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X ll.el . I.Ik.h lltna A IWiviii
'7i? Oldest S Va
I If) oh DonU AW M?
livening Paper Published
i .- W GW ALL Ihe Nr.ut,
on the Hawaiian Islands.
It Reaches ALL ihe'Veopk.
Subscription 75c a month.
Vol,. IV. No. G93.
t :
Published ercry day except Bnndny nt
310 KlnR Street, Honolnln, II. I.
Pec Month, anywhere In the Ha
waiian Islands $ 76
Per Year. 8 c0
Per Ycnr, postpaid to Americn,
Cnnncln, or Mexico 10 00
Per Year, postpaid, othor Foreign
Oounlrlos...... 13 00
Paynblo luvnrlnblr In Advance
Tolephono 2J. P. O. Box 89.
A. Y. GEAR. Manager.
That Tired Feeling
Tho causo Is poor, thin blood,
resulting In deQclent vitality. To
overcome- this, tho blood needs to bo
enriched and vitalized, and for this
thcro is no medicino in tho world
equal to Ayer's Sarsaparllla. Tho
cures It lia3 worked, tho men, wo
men and children it hai restored to
health, arc countless in number. Ono
such cxpcrlonco is related by Mr.
Robert Goodfellow, Mitcham, South
Austiulin, as follows: "I havo used
in my family for years, and would
not be without it I used to sutler
with boils and skin eruptions,
attended with great lassitiulo and
ccuer.tl debility. In fact, I was so
ill that I could not attend to my bus
iness. Being advised to try Ayer's
Sarsaparilla I did ss, and I am happy
to say th.it tho medicine restored mo
to perfect health. I havo sinco used
Ayer's Sarsaparilla for my children,
in various complaint', and it Ins
always proved eliecttvc. 1 can salcly
recommend it to sufferers as
The Best Blood Purifier
Buwaric of Imitation. The nanni Ayer'
BanmpnrlH 1i prominent on tlto wrapper
and blown lu tbo bUm uf eacli bottle.
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Bolo Agents for the Ropublio of HnwniL
Physician and SurgBon.
Residence; 433 Punchbowl Street.
Houits: 3 to 5 anil 7 p. m.
TL. 8G3.
A. C. WALL, D. D. g.,
New Love's Building, Fort Stawet.
William A. Henshall,
.Attorney at Law
US.Kaahuniuuu tiltmU
.A-ttoriiey at Xjaw
210 King Stroct
A.ttoriiev at Law
14 Koahumana Street.
TdopLoue No. 6S2. 498 6m
Counsellor at Law.
204 Merchant Street (one door from
Fort at root), Honolnln.
I niLO, nxwAir.
No, Sll King 8t
rnoi'oxiTio to iisk it run a
If Mot Noht I'rpvluii.1' Hip Irprt
Mill I.Ik el J bo UruHKlit Hfl4.ro
the I.nsMntiire.
A gentleman who is dooply in
terested iti tho wolfnro of the
public rquooIb lias advanced a
proposition concerning the dis
position ot tho Hawaiian hotel
that has met with groat favor. It
is nothing moro or less than tho
turning over of that hostelry to
the Department of Education for
school purposes. While not wish
ing his nnmo brought prominent
ly boforo tho public, tho author of
tho project consented to give his
ideas on the matter for publica
tion, us follows:
"The premises known as the
Hawaiian hotol belong to the
government and havo been nd
vertised for sale at an upset price
of $00,000, conditioned that the
purchaser oroct additional im
provements to coal 350,000 more.
Tho sale has already been post
poned once and the chances are
that owing to tho present un
settled stato of 'affairs it will not
tako plaoe. I doubt if anyone
could bo found to bid on it
under Iho conditions of the
sale, for tho reason that the
adjoining lots cannot bo obtained
at anything liko reasonable figures,
nnd without M'pt no nip wrild
buy the hotel at any price.
