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8P6u Want Your Children to Know the Meaning of THE FLAG!
Evening Bulletin
A Dollar,
Or a Dime
Will Help the'
Good Work
Take a Share in the GRAND ARMY FLAG FUND!
Vol. VII. No. 1415.
Response to Call for Needed Finan
cial Asststaice.
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iti .. i'bwi
Br 4 ,W:
Pbioh 5 Oentb. JIB
Reports of Da;'s Iospectton In China
town Hiided In.
SobmllH to Board of Health Today Dally
Meetings to Be Held-Tbmuth
fork Being Done.
Senices to be Held at First Mho
dist Church.'
Small pope ot Legislation by (be Pres
ent Congress.
Commission Reports on Conditions In
Resume of Recommendations Made -More Ei-
Plagoe Sltutloi Cratered ii Efforts
to CImi CkliitiM.
No Net Cues To4tj-Go Work bj Chinese
Hercfauts-JipueM Hole Alltr Tbtlr
Ptcpte False Repens.
2:1G p. m. There have been no
suspicious cases today. Dr. Ray
mond sent for Dr. Hoffman to soe
a caao Inst before the Bulletin
went to press, but this was not
considered "suspicious. Late ro
ports at tho Board of Health oflco
by call doctors give tho following'
Joe Manuel, died at Kamollllll
from asthma; death near half way
house on Pall road fiom bronchitis
and heart disease; See Tal Fa died
at corner of Queen and Alakea
streets from consumption.
Everything Is quiet at the Board of
Health offlco today, for over two days
or sinco tho native boy died In Kcwalo,
no cases of tho plague havo been re
ported. This Is a very encouraging
outlook. The Board of Health now has
everything In good working order and
Its forces nre bo concentrated that a
moment's call gives assurance of Im
mediate attention. What with the In
spection by the Chinese In tho quaran
tine district, and tho outside Inspec
tors; as well as the agents of the Board
of Health, tho situation seems to bo
well In hand and the escapo of cases of
sickness next to Impossible.
P.omlntit CoRlributors (o the Foad Raise
Morgi oa Late Geml's lone
Officials and Cllliew Join.
Shipment of Freight.
It has been decided by the Board of
Health to allow any Island steamer tp
haul alongside vnrlous wharves and
take on freight for tho other Islands on
condition that, having done this-, 1.0
passengers arc taken aboard.
Cases Investigated.
By Dr. Garvin Japanaese at Kobav
nshl hotel. High fever. OrchltlB.
By Dr. Garvin Japanese woman,
military headquarters, King street.
Morohlne habit. Suffering from want
of accustomed drug.
By Dr. Scapcrono Woman near tor
minus of Beretanla street, Funahou.
Death from prematuro birth.
By Dr. Garvin Woman on Punch
bowl near Emma street Malarial
fever. . ,'.
By Dr. Scapcrono Young girl at
South Sea Island settlement, Queia
street. Slight gastritis.
By Dr. Scaperono Young Chlncao
at Johnson place In Iwllel. Not suspi
cious. Sake and Soy.
After thorough examination sake
and soy havo been found to be not dan
gerous as carriers of plague and flhlp
,, nf ihn two. nfter nroncr fumiga
tion, are now allowed by the Board of
nn. Bowman Appointed.
Oftlng to the rush of work in the
matter of Investigating suspiciouo
cases about town, Dr. Bowman, for
merly of San. Francisco, has been ap
pointed by President Cooper as ono o.
the call doctors. Ho was called upon
to report at 10:30 o'clock this morn
ing. Kapalama House Burned.
The house in Kapalama occupied by
Ah Pong during his sickness and final
death from the plaguo was burned this
forenoon by Health Agent Reynolds
and Sam Johnson. The Chinese on
the place mado a strenuous effort to
keep the Board of Health officers from
i,..inn. hn ninnn and clamored loudly
while It was In flames, but all to no
Activity of Japanese.
