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Evening Bulletin
A Complete History of the Campaign in the Philippines.
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A Bulletin
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Vol.. VI. No. 12G0.
Order o! Procession
Funeral of Her Late Majesty,
The Queen Dowager,
Torch Bearers.
Marshal of the Republic and Officers,
Company of Police.
Oahu College.
Kamehameha School.
St. Andrew's Priory.
Fraternal Societies.
St. Antonio Beneficente boclety.
Socledade Lusltana Beneficente.
Ahahul Kalalalna.
Ahahul Aloha Alna.
Ahahul Aloha Alna o na Wahlne.
Matron Kaplolanl Maternity Home and
Konohlkls and Tenants of the Late Queen
Dowager's Private Lands.
Grand Marshal and Aides.
Battalion Sixth Artillery, U. S. A.
Detachment of Blue Jackets from U. S. S.
Band. "
First Regiment National Guard of Ha
waii. Servants of the Late Queen Dowager.
Physicians In Attendance.
Protestant Clergy.
Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Right Revered the Bishop of Pano
polls. Choir.
Officiating Clergy.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Ho
nolulu. Staff Officers of His late Majesty Kala
kaua. Hon. J. T. Baker, Beating Decorations of
the Late Queen Dowager.
Nitlve Sons of Hawaii Drawing the
2 ti
lis 2 i
3 & " g a
Circular Letter.
Messrs. J. T.
ire to notify their customers
and correspondents that on June
1st, 1899, their Grocery and Pro
vision business was absorbed
and taken over by Henry May &
Co., Ltd., and the Hardware and
Crockery departments by the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
As our Messrs. Waterhouse
will continue to be identified with
the Corporations named, we de
sire, in thanking the public and
our patrons for past favors, to
request a continuance of their
good will to the corporations
succeeding us, and of which we
are members.
The Grocery and Provision
business will be continued at our
present stand, Bethel street, and
the Hardware andCrockery stock
will be moved to he stores of
the Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.,
Bethel street. (Signed),
Dated Honolulu, May 28th, 1899.
Carriage with Prince Kawanakoa;
Prince Kalanianaole and wife,
and L. Kamakala.
Carriage of Her Majesty, Ex-Queen Llllu-
Carriage with Mrs. G. H. Falrchlld and
Mr Falrchlld.
Carriage with Mrs. Stella Cockettand Mr.
Carriage with Hon. A. S. Cleghorn.
The President and Staff.
The Cabinet Ministers.
The Justices of the Supreme Court.
The Special Agent of the United States.
Consul-General of the United-States.
Officers of the U. S. Army and Navy.
President of the Senate. t
Speaker of the House.
Consular Corps.
Circuit Judges.
Government Officials.
The Procession will form at 2 p. m. on
Sunday, July 2d, on King street.
The Ine of Procession preceding the
Catafalque will be formed on King street,
with the right resting near Richards
street, carriages of those who follow will
form on the makal side of Kawalahao
The Procession will proceed along King
street to Nuuanu street; thence along Nuu
nnu street to the Royal Mausoleum.
All attending the funeral In carriages are
respectfully requested to furnish cards to
their coachmen In order that position may
be assigned to them.
The Procession will be under the direc
tion of Major G. C. Potter of the Presi
dent's Staff.
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Department of Foreign Affairs, June 30,
1899. I260-2t
Foreign Office Notice.
The Funeral obsequies of Her late
Majesty, the Queen Dowager, will take
place from Kawalahao Church on Sunday,
July 2nd, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Minister of Foreign Afalrs.
Department of Foreign Affalrn, June
39, 1809. 1260
Waterhouse de
Day of Interstate Commerce Commis
sion Coming to Hawaii.
Will Prepare a Report for Congress Also
Look Up Survey Hatters Possible
Chicago, Jane 19. D.A.Day
of tbo Interstate Oommcrco Com
mission, whojwas exeoutive officer
of the Hawaiian Commission last
fall, left Chicago for Honolulu to
continuo the work of both that
body aud the United States Sur-
voy, whioh remains incomplets.
"Tuo mission upon which I am
ongnged is of a twofold nature,"
said Mr.Daybeforoloaviug. "The
labor problom in tbo islands is in
a complicated condition, which
will require tho gruatost patience
and the moat careful investigation
to unravel.
