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Best' Mvertisiu&MeMthj :
IfyottDom Jicad the Bulldin
77j 07ta 5 Taa
1 Evening Paper Published
on the Hawaiian Islands.
Ci .r.-.A.'m tc 4M11W1
you Don't G'chfflCiL'tha-Ncws.
It Readies ALL tlte Teople.
Vol. III. No. 63G.
Price 5 Cents,
Published every day oxcopt Sunday at
210 King Street, Honolulu, H. I.
BUBscmrnoN baths.
For Month, anywhere In the Ha
waiian Islands 8 76
Per Year. 8 00
Per Year, postpaid to America,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Per Year, postpaid, other Foreign
Countries 13 00
Pnynblo Invariably In Advance.
Telephone 256. P. O. Box 89.
B. L FINNEY, Manager.
t5r Cr
The best preparation for preserving
restoring, and beautifying the hair is
Hair Vigor.
It keeps the scalp free from dandruff,
heals troublesome humors, and pre
vents the hair from tailing out. When
the hair becomes dry, thin, faded, or
gray, it restores thcorigiual color and
texture and promotes a new and vig
orous growth. Wherever used, Ayer's
Hair Vigor supplants all other dress,
ings, and becomes at once the favorite
with ladies and gentlemen alike.
Hair Vigor.
IR. J. C. AVER a CO., Lowell, Mm., U. LA.
GOLD MEDALS at tha World's Chief Exposition.
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Bole Agents for tho Republic of Hawaii.
have now marked down
all their goods and invito
They guarantee tho
lowest prices and satis
faction. Now goods by every
Old goods below cash
Vou Holt Bloolc, King Street,
David Dayton,
Real Estate Broker.
209Ji Morclwnt Street.
Fon bale.
1 Burroy in fino onlorj price S200.
Uouso and Lot, 70x155 ft., on No. 71
Yonn( street; parlor, 3 bedrooms, kitchen
dining-room, oto.
Lot ou Wilder avonue 100x300 ft., fenced.
Honso on llerotimlft Btreet, war l'llkol
stroeti roouiB, uinliiicrooiu, kitchen, bath,
room unit uu empty lot to kuep a horbO,
Architect anil Superintendent
KSu Oflluo: aon Fort street,
Bpruckols' Block, Hoom 5,
Mr. Dlninnd Aiciilu OnnnldcrlUR the
Miitrlmoiilul Problem mill Mr.
nrlicsV llnnd nnd Heart.
"Onco bit, twice shy," is tho way
Mrs. Ditnond Bontontiously sums
up her latest lovo affair, offering
tho trito old axiom as hor only ex
cuso for keeping tho "dearest,
sweetest follow in all tho world"
waiting for tho answer which is to
mako him tho happiest or most
miserable of man, says a lato Gall.
Tho fair and buxom Oaroy is
porturbed. Hor plans aro inde
finite and hor opportunities many.
With hor it is tho ombarrassmont
of riches. Should sho decido to
continuo to sail hor craft on tho
turbulent waters of a theatrical sen
thoro is tho Montana angol await
ing to launch hor on tho gay Now
"World metropolis.
Should sho desiro to return to
tho homo of her girlhood, again
doeB fortuno smilo ou hor her
stopmothor has receutly passed
from this world of caro and Mr.
Higloy, hor noblo siro, Btands
roady to welcome hor to his heart,
hearth and homo. Last, but not
least, thoro is a haudeomo young
Yokohama merchant who is pray
ing and watching for hor in his
Far Eastern home and who gen
orously lets his offor stand open
for two years.
This latest romance of Mrs. Di
mond is quito tho most romantic
of her not uneventful lifo. It
reads liko a chapter of a to-bo-
continued-in-our-noxt Btory, and
opens with that delightful clnuso,
"Onco upon a time."
