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UUIiLliTIN, AUOUST 17 18117, '
HWMmiMiwum. ii i ijiw iwaw t n , .. mpMnn I ! mawMailg W IMMIIIWWW MWi nmmwi ii l"l I " I I Ill I ill i ,
JK, ft
l;q Eueplp Bulletin
DANIKL, LOQAN, lidltor.
Tl'ESDAY, AUG. 17, 1807.
It !h plonnlug to tho 8h Loula
Slnr to contemplate that Hawaiian
nuni'xntinii "will put n fuw vob
sel. nil ill I though tliuy be, undor
tht Amui tcnii llnfi." Homo vory
decent ships, bonded by tho lloat
ing pnlncn China, might bo added
to tho American mercantile nnirino
if Amoricnu nud Hawaiian states
men abandoned whut looks liko
a Botuowhnt nnrrow policy. Undor
such a policy annexation will find
Anicricmi shipowners ren' with
only tho A I tuned a, Mariposa, Rio
do Jauoiro nud Peru, of vessels nt
all decent, to conduct tho trnfllo
touchiug nt Honolulu between nil
sides of tho Pacific Would it not
be wiso to coucedo a point that
should afford a fow othor rospect
able steamships, at least while
now ones wero being built in Am
oricnu yards, to perform all thnt
TBst traflio?
According to accounts provi
ously referred to in the Bulletin,
a portion of tho Japanese press is
urong in attributing tho low stato
of Japan's treasury to now public
itnpiovemonts. Those accounts
showed that it was duo to tho
backwardness of public works
that thero was an npparent sur
plus figured, large amounts of
money voted for such purpose
not having boon oxpended. Had
tho contemplated works all been
carried out, thero would have
been a prodigious deficiency.
Figures wore quoted in this paper
to provo this fact.
Significance has boon attached
both in Japan nud the Tinted
States to tho consent given by tho
Board of Immigration to tho in
troduction of more Japaueso labor
immigrants. If the press of both
those countries had taken the
right means of becoming acquaint
ed with Uio facts, they would bo
able to inform their constituents
that Japanese immigration, under
tho lawful regulation of our
authorities, never was stopped,
never was attempted to be stopped.
Senator Morgnn's tribute to the
courage of President McKinloy,
in personally taking tho initiative
of negotiating tho Hawaiian nu
noxatiou treaty, makes an eil'ectivq
answer to tho manufactured story
that tho treaty was a political trick
to balllo tho sugar trust in tho
tariff discussion. The Senator is
coming to Hawaii, as aro other
American legislators, nud tho re
sult of their observations will bo
tho dissipating of a whole lot of
Itriiiral hi tin, ftttgnr llulii.
.Mnrr llrli llrniilnl.
Washington, I), C, Aug. I).
A cablegram received nt tliu Inpn
noBo legation from Tukiu to
day said tho roquoot miulo
by Hawaiian itigar planter
for tho ndmissinn of JnpnuoBo
laborers to handle tho big sugar
crop this year had boeii granted
by tho immigration authorities of
the republic nud permission for
lauding .'100 of them had been
givou. It is said nt tho legation
that Jnpau is opposed to allow
ing its subjects to go in largo
numbors to places whuro
they will outer into competi
tion with other foreign
labor, particularly Ohineso, and
this mny havo some bearing on
anothor application mado by Ha
waiian plantorii for tho admission
of moro Japanese than tho 300
mentioned. Tho action of tho
immigration authorities is signi
ficant in view of tho nrnvinun kt-
olusion of Japanese. As Japan
has practically consented to arbi
trate, this now aspect of tho case
may do much to further a peacea
ble sottloraont of tho coutrovorny.
ti.rmanjr Knglaad.
The Speotator says: "The Gor
man Emporor is credited with a
project for uniting the whole
Continent in a war with England,
which says one scribo supposed
to be inspired 'could afford to
each power engaged a magnificent
compensation.' The loaguu is to
be for plunder. Em
peror William II. is almost as
formidable an enemy as Napoleon,
and we do not feel euro that he
win not ultimately succeed in
organizing a coalition of eomo
kind, the motto of which will bo
Delonda est Carthago. Let us
hope that we mav find a more
fortunate Hannibal, and mean
while let us Bee that every ship
and every battery and regiment is
not only existing but efficient.
We shnll not have a long warn
ing if a crisis comes."
Gold lu Clalure.
