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Evening Paper PullisLcd
you Don't Gel ALL the News.
on the Hawaiian Islands,
' Reaches ALL the Teople.
Subscription 75c. a month.
Vol. III. No. 59G.
Piuok 5 Cents,
i ii
Published every day except Sunday at
210 King Street, Honolulu, II. I.
Per Month, nnywhi.ro In the Ha
waiian Islanua G' 76
Per Yenr. 8 00
Per Yenr. postpaid to Aniorlcn,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Per Year, postpaid, othor Foreign
Countriou 13 00
Pnynblo Invnrlnbly In Advance
Tolopliono 250. 1'. O. Uox 80.
B. L. FINNEY; Manager.
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Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It has long
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soro throat, and all tho
pulmonary troubles to which tho
young aro so liable, it is invaluable
No household i3 qulto sccuro without
. prepared nr
) Dr. J. O. Ayer Sa Co.,
Gold Medal at the World's Chlel Expositlom.
WW Beware of cheap Imitation!. The
name Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral If promt-
nent on tho rrnprer, and Is blown la the
la ol each bottle.
Hollister Drug Co., ltd.
Bole Agents for tho Republic of Hawaii.
Von Holt Block, King Street.
Imported : Jewelry
Per "Australia" by
401 Fort Blrcot.
Quality, Stylo and Finish
tW Repairing a specialty,
.Architect anil Superintendent
ESu Ofllco: nOS lcirt strcot,
.Sprookol8' Block, Boom 0,
unii.EAi.i; ntnmsAL orvwiiiu:
3ii:s iisrushi:.
Home I vlilriiri- tlint Incompetency
ChiiiiiiI In- llio I'liiifco Itultl
lif I'ollio.
I notico in tho Star nn article
from ti San Francisco pupor re
lating to tho wholesale dischurgo
o) white mon ou Spreckolsvillo
plantation, in which they claim it
is so, and that all thoso who woro
discharged were incompotont per
sons, and that they woro not re
placed by Asiatics, but an order
has been received at tho com
pany's oflico in San Francisco for
whito mon to work on Sgrcckels
villo to fill positions of thoso dis
charged, or to that effect.
If Mr. Spreckolsvillo will please
inform us where men from San
Fruucisco are better up in cultiva
tion of cane and sugar making
pleiiBO do so, aud lot tho incom
petent ones who aro now idle
know what lie wuuts of a man, as
all tho recent discharged white men
from Sprenktlsvillehuvehad many
years' experience on plantations in
this country. Some have been
fifteen yenrs on different planta
tions nnd it is well known that a
number and tho largest propor
tion too of the discharged men
are tho best on tho islands at
plantation work, and yet they
have to lie idlo aud soo inexperi
enced men imported to fill their
positions, to say nothing of tho
poor families.
Tho San Francisco papers aro
not aware of what they aro pub
lishing when they say that no
Asiatics have taken whito men's
Eositious, for iu only one instanco
as a whito man been substituted.
Who is holding Mr. Dunn's posi
tion as stable man f A China
man. Who are runuing all tho
stenm plow engines ? Japs. Who
is plantation police officer in
place of the so-called incompetent
Mr. Moitou? All theso aro undis
puted facts and only n
vory few of them at that.
The saitl Mr. Morton was one of
the first white men that worked
on the Spreckelsvillo plantation
about fifteen years ago boforo tho
mill was built, and has worked a
number of years ou tho same
plantation, under tho successive
managements of Mr. Williams,
H. Moriisou, Hugh Center nnd
D. Center, to all of whom ho gave
Tho hiit person discharged was
Mr. Jim Thomas, who has beou
luna, camp hois and head over
seer for the pint eighteon years;
of his discharge nothing can be
said, as incompetency of that
nature spoaks for itsolf. By tho
timo the shipment arrives from
tho Const wo may hear of a few
more losing their hoads to make
room for the experienced hands.
