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Do You Seek the Philosopher's Stone T
Evening Bulletin
An Ad. in the Bulletin
Is o Money Urlncr.
Gives Better
Returns on Your Money
Thnn Sugar Stocks.
Out' pl'OCCBH OX
Converting Mercliniidlse
Into Gold
Ih worth Iuvc8tlntln.
You Will Find it in the Bulletin.
Yol. VI. No. 1255.
Piuob 5 Cents.
ffitW -r
C. Irer& Con-party
Amnion Sac arCo.,a 1
American b 1.0 ,
I juupj
fi... PlanuMon
IIjimii PlintationCo
I laallan A;jrlcullurICo
llaallan '.om su -o.
Hawaiian Sucar Co ....
Ilonomu Suear Cf ....
Ihntkaa Sugar Co ....
If.lLti Sutor Ca . .....
K'aliuku Plantation Co.
Kamato Sucar Co. a
KamatoSugarCo f d up
KlhclP. Co.LtJ.pl up
Kl.ahutu Sugar Co.
Koloa Sugar Co
Kona Sucar Co.. ai.,
K'ona Suzar Co .M up
MaunaltlSugir Co.a
Maunalel Su Co.nJ up
NalilkuSu Co,, pi up
dim bugar (-.impany
Onkala Sucar Plan, Co.
Ola b. (.0., UJ.. hi i
OlaaSmCo.Ltl.pl up
Otowali Company... .
I'aati'uu Su. Plan. Co.
Pacific Suzar Mill
Pala Plantation Co....
PepfO Sucar Co ...
Walalua Azr. Co.. a)
WalaluaAgr.Co, pi up J
Walanaa Company ....
Walluku Sugar Co . . . .
Walmanalo Suzar Co .
Walac Mill Ce
Dll Askd
,oo jio
WlHr St..mfthln Co .
IntcMstar-.d Steam N Co
lln.illan ElKtrle Co .
Hon Rapid T&LanlCo
Kona-iiau i.i.-n,i.ij
Mutual Telephone Co.
Makaka " L4.pl up
Oahu Ry&L.nJ Co ...
Hart & Co., Ltd
Hawaiian Gov 6ptrcent
Hawaiian Gov. j per cent
Haw.O PotSav'Jperc
OahuRy c Lanl Co .I
Niite Hzures of A. M. session Honolulu Exchange
n I'ljnxr Mill o5. 5 Pioneer Mill W5; 10 Oah 1
3"!. 10 Oahu joj: s Honokaa 17: 100 McliryJe )!4:
jo Ookali ; ;, Ookala n.
DlMrli'l Court Ailjoilrna.;
The District Court adjourned
this forenoon out of respect for
tho death of the Qacon Downgor
Wa9hiugtoD, Judo 1G. A reci
procity treaty botweou the Unitod
Suites and Great Britain in rela
tion to trade between this conutry
iiud tho British colony of Barbn
does was signed at tho Depart
montotStato today by tho rep
resentatives of tlio two govorn
moots. Is is the first treaty under
tho Dingley law and tho first of
tho series of the treaties which tho
British colonies to the south of
this country are Booking to offect.
The trosty is mado for tho term
of Uvo years, and is strictly with
in tho tonne of section 4 of tho
Dingley law, which providos for a
roduclion ot not moro thnn 20 per
cent of tho regular duties on
coods which may be agreed upon,
in return for reciprocal reductions
uiven by other countries, nnd per
mits (roods to bo takou from tne
duliablo Hit and placed on tho
free list.
Information recoived from of
ficial qunrtors hns shown that tho
chief articles of export from Bar
bndnos to tho Uuited Stales aro
sugar, molaBseB and maujak, tho
latter being n pilch ranch' like
asphalt. Sugar is tho chiof pro
duct of the islauds and tho chief
export to this country, the trade
last year reaching $2, !3d,ClO,
The chiof nrticloa sent to Bar
badoos from tho United States aro
food stuffs, mainly flour, corn
meal, salt beef, bacon, pork, bread
and corn. The islands depend
almost outiroly on this country
for thoir food supply. On the
other hand, they hnvo been get
ting thoir manufactured goods al-
most exclusively from iiinglanu
Tho Snpremo Court adjourned
yoterday until Monday.
Tho oucacoraent of Mr. Joaquin
Bodrigueo to Mies Bosio Enos is
Tho awards for tho soworngo
supply will probably lo made by
tho Cabinet on Monday.
Th 'To was no mooting of Hi
Cabinet tbn morning on nccouut
of l'n eidont Dolo'a absence.
President Will Give Otis Full
Campaign to hi Continued North and South cf
Manila-More Men to be Hur
ried Forward .