Japanese physicians have established
their headquarters In the Kaumakaplll
church yard, where they are busily en
gaged In looking after the health con
?,e nmnnir their nationality. Forty
inspectors are Included In the forca
whose duty Is to Investigate sanitary
conditions in and about Japanese
homes. Two Japanese societies have
been distributing canned food and rice
among the poor of their nationality
within tho quarantine district.
Yesterday' Meeting.
After the meeting of the Board of
Health yesterday afternoon President
Dole asked George Carter, chairman
of the Chinatown Commission, sever
al questions in regard to tho condi
tions as found by the Commission. A
nuestlon asked by Georgo W. Smith
$ SSfwSed by 0. p. Ripley, a mem
ber of the Commission. It Is under
"...?.:"? rpmiit of the meeting
yerterday 'pTes.dent Cooper will as
for WOO for improvements Mn the
' Xamee ng of thV Council of State,
which will bo called early next week.
Supreme Court Case.
John B. Bush and Mary J. Bush, A.
K Kunlakea, Kahlllopua (w.) and
lalua have brought suit for ejectment
in the Supreme Court against tho Re
pubUc of Hawaii. The ltnd which tho
i.iirr rlalm is in Honolulu. J. A.
g la gmoy for tho plantlffs,
n ..utMniint for Ere. Ear.
Throat and Kose diseases and Catarrk
Masonic Temple.
Washington. Dec. 21. Adjutant Gen
eal Colbln, the head of the committee
charECUN with the collection of funds
for the benefit or the lamuy or me
lato General Lawton, is in receplt of
expressions of sympathy and of will
ingness to cooperate from all quarters
of tho country. Somo of these aro ac
companied by contributions of money
and altogether there is promlso of a
generous response to the comlttce's ap
peal issued yesterday.
General Charles King telegraphed
from Milwaukee) that tho committee,
might count on a proper response from
that city to tho appeil. Tho broker
age firm of Worden .& Co., of New
York has voluntarily undertaken to
collect funds on tho Stock Exchange.
Tho committee alms to collect at
least 125,000.
Tho first contribution from Wash
ington camo from a clerk In tho War
Department, who contributed S2 from
his salary to start tho list of contribu
tor's. General Corbln received a telegram
from General R. A. Alger asylng: "I
Bend 1100 for tho Lawton fund."
Major General Shatter at ban Fran
cisco telegraphed that ho will do
everything In his power to help Mrs.
A telegram was received from Mr. c.
H. Hamilton, of Milwaukee, saying
that tho citizens of that city authorized
him to offer $1,000 as a nucleus of a
fund for the widow and family of Gen
eral Lawton. '
'General Corbln received a telegram
from a gentleman In Pennsylvania, who
does not wish his name made public,
contributing 81,000 to the Lawton
Other contributions received this
morning aro as follows: Secretary
John Hay, $100; Assistant Secretary
H. C. Taylor, 1100 Mrs. Auaison sor
ter, S100; McOloskoy Brutt, of New
York. 1100. The Rlggs National Bank
of this city, has been designated as tho
depository ol the Lawton iuna.
1 'Lieutenant Colonel Clarcnco Ed
wards, who was acting temporarily as
Goneral Lawton's chief of staff, has
been Instructed by tho Secretary of
War to superintend the transportation
of General Lawton's remains and nc
compnny them to this country.
Financiers Go Down.
Now York, Dec. 18. The Produce
Exchange Trust Company, of this tlty,
has closed its doors.
A notice unon tho door says that tho
Company has suspended payment
pending an examination of Its books.
Nbw York. Dee. 18. The suspen
sion of the firm of Henry Allen & Co.,
bankers and brokers, hoa been an
nounced on tho Stock Exchange. Tho
suspension is accredited to tho falluia
of somo of Its customers to respond to
calls for additional margins, mado ne
cessary by recent declines. The houso
has been knownns a trader on :t rath
er extensive scale.
for the World. They're made by Le
Malre. "Nuttsald." H.F.WIOHMAN.
Program of Religious Exercises General Par
ticipation bj Otber Church Pastors
Seed Senlce and Prajer.
On to Manila!