Ou April 2 Doputy Sheriff
Scott and n force of police
rando a raid on gamblers and
opium fiends nt Camp 5,
Sprockolsvillo. As soon as tho
celestials wero aw aro tho polico
were iu camp they gathorod to
gether and tried to roloaso soma
of their countrymen who woro
under arrest, and failing in that
they inndo a dosporato attack on
the oilicors with hoes, sticks and
stones. Tho officers provetl to bo
mado of tho wroug stuff for
Mossrs. Pake, who nftor a fow
miuutos' engagement with 300 to
14 mado thcrasolvcs scarco and
somo aro yet ablo to tell a good
story about the blaaksnako battle;
whilo tho oflicors safely lodged
thoir captivos iu the AVailuku jail,
none thv) uomu for thu lit t lo ex
Camp 5 has always beou kuown
to tho polico authorities to bo a
notorious dnn for gamblers and
opium smokers, for suvurnl yours
past, unil is in ii w wine improved
by any moans to date,
Tho fiuiuml uf tho lulu W. II.
Daniels took pluuo at Wailuku on
Saturday IhhI from his residence,
A lurgo jiuwbor of friends from
tho outer districts followed the '
corpse to its Inst rusting pluco iu
tho family lot on tho Daniels es
tate. The following genHomeu,
being oltl acquaintances of the ex
judge, acted as pull bearers: W.
II. Corn well, W. II. Campbell, W.
A. McKay, Geo. Hous, Judgo
Halstoad, and Doputy Shoriff
Scott. The deceased leaves a
largo family and a great numbor
of friends to mourn hisdoss.
Aajbort Toognod, tho oldest hand
on Sprookolsville, has just got his
walking papers, is tho last roport
from tho big plantation. This
has caused considerable commout
on Mr. Sprockels' policy
of discharging whito mon
for cause mostly incompotoncy
as the Star has it. Mr. Toogood
has worked ou tho plantation
from its infancy and had just
complotod oighteon years aud a
half of sorvico for tho company
tho day ho was fired. Toogood's
incompetency is woll proved when
Mr. O. 13. Wolls engaged him to
work on his plantntiou tho same
day Spreckels discharged him.
Kahului has quito a busy ap
pearance this week, with tho
nrili-jh Bhip Dalcanic, schooner
Jonnio Wand and schooner Olga
all busy loading sugar. As the
big ship will tako about threo
times tho eugar that tho other
vessels will, sho caunot get away
for threo weeks.
W. Morton, the Spreckelsvillo
ex-policeman, is a government
polico officer at Kahului.
m m
Henry Cnrcoca Carried U'eatwurd on
Stcninitilp tor Japim.
Seattlo, Wash., April 11. Tho
Grent Northorn Nippon Yuson
Kaisha's steamship Sakura Maru
has cleared and will oarly tomor
row morning sail for tho' Oriont
with a cargo of about 3000 tons,
valned at SIGOjSOO. Its manifost
discloses principally cotton, lubri
cating oil, paper mill machinery
aud Hour, consigned to the ports
of Uongkong, Kobo und Yoko
hama. Tho Sakura Maru left behind
on tho wharvos awaiting shipment
nearly twico us much cargo as it
look. To a greator or loss extent
this has beou the case siuco tho ar
rival iu this port, about nine months
ago, of tho Nippon Yusen Kaisha's
maiden ship, tho Miiko Maru. Of
raw cottou alone there awaits tho
arrival of tho next vessel, the
Tonshin Mnru,ovor 2000 bales. For
week ending with the clearance of
the Sakura the local custom houso
receipts amounted to $3750.
Coming this way tho Nippon
Yusen Kaisha's steamers have not
been so heavily laden. Thoir
cargoes raugo from about 100
tons, brought by the first, to 1500
tons by Inter vessels. It consisted
mainly of tens, silks, rico, matting
and Japanese curios.
Arrlvnl or Now (iooda.
