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The Oldest
0 7-W
? DortUftmtthc Bulletin
Evening Paper Published
on the Hawaiian Islands.
Subscription yc. a month.
.yow ZW GW yiZZ, News. $
fotttfS LL l TVfl). I
Vol. III. No. 595.
PnioE 5 Cents.
e.ve n 1 n.g
at " " vj bi !"""B T7 's'V. T5T
Published every day except Sunday nt
210 King Street, Honolulu, II. I.
Per Month, nnywl."c in tin. Un-
wallan Islumis $ 70
Per Year. 8 00
Por Year, postpaid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Per Yeur, postpnid, other Foreign
Countrios 13 00
Payablo Invariably In Advnnoo.
Tolophono 250. P. O. llox 89.
E. L FINNEY, Manager.
Loss of Strength
And Appetite.
Tho testimony of Mr. R.
Donuis, Adelaide, South Aus
tralia, who was cured by Ayer's
Sarsaparilln, is liko unto that of
many thousands of others. Ho
writOB :
"It is with very much pleasure
thnt I testify to the great benefit I
received from using our wonderful
blood-purifier. 1 whs a sufCerer for
years from indigestion, loss of
strength nud appetite, and constipa
tion. My whole system seemed to
bo thoroughly out of order. A friend
finally told mo to take Ayer's Sarsa
parilla. I f olio wedhis advice, though
feeling discouraged at tho fruitless
results of other treatment, and I am
thankful to stato that a few bottles
completely cured me."
The medicine- that has cured
others will euro you.
Bzwira nf ImUallona. Tho unme Ayer's
Barmimrllln U prominent on the wrapper
and blown In tho glui of racu bottto.
rw-w"- .
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Bolo Agents for tho Republic! of Hawaii.
Von Holt Blook, King Street.
EC- a. BI-AJ&T,
401 Fort Street.
Jeweler aid "Watcmaer
' Having bought out tho outiro
stock of J E. Gomen I am pre ptred
to furnihh First-class Jewelry at rea
sonable priceH.
Watchmaklns aid Repalriiis a Specially.
VST Native "Work of nil kinds. Also
Wire Oruameuts.
Architect and Superintendent
K$- OHico: 305 Fort strcot,
Sprcclcols' Block, Room 5.
TtmilCY 31 IC1.S 1 IIC ni.'I. A NATION
Aifir.u dm: u'AitMxu.
The Powcrn 1 III Ilulil Oir If l'iitlllo
-llrlicr llmtTiirltry Mill
Noun Win.
War wu8 declared by Turkey
on April 18, accouliug to the fol
lowing dispatch of. thut iluto from
Assim Boy bos handed to M.
Skouzos, tho Greek Minister of
Foreign Affairs, tho following
"In consequenco of tho aggros
sivo attitude of Greeco, diplomatic
relatione between the King of the
Hollenos and his imperial mnjosty
tho Sultan of Turkey and their
respective Governments aro horo
by brokon off.
"Tho Greek Minister Constanti
nople and the Greek Consuls havo
boon ordered to quit Turkish ter
ritory. For tho same reason tho
Turkish Consuls in Gieeco havo
been recalled to Constantinople
Within a fortnight from tho date
of this announcement all Greek
subjects must loavo Turkish torri
toiy. Ottoman subjects now on
Greek territory havo been invited
to leave it within the enmo period."
Assim Bey got his passtportB
and loft for Constantinople.
Baron vou Plesson, German Min
istor nt Athens, undertook to pro
tect Turkish interests in Greeco
during tho severance of diploma
tic relations. Frinco Morocorda
to, Greek Ministor at Constan
tinople, was recoiled.
An Elassona dispntch of April
18 snys: Tho Grpeks from all
their positions in tho Knryn dis
trict began tho advance toward tho
frontier at 7 o'clock on Friday
evening. Fighting lasted all that
night and extended on Saturday
to within ton miles of tho frontier.
