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1. -'nil
Evening Bulletin
Local Paper. The reason is obvious: Advertisers understand that an ad. In the Bulletin reaches the people.
lie finds It pays.
It talccs more than nine
' ChsJxip Advertising! Ilhc
Ads. to make n merchant.
Chcup merchandise, Is
He who advertises well
Advertise lonjj, lor
Poor economy. Spuco n
The Bulletin costs more
Than in any other
Yol. YL No. 12455
13, 1899.
PltlOB 5 Cents.
f . - 'im
1 11!'''' ' iMlBHiyHyyflt
' "'JHKsrC5i3WlSETBHHf
' WK.'- . bdKU3SBH
- if"
) .:
k J.
Suifs ngninst plantation cor
porations aro becoming quito
numerous. Tho Intost is a suit
agninst tho Paauhau Plantation
Com pun v of Hamakun, Hawaii.
Tho ilaiotiff 4 bm Judge A. N.
Kepoikui aud H. L. Holstoin wbo
aro suing for ejectment.
Th- onmplnint isjthat the de
fendants hive, contrary to law
and the, rights of plaiutiffs taken
into possession ami ennvotted to
' their me. a parcel of Uud at He
nennneuh. Tlioy oliim an uu
divided half in the land.
TUi plaintiff ask not only that
the p nn'a'inn asaso to use the
land bu that S100I) diuiages be
paid for detention.
Kuitirlliimrliit Day.
Rncna wilbnttrnct tb'! attention
, of the mullitticfo'eBpccHlly in con.
unction wiiii ill, eveuis uu iuuu
' -dnv. There ate' a number of in
foresting Vvoula and not fio least
inlerestingWe the two' bicycle
inceB. T.vo"muiiary" ;men, uo
sidea tbe Mauoa Wonder (John
Sylva), with others, will onuipetn
for place, the raciuo Uyola it
Mfg. Co, have offered a trophy
for tbe leading eveut Monday ami
ihoy offer now a free exhibit cf a
now arrival of I'll) Sterling bicy
cles wbiol), o suit tbe times, will
be sold ut tho regular market rato
aud on tbe iustallraeut plan.
These wheels are new, 189!) mo
del, dito-t from llio celebrated
Sterling factory who build their
wheels "like watch." OrderB have
AbHUp)ucMl by protp olive buyers
: i.-.W i- .: .. ii. ..l .t.:
nmi tine llluicauoiiB htu mm uns
'.nnnl4 ..-III urM-.fl llrt .ivltllllalpfl.
bjR ju&mhur, guaranteed wheels on
flfF lh
.'., Nw Millinery.
Mrs. fviiutlntly received by the
Australia a elnice election of
aeakonablo millinery mid iuvit
her '".patroiiB to call at No. 532,
roiMr-"", Lov building. ',
MemberTnT the Y. M. 0. A.
attended tho Central Uniou
Church pionic at Punalion yesterday.
Scores of those who wont to the
racos yosteiday morning, linked
arm in arm with merry, joyful
faces vowing oternal and undying
devotiin towards each other aro
out today with oJged tools bs
largo as tho battlo-axes of tho
It wbh rumored that the owners
uf tho Wela Kn Uiio nnd Irsl
LaPBie,.iet and their couversnti n
endod id" an apreemnt to match
their refloective iinimale for 825 '0
aide: Whou seeu this morning
Mr. Cunningham of tile honso or
Wnla Ka Uao denied tins but wa9
very outepoken in his charges.
Siid he:
'W la Ka Hao could aud would
havo won the race had he not
hoeu pulled by hia driver, Mike
Oosttlln, wbo sold out the race
and myself. I shall today make
charuos against Costello before
the Jockey Club and when I offer
my proof I am assurod tint bo
will bo ruled off tho track for life
Ho wa giilty of a contemptible
piece of fraud, trickery aud ingra
titude to me and I will bring it
home to him."
Coalello, when Been Inter on
nnd lL'in:j informed of Mr. Cud.
uingham's charges said: "lhey
aro uuKinu mm unjutt i nrove
tho horse with skill aud judgment.
Mr. Ounuinghttiu is repousibl
for the loiuc and no one else.
