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ii tldivrlising hit ilium,
I 77.
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Ijoh Don't Kead the Ilulletin
Evening Paper Published
on the Hawatlvt Islands,
you Don't Get ALL the News.
II D. !.. All ... 'D.mA..
i jvmiiiJ riL.Lt mv i ivy IV,
Ml tllMMMMlMIt I
Vol. III. No. 031.
PltlOK 5 CltNTS,
Published ovory tiny eicopt Sunday ut
210 King Strcot, Honolulu, H. I.
Per Month, anywhere iu tlio Iln-
wallnn JBlatulB $ 76
Per Year. IO
Per Yonr. postpaid to America,
Oannun, or Mexico 10 (X)
Per Year, postpaid, other Foreign
OountrlcB 13 00
Pnynblo Invnrlnbly la Advance
Tolcphono 250. P. O. Box 89.
B. L. FINNEY. Manager.
Cleanso your blood with Ayer's
Sarsaparilla tlio most thoroughly
reliable alteratlvo ever compounded.
For scrofula, bolls, ulcers, sores, car
bunclcs, pimples, blotches, and all
disorders originating iu vitiated
blood, this incdlclno is a specific.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Is equally bene
flclal as a remedy for catarrh, rheu
matism, and rheumatic gout. As a
Tonic, it assists tho process of
digestion, stimulates tho sluggish
liver, strengthens tho nerves, and
builds up tho body when debilitated
by excessivo fatigue or wasting
illness. Physicians everywhere con
sider Ayer's Sarsaparilla tho best. It
is a skilfully-prepared combination
of tho most powerful alteratives and
tonics. No other blood-purifier gives
equal satisfaction or is so universally
in demand.
) BR. J. C. AVER 1 CO., Lowell, Mat., 0. 1 A.
GOLD MEDALS at the World's Chief EipotlOont
Ayer's Pills curb biliousness
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Bole Agents for the Republic of Hawaii.
have now marked down
all their goods and invite
'They guarantee the
lowest prices and satis
faction. New goods by every
Old goods below cash
Von Holt Block, King Street,
David Dayton,
Real Estate Broker.
209 Merchant Street.
1 Surrey in fino order; price $200.
House aud Lot, 75x155 ft., on No. 71
Young utreot; parlor, 3 bedrooms, kitchen
dining-room. eto.
Lot on Wilder uvenne 100x300 ft., fenced.
HonBO on Berotanla street, near Piikoi
atroct: 4 rooms, dining-room, kitchen, bath
room and an empty lot to keep a bone.
Architect and Superintendent
ESi. Oflico: 305 Fort street,
Sprcckela' Block, Room 5.
Inlprcil oM'.Nit mid Wcl in I'otlloluii
on Meniali, Iho frlir
A Washington special of May
24 to tho San Francisco Chroni
olo contains tho following:
WIjou the tariff bill is under
discussion one of tbe first amend
ments to bo proposed will bo tho
restoration of tbo Hnwniian re
ciprocity clauBO of tbo Dingloy
bill. This was shown in tbo Bo
publican caucus today wbou tho
subject was brought up. Fryo of
Maino said ho would fight for tho
Ha waiians, while Nelson of Min
nesota insisted that the free entry
of sugar under the Soutite sche
dule would mean a gift to tho isl
ands of nearly 811,000,000 tho
coming yoar.
Perkins said that whila this
country was in honor bound to
give Hawaii a year's notico of
abrogation, ho would propose that
the Senate express its belief that
reciprocity should be real, aud to
compromise by granting a differ
ential of one-half a cont to the
islands. This would bo prefer
able to the present arrangemont.
This mot with favor iu tho caucus,
and the Senator tonight expresses
the belief that ho would be ablo to
secure this arrangement when the
bill is under consideration. Details
of the schedule will bo considered
at tomorrow's caucus.
