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Advertisements mark
Tlie man who fietn
Horgutii In newspaper
Space generally gets
More than he bargained
For. Most always it Is
That nothingness com
monly called soup.
The progress of civiliza
tion. They lire the oil
That mnkes the lamp of
Progress burn brightest
Vol. VI. No. 1SH4.
Pbiob 5 Oentb.
-Krv viTiyjy
firnnrK.rTiAf mi
ris sumo
'K i T
i,. i 18
Albert E. Niohole has brought
euit ngainst tho Aloha Coffee Com
pany of Olftri for spooiBo perform
anco. Tho suit ia a very important ono
in that tho land in question ia a
jart of tho Olaa plantation floated
some tirun nao and is ono of tho
pieciM that Nichola got an option
on while ho was on Hawaii nego
tiating fnrBOvoral others.
Tho price of tho land as arrang
ed bi-tueen tho parlies nud given
in t lr pnpoiB in noruothing over
SIO.OUO. Complainant status that
upon handing ovor tho remaining
837,010 for the land, defend n
refused t) tnko tho nmount aud
still refuses to take it; nlso that he
hi9 beeu and is ready to hand it
ovor at tho time, of delivery of (he
Tho papors in the matter were
Borved this afternoon.
m m
MoV'y m Olloll,
Tho part of OCuello is peculiar
suited to Mr. McVay's personal
ity. He has the splendid voice
and physiquo necessary to tho ro
quireaguts of tho part without
which vsuccossful performance of
this gteat character could not bo
givon aud being an actor of
splendid dramatic ability, one
may look for and not find a fitter
exponent of Shakespeare's dusky
Moor. Mr. MoVay has surround
ed himself with nil intelligent
couumuv of ultyeTr, sovorul of
whom havo had many roars ex
perii'iic in Sliakesrxmrinu rolesv
Tonight will open tho MoViiy
Steamer Waialealo which got
into p.irt from K.ileuuooarly to
day. l)rought '2SU0 bags sugar to
W G Irwin it Go. -1,00 bans of
K S Go's sugar were left on Kau
ai; owing to tioublu with the tele
phone, repoits from other sugar
ports were not received. Oood
woithor provials on Kauai. th jugh
tho sea is very choppy at Kiluuen.
Circular Letter.
Messrs. J. T. Waterhouse de
sire to notify their customers
and correspondents that on June
1st, 1899, their Grocery and Pro
visaon business was absorbed
and taken over by Henry May &
Co., Ltd., and the Hardware and
Crockery departments by the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
As our Messrs. Waterhouse
will continue to be identified with
te Corporations named, we de
m 1
cup patrons for
ie, in tnam;.sn.q me puonc ana
ouest a continuance ot their
ood will to the Corporations
succeeding us, and of which we
ape members.
The Grocery and Provision
business will be continued at our
present stand, Bethel street, and
t'iie Hardware andCpockepy stock
511 be moved to the stopes of
the Pacific Hapdwape Co., Ltd.,
Bethel street. (Signed),
Dated Honolulu, May 28th, 1899.
A fow days ago tho Bulletin
announced exclusively tho de
parture of Minister Damon for
tho Coast. At a Cabinet meeting
thia morning the matter was dis
enssed and Mr. Damon was given
full permission to leave. He will
bo gone about a month or six
weeks, leaving Honolulu next
Tho next thing dono was the
unpointmeut of Attorney General
Cooper to till tho otlieo of Minis
ter of Finance during Minister
Damou's alienee.
Tim Oriihriim.
This Saturday evening, tho pro
gram will bonthely changed and
to, nn Irish fare, "Duffy's Daugh
ter Kate," will give Post full play
as tho exponent of Hibernian wit.
Harry Darling, late of Curtis'
minstrel company, will make his
first appearance in pass and wing
Tho popular native balladists.
Annio and Minnie Kanoho, will
sing somo favorite duots.
Glorino has a new specialty and
Violot Dale, May Ashley and all
the old favorites will participate.
If you fool too tired to stand sea
that you book seats early.
Othello at tile Y. 71.0. A.
Thoro was a large attendance at
tho recital given by Hannibal A.
Williams at tho Y. M. C. A. last
night. Tho audience wai greatly
pleanrd with the iuterpretat'ou of
Mr. Williams and paid the closest
ntUntiou throughout. Thoro
wis not a minute when interest
lagged. Mr. Williams is certain
ly an artist with every character
in th plav of (VhMIo perfectl'
understood. The next recital will
ho mi Toosdnv evening, when "A
Midsummer Night's Droain" will
bo given.
The Bulletin, 76 cenlsper month.
e j it tf
past favors, to
at a
Death of Henry Kuahl from Ferer Visitors of
the Week Exodus to Honolulu
for the Races.
