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Evening Bulletin
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Price 5 Oentb.
Tf mpr'W; fy-mii17
j) Alonil.
(k " "
1 . Yol. VIII. No
, Judge Perry Calls the Action An
loMs Assumed by R. T. 4 L. Co. In-
SancUQ Dissolved-Bill Dismissed
-Oilier Hatters.
This aaornlng in open court Judgo
I'orry read his decision In tlio case of
Soutuwlck, vs tlio Hawaiian Tramway
Co.. Tbo decision Is brief and to the
point acd dissolves the Injunction and
dlsmlta the bill. It Is nB follows:
"Upon the evidence, adduced I bo
llevu and And that this suit was Insti
tuted at tho Instigation nnd In tho in
t'TCsts of tho Honolulu Hapld Transit
and Land Company. A domestic cor
poration, rlvnl of tho respondent In
thu street railway business, that pay
ment of tho retainer of counsel, of the
expenses of tho trial, and of the sum
necessary to be deposited to secure tho
costs of court herein has been mndo or
assumed by snld rival corporation, nnd
that tho suit Is In Tact the suit of the
.Honolulu Itapld Transit nnd Land Co.
Such nn llluslonary proceeding can
not be entcrtnlncd by a court of equity;
the suit la an Imposition on tho court.
Tho preliminary injunction herctoforo
iKsucd herein Is dissolved nnd thu bill
dismissed. Dccrco accordingly."
Judgo Stanley has granted a tempor
ary injunction In the suit of E. 8. Tay
lor vs Tho Oceanic uns and Electric
'Education's ProgrcBt In Russia.
Tho educational campaign In Russia
which wa3 stnrtcd by Nicholas II,
shows no signs of diminishing In splto
of thoso leaders of tho Pan-Slav party
who opposo tho education of tho Rus
sian masses, as u Kafeguaul against the
V-Urcad of western liberal Ideas. At
' visnovka, a suburb of St. Petersburg,
Jo cornerstone of a new school of
technology, which Is destined to bo tho
. largest Institution of the hind in Rus
i.sla, has Just been laid. A first grant
f',9'k 2,500,000 rubles or approximately
- Vir, 100,000 has been made by tho Mln
JU'.cr of Public Education, for tho
' buildings are to bo sumptuous. Tho
central facado of tho principal coitego
j.hall will bo 7C0 feet long, round this
ILvlll bo grouped smaller halls (or
ll'hemtcal laboiatorlcs and manual
I) raining schools. At n short dlstauco
'hrom theso buildings six three-story
iiesldcncc halls, capable, of nccommo-
dating 1,800 students, will bo erected,
ft Tho Government will attempt to put
tf tho now Instltuto on nn equal footing
11, .with tho crcat French. Crrman. Bol-
f, gmn and Swiss schools of technology.
mere is overy reason in u viicti. duu
ccss for tho school, particularly a3 tho
Russians aro Inclined to the study of
Hi'lonco, and men nnd w.men allko
havo a decided fondness for chemistry,
physics nnd natural history.
Liberal grants of money havo also
been mado by tho Government for tho
help of needy unlvorslt students In
tho empire, and especially thoso In
medical schools. In future every medi
cal student in tho cmplio of good
moral character, but with a slender
Income, will receive the means to fln
lnsh his courso nt tho university. In
return thebo young men will, on ob-
talnlng their degree, bo tnlled upon to
act as village uociors in somo oi uiu
poorer rural communities for two or
tltoo years. Whllo performing this
difcy they will receive help from tho
"zemstovs," or local councils.
v Stilling o Iwlnnil Steomcrs.
v ilo-H of tho Island steamers will get
JvW for their destinations during this
week. Tho Klnau, which will sail to
day, at C o'clock Is loaded to tho water
lino with freight but will not tako pas
scagora. Tho steamers Nllhau for La-
i. .,.. . It'nnnnnnll mill thn TCn All
I1U1U41 cim .,.., w -. .-
f Hou for KUauca and Anuhola will both
t.all tomorrow nuernoun at oujuch,
(! t.A niniiiMim iwl 4tin XTi
Its aiBO Will lliu v,miiuuti "" Miu ..-
ft kolll, at 5 o'clock, for their usual destl-
fl nnllnnn.