Perkins said tonight that while
San Francisco was urging the
continuation of tho treaty, country-districts
urge abrogation, and
he is compelled to act as outlined
in doing bis whole duty to the
State. He is now of the opinion
that the Bliding scale, Btartmg at
one-half a cent for the first year
and disappearing in five years,
would give sufficient to Hawaiians
and at the samo time give Cali
fornia beet interests, in which be
has tho greatest faith, a chance to
develop. Perkins believes that in
five years California will be iu n
position to produce all the sugar
needed in the country.
In tho early part of tho caucus
Senator Aldrioh was called upon
for an explanation of tho bill,
and some of the amendments.
During tbe remarks Senator Cul
lom called for a statement on the
sugar schedulo, over which there
bad been so much controversy.
The explanation presented was
largely technical, but the Senators
who heard him understood that
the Honse schedule would largely
exclude the coarse and low grades
from Java, tho Philippine islands
and other points. Tbo effect of
tho House schedule would bo to
shut out the lower and cheaper
grades of sugar, the system of
compound duties presented by the
Senate bill being for tho purpose
of making this equality.
Western Senators referred to
the wool schedules. Senator
Warren of Wyoming, appoaring
as the spokesman for the wool
growers of the West, said that tbo
duties proposed by the committee
were, iu his judgment, inadequate,
and ho thought there should bo
some increase on the lines of tho
amendments proposed by tbo
Western Senators.
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts
spoke against tho duty on hides,
saying bo did not seo how be
could avoid voting for an amend
ment which proposed placing
hides on tho freo list. This state
ment raised a storm among West
ern men, who said if such a
method was proposed they would
bo compelled to voto for plaoing
certain articles on the free list or
for reducing tbo duty on thorn.
They did not oxpect that tho Dem
ocrats would voto with tbcm to in
crease duties.
Tho Westerners announced that
to settle with the Eastorn nion
who voted to reduce tho duties on
thoir products, thoy would vote to
roduco the duty ou articlos whioh
their pooplo purchased nnd did
not produce It was this stato of
affairs that brought forth the pro
position of Senator Burrows to
submit proposed changes to the
Republican monibms of the
Fiuanco Committee aud thru to
tho caucus. Thoro was no talk of
bolting and no Senator said he
would voto against the bill ns a
whole. It was ou tho matter of
schedules that they disagreed.
Tho questiou of abrogating tho
Hawaiian treaty item caused a
lively debate.
m m
iio.oiiii iui:k.v viuiouia.
UrrctliiK Tram I'roliylerlmi Church
111 Hie United Ntiitr.
At tho recent Qenoral Assembly
of PresbytoriauB nt Eagle Lake,
Indiana, the following resolution
was moved by John Wauaniakor,
Postmaster General in Harrison's
Cabinet, and ordered to bo sont to
tho Queen. The mover referred
to the fact that tho Queen attends
the Presbyterian churoh while
residing in Scotland, also to tbe
compact botwoen England and
Scotland embracing tho West
minster Confession of Faith.
" I ' l . n 4ft ! HArtnlrtlt M
This day being tho seventy-!
hti, nnL.,.. i. I.5..I.
eighth anniversary of the birth
aud sixtieth nunivorsary of tho
coronation of her most gracious
majesty, Queen Victoria, whoso
reign has lasted longor thau that
of auy other monarch in tho last
1000 years, this Gouoral Assombly
of the Presbyterian Church in tho
United States of America deems
it fitting and does hereby send
most cordial Christian greetings
to both tho illustrious Christian
sovereign and tho subjects of her
gentle, generous and righteous
rule over tho destinies of the
empire upon which tho sun never
Preabjrterlnn moderation Describes m
Urcadrul NtKto of Affair.
Alaska's horrors and hopes were
aired by Dr. Sheldon Jackson, the
moderator of tho Presbyterian
General Assembly, in his dis
course yesterday, says an Eagle
Lake, Indiana, dispatch of May
Dr. JackRon declared that in
fanticide, witchcraft, polygamy,
the murder of parents and other
practises of benighted and da
graded paganism prevailed to a
terrible extent among tbroo or
four native races. Mothers killed
their own babies.