A meeting of the prominent Chlnc3o
whose services as Inspectors in the
quarantined district were accepted by
tho Board of Health Thursday, was
held in tho hall of the United Chinese
Society late yesterday afternoon. Tho
following minutes submitted to Presi
dent Cooper of tho Board of Health by
the secretary pro tem of tho society
will show what was done at tho meo:
lng: United Chinese Society, Honolulu,
H. I., Dec. 29, 1899.
Lin Shen Chow was appointed sec
retary pro tern.
Chief Inspector M. C. Amana, called
their Inspectors to report their work
of tho day.
Inspector C. Hock Clio said: "My
assistant waB Young Cheo and tho
boundaries of my block aro Beretanla,
Kukul and Nuuanu streets. Found Lo
On, nged 13, male, sick. Dr. Pratt, at
tending physician.
Inspector Leo Cbong said: Chong
Mel Hlng Is my assistant and tho boun
daries of my block are Hotel, Nuuanu,
Beretanla and Smith streets. Found
no sickness.
Inspector Ng Chan said: Yeo Yap
is my assistant, and my block Is bound
ed by Hotel, King, Maunakca, Bero
tanla and Smith streets. All wcl.
Inanector C. Yun Pen said: T. A.
Hung Is my assistant and my block Is
bounded by queen, Nuuanu anu iui
kul streets. Including Chaplain Lane
Total of 276 Chinese In this block. All
well. Twenty-ono persons In need of
Inspector Chun Ming said: My as
sistant Is E. Wnn Sing and tho boun
lnrles of my block nre King. River,
Maunakea and Beretanla streets. No
sickness found.
Inspector M. C. Amana said: My as
sistant Is Wan Yoke and my block Is
bounded by Queen, Nuuanu, King and
Kekaullke streets. Not a single caao
of sickness found, but somo of our own
oountrvmen who had no food mado
complaints to me. Some of the natives
nlso complained of having no food.
Lin Shen Chow said: Inspectors
must not only And out any slcknesti,
but must see that overy Chinese house
IS In good sanitary condition. If any
kind of sickness Is found out Inspec
tors must report at once to tho Board
of Health. It Is said that some Chin
ese and Japanese attempt to go out
of the ouarantlno district by force. We
must put up some posters advising our
countrymen to obey the rules and
regulations of the Board of Health.
After some discussion, Cheong Leong
was' appointed Interpreter at tho Chin
ese hospital, Kapalama,, during the
period of quarantine.
Meeting adjourned at 6 p. m.
This waB the first meeting held by
tho Chinese Inspectors, as ono day was
necessary for organization. A meet
ing of this kind will be held dally aud
each inspector wm oe requireu iu i im
port on the exact condition of his
block. . , ,
Tho way this handful of Chinamen
him rnmn forth and offered its assist
ance to the Board of Health is most
commendable and it is hailed with Joy
by that body as it means not oniy
lessening of work for the regular In
spectors, but a sure detection of cases
of sickness or death In the quarantined
district . . , . .
Chinatown has been divided Into alt
districts by this band of Chinese and
two men do the work of Inspection in
Commissioners Will be Kept at Work Sena
tor Morgan Belleres Sufficient Data
Has Been Secured,
Every arrangcent Is being made for
the watch night meeting ot tho Young
People's Societies at the Methodist
church Sunday night The meeting
will begin at 9 o clock. Tho first hour
will be given up to n song service In
charge ot Thcodoro Richards. Besides
giving an opportunity to sing together,
the songs that aro to be sung during
the visit ot Father Endeavor Clark,
Bpeclal music will be Introduced. The
Christian Endeavor book will bo used.
All who havo these are requested to
bring them along. J. E. Russell will
give a flve-mlnute talk during the ser
vice, appropriate to the ttmo and place.
Tho Scripture reading will bo con
ducted by J. N. Taggard and will con
sist of verses conlcd on slips ot papci'
and handed in nt tho door by those
coming to tho service. These should
bo texts which have been especially
helpful during the past year.
The experience meeting will begin
at ten minutes past ton o'clock aud
will bo conducted by Miss Florenro
Yarrow and Geo. B. McClellan. ThlB
will contlnuo ono half hour, when there
will be a social intermission for ono
halt hour, the conduct of which will be
In chargo of a special committee.