"I think I am not going out of
the wuy when 1 say that tho Ha
waiian hotel property ib very
much of a whito elephant on tho
government's hands and that the
sooner they get rid or it the bet-'
tor. Some two years ago tho gov
ernment paid the Bishop Estate
$30,000 in cold cash for tho build
ing on Emma street oreoted by
the Princess Ruth, tho reason ad
vauced for tho purchase beiug Ihe
immediate, necessity of suoh a
building for High school purposes.
The establishment of tho High
school was followed by tho insti
tution of the Normal and Practise
schools, and already thore is a
demand for more room. All the
schools in Honolulu aro over
crowded and, owing to increase of
population, aro becoming more so
evory day.
"Taking it for granted, and I
think we may safely do so, that
the government will never be able
to realizo on its hotel investment,
I propose that tho property be
given over to tho Department of
Education either in fee or
by long Iosbo for school
purposes. This would save the
government a large outlay of
money in tho next few years for
ue;7 school huti3f?oihL!i :.w .iLr,o
lutoly necessary and tho money
for which must bo found by tho
coming Legislature. I under
stand that it is Minister Cooper's
idea to mako a permanent institu
tion of the newly established
Normal School, that it is to form
tlia nucleus of u National Noruiul
School into which all other .Nor
mal classes of private and Bomi
publiu scholastic institutions will
iiually bo merged. This is the
correct view and I am with the
Minister heart and soul in his'
idea that one National Normal
Suhool is all that is needed in
these islands.
"13ut to return to my Bubject.
My idea is to turn tho hotel over
to tho school department and
establish' in it " Tho Normal
School of Hawaii." The Practiso
School could also bo given quar
ters in tho samo building. The
overflow from the Fort street and
Itoyal pchools conld be formed
into an entirely now school which
could usn tho bnnmnnt of tho
hotol for schoolrooms. If this
plan is adopted tho govormnuiit
could savo iu tho next few yonrs
tho present' price nskod for the
hotel proporty. Them is much
moro 1 could Raj- on tho advan
tages of this prnjoct but enough
for tho present.
"Tho orvintr noed of Honolulu
is for n first-class city hotel with
all modem conveniences. I hold
that it will never bo obtainod sb
long ns the present one is used as
such. Give tho Hawaiian hotol
ovor to the schools and I am con
fident that thoro aro many local
capitalists who havo norvo and
foresiuht cnouch to oroct a mo
dern caravansary that will not
only bo a credit to tho city but a
source of profit to its owuors.
"In conclusion I may say that
I havo muutiuuud this plan to
several promiuont citizens and it
has mot with such favor that un
less tin) hotol is sold in tho mean
time, it will bo brought before the
next Legislature for ratification.
A Nlory Wblnli Will Add la Ihe I'.io.
daa to Alaska.
A sad-faced wonimi received
tho express package at the door
of the humble cottage. .But hor
features lighted up whon she saw
tho address, says the Detroit Freo
"Heaven bo blessed, Jamie,"
bhe murmured to tho pale and
nlender lad who nestled at hor
side, "it's from your father on tho
Klondike I"
With tiembling fingers sho un
tied the knots and unwrapped the
package. Whon the last wrapper
was removed a balf-aheet of letter
paper and an ancient pair of
hand-me-down trousers tumbled
to the floor. She lifted tho note
and read it aloud in an agitated
Dear Jane: I havon't struck it
yet, but am still hopeful. All I
am send yuu is this old pair of
trousors, which I havo no use tor.
Maybe you can cut them over for
Jimmie. Yours, nffectionately.
For a lone time the poor woman
eat stunned, with the Blender lad
weepiug beside hor. She had
waited so long and, patiently for
good news and this was the re
suit. The landlord was growing
more and more impatient, tho
butcher and baker were almost
How could sho satisfy their ira
portunitioB with a pair of second
hand trousers ?
She uttorod an exclamation of
contempt and aversion and kickod
the dingy garment aside.
As she did so an idea struck
Suddonly rising to her foot sho
picked up tho trousors.