E. W. Jordan has just recoivod
an elegant lino of plain and fancy
Japanese silks, also somo fino
juto rugs, assoited sizes; linen
aud grass cloth drawn work in
handkerchiefs, doilies, tea cloths,
tablo covers, bedspreads and
pillow shams. This stock is uew
und fresh, uiiiquo iu design and
pattern, and is undoubtedly the
finest nssortmont of the kiud over
imported. The prices aro suro to
ploa80 you.
Durrani Neulouccd.
Judgo Bahrs sentenced William
Honry Thoodoro Durrant, in San
Francisco on April 11, to bo hang
ed at Snn Quontiu on Juno 11, for
tho murdor of Blanche Lamont.
Durrant was removed to the poni
toutiury indicated, and, after be
ing hlmvt'd and clothed iu cohmuI
garb, placed in tho doomed coll.
X'or Wr Willi Iceland.
London, Hug,, April 11. Ac
cording to Capo Town's loading
Dutch pnpnr the landing officials
of tho Transvaal speak openly of
war with Knglninl as inuvilablo,
avoning thoy will carry it into
Ihu Cupo Colony itself,
Itlll'ilr.tr.N TA 1 1 Vlri1
OVIJII .iaiwm-.ni:.
nicinnloj- unil NlicrmiMi. Ilov'r,
Mild lo llo In I'm or of Annex.
Inir lllo Ihliiuila.
Washington, D. C, April 1(5.
Oue of tho Uawaiiaus who is haro
urging annexation is representing
to members of Congress and tho
State Dopartmcut that ho is seri
ously alarmed over tho prospect
that Japun may gain dominion
over tho islands uulcss this Gov
ernment takes soeedv action. Ho
complains that tho matter of an
nexation lancuishes in tho oflico
of tho President.
Somo weeks ago camo news that
thero was au unusual influx of
Japanese iuto Honolulu. At the
headquarters of tho ex Queen hero
this was understood to mean
something moco than tho mere
Hocking of au unusual number of
emigrants to the island. It was
colonization for a purpose. Tho
movemont of Japnneso to tho isl
and iu largo numbers is, however,
not i) thing of tho past few mouths.
Tho recent report mado by the
Department of Foroigu Affairs of
tho Dolo Govornmont, of which
Mr. Sherman has n copy, shows
that this colonization has been go
ing on for four years.
.Recently, however, a wholo
boutload of the Japanese of tho
mora intelligent class weut ovor
to Honolulu, and this was tho cir
cumstance which openpd tho oyps
of this Govornmont. Among tho
latest arrivals wero many students
from Japanese colleges. Thoy
ovidoutly did not go there for the
purpose of trying tho now coffee
boom or of working on the sugar
Uoforo this, however, tho Japa
nese movement had been noted by
tho representatives of tho Govern
ment who camo to this country.
Amqng them woro General Hart
well, who wrote about tho abdica
tion which ox-Queen Liliuokalani
signed and gavo to Attorney-General
Smith of tho Hawaiian re
public. It was uudeuied that tho
object of thoir visit wus to renow
iutorcst in the annexation scheme,
which was iu a fair way to accom
plishment whon Mr. Cleveland
withdrew tho treaty from tho Sen
ate. The Hawaiian representatives
woro informed soon after tho in
auguration of PresidontMcKinley
tli'it tho nnnoxntion plans would
hayo to wait till the tariff matter
was out of tho way that is to say,
until it was disposed of by tho
Conferences which havo evi
dently monut uothiug havo boon
hold botwoen Secretary Sherman
and Mr. Hatch and tho Attorney
General, although it was Btatod
that these conferences woro mero
ly informal. Thoy havo beou so
informal that General nartwoll,
tho chief legal advisor of tho Dolo
Govornmont at its formatiou aud
who was hero on the annexation
business, has loft tho city and
gono to Boston. It wns tho inteu
tiou of tho Hawaiian representa
tives to havo tho old treaty sent to
tho Senate, or to ask for a com
mission, or to havo tho question
of annexation, failing in both of
tho othor two plans, oponed up in
the Houso. All of theso plans, it
was stated tonight, havo failod.