It is estimated that 15,000 Greoks
were engaged. The battle con
tinued with great vigor through
out Friday night and Saturday,
wlion nltogetlfer 20,000 woro en
gaged. On Sunday morning tho firing
was concentrated toward tho
Southeast of Milouna. About noon
Sunday tho Greeks began to give
way after tho hottest fighting of
tho engagement. Tho Turks ad
vanced only a Iittlo beyond tho
froutior into Greek territory.
Considering tho rapidity of tho
firing and tho great expenditure
of ammunition, the numbor killed
is comparatively small, probably
under 200.
Later news is that tho Turks
captured tho pass 01 Milouun.
Tho Turkish battory at Frevoso,
Gulf of Arta, wheroj according to
tho treaty of Berlin, tho Turks
had no right to erect fortifications,
fired on and sank tho Greek
steamer Macedonia, tho morning
of the 18th, while she was attempt
ing to loavo the Gulf of Arubraoia.
Tho crow of tho steamor was sav
ed by boats from shore, but tho
cliptaiu was severely wounded.
Upon receipt of this uows tho
Greek Government sent orders to
tho iloet in tho Gulf of Ambracia
to bombard Frovosa. Tho bom
bardment boguu at six o'clock in
tho morning.
Tho Turks responded with a hot
firo upon Actium, wlmro thero
was a garrison of 500 mou in tho
tolograph office, which had boon
converted into a fort. It was com
pletely dostroyod by tho j'urkish
firo, and somo of tho garrison
were killed.
A dispatch at 8 p. m. says that
tho Skafidaki batteries, which
wero ultacked by Groak war ships
shortly before 3 o'clock in tho
afternoon, had boon completely
destroyed. Tho Greek battory at
Eeful Ipaughia co oporuted ef
fectively with tho flotilla in tho
Minister SI;nu.es 1ms soul a
reply lo tho Turkish uoto, repu
diating tho responsibility of
Greece thorein attempted to be
fastened. He cites ropentod acts
of aggression on the part of the
Turkl-h iirmv at finvirnl tinititq
nti tiifl frimfifO' fill' anmn iltivu. I
Boforo tho Govern iuent of Grooco
was officially notified oE tho
runture of riinlomutie rotations.
Minister Skouzos says, aud while ,
tho King's Minister at 1 Constan
tinople wus only notified at an
advanced hour of tho fight, tho
forts at Prevosa. opened firo at 5
o'clock in the morning on tho
Ilellonio position at Actium aud
suuk tho Grook steamer Macedo
Tho Now York Sun of tho 19th
has a special cable from London
which sayB: "Although scarcely
moro than forty-eight hours havo
elapsed since tho declaration of
war, a crisis seems to bo closo at
hand in tho fafat and furious cam
paign botwoon the Greek and Tur
kish armies. Tho bewildering
succession of ovonts along tho
whole lino of tho frontier demon
strates, first of all, that war here
after will bo a matter of days in
stead of months.
"The situation at tho presont
moment, roughly speaking, is
this: On tho wost coast and tho
frontier of Epirns, tho Greoks aro
carrying everything beforo them
and aro making a victorious in
vasion of tho enemy's couutry.
"Tho Turks, on the other hand,
have captured Milouna pass, which
is considered the koy of Larissa,
and tho Greek position there and
othor points in Thcssaly are in
tho gravest danger.
"It is impossible to dpny that
tho Turkish successes of yester
day and today iuvolve creat peril
to tho Greok causo. Tho loss of
Larissa meanB an open road to
Volo, and eventually to Athens,
and unless the Turkish advance is
speedily and decisively chocked
tho Greeks will havo Iittlo to hopo
"It is already argued in London
that Greece must retrieve today's
disaster by some such desperate
venture as attempting to forco tho
Dardanelles. All accounts agreo
that tho Turks aro fighting ovory
whore liko demons, aud tho
Greeks, although thoy aro out
numbered at most points, aro be
having with no less valor and
Continuing, tho Sun correspon
dent discusses "tho bearing of tho
situation toward that mighty
ovontuality universal war
which Lord Salisbury and Mr.
