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VICTORY for American Principle !
Evening Bulletin
The Bulletin Speaks fop American Interests in Hawaii.
" --Psident
In Hawaii.
Yoi- VII. No. 1381.
PmoB 5 Cents.
i . c r-
tf .
-ft I
Germany Shows Friendship In Many
What Recent Events Point To - William Mak
ing Coed rot Warlike Altitude
of Four Years,
Now York, Nov. 9. A dispatch to
tlio Tribune from London saya: Tlio
German emporor hns nsnln succeeded
In commanding tlio attention of Europe
iind Increasing hla personal prestige
and Influence. Ho received yesterday
nt Poteidain with pomp,.tntcllncs"l and
cordiality tlio Czar and Czarina of Rus
sia, who had been visiting their re
latione In IIc3sc, and thero wero con
ferences between Count Murnvleff and
tlio Gorman Chancellor and other high
dignitaries of state. Thcso courtesies
wero n concession to the old school of
diplomacy, which, then trained by Bis
marck, bollevcd that tho highest Inter
ests of Germany wero promoted by .
good understanding and secret agree
ment with Russia. The day Ilxcd for
this meeting of the two sovereigns was
also chosen for tho official nnnounco
racnt of various secret nrrhngoments
mado with England In advance- of tho
German emperor's visit to tho Queen.
Thcso includo the rcunclatlon of Eng
llsh rights In Samoa In favor of Ger
many. Compensations for England
wero found In the cession of two East
erly Islands of the Solomon group and
tho abandonment of German rights In
tho Tonga group and Savngo Islands,
tho abolition of German consular Juris
diction in Zanzibar and nn arrango
ment for tho delimitation of British
nnd German frontiers In tho Hinter
land of Togoland.
Thcso exchanges of territory nnd Ju
rlsdlctton'aro too Intrlcuto to be under
stood except by experts of tho Royal
Geographical Society, although tho
leading writers mako a bravo attempt
to explain them in today's London
Journals. AVhat is of tho highest sig
nificant Is tho cvldcnco that England
and Germany nre heartily In accord
and standing by each other.
No diplomat bclloveB that tho Bei
llu announcement, confirmed by tho
foreign olflca here, It u complete dis
closure of tho secret ngroomont be
tween England nnd Germany. Tne
deepest things aro still unrevealed, but
enough is laid bare to provo thut Lord
Salisbury has secured n frco hand In
South Africa and tiro co-opcrntlon of
Germany in preventing .European in
trigues or Intervention whllo tho Brit
ish army Is fighting a grent battlo In n
remote quarter of tho empire. Bis
marck's secret understanding was with
Russia. Tho German emperor haj bo
como England's ally nnd ho allows the
world to ltnow It on the day when ho
embraces tho Czar nnd drinks his
health. Ho also Justifies tlfo elaborato
preparations mado by the royal fami
ly for welcoming him to England, with
tho Duke of Connnught nnd tho Duke
of irk to saluto him at Sheerncss,
with tho queen herself to stand at the
head of tho grand staircase, with tho
portraits of his grandfather and fath
er to look down upon him from tho
walls of tho famous tapestry room and
with all England outsldo ready to pro
claim him a royal friend and sturdy
ally tho samo England that was eager
to havo war with Germany four years
Another coincident which does not
cscnpo observation hero Is that this
i evolution of diplomatic; sccrots Is
mado tho day after tho American elec
tions which tho party In ilower has so
cured a general verdict (if popular ap
proval. Diplomatists hero assumo with
confidence that England has not sac
rificed American friendship or Interests
in tho Samoan settlement and that the
partition of territory between tho Unit
ed States nnd Germany has received
sanction of tho thrco powers concernod
in tho tripartite convention, which bad
ceased to bo n practical method of gov
erning tho group. Leader wrltera for
tho press tako this vlow and also fore
cast a hoarty German co-oporntlon in
Stato Department's now policy requir
ing European guarantees for an open
door in tho far cast and equality of
commercial privileges for all maritime
nations. This vlow is Justified by the
latest dispatches from Berlin. Every
thing, indeed, points to tho full accord
of tho thrco powers In nil thoao arango-
ments. Tho German empcrof warned
last year thnt his attltudo towatd
America has helped to bring tho Unit
ed States and England Into close
nnd friendly relations, has mado ap
proaches to both and tho thrco greatest
industrial commercial natlon3 of tho
world are now brought Into a clrclo of
good fccUng nnd common Interests
without n formal convention or un cu
tangling alliance.