Wailuku, Maui, Jnne 9. Hen
ry Knikahi, n young half, whito
employed as an ongineor on one
of the cars oE the Kahului rail
road, died at nlnut eight o'clock
la9t SunJny morning Juno 4th
at his home at Kahului from ty
phoid fever. Dr. Armitago was
tho attending physician but it
seems that tho sorvicos of the doc
tor wero called when the patient
was almost too far gone. Tho
mothor of tho young man was at
Honolulu at tho time of hia death,
nnd only his wifo and a few of his
intimate friouds wore preiontnt
his deathbed. Decreed is a
nephew of Pilot Dob English of
Kahului and grandson of Gap.
English, nigbtwatohman at Wild
er' wharf oflico at Honolulu.
Henry Knikahi leaves a young
wifo married only about two years,
a mothor, sevoral brothers and
sisters, and a host of relatives nnd
friends to morn his loss. Ha was
greatly liked by his employers
and well beloved by tho30 who
kuow him. His funeral took
place at 8 o'clock on Monday
morning, Juno 5th, from the late
family residence nt Kahulni, and
his remains were intoned at the
family oinetcry nt Waiknpn. The
floral decorations from friends
and aequiiut inces .were vory
nenry M. vhir,ny, br., the
velorau Honolulu nowspiper man,
wa9 a client of Judgo McKay nt
his Wniluku home last Monday
Sona'tor H. L. Holstein of Ko
bala was the cuest of Senator and
Mrs. A. N. Kepoikai at Wailuku
this week. On Monday evening
Mr. and Mrs. Kepoikai gave a
very elegant luau ot their home in
honor of the visit of Sonator Hol
stein to which wero invited a num
ber of their friends. Among
those who sat down at the tablo to
partake of tho moat sumptuous
repast a In Hawaiian were
tho following ladies nnd gentle
men: Sen, i tor and Mrs. Kepoikai,
Senator Holstein, W. J. Lowrio,
Miss Lowrie, 0. B. Wells, Circuit
Judge J. W. Kalm, Mr. and Mrs
W. T. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. T
I?. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1'.
Aluli, Mrs. Suuktton, and Messm.
T. Clark, Noa Aluli and Jas.
Keoln. After dinner the gontlo
in n repaired to tho Hpicioiw land
while the mom music illy iuuliui'd
members of the p'irty went luti
tl'e parlor nnd disoouieod sweet
inu-ic for n ureator part of tho
evening. Tin plnying by Mi-s
Liwrio nnd Mrd. Lyons were
highly appreciated, oipecially
Home of tin) more rare native inn
loilis. Llio morn puiticul'y in
uiiucd goutlemun spent the even
mg diEcu sinu livo topics of the
day as touching upon Hawaii nnl
its futuio. The enjoyments of the
ovening wore kept until nbout
midnight. Senator HolHtoin re
turned to Kohah per Kinau lust
Tuesday evoniug. Mr. Uolsteiu
thioks nnd beliovos Wailuku to
bo n livelier town than Kohala,
but does not caro to change his
residence. Ho went home carry
ing back with him fond memories,
not of Kihoi stocks but of Kihoi
Herbert Dickey's funoral took
place ou Friday, Juno 9.
Several of the sporting young
men go to Honolulu today to take
in the Kipiolnni Parte races.
Among them are W. T. Robinson,
Q. H. Oummings and T. 13. Lyons.
Senator Kepoikai also goes to
A subscription list is going
around for a big luau to bo givon
Continued on Page 8.
Senator Holstelo Honored
Accidentally Killed by the Breaking of
a Giy Rope at Kalaannl.
With Harry Baldwin He Was Superintending
Repairs (o the Trollej When the Ac
cident Occurred on Wednesday.
Tho Kinau last night brought
tho sad news of tho accidental
death of Herbert Dickoy, the
youngest sou of 0. H. Dickoy
and brother of Lyle A. Dickoy,
tho well known uttornoy.
Tho young man wns employed
on tho Paia plautntion with his
cousin Harry Baldwin nud was
learning the sugar busiuosu. The
young man died n fuw hours after
the accident his father and brother
being with him as ho breathed his
Inst. Tho funeral took plaoe yes
terday at Wailuku. Ynunc Dickey
was nbout 20 years of age, born
and raised on tho Islands nnd had
a promising and successful careor
cut short by tho untimely doath
on Wednesday.
The accident occurred Wodnos-
day nt about 10 o'clock in tho
morning while. Harry Baldwin
aud young Dickey were superin
tending tho ropaiiing of the trol
ley used for conveying cane from
tho upper level to tho mill.