Ho "killed" Wela Kli Hao in the
tcoiiui' nt (he third heat. He
name to mo and told mo to use
the whip f reoly and to oiuo as
much so irina m po'Bihlo. I di I
so, nt every ouu on the track Haw
and tho result was that tliu horse
was nil br ike up. 1 do not fear
nuy itivestigilion.
'1 am a pnor man and was only
working for wng-n. After I won
tho Hociiiid he,tt Mr. CiiQiiiuyliaiii
and Jnek V ilsnn came to me in
the htables aud Baiil", jiiKii' we
want you t win thi.i nice and
will give yoaS3lO if you do.'
Now thit is more thau auy one
could afford to pay me, ns the
betliug ran."
Hawaiian Jockey Glob Scares Success
at tbe Annual Meet.
Circular Letter.
Messrs. J. T. Waterhouse de
sb re to notify their customers
and correspondents that on June
1st, 1899, their Grocery and Pro
vision business was absorbed
and taken over by Henry May &
Co , Ltd., and the Hardware and
Crockery departments by the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
As our Messrs. Waterhouse
will continue to be identified with
the Corporations named, we de
sire, in thanking the public ana
our patrons for past favors, to
request a continuance of their
good will to the Corporations
succeeding us, and of which we
arc snembers.
The Grocery and Provision
lousiness will be continued at our
present stand, Bethel street, and
the 1 1 ardware andCrockery stock
will i-5 moved to the stores of
the pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.,
Bethel street. (Signed), ,
Dated Honolulu, May 28th, 1899.
Honolulu's P(opl Turned Out la Crowds Each
Day Fair Weather and Fast Track
Leading Events.
It appeared yesterday that nil
Honolulu had turned out to attend
the day attraction at the Kapio
lani raco track. Eirly in tbe
morning Ihe Waikiki cars wore
overcrowded, and at 10 o'clock (ho
time when the first raoe of the
day wasstaitol thousands of peo
ple had assembled and scores of
vehicles of ovory description were
on tha grounds. On Saturday
afternoon more people nftouded
than wnB expected, but ten times
their mi rubor turnod out Mon
day. The sport waa oxoifing, nothing
of nn underhand nature was evi
dent iu nny of the eveuts and tbe
whole affair ia vnlod by every
body who nttonded, a craud sua
cess. Tlieo. Hoffman, E Igar Hal
etoid and Samuel Parker wore the
Judges to the sitiifaariiu of all
V. b Love J. L. Torhert and L
Murk's wero tune keopers, and
Albert Horner starter.
The st ry of t'io rao3 com
mences with the aftornonn of Sat
urday last. The eport start d
with the mile handicap bicycle
race for E O. Hill and Son's tro
phy. J. Santos, J. h Sylva aud
V. Silva startid. Tbo Mauoa
wonder won without much or
an t ITo-t. V. Silva followed.
Ti.uo, 2:10.
Van Warner was ncratnliod in
the second race, ono half mile
(lush, run id on race for the Xame
hauieha cup. Jennie E. Perraa
niuta Gaiety Qirt and Seabreeze
started having a co I start. Per
mauinto went under the wirj tirit
followrd by S'abreeze.
Summary Permaninta, s. m.,
4, by Dnkeof Norfolk-EdnoK 1;
Seabreeze, g. in., 4, by Senator
Stauford-Kaonluni 2; Gaiety
Uirl, I), in , b, hy Shenandoah
Idle Girl 3. Time, :51.
Four starters enme out iu tbe
third event. Kapiolani cup, half
mile dash, free for all Rail Piko.
Frauk S., J. R., and Venus;
Ven in as the favorite. Red Pike
took the lead at tbo word go, but
anon gave place to Frank S, Von us
tnkiug second place in uon
ble style. Venus forged
iilioad wilhin 100 feet o! the wire
winuiug by ecarcoly a lengih.
Suiniiiary Venus, b in, aged,
by Voroua Bellinda lj Frank S,
blk g, Hgid, by unknown sire-dnm
unknown 2; R-'. Pike, bay p,
aged, bv (luoKiuuey- Entreaty a.
Time, m.
The fourth rnos bul uigpd to one
of two hurries only; j mile da-li,
Kalaknua cup; Hawaitau bred, 150
added. Saixei.) and Autidolo
were tcra'ched, Amuiiio aud U y
ali-tt were tho bnrsFB. Amaiiuo
liiiiidiod wiHi a couple of luuutus
the best of it.