The Mauna Loa will depart for La
hana and Maalaea and Kona and Kau
porta nt 10 o'clock Friday morning. No
.Iota h.a ftnnu cnt fnr thu rinn&rtura of
; . ..v. .. , . .. .. ji.
tnO W. U. Iin UB Bill) m HI inuacuv uio-
charging her cargo, but she will prob
1 nDiy get away for Kminl ports by
.Thursday at tho latest.
.1. Bull hes got his faults, maybo;
There's furrln chaps as good eo no,
An Bomo tho's wuss, 'twlxt you an" me,
Whatovcr folks may say.
lie's clad tu tread a peaceful track
Till others hits him fust, ker-amackl
An' then he'll run tu hit 'em back,
Fcr that's John's way!
Bt'8 true ho likes tu stint aroun'
An' go paradln up an' down
AVltn all tho rabblo In tho town
J jf ArBUOUUn- OUl Iiuuiaj.
' nio'U boast ntoro a fight Is won,
""Jut, when tho llttlo Job's begun,
lo don't leavo olf until It's done,
Fer that's John's wayl
' ino opucuuui.
The Bulletin classifies its ads. Re
sultsmall advertiscis get a square
Members of Boys Brigade to Be
Taught Carpentering.
Shops How Being Built Near 0. R. & L. De
pot, King Street-Good Work That Is
Being Pushed Steadily.
Tho good work of the Hoys' Brigade
is being steadily pushed ahead by tho
men at tho helm. Tho establishment
of tho clubroom nt Knumaknplll was
the first lmportnnt step." Now comes
nnothcr that is still more important
tho establishment of an Industrial De
partment. Tho two-story building for tho pur
pose is now drawing to a completion.
In n few days tho roof will bo shingled,
painting attended to nnd furnishings
put In. Tho lot upon which tho houso
stands was obtained from tho O. R. &
L. Co.
Tho commltteo In chnrgo of opera
tions hns, so far, only arranged for a
courso in painting or somo other allied
Industry. J. S. Unllcy is tho man who
will havo charge of tho carpenter shop
whllo another most competent man Is
In mind should painting bo mado one
of tho branches. Mr. Bailey himself
superintending the erection of tho
Complcto sets of carpenters' tools,
enough to nccommodato thirty-six
toys, havo been Bent for and their ar
rival In tho near futuro Is expected.
Tho boys will bo chosen from tho
ranlts of tho four clubs nnd theso will
bo retained on merit If possible, tho
class will bo mado up of fifty boys who
will tako their lessons four evenings
during tho week.
Tho flnnnco committee of tho Boys'
Brigade, consisting of J. P. Cooko
(chairman,) T. Cllvo Davlcs, John Wa
tcrhouso nnd Gcorgo R. Carter, will
soon start out on tho work of solicit
ing subscriptions for tho amount of
money necessary to complcto tho new
Tho cessation of tho uso of tho Ma
klkl baseball grounds ns a placo for
various athletic contests has aroused
In tho minds of men of tho city Inter
ested In nthlctlcs tho question of se
curing nnothcr plnco for such pur
poses. Tho men In charge of tho work
of tho Boys' Brigade hae appointed a
committee to see various public spirit
ed men In legard to this question.
This news will certainly bo good
news to nil baseball ami football men
who havo already begun to lament tho
fact that now they havo no place whero
they can cany on their favorlto pas
times. Should tho commltteo bo successful
in arranging for recreation grounds
theso will of courso como under their
management but tho uso of them will
bo for tho public.