Presidont MoKinloy and Secre
tary Shormau both favor annexa
tion,liowovor. If Mr. McKinloy
should Bend tho old treaty to tho
Sennto and it should bo disposed
of in Hhort ordor, as is vory likoly,
considering tho tompor of tho Re
publican buuutoro ou the question
to say nothing of Democratic sup
port, it would havo to go to
tho Houso and Mr. Hoed
would havo to appoint a commit
tee to consider it. This, however,
would ruu counter to tho Houso
program which Mr. Heed Is
carrying out, not nioiuly for liim
solf, but for nvory interest expect
ing to be bouolltod by tho new
tiuiir bill,
Mr. IJeed and the Houso ad
journments havo cut off tho hope
pf tho presentation of tho Ha
waiian matter by any member of
tho House, and so tho Dole Gov
ornmont stands, or will stoud ns
long as it can. If it falls, as it is
Buid it may, by roason of its in
creasing public dobt, nothing can
provont first a Japaneso protecto
rate and then Japanese occupa
tion. Secretary Shorman was asked
tonight if thero was anything new
iu the situation. He said that
thero was nothing at ull startling
in the present condition of affairs.
Ho said that tho going to Hawaii
of the Philadelphia was of no im
portance, or of any other Ame
rican Bhips. "Why, Bhips," ho
said, "go thoro evory dny."
Ilimaway Tlila Nomine.
Dr. Raymond stopped at tho
postoilico this morning to got his
mail, leaving a Chinese boy to
mind his horso and brand now
phaoton. Tho horse took fright
at a piece of flying paper or at
Chester Doyle's uowsido whiskers
and dashed down Merchant street
towards Fort. On making tho
bend iuto Fort tho phaoton was
turned ovor on its sido, throwing
tho boy out. Tho horso kept ou
going, dragging tho carriago on
its side, until opposito Sprotikels'
bank, whoro it was stopped
by Harry von Holt. Tho carriago
was righted and found to have
sustained no damago whatever,
and tho Chinoso boy was not hurt
a particle.
An Oultuu Seizure.
Late yesterday afternoon Port
SurvoyorStratomeyoraud customs
officers Peters and Manoha
searched a couple of bundles
of washing from the saloon
of tho steamship Australia
which was being loaded on au ex
press wagon driven by G. Niepor,
iiuding therein one hundred half
pound tius of opium. Nieper was
arrested, together with J. .Barry,
the second steward.of the vessel,
and P. O'Brien, a waiter, aud
takeu to tho polico station. They
were relonsed on $500 bail each
shortly afterward. At this morn
ing's session of tho polico court
the caso was continued until to
morrow. ItXituqiierade Hall.
A Masquerade Ball, under tho
auspices of tho Sociedado Lusita
na Benotioianto do Hawaii, in aid
of the sufferers by the flood iu
Madeira and Azores Islands, will
take pluco on Saturday, May 1, at
8 p. in., at Lusitana hall, Alapai
Prizes will bo given to tho 13ost
Drossed and the Most Original
Tickets for adraissiou, 75 cents,
at Messrs. Wall Nichols & Co.
aud Uobron Drug Co. Also at
the doors ou tho cvoning of tho
a m
On Trial for Larcany.
Tho morning session of tho po
lico court was occupiod almost
entirely with the trial of Joao
Sylva for larceny in tho second
dogroo. Tho dofonduut is accused
of abstracting a miscellaneous col
lection of articles, such as cigars,
oigarettes, sheots of postage
stamps, choap jowelry, Hawaiian
postal cards and ouvolopes, from
tho storo of Juiucb Steiuor. Mar
shal Brown is prosecuting the cuso
and J. M. Vivas defending.
Chlucte Child Drowned.
Word was brought' to tho polico
station this aftoruoon that a Chi
neso child, threo years old, had
boon drowned in a duck pond at
l'nwan. Tho child waudored away
from tho houso without boitig
noticod by its inotllor.Marshiii
Brown soul au officer out to oxa
mino into tho affair.