Summary Amnrino, bay g,
aged, by Kouli Amadino 1;
Riyalist, g b, aged, by Sena'or
Stnuford-Franm- 2. Time, 1:01 U5
A L Slmw'd Silver in tho next
raco was Hcratolit-d at the last mo
ment. Morosuo and Lady Went-
worth were tbe entries loft for tbe
only bnrnpBB rnoo of Iho day. Mo
rojco wus favorite. With an oven
start they kept together until tbe
last eighth. Hero Gibson lot
Morosoo ont winning easily. Tbe
remaining heats were not contented
on accouut of Lady Weutworth
going lamo. Time, 3:01 1-5.
Tho one mile dash, freo for nil
came 01 h on tho program but first
in tho estimation of all lovers of
sport. It was certainly tbo event
of Saturday's eports.
Tho race wai run for tho Rosita
Cup, puree of $200 and 850 added
if the winner beat the record of
Angie A, 1 45J. Vouus, Garto-
Custom Honso Employes Show Their
Appreciation of Mr. McStocker.
Signed By Fifty-Nine Hen Recent Collector
General Eipressw HI) Appreciation Fac
simile of Testimonial (o Mr. Fred Clay.
Several 03 tho employes of tho
Custom House, iaolnding tbo
Port Surveyor, inspectors and
dorks, gathored in the Collector
Genornl's ollio this fornoju aud,
with Warren Chamberlain, the
oldest employo in tho Government
service and the Custom House ns
spokesman, presented tho follow
ing testimonials to McStocker,
who res'gndd from the collector
generalship n few days since:
Honolulu, June 10, 1899.
Mr. F. . McStockor.
Dear Sir:
It was with the deopest regret
tha; we, tho employes of tho Cus
toras bureau of the Hawniiau
Government learned of the resign
ation from the important position
held by you in this department.
Iu your now diverging business,
pursuits wo will always reuiem
lifr the ever cheerful aud friendly
help and encourauement exteudod
to us iu the performance of our
respective duties and hopa for
your tueccss iu the great enter
priio which you havo undertaken
Very respectfully,
M N Saudor-i, J It Mncnnluy, J
O Loreuzeu, 13 H Wriubt, Warren
Otianiber'niii, Jaa W Girviu, Gi-o
O Stratemeyer, R Wecdnn, H C
Monon, Jas J ICelly, LP Scott.
J K llrown Jr. A Fuller, Alfred,
N Tnpp, U UUIiodes, J muUnoii,
li R Folsom, Jno H ilnre, F V
liiudt, M G ijohuslnn, E Strate
fotth that under ndecren of Octob
er 4tb, 1808, W. A. Wall, aud Jno.
D. Paris were nppointed commie
sioners to examine tno land, the
subject of tho suit and inako ic
commendations concerning the
same. Tho commissioners duly
reported on Iho matter nud n hear-
ing was held, all of the partios be
inn present or ropreseuteil by
counsel. W. A. Wnll is to survey
and BubdlvI.de the land at Holja
o n, in his judgmotit will b"
most benetioinl to fho interested
nartia. Tbe land to bo sold by
nuelion, when the court ahall have
npproved of tbo eubdivisiou.
lb. f 1 ft 11 nnnual nouount 01
Henry Wntorhouse nnd Hon. A
I'errv, trmtoes of th oilnto of J.
H. Wood, d ensed, hns been n:-nrov.-d
and all iwed by Judge
S'anloy. The trusfoen chnme
thomeIves with S1U.H3D.40 huiI
ask"d to be allowed tbo sum of
$10,585.2!) there boing n balance
of s254.ll income on hand.
40 Kinulo . in Klijl nlj. jo Mcllyyilti. j OUj
loltin lte ft Malt Co 111. an Nihiku l. i N.l
lilku J.J), 1 ) Mcll.yJe 3, 50 Kamilo 1 $5, 10 Njhiku
j. jjoKlhtl nH.