Dr. Jackson found that in some
tribes it was the practise of child
ren to kill fathers and mothers
when they got old. This custom
had become firmly established.
Tho grip had swopt the coast of
Alaska and carried off many
natives. They attributed the dis
ease to witches. Dr. Jackson do
olarod that scores of pooplo wero
burned or buried alivo on suspi
cion of being witohes.
At Hakce Inland.
Tho regular monthly moonlight
concert at Makee Island by the
Government baud comes off this
evening, with tho following pro
gram: TAUT I.
March Tho Navy (new) Varlow
Overture. Scmlramlile Itosulnl
Fuutuslu Nlnhtlnelo anil Frogs
Reminiscence or all Nutlous oilfrey
Cernct Solo First Love ...Ncurnan
Mr. Charles Krcuter.
Fantasia Hose of tihiras Ellcnbori;
Waltz The Tyrolean . Zeller
March -Tlio Admiral (new) 1'arlow
Hawaii 1'onol. -
RemlUBlou I'lnlc Ilnccra.
Tbo Remington whools aro bo
coming moro and more popular.
They have proved themselves first
class both in material and finish.
Throe of these wheels will bo in
tho 11th of June racos. Tho riders
who hope to got these wheels
under the wiro first aro John
Silva,thoManoa wonder.GbasMur
ray and T. V. King. Tho Pacific
Cyclo it Manufacturing Co., Lovo
Building, aro tho agent, for this
'run aui:i n"t::N" I'iust visir
llriiiniKtrntliMi l Alli-ettnn
l.nyullj- rtr I In' Vi-ih'iiiMp
Ou the afternoon of May 22
last Mler Majesty Quwn Victoria
paid a visit to the groat manu
facturing city of Shellield.
Strango to relate, it was the first
tirao sho had over visited tho
placo in her long roign, and tho
inhabitants, mindful of tho fnct,
vied with each other in making
her visit one long to be romom-'
beredand the occasion of a groat de
monstration of loyalty and affec
tion for tho venorablo sovereign.
Business was entirely suspend
ed throughout the day, and
through the judicious expenditure
of 830,000 appropriated by tho
muuicipal authorities and sub
:i..ri... tl ,i! . 11.. I
T" m,-' , r"'Ky
towu wn8 or tno tllno trnnsform-
ed into fairyland.
Triumphal flower arches span
ned a score of streets, nnd tho
fronts of business and residence
structures were almost hidden
horn view by artistic floral do
signs or bunting. Her MajoBty
and suite loft Windsor on tho now
royal train iu the morning aud
reached tho Midland railway
Btation shortly after 5 o'clock.
Escorted by a dotaahinont of
regulars, a regiment of yeomanry
and two companies of the local
volunteors, her Majesty was driven
to tho now town hall. Here, with
out leaving her carriage, sho re
ceived loyal addresses of greeting
from tho corporation, the Cutlers'
Company and the Town Trustees.
A keyboard was then placed in
her Majesty's lap, a wire leading
from the doors of the town hall
attached thereto, and with a press
of her thumb upon the olectric
button tbe big doors opened in
wardly on their hinges, whilo can
non boomed and tho immouso
crowd choored itsolf hoarse.
Although a frequent occurrence
in the United States, this was tho
first time that tho Queen had
brought electricity to her aid in
performing a public function, and
the aged Bovoreign manifested
great interest in what sho appear
ed to regard as a iemarkablo foat.
After declaring the town hall
dedicated, hor Majesty was driven
by a circuitous route to Norfolk
Park, whore G0,000 children wore
gathered and Bang tho national
anthem upon her approach. Hero
sho was formally welcomed by tho
Duke of Norfolk, who this year ib
Major of Sheffield.
