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Published every day except Sunday nt
210 King Street, Honolulu, H. I.
simscmrnoN rates.
Per Month, onywhoro In the H-
wallnn Islands 3 76
Per Year. ft HO
Per Year, postpaid to Amoricu, ,
Canada, or Mexico 1000
Per Year, postpaid, ether Foreign
Countries 13 00
Pnynlilo Invariably In Advnnoo.
Telephone 256. F. O. Box 89.
. A. Y. GEAR. Manager.
Pure, Rich
is the soil in which roots life, health,
strength, happiness. The soil of tho
blood can bo drained or Impoverished
liko any other soil, and can bo fertil
ized and nourished in a similar way.
Yon can get back tho old spring anil
snap. You can enjoy labor by day
and sleep by night. You can cat
your food with tho
ctf health, if you only supply the
blood with its lacking nutriment;
vitalizo it, or if you like, fertilize it.
A largo number of so called tonic
remedies nro disguised stimulants.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not a stimu
ljnt but a nourishment. It feeds
tho blood and so enriches it, as well
as purifies it. That is why physi
cians recommend
HzvinB of Imitation. The Hint-Ajer'a
Samnpnrllla la prominent on tha wippr
nil blown In the glais of each bottle.
Hollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Sole AgentB for tho Ropublio ot Hawaii.
211 Sansomu St., S. F.
0. D. GEAR,
210 KliiK St., 11 I.
ai Francisco and jjonolulu
Having olllces In Ban Francisco and
Honolulu we re prepared to attend
promptly to all mutters entrusted to
us In either ot mid places,
210 King Street, Honolulu, H. I.
William A. Henshall,
Attorney at Law
113 Kntilutmnnu Street.
A-ttoniev at Law
H Knahnmuun Street.
Tolophono Nj. 6S2.
Counsellor at Law.
204 Merchant Street (one door from
Fort street), Honolulu.
Telephone 256
Mo. 810 King St.
ABOUT 4lKM- t.
IVoiiioii llrnd a Mob l Rtital (IMccr
III I'ciitmylvaiiln Ilia World's
Ricbnrd Orokpr ot Tainiuany
Hall has returned to Now York.
He won't any whether he will run
against Beth Low for Mayor of
Greater Now York.
Thoro has been a yellow fever
scare at Now Orleans, but the
officials have tho visitation well in
hand. People are going about
their business and paying little
beed to the plague.
William T. Wardwell is tho
Prohibition candidate for Mayor
of Greater Now York.
Tho National Association of
Letter Carriers is inueliug in Sun
Senator Tillman, of South
Carolina, in a Lubur Day speech
at Roohehtor, N. Y., showed he
still stood for free silver.
It is bnlipved at Washington
that Attorney General McKenna
will not appeal in tho matter,
thereforo that tho Union Pacific
will bo sold to the Union Pacific
Organization Co. for 845,000,000.
At San Francisco it is believed
that Captain Alexander McLean
will head an expedition to the
Solomou Islands, where there is
said to bo a "Olondike," in the
ppliooner Sophia Sutherland. Tho
adventurers, it is further Btated,
will go armed and rosist any
British interference
An official report about to bo
published will show that G5 per
cent of Kentucky's 11,000,000
bnshols of wheat is still in tho
hands of tho farmers.
A striko of Japanese (I) track
laborers on tho Oregon Short
Lino is ended.
The Bteamor Engene, a light
draught boat, was totally wrecked
on her way to the Yukon. She
was under condemnation for vio
lating tho Canadian customs laws.
At Orangeville, Pa., a mob led
by women stoned tho deputies
sent to eject tho striking miners
from thoir homes. The officers
though armed fled for their lives
before the infuriated people.
West Virginia miners want
recognition from the national
Coal miners in Illinois nro not
ready to end the strike.
It was to bo settlod at a national
convention at Columbus, on tho
8tb, whether tho miners would
accept tho compromise rate of G5
cents a ton. Thero was hope that
the leaders would obtain cousent
for such a settlement.
Tho Ttados Union Congress at
Birmingham, Uug. rosolved to
stand by tho striking engineers
for an eight hours' day.
Trelnnd is b,tpnKl with
famine, potato and other crops
being a failure
Sir Lowis William Cave,
Judge of tho High Court of Jus
tice, England, is doad. He was
born in 1832, and was tho editor
of many important logal workB.
It is oxpected tho Liberals will
soon come to power in Spain.
Unfavorable weather has caused
further damage to the continental
wheat yield.
Franco will maintain the duty
on wheat even if it makes bread
dear to the people.
At tho Trades Union Cougross
at Birmingham tho Parliamentary
Committee reported that many de
cisions of the courts during tho
year 1897 wore not based on tho
principles of equity and justico,
and wore calculated seriously to
injuro tho causo of labor and givo
capitalism an unfair nnd improper
Barril, a Spanish anarchist who
triod to murder tho Barcolona
chief of police, has been sentenced
to forty years.