At this time J. P. Erdman will glvo
a short talk on "Tho Opportunities of
tho Young People's Society for Social
Work In tho Church.' Tho prayer
meeting proper will begin at ten min
utes past 11 o'clock and will bo con
ducted by Capt Matthews of tho Salva
tion Army and S. P. Perry.
At tho closo of this meeting Rev. W.
M. Klncald will glvo r. ten minute tilk
on "Thoughts for Meditation 'which
will be followed by silent prayer and
consecration for the last five minutes
ot the old year.
All aro urged to come.
New Yory, Dec. 21. A special to tho
Herald from Washington, says:
Legislation providing for tho con
struction ot a trans-Isthmian canal is
not probablo during the present ses
sion ot Congress.
Both the Nlcaraguan Canal Commis
sion In tho Senate, presided over by
Senator Morgnn and tho House Com
mittee on Inter-State and Foreign
Commerce, presided over by Mr. Hep
burn of Iown, propose to take tho mat
ter up wlthbut waiting for tho report
ot tho Walker Commission. It Is ex
tremely Improbable, howover, that
they lwll bo able to get a bill through
cither houso of Congress before that
report Is available.
Tho Walker Commission will leave
Now York on January 6th, going di
rect to Greytown, Nicaragua, by the
regular mall steamer. They will go
over the routo of tho Nlcaraguan
canal to the Pacific side and will then
will go by steamer to tho Pacific end
ot tho Panama route. The commis
sion has now In tho field ten surveying
parties. Tho commissioners estimate
that it will take about a year for them
to complete all their work and mako
their report.
Senator Morgan has novcr given his
approval to tho sending of additional
commissions to the Isthmus, being
satisfied with the Information al
ready avallablo as to tho practicabili
ty of the cannl. He will endeavor to
havo his bill reported from his com
mission. Representative Hepburn
ulso believes tho provision for the
Walker Commission waB Intended to
delay tho construction of a canal and
will endeavor to have his commission
take up tho subject Immediately after
tho holiday recess.
carators, Better Yentllallon, and Ex
tension of Sewage System.
A Complete History of
UNTEER Troops in t,he
Philippines, with an Ac
count of their first Re
ception in HonoluLu.
Superbly Illustrated.
..A Limited Number on Sale at 35
..cents each by
Wall, Nichols Co.,
Thrum's Book Store,
'Hawaiian News Co.,
Golden Rule Bazaar,
E. W. Jordan.
The Oceanic Athletic Club.
Since Martin Denny's rather "touch
ing" exit from Honolulu tho Oceanic
Athletic Club has not proven a bod ot
roses for its energetic directors. At
a meeting held In tho club's rooms last
night tho entire board tendered its
malt-notion nnii formally handed over
tho club's outfit and belongings to its
members. It is a matter ot regret that
the actions of one man should have bo
demoralised, for the time at least, on
noonipinn havlne uuch favorable
prospects. What action tho members
will take remains to be seen. Mean
time the sympathy of a large section
of the public is with tho boys In their
present plllkla.
To Help Out the Banks.
Washington, Dec. 21. Up to noon
today the Secretary of tho Treasury
had approved applications from na
tional banks for deposit of publlo
bonds under his recent offer to the
amount ot about 115.000,000. So far no
applications havo bono considered
frnm hnnicH which do not own or con-
trol the bonds which they propose to
deposit as security.
Umbrla lor a Transport.
Liverpool, Dec. 21. Tho Cunard lino
steamer Umbrla, which arrived hero
December 19 from New York, has been
chartered by tho British Government
for use ns a troopship.
Jacinto Banavltz. a Poitugucso of
Pauoa, gavo himself up at tho poll:e
station Jatw yesterday "afternoon ex
plaining the causo or his action as Do
ing the accidental shooting and killing
of Joe Borgcss, a Portuguese lnd be
tween 8 and 10 years old. Banavltz
had borrowed a shotgun from Mr.