Then, after spreading them up
on a cleau newspaper, she brushed
them, beat them and finally wash
ed them.
Carefully gathering up the gold
dust thus dislodged she carried it
to the nearest bank and sold it for
Ulryrla Accident.
An officer of the U.S. S.Marion
was cycling into town on Buiu
tania Btreot yesterday evening in
company with a lady. Suddonly
a Japanese man came in front of
the pair, and to avoid running
him down the ofticer swerved to
ono side. In doinu so his bioycle
struck Mrs. Do Loon, who was
crossing tho atreot, and threw her
violently to the earth. Tho cloth
ing was toru ftom her left limbs,
while Bhe sustained Bovoro nbra
Bions on the knee and arm of that
side. Mrs. Do Loon was helped
into the office of Dr. Burgess, who
attonded to her injuries. Tho
officer was extremely sorry for tho
accident. Thero was only ono
way he could go to avoid tho Japa
nese without upsetting his com
panion. Still tho oouplo wero go
ing at a pretty good rate, accord
ing to tho ovidenco of an eye
.vitness. P. F. Ryan, tho gonial manager
of tho reliable old Anchor, basse
cnirml an able assistant in William
CarliBlo, late of tho Hawaiian
Hotol. At tho Anchor tho famous
Scnttlo boor is on tap, and half
and-half compounded at "two for
a ouartor." The Anchor mam
tains its roputation for suporinr
brands of whiskies, as woll ns of
otliur liquors, wiuob, oto.
vritititir ox thi- iMiunTit trial
or rjiici.mxi m-ir.
Itrrnrli nf I'rnnil.r Ocr mi XrriHliI
Irlnl-riir llakulaii .tlHiialiiugh.
Irr rrliil :iilnir.
In tho ejectment eiiu of 1. K.
Baker ut al. vs. Auguntiue Euos ct
al., vonue changed from Wailuku
after three unsuccessful trials
there, tho jury returned a verdict
for the defendant, threo jurors
tibarlotto lioyd vs. John Qan
dull, breach of promise of mar
riago, is on trial before Judge
Perry. Robertson and Rosa for
plaintiff; 0. Browu aud Kinney
& Ballou for defendant. Counsel
on both sides claimed at the out
set Jhat under Article 88 of the
'Constitution Judge Perry, who
had pfesidod at a former trial of
the same cause, was disqualified
from heariug the case now.
Judge Perry roforred the
counsel to Judgo Carter,
who after heariug argument ruled
that Judgo Perry was not dis
qualified. It took nearly all of
Monday to got a jury, no less than
2G of the regular panel and tales
men being excused. The follow
iug were at length found satis
factory: J W Koakanu, J Paani
ani, J D Holt Jr., Wm Kekipi, J
W Akana, W B Jones, T W Jack
son, Wm Chung Hoon, Q Hoo-
kano, JL) Katnakauauoa, D ivuha-
uamoku and b Stono.
The jury trying William P.
Hiokoy and Andrew Chalmers for
manslaughter first dogree, on
change of venue from tho Fourth
Judicial Circuit, retired to con
sider their verdict ut six minutes
to 12 noon today. Up to that
time the trial had been in pro
gress three and n half days. At
seven minutes to 2 o'clock tho jury
camo into court for information
regarding the penalties for the
different degrees of manslaughter,
and for assault und battery found
under indictment for murder or
manslaughter. Tho jury return
ed nt 5 minutes past three with a
verdict of manslaughter second
degreo ngainst Hickoy, rocom
mending him to morcy, and "not
guilty" ob to Chalmers, ono juror
Kunal Tnx Ail.
Tho Clerk of tho Supremo Court
has received from H. D. Wishard,
prosident of tho Tax Appeal Board
of Kauai, tho cortificato of appeal
to tho Supremo Court from the
assessment of Grove Farm. Hon.