Great Britain, being blamed by
Russia for prolonging tho agony
over Turkey and Greece, makes a
fresh proposal, tho main parts of
which are a joint commission of
the six powors to control the Greek
revenues and tho evacuation of
Thossaly by Turkey.
The Ameer of Afghanistan pro
tests his lovaltv to tho British
MiiKuraimy, and sets his subjects i
to watch tho mM'il.h's ilisci-
The Afridis in revolt on tho
'Afghan frontier are very shy of
coming into conflict with the
British troops, which havo cut
through thoir positions at different
Peru will adopt the gold stan
dard on the plan of Holland, which
admits unlimited silver circula
tion on a basis of 15.873 to 1.
Tho report of a treaty between
Japan and Nicaragua, giving
Japau coutrol of the canal route,
has been denied. It is said to
have been started by an onomy to
injure President Zelaya.
Five hundred people have lost
their lit ua by a volcanic uiuptiou
in tho Philippines.
A landslide has dammed the
river St. Ann in Quebec. Many
houses wero carried along.
The Governor of Gorman New
Guinea has been murdered by
Argentine wants reciprocity
with the United States, and if she
can't got it may try retaliation.
HOnilON'M NKW YAC'lir.
iiidaiiiiie nnd iriodorn Cmft Arrlvrd
In Ihe N. C. Allen.
Thos. W
received his
bark S. 0.
catboat, and
n diversion
new yacht on
Allen. It is a nice
will probably make
on Rpgatta Day. Sorenson fc
Lylo are fitting out tho yacht with
mast and upper gear.
Tho niimo of tho yacht is to be
tho "Olytie" the diminutive of
"Snuil wer." Sho is of oak frumu
and cedar planking, lior dimen
sions being: length over all 23ft.,
length water line 17ft., beam 8ft.
Hor draught is 30 inches, and sho
hns a lend keel of 15001b. outside.
Sho is a centerboard catboat, and
will carry 400 square ieet of main
sail, besides u jib as auxiliary.
V. D. Bacon of Now York, one
of tho cleverest youuc designers in
Now York, drew the plans of tho
Clytio. One of her special features
is tho overhang forward. The
cabin is as high as that of tho
Hawaii and quito roomy, having
spaco for four bunks. Everything
about tho yacht is modern, inclu
ding patent steering gear and sail
I'rcidcut Ulslil.
C. L. Wight, president of the
Wilder oUi.imt.iiip l,o., loiurneit
in the Australia looking the pic
ture of health. In answer to a
Bulletin aroporto he said tho com
pany'a now stoamor sister vesaol
to tho Holono would bo com
pleted at tho Union Iron Works
in January. Tho Claudine would,
he believed, be sent over to have
new bow plates put in shortly.
Mr. Wight was enthusiastic over
tho visit of Senator Morgan and
tho four Representatives elso
whero named, and seemed glad
that Wilder's was in a positiou to
placo a steamer at thoir service
the day of tjioir arrival.
iTIiita Juliiiaou'a llody.
Tho body of Mato August
Johnson, Into of tho barkentino
Irmgard, was found in San Fran
cisco harbor noar Emeryville
stockyards on the Ctli inst. Thero
wero no marks on tho body which
might tond to establish suspicion
that tho man was murdered by
his boatmato, CharlcB Benjamin.
Benjamin would probably bo re
leased tho following day.
A frosh consignment of the
eelobrated Enterprise Beer nnd
fresh oystors for cocktails receiv
ed por Australia by tho Merchants'
ro.MiHiisMoxM. nrr.iuiA.
Ll.l nl llrr I'uN.ciitcr. mid .llallrr. nl
lulprctl In Cniinei (Ion Willi
, fhrni.
, The steamship Austrnlia reach
ed Oceanic dock a few minutes
aftr noon today, being about four
hours Inter than usual. Sho
brought .11 cabin passengers and
27 iu the steerage. As tho steam
er came up to hor dock Senator
Morgan was quickly recognized
by those iu waiting. The disting
uished Senator is accompanied by
a delegation of four Congressmen
who leave on the Claudine this
aftomoon for a special trip to
Maui aud Hawaii. The personnel
of the party and the object of their
trip will bo found in auother
Other prominent people on
boaid wore:
William FohIoi, formerly Dis
trict Judge of Honolulu, returning
after an absence of over a year.
C. Hodomann, manager of tho
Honolulu Iron Works, who has
been to San Francisco on business
for his firm. He is accompanied
by Mrs. Hoclemann.
Dr. T. W. MoConkey.ono of the
physicians under tho Board of
Health, and his wife, returning
from a vacation.