Customs in Edinburgh.
Tlicro nro soveral curious customs In
tho local government of Edinburgh,
not tho least strange being tho lamp
post dignity conferred on tho leading
civic olllclals. In order to impress up
on tho public tho lmportanco of tlio
lord provost, two lampposts, each with
tho city arms, aro rcectcd outsldo his
residence. Tho bailies, the den of
tho convener, nnd tho treasurer ar
only "a llttlo lower" than tho provost,
for they each havo ono special lamp
post to lighten up tho preccnclts of
their residence Scottish American.
Dr. Posoy. specialist for Eye, Ear.
Throat and Nose diseases and Catarrh
Masonic Temple.
On to Manila!
A Complete History of
the Campaign "of the Vol
unteer Troops Tn the
Philippines, with an Ac
count of their first Re
ception in Honolulu.
fe Superbly Illustrated.
,.A Limited Number on Sale at 2;
..cents each by
Wall, Nichols Co.,
Thrum's Bookstore,
Hawaiian News Co.,
Golden Rule Bazaar,
E. W. Jordan.
Citizens Committee Selects Site
. in Kalibi District.
General Situation Shows Improvement
Effect of a Romor In Block
10 Active Work All Along
M Line.
a:30 p. m. Shortly after 2 p. m.
today Dr. Scaparone reported n
caso of tho plaguo on Maunokea
street a Japanese, 'Zuwoka by
nnme, ngo 17. Tho fellow has
been sent to tho Kakanko hospital.
What disposition Is to be mado or
tho infected dwelling will bo de
cided on this afternoon.
At about 2 p. m. Dr. Mltomurn
mndo report of a suspicious case
nn Merchant near Alakea street.
This Is n Jnpnneso woman. Dr.
Clorvln called, but found no sus
picious appearances. However,
tho enso will bo closely watched.
Committee Meeting.
At 9 o'cloc kthls morning, members
of tho commltteo of citizens appointed
by tho Board of Health to look Into tho
matter of a slto for tho proposed quar
antine barracks met lu tho olllco of
Minister Young, chairman of tho com
mittee, nnd there considered a general
plan submitted by tho Minister him
self. Only thrco of four of tho mem
bors wcro present on account of tho
busy tlmo at their offices that always
comes with tho beginning of a new
year. Minister Young's plan Is to build two
rows of houses back to back with a
spaco between tho rowo sufficient for a
largo covered flume. Over this ilumo
will bo tho water closets, bath nnd
washrooms, with direct communica
tion with tho flume. Minister Young
explained his idea as follows:
"The flume la tho main part to bo
considered. Tho nrrnngement of tho
houses Is but nn easy matter. Tho
ilumo will bo flushed with water con
tinually from a well or tho government
watcrworksaudnll tho refuse nnd dirty
wnter must empty Into It and bo car
ried out to sea. In this way not a bit
of Ilith will bo retained for tho Bhortest
spaco of time, on tho premises.
"Tho houses in rows and back to
hack must bo far enough apart to ad
mit of easy access and to mako possible
a qunrantlno within a quarantine
should cases of plaguo break out lu tho
midst of tuo quarantined people."
Upon bringing up the question of tho
Ilumo Dr. Herbert stated that the saf
est way would bo to havo this covered.
Whllo tlicro was not so much danger
from nn uncovered flumo during tho
oxlstonco of tho plaguo, still tho quar
antine barracks might bo used In tho
future for tho Isolation of pcoplo from
districts Infected with such a disease
ns cholera. Under such circumstances
an uncovered flumo would bo very dan
gerous. During tho conference of tho com
mltteo Judgo Wilcox, upon whoso land
It was proposed to put up tho quaran
tine bnrracks, appeared on tbo scene
and answered various questions put to
him. Then Government Surveyor Wall
was sent for and, together ylth him
tho members of tho commltteo went
out to Kallhl to mako Investigations.
