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The progress of clvtllzn
tlon. They ni'c the oil
That ninkcs the lamp of
Pi'ojJpcbb burn brightest.
The innn who Ms n
litipgnln In newpn; ci"
Spjice Jencrjilly jjcls
More thou lie utirgnlncil
Poi. Alcmt iiIwjijm It Is
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monly colled soup.
Vol. VI. No. 1243.
Pjuoe 5 Cents.
1i v ,i -in ,
M. B. Curtis (Samuol of Poaon)
is her with a company known as
tho M. 13. Curtis Afro-A.merican
American Ministrel Company
composed of thirty-two colored
men aud thirteen womon. Ho is
now on lii-t way to tliu Colonies in
the Miovera. Aftor tourinu tho
Coloui b ho will go to South
Africa and will take in the moat
import Hit places iti the Orient.
The minstrel compmiy is giving n
perfornnuo" nt the Opera H0U90
ns tho BuLLnriv gin's to presH.
AnotliT performance will ho
given this evening at 7:30 o'clock,
llohert Scott has bought up both
Included in tho company nro
the following 8ars: Ernest Ho-
"'gan, the Unbleached American"
and tho composer of "All Coous
Look Alike to Me" and other pop
ular negro songs; Madarao Madab
Hyers, tho bronze Pntti; Win.
McLiin; composer of "Tho South
v Bef jro Ihs War;" Blnok Dante, a
wonderful magician; Miss Marioji
Blake, the female baritono; Carrie
and Kate Carter, famous buck and
and wiug dancers; Livers, the
well known buck and wing dan
cor; Austin, tho kid champion
drum msj r and buck and winy
dancer; Sireu Navano, the acro
batic dmcorwho does hor work
while dressed up, and a number
of others. The btyid consists of
spventeon pieces. The show is a
mo'it excellout ono from every
point of view.
m m m
llaml Mx-IiimI
Chniles Sheldon of tho Makiki
pumping station mot with asevpro
acclut nt tins morning. .Ho nail
Ins hand caught in u crank while
ntteu lint! t) th machinery. 1'hreo
lingers w-ro badly iniishod. Shei
don walkol all tho way from the
Duinuii ti station to Boretania
etrpet and was there picked up by
Janios Hunt who took him to tho
oilier of Dr. Wood where tlm in
juries of tho man wero attended to.
Circular Letter.
Messrs. J. T. Waterhouse de
sire to notify their customers
an J correspondents that on June
1st, 1899, their Grocery and Pro'
virion uuiiic wa? auburucu
and taken over by Kenry May &
Co 9 Ltd., and the Hardware and
Crockery departments by the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
As our Messrs. Waterhouse
will continue to be identified with
t"ie Corporations named, we de
sire, in thanking the public and
our patrons for past favors, to
request a continuance of their
good will to the Corporations
succeeding us, and of which we
arc members.
1 he Grocery and Provision
business will be continued at our
present stand, Bethel street, and
t he Hardware andCrockery stock
will Uo moved to the stores of
the Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.,
Bethel 3treet. (Signed),
Do Led Honolulu, May 29th, 1899.
Ou tho 1st of August, Oharlos
Ohillingworth, second doputy
marshal will tako the place to be
left open at tint time by JR. H.
Hitchcock who resigned as first
dophty'raarshal yesterday, tho re
signation to take placo at the time
Mr. Chillincworth wont into
the Police Depaitment as a clerk
in the Doputy Marshal's olilce. Ho
showed himself a workor and whs
soon promoted to bo second depu
tv m 'i renal. Since that tirao
Ohillingworth has worked harder
than over and his friends are glad
to leiirn that tho Marshal haH
given him tho well do-orved pro
motion. Seen about the matter this
morning Marshal IJriwn stated to
a BoLIiUTl.S reporter that there
wnu'd probably bo but one deputy
marshal in the future
Fortfol lo Hlunul Hack.
Quito a number of tho appren
tice boys on tho Adams have got
thomselve9 into trouble. Yester
day afternoon tbpy wero being
given target practice. One lot was
off the ship and annthor wai on
tho deck with signal flags. Wheu
it came timo to auswer back some
signals sent to the ship tho boys
wero iouuu "okylarking"about on
deck. As a reeult of this little
escapade the bays uro getting no
CnllMrnin Horliciillurnll.t llrri-,
F. A. HicP, a member of the Ca
lifornia St itc Board of Horticul
ture, is here to coufor with the
U anl of Forestry here in rofor
pncjtoge!iii gProfeHeorlCoehele to
n-3Ht in work in California. Tlie
matter will own up for discussion
at a special meeting at 1) a. in. to
morrow. Saturday evening tho startling
farce, "Duffy's Daughter Kale,"
will bo promoted ut the Orpheum.