Mrs. Georgo H. Paris and
child, who have been visiting rela
fives at the Coast for some months
0. B. Riploy, the wellknown
architect, who has beon to Cali
fornia on a combined business
aud pleasure trip.
N. S. Sachs, of tho Fort street
dry goods establishment, who
brings back n big consignment of
the latest novelties in millinery,
dress goods, etc.
O. Van Voorhis, a prominent
resident of Rochester, Now York,
who is woll provided with jotters
of introduction to leading citizeuB
of Hawaii.
Captain John Good, formerly
of the National Guaid of Hawaii,
who has been away considerably
over a year. Captain Good was
called to Los Angeles by tho seri
ous illness of his mother. The
death of an uncle at Rouheator
mado it necessary for him to visit
New York state, taking in Chica
go and other cities on route. Ho
also paid n visit to tho historic
battlefield of Gettysburg and
spent some timo in tho lively lit
tle oity of Choyonue, Wyoming.
Captain Good ban returned to Uii
wiui for good and will embark iu
business shortly.
Following is a full list of tho
cabin passongers:
MrB E ton, H B Bell, wifo and
child, Hon A ti Dairy, Miss liui
ry, W Blaisdell, Chas R Hluke,
Mips O E Bray, Hon .) O Cannon,
Mis C Castle, Miss L M Cuu
uiughiiiu, II Deacon, P F Do La
Vergue, Mrs Dovouor, O E
Egan, O M V Forstor,
Win Foster, W B Godfrey Jr,
MiBa M Miohaelson, C Hodo
mann and wifo, 0 W Jack
man, C A Johnson, Miss G Jor
dan, J B Levison, Miss Loud,
Hon H O Loudeuslayor and wifo,
Dr T W McConkoy aud wife, Hou
John T Morgan, Miss Morgan,
Miss I 0 Morgan, Win R Morton
and wife, Rov G Myor, Mrs
Nichols, Mrs Geo H Paris and
child, H Pohlman, C N Ragsdale,
OBRiploy, NS Sachs, A H Small,
R Sweasey, Hon J A Tawnoy, O
Van Voorhie, Mrs Walton, O L
Wight, Mrs M Willfong, T White,
wife and child.
t.x. Al'Mmlla.
Frozen Oystors (Eastern and
California), Fresh California Sal
mon nnd Solo, Colory, Cauliflower,
Horseradish, Yellow Turnips, Rod
Cabbage, Tomales, Fancy Chcepo,
Poaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes,
Applos, Lomonp, Limes, Choice
Clownery Jllook Buttei, etc.
Luvm fc Co.
Telephone 210.
Arrival r Neiiator Horaaii and
TTnn .Tnlm rlV Mnrnnn Tln.'ln.l
HtnfpH Rnnntnr for Alnlinmn nr.
rived with his two daughters in
the Australia. Senator Morgan
was met on tho upper deck of tho
steamer at tho Oceanic whurf by
Ministers Damon, Smith and
Hatch, as well as an informal
delegation of citizens including '
Dr. J. S. McGrew, J. B. Athertou,
Mounter MolJiiiulii'BH, l'rolPHsor
Alexander, Rev. Dr. Bishop, J as.
B. Castle aud others. Mr. Hatch
made tho presentations, and tho
Senator with quiet cordiality re
turned tho salutations. In answer
to a question by a Bulletin
representative, the Senator inti
mated that he intended to remaiu
in tho islands quito a while.
Besides Senator Morgan thero
arrived Hon. H. C. Loudenslayer,
Representative for New Jersey,
nnd wife; Hon. J G. Cannon,
Representative for Hlinois;iHnu.A
S. Berry, Representative for Ken
tucky, and Hon. J. A. Towuey,
Representative for Minnesota.
Congressman Loud of California
wrb booked to come, but for some
reason wbb detained.
President 0. L. Wight of Wild
er'a Steamship Co. being on board,
arrangements wero mado for an
excursion to Hawaii. Tho visiting
statesmen will embark, with some
company from Honolulu, in tho
stcamor Claudine, which will
leavo for Hilo this afternoon.
Passengers by the Australia
speak in warm terms of Senator
Morgan's good companionship,
as well as that of the other public
men, on th passage.
Whilo in San Francisco the
Senator from Alabama accepted
an invitation fioru Irving M.
Scott to visit tho Union Iron
Works, and received most hos
pitable attentions from other pro
minent citizeus. At a reception
tondorcd him 'by the Nativo Sono
of tho Golden West, a San Fran
cisco paper Bays:
"Senator Morgan was introduced
and was greeted with groat cheer
ing. He expressed his surprise
at the magnificoul reception that
had been given him aud his
thanks for the expressions of es
teem that had been showered up
on him.