Tho commltteo returned to town
shortly beforo noon, after having In
vestigated various sites in Kallhl and
Iwllet. Judgo Wilcox fltnally took the
members to that portion of the Bishop
Estato which Is known as Walakamllo
In the Kapalama district on the other
sld of Iwilcl. As soon as Minister
Young laid his eyes on this placo ho
decided that It was Just what was bo
Ing looked for.
This placo Is easy of access and will
Involve comparatively llttlo work In
its arrangement for a nuarantlno bar
racks. It Is below1 what Is known as
Walpllopllo and can bo reached by tho
road that runs from tho tramcar sta
bles to tho sea. A two-Inch pipe could
easily bo put in from tho government
wells and run down to tho proposed
buildings, a distance of something less
than a mile. So much for wator for
drinking and washing purposes.
Between thrco and four hundred feet
from tho shore Is deep water, A gas
engine could very easily bo installed so
that water could bo pumped In from
tho sea nnd used to flush tho flumo In
to which all rcfuso will bo dumped.
This would simplify matters greatly,
centering tho cost for flushing purposes
In a small amount of piping nnd a gas
engine to furnish power to run In the
salt water.
Minister Young with membors of the
commltteo will mako up n report and
will present It to tho Board of Health
ns soon as possible. This may bo to
night. Tlio grounds chosen by tho commlt
teo thlB morning aro very largo and, If
necessary, thirty ucrcs could bo ob
tained. Tho now lino of tho railway
runs near by nnd tho whole place Is
most convenient.
Scattering of CIiIiichc.
Thero was a general exodus of Chln
eso from block 10 in Chinatown yes-
tprdnv nftnrnnnn tmmn n,.n ii..in
------ ..uw.., wu.KW WUV 111., ,,
spread in that locality the report that
mo uoaru oi neaitu was contemplating
an Immediate destruction of the whole
tdnm llV flrn. Pfivctnlnna rm.1 nnnn.n
of the Board of Health hurried to tho
scene nnu assuaged as fnr as possible,
the excitement of tho Chinese, but by
that tlmo most of tho residents of the
block had scattered to various parts of
Chinatown carrying with them their
goods nnd chattols.
Thero Is considerable feeling against
the person who spread tho alarming
report, Binco it has been stated that It
was done by way of a joke.
Chinese Frightened.
Chinese In various parts of tho city
outsldo tho Infected district havo given
their employers notlco today that they
Intend going back Into Chinatown with
their wives and families as they under
stand tho Board of Health Intends to
burn tho wholo of Chinatown. They
cannot be mado to sco that the matter
Is only being discussed and even If
such nn extreme measure is found to bo
neppftrmrv fnr tlin iirntnntlnn fit tlm
city, tho Board of Health will give am-
imu iiuiice.
MnMng Antltoxlnc.
Dr. Hoffman, government bacterio
logist, Is Just now busy with tho work
of preparing nntltoxlni', but nothing
much can be said about this Just now
as It Is more In tho lino of an experi
ment than an ntssurrcd thing. When
tho work has boon completed trials by
wny of testing tho efficacy of tho autl
toxlhVwIll bo made. If found to oper
ate successfully it will bo used for the.
purposo of vaccnatlng persons who
havo been lu Infected premises.
Doctors Threatened.
Certain Chinese In tho Infected dis
tricts havo threatened doctors nnd
members of tho Board of Health with
death. This has been dono by posters
In Chinatown. Ono of tho Board phy
sicians was sent to a placo In China
town yesterday on a trip of investiga
tion. As ho was coming out ho found
himself surrounded by n lot of wicked
looking Chinese. Fortunately ho hap
pened to hnvo an Influential Chinese
merchant with him. Tho latter wild:
"Hold on doctor. I think trouble. You
lot mo go first. This man wild two
words lu Chinese, not understood by
tho doctor, nnd the Chinaman scamper
ed awny like a lot ot rabbits,
To Burn Hlock 10.