An o'Ad nnmo seems to bo a good nd
xcrflsement for a newspaper in tho far
West, nnd probably that is why tho So
dalla Bazoo, the Toxas JImpIccule, nnd
tho TombstonovEptlaiih of other dsys
have plenty of Imitators orsucccssors
Kansas anJ Oklahoma aro particu
larly proline In rioivanaper titles of this
type.' ThVsjiawneeTJnlly DlunOr.Jlcll
no doubt expected its nnmo to havo n
welcomo sound to tho people of the jo
glon, but tho founders of tho Kl.igUsh
er Kicker, of tho ThomasX'oinity Cat,
or of tho Western Cyclone could not
so expect.
Tho Pottnwatonilo County Plain Peo
ple has a good sound, and so h.is tho
Hill City Lively Times. Tho Kunsas
Cowboy, tho Comnncho Chief, and tho
Kiowa Chief nre picturesque, while sin
gularity is tho strong recommendation
of tho Ensign Razzoon. tho Jnvhawl:
eye, tho Palladium, tho Pralrlo Dog, tho
Pralrlo Owl, tho Whlmwbam, tho 0,ir.n
Eye, tho Fnnntlc nnd tho Grlgsby City
Perhaps tho best namo of tho lot Is
the Oklahoma Sunbeam. If It lives up
to Its nnmo It ought to bo genuinely
popular, except, perhaps, In mldteiin
mcr. Chicago News.
Cincinnati, Nov. 0. (San Francisco,
12.30 p. m.). Tho Western Union is
sues tho following bulletin today on
Kentucky's election:
With complete returns from 81 coun
ties nnd Incomplete returns from ST,
making a total of 110 counties, out of
119, thrco counties remaining unre
ported, Taylor's voto Btands 163,098;
Goobel's 163,S1G, leaving Taylor's plu
rality 1.2S3. Of tho threo counties un
reported, ono gavo In 1897 a Democra
tic plurality of 250 and two gavo n Re
publican plurality of 113.r,, tho differ
ence being 885. This added to Taylor's
plurality as above glve3 Taylor n lead
of 21G Svotes.
Tho unreported counties nre Knott,
Leslie nnd Martin. Tho result of' the
'election Is still in doubt, probabilities
being In favor of Taylor. Complcto re
turns from the counties only partially
reported may mako n material change
In tho figures.
Now York, Nov. 9. To moot tho
pressing demands mado upon It'i carry
ing capacity In consequenco of the
great business revival all ove:1 the
country, tho New York Central Com
pany will spend J8.000.000 of ?1',00'),
000 in hand for rolling stock.
Ono of tho big Items Is ninety loco
motives which already aro In couuio of
construction. FIvo of them will bo
equipped with tho flro box Invented
by Cornelius Vandcrbllt, Jr. Tho tex
ture Is not used from sentiment, but
because- tho tests of tho Invention have
been thoroughly satisfactory. Tho ad
vantages of tho Vandcrbllt firebox
nro thnt it gives greater heating sur
face, quickens tho producing pover and
Is easy to repair.
