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Tho British cruiser Amphion is
expected hero Bbortly.
Musical instruments' wore first
mentioned 13. 0. 3875.
The dog catohora wore out early
this morning and had good luck.
The polico have made but one
arrest today,that of a boy for tru
ancy. Oahu Lodge, K. of P., meets
tonight for work in tho third
Threo Ohinese cnmblors woro
assessod the usual $10 ouch in tho
polico court today.
At tho I. X. L. store flags and
fireworks can bo bought for the
glorious Fourth.
Tho regular weekly meeting of
tho Commissioners of Education
comes off this afternoon.
Latest San Francisco quotations
arc: Hawaiian Commercial 12,
Hutchinson Plantation 19.
The, Y. H. I. will hold a social
this evening beginning at8o'clock.
All friends are cordially invited.
Warm woathor;is here try a caBe
of our soda water it will please
you. Hawaiian Soda Works,
Tel. 632.
The finest of breakfast sausages
are to, bo had at the Central Meat
Market on Nuuanu avonuo. Tolo
phono 104.
The worst thing that can hap
pen to a man in Siam is to get
into debt, owing to tho exorbitant
interest charged.
Robert Swan Scrimgeour, aa
manager ad interim of the Hagey
Institute, gives a cautionary
notico in this paper.
Tho Australian ball team has
not won a game in California. It
was defeated at Santa Cruz on
May 9 by a local nine.
Dr. Monsarrat'a appearanco bo
foro the Board of Health yester
day without his mustacho occa
sioned some comment.
The W. 0. T. U. will give an
entertainment, styled, "An Illus
trated Magazine," at the Hawaiian
Opora House on June 6.
According to a recont census
the population of Greece is 2,418,
000 souls, or an increase of 230,
000 over the figures of 1889.
A book of Hawaiian meles, in
cluding all the fileo club favorites,
has been issued. It is copyrighted
by Ed. O. Holstein and published
by the Hawaiian News Co. The
priutiug httB been nicely done by
Robert Grieve.
In the first daily newspaper,
started in London in 1703, the
editor announced that he would
not bother his readers with edi
torial notes, becnuso roadors woro
all wise enough to make thoir
own reflections.
An eleotrio mousetrap is some
thing new. A bit of cheese is at
tached to an eleotrio wire. The
mouse or rat, to get at the bait,
must stand on a metal plate, and
tho moment he touches the choeso
ho is shocked to death.
The captains of the brig Lur
line, four-masted sohooner Aloha,
barkentine Planter and barkentine
S.G. Wilder are raoing to Honolulu
for a small wager. The skipper
of the last vessel in has to pay for
a dinner for all four.
There will be a social at the
headquarters of tho Young Ha
waiians' Institute in Foster Hall
this evening at 8 o'clock. Friends
of the Institute are cordially in
vited to attend. There will be
music, singing and light refresh
ments. The medical expert detailed by
Surgeon General Wyman to in
vestigate quarantine matters in
Japan left Port Townsend for
Yokohama on April 19 by tho
Canadian Paoifio steamer. It ia
doubtful if Dr. Day will see him,
as he had a full month's start.
Dr. Kobayashi yesterday per
formed a major operation for
cancer on Miss Sophie Sholdon.
The entire right breast was re
moved, the operation ' taking a
little more than half an hour. To
day the patient is doing remark
ably well, better even than the
surgeon anticipated.
British residents are called
together again this evening, in
connection with tho Diamond
Jubilee There should be
a large response. The prin
cipal business is in connection
with the address to the Queen,
which is now ready to bo forward
ed by the first mail. Roports of
progress from convmittoos on
othor subjects will also bo in
-.T-an ..am.iiMjaMHKriii MiEH.anTMB
Tho conspiracy trial, com-
moncod yostorday in Judgo de la
Vergno's court, is still on.
Torchon and Valenciennes laces
aro still in groat demand. L. B.
Kerr has a choice lot, which ho is
Boiling at lowest possible rates.
Jim Burns pleaded guilty of
stealing money from Bun Keo
whilo under the influence of liquor
and Judgo de la Yergno suspend
ed his sentence this morning.