"Thd Senator explained his visit
to tho Hawaiian Islands as being
to study tho conditions there, geo
graphically aud othorwiso. Ho
thought that when a citizen per
formed his duty honestly he was
ontitled to tho encomium of 'Well
done, thou good and faithful ser
vant.' Ho felt that in doing his
best to servo tho people of the
United Stuteo ho Borved them only
inefficiently. They were tho most
powerful, tho most majestic, the
froest and tho most noble peoplo
umlor tlio taco or tho sua."
Mr. Morgmi is not going in tho
Claudine party. Tho excursion is
ar.augid for tho benefit of the
four (Jongrossmon, as thoy intend
returning homo by tho Australia
next week.
Tho party will be conductod to
tho Volcano House, inspecting
tho coffee lands on ronto.
Attorney Gonoral W. O. Smith
Mi. Wight aud, probably, Pio
fuspor Alexander will accompany
tho party. The Chmdino will re
turn, with tho visitors on Sunday
morning, giving them mora than
thwo days to soo this ibland, with
its sugar and rice plantations, and
tho capital city.
Sonator Morgan will stay at
least a month.
P. C. Jones aud othors aro get
ting up an excursion to Pearl
Harbor for Senator Morgau to
morrow morning.
1'nro Jlllk Nlmkt'H.
Tho frequeut call for cool drink
at tho Pnlama Grocery has induced
us to set apart a window for tho
sale of cold drinks. Our milk
shakos aro delicious, nothing but
puro fresh milk, shaved ico and
tho purest of flavoring syrup bo
iug used, which wo sell at Colos
tial price, 5o. por glass. H.
Cannon, Palaxia Gitoony, oppo
sito Railway Depot, Kiug
John VI, Jlnrki) I ntcrolnl -Sthenic
AMired litii:ttfa
Vancouver, li. C, September G.
Tlu following imnidl tolegraph
' magnates held n closed meeting
today in Vancouver iu connection
with the proposed cable line from
Vancouver to Australia: Georgo
G. Ward, vice-president and
goueral manager of tho Commer
cial Cable Company; S. S. Dick
enson, superintendent of tho com
pany nt Causo, Nova Scotin,
whoro the Canadian Pacific lino
connects with the Atlantic cablo;
R. V. Dey, secretary to President
John W. Muckay; J. Wilson,
Pacific Coast superintendent of
Canadian Pacific telegraphs; L.
W. Storror, dupurinton Jct Paci
fic Postal Telegrnph Corcpacy.
After tho meeting no news of a
direct nature could bq obtained
regarding thn business transacted,
brlt statomonts wero freely mado
that insido information obtained
warranted tho aunouncoment that
a Cauadian Pacifio cablo from
Vancouver to Australia wonld bo
an assured fact at a comparative
ly early date, aud that the proB
ont mooting had to do with some
very important proliminary ar
rangements in which Millionaire
John W. Maokaj in to lr' v a vary
prominent part.
Mr. Storror stated that his com
pany would, of courso, handle tho
Pacific cable work at this end,
and that he, with others, would
iuspoot tho propobud lauding
Btagos in British Columbia at
once. Tho entire party will leavo
for Victoria tomorrow. It is said
that somo of tho members will bo
passengers on tho outgoing Aus
tralian boat for Hawaii. Many
other indications that tha long
proposed Brilisli Bchotno is about
to materialize uro promised to oc
cur in quick succession.
ll Auvlrallu oil Ic.
Tokny Grapes, Roso of Pom
Grapos, Muscut Grapos, Silver
nnd Gornun Prunes, Sickle Poirfl,
Uartlott Poars, Poaches, Apples,
Orungos, Frosh Salmon, Frozon
Oysters, Celery, C.iuliilowor, Bur- '
bunk Potatoes, Onions, Nuts of
all kinds. A
Oamkounia FntUT Co.,
tiEO. A.NDltErtS, Piop.
Corner King and Uuion Lane.
Tolophouo 481.
Whon yon aro thinking of buy
ing a typo writer, dou't overlook
tho Peerless, bandied hv thn Ha
waiian Cycle it Manufacturing
Co. Tho "PeorlosB has more
points of merit than any other
typewriter on tho market.
Highest Honors WorM Pnfri .
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A pure flrapo Cmum of Tartar Powrinr;
Free from Aunnonin, Alain or any other
adultorunt. In nil the great llutols, Uio
lending Club nnd tho homes, Dr. 1'riuo i
Cream Baking l'owdor hohU lUBuinoinuoy,
40 Years the Standard,
Aubnts, Honolulu, II, H
.t.w na-iU' . wv. 'JZ. yj'r.w
Jr.J i tfi..1 .." A
3jA a-VI-Jrti i&llMVA-
Waua. . ....". u
, .fonsfa a;. tfA Viiwfeiairiiifefc?k-iit-

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