Balfour and othor European
statesmen havo beon telling tho
world for months would surely
come if what wo aro now witness
ing should happen. s Not ono of
theso men nor any of their follow
ers now protond that this alarm
was justified, or that war will pro
bably spread beyond tho two
couutries involved."
Tho point principally dobated
is whether the war has broken out
in cousequonco of tho connivanco
of ono or moro of tho powers. "Tho
best judgment in this matter still
is," the correspondent says, "that
Emporor William is chiefly res
ponsible for tho Sultan's declara
tion of war boforo ho had become
convinced that tho powers wero
unwilling to continue to act as his
full allies against Greeco in the
matter of Oroto."
' Britain wus to proclaim hor
neutrality on tho 20th, and it was
expected that all the powers would
tako a position of gonuino neutra
lity in n few days at least. Never
theless, tho powerB aro discussing
tho quostion of how best to keep
the war within cortain limits of
territory. Thoro is said to be a
sharp difforonco of opinion bo
twoen the military powers, Russia,
Austro-IIungary and Germany,
nud tho mantimo powors, Great
Britain, Frnnco nnd Italy, ns to
tho most oxpeditious nud lonst
violent mothods of compelling a
cessation of hostilities should'this
result not bo reached by tho exor
cise of diplomatic prossuro nt
Athons nnd Constantinople. Tho
likolihood is that tho forco to bo
employed by Europo, if n rosort to
furi-o bocomos r.ecessai,uutild bo
by sou, at) tho coutiuguueka of
military intervention might bellATFQT
now iu progress.
Tli" New York Sun's corres
pondent alroncly ousted says:
"In regard to Crete itsojf tho
situation is peculiar, aud there is
uodefiuito indication of what tho
powers will do. It is an uudoubt
ed fact that tho greatest peril to
European w(-o would Ho in
Greek success in tho prosout con
flict. It is admitted in opinions
tolegiaphed to London tonight,
oven from Vienna and Berlin,
that tho failure of tho Turks iu
their war witL Greece would
mean tho immediato doom of tho
Ottoman empire.. That and that
alono is recognized as tho proba
blo causo of a general war. It is
likowise admitted that Europo will
not allow tho defo'at of Greeco to
rosult in any territorial penal
It is reported at tho British
Foreign Ofiico, thnt a communica
tion from Lord Salisbury, after
his interviow on tho 19th with
Queon Victoria at Nice, supports
the theory that Britain is using
its utmost energy to have hostili
ties stop at tho stago now reached.
Franco, while deciding to con
tinue hor policy of nou-intorven-tiou,
will not consent to any es
sential alterations of the existing
territories of Turkoy nnd Greeco.
A St. Petersburg dispntch of
April 19 says: Referring to the"
formation of an alliance betwoou
Bulgaria, Sorvia and Mouteno
gro, it is semi-oflicially pointed
out today that the leoguo being
formed is not only for tho pro
tection of tho Govorumonta named
against Turkey and Austria, but
against Fan Hellonio aspirations
in tho Balkan peninsula. There
fore, it is added, Greece, is uuablo
to count upon any support in tho
prosout conflict from tho countries
indicated, nnd, moroover, their
respective Ministers havo positive
ly assured Russia that their Gov
ernments will maintain strict
Both tho Turks and the Greoks
wero resting on Monday from tho
tremendous exertions of Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. The troops
of Edhom Pasha woro half doad
with fatiguo aud hunger whon tho
firing slaokoned Sunday, night.
Most of thorn ilung themselves
down whoro they stood on tho
bare ground to sleep.