Tho threo Chinese chofa dealers
arrested yesterday afternoon have
been released on $100 bail each
and thoir cases set for trial by
Judge do Id Vorgne on the 25th.
Tho post offico box on the tele
phone at the corner of King Btreot
and the Waikiki road is in a dila
pidated condition, the door or
front portion having been abstract
ed by Borao ovil disposed porson.
A consignment of Ladios and
GoutB' Crescent Wheels aro on
exhibition at tho Pacific Oyclo &
Manufacturing Co.'s Store on
Fort street. The prices range
from S75 to $85. Easy terms.
These wheels aro up-to-date.
Continued from 1st Page.
plicants might as woll bo pro
pared to stay at home. It will bo
decided at the next meeting just
who will go.
President Smith then presented
maps of the proposed cemetery
Bite at Halawa. According to
Mr. Dodge's surveys there would
be 43 acres of land belonging to
the Biahop ' Estato and 15 acres
belonging to the government.
Both pioces wero at present un
der lease to J. I. Dowsett. Some
of tho members thought there
would bo difficulty in purchasing
the land from tho Bishop Estato
and still moro difficulty in getting
Mr. DowBott to sell his lease, but
the Attorney-General thought it
could be satisfactorily arranged.
Dr. Emerson took occasion to
express to the Board his gratifica
tion at the general excellence of
the quarantine arrangements at
the island and tho vory efficient
way in which superintendent Mc
Veigh and his assistants perform
ed their duties. A residence of
nearly a month had shown him
that the climate of the island was
highly suitable and the arrange
ments gonorally most excellent.
At somo futuro timo ho would
present the Board with a few sug
gestions by which he thought the
usefulness of the station could bo
still further improved.
President Smith asked the re
porters to note the fact that for
onco tho Board ndjoumed without
going into executive session.
Attention, Company A.
Aumouy Company A., N. G. II.,
Ho.molumt, May 20, 1897.
A Every Member of this Command is
hereby ordered to report nt the Drill
Hhfid THIS (Thursday) EVENING,
liny 20, at 7:3'J o'clock, for
615-lt Captain Commanding.
Hawaiian Hagey Insti
tute. The undersigned having assumed
sole charge of the Institute, notice Is
given thttt no one Is authorized to so
licit (or colltct monies on account of,
or enter Into any couiraot In connec
tion therewith save the undersigned.
Manager Ad Interim.
Honolulu, 19th May, 1897. 615-0t
Heal Estate Transactions.
Subscribers are furnished with from five
to bix lists per week, giving an anourute
record of all deodn, niortgupes, Iouboh, re
leases, powers ot attorney, etc, etc, which
are placed on record.
Subscription Price, $2,00 per Month.
210 King St, Honolulu.
Poundmaster's Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that Bay
Cow branded "Y" on light bind hip,
tall white, two horns and white spot
under the belly and also one black
Cow branded ai above on right hind
hip, white Btrlp under the belly, blind
on the left eye and no home are Ira
pounded In the Goveruinout Pound at
Muklkl, Honolulu, and It such estrays
be not claimed and all pound charges
satisfied on or before SATURDAY,
May 29, 1897, at 12 o'clock noou the
same will be Bold on that date and
hour to the highest bidder.
Honolulu, May 20, 1897. 016-3t
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated (or Its grcnt leavening strength
and hcalthfulnefs. Aesures tlio food against
alum and all forms of adulteration common
to tho cheap brands. Koyal Uakino row
I deii Co , New York.
Auction Sales by Jas. F. Morgan.
Sab of CoJTqs Lands
South Kona, Hawaii.
Under Instructions from the Owner
I will sell at Public Auction at my
Salesroom, Queen street, Honolulu,
On Saturday, May 22,
The following Property situated at
Hookena, South Kona, Hawaii.
One Twentieth Share In the Abu
puaa of Honokua, South Kona. The
above interest is entitled to about 328
acres of the above Abttpuaa. Sixty
acres of the above have beeu parti
tioned and are now In use by the
owner, of which about 15 acres are
planted In collee. Crop of 1895 was 27
sks of cleaned collee.
203 of mauka Lands iu Coffee Belt,
comprise balance of the land. All
Improvements Including New Cot
tage and Tank, Feuolng aud Walls, etc.