San Francisco, Nov. 9. Recent
transactions in Hawailans: 210 liana,
$11; 400 Honokaa, $35; 45 Pnahau, $35;
50 Honokaa, $35.25; 20 Hutchinson,
$28.S7I,&; GO Hutchinson, $29; CO Maka
wcll, $49.12,&. Closing quotations:
Bid Asked
Hana , 10
Hawaiian 90
Honokaa . ., 34
Hutchinson,, 2S 29
KUauea 2C 30
Maknwell 49
Onomea . 3SV&
Paahau 31i
Got Eighteen Montliu.
C. II. Mann, ono of the Chlneso clerks
In tho Holllstcr Drug Co. wns sentenc
ed to olghtecn months in tho Police
Court this forenoon, it being nllcgcd
and proved that ho, from time to tlmo,
stolo various articles from tho store.
St. Clements Chapel Moved.
St. Clemont's chapel has been moved
to tho now location nt tho comor ot
Wilder nvenuo nnd Maklkl street.
ed Cards, Embossing.
g Ncwllnckfcltl Building, g
FteJ Harrison, the contractor, has
broken ground at the corner of Fort h
and Queen streets f ir the founda- C
tlon of the new building of H. 2
Hackfeld & Co., Ltd., nnd work Is g
progressing very'rapldly. The dig- g
glng nnd putting In of the foimd.1" S
tlon will consume about two 9
months' time at the end of which t
building operations will be started. 0
Architect Traplngen who has the jj
j wum oi preparing me pinns nnu
a specifications states tint his work S
has not yet been completed but that
when the foundation Is ready he k
will be In a position to begin work v
at once. The building Is to be on
3 the molt modern plan and will be fl
S very handsome. S
An old shell used ns a horn by 'va
rious chiefs of the Island of Hawaii,
before tho tlmo of Kamchamcha nnd
then by Kamchamcha himself, and
Knahumanu, Is now In possession ot
James McGuIro who wtll sco tho Cura
tor of tho Bcrnlco Paunht Bishop Mu
seum In regard to Its purchase. It was
found In Puna In the year 1SC0 nnd In
deed, bears tho marks of grent ngo. It
was used In tho olden times for tho
heralding of tho approach of tho va
rious allls In whoso posscslson It came.
A great many people who saw tho
statement In tho Bulletin tho other day
of the balo of the McCully promises
havo failed to rcallzo what a big trans
fer this rcnlly Is. Covering nn nron of
140 acres It runs from King street down
to tho Wnlklkl road, n part of It being
opposite Fred Harrison's house. In
order to mako n great part ot this land
suitable for placing on tho market, It
will bo necessary for n system of fill
ing In thut will cost n lot of money. It
Is this reason perhaps thnt caused tho
owners of tho property to sell tho land
at a very reasonable sum.
It is now almost beyond doubt that
E. J. G. Bryant has not met with foul
piny, but is probably In either Japan
or China by this time. If In cither of
these countries ho Is very probably on
his way to Manila. A transport nnd
nn O. & O. S. S. steamer left Honolulu
on tho day Bryant mado out thnt ho
was going to Kauai.
It Is now known thnt ho got all tho
money coming to him in tho city. As
stnted In tho Bulletin tho other day he
had about $1000 In his satchel.
From Hllo and xvuy ports per stmr.
Klnnu, Nov. 18. Hon. W. H. Rice,
Phillip Rice, L. A. Thurston. J. T. Molr,
Rov. O. II. Giillck, Row J. Loading
hnm, Ml S3 Jcsslo Totsplch, Miss M.
Baker, F. M .Wakefield, JaB. Halzlel,
W. 11. Townscnd, MIbs O. Little, A.
Weill, W. II. Barth. E. Llndsly, E. Ba
der, J. M. Horner, A. B. Ltndsny, II
Wlncke, wife, child nnd maid, Mrs. K.
K. Pita and daughter, E. E. Oldlng, J.
II. McKcuzIc, Y .Ohon Man ,E. C
Schneider, W. Oakley, W. II. Cornwlll,
Miss 11. Taylor, Miss H. Taylor, O. A.