"Wo underetnud that no Chi
nese have boen imported into tho
i-lands since the flap wns raised
last July, but we do know that a
ureal many Japanese have been
landed. Tho conditions under
whioh tho raising of sugar cane,
coffee and rico must be carried on
for a fair profit hre euoh that
cheap labor must be obtained
from soma quarter of tho world,
and it our contraot labor law is
made applicable to tbo islands m
tuo tetritorial or colonial form of
government given them by Con
gross, a serious hardship, to groat
industries, will result My in
structions aro to investigate more
fully this question and to present
a report to the committee, tor
Congress meets next December.
"It is my opinion that tho re
sults of inquiry, and the iaots
gained by the members of tho
commipsion by personal observa
tion will cause the modification of
the immigration laws as applied
to the islands to tuo extent ot
allowing the importation ot Japa
nese and foreigners, otner tuan
Chinese, under contraot, with the
restriction that they are not to be
brought from the islands to any
othor part of the Unitod States."
HId Ollatxl Milk.
Sakimoto, a Japanese milk ven
dor, was arrested yestorday on tho
charge of selling diluted milk.
Defendant pleaded guilty in the
police court this foronoon and wus
fined $25 and ousts. This follows
very soon alter tuo caso ot tue
Portuguese dairyman, Hylvano
D.ivrjr at Colombo,
Colombo, Ceylon, Juno 22.
United States cruiser Olympia,
with Admiral Dewey on board,
arrived hero at G o'clook a. m.
from Singapore, Juno 16, saluted
the forls ashore and was saluted
by tho latter in return.
To More Collin..
Captain Robert Patkor and a
number of police ofiicors will go
to tbo Roy ul Mausoloura this after
noon for tho purpose of moving
tbo coffins there installed to make
room for tho body of tho late
Queon Downger Kapiolani.
If or JUMI tor llnrnll.
The W. G. Ball took tho Ma
hukona, Hamakua and Uilo
foreign mail that ornvod m the
Zonlandia this morning. This
will bo transferred aboard the
Helene at Kihei.
Tito NuMf Murlcet.
Now York, ,lune 2 Sugar
Raw steady. Fair refining, 4 c;
centrifugul, 0(3 test, 4j$ o; Molaesos
sugar, 4 o. Refined steady; crush
ed, G o; powdered 53 o; granulated;
m c
Pleuird Willi Appointment.
The people nil over Kauai aro
vory mnoh pleased with the ap
pointment of Mr. Conant as man
ager of Wahiawa plantation. Mr.
Cpnant was formerly at Waimea.
Ur.yfa. Diis In Krnc.
Brest, June 21, Admiral Bar
rora says the French cruiser Sfax,
with Dreyfus on binrd, cannot bo
expected hero before Juno 2Gth or
97 i,
Kawalabao Transformed Into a Bower
of Beauty by Floral Decorations.
Kahilis Along Aisle to Coffin of Lale Queen
Dowager Designs la Yellow Wblte
ud Green All About.
Tho body of the lato Queen
Dowager Kapiolani lies in state
today at Kawaiahao and will con
tinue to lio in state nntil midnight
tomorrqw night. Scores of poo
pie havo been to the ohurcb from
tho tiino tho door wero opened at
noon until tho bulletin goes to
pros. Thoro will undoubtedly
be a large number proeent this
afternoon when tho work of the
day is at an cud.
Tho oliuruh has boen beauti
fully decojated for tho reception
of tho body of the Queon. It
was thought at tho timo that the
body of tho Princess Kaiuhni was
lying in state in the samo placo
that tbo decoration could not bo
surpassed but the ladies who have
bad charge this time seem to have
accomplished this.
Tbo body rests on a bier direct
ly in front of tho pulpit (hat is
covered with a black pall on
which the crest of Kapiolani
stands out prominently. Tbo
covering of tho coffin is of lavend
er vol vet. Thrown over it me a
number of tho Queen's own abu
ulaB or feather en pea and above
this still aro Braall pink kahili
and another red one crossed at
about tho middle. Accompanying
this on top of tbo ahuulas bio
threo lmhnlu or foatber leis, these
too boing the property of tho lute
Today four natives ou each Bide
of tho coliin uro waving their black
kahilis over the dead. Each wears
a feather cape. Back of these
men are two rows of large Kahilis
at tho base of which aro feather
-capes, leaning nainst the back
rows are smaller kanilis and back
of these aro a numbnr of chairs. t
At tho head of tho coffin is the
largo tabu stick that was in use at
Waikiki nud ot the foot are th?
two smaller ones draped in black.