This is the way Mrs. Dimond
tells it, accenting tho tolling
points with rippling laughter or
deep sighs, just as tho situation
"It was on my way down on tho
Coptic, when I determined to go
back and battlo for my rights. IIo
was seated at my left at tho pur
ser's table, and incidentally our
conversation turned on Iowa, its
customs and its people. 'Do you
know any people in Cedar Ra
pids?' ho asked. 'I passed through
there fifteen years ago and atten
ded a wedding. Ono of tho brides
maids was a schoolgirl with tho
merriest laugh it has over beou
tho lot of a poor mortal to hear. I
havo traveled half over tho world
to hear that laugh once again.' I
laughed I could not help it and
ho recognized me. 'You aro Carey
Hoyloy,' ho said, and from that
momont wo became fast friends."
Mrs. Dimond tells of tho tote-a-totes
with only the palo moonlight
shining on the water to play
chaporouo, and of the Yokohama
merohaut's growing interost in tho
girl with tho merry laugh.
"Then I told him all," and Mrs.
Dimond, "or I should say, I gavo
him the papers, in which tho caso
was so widoly exploited. Ho took
them down to his cabin and camo
up two hours later, his eyes red
and swollon. 'You poor little
woman,' ho said, 'I did not moan
to speak just yet, but I must toll
you what is ou my heart. First
lot mo tell you, that if it bo best
for you and your interest to offoct
a reconciliation with Mr. Dimond
do bo. If not, aud you can see it
in that light, come out to mo iu
Yokohama. I want you for my
This unsolfish declaration so
touched tho sonsitivo heart of tho
lady that it appoars it was only
tho iiiquisitivo passengers on deck
who kept hor from Hinging hor
arms thou aud thoro about his
Aud thou Iiq sailed away to his
Far Eastern homo. Eauh stoamor
brings to tho fair divorcoo toiulor
lottoiH filled with sugary npooohos
and devotion. Each ono concludes
with n wait and hopo expression,
and Mrs, Dimond is seriously con
toinplnting tho giving io his euro,
in (ho mmr fuliiro, hor undivided
The namo of tho chivalrous
gentleman Mrs. Dimond decided
to keep to herself, but in hor en
thusiasm it slipped out, and it is
just plain and ordinary Briggs
Mr. Briggs of Yokohama.
At present Mrs. Dimond is
sharing hor quarters at a down
town hotel with Mrs. Jenuio
Douglass sue ot new-woman i
fame, whoso husband procured a
divorco recontly ou tho ground
that sho was too progressive. Sho
acts rb a cheerful antidote to Mrs.
Dimond's frequent attacks of tho
blues and is altogether, according
to her hostess' opinion, invalua
blo. Iu tho midst 'of all her cares
and multitudinous plans Mrs.
Dimond finds time to think of hor
sistors in distress. "I am so sor
ry for Mrs. Abell," sho said, "I
will call on her tomorrow."
irr.:us iritoji iiii.o.
Corniinr'N Jury Uni;rcn mi flilnno
Litborer'a Dculli.
Mr. and Mrs. Fuhr havo lost a
four-year old son by a buruing
Tho coroner's jury in tho caso of
tho Chinese laborer killed at Hn
kalou disagreed hopelessly. Evi
dence was very conflicting. Ono
theory was that, when tho mau
was seon to bo in a dying Btate,liis
countrymen clubbed him to tho
finish to mako out a strong case
against the hums.
Attoruoy Geneial Smith haB
declarod himself in favor of a
public park in tho heart of Hilo.
The Honoinu soda works wore
runuiug with no safety valve, with
tho result of an explosion that
threw a .Japaucso operative
through tho roof.
Tho improvement of Waianuo-
nue street ia going ahead.
Hilo will celebrate tho "Victoria
Jubilee on the 21st, with a lunch
eon for foreigners, a luau for the
natives, and a ball in tho ovonihg.
There will bo prize sports
through the day.
i o
TUT. TUH-lll'-WAR.
Homo IiitcrvNlini; Kvuutn In tho HrlNtal
l'litillcm Last Night.
There was a considorablo falling
off in tho number of spectators at
the Bristol pavilion last night, but
thoro were probably 300 present.
Tho Waikiki and Pakaka teams
were tho first to contest, and they
wore very ovenly matched, so
evenly that for27minutos thoro was
no purceptiblo gain on oithor side.