G. N. Wilcox, proprietor, rotnrned
a valuation of $130,000, which
was increased by the assessor to
S51GS,'i50. Tho -tate i nituato at
Lihuo. Other appeals aro talked
of, but tho records aro not yot sent
New liliuid Mrimcr.
Tho littlo steamer Upolu that
has been built for the Hawaiian
inter island trade will be brought
over from Oakland today, says
tho Call of tho 12th, and tho
Risdon Iron Works will bogin
the work of puttiug in tho engines
and .boilors. Tho stoaraor has
been built for" Hind & Co. of Ho
nolulu and is 90 feet long, 18 feet
broad and 9 feet deep. Sho will
go to tho islands under hor own
Wo don't oxpoct yon to give us
tho proferonco if what wo have to
soil ib inferior or onr pricoa high
or than our rivals, but when wo
offer a euporior artiolo for loss
monoy, you do yourself a wrong
by not looking into tho matter.
Call and boo our samples of
portrait work. King Bios., 110
llotol Btroet.
If you aro Interested in tho Bub
jeet of enlarged portraits, it would
bo worth your whilo to boo tho
sam pies at King HroB. nt prices
ranging from $5.00 to 10.00
frames aud all. They can't bo boat.
VKRiNroi'r. r.xiiiniiiu.Y
The rr hlt and PlUdnimniia liKht
Nhntvn on IhaNrrcrn.
There waH a largo attendance nt
tho Opera Houso last night to see
the voriscopo reproduction of the
great pugilistic coutost nt Carson,
Novada, on March 17 last, between
J. J. Corbett nnd Robort Fitzsim-
inous. Among tho spectators
were a fw ladies. The bulk of
Mm uuoombly whs made up of pro
fesHJoual men, including about
half a do.t'ii doctors, business
men and mechanic. They were
rewarded with a double exhibition
of science ono of "tho manly art"
and Edison the wizard's wonder
ful device for photographing mo
tion. Scarcely a detail of the fight
was blurred in the reproduction,
nnd tho reviving process betweou
rounds was shown. Back of the
arena could be seen the onlookers;
in front, J. L. Sullivan, ex Sena
tor Ingalls and other notables.
Tho bustle of Jho preliminaries
aud tho wild excitement following
the knockout of Corbett were very
interesting in themselves. Every
lively attack and skilful repulse
was noted, ofton producing ap
plauso in the houso. Some who
enjoyed the shadow fight were
heard to say they did not think
they would care to see tho reality.
Yet the portrayal on the screen
proved that thero was far less
slogging ir tho combat than is
generally supposed of such events.
It was an exorcise of strength and
skill nB graceful as a fencing con
test, while evidoutly less brutal
and dangerous than is often seen
iu a football match. A marked
feature vau the superior boxing
of Corbett. Clonching was sur
prisingly frequent.
Positively only ono more per
formance is to be given here, and
that is this evening. Many who
saw tho show last night will go
Naltao oo Convicted.
In the District Court this morn
ing the case of J. K. Nakookoo,
charged with gross cheat, was
disposed of. Proof was advanced
by tho prosecution that Nakoo
koo claimed and received back
his personal proporty taxes npon
tho allegation of a double pay
ment. The receipt he produced in
Bupport of. his assertion purported
to bo iu tho nnme of J. K. Nakoo
koo. It was proved by tho tax
people that this receipt had been
issued to a brother of the defen
dant, L. K. Nakookoo, under the
namo of K. Nakookoo only. This
receipt was lost by him but ho
identified it this morning in court
whon it was found to havo a "J"
signed in front of the "K. Nakoo
koo" in the original. On this
sbowiug tho Court found the de
fendant guilty and fined him $100
and $3.70 costs.
Three nontha Tor Cruelty.