I W.ilmanalo ft?, ho McIlryJe
iou MdlryJe ) 600 do 5.
ineyer, James H Hakunle, A G
Dh-kiiis, Lm Sheu Cliow, J Ka-
lonmakani, John Brown, Sol Pa
i.newa, J W Short, G. W Kies
fer, Arthur W Neelv, B Kauoahi,
Mose4 Need ham, J K"kahio, Win
Needham, John Kanun. J Mnka
eha. Geo Iiaoraea, D E'pinda, W
F Drnk, W F Storey. E A Jacob,
-en. M J Szanlon, S M Kamakan,
J K Namoolan, O Kauuha, A E
Mitchell, GWOJouesJr, John
Hao Jr, H Hookano, R Paunwa,
T Mokulebua, R Macaulay, W H
Di ummond, E E Miller, J W Ma
helnna, S Hauohauo, H Kaili,
Alet Bishaw, Moses H Kauwe.
Mr. MoStoskcr was deeply
touched by tho testimonial of tbo
moo who havo worked so faith
fully under him and, iu a few ap
propriate words, expressed his
thanks to them for their kindly
Ii was tbo intention of tho em
ployes to gather in a body nnd
appear befoio the retiring Collec
tor Ueneral in a hody out on ac
oiunt of tbe Im'iday yesterday nud
tlw Hailing of the Australia today
it was lmpoJU'Mu tod) this nud
as there could bo no further ilulny
iu tho matter, tin testimonial was
presented this forenoon.
A fnc-fdmilo of tbe testimonial
civen ahovd wns presi'iiied to
Fred. Clay who resigned hb De
puty Collector Gouurul of Cos
toms nt tbo tame time as Mr.
Police Cunrt Nlr.
Iu tho Pdhio O.iurt this fore
noon tin following oases woro dis
poned of: Petr Lwis, nssau't
and bsterv on M. Akau, $10 uud
cists; Kalihaku, nssiiilt nnd bat
tory on K lii, $15 and costs; Ka.
Iiololio. assault null battery on
hnka, $15 and costs; M. N. Ludie,
eommon iiuisanc, renrimanded
aud disuharjed; J. Clarkn. furiou
aud heeilless driving, $25 and
co-ts; Kauahi nud Frank Alii, as
sault nod bitt'Ty ou Ah On, sen
tence smpeutod for. thirteen
rthriittlfv, All'Sni, sara'iychnrge.'iS
nud cosla.
TIih u.iFoa of Kamana, Led ward.
J. W. Briwu ami J. 0. Browu for
druukenneB, common nuisanoe
and obstructing nnd pervertiuc
justice, were Bet for tomorrow.
Recommended for Position by MiMsftr
of Finance DimoD. -
Porl Surveyor Stratemeyer OJjred Ihe Plac
but Does M Accept -New Iocumbent a
Plantation Accouitant and Expert.
Mlnlitrr Klntr Uack Aann.
Minister of tho Interior King
was present at tbo Cabinet meet
ing t Ii ia forenoon. Ho ngniu re
sumed hie duties ns Minister of
the Iuterior thix miming.
Khihi Win.
Tho KHmehameha team won
from tho Battery K team to the
tune of 22 to 7 yesterday forenoon
iu n guuo of baseball on tbe Mu
kiki recreation grounds. ThoKnius
had all kinds of a walkover. Tbe
boys statu that the Battery K bojs
aro better players tbnu the regular
team, particularly in tbe matter
o baltiug.
HI i-ii lii L'iiiiioIi fur Kl-iuiialrl.
Maunder Stodart of Muunnlei
plautuliou will soon have n steam
launch tunkiug regular trips be
tvuun th.i pliutiliou lauding nnd
Labaiua. The trip enoh way will
talio about nu hour.
At a mooting of tho Executivo
Council this mominij tho matter
of tho Coll-'ctor Gonernlship of
Customs wis brought up. Min
is'er D.imnn repurt-d tb.it Collec
tor General MoStuckor had Hpoked
lo Port Surveyor Strntemeyor
about taking tho plncn but thnk
the hitter had declined. Mr.
S'ratnnieyer wns SuMit for nnd np
penred before the O.ibiuet. Ho
was offered Ihe pisitiou but do
clined auaiu nftor expressing his
tbnnks for tbo offer. Minister
Dunon then reuomiuonded that
lticliaid Ivers, brother of Mrs. W,
fl. Irwin, be given the p.isi ion.
This wh npprovod. Tho onm
misciou wns isHiial 'n little Inter.
Mr. Ivors hns been n p'nnlntion
accountant and export iu the isl
unilfl fir ome eight oira past.
