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Thursday, Mny 10. organization that was above board. A
Ihcso arc the officers elected nt the n fact It was tho general endeavor to
Invitation meeting of tho Young Men's get every good Ilcimblicnn Into the
llopubllcnn Club: I.orrln Andrews,
tirralilpnt: Charles Wilcox. 1st vice
prcsldrnt: E. C. Forrelrn, 2d vice presi
dent; A. F. Judd Jr., corresponding
secretary; M. K. Nnittilnn, recording
secretary; S. V. Kanakanul, sergeant
at nrras.
Tho Young Men's Republican Club
ot Honolulu met last night In tho nr
tnory of the Drill Shed. Thoro wen
about fifty young men present by In
vltatlnn no general call having beci
Bout out. President C. S. Crane, whi
had been temporarily elected nt n pre
vious meeting privately held In George
II. Carter's olllee, took tho chair. Tern
imrnry Secretary R H. Auams state'
that It had been thought best to meei
previously and nrrange matters for tin
pc-scnt meeting. Tho oulccra and com
mlttecs had been temporarily put t
work bo as to have tho constltutloi
and by-laws ready for voting upon
there was no slate, but things had bee
prepared. At tho private mcetln
licld In Mr. Carter's ofllco Messis. Lot
rln Andrews, 13. It. Adams, P. It. Holt,
and Ran II. Caso had been appolnte
a committee by the rest present V
draft a constitution nnd by-laws nn
arrange for the organization. Th
committee wns nil rendy to report, nn'
tho temporary secretary called on Mr
Andrews, chairman of tho tempornrj
committee to do so.
Mr. Andrews took the floor with
lengthy document In his hand nnd sal
among other things that the organl
zatlon had already been talked over
and arranged, but there was nothing
cut nnd dried and no slate, lie though
it was a most serious matter to cnte
tho political arena as beginners. No
body knew exactly what would Imp
pen; but this piopns.nl was to brliu
the young men together for good gov
ernment and clean politics, without cir
and dried programs, slates nnd on
man power, llcllevlng this t,o bo r
cardinal nolnt they hnd thought 1.
better to speak to n few grntlemr
upon tho necessity, as it appeared to
them, of perfecting such an organiza
tion. It was true that In national poll
tics they would have something to say
and would have n hand in nil nomina
tions. Tho organization should be cen
tral, so that no clique could gel to
gether and put up programs, or one
man get In and control things. Mr.
Andrews then explained tho plan pro
posed for precinct organization, which
was bo ai ranged that tho leaders and
members cf ttio club would bo abu
to aid In controlling primaries. He
further explained that thoso dcslrln?
to hold office, or were ollleo holders.
could belong to tho club as associate
members; they could work for the club
but could not vote whllo holding
ofllclnl positions.
While reading tho constitution and
by-laws Mr. Andrews explained that
the dues of the club had been placed
so low because thoso who had con
sidered nnd nrranged tho matter,
thought It should bo left so that should
tho club want money, which was like
ly, tho leaders of It could go to tho
leading men of tho llopubllcan party
and of Honolulu and say: "Here the
Young Men's Republican Club of Ho
nolulu Is doing good work and we need
funds to carry It on; uow wo want your
aid." And they will g't what they
want, concluded Mr. Andrews.
Mr. Andrews then suggested that tho
document be adopted section by section
and discussed. This was agreed to ny
a unanimous vote. Mr. Andrews read
tho document and explained and com
mented on tho sections as read.
Everything went without a hitch un
til Section 2 of Article 5 was reached
which provides that active members of
tho club "must be residents of tho Ter
ritory for not less than ono year
prior to their enrollment."
G. I). McClcllnn did not agreo with
tho time of residence. As a Republi
can ho could not. Ho wns not speak
ing as ho did, because. It hit him. but
because ho believed any scheme of ex
clusion of ilfo long Republicans from
tho Republican ranks was wrong In
principle. Ho believed that new citi
zens should bo allowed In tho club for
"cducatlonnl purposes," as well ns
those heroi who stood In need thereof
As to himself, ho would bo barred, and
ho knew that other good Republicans
would bo ciowdcd out; tho pilnciplc ot
tho proportion wns wrong. Ho thought
tho Republicans of Honolulu, especial
ly thn ynunir Republicans, should no
hold on to tho piovlnclallsm of th"
past. Tho people were now of th'
United Stutta, whcio party was rottiit
cd nnd factions and factional limita
tions wcio forced Into the background,
ns ho hoped tho young men would forco
thtm heie.