Grahnm, II. Dlckcrman, A. P. Boiler,
W. H. Bnbbltt nnd 50 deck passengers.
A cup hns to bo too small to drink
out of boforo tho women will admit
thnt It Is pretty.
After a girl marries she begins to
yawn In company without seeming to
bo very much ashamed of it.
After u girl passes soventecu she be
gins to loso her angelic look nnd be
come human.
Tho women pay too much attontion
to trimming up their voices In uweot
ness for tho tolcphono and not enough
to biovlty.
It Is estimated that on Atchison wo
man walks fivo miles a day In going
to the corner with dopnrtlng guests.
Sho has so much ot it to do that sho
has been compelled to abandon her
custom of walking to tho front gnto
with her husband.
When a woman comes downtown
looking particularly worried, you can't
tell whethor sho Is dreading to go to
tho dentist and havo a tooth pulled or
dreading tho ordeal of taking a $4 hat
when n $15 ono suits her bottor. At
chison Globe,
How brave California boys fought
for their flag is toIJ in On To Ma
nila, jl&ii -.A. ' iu
Eod Came; at Robinson Mm, Walklkl,
Early This Morning.
Deceased was 48 Years of Aft Lean Wlfo
and Family to Kourn Tle'r Less
- Funeral Arrangmtnls.
Dr Albert McWnyno died In tho Rob
inson E3tnto residence, Wnlklkl, ut
nbout 4 o'clock this morning nt tho ngo
of 48. Up to a year ngo Dr. McWnyno
was In tho very best of health. At that
tlmo he collapsed completely nnd, dur
ing tho last five weeks was desperately
Deceased uas born In Geneva, III.,
a place near Chicago. When a young
man ho studied pharmacy. Ho camo
to tho Islands tucnty-flvo years ago
and entered business with Dr. Trous
seau, at what Is now Roth's corner.
For several years ho remained In this
business and then went away to tho
States to study medicine.
Taking his degree ho returned to tho
Islands nnd practiced In Honolulu for
ten years. At the end of this tlmo he
went to Knllua, Konn, to plant coITen.
Besides this work ho was the govern
ment physician and Judgo of tho dis
trict. It wns In 1.S7U thnt Dr. McWnyno
married Miss Lucy Robinson who, with
three sons and a daughter , survives
him. Mrs. McWnyno, mother of tho do
cenccd, Is also hero In tho city.
Tho funeral services will tako place
nt tho Masonic Temple at 3 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, tho procession mov
ing ut about 3:30 o'clock. Tho Masons
will havo charge of tho services nt both
tho Tcmplo nnd tho grnvo In Nuuanu
Deceased was a man well thought of
by all who knew him on account of tho
many sterling qualities ot which bo
was tho possessor. In his strict atten
tion to duty nnd In his kindness and
consideration of nil who went to him
for help no ono could eclipse hltn.
Sheriff Androws hns at Inst received
Instructions rclntlvo to Coco.mut Is
land nnd tho xquatturs thereon, says
tho IIIlo Tribune. Minister Young has
Bent word to tho Sheriff that squatters
on this sort of govorninent property
aro to bo treated ns trespassers with
out right, nnd If they do not get off are
to bo put olT.
Mr. Prluglo says Unit ho will most
certainly not get off unless ho Is put off
and so Intimated to the policeman who
delivered to him a communication ro-
lutlvo to tho matter from Sheriff An
drews. Tho position maintained by
tho Government may bo most cleat ly
Been from tho correspondence publish
ed below:
Hllo, Hawnll, II. I Nov. 10, 1899.
V .1) .Prlngle, Esq., Hllo Dear Sir:
I uni instructed by tho Attorney Gen
eral to requlro you to remove your
lumber nnd other effects from Cocoa
nut Island, Hllo Bay, and to treat you
entirely ns n trespasser without right.
Will you please, thereforo, hnvo your
lumber nnd effects removed from tho
Island at once, or nt least without un
rcnsounblo dclny.
