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5 :
KVKMNQ IJUliliKTIN, AUOtlHT 25, 18117,
V .
r. 'IB
ItnUlon llrnltli llreml nt tliu
0. It.
Onliu stock In nt 101, nml lit ox
pooled to climb to '200.
Father 1'ftmnlillo is booked to
leave on the Australia,
Dr. WnysoB lins resigned as
surgeon of tho First Battalion.
Admiral DoHrdslco nnd wifo
ionvo ou tlio AuBtrnlin todny.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Aloxnudor Young
lonvo for Hau Francisco todny.
Join our Suit Olub nt ouce.
Modeiros & Dooker. $1 per
A 810,000 mortgage nt (! per
cent interest was recoutly re
corded. E. W. Jordan 1ms now goods to
which the attention of Indies is
Mrs. E. A. Williams nnd Mrs.
h. C. Wnrnor leave on the Austra
lia today.
The Board of Health mooting
has boon postponed until tomor
row afternoon.
Bishop & Co. authorize W. D.
McBryde to sign their firm nnme
by procuration.
Antono Fernandes has a notico
in this paper of the sale of his
liquor business.
J.F. Brown, Land Agent, an
nounces a salo of lands ou Hawaii
on September 20.
J. F. Morgan will soil certain
articlos out of the bark H. F.
Glade at 10 o'clock tomorrow.
Miss Rose Adlor was married
last night to James J.,Hnrvey of
tho Inter-Isjaud Company.
Judge A. W. Carter leaves in
the Australia, hoping to return in
the Coptic, and if not in the Aus
tralia. Nico four-year old riding
. horse, with saddle and bridle, for
sale. Inquire at Hotel Stables,
or of Q. H. Berrey, 210 King
Hickoy, tho Hakalau overseer,
got five years for the killing of a
Chinese laborer, and his case is
British Vice-Consul T. R.
Walker has been officially recog
nized by the Government as Act
ing Consul-General.
George David Gear, a brother
of A. V. Gear, was this 'morning
admitted by tho Supreme Court
to the bar of Hawaii.
Rev. A. J. Boll, evangelist, has
oharge of the Methodist church
work in the islands ponding a
permanent appointment.
Captain Camara leaves on tho
Australia today on a business trip.
Ho has rocently succeeded to tho
business of A. Fernandes.
Minister Cooper pnid an official
visit to the U. S. S. Bunuiuglou
this morning and rocoived the
usual salute on departing.
The Second is tho banner pre
cinct, being entitled to twico as
many delegates as any other.
Plenty good people in tho Second.
The gold exports from Australia,
occlusive of Queensland and New
Zealand, have this year reachod
the sum of about $3G,G00,000.
Thore was a smaller attendance
at tho veriscopo exhibition Inst
night than tho previous one, but
the fighters on tho soreon didn't
mind the house.
M. B. Macfarlane, secretary of
the Scottish .Thistle Club, leaves
this week for Hawaii to take a
position, and his dovotod services
will be greatly missed.
If you want decoy duck, plover
decoys, duck calls plover calls
nnd any such supplies call at the
Taoifio Cycle & Manufacturing
Co., Lovo building, Fort street.
Don't overlook tho fact that
when your bioyclo breaks down or
h8S an ncoident of any kind, tho
Hawaiian Cycle & Manufacturing
Co. can make it as good as new
and at most reasonable figures.
When you have a portrait on
larged aoo that you get your
rnonoy's worth. KingBros. have
reduced prices to $5.00, SG.50,
$7.50 and S10.00 for work that
thoy guarantee to bo firBtclass.
Thoy invito comparison.
An exchange says it is to bo
hoped Japan will Boon got that
new religion she has boon Book
ing bo long. Thoro might bo
something in it which would
tench hor tho wickoduoss nf try
ing to bully Hawaii and tho folly
of monkeying witli Undo Sum,
Thtxn dcfilrlnu; lo enlnr llic
Klmlciuattuii Trnliiing HcIudI in
Soptiouher should apply nt tu'ii
to Mrs. llnrilnt Cnstlo Coluitmii,
000 Kiiiit street.
Tho Olivor Typuwritur is pro
nouueed by experts, tho bost ma
chine in tho world. It linn many
valuable fontures, whioh hnvo to
be sbon In order to bo appreciated.