Tho fighting iu Milouna Pass
was of tho most stubborn aus
savago character. Tho Turkd
fought liko devils and tho Greeks
resisted iu the spirit of their an
cestors. Tho most inexplicable
fact in connection with tho whole
engagement is tho comparatively
small number of killed. All theN
special correspondents agreo ns to
this. Tho Turks nppenrod to hnvo
fired as widoly with their rifles at
Milouna Pass as they did at Arta,
whero the fighting consisted of an
artillery duel betwoou tho rival
batteries on each sido of tho river,
lastiug about four hours in tho
ufternoon. There thoy fired only
ono out of five shots with any
effect, and their batteries woro
soon silenced by tho Greoks,
whoso marksmanship was much
superior. Tho Turkish losses at
Aita aro bolioved to havo boon
very heavy. On tho Greek sido
thero was not n man killed.
The nows of this success at
Rovoni nud of the imminent fnll
of Provosa has changod tho dis
may caused at Athons by" tho loss
of Milounn into tho wildest ro
joicing. Tho lntes advices tonight
nro thnt tho Grook troops nro nd
vnnoing to rooccupy their posi
tions nt Milouna nud Gritzovuli,
tho latter of which, it is alleged,
wub abnndouod owing to a mis
understanding by tho Genorul in
command, who iutorprctod as an
ordor to rotroat what was really
iutuuded us au ordor to advance
Captnin Tngardo, who was
wounded at Gritzovuli, shot
himself to avoid falling into
tho bauds of tho Turks.
Continued on ith Payc,
' IN 1 Hi: TA.lllI'.
I'lirtiiiM'x lii Wticnt SiHTiilntlifii
IK'tmrtcd Outran In Culm
Oilier I.uilil'.
From files as lato as April 20
received by tho Australia, tho fol
lowing general news is condensed
iu addition to tho full budget of
war nows olBOwhore:
Fortunes aro being mndo in
wheat speculation ovor tho Eastern
Berea, Ohio, has boon noarly
wiped out by fire.
Atiuio Russoll tho actress wauts
a divorce from hor husband, Eu
geno W. Presbiey.
Brynu talked free silvor to tho
Kentucky legislators aud a crowd
of 1200 peoplo ot all parties at
Tho British cruiser Tallot arriv
ed in Now York to tako part in tho
Grant monument dedication. Sho
passed sovoral forts after saluting
boforo a roply was givon, and tho
military authorities sent tho cap
tain an apology for tho delay.
By tho bursting of tho lovees
on tho Mississippi floods hnvo re
sumed their swny, cnusing fresh
disaster und distress at many
Tho Supreme Court at Wash
ington refused a writ of habeas
corpus to Elvorton R. Chapman,
brokor, nndor sontence of 30 dnys
in jnil and a fine of $100 for re
fusing to testify in tho sugar spec
ulation investigation.
Tho Behring sea ileot is ordered
to leavo Port Townsend for Alas
ka not later than May 5.
Sharkey in ready to bot HoOOO
of his own money that ho can
beat Fitzsimmons.
Joseph E. Kelley, accused of
tho murder of Cashier Stickney of
tho Great Falls National Bank of
Somersworth, N. H., was arrested
at Montreal. Uo broko down and
At tho Marathon gamos, hold in
Boston on the 19th inst., under
tho auspices of tho Bsston Athle
tic Association and patterned after
tho gamos at Athens, Greoco, in
tho spring of 189G, tho winner
of the 25 milo road raco was J. J.
MoDormott of tho Pastime Athle
tic Club of Now York, who cover
ed the distanco in 2 hours 55 min
utes and 10 seconds, loworing by
ten seconds tho tinio mado in tho
twenty-fivo-milo raco at Athens.
A caucus of Republican Senat
ors broko up without coining to
an agreement oucommittco organ
izations. Tho turiil' was incident
ally montioned.
Tho Republicans havo not sub
mitted a single tariff schedule to
tho Democrats, it is said becauso
thoy havo settled on nothing them
bolves. Tho sugar aud wool sche
dules nre tho chief stickers, ami
will not bo submitted until tho
day tho bill is printed.
Tho Donvor aud Rio Graudo
railroad will strictly obsorvo tho
Colorado law just passed, prohi
biting railroads from charging
passengors for carryiug thoir bi
cycles. The Sonato will voto on tho ar
bitration treaty May 5.
Gold rosorvo S151,059,oiG.