I havo tho honor to bo your obedient
Sheriff of Hnwnll.
Small Hut Intelligent.
A very dlmluuntlvo boy nnd girl
walked to tho ticket office at tho Opera
Hotiso yesterday nftornoon nnd, hand
ing up their money, nsked for tickets.
Tho ticket agent thinking tho llttlo
ones ton small to even understand what
they wore going to nee, advised tho llt
tlo boy to tako hla partner nnd' go
homo. Thero wero tears of disappoint
ment in tho child's oyes so Mr. Hnrkln
son took the two In nnd seated them In
tho logo. Much to his surprlso they
sat up nnd behaved Hko grown folks,
laughing nt tho plnces whero thoy.
should nnd applauding at what struck
them to bo particularly good.
Ex-Sonntor Henry G. Davis, of West
Virginia, is to present to tho Stato a
homo for orphan children. Tho Com
'nonwealth hns no institution ot tho
'lnd now, nnd orphans uro boarded at
vailous plnces until homes can bo
found for them in goid families
Professor Fiyer, who holds thn clinlr
Properly on Corner of King and Shcri
dan Streets.
Secured from G. N. Wilcox of Kauai ly C. H.
Cooke-May bo Divided Up Into
Residenco Lots.
That flno pleco of properly nt tho
comer of King nnd Sheridan streets
which runs to tho beach road and takes
In valuable icsldcnco nnd rlco lands,
lino passed Into tho hands of the cor
poration known ns the Chns. M. Cooko,
Ltd. This property Is 08 ncres In ex
tent nnd wns formerly owned by Geo.
N. Wilcox of ICnunl. It was not bought
by Mr. Cooke, but camo into his pos
session through nn exchange which
gavo Mr. Wilcox a certain block of val
uable stock.
Asked this morning nbout his Inten
tions In regard to tho place, Mr. Cooko
said: "I havo not yet mado up my
mind whnt I will do with tho lnnd. It
Is quite probablo thnt It will bo divided
up Into residenco lots but beforo tho
property is plnced on thg market there
will havo to bo u great deal of filling
The. passing of tho property Into Mr.
Cooke's hands gives the assurance thut
tho old unsightly pnsturo will now be
given up to fine residences, thus dolm;
nwny with nn eyesore that has been In
exlstenco for many years.
Tho property, pnrtlculnrly the lower
pait where thero Is a spring and a
large pond, Is n famous spot, this bclnj
tho place where Oahuan kings nnd
queens for hundreds of years back,
lived nnd died.
Twelve hundred children enjoyed
Said Pasha jesterday afternoon, nnd
tho samo number went homo pcrfectlv
delighted. It would hnvo been a study
for un nrtlst to have sat In one of tho
boxes and Hketched tho llttlo faces ns
they gazed In delightful wonderment
throughout the production. Thero wns
not n sleepy head amongst them. Thoy
all kept awake, laughing nnd npplnud
Ing to their hearts' content between tho
Minister Mott-Smlth addressed the
hoiico from his bov, stating that ar
rangements had been effected by
which tho school children could pin
euro tickets for nny mntlneo during tho
season from their teachers, admitting
them for fifty cents. Ho jiIbo advised
tho grontest enro in departing from the
house, on account of tho many little,
woo tots thnt wero present. All passed
off happily, not nn nccldcnt occurring.
This wns really marvelous considering
the Immcnsa crowd.
1'onlglit Ui Bello Heleno will bo pro
duced. This Is n comic opera in thn
very strictest sonso of tho word. Thero
will bo llvo comedians In the cant
which means n whirlwind of fun.
Tho repertoire next week will bo
Tuesday, Boccaccio; Thursday, Cnr
nieii; Saturday matinee, Plnaforo; Sat
urday night, Eimlulo.
Pni'ty on the Ipo(uoIk.
Captain of tho Iroquois nnd Mrs.