A. 11. Wood said that while thoro wan
strong nrgument nnd good points In
Mr. McClellan's stand, yet ho favored
tho one year limit. It must bs reniPtn
bered that It would not do to get
objectionable nnd unscrupulous mem
bers from the Const Into tho club. Ho
did not believe In letting nuyouo In
under tho year limit, who mthey did
not know, nnd tlmo should ho given for
the Investigation of all new comers,
these could lemaln Republicans, only
they could not Join tho Young Men's
ivcpuullcan Club until after a yenr's
W. L. Howard was also In favor of
reducing tho limit nnd said that thoro
was a flavor of unfairness In It under
present circumstances. Ho suggested
that It would bo political wisdom to ar
range It so that all Republicans allow
ed to voto at tho noxt eloctlon would
bo mado eligible to club membership.
Mr. McClcllnn pointed out there was
no precedent for such a limit, either In
political organizations or secret so
cieties. What member of a secret so
ciety would bo obliged to rcsldo hero
a year before ho could present hla cre
dentials for membership; where was
such a thing over known In a political
ranks ns soon ns possible; It wns no:
good politics or good principle to
crowd them out on tho plcn of Invest!
gating their characters. There would
bo leading Republicans hero from
abroad ono wa3 Mr. Heap, known
from Washington to Honolulu ho too
would bo excluded whllo ho wns In
quired Into; It was absurd. It was very
onc-sldcd nnd extremely un-American.
Mr. Carter nsked If, under tho United
States suffrage, ono year's rcsldcnco
was required?
Mr. Andrews stated tho temporary
ommlttto had followed tho last
.mended Territorial bill nt hand.
Mr. Carter then took tho ground that
my ono nllowed to voto should bo al
owed to bo a member of the club. It
ihould not bo exactly considered ns the
'Id political element ngnlnsl tho new;
to believed It would bo policy for the
lub to tuko Into consldcintlon all the
otcrs of tho party.
A. W. Pearson said that under tho
Ian inld out by tho temporary commlt
ce In the constitution nnd by-laws It
vould tnko n new cornier eighteen
nonths to secure membership.
Tho amendment to glvo tho now
tepubllcans a chance to join tho club
was lost nnd section 2 passed ns draft
ed nt tho meeting held In Mr. Carter's
At this point Mr. McClcllnn stated
that an the meeting wns dealing with,
ind exacting, principles they had
reached a logical conclusion by the
voto Just taken, which excluded him
from voting nnd from further partici
pation In tho meeting.
Mr. Carter. Mr. Caso nnd several
'ither members protested against Mr.
McClcllnn leaving tho meeting nnd Mr.
Caso stall d that there might ytt bo n
section which would strike him; yet ho
should stay.
Mr. McClcllnn smiled and said tint
ho knew n logical conclusion when hp
met one; ho therefore preferred to
withdraw, but did so ns n good Repub
lican and without feeling.
Mr. Conkllng nsked If n candidate
for office could bo nn active member
nnd pointed out that the matter hail
been overlooked In tho constitution
and by-laws. Mr. Andrews mndo the
proper amendment, which wns nftcr
wnids passed.
A clause was proposed bo as not to
cut out the smaller ollleo holders doing
rl.rlcal work, but to excluuo tho big
ollleo holders who might try to control
the club. It seemed to bo tho-general
Impression nmong those who planned
tho club that thero was n "machine"
In th cdlstanco which needed tho same
valiant nctlon ns Don Quixote's wind
mills, nnd nt this point A. W. Pearson
for the third tlmo reminded tho club
thut while there wns no prepared plan,
this especial clause was added to keep
tho political windmill, or "machine '
out of tho horizon. There was no pro
gram, but provision must bo mado to
keep any member from even dreaming
at n machlno hereafter. Mr. Andrews
henitlly agreed with Mr. Pearson nnd
Mr. Adams held the prophetic finger In
the nlr and said ho had had experience
In u political club In Oregon and there
was oven danger of tho club being bo
careful that it might itself drift into
a ring without knowing It.