Death Came at 8:45 This Horning
Peaceful Ending of a Well
Rounded Life.
lircolar Letter.
Messrs. J. T. Waterhouse de
sire to notify their customers
and correspondents that on June
1st, 1899, their Grocery and Pro
vision business was absorbed
and taken over by Henry May &
Co., Ltd., and the Hardware and
Crockery departments by the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
As our Messrs. Waterhouse
will continue to be identified with
the Corporations named, we de
sire, in thanking the public and
our patrons for past favors, to
request a continuance of their
&ood will to the Corporations
succeeding us, and of which we
are members.
The Grocery and Provision
business will be continued at our
present stand, Bethel street, and
the Hardware andCrockery stock
will be moved to the stores of
the Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.,
Bethel street. (Signed),
Dated Honolulu, May 29th, 1899.
New York, June 17. According
to a Washingtou correspondent of
tho Journal and Advertiser, two
imporlaut decisions were made at
the meeting of tho cabinet held
just before tho 1'rouident started
for Ilolyoke, referring to tho cam
paign in the rtnlipptncs.
First, that in vinw of tho
strongthof Auionldo in tho north
as dovelon-d in dispatches from
General Otis, tho aggressive cam
paign against tho rebel chief must
bo renewed with vigor.
Second, that tho army and navy
must co-op 'rato to maintain a
tight blockade of Luzon in ordor
not to permit tho landing of sup
plies of any character for tho
rebel forces.
In reviewing tho campaign
against Aguiaaldo, tho Frosideut
is pursuing tho same polioy as
that now in operation against tho
rebel forcos in tho south.
President MoKinloy expressed
surpriso that the itiBurgout forces
should bo able apparently to pro
cure inexhaustible, supplies of
arms and ammunition, aud di
rections wero cabled to Admiral
Wnt-on to oo oparnto with Qenora1
Otis in trying to provent tho land
inn of munitions of war on the
island of Luzon.
A blockade of tho island was re
ported established some timo ngo,
but every euoouutor with tho
iusurcHnts demonstrates that
thoy still have ahuwbint supplies
(jHl)inet olucors nro ot tlio opin
ion that if a strict blockade in
maiutatuod, tho insurgents will
quickly exhaust thoir resources.
Especial reasons for using ex
traordinary vigilauco in maintain
ing the blockade aro now si id to
exislt English and American
morchauts in Hongkong who aro
helping tho Philippine junta aro
.bowing great nativity aud ne
said to bo offering enticing in
ducomonls to blockade runners to
carry arras and ammunition to
A telegram was sout to Major
General Shaftor, in commanJ nt
tho Presidio, S-n Francisco, di
reding him to ubo tho utmost ex
podition in preparing tho trans
iorU 55-alandia, Valencia, Sheri
dan and Pennsylvania for tho trip
to Manila. Although it is deem
ed impcrativoby the president to
get re-inforcements to G-noral
Otis as soon as pojsible, tho laok
of transports mny do! ay Eomo of
them next month.
Tho first expedition starting on
Juno 22d on tho Pennsylvania
and Zalandia, will carry six
troops of the Fourth Cavalry, two
companies of tho Fourth Infantry
and as many recruits as possible.
Tho second expedition, start
ing on Juno 21th, on the
Sheridan and Vnloncia, will cou
rtist of the Nintoouth Infantry
aud recruits.
A poiut ofimpnrtance to many
applicants for commissions in tho
volunteer sorvico was decided at
today's mooting. Gonoral Otis is
to narau otllcors for tho three rogi
mnulB of voluutoors only in pro
portion to tho number of mon in
tho Philippines who roonlist.
If only iJOOO should onlist, thore,
Goneral Otis would appoint only
eighty or ninoty of the total 15u
ollicors that would bo noodod, the
mat of tho oLUcors being appoiuted
by tlirt president from applicants
in the United States.
It was with doepont sorrow that
the relatives, friomU and all lit-
waiians recoivocl this morning tho
news of tho death of the bolovod
Queen Downgor Kapiolani, widow
of the late King David Kalakaua
nt hor homo in Waikiki. The
ovont was by no mmus unexpect
ed for tho Queen had boon sink
ing rapidly sine.) she recoivod tho
last stroke of paralysis about a
fortnicht ngo. This left her un
conscious from 1 1 o'clock at night
until G tho next morniug. It was
at this stago that Dr. tfumphris,
tho attending physician, called
Dr. Day in consultation.
