ball to tho
same man and Sam Woods struck
Durican mado a baso hit aud
O'Connor another. Hennossoy
flow out to right fiold and Bowor
to catcher. Davis got his first and
Duucau scored ou Moore's baso
hit. Gormau flew out to pitcher.
In tho eighth innings Koki of
tho Stars took his baso on a linor
to center, Mahuka, who took Mi
Nicoll's placo, and Wilder follow
ed with baso lute Hart's two
bnpgor brought Koki in. Ciuiha's
base hit brought Wilder homo.
Lisbman mado his first, Robert
Pahau shuck out, Ross' two bag
ger broucht Cuuha and Lishman
homo. Woods took his baso on
balls. Koki nnd tho two mon on
bases each took a baso on u balk
by pitcher.
Kiloy- was put out at first, Lua
hiwa got his baso on Harry
Wilder'B orror. Duncan flew out
at loft field and Luahiwa was put
out at second."
In the last innings Harry
Wilder failed, to reach first, Hart
flow out at third, Cunha flow out
to shortstop.
O'Connor was put out at first,
Hennessey took first ou balls,
Bowor mado his base but Honno
sey was put out at second. Davis
couldn't roach first.
Total Runs-Stars 22, First
Regiments 8. Harry "Whitney
and George Lucas umpired tho
At Kinnin Square,
Tho government baud will givo
the usual concert at Emma square
tonight, commencing at 7:30
o'clock, with tho following pro
gram: TAUT I.
Overture Itnimond Thomas
.Mai ill 1'ittfltli nt Dole Ilenolt
intfrniirzii IIiHiilu:i Krunko
Fantasia My OU Kuituel.y Iluinu ..Uultwy
Cornet Solo Espcrnuee (nen) I'arrcl
Mr Cliarlvi Kreutcr.
Mnlhy War ItecolU ctloin Ilcj it
Waltr Tliu AiikU's Oram Herman
(iulup Wully Ileliimlurf
Hawaii l'onul.
Au Omlon.
C. B. Gray was one of tho hard
est workors in making tho lloa
lani Boat Club's masquorado ball
a success. Tho Buf.MvnN is much
iudebted to him for assistauce in
getting a complete list of those
pLULiit. Yut o) oho of tllwni
curious accidonts that sometimes
happen, Mr. Gray's own name
was omitled in the publiuaUon.
it is like tho play of Hamlet with
tho part of tho melancholy Dune
Call up tiWi on tho Telephone
if )oii wiint o rsnt au ouny ion
n lug Dii'yclu or 'i'linduin.
WAiiuici ul'ah :vriNt.
3Ir. Ilrunii Dnuiiiwl n 1'nbllc line, f
tlKHllnii r ciiHruew .llnde-llio
Doric' Miltirne.
A special mooting of tho Board
of Health was called this after
noon by President Smith at 1
o'clock. Besido tho Attornoy
Gonoral there wero present Drs.
Wood and Day, Messrs. Lansing
and Brown, membors; AgontRoy
nolds and Clerk Wilcox.
In calling tho mooting to order
Mr. Smith said tho first thing to
bo considered was tho refusal of
A. F. Cooko of tho Fertilizing
Works to accept tho carcasses of
cattlo killed for tuberculosis. Mr.
Cooko had no uso for them, as
tho acids and other materials
required iu their destruction cost
more than thoy were worth as fer
tilizing material. However, if tho
Board wished him to receive them
ho would do so, giving $2.50 por
On motion tho matlor was re
ferred to Agout Reynolds and Dr.
Mousarrat with power to act as
thoy doomod best.
Tho next matter was to deter
mine tho duration of tho Waikiki
quarantine. Dr. Day reported
that tho fourtoonth day, which
marked the full period of incuba
tion for smallpox, would be up to
night. Mr. Smith thought an
oxtru day ought to bo sufficient
and suggosted that tho period of
quarantine be ended tomorrow
Mr. Brown objected as being
ogaiust tliu regulations of the
Bojird which required 18 duys
quarantine for smallpox.
Mr. Smith Bnid the law referred
to was not mandatory, tho words
wore, "may require 18 days;'
it was a matter in the dis
cretion of tho Board to ottlo the
period according to tho particular
Mr. Browu argued that tho law
allowed tho Board no discretion
whatever, that tho Board had no
right to tuako fish of ono class of
people and flesh of another.
Presidont Smith said it was done
overvwhoro. In thoTTnitnil Rtnfpq
and csp'eciallyin England there
was always a uistinctiou niuuo be
tween cabin and Bteorago passen
gers, and thero wero manv reasons
for tho samo which wero applica-
oto to tula case.