,,tjiAjiA!iiWltotoSii. Ai. f
Jhhk-Jt ibAin.. .a... JKi-Kiuj...
Parker Cluney and Hoflmeo Will 001.
elate Id the Stand.
Tips on the Entries Pimento Favorite In
Half Mile Dab-Fran S. a
Dark Horse.
Thoo. Hoffman of tho Hawaiian
Electric Co., Samuel Pnrkor of
Mana, Hawaii, and Captain Clu
ney of this c'ty have beon np
p anted judges for tho ihcps to
morrow and Monday. T. P.
Cummins will be clerk of the
course T. V. King will bo clerk
in the judgps' stand.
The following entries bnvo
beou made in the bicycle raco to
morrow: Vincent Fernandes,
Vincent Silvn, J no Snntos, John
Oilman, Johu Silva and two or
three soldiers. The i-oldiors aro
very fast ri lers and will giva the
local men a good tuiEel. The same
riders will compete in tho bicycle
race set for Monday.
Tho following advanco sugges
tions on the races are gauging tho
movements and plans of the
1st i ace 7 entries. John Silvn,
the "Manna Wonder," favorite.
Raco No. 2 Half mile daih,
maiden rnco, threo entries. Pi
mento tho favorite.
Third race, one-half mile dash,
fro for all 4 entrim. Frank S.
a dark horse, is at present ut the
Fourth race milo, Hawaiian
bred. Three entries by C. Wolters
and Bo 1 irk. Taku your choice-
Filth race, Itoidta Onp Ilno of
ll'O Mriy qprrl '"owing by Uuu
ningham and Wils n, dark horse,
to the frout. -1 entries.
Sixth raco Three minute class,
2 entries; Jiok Gibson behind
Morosco, and Lady Wiuthrop by
Seventh rao 2 milo dah, run
ning. Throe well known Hawai
ian horses entered. Tks your
Eighth race Gentlomon's driv
ing race, S3 entries. Tho Two
Princes will compete for piebtige,
asilvor King is liable to win.
Commandant Merry Looking for Eli
gible Site Therefor.
Government Land First Prcftrecco Site of Old
Powder Magazine Under
Captain Merry, conimtudant of
the Honolulu uavl hUUoii, ha
been lo ilcin ' abnut for 11 Bite for
residences of ollioers of the navy.
As in tho case of harbnr frontapr
and privileges, the commandant
has power to take possession of
any land required by the United
States Government. Whero Ha
wai'un public land is fouud smta
able, there is uo question of cm
drmiinlinn proceedings. It may
just be marked off and declared
United States property.
One of tho places under con
sideration by Captain M rry, for
the purposo ubivo mentioned, is
thri site ot tlm old powder nmga
ziuo. Tho Hawaiian Qovernmont
lately declined to recoivo pro
potnls from real estate dealers for
this tract of desirable building
properly. The commandant is
out ou his quest this afternoon.
His own oflico on tho esplanade
id in course of construction.
ArijIUKva of Hrilltlon,
Paris, May 31. Messieurs de
Rouledo and Marcel-Habort, who
havo been on trial beforo the As
size Court bore on the obargo of
inciting soldiers to insubordination
in ennnootiou with the election or
President Loubot, wero acquitted
1 . i
Several Hatters ot Business Attended
to This Morning.
The Honolula Sewerage System Outfall Part
lo Wilson A Whlttfcouse-Olcer Parlto
Vincent & Balsar.
All tho Ministers wero present at
the meeting of tho Executive
Council this morning The most
important item of business of the
session was tho matter of the bids
for tho construction of the Hono
lulu sewerage systoui. The re
port of tie Superintendent of
Publio Works was read. The
bids were fouud to bo as follows:
WiUoii & WhitohouseOutfall,
S29.5HO and other part, SU9.443 -CO.
Timo of construction, from
July 15.189!) to July 19, 1900.
W. J. Hourailt & Anten S.
Blako- Outfall, 640,000 and other
part, SSOJCa. Time of cjustruc
tion, three hundred days.
Vincent & Balser- Outfall, 830,
250 and other part, 807,92!) 50.
Timo of construction, from August
1, 1899 to July 1, 19t,0.
11. O. Mnttiugly-Outfall, S18,
910 and othor part, S32,432.G0.