For tho last tureo days tuo
Quoou was never really consoious
aud at tho time of hor death she
was wholly unconscious. Tho end
was oxpectcd at about midnight
laBt nigut but the Qjooo lingered
along until 8:10 o'clock this morn
iug. At that time tho silent
watouers nbout tuo bousiuo saw
On Docembor 19, 1803, Kapio
lani was married again to the
High Chief Kalakaua. Tho two
lived a quiet and happy lifo to
gother. In 1874, Kalakaua was
mado King and tho two went to
to tho pilaoe to livo.
Tho Qaoen's good works began
immediately. Sho watched
zealously over the intorosts of the
natives aud formed tho Hooulu
and Horda Lahui aociotios. Lat
er on sho founded tho Knpiolaui
Maternity Homo and personally
superintended tho work of tho insti
tution. Sho retained nu interest
in tho place to tho vrry end.
On November 9, 1885, tho Ka
piolani Ilorao for Leper Girls was
formally opouod by Kapiolani
and by hor command tho care and
control of tho institution was
committed to the Rev. Mother of
tho Con von t of St. Anthony. Iu
tins piaco also suo retained a
deep intorest, giving what sho
Away Suddenly
Early This
Has Long Been a Resident la the Islands
Was Knlgbls of Pythias Former
Fire Department Member.
that do-ith was nigh and at oxact-'could for its support and furnish
ly 8:15 o'clock the Qooen breath- ling clothes and othor necessities
(or tuo nntortunato inmatos.
Iu 1837 tbo Quoou went to
Quoou Victoria's Jubileo in Lon
tlun iu company with tho ox
Qupoo Liliuokalnni. Major Cur
tn Iaukoa and Jas. II. Uoyd no
enmpauiod the Royal ladies to the
Court of St. Jainoa.
Kapiolaai retnrncd in good
hoalth and took up her position
again, doiug a good dcods where
flic found tln'm uccfssary and
living tho busy livo of a Queen
Dan'l McCorriston, nn old resi
dent of tho Islauds, diVd quite sud
denly at tho family residence on
Fort street today, at 4:3d a. m., of
Bright'sdiseaso. Tho deceased was
born in Coloraino, Ireland, on Feb.
15, 1845. He camo to tho inlands
in 18G4, landing hero iu Ootobcr
On October 20, 1874, ho married
to Jano Johnson, the sister of MrB.
Fnuuy Lovo and F. Johnson of
this city. For a long timo ho was
a nioinbor of tho old II. F. D. and
at tho time of his death, was nn
active member of Oahu Lodgo, K.
of P. Ho leaves two sons and
threo daughters hero and a brother
in San Francfoco.
Tbo funeral will take piaco to
morrow from tho Cathedral. Ed.
A. Williams is tho uudortakor in
oh argo.
od her lat.
Dr. Humphris who was with
tho Queon nt tho timo of her
death, stated this forenoon that
the direct cause of death was
uraemia. She had boon a suffor
er off aud on for several years
from paralysis, valvular heart
dfcoaso nnd Dright's diseaso of
the kidneys.
This morning the body is being
prepared for its last resting place
.land loving bands aro busy with
tuo linuso.
wanauakon is
L'riuco LMvni Ka-1 witu tuo intorest ot uer people at
in charge of all tlio j ueart
arrangements. When neon this
morning no stated mat no unal
arrangements for tho lying iu
xtato of tho body of tho Queon nnd
the funeral had boon mado. How
over, tho body would Ho in state
at Wnikiki on Monday and would
bo rcmovod to Kawaiahao Church
a couple of days later as iu the
case of the Princess Kaiulani.
Tlicro will bo a stato funeral aud
tho body will bo plncod in tho
Royal Mausoleum as a final rest
ing piaco.
Tho Dance I'oitiioimil.
Tho ltenioud Grovo moonlight
lanco proposed for this ovemng
has be on postponed owing to the
threatening condition of tho
is tho fourth anniver
the establishment of tbo
Indopont. Congratulations aro in
ary ot
Kapiolani was born in Hilo,
Hawaii, Docembor 31,1835 and waB
therefore 01 years of age nt tho
timo of her death. Hor fathor
was Kuhio and hor mother. Kino
ike, both very high chiefs in thoir
lino. On her fat bar's sido wero
Kanekon tk. nnd Kalauikaulelo
aiwi w.; Pomaikalaui w. nnd
and Elelulo k. and on her moth
er's sido the following: Knmaka
haleloi w. nnd Kina k.; Kawalu
k. and Knapuwailani w.; Kapuaa
mohu aud Kaumualii.
Kaaiaknloloi was queen of
Kauai aud Kiha a high chiof
of Niihan. Kapiolaui was
the grand daughter of Knumualii,
last king of Kauai.