Mr. Brown again protested that
as tho peoplo;.at Waikiki had
been exposed in tho samo manuor
nnd time as those in tho quaran
tine station thoro should bo no
distinction made.
Dr. Day said the critical time
was tho twelfth day. It that was
passed thoro was httlo or no
danger. Some casos had boon ro
ported on tho thirteenth nnd a
very few on the fourteenth day.
,Tho books also recoulod isolated
cases breaking out on tho fifteonth
day. Beyond ilmt thoro was no
possible clangor.
Dr. Wood moved that if on ex
amination tomorrow night tho
people now quarantined nt Waikiki
showed no signs of smallpox tho
quarantino at that placo bo ended.
Ho bolieved it to bo absplutoly
safo to tho community to allow
tho pooplo to go at largo thou.
Dr, Day seconded tho motion
and givo a similar opinion.
Mr. Lausing said ho had sup
posed tho Waikiki quarautiuo wus
for 18 days. As tho Attorney
General ruled tho period was dis
crotiouary, ho would be guided by
the two doctors on tho board.
Ds, ) uoil, 1. uii.l Mi. L. j
ing voted for tho motion and Mr.
Brown aguiust it.
President Smith next brought
up tho cauo of tho frfl Chinese
who arrived on tho Doric, Thoy
had como from Hongkong, had
not landed nt Yokohama nor enmn
in contact with nny who bonnlml
tin. vhmhI mI llinl i, lii, i. VVmilil
thuir ijliuriwitluo tint uu the
eighteenth day after leaving Yoko
hama? Mr. Reynolds said tho men had
beon kept separato from tho Japa
nose at tho quarantino station aud
in a different part of tho island.
Forty-five Japanoso had joined
thoDorio atYokohama for thoUuit
ed States, having been previously
quarantined and vaccinated. They
wore kept iu a different part of
tho ship frohi tho Chiueso and no
communication had been allowed.
Tho Board concluded that the
quarantino might end on the
eighteenth day from Yokohama.
Mr. Brown then addressed tho
chair, saying that ho had been
abused by certain newspapers for
his actions in roforouce to the
Waikiki quarantine. For hi.?
part ho. demanded that tho Board
hold a publio investigation of all
tho charges mado on either li'1 ',
and that he bo privileged to at
tend, givo his testimony, produce
witnesses and be represented
by counsel. The Board
should either sustain his
actions by vote or givo him a
chance to verify his assertions.
President Smith said he under
stood tho other sido wanted an in
vestigation also. Tho Board had
hotter wait until Wednesday when
Minister Coopor could bo on hand.
As far as ho was concorued he
thought the wholo matter entirely
too trivial to investigate 'o
publio ends could be sorved by
holding an investigation. Many
things had beon said by thoio in
quarantino which had better been
left unsaid, and the samo might
bo said of some things Mr. Brown
had said. Time is too valuable
to waste in such au affair.
Without any turthor action or
commout tho Board decided to lot
tho mattor go to tho regular meet
ing on Wednesday and adjourned.
wild Humor riiucnriilii a I'orlii-
KTIipno Fi. m Ily nt ?Innon.
Rumors of another tragedy wero
floating about at noon today.
They wore to tho effect that a Por
tuguese discovering his wifo's un
faithfulnoss had killed and cut her
body up into small pieces. Noth
ing was known of the mattor at tho
police station.
Marshal Brown wbb soen just
before press timo. Ho said tho
rumor had been reported to him
earlier and he had sou t au officor up
to Manoa valley to look into the
affair. The officer reported that
ho had seen tho man in question
and had told him of tho rumors.
Tho mon repliod that it was all
news to him and that thoro was
nothing in it. Tho Marshal ask
ed him if ho had soen tho wife.
He said ho had not thougnt it ne
cessary, being satisfied with tho
man's answers.
The Marshul was not altogether
satisfied and at ouco dispatched a
second officer to interview tho
woman horself, and if sho could
not bo found bring tho man to his
Omc of tlin Vlcllina Jitml.
Hiuai, tho principal in Satur
day's tragedy in Japanese town,
died yesterday. Hi- wifo is still
in a precarious condition, the
chances of her surviving her in
juries boiug very slim. No inquest
will bo held until it can bo ascer
tained whothor tho woman will
over bo ablo to testify.
A Salvation Array cadet foil off
his horse ou Kauai and sprained
his sido. Ho camo to Honolulu
to recuperate.
Rov. Mr. Usborue, vico (loan of
St. Andrew's cathedral, is having
tho edifico reuovatod interiorly.