Pond gavo a delightful moonlight
launch party to a number of friends
Inst night. After a ride oat to tho spar
buoy tho party returned to tho Iroquois
whero n supper was served. This fin
ished, tho merry party vent out on tho
deck whero music was indulged In un
til a lato hour.
"Own Mako"
For Sato by Manufacturer' Shoo
jf.A - -ttri-fr, .i
CIniniB $10,000 D(inmc.
w G. F. Gouvel.1, a Portuguese, has
iMuugiu sun against i. k. wawr,
Tom May and J. Usbotne, Trustees
., . .... ..(..avv,,, viun... Ill UMIUIUl
charging them with trespass.
Complainant claims that the de-
j fendants did on the 14th day of
L November, 1899, unlawfully and-
J2 contiary Ui tow, enter his dwelling
1 house at" the comer of Wilder We-
J5 nue and Maklkl streets and did with
j force and nrnu, eject him and his
M .!fa l.l.t t.tlilpun f.lni ,Ia huh.I...
.,,11. UIIU lllllUltll IIUII1 II. C JCIIII3C3,
locking up the same and retaining k
possession of the gcods, chattels, 2
etc., contained therein. 0
Complainant asks that damages g
In the sum of f 10,000 be paid him. M
llm-rlci's Broken Down.
Deputy Marshal Chllllngworth and
others wero out after opium last night
and they got It. In ono den In nn alloy
off Maunakcn street, thirteen smokers
wero found nnd in nnothcr den In nn al
ley off King street, seventeen mora
wero found. In each caso tho keeper
of tho establishment confessed all nnd,
pleading guilty In tho Police Court this
forenoon, wero fined $50 and costs each.
The police had the hardest tlmo get
ting Into these places. Four-Inch tim
ber with n goodly supply of bolts and
bars confronted tho officers on all sides
but hatchets and sledgo hammers wero
used with telling effect nnd today, car
penters nro at work .
Tho first den was completely sur
rounded by nn outer wall so that, from
tho outside, there was no nppenranco
of anything wrong.
Football Today.
Following are tho teams that havo
been nrrnnged for tho football gamo
this afternoon: .
Malic Illmn W. R. Chilton, center:
C. A. Elston, fullback; W. Wright. V.
Wright, halfbacks; A. Marcalltno,
qtiaiterback, J. McPherson nnd E.
Schmidt, tncklcs; E. Knnl nnd E. Allen,
guards; B. Clarke and G. Lucas, ends.
Subs AI1I0, En Sang, Paula, Sea, Hat
field, Fahvey.
St. Louis College J. Hanalel, center;
A. Song, captain, full back; P. Glca
son, W. Cummlngs, half backs; V.
Richardson, quarterback; S. Sylo nnd
P. Jnrrctt, tackles; M. Hopkins) and B.
Joy, guards; W. VIda and M. Klwn,
ends. Sitbs Walker, Cowcs, Colburn,
JucoliMm, Aylctt, Atkins, Knal, Nallor.
Sugar Notes.
The land Is being cleared off very
rapidly at tho Olaa plantation nnd they
nre planting enne. Tho Jnpancso quar
ters nro, nil up nnd it hns tho appear
ance already ot a thickly settled dis
trict. The Paahau sugar . mill has been
grinding for tho past three weeks. Tho
other mills will not stnrt until Decem
ber. The Orpheum.
Tonight "Raising tho Wind" n hu
morous compdy In ono net Is tho open
ing fnrco. .1. W. Wlnton will Intro
duce somo new llfe-slzo figures but
not to tho exclusion of tho only Mc
Glnty who will crack somo now Joke.
Tho Rnnds nnd Jackson Hcnrdo with
"Dutch Justlco" ns tho tall pleco will
form this evening's program.
Dr. Posey, specialist for Eyo, Ear,
Throat and Noso diseases and Catarrh.
Masonic Temple.
Co., Fnrt St., Sign ol the Big Shot.
If 0 l -",'
J(r y,'Jk

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