Tirao of construction sovou
The report of tho Suporiutrn
dont of Public Worki recommend
ed nccoptiug the bid of Wilou &,
Whitphouto of this city for the
outfall and that of Vincent ,t Hal
ser for tho other pint. Tho report
was adopted by tho Cahiuet.
It will bo noticed that the
figures of It. C Mfttt'iigl y fa!
ii.licuhusbelowtliOBOof the other.-
bidders It will nUn be noticed
that tho .Snperintei.dent of Public
WorKs H ui not recommouil uuv
tliitiL! for tliin contractor. Tho ac
tion of the. Cabinet this inoriiiuL'
iu adopting the reput of tho
Superintuidfiit of Public Wo ki
showB that tho Hullltin wag cor
rect iu its abortion of yesterday
in regard to tho lucky ones.
I'ho appropriation for tho sewer
age system is $257,000 and the
oust of construction ncnrdinz to
the bidi will lie $!)7,'l 0 50. This
leaves SI 59,570.50 for material
which the Government will havo
to purchase.
Tho report of tho Suporintcn
dout of Water Works iu regaul
to analysis of water from the
Knao, Ai, Gulick and othor wolls
iu Kalihi was road. It was found
from tho report that tho water
improves tho farther wot one
goes. It wa8 recommended that
the Kalihi pumping plant be bl
eated near tho Uuliok well wlurn
the beBt water is to bo f mud ntid
tho matter was then referred to
tho Superintendent of Publio
Works to pick out a fitting sito.
An amendment wa? ma lo t the
rules of the Auditor's olilce. This
will be puhliidied by the Uoveru
uieiit later on.
Articles of Corporation of the
Morchauis' Stevedoio Company
anil tho Hawaiian Dry Good A
souiitiou were recoived and re
ferred to the Attorney Gouoral for
Tlirt application of the Califor
uiu Foed Oompnny and A. F.
Cooko to loaso tho old Custom
House that is now occupied by
the fen! cnmpiny rnentionod woie
leferred to tho Snrvoy Dopartmout
for a report. Tho loasn" of tho
buildiug has run out.
Nlimlny Kiliool Hulk".
The regular annual Sunday
School Hoilio iu couufction with
tho meetings of the Hawaiian
Evangelical Society will take
placo in Kawaiahao tomorrow
morning at i) o'clock. There will
bo over a dozon Sunday SohooU
with their toaohora projent. All
those iuteroatod uro cordially ii
vited to attend.
m m
Mr. and Mrs. It. Lisbman ar
rived in England well ond hearty
after a remarkably smooth and
ploasant voyogo.
Marriage of Miss Anld and Mr. Pdeager
Last Evening.
SI. Andrews dihedral Artistically Dacorated-
Reception at tho Ibma of the
Bride's Uncle.
Tho wedding of Miss Mnnd
Auld and II. 0. Ptlouger at St.
Andrew's Cathedral Ia3t evening
was ono of the prettiest events of
the season. The church was moct
becomingly decorated for the occh
sion. A largo oaucouraa of tho
friends of tho contracting parties
wero present to seo tho tying of
the knot and congratulations wore
showerod upon tho happy couplo
at tho close of tin ceremony.
IlttV. Alexander Mackintosh
was tho ollidiat'mg clergyman.
Tho brido was given away ly her
undo Win. Auld. E. li. Bnr
throp was boat man and Mihb
Harriot Morton of San Francisco
bridesmaid. Tho ushers wero W.
Wright, Qoo. Smithies and EJ.
Stiles. Wrny Taylor presided at
tho organ. Tho bridal party was
ushered into tho church by tho
strains of the Loheiigriu Wedding
Match. During tho coreraony
Schubert's Serouado was Boftly
rendered by the organist. After
tho ceremony and during tho
myiuiug of tho register by tho con
tracttug parlies and witnessed
Watnefonl'ri wedding inarch was
played. Tho puty was met on i
suing from the vestiy by Muudles
aoliu'ri wedding march.
L'ol'.owiiig tne curaiuony at She
ourc, Wll, reception he,) ntthe
reHideuoo of Win. Auld atPalama
Mr. and Mrn. Pil-uger receivel
h lr f i lends under a weddiuu
lio.ver of inoU beautiful
(lowers. The whole home was
tinnsforinol into a fairyhke gar
deu. Dancing to music furuishul
by tho Quiutetto club and tho did
cuRsion of a most pleasing repast
win enjoyed until a lato hour.
The presents wero many ond
costly, consisting of silverware,
china, brio-a brae, paintings, and
the usual number of Iamu4 nud
clocks. Mr. and Mrs. Ptleuger aro
occupying their now cottage on
Port street near School.