At tho head and foot nre two na
tive soldiers from Co. 6 standing
guard and near thorn are two other
natives standing guard. From this
point and running down the aisle
to tho end of tho pew lino are
largo kahilis, six on a sido and
furnished with foather capes like
tuo rest.
The floral and other decorations
havo never boen surpassed In Ho
nolulu. Tho pulpit and choir are
a mass of yellow, white and groon
set about by artistic hands and
producing a most pleasing effect.
There is an absence of tho more
vivid colors. Yollow as tbo royal
color naturally predominates. To
tho left is n crown of this color
with tho design "Alohu" in ligjit
or shades while to tho left is u
masB of goldon shower. Stand
ing on the pulpit desk is a crown
of red pluah with yollow bind
In the choir is a largo crown, a
star, a lyro, a broken pillar and
othor designs, nllof jollow. Thon
there is h cross of mailo and an
other of whito flowers in the cent
er. Set about among tbo princi
pal pieces aro maiden hair forus,
palms and uumerouB other oroens.
Haugiug from tho front of tho
recesses to either aulo of tbo organ
are curtains of mailo that rise
toward tho csuter just enough to
disclose swinging baskots of
maidon hair. In oaoh wiudow of
the church is Bet a pot of palms
wound up with mailo leis.
In tho accouut given tho two
arobeB of purplo yollow at either
side of tho coffin and tho two
white kahilis at tho head of tbp
coffin woro not mentioned. The
coffin itself is with tho head to
ward tho pulpit und a gradual
slant toward tho entrance.
Tbo ladies in obargo of tno de
corations aro Mrs. S. C. Allen,
Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Roborhon, Mrs,
Uorgor and Mrs. Fierro Jones,
Under theso ladies aro about
twenty others.
Pardons of Various Prisoners at Oahu
Jail Considered.
Another Wetting To Be Held Tomorrow To De
cide Hatters Council of Slate to Meet
Monday Other Business.
At a mooting of the Exv.-cutivo
Oounoil this forenoon, tho Waia
hole stream mMtor wns brought
up for diecussion. W. E. Rowoll
and Government Electrician Buck
woro proaont to furnish what in
formation might bo requirod of
them. Although tho discussion
was long there was no deoisioo
reached. It wob decided, however,
that Mr. Rowoll havo the stroam
measured every day during the
cummer for tbo purpose of ascer
taining the average, volume. It i
understood that the Government
ib in favor of utilizing the strown
fur electrical power. Mr. Rowoll
has already recommonded that the
stream be nsed.
Tho funeral of tho lato Queen
Dowager Kapiolani was dwelt up
on. Minister Mott Smith made his
report in rogard to tho arrange
ments for tho state funoral.
Tho mattor of pardons for ot
taiu prisoners now in confinement
at Oahu Jail was one that took up
a groat deal of timo at this morn
ing's session. It was thoroughly
discussed and it is understood
that tbo pardonB of somo prison
ers were favorably considered bu
uothing can bo given out as yet ae
the Council of State will havo to
act on tbo recommendations of llu
Oobinet. This Inttor bodv will
hold another meeting tomorrow
forenoon for the purposoof finish
ing up tho work on the pardons.
Tho Oounoil of State will mrct on
Monday for the consideration of
tbo recommendations of the Onhi
lbe (Jabinot decided to graut
the requewt of tho fireworks com
mittee of the Fourth of July celp
bration to allow tbo grounds of
the Executive building to be used
as a placo to set off tbo fireworkB.
t Minister Mott-Smith was autho
rized to attend to f;bo dooorntiou of
tbo Executivo building groundn
for the Fourth of July. It is
understood that Mr. Mott-Smith
will make a fino display.
m o m
Washington, June 22 The
Secretary of Stoto has reoeivod a
dispatch from tho Hon. Bartlott
Tripp, Unitod StatfB Gommis
aiouer at Samoa, saying that peace
una ooon rosiorea in me island;
tho commission has sustained the
deoisinn of Chief Sustice Cham
bers in the contested case of (Iip
election of the King, tbat Muli
ctou Tauu has resigned, tho king
ship was to bo abolished and a
provisional government-established.
According to nd vices recoivod
hero iu the Zjaliudia today tho
O. S. S. Australia will bo hoio ou
tbo morning of July 10 and will
sail ugain ou tho It'll.
m m
(lost of FHlpln" U'nr.