Bosidosa geuoral cloaning up,
now choir desks and a now pulpit
nro being constructed. They will
bo ready boforo nnxt .Sunday.
Woodj tho wollktiown basoball
player, is iu poor health. Somo
of tho boys around town have boon
talking of Rotting up a sohemo to
uoud him on a trip abroad for tho
bonofit a change of climate might
do liini, Wood was courililoroil a
wniulnr in ImhoImII olrclos a mm
Noii or two ago, being n very olovor
PllIOE 5 C'J.VT?. ,
noctc wr.is; s:o:iot.u : -.m u.mi'
Ol.tl VII,t)tlt liOU.
flunner n 'lotS :..&. S1t. Ituu-
tlrcd llut" Nuar JJuuo
Crtr All SkC.
Tho Wildei Steuuiahip" Com
pany's steamer Likehko is u total
loss, having struck a rock oil' lio
noipu on Friday night. The first
nows of the disaster wao brought
by tho 6choctie- K Mo:, -,!;oh
arrived yesterday from Paauilo,
and tho capluiu, officers aud crew
of ..L. nki,,, tbv.."1! mi"o:1 in
tho steamer Iwalani tht6 morning.
Ono of the officers gave the
atoij of the' ui.Coiiuaule mishap
to a reporter this morning, oo fol
lows: About ton o'clock on Fri
day night, while tho stocuier was
plowing along at full epetd, sho
suddenly struck a rock, amidohips,
and was held fast. Captain
Sachs and Mote Swinton wero
on dock at the time. The
second mate had joft tho
bridge at OJowalu, Maui, early
iu tho ovouiug, aud wt.3 ajloep
wheu tho fiibt shock of contact
with the rock occurred. An
attempt to back the engines failed,
the propdki In it.,; j-tinaieii by ri
rock. Uoil were then lowered,
and tho starboard uuchoi put out
fiom tho weather bow to keep tho
steamer from swinging on to tho
roof. A telephone message was
sent from Honoipiuto Paaubau
for tho Heleno to como to the
assistance of tho Likoliko. The
Halono arrived :1 1 r. r on
Saturday. Thoro was. eiht feet
of water in tho LikbliLes i.j!d
than, n big jolo hiving
been kuockod in her bollom.
WhiL .xtO! ,..'. th- 'L'!:?'H:o
had taken in 1400 bajrr of .-.rtjar
and discharged boiuooi tbb height
flora Honolulu. Aboul aOO' bugs
of sugar uud como looso froight
wore safely takon aboard tho
Holeno. Between six uud seven
o'clock tho Kiluuoa Hou u,rrivod
at tho scono of tho wreck to givo
assistance. Tho crow of tho Liko
like, with the help 6f tho crows of
tho othor two steamers, worked
all day, Saturday, stripping the
vessel of everything that could bo
saved, such as tho gear, winches,
booms, etc. Heavy seas wero
breaking over the steamer all day.
Sho had piactically broken in two
at noon on Saturday, but did uot
go to pieces then. All haudr quit
work at 5 p. m., the LiLoliko'a
crow going to the Kilauea Hon.
About seven ut night, tho steara
or Iwalani camo along, bound for
Honolulu. Captain bucut., '..ith
his oflicors and crow, excepting
Purser Poor and Freight Clerk
West, boarded the I;,u..tn:, nnd
wero landed Bafely, in Honolulu
this morning. Poor and Wjest
wont aboard tho steumor Holene.
Tho point whoro tho disaster
happened is within hailing dis
tfiuco of the beach, bLjuEV... uud
u half miles from lloiuujv.., to the
uortb. The stnmner was bouud
to Pnauhau when she struck.
Tuo Likoliko was built by
Dickoy Bros, in San Francisco in
1877, and was brought to tho inl
ands tho samo year by tho lata
Captain Marohant. She has. seen
much sorvico about tho islands,
and was ruuninn ou tho Maui
routo previous to tho nrrivnl hare
of tho steamer GlauiliuH. The li
koliko was a woodeii vessel of GDC
tons, nud liko the othor isluud
boats was two-mastod, Bchooner
Tho wrooked sleamev war in
sured for 523,000 in differout com
panies of which II. Heckfeld .fc
Co. nro the agonts.
Captain Sacha has been in tho
employ of th- c mpm.v f'r tomo
months ns mate, but this was his
first trip ns master.
Boforo goiug your o-rilur for a
portrait, boo what Kinj Unw,
imvo to show in crayon enlarge
ments nnd jinlgo for yoursolf
wliollmr thoy can flv '" tho
bout vulwo foi yuiu moimy or
-' JkI
- ... M
. iMwi...wr
t , '

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