W. O. Smith nppsred for tho
Uilo- Honolulu Railway pooplrj
nud reforred to the matter of tho
rcent application for a charter of
iiuorporati.ni. A" fhi mutter
ffi cts lln Uilo RaMwiiy Company
L A. ThurMon, the representative
of that corporation was consulted
aud asked if ho w uld like to be
beard in the matter. He. i-tateil
iliat he would, bo the Cabinet set
asi lo Fiilay morning as tho
timo for the nnpearnuco of
CprrBPiitntivs frciu each of the.
o-mpanies At iinit timo thev
will be gruifrtd n lioiring.
The Allot ncy G.-neral referred
ti the mmtor of a cliauuo of the
road nt Aioa and recotumondod
that a road jury be niipiiufed to
decide on 6tich chaune. Tina
wns hdopted. If lh change ia
recommended by the jury, the
new jrond will bo placed further
makai than the present ouo nnd
will run fruu n position near the
foot of Ihe Halawn hdl, through
tbo Honolulu Sugar Compauy'd
laud towa'd Dn-
Continued on Page 4.
J. V, Morjr" L.a.r. Kitunl Lnmli.
Judge Stanley has nppoiuted
Petor Akiau, guardian of the pro
perty of Rise Akiau, his daughter.
Tbo property constats of shares in
the Hui Kuat aina o Moioaa, on
the island ot Kauai, wliiuh owus
lands known ns tho lauds of Moio
aa, Papan, Knnpunn and Alioma
nu, the nbovo lands being leased
to J. F. Morgan for the sum of
$10,000 per annum.
In the partition caso of M. F.
Scott ot al vs. E. N. Pilipi ot al n
supplementary decreo has boon
eutered hy JuJa Perry in the
Circuit Court. Tho deoree eetb
E. Ilalstend advertises a dnik
bay mare lost or takou. See
Want column for further particu
Mins Lydia Roso and Charles
Kaleikau were united iu marriage
ut St. Andrew's Cathedral Sulur
day evening.
F. B. McStockor left in the
Kiuau for Hilo ut noon to'.lay
to make a Etnit ou his new duties
as manager of tho Olaa pluutu
tiou. Mies Ching Nget Chin and Rev.
Kong Yin Tet, pastor of the Chi
ueBoEpUotpnl Church, wt re unit
ed iu marriage at St. Andrew's
Cathedral Saturday morning.
Tho Nippon Maru is now three
days overdue. She is oxpected at
auy time. Hor agents can think
of no cause for her delay unlets it
is that eho has been detained in
quarantine at some port.
There was a very largo patron-
ago of the Seamen's club during
Monday. Tho mon from tho ship-
who had not tho price or dispobi
tiou for the races found iu tln
roonis of the club au excellent
placo forthoir leisure hours.
Tit Orplirum.
Snturday nud Monday evenings
kept nood Iho Orplionm record for
full houses. "Duffy'a Daughter
Kate," n farce iu Which Jim Poel
aud his Dutch wife havo n fow
wirds in onnecii hi with their
(inugmur jvate, who K-epa com-
imuy with a dead tough gun
flchter is very amusing. Hany
Darling made his lirst appearance
nn Saturday in dnncn and song,
though s mewhat Mill ho olioited
plenty npp'auso. Violet Dale
snug nttiied in full jockey cos
liiine. Hpniting Ainnriiio's colors.
The Kanoho sisteiH Bang rative
airs. All the old favorites iuolud.
l tlin wonderful Glorinu nnd
electrical iiH-ihtanU k pt fnifh
with the public as high class performers.
The S. S. AuMr dm leaves for
S iu Francisco this afternoon at 4
A purc cnpc cncAM or tiith rqwoti
HlgbcAt Honors, World's Fall
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avnlil lHklii,-; I'mrilsr contal.ilnf
alum, llioyuro liijurloiittohraitk
'1iftiillf 'tmtSLlki,.A
f'fti-'"''!- " "!" "V1"' -fi4' '-Y-- -tt't't S, - illM-iroiin' Hiri-l .iVrlM't'fHMil-'- Ji-h- '--"- '''' tij, 't-ftth'
Lk,':ki...uii-,in, w - ii-i-fi--'-iiiii iiifi'iVtViLiii-iSi4i'iiiirtiiiriirTiiii'.ijii

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