The constitution was then adopted
as a wholo and Mr. Carter said ho was
glnd to nco so many young men pres
ent. All wcro Republicans nnd the
work of education to be done wns large.
Many did not know what was required.
The natives were still In tho dark.
Thero wus lots ot work to bo dono In
Honolulu. The club must reach out foi
the natlvo vote. Tho nattvo, however,
was subject too often to bad ndvicc.
It was a pity, but It must bo corrected.
Ho urged tho natives to Join tho club.
Then there wan tho Portuguese cle
ment; tho club wns after them also,
and hero was moro work. Ho hoped
every member of tho club would faith
fully pel form tho work set him horo
lftcr by tho leaders. Then the club
would bo n political power.
When the question of tho clctlon of
precinct delegates to act bb executive
members came up President Audrcws
stated that ho thought tho matter hnd
better go over, ns this was n sort of
private Invitation meeting nnd no cull
had yet been made to glvo tho young
Republicans generally notice. How
ever, ho left It to tho club to decide.
Mr. Carter was strongly In favor of
proceeding at once; tnero wns no nn-
cnino thero, nnd consequently thoro
wns nothing to be feared.
Mr. Howard said It wns his opinion
that tho club nad better go a little
slow; there wns no need of Biich n run'i
as there was no danger. Tho mooting
hnd been called on Invitation nnd bit
few of the good Republicans were pres
ent; ho did not believe In the mnttpr
cf electing delegates until nil of tlw
young Republicans were given a clianco
$7f,000 It S'fi'it.
: Hon. Alex. Young has obtained
: one subscilptlou of 20.000 to cov-
: cr his offer of being ono of live to :
: lalse an endowment fund of $100.-
000 for tho Hospital for Incura-
hies. Ho has four subcrlptlons of :
$3,000 each, and nino of $1,000 :
onch for building and equipment :
: fund, which It Is Intended shall
v also bo $100,000. Besides prom!-
scs uavo ueen given or soveral ;
J300 subscriptions. Altogether
thero Ib about $75,000 In sight for
tho Institution, In addition to
which Is tho Council of State's
appropriation of $25,000. Mr.
Young Is very much pleased at tho
general willingness on tho part of
tho people approached to help
make up both funds.
Waslilng'on, April 30. The Pr.slJent slgneJ the Hawaiian 1)111 at 12:40
o'clock today.
When Hawaii was annexcJ to this countrv It liaJ a banJed debt of a'out
J.oo.-,coo drawlrc a heavy rate of InUrest. This debt still exists but unc"er
Hie act signed by the PreslJent t0J.1v It Is to bj assumeJ by the United
States. Secretary Gage does not IntenJ that It shnll be adJed to the bonded
debt of the United States If It can be pild Immediately. The terms of the
debt will be looked Into, and If they p-nnlt payment at any time thedelt
will bs wiped out as soon as th: lav goes Into effect In forty five days.
Sccrelaty Gage will soon senJ to II wall money and Treasury agents to
exel nrge the Hawaiian for American currency. The exchange will be made
as In Porto Rico. It is understood that tlure Is Ji.oos.ooo In minor coins In
,Hawall which will have to be exchange.!
to Join tho club and participate. Ho
emphasized this point, becauso he
thought It was the fair anu open way ol
doing things tho only Republican
way. , ,
Mr. Carter regrcttcu that muny had
not been notified, but believe, tho pro
gram for electing delegates from the
precincts should go on ns prepared by
tho temporary commlttco nnd upon a
voto being .nken tho election for dele
gates to act ns executive memoers was
tnken up with tho following result:
Fouith District, Tlrst Precinct, R S.
Boyd; Second. W. C. Parke; Third.
9. C. Sayrcs; Fourth, Dr. Gnrvln, pro
tern; Sixth, O. Swain. Fifth District,
Seventh Precinct, M. K. Nakulna, pro
tern; Elghtn, none; Ninth, W. J. Cool
ho; Tenth, none.
A. IJ. Wood said ho thought that ns
tho present meeting had not been call
ed In a public manner, but by private
Invitation, It woul donly bo fair to Is
sue a general Invitation through the
newspapcis so that nil could join the
Mr. Carter raised a point of order
that under the plan of the temporal y
committee, now ndoptcd, nil members
lu'ienftcr coming In would hove to be
examined nnd elected by iho cxccutiV'
committee. 'I ho proposed names could
be handed In .0 the committee.