Then tho Pakaka team gavo way
iust a littlo. The Waikiki mon made
a desperato effort and started tho
ropo thoir way and kopt it going
until in 32 minutes from tho start
they had tho requisite fivo feet.
Tho Makaui Hoeo aud Hono
lulu Iron Works teams lined up
for tho next pull which was short,
sharp and docisive, the fouudry
mou winning in 11 minutes.
Groat things were oxpocted of
tho pull between tho men from
tho Marion and Philadelphia.
Tho lattor hold their owu protty
woll for tho first 20 minutes but
in 12 minutes more thoy woro
Ponrl Harbor Iiitrotluutloii.
Tho couforeuco roport ou tho
sundry civil sorvico appropriation
bill has boon prosonted in Cou
gross. Instead of appropriating
fcoOUU lor l'ourl Harbor, Hawaii,
an appropriation of $10,000 is
mado for a survey of tho outrauco
aud a roport by the Secrotary of
tho Navy on tho amount and cost
of tho laud neeossary to bo acquir
ed for coaling aud repair of tho
Scribnor's Book Buyer for Juno
gives a short account of the bronzo
tablets to bo placed on Robert
Louis StovoiiHon'ri tomb at Mount
Vala, Samoa. Tho inscriptions
nro iu English aud Samoaii, In
tho Hiuno uuiubur of this periodi
cal, thoru iu an illustration of Al
len Jlutuhiiiuoii'u lifo-sl.o bust in
ulay of tho novelist, whliih was ex
hibited in Hid Now Uulluiy, lou
don, in m,
Nplrll r FntrrprUo Pervading llllo
I'rojirl ofl'nrtt Itonrvnlloiin '
III tho 'I own.
"W. O. Smith, Attorney-General,
returned iu tho steamer Kinau
from tho island of Hawaii this
morning. Ho waived tho claimB
of accumulated business on his
desk for a fow minutes to talk to a
Bulletin' representative, saying;
"At Hilo I found work pro
gressing, public impiovoments
being made. Tho road work
which is being pushed in differ
ent directions is doing a great
deal toward developing that sec
tion of country.
"In tho matter of w'idoning
Waianuonuo street, tho principal
ono of tho town, tho old wall
around tho Courthouse premises
is to bo removed, aud tho material
is to be used on tho street anil in
constructing a sewer to drain the
water from tho ditch and Hood
water. Tho proposition now is to
not rebuild any fence about tho
"A good deal was Baul by dif
ferent residents in regard to park
reservations. I personally am
vory much in favor of reserving
more than ono lot of ground for
park purposes porhaps ouo for a
recreation ground of largo oxtout,
whero Bports can bo carried on.
Another to bo laid out with troos
aud plauts and having a band
"Also I would favor having the
quaiautiuo buildings romoved
from Cocoanut Island, so that tho
place can bo preserved for a ro
croation ground.
"The Hilo baud has rocoived its
now instruments and one ovouing
last week it gavo a concort at tho
grounds of tho hotel which was
very croditablo indeed to tho mu
sicians. "Tho hospital building is near
ly completed and promises to bo
of groat benefit in tho district.
"Among tho public measures
which aro now advocated
in Hilo is tho build
ing of anothor road from
Hilo to tho Volcano House, on a
lovol higher than tho present
Volcano road, so as to open up a
largo oxtout of public lands now
inaccossiblo. Should this road bo
built, with cross roads connecting
with tho old Volcano road, it
would donbtless provo of very
great benefit to tho community
aud of profit to tho Government.
"Although tho people of Hilo
district complain of lack of rain,
tho countiy is vory greeu and tho
crops do not soom to havo sufforod.
But iu somo parts of Hainakua
aud Kohula districts, groat loss
has already boon suffered from
tho drought.
"Take it altogether at Hilo tho
spirit of enterprise and- progress
is vory manifest.