Booth and was on ills way up Pauoa
valley to shoot. Several boys followed
and began annoying him. Banavltz
stated that he turned to warn them off
when tho gun, In some unaccountable
manner, was discharged, tho chargo of
bird shot carrying away tho top of
Borgess' head and killing tho little
fellow Immediately. Banavltz, upon
completing his story, wab placed In a
cell to await tho result or tho coroner's
Jury today.
Coroner's Inquest.
The coroner's lnquett In tho caso of
Joe Borgcss was begun nt noon today
and Is still in progress as 1110 uuiieini
goes to press. John Borgcss, a urotu
er of tho boy shot, testified that ho had
his arm around his brother's necl:
when he was shot. Banavltz turned
toward his brother with the stock of
the gun against his arm and tho muz
zle pointing out Sam Kalama, a na
Hva iwiv. Raid that tho deed was alto
gether an accident. There aro several
more witnesses to be examined.
The barkentine William Carson still lies
In the same position as yesterday, about a
mile off the bell buoy. Both the Lehua
and Iroquois went to the assistance of the
Eleu yesterday afternoon but were unable
to render any material assistance; they
remained on the Sitne ail night and to-day.
The tug being compelled to leave the
Captain Campbell Resigns.
C. J. Campbell, tho wharf superin
tendent for tho Inter-Islnnd Navigation
Co., has handed In his resignation to
that company, to tako effect on the
first of January.
Mr. Campbell's health has not been
of tho best for somo time past and ho
decided that only complete rest would
work any Improvement He has been
connected with tho Inter-Island Com
pany for seventeen years. During the
last eight ho has occupied the position
of wharf superintendent
Football Monday.
All football enthusiasts should bo on
tho Oahu Collego grounds Monduy af
ternoon, Now Year's Day, to witness
tho contest between tho Gth Artillery
nnd Town teams. Tho boys havo been
practicing hard for n month past and
nro in n good condition for 11 closo
contest. Tho Gth Artlllory team is
known to possess somo very strong
players, while tho players In ths Town
tenm nrn thn bent In tho cltv. Tho
gamo will begin at 3 o'clock sharp, district by
The special Sanitary Commission ap
pointed to Investigate Chinatown re
ported at yesterday's Beard of Health
Tho Introduction of the report do
tails a terrible condition ot affairs In
Chinatown. Rscponslblllty for this
condition Is "not placed wholly upon
tho Board of Health. Tho Board lacks
a competent manager who should ho
held responsible and havo authority to
carry out regulations. Completion cf
tho sewer system will mako unneces
sary regulations now necessary. Streets
must bo cut through. Tho Council of
State should appropriate
The Commission recommends:
1. That an expert sanitary cnglnor
bo employed and be a membor of tho
Board ot Health; have amplo assist
ance nnd power to enforco regulations
2. Purchase of not less than six
odorless excavators.
3. That the bed of Pauoa stream
from Vineyard street bridge to Nuu
anu stream bo floored with masonry.
4. That all land In this district ho
drained of surface water, and filled In
with clean earth 18 inches abovo
ground water level.
6. Immediate construction of a gar
bage crematory.
6. Construction of a market In
Chinatown. Keeping of poultry and
making pol In tho district to be pro
7. Immediate extension ot Bowers to
congested districts.
8. Streets nnd alleys cut through
blocks designated, at expenso. ot prop
erty holders.
0. Publication ot regulations sub
mitted and employment of Inspectors
to enforco them.
10. Statue covering building and
plumbing regulations; glvo Board of
Health more power; statute providing
for local improvement assessments.
"The largo Interests at stake are rec
ognized by all; the futuro ot ou? city
has never been brighter; out popula
tion is increased tremendously. , ana
our commerce should "bo" larger than
loss caused by quarantine regulations.
This Is tho turning point, and now In
the time for determined actios. With
our largo ocean trade we shall always
bo oxposcd to contagion, and it will he
economy to spend a largo sum annual
ly In keeping tho city Ic a condition to
repel disease, and to prevent its secur
ing a foothold rather than undergo the
loss caused by quarantine regulations,
tho Interruption of tradi, and tho pre
vention of tho frco ttotr of commodi
ties, which Is essential to tho lifo of
commcrco as well as the very existence
of a community.