1' rom tho park the procession
passed over tho other main thor
oughfares to the works of OharloB
Campbell&Co., where sho witness
ed from her carriage tho horses
having first been detached tho
rolling of an armor plate and
other processes.
Meanwhile the royal train had
boon shunted to a special platform
outside of the mill and at 7 o'clock
her visit having lasted two hours,
tho journey north to Balmoral was
It is ostimatod that betwoon
500,000 and 000,000 people wero on
tho streets, and tho most intenso
enthusiasm was manifested wher
ovor tho Quoon made her appear
ance Earlier in tho day aud
again in tho evening 50,000 child
ren were entertained by tho Duke
of Norfolk, who atao dispensed
hospitality to several thousand
poor and aged peoplo.
A Martyr la Hl Vallli
Alphone Jooston, Vicar Aposto
lio and Bishop of, the Dutch West
Indios, is tbo first olorgyman of
Episcopal rank to sucoumb to
loprosy, with whioh ho bocorno
iufected whilo administering re
ligious instruction and consola
tion to loprouB adults and childron
at Curncou.
KinnxKMM im:wami:i.
low ) Woman Krmrmbrred the
tJouilnrtu of Itlnn.
No old-fashioucd moral iu anti
quated fiction needs less to be
labeled as such than tho one in
the following romantic itora of
real nows iu a Into San Francisco
Through tho gratitude of a
woman to whom ho was kind
when bho was ill, W. F. Hastings
has coiuo into a legacy of 873,000.
It was several yoars ago that
Hastings and Carrie JJurch wero
in the employ of D. O. Mills at
Millbrac. Miss Btuch became ill
and Hastings showed her such
attentions as his time and means
permitted, finally assisting her
with monoy when sho became con
valescent aud desired to corao to
San Francisco. Hero the woman
eocurod employment with a family
that was about to travel. While
in Australia she mot a man named
Frank Hall, and thoy wero mar
ried. Hall waB blessed with a com
petency aud with his wifo went to
livo in London, where ho shortly
fterward died, Mrs. Hall being
his solo heir. Sho did not sur
vivo him long, and dying remom
bored tho man to whoso unselfish
kindness sho owed, porhaps, her
health and fortune
It was a surpriso to Hastings to
bo informed by W. J. Watson, a
London solicitor, that ho was a
beneficiary under tho will of Mrs.
Halt to real and personal proper
ty estimated at a value of $73,000.
Hastings' idontity was satisfac
torily established, and fuuds have
been sent to him to enablo him to
go to England and enter into pos
session of tho estate.
Ily iuuncrlpllon at the llnnallau
Hotel tomorrow feTenluv.
Tho Hawaiian National Band
will give a concert at tho Hawai
ian hotel at 7:80 tomorrow even
ing. As the proceeds are to pay
off a debt on the instruments, it
is hoped that tho subscription
list now in circulation will bo
liberally filled. Contributions
may also bo placed in boxes pro
vided nt the concort. Mr. Kama
kaia is leader of tho band and
gives a concort solo in tho concert,
of which tho following is tho pro
gram: TAUT I.
March "Dallas, Texas" Llbornlo
The Olden Time Beyer
Cornel Solo C'albarien Mlchlcla
S. K. Kauakata.
Waltz-Dluo Danubo Strauss
Hawaiian Songs.
Omturc Rlrala 1'etteo
Troubadour Ucbert
Mall'olua Llbornlo
Amerlcau, English, Japanese and Hawaiian
Niinerlng From Nervona Proatrntlon
mid llniincloiia Collector.
Mrs. Carey Higloy Dimond, the
Honolulu divorcee, was to havo
appeared in Justice Cook's court
yostorday, Bays a late Call, to an
swer an ordor of examination pro
cured by J. J. Bauer, but sont a
physician's certificate by a mes
senger that sho wasBuiloring from
norvous prostration and could not
attend. Tho matter was contin
ued until tomorrow. Bauer got a
judgment ngniust Mrs. Dimond
on a noto for 82f0, but failed to
find anything to satisfy tho claim
oxcopt a bicyclo that realized 810.