Scon in regard to Block 10 In tho In
fected district. Chinatown, President
Cooper of tho Board of Health said this
morning: "Yes, Block 10, with tho
exception ot four or flvo brick build
ings, will bo burned, but arrangements
ns to tlmo nnd disposition of people
and goods havo not been decided on
yet. I'ntll then, nothing will bo done.
Found nntl Lost.
A Chinaman wns found sick in
Chinatown a couplo of days ago and
taken to military headquarters for In
vestigation. Through somo mlstnko ho
was liberated. The fellow then went
Into hiding nnd was not found until
yesterday. Ho was discovered by Win,
Crawford who told him to report at
once to military headquarters, think
ing tno matter was well known there.
The Chinaman appeared on tho scene.
asked if ho was wanted, was told no
and immediately disappeared again.
Now another search for him Is being
There was not a very large cfowd
present at tho fooiuall gamo between
tho Cth Artillery nnd Town teams on
tho grounds ot Oahu College yesterday
afternoon. Tho gamo ended with n
score ot 31 to 0 In favor ot tho town
boys. Thero was but very llttlo Inter
est In tho gamo from beginning to end.
Circuit Court C(i8cu.
Fanny Strnuch has brought suit for
ejectment ngalnst tho Kaplolanl Es
tate, Ltd. Tho land in question Is in
S. M. Damon, W. F. Allen. W. O,
Smith and J. O. Cm tor, Trustees of tho
Bernlco Pnuhl Bishop Estate, havo
brought suit In ejectment ngalnbt J, O.
Young. Tho property In question Is on
Llllha street. Tlio snmo trustees havo
brought suit lu ejectment against Da-
vld Dayton. Tho property In question
Is in Honolulu.
Knwo Kapala has brought suit in
ejectment against tho Pioneer Mill Co.,
Ltd. Tho land In question Is In Wnl
nccnul, Lahnlnu.
Wreck of tlio CtirHon.
Tho wreck of tho Carson lies in the
samo position still. Tho steamer Mo
kolll is now standing by, having rollov
cd tho Lchun.
Tho steamer Hawaii will probably bo
supplied with a wrecking outfit and
sent out tomoirow, when tho work ot
caving tho wreck win commence- lu
The quarantine on tho Johnson
house in Iwllel will bo lifted this nf
tornoon. Board of Health men nro
busy cleansing tho place.
Review of tbe Situation Given by the
Mercantile Agency.
Losses From Hague Visitation Have Bceu Heat;
Among Retailers-Plea (or Vigorous Meas
ures - Christmas Buslufss.
Manager Q. H. Berrey of the Mer
cantile Agency reports on the busi
ness situation at the opening of the
new year, ns follows:
Merchants report a cry good month.
Holiday trado was generally good un
til the 2Gth, when wo wcro quaran
tined again.
Tho losses in Chinatown have been
great, and certainly business houses
there arc entitled to sympathy.
Holiday trado gavo great promise,
nnd prospects seemed better thnn pre
Ious years. Tho breaking out of the
plaguo ngnln was a set back.
Trade has fallen oft from 40 to CO per
cent during tho past four days.
In somo lines dally receipts do not
meet dally expenses with good houses.
Flvo large "wind Jammers' 'have ar
rived with full cargoes, slnco our last
circular. '
Unsatisfactory trade with other Isl
ands. Furniture trado has suffered, owing
to delay In securing goods.
Staples easier slnco last report.
Leather, crude nnd worked, hos ad
vanced nt least 10 per cont.
Wo nro Informed that stumpngo In
lumber districts. In tho States has
raised 20 per tent. I.ocnl market un
cunuged, but higher prices nro antici
pated. Shelf goods lu hardware show slight
rise In price.
Considerable activity Is reported by
thoso handling sporting goods.