Tho 01 Ivor enn bo scon nt tho
ofllco of A. V. Gear, No. 210
King street. "
It's ono thing to tnko nil order
for n portrnit nnd quito nuothor
to fill it satisfactorily. King Bros'
portraits hnvo always been Known
to giro satisfaction nnd now that
thoy hnvo roducod their prices so
low, an extra inducement is offer
ed. Sco whnt thoy hnvo boforo
you invest.
Laltrrlulh of Itadrrarnutid Ps
found In I'nrli.
All Fan's just now, according
to the Journal, is Hooking lo 28
Rue Rnvignnn,Moutmartro,whoro,
a few dnys ago, a most remarkable
discovery was mado. In this
neighborhood are tho ruins of the
ancient monastery of the Bene
diotines nnd other old buildings
used by tho Brothers, most of
which aro nlso giving way to tho
ravages of time. At 28 Rue Ra
vignan Mme Berthelot keeps n
grocery store. She sleeps in a
email chamber in tho rear that at
one time was probably used as nn
Mme Rorthelot, noticing that
the tiles on the lloor of the cham
ber gave forth n hollow Bound as
she stepped upon them,and think
inc that a cellar thore would bo vory
convenient for herbusineBB,sent for
a mason and had the tiles removed.
A fight of stone steps was rovoal
ed, leading into a labyrinth of
passages. Tho authorities have
now taken possession of the place
and a systematic investigation is
being condnctod. Many relics
have been found, nnd it is believ
ed that much light is likely to be
thrown upon tho history of Paris
during tho fourteenth contury.
new BEDi'ouira cclkbbation.
All New England Will Help Obaerve
r llirCulenuUl Period.
New Bedford, Mass., with its
population of 50,000 is making
arrangements for hor semi-centennial
celebration in October on
a scale that would do credit to
New York or Chicago with their
A score of committees are
handling the various details and
the buroau of publicity and pro
motion, with Georgo Hough as
president, is working with a vigor
that will insure tho presence of
tons of thousands of visitors from
tho outsido.
The Governors of all the Now
England States hnvo promised to
be on hand on Governor's day,
and invitations have been extend
ed to tho executives of the Central,
Western and Southern States.
The colebratiou is to extend over
the entiro week, which will bo
packed full of novelties, includiug
parades, races and bnnquotB.
Ex-Queen Liliuokalani of Ha
waii has given a provisional pro
mise to be present. The program
for the exoroises for tho principal
day has not been arranged, but
the committee hopes to securo tho
attendance of President McKinley
and the members of the Cabinet.
He Know! Haw It la.
"Docs tho young woman who
rides to tho thoatur in u $5 car
riage, aits, in a S3 seat and looks at
the stago from behind a SI boa
quet, while sitting 'beside a S10 a
week clerk, never ask herself if
she is doing right?" aBks the
Macon News. Presumably not,
but the young man whose pocket
book stands the rackot is painful
ly conscious that she is doing him
right up brown. Lowistou
How EiiKlaud Build Shlpi.
Tho Italian Government recent
ly desirod seven gunboats com
pleted within nino months, and a
single firm in Great Britain took
tho contract and completed the
whole job in throe mouths. Tho
fact has attracted considerable at
tention bocauso it bIiowb how vnst
is tho shipbuildifrg enpneity of
Groat Britain and how rapidly she
cnu iuarcaso hor navy whonovor
sho has uoiul to do so. Tho Call.
Absolutely Pure.
Cctctiratcd (or Ita (treat IcnTcnlng ttrcneth
tm licnlllifulnet. AMitrv tho food i;Mnt
alum ami all forms of adulteration common
lo tlic-chrap brands. Hoial Hakino l'ow
tir.ii Co , New Yoiik.
Big Store
the place to buy your
Stationery, Books,
Musical mt
Instruments and
1001 Things
which go to cotnploto a
largo stock
Like Ours !