Now ho wauts to know what has
become of tho diamonds and other
costly trinkets that Mrs. Dimond
possosBod when she landed in this
country after her exciting career
iu tho Hawaiian Islands.
If you contemplate ordering a
portrait enlargement wo invito
your attontion to tho superior
work wo offor and would ask a
comparison of prices aud work
manship boforo placing your
) ordor. King Bros., Uotol etroet.
noiluiiril lor I'.thiMtliiti on thr
Nlnue of Any Orrtlnwry Thrntrr
i:ieclrlrlly hui I'iijiiici-..
Baseball enthusiasts are very
much iutereHted in a now inven
tion for reproducing in miniatuie
a ball game played at my dis
tanco away. Of :otirno electricity
is the agent that accomplishes
this. Tho miniaturo diamond is
erected on a stage in a public hall,
aud as tho spectators outer they
behold a platform sloping to the
stage at a good angle, so that overy
player can be soon at any portion
of tho houso. Tho platform ie
painted green, to roprcsont the
grass, and the base plates are
marked out. Tho grounds are in
closed by fences, aud in tbo center
field is a largo scoro board on
which nppoar the scores of the
games iu other citios, whioh are
posted by innings.
So well has the system been
developed that a scorer sitting in
Boston can noto' ovory play of a
game iu Cleveland aud re
produce tho etory of the game
so that it will comparo ex
actly with a atory writton by one
who has actually seen tho game.
In miuiaturo baseball overy ball,
overy strike, every foul, every hit,
aud every fioldiug play is given,
and given by signals in such a
manner that tho spectator can un
derstand without a word of expla
nation irom lue operator, urouna
balls aro indicated by white
olectric lights in front of eaoh
player. If gathered by an infield
a whito light, representing the
ball, immediately afterward ap
pears in tho hands of the infield,
and then if the ball appears is
the hands of a baBoman ahead of
the runner, the man is out. If
the ball if .fumbled, a red light
appears at tho feet of tbe fioldor,
and in oaso of the catcher tbii
means a passed ball. If the light
fiickors in the hands of tho fielder,
a fumble is indicated, and the red
aud white light together indicate
a wild throw. Fly balls, fair or
foul, are shown by white or groom
lights suspended in tho air, fol
lowed by a whito light in tho
bands of oither in or outfielder, as
the case may bo.
The whole schemo is controlled
by an operator who worka on a
Bwitchboard controlling 147 wires.
There aro thirty-two signals for
tho baso-runnerB. Tho puppots
move their lees by a systom of
cog-whoela while iu motion. The
coaches are put in a state of vio
lent agitation by means of cords.
A great deal of fun for the specta
tors is caused by tho way the
base-runners take a lead from the
base in response to tho urging of
the coaches. As oach man goes
to the bat ho takes a right-handed
or a loft-handed position, as tho
case may bo. In miniaturo ball
each man carrios his own bat with
him all the time, this being a de
parture from what is seen in tho
regular game. It works all
right in the theater, however.
In front of tho platform on
which tho diamond is seen is a
box with four compartments. Ono
shows tho strikes, another tho
balls nnd the othor two the runs
scored, provision being made for
tho scoring of nino runs in any
iuuiugs. All this is controlled by
The batting ordor appears on
two largo blackboards on the right
and left ot tuo proscenium, ana
by moans of an olectric light uoxt
to the uamo of the batsman one
can always tell who is at bat. In
fact, a spootator entering the the
ater at any time of the nf teruooa
can tell the scoro, tho innings;
played, tho uuinbor of men out
and the man batting.
Tho finest of broakfnst sau6agOB
aro to bo had at tho Central Meat
Market on Nuunuu avenue. Tele
phono 101.

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