"Wo havo sought to mako recom
mendations that enn 11 1 once lo put
Into operation; tho enforcement ot
which will require the Immedlalo re
moval of many unsanitary buildings us
well as tho innumerable sheds and out-
I houses which havo been built in this
tho tenants themselves
wreck for some time to-day, the line was
passed to the Lehua which steamer drop-
pea ner ancnor ana 50 iiqius me wmn
from drifting on to the reef.
It Is impossible to pet anywhere near
ihe submerged vessel on account of the
heavy swell, dui as soon as uie weawcr
Improves and the swell dies down, divers
w nv out down o examine me conui-
tlon of affairs and then a suitable plan for
ih ivinir nf the vessel can be adopted.
At present there seems to be no chance of
the t-arson cnanging ner pusiuim aim
things will probably so remain until the
hoped lor iraue winus spring up ui ex
tremely bad weather spol's all calculations
by driving the wreck ashore.
Kinau's Arrival.
The Klnau was allowed to come up to
her dock this afternoon and land her
passengers and freight. No one from the
hnn k .illnwed on board and the crew
unloads the freight by hoisting It over
all the vessel remaining four feet away
from the dock. Extra precautions are
being taken to prevent rats from going on
board, a man Deing siauoucu wuu a wwm
t the crane wav. and funnel shaped pro
tectors are placed on the hawsers running
from the steamer to the dock to prevent
rats from boarding in tnat manner,
1 '
Tho Evening Bulletin, 7G cents per
Admission 25 cents; children 10 c.uts.
String Band.
Mr. Paul Egry, violin soloist, thinks
Honolulu sufficiently advanced along
musical lines to support a season of
weekly, afternoon concerts to be held
In the Orphoum theater. Tho main
features will bo an orchestra compris
ing sixteen string Instruments, 'ilia
program will consist chiefly of vocal
selections and musical solos. Should
Mr. Egry's idea rccolvo sufficient pub
lic encouragement tho project will bo
Inaugurated in tho near future.
London Money oad War.
London, Dec 21. Business on tho
Stock Exchango today Btarted steadier
on tho announcemnt that tho bank
rate was not raised. France sent buy
ing orders, but sellers wcro too nu
merous. Tho market collapsed, and
the -announcement of tho rise of tho
French bank rate led to general disor
ganization and nn nvalancbo ot forced
sales. Consols dropped to 98VS for
tho account and 08 for money.
without tho authority of law. It will
also require tho removal ot decayed
and filth-Impregnated lloors, and, tho
forcing of many realdonU to at once
put in patent closets with good vents
and drains, which can eventually be
connected at a small cost with the
sewerage system.
"We have given theaa recommenda
tions with much thought, aud have en
deavored to frame such as can be ap
plied to any part of tho city Included
within the sewerago system rather
than take tho time necessmy to point
out specific nuisances."
Rain Water. Whoro the space be
tween buildings Is less than ten feet,
(Continued on page G.)
Landed No Supplies.
Tho Commissary Department hero
Is In serious plllkla Just now. The
Grant had aboard a lot of provisions
for Honolulu in her hold but, upon ar
rival here and learning ot the continu
ance of the plague, the officer in com
mand decided to land none of thosi
necessary storcB uecauso ne uau al
ready undergone a long quarantlno in
San Francisco and did not care to tako
any chances of running short
About N. G. A.
Slowly but surely the members of
the N. G. H. who have not reported
for duty are being sought out 1 and
brought to time. Tho strength at
present is almost 225 and there aro
only about 25 yet to bo heard from.
Theso will undoubtedly bo heard from
in the near future.
Just received
the very thing
to gladden the
hearts of the
The most acceptable Xmas gift
your wives, sisters or daughters 'a a pal
These are Included In the 7000 pairs
shoes just opened ex S. S. Australia an
hold premier place for beauty.
The Mamifactupcrt
Shoe Co
; 9
; Bt
n -.

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