The Chineso charged with cru
elty to a little gill by lying her
hands togothor so tightly as to
mako them bleed, mention of
...l.i.li ivnq mnili nviilllHlvnlv in
......... .- ......- ....... j -..
yesterday's Bullktin, was beforo
Judgo Wilcox this afternoon. Ho
pleaded guilty and was promptly
Beutouced to threo mouths nt hard
labor. The United Chineso So
oioty havo taken tho matter in
hand and will heroafter take care
of tho littlo girl, who is to bo
placed in Kawaiahao seminary
and educated at tho expenso of tho
Poundinastor's Notice.
Notice in hereby given that the fol
lowing eatrny has lioen luiouniJtxl
Iu the Government Pound at Mukikl,
Honolulu, viz. :
1 Hay Horse hramlfil on tho left
lilml quarter, four uluulc legs, nhoU
Oil all fuUi' !lb"
Ami If hiich estruy In not cUlmed
ami all pound oliurep tutintiil on or
before riAl'UKDAY, Supt. 1. 1897, at,
12 o'olocl: noon, tbe huiiio will be sold
onthuldute ami hour to the lilguedt
bidder. K. KKKUKNK,
Honolulu, H. I., Atic 'i, lb'J7.
Fnioic 5 Cents,
the wiihii. oir lHtts.
It Mill Ilea I'hiilnlr.a and 'nl Our
llnndrril Dnllara.
Thero aro many rumors going
tho rounds about tho whoul of
1898. That it will be t-hntiluss
nobody doubts. This bomg tho
case the tectnt slump in the nrico
of bicycles is pnilinlly explained.
It t easv to s-eo w' tin big firms
Hhmilii bo turnout) to okar out
tlioir nlia in vim of a complete
change in tnod-l. Scr.( year's
bicycle will boa 1I00 in ttr!, nnd
will coiitinuu to IWsid'h Hf a con
siderable timo It wi 1 be Intel op
ting to 8"o linw long it will tnko
to mako tho uss of tne clmiuloss
wheol tolerably general. If tho
now ono differs in appoaruiice, in
shapenf fntmi), etc., from that used
at piesont, tho r.ito of adoption
will bo faster, for the present mo
del will bo more leatlily identi
fied as out of data In wheels ns
in clothes it is not plousoi't to bo
behind tjio titnos. But if it is im
possible toimpioveon the present
frumo in a hurry the ndoptionof
the clminless wlioel will bo com
paratively slow. So long us up
peurunces uio all right many
persons will bo content to uso tho
pretout article ruthor than go to
tho expense of a new one. Iti3
said Unit a number of triuls of tho
new wheel luivo boon inado in
foorot and that they have boon
very successful in tho mutter of
speed. Of course tho present wlieol
iR rapid enough for the ordinary
ridor. But it appears that with
out tho chain tho friction is de-
ereasrd enormously and thus oaio
is promoted. In bicycles, as in
bitilnships. thn furnished nrdict
of today will bo obsolete tomor
row. All this makes for progruis.
New York Evening Sun.
HlgBcst Honors World' Fair.
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A pnro Grape Croim ot Tartar Powder,
i'ree from Aiumouin, Alum or nuy other
adulterant. In all the great Hiteln, tbe
leading Clubs and the bomei, Dr. Prioa'a
Cream Baking Powder holds its supremacy.
40 Years the 8tandard.
AaKNTS, Honolulu, IT. I.
Cotltage For Rent.
Five Room Unfurnished Cottngo on
South street. Possesion given Sep
tember 1st. Apply io
003 lw Clul)rt..H.
Sign Painter & Paper Hanger
133 Nuuauu Avenue, Honolulu,
H. I.
The Hawaiian Tramways
Company, Ltd.
On and after this date during the
busy time Iu the ovenln, when
bualno'S men are leaving town, rury
wbl ijsj u.i loi I biitivt, in routo
for Reretaula street und Putialion,
4: IS, 4:55, 5:01, 6:15 and :, idler
wliluli tiiu twuuty-mluuto tirvico will
bo resumed. liO.'l It
. i
The Evening Bulletin, 75 cento
per ihonlh.
- M
j J
, Telephone KM
! 1
3 '
" i K

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