They were standing just back of
tho anchor stnko which supported
the trolloy when it suddenly unve
way, the end of tho stake striking
Dicker full in the fauo aud most
terribly mashing the forohcad aud
no3n and oh ek lmnes.
Drs. MoCnukey and W"dd'ck
quickly rr tpTiidi'd to a call and
Dr. Haymoud who win al Kahului
at tho Aim of tho nooHont wis
rung up and arrived ot tho sido of
the injured man nbout half-past
Dr. Raymond said this morn
ing: "When I arrived Mr. Dickey
was nearly dead from tho great
loss of blood and from tho effects
of the terriblo blow. It was de
cided to give him tho ono chance,
in a million and ether was admin
istered nnd tho bonos roplaced and
tho wound packed and sowed up.
Tho young man survivod tho
operation nnd was half consoioua
until death relieved him ot bis
Harry Baldwin who was stand
ing within a foot of Dickey had n
imrnculous escnpo. They both
Bay tho stako gavo way and both
exclaimed "Look out!" but Dickoy
was struck. Tho nooidout hop
peued at Kaluanui.
P.noock. llow4.
W. 0. Peicojk haj givon tho
American plow, for which ho holds
extensive rights, a deep hold in
tho soil of Australa-in. lie has
cstablisliiil woikshops in Mol
boiirnti for making tho plow nil
but ho nj of iln cutiiim. Theiv
are 8 ) or 90 men emplojcd on the
lloor, an 1 1 10 mili'mumi on tho
raid. Mr IV nock left his brith
or (J. A. well in Die UaloiueH, and
looks better tliau ovor himself.
Ho arrived in tho Wnrrimoo on
l'hurbday evening.
Hrulli of lit: Willirlm.
Tho death of Mrs. Wilhelm,
wifo of the well known arohitect
aud builder of this city, died ot
G:dO o'clock yesterday evening nt
the family homo on Keeaumoku
street. Decensed was forty-four
yoars of age. She leaves n hus
band nnd a dnughtor, Mrs. A.
Smithies, to mourn her loss.
A KMmanlna In Luck,
Torrenoe Keven, well known in
Honolulu, has received n letter
from a firm of barristers in Vic
toria, B. C, nnnouuoing tho death
of n relative who has loft an es
tate estimated at about $10,000 and
that Mr. Keven ia tho solo hoir.
As tho hoir has n Honolulu born
family of elovon -children tho
news is very pleasing.
Complete List of Races and Entries
For Two Days.
Favorites Named al Pools Last Evening Ama-
rlno and Royalist Will Eacb Rao Against
Each Other Other Points.
Everybody will be out ot tho
races in Kapiolnni Park this after
uoon. The Jockey Club has ar
ranged a Beries of most interesting
events that w.ll cerhinly give
pleasure to all present. In tho
list tint follows later ou will be
found some of the favorites of last
ycir and n nnmbar of uoiv nud
"dark" horses. Tho o6trios,for
the various events as given out
late yesterday aftoruoon aro as
No 1 Milo handicap bicyolo
race; Silva (Manon Wonder), San
tns, Oilman, Williams and four
No 2 Kamohamoha enp, mile
dash, maidon rics; Corn well's
Jonnio E, Wcla k. Hao Stables'
Permaninto, Woltors' Qaioty Girl.
No 3 Kapiolnni cup, half-milo
dash, freo for-nll, Harvoy's Red
Piko. Rodiek's Spabreezo, Wela
kn Hao stables' Frank S. Corn
well's Vonus.
No '1 K'tlaknun cup, live
eighths dash; Ballentyue's Ama
riuo, Cornwell'd Jenuio, Wollcrd'
No 5 Throe-minuto clB3 trot-
tinu nnd picinc, bent two in threo
bent: Morocco, Lidy Weutworlh,
No 0 Rosita cup, milo dnsb,
fieo-tor all, witii b.') ad lod it An
gio A's time of 1 :i 3 i is beaten,
Uoruwell'rf V;nu3 mi I Grirtiiluie,
Wola ka Hao stablos' Vim Wag
ner, Rodiek's Antidote, Sohiiman'ri
Sympathetic Last, Unrvey's Red
No 7 Oceanio Steamship Com
pany's cup, for thrreo quarters of
a milo dash; Amarino and Royal
ist, with Seabroezo and Qaioty
Qirl scratched.
No 8 Jockey Club cup; gontlo
man's riding raw, half-mile dash.
The events for Monday nro as
No 1 Two-milo bioyole handi
cap, with ontries same na nbovo.
Ho 'I Union ijoed Company's
cup for running half-mile dash;
Vonus, Frank S nud J R.