Sufficient money out of tho surplus
should bo appropriated to pro.vldo Ho
nolulu with permanent sanitation
works; previous Invasions of conta
gious diseases, that cost hundreds of
lives nro likely to appear again. Now
Is the time to strike for permanent Im
provements. Let It bo hoped thnt
speedy action will bo taken. In no
other way can Honolulu mako reason
ably sure of escaping futuro plagues.
There Is no reasou for blues In our
mercantile coudltion, and the nverago
anticipations nro good.
N. W. rough, ?21 to $30 per m feet;
selected T. G 32.50 to 37.G0 per m feet;
redwood, lough, 2!" to $33 per m feet;
spruco clear, 3T.G0; shingles $2.75 to
$1; lathes CO cents to 75 cens per bun
dle; split redwood posts IS cents each.
Lime, per hbl, $3.00; cement, per bbl,
$1.50; brick per m, 18.00 to 20.00; cut
nails, 20d, per keg, $4.00; wire nails,
per keg, $1.25; add $2 on gal. 3 to Cd,
and $1.50 from S1 up.
Tho mortgaged Indebtedness of tho
Islands has Increased slnco our last
report $45,G9t.C0.
Itccordcd Instruments havo been as
Deeds 131 $2,521,777.40
Mortgages ...'... 41 (59,550.
Leases II
Heleases 21 23,955.50
Chtl Mt'gs li 3.8C4.00
Bills of Halo .... 13 2o,9!0.00
'Agreements .... :i
Affidavits 1
Power of Att'y ..11
Ass'gt nf Leases , 5
Asg't of Mtgs. ... 11
Mortgages at No Itato 14,303.00
" " 6 per cent. . . . 175.00
" 7 " .... 4,000.00
" " 7'j " .... 1,200.00
" 8 " .... 31,300.00
" 0 " ... 10.700.00
" 10 " I.0C2.00
" 12 " 150.00
Total $C9.550.00
Passenger arrivals for tho month to
taled 1,099, ot which 1,3.18 wcro Japan
ese, foreigners 291.
Tho proditco trado quotations nro:
Oats, per ton, $35.00 to 37.50;; barley,
per ton, 2C.C0 to 28.50; hay, per ton,
40.00 to 45.00; bran, per ton, 2G.00;
hams and bacon, 15 to 17 cents; sugar
peas, 1.50 S. F.; bbl salmon, 10.00 to
il0.G0 S. F.; Wheat per lb, 1 to 2
cents; flour, per bbl., 3.00 lo 4.50;
iBlnnd rice, 5.00 to 5.50; sugar V,'tc;
California potatoes, 24c; table fruits,
per doz., 2.00 S. F.
New Yctir'a Dance
A Now Year's danco was given at
tho homo of Jonah Kumnlao, last
oventng. A most pleasant evening
was spent. Among thoso present were
tho following: Mlsbcs Julia Kclllaa,
Lily Kclllaa, Lucia juilial, Lilian Plhl,
Lucy Alwohl, Llzzlo Nathaniel, Lytlla
Auld, Llzzlo Auld, Julia Naonc, Hcbec
ca Trask, Elizabeth Nahua, Adelaide
Hookano, Messrs. J. H. Nnono, Philip
Naono, I). L. Naoue. W. Brcde, Jr.,
Paul Bredo, Samuel Alwohl, C. W. Kin
ney, Alexander Auld, D. K. Kamnl, W.
Weir, W. II. Holokalukl, Manuel De
ponto, Manuel P. Gomes nnd Mr. and
Mrs. J. M .Mumahcle.
Whales nia thick on tho Scottish
coast this summer. At Sand, in tho
Shctlands, a shoal of hcventy-ono bot
tlo nosed whales was driven ashoio
and captured In ono day. It was tho
first tlmo In forty-four years that
whales had appeared there, though in
former times thoy stranded frequently.
Resolutions Received.