"Yes; I iuvostigated tho matter
of tho death of a Chinaman at
Hakalau plantation, nlleged to
havo boon caused by rough and
haish treatment of overseers. Tho
matter is now under judicial in
vestigation and will doubtless
coma boforo a jury for trial. Tho
ahargo against tho ovorsoors is
Madam Yulo, who latoly ar
rivod from tho Coast, is locatod at
tho Eaglo Houbo, Nuuanu shoot,
whoru sho is proparod to por
mauontly romovo moles, warts aud
suporiliiouH hair, by olectricity,
Sho has also for sale an oxcollont
faco blanch, warranted not to in
jur o tho akin, Madam Yulo niakos
a specialty of oloctrlo troatiiiout,
l'riulod ducks are just as good,
if not hotter than anything also
for boj-H' shirt waists, Thoy whbIi
and wear woll, two vary important
considtuatloiiH, Kerr lias tlioin in
a lingo variety of patlariifi atolglit
yiirdu for ono dollar,
nuoar lour in i.ikklihf:,
Chlnmo Plrm Aik Inmficr r.ir I'll
lnwlul Nolxurc Writ orcrror
Aciilii't Kiulille.
Tho Hawaiian Star Nowepaper
Association by its attorney, W.B.
Castle, denies each and ovory al
legation of Manuol Rosa's com
plaint of libel. Plaintiff claims
85000 damages for publication of
a streot rumor that ho had murd
ered his wifo.
Tho Laupahoohoe Sugar Com
pany has brought suit to recover
S100G.58 from tho Wilder Steam
ship Company on account of sugar
lost iu tho wrecking of tho steam
er Likolike. Frauds M. Swauzy,
vico president of tho plaintiff
corporation, signs tho summons,
and A. S. Hartwoll is couuboI for
In ro bankruptcy of S. Ehrlicb,
Judgo Perry on argument granted
a motiou that tho estate pay tho
co3t of a certain deposition charg
ed by tho clerk to tho bankrupt's
attorney. Stanley for bankrupt;
Neumann for assignee.
Wing Wo Tai Co. havo brought
an action for trespass against
Sam. A. Macy, Robert H. Parker
and Gub Cordes, to recover S1000
damages for unlawful Bcizuro of
parcels of merchandise Hum
phreys fe Macdouald for com
Argument was heard by Judgo
Carter, who rcsarved decision, on
domurror to amonded bill of com
plaint of Dimond vs. Macfarlauo.
Humphreys ife Macdonald for
plaintiff; Kinney & Ballou for de
fendant. Kinnoy it Ballon for defen
dant, in Kauakiole vs. Walkor,
give notico of motion to roquiro
plaintiff to perfect appeal accord
ing to Supremo Court rulos.
Loo Yau, Leo Chung Bank and
Loo Sung bring a writ of orror
against tho Republic of Hawaii
upon their conviction for con
spiracy. Kinnoy & Ballou for
J. Q. Wood is presiding as mas
ter in ro Kapiolaui vs. L. K. Pu
ahi. Castlo for plaintiff; Magoon
& Edings for dofoudant.
Judgo Perry has given judg
ment for tho amount claimed aud
costs in tho suit of Thomas Gay,
for H. Focke, against Puou, ou
account of injury to a horso by
negligence. Tho dofondaut was
training tho animal, aud $100 was
tho amount claimed for injury.
Uefoudaut appealed from tho Dis
trict Court of Wttialua, whoro
judgment was rendorod against
him. Neuraauu for plaintiff; Cas
tlo and Wcavor for dofoudant.
Judgo Porry has approved tho
final accounts and granted tho
discharge of Mrs.Lilia N. Hanaia,
administratrix of tho estate of S.
N. P. Hanaia. Recoipts 193.13,
payments S182.15, balanco S10.08.
Kauo for potitionor.
Inquiry hero confirms tho sory com.
inf,' from Lima to the effect that tho
State Department lias lodged a de
mand with the United States charge
of legation at Lima for tho release of
the mate of tho American bark "Uncle
John." IIo -vis tiblioro on December
10 last at Calhio, ami was arrcsU-d lo
calise of his constant demand for "Ilal
nler Heer." On tap or in bottles at tho
Criterion Saloon.
lllitftli'N mid I'liui'loua,
Gus Sohiimun bogs to inform
tho publiu that ha has ou hand a
fino now lino of Surreys, Buggios,
PhaotoiiB, Road Wagons and Carts;
Double aud Single Uuggy, Ik
press aud llaok Harness mado
specially for tho Hawaiian trade,
Those goods aro now on exhibi
tion at tin) aiuh Stables.