We have saved you
money in the past.
H2F We will save you mo
ney in tho future. Try us I
Yours faithfully,
Auction Sales by Jd8. '. Morgan .
Auction Sale !
TO-MORROW, Aug. 2Gth,
At the U'hurf. font of Xuimiiu street,
Houolulil. I win Hull at Put lie Auction
4 LIFE BOATS, in good order,
IRON TA3KS, -100 guls. each,
5 Bbls. CARliOL LIME, etc.,
Ftom Bttrk H. F. Glade.
694-U Auotloneer.
Poundmaster'tt Notice;
Notice is hereby glvou that the (ol
lowiug estray bus been Impounded
in the Govtuuuiuul I'tJiuni al il-l:!!;!,
Honolulu, viz. :
1 Bay Horse branded on the left
bind quarter, four black legs, shod
on all four legs.
And It sdcli estray Is not claimed
and all pound charge? sutlalied on or
before BATURDAY, St-pt. 4, 1897, at
12 o'clock noou, the same will be sold
ou that date aud hour to the highest
bidder. K. KHKUEKK,
Honolulu, H. I., Aug. 124, 1897.
693 3t '
Omen: 207 Meiichasi Stiusct,
Telephone 100.
Furniture and Pinnos enro
fully moved.
Baggage GbGGlccd at Your Home.
KiviiiNa us ur. 070:1m
Fails 1
Tho hundreds of siillVrurs from
constipation in this country com
pels ono to holievu Hint nitttiro
iiei'ds assistance) to overcomo tho
torpidity of tho liver, which in
most coses is the solo causo of
When n parson is snllcring from
hondnohe or a fooling of fatiguo,
tho chances are tun to ono that tho
liver is inaotivo. A fow doses of
APENTA WATER will invari
ably bring about a most satisfac
tory result.
APENTA WATER is a true
spring wator nbtainod from a
spring at Buda Pest, and has not
boon artificially treated. Tho
tnsto is not unpleasant, tho doso
small nnd the cn'ect positive
The prico of APENTA WATER
is very reasonable. Tho largo
bottles nt 25 cents are the exact
size of most mineral Wuters that
sell at 50 conts. Trial bottles aro
sold at 15 conts. You should
givo it a trial.
Hollister Drug Co.
OrriCKt COS Merchant street, Campbell
Block rear ot J. O. Garter's office, V. O.
Box 336
..- -i.i--
Crash and Homespun,
Now Lino of tho Latest Designs.
T-Atm-n "ni.i'vi,l'Mfvilok-fol cmrl TTCltTrVTTTrTTr
N. S.
0v2O IPorfc
Blnck Figured Silk Groimdinc.
Fancy Figured Organdy Muslins.
Black and Colored Silks.
Spangled aiuLStylish Dress Trimmings.
Tan, Black and Whito Openwork' Sox.
Lot of Tafl'eta and Moire Ribbons.
Millinery an elegant assortment.
Ladies' Sailor Hats, Etc., Etc.
520 Fort Stroet, : : .Honolulu.
. .
rDtutATt I or.Lir.ious' m BAnry I A l
Sri-55iL' I ? fJ And THF CANS ATP i
The Honolulu Sanitarium
1082 King Street.
A Quiet, Ilomelike Place, where Trained
Nnrsefl, MassAce, "SwerllsU MoTement,"
Baths, Electricity and Physical Training
may be obtalued,
Telephone 639. In Charge.
NEW ..... .
For Ladies' nnd Gentlemen's Suits.
New Veilings.
o. 10. Fort Stroot.
Residence For Sale or
To Let
Fine Residence on Green street, now
occupied by Dr. O. P. Andrews.
Grounds 1,'i acres, beautifully laid
out, commands flue view. Vacant
1st August. Apply to
it. I. IiTLTAE,
660 tt at T. H. Davles A Co., Ltd.
''. .
'u; ' .
1 ufPuH
1 dm
' " .' . ' tt
" ?; Y-' "
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'rt" .
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