Tho appoiutiuout of James B.
Angoll to bo Ministor hi Turkoy
is bolioved to havo considerably
greator Bi'gnifioauco than usually
attaches to tho Bolectiou of repre
sentatives of this couutry to
foroigu Govorumouta. It tho in
formation of his intimato frionds
and associates in tho faculty of
tho University of Michigan, of
which ho is prosidont, is correct,
Professor Augoll will go to tho
Turkish capital with n spooial
mission to porform. That mis-
Continued on .( lvjc,
ivams a ni:w i:i.ktiox run rmv-
StiUm IVi-slttrnt .llrKliilc)' Alii to
Ovrrtlirott fhv Hole Hi-kIiim
NuukcMcU i,1 ii Cfimlliliito.
Wash-Htiou, D. C, April 12.
Tho mission of ex-Queou Liliu
okalaui is at last definitely kuown.
It is not to secure hor restoration
lo tho throup, but to nrgo McKin
loy to overthrow the lo!o regime
and order a now lection for Pres
ident. Sho professes confidence
that at such election sho would be
ller proposition has beon loid
beforo McKiuloy. Tho ground on
which she asks him to intercede
is that tho Dole Government wns
illegally placed in power through
tho undue influence of Minister
Stevens aud tho crow of tho
cruisor Boston. Tho Prosidont's
only roply lo tho communication
so far has beon a brief noto ac
knowledging its receipt.
Captain Palmer said to Tho
Call correspondent today: "I am
suro tho Quppu would bo only too
glad to havo the peoplo of Hawaii
settle by ballot the question
whether thoy would bo ruled by
their chiefs or by tho whito raco
in the islands. If thero was a
goneral election and hor nuuio
headed ono ticket, Kaiulani a sec
ond aud Mr. Dole, tho third, Li
liuokalani would bo elected by an
overwhelming majority, nn im
menso majority."
"Would sho ogroo to run for
President, and ft so would it not
bo a tacit admission of tho legality
of the present constitution nnd
form of government r "
"I think if tho proposition were
broached sho would bo strongly
urged by many of hor frionds and
advisors to accept tho position.
Sho would do this for tho sako of
hor people. Sho is a most charit
able and cousidcrato woman, nnd
would willingly sacrifico all hor
own prospects and advantages for
tho peoplo sho loves ho well. Wo
in this country cannot realizo tho
closeness of tho tie that exists be
tween the natives of Hawaii and
their native rulers. She stands
in tho position of protector nud
mothor to her peoplo nnd would
do nnything in tho world for
them. It has bpen said at times
that tho Queeu is seeking a pen
sion from this country. I hoard
tho gracious lady say that sho
did not como to America for
money, did not want money and
would not accopt it. I belieyo
mysolf that if sho should agreo to
accopt a pension it would bb to
benefit her people, and for no
othor reason, and that overy dollar
sho might recoivo from this Gov
ernment or from Hawaii in tho
form of a ponsion would go direct
to thoso who are dopondont upon
hor bounty."
rronlflou to Got Ex.Qiu'oii Lllluo
Ituluul In Draw 11 Croud.
Tho pooplo of Lake county,
California, nro getting up a carni
val for next Juno at Lakoport, tho
county seat. For tho queon of tho
carnival it is tho intention to try
to got Queon Liliuokalani to bo
present and tako tho placo of
queon. As she is an actual Qunau,
or has boon, no doubt greatly in
creased iutorost would bo created
in tho carnival.
Thoro is no doubt that tho at
toudanco would bo particularly
largo if Queon Liliuokalani can bo
induced to attend.
Tho pooplo of Lako County will
bo glad to pay nil hor oxpouBoa
from Washington nud bauk ugaiu
if alio will como to Lako just on -this
ocoasiou. At tho samn tinio
thoy think it might prove a plea
sant outing for hor.
1 m mm i
Cnll up 505 011 tho Tolophono
if you want to rent au oay ruu-
uiut; Bicycle or Tuiuleiu,
' n

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