Willi tho ussiBtuucQ of tho latest
machines a pioco of leather can
bo tronsformod into a pair of boots
in thirty -four minutes, in which
timo it passes through tho hnnds
of sixty-threo puoplo and through
fifteen miiuhhiua,
l'AM.: AWAY Olf A.f &). 'riIRT
Srili:i.T UA.tlAAI.VI.
I'unnral Arrangement Nut Vat Mom-
plrlcd Odd I'ulloiv. Will luhr
1'nll CluirKo ol tin- Interment.
At '20 minutes past noon today
Samuel Suvidgo, ouo of the oldest
residents of this city, brouthed his
Somo two months ago Mr. Su
vidgo had an attack of hesrt fail
ure aud was away from his desk
in tho office of Tom Mi.y ... about
two weeks. Ho seemed to recover
from tho attack but in a fow days
was stricken tlown again, :nd has
boon gradually growing u.nkor
until death came today. The
funeral will tako place at 2 o'clock
tomorrow aftoruoou uudor the .
auspices of tho Odd Fellows, tho
deceased boing au honored mem
ber of Excelsior Lodrp N. 1.
Tho funeral services will bo held
at St. Audrow's cathedral aud will
bo couductod by Rev. Alex. Mac
kintosh, a vory old friend of tho
family. Tho iutormout will bo at
Nuuanu comotcry, where tho ser
vices will bo uccordiug to tho Odd
Fellows' ritual.
Mr. Savidge was boru at Lead
ingham, Lincolnshire, England,
und was about 73 years of age.
Ho first camo to Honolulu iu WoG
with Heury May, uncle
of Tom May, aud together
they embarked in tho grocory
business nt tho wollknown stind
on Fort street uuder tho partner
ship of Suvidgo & May. After
somo years Heury Ma returnod
to Euglaud, leaving Mr. Savidge
iu full charge of the business.
Tom May came out from England
ou his uncle's second trip here
au.l the busiueos wad trat.Riem I to
him, Mr Suvidgo being mndo con
fidential clerk aud bookkcopar.
It is twenty-eight years oiuco Tom
May came out from England nnd
in all thobo years th iro has
scarcely been a day until
tho last fow weeks iu wuicli tho
familiar form of Samuel Savidge
has not been Been at hid desk in
tho old corner.
Tho decoasod leaves a wife, two ,
sous aud a daughter to mourn hid
loss. Tho latter is married to
Theodoro C. Portor. Ono other
sou, James, died about four years
ago. The two sous liting Samuel
and William, are employed in thu
Tom May closed his storo on
receipt of tho sad news and it will
remain closed until after the
fuuerul. The hall und doorway
of Excelsior Lodge ulso bear
mouruiug umblems.
Keaaoua Why.
Thero arp two reasons why
peoplo aro now paying car fare
all tho way from Waikiki to the
Palama Grocery and back. Reason.
1. It is tho only pluco on the
Islands whoro tho celebrated Sal
vation Army tea is sold. Reason
2. Aftor paying car faro both,
ways patrons find they two money
in pocket by dealing at this "live
and let live" establishment. Wo
also dclivor goods between Dia
mond Head and Monunluu free,
Hahhy Cannon,
Palama Grocory.
Opposito Railway depot, King
stroot. Tol. 755.
Treel Vrert Vreel
Tho Tcraplo of Fashion has
lately rocoived au ologant lino of
shirt waUts, collars and cuffs
from an Eastern factory. Tlio
order' for theso goods was placed
beforo Mr. Silva concluded to
closo out his business. Tho
goods are now on tln. counters
aud tho usual reduction of 2') por
cont on tho nctunl cost will bo
given. To ouch piirolnr of n
shirt waist an elegant tie will bo
ulvon froo, Coma oarly, na tho
supply in limited,
' 1
. vi

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