(leorgo W. Smith, chairman ot
tho Fourth of July Committee
has received the following letter
acknowledging tho resolutions
rclntlvo to extension of Amcrl-
can laws to Hawaii:
Washington, Dec. 8, 189.
My dear Sir:
I nm directed by the President to
acknowledge the receipt of copr
of resolutions adopted at a pufc-
lie meeting of citizens of Hon-
lulu, held July 4, 1899. Vctr
truly yours,
Secretary to the President.
Georgo W. Smltn,
Chairman Public Meeting,
Honolulu, II. I.
The transport Athenian that arrived
fom Manila yesterday, passed through
pretty much the same experience ns
did tho Hongkong Marti. Hough
weather was encountered nearly all tlio
way, tho storm causing tho Athenian
to lay to for two dnys, and to run to
tho south for one day more in tho hope
of running out the gale. Tho sens
were very high nnd dashed over the
snip with terrific force. Lower parts,
made of glass nearly an Inch thick,
wcro smashed to bits. Hugo seas
broko over tho stern, carrying tiwoy
the wheel box, tearing up tho two iron
binnacle stands that were bolted to tin
deck nnd Ailing the upper deck whom
there aro a large number of stalls, with
water. If the Btalls had not been ex
traordinarily strong and woll built,
they would havo been carried away en
tirely. An idea of how high the waves wcro
that struck tho ship can bo gained
when ono realizes that tho small boats
In their davits, twcnty-Blx feet nbove
tho water, wcro continually full of wa
ter nnd tho Inner funnel of tho smoko
stack was broken away from its fasten
ings. Tho officers ot the ship declare
It to havo been the worst storm, out
sldo of a typhoon, that they hnvo over
Tho Athenian hauled alongsfdo the
Pacific Mall wharf this morning. She
will remain In port nbout ten dnys be
fore returning to Manila with a cargo
of mules.
Tho popular and highly amusing
comic opera Ermlnie, nttrnctcd an Im
luenso audlcnco to tho Orpheum last
night, overy scat being occupied and
extrfl'chnlrs pressed Into sendee. Mis
Josephine Stanton as the hurolno ot
tho pleco again captivated tho audi
ence with her winning volco nnd
charming presence, whllo tho Misses
Andrews nnd Lccklcy ran n closo bcc
oud lu public favor. Kunkel nnd Hen
derson, two thieving rascals veritable
Beau Brummcls In ull but wardrobe,
kept tho nudlcnco In roars ot laughter
with their ludrlcuous witticisms. To
night Ermlnie will bo repeated. To
monow nud Thursday cvnlugs Martha,
will occupy the boards.
The "Mnut News."
Wnlluku. Dec. 30. The plant for O.
U, Robertson's new printing ofllio to
bo opened In Wnlluku, will likely bo
hero nbout tho middle of nest month.
Mr. Robertson expected his plant this
month ns the factory men had written
tn hi in that the plant was all packed
ready for shipment by the Kalulanl,
hut tho steamer agents would not take
passengers, so tho foreman will bring
the plant on a sailing vessel to leave
Sun Francisco for Kahulul the first
week In January. The first itissuc of
tlio "Maul News" (not Wnlluku Jour
nal,) will lomc out sometime during
Agricultural Department.
Tno Agricultural Department hos
changed Its quarters to tho office ot tho
Immigration Buieau, Telcphono 732.
This step was found to be necessary on
account of tho occupancy of tho Agri
cultural Department quarters by thu
Board ot Health as a sleeping place for
Its officers.
for tho World. They'ro mado by Lo
Malrc. "Nuffsald." II. F. WICHMAN.
Just received
the very thing
to gladden the
hearts of the
The most acceptable Xinas gift
your wives, sisters or duuRhters n a pat
i uesc are inciuuru in me 7000 pairs
shoes just opened ex S. S. Australia n
hold premier place for beauty.
The Manufacturer
Shoe Co
. .

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