Thero will bo a special mooting
of tho Board 'of Agriculiuro to
morrow morning, for tho purposo
of formally granting tho use of
tho Board rooms for assembling
and packing tho Hawaiian exhibit
for tho Greater Ameiica Exposi
tion. Yesterday aflornoon tho Com
missioners of Education, at tho
instance of Minister E. A. Mott
Smith, took action toward proper
inu an oducatioual exhibit.
It is intended beginning tho
work of collecting articlen, for
which couoidorable oauvasmg
bus been done, the first of next
week. Some contributions from
Hawaii and Maui may arrive to
morrow. Tho canvass for tho $10,0! 0
fund has been hamporod some
what by tho largo steamer busi
noes this weok, yet the rosult to
this moment is not very uusatis
factory. Half of tho amount is. in
night, with several promises of in
oreaso in individual subscription
if necessary. Mauy of tho busi
uess houses seem to tako a real
interest in the scheme, cvinoiug
confidence that it will yield re.
turns of great general benefit to
tho oity anil islands.
New Mlllln.rr.
Mrs. Napthaly reosived by the
Australia a choice eolootiou of
seasouablo millinery mid iuvito
her patrons to call nt No. 53?,
Fort street, Love building.
Orpboum matinee tomorrow at
Soldier Boys of the 16th Had Op
wards of $50,000.
They Spent Their Money Freely and Smill Deal
ers Made a Winning - Chinamen Object
ed lo American Paper Money.
The moaibers of tho lGth Ilogi
rnont whosailel for -Mwiila lo.lay
on tho big transport Graat, ro
cdved two months' pay on Wed
nesday lust. Since recdving this
money tho soldiers havo expended
most of it in Honolulu, purchas
ing for tho most part fruit and
souvenirs of th couutry.
Scores of tin hoys iu bluo and
brown were to brt seen riding
bicycles, not a few tandems figur
ing among tho lot. Kodaks wore
also in demand to say uothiucr of
tobacco, pipes and photographio
views of tho islands as well as of
The restaurants havo been mo
nopolized almoit by the military
since pay day, anxious as thoy
wero to relievo the monotony of
ships faro by eating ashore.
Thousand of lois were p uro lms
d by th sollinrs, wholo squads
of them marchini; down to tho
transport just before 0 o'clock last
night, generously bedecked with
the lovoty llowors of Hawaii. Tho
1'alces wore very wary of tho crisp
new Uuitnl
States five and ten
dollar no'es,
in many cases unac-
customed to thorn
thoy refused to
accept them
The bojM made it a point to
up' n I their money here n anothor
piy 1 1 ay is du shortly after their
arrival in .Manila -and they will
need no money abntrd the Grant.
Ok'nr !?.r)ii,(i(),) was titiO'B'iary lo
pay olT tho men, nud it is known
that tho greater part of this
amount was left in Honolulu.
The SlniKrtivnrn llt-cllnl.,
Ono of Shtko-poare's greatost
tragedies, "O hello," .has beon
chosen ns tho play with which to
open tho sortiii of onnkespoanan
recitals to bo given tonight in tho
Y M O. A. hall by Mr and MrB.
Hannibal A. Williams of Now
York. Thin masterpiece of dram
atic oompoaition will bo inter
preted by Mr. Williams in dia
logue ami crimmont in bucIi a way
that tho literary lvauly, tho moral
that tho play teachi'B, aud tho
varying ouintinns and sublirao
tragic forto ol tbo play will bo
ehown and felt. Mr. Williams is
an nckunwledgud master in bis
particular field nnmely tho in-
lorpreta ion
of a'u3sio drumatio
Nollcr In lriil,.rf,
Tho Dour I of hi -altti givo no
t'c under Ne v Tud-y column
that the provihioiiH of Act 31 of
tlio S-hhiou Law-i of 1H33 untitled,
"An Act lo Piovidtt Auaiust tho
Adulteration of Food and Drugs,"
will bo enforced from and aftor
July 1, 1W).
It h 1 1 bo hoped that honest
trader ns well a nil consumer)
will tuo evry endeavor to assist
tho Hoard in its laudablo en
deavors to obtain pii'P foods and
drug for public enn-Mimption.
A punc cnpc crcau or tartar powoi
Highest Honors, World's Fair
dold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Ilililiifr riwilir ronlalolnjr
alum. 1 he)- uru lnjurloim In hlta
1 1
A.l3klU. M-VJal.tiH ,
At U .khbJU..

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