No3-R"dPike, Gartelino and
Royalist, with J R doubtful as to
No 4 Irwin Cup, mile dnsh for
Island horsed; Amarino, Antidnto
and Senbreezo, with Royalist
No 5 Honolulu Stock Ex
change cup, the froo-for all trot
ting and ptcing race, host two iu
tliror heat; Violin, Wolnki Hao,
L uipe, Irish Lissio.
No 0 Waiknpu cup, running,
three fourths of n mile dash;
Amiriuo, Ral Pike, Vuuui, Gni
elv Girl, It yn!int.
No 8 -Critori in cup, running
mile nnd n quniterdash; Annul no,
Gurteliue, Permaninto, Van Wag
ner, Antidote, Sympathetic Last.
No 9 Jookey Club cup, half
milo clnsli for harness horsm, gen
tlemau's driving rnco; Piiuco Da
vid's Morosco, Dr F Howard
Uumphris' Uussin B, Princo Ou
put's Silvpr King, W Wolters'
h'lora G. with D 11 Davis' Admi
ral Dewey, scratched.
Thoro hue beon unnsidorablo
betting already nnd will be more.
A meeting of turtitos wis held
last night a well kuow public re
sort, the objeot being the sain of
pools on the races ot today. The
betting was very slow nnd nlmost
entirely confined to tho owneis
and employees of the several
stables. At tho outset it was nn
uouncod that hots would be pnid
in all races oven though thr
Judges should deolaro thorn off in
any races.
Tho pools on tho various races
Continued on Pago 8.
Floe Work Done When Children Gilb
ert d In Kawalabao.
Church was Crowded -Ewa, Walanac, Habit
and Walalua Carry 07 Palm
Luau Mow la Progress.
The hoike of the Hawaiian Sun
day Schco's of this isl md in Ka
waialiao church this moniinu was
out ol the best that has taken .
place there hince the annual hoikes
were first imti.u'o 1. The front
part of tho church was filled with
tho Sunday schools from every,
ptrt of the iidtitid while thpbaclc
part was equally as well filled
with tho church peoplo present to
witness the w irk of the schools.
Ech school had its assigned
plaso and nt tin proper time,
marched up in front nnd Vent
through thoir exercises in fiao
shape, sinuiug nnd repcating'their
texts without a single iliW. As
each Sunday School inarched
bick to place, rouuda of applauso
greeted tlmn. iKwould o diffi
cult to Bay whicUSuuday School a
did tho best lfotaken all intnl)
tho OJinbined salnhls of 'Ewa,"
Wnianno, Mnkuojtud Wainlun did
better thau tho romainder. Tho
program wab as fullos: t
I Soug.
'1 Prajorby llev. E. S. Timo-
3 Hoiko of the combined
Bchonls of Ewa, Waiannc, Makua
iiuu WhihIuii.
4 Sonu.
5 Uoiko of tho combined
schools ot K-twaiiliRo, Kaueohn
aud Wiiikane.
0 Shoit IkI'sh by Hon. Henry
Wtiterhoufo and Theo. Richards.
7 Hoiko of tlio combine.!
schools ot Uauula, Keoneuln, Ka
lihi and Monnalua.
8 Collection.
9 Uoiko of the combined
schools of Puaikalani, Waikiki
kai, Knmoiliili and Manon, out
side schools of Kawaiabao.
10 Song.
11 Hoiko of tho SunJny
Sobools of Kaumakapili.
12 Words of encouragement,
by Rev. 8. L. Desha of Hila
13 Ulosiug song.
14 Closing prayer.
At tho close of tho exorcisos in
tho church the Sunday Sobools
marohed out to tho pavilion put
up outside and took tho places
nssiguud them at the tables sproad
with many Hnwaiiau dishes. 1 ho
feat is continuing as tho liULl.B
TIN goes to pres.
Upon tlio arrival of tho Wnika
no Sunday Sshnol in town this
morning, tho members marohed to
tho nhuudi lo I hv a largo aud
small drum. Tiiu Waikaun poo
pin wero tho only ones who car
lio.l their baunor-i (thing.
"Sppnking and Hearing" will bo
tho sul.jvt of R.v. W. A. Gard
nor's ri'pii n at the Ohrirtian
ciimoli t murrow morning; in tho
ovoning h wilh ouclude tho series
of Bormons on Tho Threo Hen
veuB." Both fernion will bo illus
trntol with ulnrts.
HlRhcit Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avnlil llil.lnj; 1'nvrilpr contnlalnj
alinu. 1 hfjr ur liijurloua Co hoaltlt
k -il
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.Jjj ,..fc .
w j V-
-,'JSWa.v; .iC

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