Tho Hun VruuoUun Oomuinroia!
Bulletin lias issuod u Han Joaquin
Valley odllinu uoimMiug of (en
lurgo piijjoa with Illustrations,
court nrritiN.
Smith Cnrullun'M l,liitir .Synloni la
lute tin- Inti-r-tuta Ciini- ,
iiifriM- Act.
Tho local Liquor Commission,
members of the Legislature and
toinperanco people generally will
be highly interested iu l.nowing
that the celebrated South Carolinu
liquor lawor"dispouBury system,"
as it is generally known, has re
ceived its death blow at the bauds
of a Judgo of tho United States
Circuit Court, who declares it to
bo unconstitutional iu part and u
violation of tho Interstate Com
merce Law.
On May 31st at Columbus, S.O.,
Judgo Siiuontou filed his decision
in tho Vaudercock dispensary
caso. Ho pronounces unconstitu
tional those parts of the act of
18D7 restricting tho importation
of liquor in original packages for
personal uso or salo of such ori
ginal paokagos within tho Stato
for use in the Stato. This is re
garded as tho dispensary's death
blow. It means tho reopening of
the market for California wines.
A shipment of wines from Vau
dercock iu California to a party of
Charleston gcutlemou was seized
last winter. Tho California dealer
contended that ha had a right to
bring liquors into tho Stato, es
tablish warohousos and sell from
such cstablishmouts original pack
ages for personal use. Ou that
contention ho appealed to tho Cir
cuit Court. Tho Stato becamo
nervous. It was the first timo this
question had been sprung and tho
issue was decided. It offered to
return the confiscated wines, but
Vaudercock would uot compro
mise. Arguments woro made threo
woeks ago, J. P. Kennedy Bryau
of Charleston ropresonting Vand
orcook, and Attorney - General
Barbor the dispeusury.
Iu tho decision tho Judgo is
vory clear. Ho declares tho right
of tho State to prevent tho manu
facture or sale of liquor within its
borders and tho exorcise of polico
powers, but maintains that when
the Stato recognizes aud upproves
Buoh manufacture and sulo of
liquor as a beverago by engaging
in it for profit it procludos tho
idea that such salo ia considered
injurious to public welfare, and is
not tho lawful exorcise of police
powor to forbid tho importation
of such liquors for their salo iu
original packages for personal uso
nnd consumption, such prohibi
tion uuder tboso circumstances
being iu conflict with tho laws of
interstate and foreign commorco.
Tho dociaiou of tho United States
Supromo Court, ho says, is clear
that as long as a Stato recognizes
liquor as a bovorago it is lawful
aud to be encouraged; as long as
it seeks a monopoly in supplying
such liquor it cannot constitution
ally forbid or hindor commorco iu
such liquor betweou its citizens
and those of other States.
Tho Govomor said two weeks
ago that if Simonton decided this
enso against tho dispensary ho
would shut it down. An extra ses
sion of tho Legislature may bo
called; othorwiso the dispousary
must bo closod. Tho Stato has in
various dispensaries betweou
$250,000 worth of 1 iquors.
ItcimoiiH Why
Thoro aro two rensons why
pcnplo aro now paying car faro
nil tho way from Waikiki to tho
I'alama Grocory aud back. Reason
1. It is tho only place on tho
Iblauds whero tho celebrated Sal
vation Army tea is sold. Reason
2. After paying car faro both
ways patrons find they are monoy
iu pocket by dealing at thin "livo
mm lot llvir fwlithlitiliiiiiuit. Wo
alrto deliver goods between Dia
mond Head and Moiumlim froo.
1'nluiim limsflry.
OppoiillH ltnlhvny duiwt, Kin
Hlrgyt, M7W,
'jjufrW- '
Urt '

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