The Alaska Mining Record prints
a letter from James Kite, a manu
facturing jeweller, who is at Daw
son City. Kite says:
"Gold is as common here as
iron in Juneau. Everybody has
money. There seems to be no
limit to this district, as thoy are.
sinking new creeks every other
day for a hundred miles around.
Stampeding is all the rngo. Men
with packs on their backs can be
seen runuing in all directions. I
am getting all tho work I can do.
1 get $25 for making a half-ounce
ring. This is the greatest camp
on record."
.' aiaer oil the Klondike
Though it is not cortainly Known
bore tlmt u newsp.ipor lias yet
been established nt Dawson, ouo
of the oflioirtls of tho Alaska Coin
niorohl Company siid jesteiduy
that he hud no doubt ono had
bren issued tliuro fur some tuno
now. A small newspaper outfit
was long ago said to be in Dawson,
so that it is not improbable that
the noxt rttotuner from tho Yukon
may bring out, along with an
othor instalment of goldon tion
sure, copies of n journal issued in
that Ultima thulo. A roprosouta
tivo of ii Iioubo dealing in printers'
supplies stated yesterday that ho
had iiIho furnished, surao two
weeks ago, u press, typo und
tnutoi iulri for printing u uuwspa poi
nt Dnwhon. Two outfits for pub
lishing a amall paper havo been
bhippud from .Seattle and several
newbpiipcr nion and othors who
luive gone thoio Imvo plain. ed to
publish a pnpnrif possible. Theio
will be a palladium thero soon if
tlioro iu not nliuady. H,P. pa pur.
J ii von I In "Crescents" ut tho
I'ioilio Cyiiln A- Maiitifiioliiriiii;
(jdi's, l''oil slnuit, Those uhmtU
lru just tho thing for youths and
Mflilrtn. They mil tin mpisl of
4Uji adult wjiool,
lf'r Dp llio I'm,..!,,
Keeping up n fit proportion of
forests to nrablo laud is the prime
condition of human hoalth. If
the trees go, men must decay.
Whosoever works for the forest,
works for the happiness nnd per-
mauonco ot our civilization. A
tree may bo un obstruction, but it
is never usoless. Now is tho time
to work if wo are to bo blessed
and not cursed by tho people of
the twentieth and twonty-first
centuries. The nation that neg
lects its forests is surely destined
to ruin. Hou. Elizur Wright.
No chaugo in tho prico of sugar
was recorded by yesterday's mail.
Timely fopi.35
August 6, iSyf,
The Kewalo Bicycle Track,
to be known as Cyclomere
Park, is at last a reality and
"not a dream," thanks to the
energy and enterprise of Mr.
Desky, and will be opened
with a grand meet next month,
and all the young men and
perhaps also the lovely girls
will want to try their luck on
it. In anticipation of increased
sales on bicycles we have
quietly laid in a good stock of
Iiibune Bicycles than which
mere is none better in the
market. The Tribune is now
recognized in the United Shires
as the best; it is the favorite
with all the society people and
business men all over the!
Union, and our own American '
Minister rides one. Recent
advices announce a cut in
prices of low grade, but the
strictly high grade wheels .still
sell readilv at Hip former list
price. We have made better
arrangements with the manu
facturers, whereby we are en
abled to sell the Tribune bicy
cles at list price $100, und
invite all intending purchasers
of wheels to come and inspect
our stock before going else
where. We have ladies' and
gentlemen's road wheels, racers
and all models manufactured
by the celebrated Black Manu
facturing Co. We also carry
the Columbus, tCoIumbus
Juvenile fof Boys and Girls,
B & H Special, Zimmy and
Stormer, which are sold ex
ceedingly cheap.
Hawaiian Hardware Co,
1897 Remingtons,
-. ..
The Latest Model is reduced from
$100 to $85.
Crescent Bicycles,
u.ii : itw
Uy order of the Executors of the
deceased, I will sell nt I'ublio
Auction, on tho promises, Judd
Street, Honolulu,
Ou FRIDAY, Oct. 15th,
AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.,
That Vnlunblo Propel ty, known
ns tho
The Pacific Cycle & Manufacturing Co,,
Sole .Agents for the Islands.
The Old Stand: 'The New Stand:
Philadelphia Mzrion
At Opera House,
Saturday Evening, Aug. 21.
A Night of Fun !
tW Vcr Heilfllt of Hnwnlliiii He
lief Hcwlety und Btriuijiera' Fiieiul Ho.
clety, puoli to receive one-half of net
Jropular Jr'iccs !