This properly Is on the main Gov
ernment Road, 3 miles from the ship
ping port of Hookunu.
For further particulars, apply to
609 -td Auctioneer.
Tennis Players should take notice ot
reduction In price of
Tennis Balls,
014 3t
A meeting of the General Commit
tee for the pi ejected Fourth ot July
Celebration, will be held at the Drill
Shed at 7:30 o'clock, THURSDAY
EVENING, May 20. Reports of the
sub Committee, will be heard and
other business transacted. A full at
tendance Is desired.
ED. TOWBE, Chairman.
Secretary. 614-2t
Meeting of British Resi
dents. An Adjourned Meeting of British
Residents, to hear reports of commit
tees ami for any other required busi
ness, relative to the Diamond Jubilee,
wilt be held at the Arllnutou Hotel
Inst., at 8 o'clock.
W F. Wilson, Secretary.
Honolulu, May 19, 1897.
For Seattle, Tacoma and
Port Townsend.
The 100 Al Steamship
Will sail for the above ports on
or about
MAY 26.
XST For freight or passage, apply to
014-td Ageuts.
For many a score of years
has Castor Oil been tho pet
remedy against constipation
and all stomach and Dowel
trouble with thousands of
Dr. Cummins is tho first
person who successfully dis
guised the taste without affect
ing the medicinal virtues of
castor uoil. The taste resem
bles honey and does not pro
duce nausea, can ,bo retained
by tho most delicate stomach.
There ore other preparations
on the market whose proprie
tors lay claim to a perfect dis
guise. We ask that you give
and you will agree with us
that it has no equal.
The dose is just tho samo as
Castor Oil.
Price 25 cents a bottle.
Be sure that you get Cum
mins' and take no other.
Hollister Drug Co.,
Sole Agents,
New European
-i - i '
Full Line Linen Damask and
Ladies' and Children's English Black Hose
(Fast Colors, Sanitary Dye)
J8 These Goods are in the Plain, Ribbed, Balbriggan and' Lace, '
Patterns and are guaranteed first-class. f ,
Navy Blue Coating and Waterproof Serges,
Swiss Muslins, French Confection, Batiste,
Plain Black and Figured Mohair.
These eroods
teed to bo tho very finest on the market both in
prices are, sure to suit you.
Fane v Ajrt Tickings,
This is tho very latest material for
Portieres, Curtains, Pillows, etc
Organdie Muslins, IPrinted Lawns,
in new designs and colorings.
Grlace Timings for Organdies,
in all colors, same effect as silk
and is very cheap.
Brocaded Alpaca nnd Mohair.
A New Assortment of
Ladies Swell Shirt "Waists,
The very latest in
Kid Q-loyes and Ladies Bolts-
....A Sample Line of....
Children's Reefer Jackets,
Only One of a Kind!
52Q Fort Street ; : JHonoluln;
The Ins and Outs of It.
If you get best wear out of a coat, best work must
have gone into it. You can't get good bread out of
poor flour.
Moral : You can't get the best out of anything, unless
the best is in it ; and the best has to be put in before it
(can be taken out. Now, we have a rule to test those
sarsaparillas with a big "best'on the bottle. "Tell us
what's put in you and we'll decide for ourselves about
the best." That's fair. But these modest sarsaparillas
say : " Oh I we can't tell. It's a secret. Have faith in
the label." . . . Stop ! There's one exception ; one sar
saparilla that has no secret to hide. It's Ayer's. If you
want to know what goes into Ayer's Sarsaparilla, ask
your doctor to write for the formula. Then you can
satisfy yourself that you get the best of the sarsaparilla
argument when you get Ayer's.
Air doubt led ? C.I lb. " Ctmbook."
It kill doubts but cures doubters.
Addrusi J, C. Ajer Co., Lowell, Mass.
Hollister Drug Co., Agents.
PILLOW LINEN (All Qualities),
and Turkish Towels
aro.nowly imported from
"W7". TCXEUD -
Table Napkins
Europo and aro guaran
finish and quality. Tho ' '
: . &,;
WW: . ' tf
r 3
- smsow?x!ssmst!mmi&vP?sS!!T.
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