New York, Juno 21. A special
from Washington to tho Wor d
says: Tho Philippine war has
cost the Govtirumont to da'o 603,
b()0,( 00 in mouoy and f!Gl' uion.
Iiesulos, nbout 050U soldiers hao
been wounded and invalidod.
m m
Trunin for hollll, Africa.
London, Juuo 22. The Daily
Mail sij'B this morning: Tho Im
perial Goverumout has practicilly
decided upon a gradual re en
forcemeut of tho Biitish troop i in
South Africa up to a total iucieaso
of 40,000 men.
Antnu.y Until.
An autopsv win bold last night
by Dra. lmerson nud Uuwird on
tbo body of li, tho native who
died suddooly yoslorday. Thi
Coroner's Jury iu tho caso will
meet in tbo Deputy Maraliul'H
olllco this afternoon.
PillOH 5 Ornta.
His Forces Meet and Repulse Band
PlllplDOS Show Great Recuperative Force
Hard Fields lor Fighting- Disposed
to Attack Itnui.
New York, Juno 20. A cnbla
(o the Sun, dnted Manila, Jutio
20th, 4:50 p. m., nays: General
VYhcaton reports that he occupied j
Porfz Das Marinas todty after
slight opposition on tbo partof
tho enemy. The town was foand
to be dorortod. It i a miserable,
worthless village, surrouudt'd by
uwanips nnd altogether bo valuo
'oh a place that it is not doomed
advisable to bold it.
Genoral Wbe-iton goes to Buo
na Vista tomorrow, whero it is 10-
pniled that tint ineurgents
ti-ivo rc-ostablit-hed lbe arsenal
aud powdwr mill, which they re
moved from Irmi. A reconuoiar
sanco will be necessary to develop
the position of the puemy.
Tbo rcconcontrtnion of tho insur
gents aud their npparout willing
r.,BS to otlnok linns furnishes an
other illustration of the remark
able recuperative powan which
the Filipinos have tdiown upon
several occasions. The demorali
zation of tho enemy after their,
defont nt Zip ile bridge foeniod
complete, but they have ulready
rect'vered, nnd the force opposing
Genornl Whentou cntnpiifo prtie-tie-illy
the culire insurgent urmy
iu Cavite province. The country
iiuuth of Iraus h composed of r'cu
field, slougho nnd bimitno
swnuips, making it very difficult
for the Americans to opeiate,
though it is compara'ivaly easy
for tbo Filipinos I. d no
II. II. Ediuondd, a leadiug
do'tler iu live stock, arrived in tho
bip Albert briugiug nith him 21
head ot liorees "aud 15 cows, all
registered, that will be olt'eiedm
tho local mttkat. Mr. Edmonds
iu tho geutleinan nho impuird
tho phouoinenol horse Gii-en But
ton. Tbp Brepdor nud Sports
man of San FraocHuo bium "h
better looking lot of iwiumhIs m-v u
loft this port. Ami)g them wai
fin well knowu limsu D ty'i
Brigadier with a record of 2: ll,
but inuoh fast'r as bo worked u
trill in 2.1!) ouly a few wci-Ichiwo.
A haiidbome baj- mare with an
authentic trial of 2:11 was iu tho
eou6igQtm-iit There wore Bovcral
ninres by Brlgadi-r, Blr.ck Ralph',
Alexander Butlou aud other well
known, all being s-lnoled espe
cially for size, Bonudr.epa, hpuod
aud style, na thoio (jnaM'tie-t bring
good price?. Ono of the game of
tlin oonsigiinieut is a Fodh horse,
handsome as a picture aud trainod
to all gaits. TbiB hordo wai rid-df-n
by Miss Annio Dinner of
Yolo county and won Urht piizo at
the California State Fair u yeur or
two ago.
Honor lo Kl'clnx'r.
Oxford, Eng, June 21. Tlui
huinrnry dtgrro of D ctor of
Oivil Law wan conform! todiy
upon Osnornl Lord Kitchner of
Khnrfourn, Cevil Rhode', tho Earl
of Klgin and others.
A rune anrt criau or tahtah rowaci
Highest Honors, World's Fn!i
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fall
AtoIiI llaLlnic Pinnlorj rnntaljlni
Iain. Tlmjrnrc llijllrlmn to livtltk
' i i

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