TIcketN at Wall, Nloliol Co, ilsB fit
For Rent.
Corn we 1 Residence
And ut piesont occupied by Mis.
. Widd.field.
Thercal ostuto comprises about
1.7 lOOlncros of tho finept residence
proporty in Honolulu.
Tho grounds aro planted with a
vast variety of fruit, shade, pitlm
and othor tiers, und :iro lu,d out
with fine enrriuo drives and walks
through tropical foliuce. Ono of
the vnlley streams runs through
the eastern boundary of tho pio
porty. Tho main dwelling is n commo
dious two-story building, contain
ing largo drawing room, spaoiout;
diuiug-rooui. billiard room, bod-
i-'ioms, etc., and has all mndornH
impiovomonts. Tho house is sub
stantially built and tho rooms are
ull well voiitil.iivd, Sanitary plnin
bing throughout.
Cottages, Stables, Oiirrlngo
Houses and Out-housos on tno
Ihu situation commands un un
surpassed viow of the Harbor, fho
main portion of tho Oitv and tho
iidjacont mountain sconory. This
is ono of tho lurgest and finest
residences that has boon oflored
ut public sain in Honolulu, und
must bo sold to oloso tho nbovo
Immediately following tho sale of
tho residence, I will soil tho
be ob-
Where for tho past seven
teen years we served the peo
plo of Honolulu, having nei
ther accommodation nor pro
per facilities for conducting
an increasing business, our
efforts for tho past seven
months havo been mainly di
rected to erecting a building
ample for our requirements
and equipped with facilities
for handling all business with
dispatch. We feel that this
result has been accomplished
notwithstanding a number of
unavoidable delays caused by
material not coming to hand
as anticipated. In giving our
attention to tho uetnils of
building wo wero obliged to
neglect some of our jobbing
trado which we regret, and
hope under the new condi
tions to make up for samo by
prompt and faithful attention
to all matters placed in our
Is our own creation adapt
ed in every detail to conduct
ing our business. In opening
this stand wo do so with tho
purposo of confining our
selves to tho lines of goods
carried by us at tho old store
but showing a more complete
assortment than heretofore.
Undorstauding tho require
ments of this community we
will ondoavor to supply our
trade with strictly up to date
goods of a quality that we
can guarantee. Wo invito
inspection of our stouk.
You Can Find
Some interesting items
for Gentlemen with iu-
iii . . n -. 1
terostiim Aui'mt prices
in Linen Cranli, suitings
of nil kinds nnd Gents'
Furnishings. At
The Hotel St. Tailors,
Waerley HultclIHg.
Telephone 011. l. o. Box
lloiuoiif wivuii roouiH with iiaiilry.
Imtlirnoin, Mntile ami Mtrvuit' nmiii
Mlimli'il mi lliiM-oriiHr of PumiMmwl
ami lliirolunlu wlfui'U. Apply to
J. n. kiI.va.
WW At i:iikr .t Co. (KMil
particulars of which
tainod at my ofiicn.
Parties ooiitomplntiiii purchas
ing tho HoriidiMiou nnd wiHhing to
inspect tho hiiiiiu, should mnko ap
plication t my oll'uio, No. III!
Wiiuou Street.
Dealers in Stoves, House Furnishing Goods,
Plumbers Supplies and Sheet Metal.
WST Estimates givon on all work in our line.
Pacific Hardware 'Co., Ltd
We CanHandle
eomo more collection; wu aro
rnictliii; with (,'icat success
which means success to our
Iiairons. urop us a curd and
w will call. It will bo to
your advantage.
Coll'ting & Adv't'sing Ag'cy,
217 Merchant Street.
Just to baud an invoico of the Now Improved PLANTERS HOE.
SOLID OAS'P STEEL Extra strong, Eye nnd Blado forged from
ono pieco.
PLO WS breakers, Doublo Furrow, Subsoil, IU00. ,
HOWE'S S0ALES Tho best in Uio world. '
BllUSHESPnints, Oils and Varnishes.
WlItE DOOR MATS -Windmill nnd Oistorn Pumps: ,
VISES, PIPE GUTTERS Norton's Jack Sorows, Baud 10 tons.
VACUUM OILS Anothor invoico just rocoivod,
suit all sights anil pookets is at
H. &. BIA.RT3S
40IJ Fort Btrt-et.
iJiiiWiii mi ' 1
! - dtf.'
rni .mtdskii

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