Kapiolaui remained in Hilo,
the place of her birth until sho
was oight yoars of ngo. Sho wafl
then sent to Koua, tho homo of
somo of tho hignsst ohiofs that
have ruled paoplo in thoso isl
ands. Kona wa the home of Kapio
lani (uui) wifo of Naiho and a ro
lativo of tho family of tho docoas
ed (luecn. Although Kapiolani
(nui) was not living at tho time,
tho young ohiefeas was givon her
At tho ngo of 1G Kapiolani
camo to Honolulu and was taken
under tho protection of Kauiko-
aouli. Four your lator sho
married the High Chief
Namakoha and the two took in
their charge tho Princo of Ha
waii (Ka Hnku o Hnwaii.)
Shortly nfter this Kapiolani
and Namakeha made n trip to
MicroueHia in the sohoonor
"Hoku Ao," returning to tho Isl
ands in safoty. It was not long
boforo death camo to Namakeha
I ana jvapioiam was lott a widow.
Shortly nftor the death of Kiuc
Kalakaua iu Sin Francisco, Jan
uary, 1891, the Queen wont into
retirement, making tho Waikiki
piaco hor permanent homo but
travelling about nmong tho Isl
ands and particularly to her old
homo in Kailua, Konu, from time
to timo.
It was not long aco after tho
King's death that Kapiolani be
unn to fail in health aud sho never
Huccecdod at auy timo sinca then
iu fally recovering it.
A short timo ngo she made over
all her property, a conBidorablo
amount, to her two nephews, the
Princes David Kawauauakoa and
Cupid Kalaniauaole (Kuhio) who
are uer solo lieirs. To theso young
mon she was ovor a loving and in
dulgent nunt. It was her money
that paid for tho education of tho
young men in America and Eng
land and it is to them now that
she leaves all hor oarthlv belong
Tho strict attention Kapiolani
paid to duty aud tho honor of hor
family will never coaso to bo a
subject of most favorablo com
raout. It is a well kuown fact
that Kalakaua diod leaving main
debts and mortgngoa. Kapiolani
vowed that sho would pay overy
ceut if sho livod long enough.
That sho carried out her vow can
not bo disputed. There remaiu but
a few thousand dollars to be paid.
Ior over eight yenrs sho strov
to pay off, little by litt, the
large doht.
Kapiolani was Christian woman
whofco good doeds weio not con
fiuod to tho bosom of her family
but wero extended to hor friondn
aud her people. Those who were
closest to her say sho had not n
single oueray. This is indcod nn
enviable record aud tho peace
that was with her nt death seouib
but a fitting end to such a lifo.
Thero will bo no band concert
at Emma Sqnaro this afternoon
out of roipect to tho lato Quoou
Dowagor Kapiolani.
Bishop & Co. received by tin
Dorio from San Fracoisco on.
hundred nnd one thousand dollars
in gold.
Honokaa dividonds went from
25 to 35 cents per mouth this
morning. The par valuo of shares
is $20. On tho strength of tho in
oroaso mentioned tho stock roso
this morning.
Paauhau, adjoining Hnnnkaa is
paying 3U conts dividend par
month nnd tho stock is listed at
$19.25 in Snn Francisco.
It is reported thnt Uonokaa will
bo listed iu San Fran"ici.
PICOMl.N'UM I JaWijh or.AU.
Saburo Adachi, one of the mom
bcrs nf tho Board of Directors of
tho Kumamoto Emigration Bureau
of Japan, arrivod hero sevornl
weeks ago and established nn
agency of his corporation. Ho
pnrchosed tho properly on the
Ewa sido of Kukui ntreet near
Fort and mowd into th promises
yosterday. While superintending
tho disposition of his wares ho
dropped doad from boart diseaso.
He was considered a powor among
his people.
Tim Orphrum.
Tonight a graud combination of
old and now favoritea will graoo
tho Orphoum boards. Divo Ma
rion nnd Jim PoHt will introdnco
a new farco profusely punctuated
witla lauauablo situivions. Miss
Mario Brandos, soprano; tbo
charmiug Hartwoll sisters, contor
tion dancers; (Jlorine, May Ash
ly Frnnd Barton nnd the bnlanco
of tbo company will also appoar
in now biHinoss.
Secure seats for ''The Octo
roon" at Wall, Nichols Oo.
Instruction given in French or
Spnuidh See nd iu Wants.
Post oQijo savings bank pass
book lost. See L at colurau.
A Ml year lenio on property
near Queon and South streets can
bo obtained. Read WAN I'S.
Tho O & 0 S S Dorio sails for
Yokohama, Kobe, Shanghai and
Hongkong this nfttrnoon at 5
a rune cntrc cucam or TnTn rowoci
Hlgheat Honors, World's Fait
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Halting Powilcn oonUlnlai
luni. Tliry nre Injurlnut lo health

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