Mr. Adams pointed out that undct
tho plan now adopted the club roul
put up their men nt tho preclnclts on
next Friday.
Mr. Carter sprang to his feet nt once
to explain thnt this political potential
ity wns only to bo available, If n slatt
should bo sprung nt the primaries on
Fildny; it would not do for tho club
to admit they had .n slate, for It was
a pai t of their platform that there was
no club slate It was only tho other
fellows who played with slates; and
if any nnpenred at the primaries then
tho club came In and tho leaders tuni
ca looso tho club cnndldatcs to beat the
"machine." That wob nil; It wns sim
ple and thero was absolutely no plan
about It.
Washington, May 2. Tho Houso to
day, nt tho conclusion of tho most
stormy debate of tho present session
ot Congress, passed tho Nicaragua bill
by tho overwhelming voto of 225 to 35.
Attempts to retain In the bill tho lan
guago of tho original bill for tho forti
fication of tho canal and to still further
strengthen tho languago on that line
wero balked und tho victory of Hop
burn nnd tho commlttco was complete.
A motion to recommit tho bill, with in
structions to report back another bill
leaving the selection of the route to the
President, wos burled under nn adverse
majority of G2 to 171.
Cannon, chairman of tho Appropria
tions Committee, and Durton of Ohio,
chairman of tho River and Harbor
Committee, mado n gamo light to stall
off action nt this session, but their np
penis wcro In vnln nnd tho membors
rodo roughshod over nil their argu
ments nnd protests. Much excitement
reigned throughout the day nnd soveral
times bitter words wcro used. Tho ex
citement reached Its climax In a high
ly dramatic sceno between Hepburn
and Cannon, when tho former used the
word "lie" and "liar" ns ho denounced
tho distinguished chairman of tho Ap
propriations Commlttco for attempt
ing "to dishonor him." Tho Houso
wns in riotous confusion during tho
qunrrel. Membcis crowded tho aisles
and tho situation nt 0110 tlmo wns so
thicntinlng that Mr. Wheeler of Ken
tucky (D.) sought to pour oil on the
troubled waters by raising a point of
older. But ho was not upheld nnd tho
two Ifnto members carried their war
to th every hilt. There wns a show of
pence at tne close of tho Incident, but
the feeling between tho two men ran so
high that the mutual retractions with
which Bueh incidents generally end
wcro but the cloaks for tho keenest anil
most cutting saicasm.
Tho bill ns it passed tho Houso Is .in
"Ho It enacted, etc., that tho Presi
dent of tho United States bo, nnd ho Is
hereby authorized to acquit 0 from tho
states cf Costa Rica and Nicaragua, for
nnd in liphnlf of tho United StatcB, con
trol of such portion of territory now
belonging to Costa Rica nnd Nicaragua
ns may bo desirable nnd necessary on
which to oxenvate, construct nnd pro
tect n canal of such depth nnd enpnclty
as will bo sufficient for tho movemen
of ships of tho greatest tonnago and
draught now In use. from n point near
1 rv(nw,i ,,,1 ti.n rwihimnii nnn vln
. Oreytown on llio Uinuucnn sen, via
Lako Nicaragua to Dreto, on tho Pa-
ciflc ocean, and such sum as may be
neccssaiy to secure sucn control is
hereby nppropilated out of nny money
in tho treasury not othcrwlso nppro-
) "Section 2. That when tho President
has secured full control over tho terrl-
tory In Section 1 referred to, ho shall
direct tho Secretary of War to oxca-
vnto and construct tho canal and wator-
way from a point on tho shore of tho
Caribbean sea near Oreytown, by way
of Lako Nicaragua, to a point near
Breto, on the Pacific ocean. Such canal
shall bo of sufficient capacity and
. depth as that may bo used by vessels
f y y y y y y
for currency of this country.
? v v v v ; ? ; ? v
.;. s- ? ? .
Kile ;t.
It was resolved by tho Kxecu-
tlvo Council today In effect that,
8 In accordance with the npproval
of President McICInley of Acts 2,
; 3 nnd 4 of tho Council of Stnto
to take effect from the date ot ;
; their pnsage, tho Auditor General
: bo requested to commiinlcnto with
the Minister of Klnanco nnd In- ;
stituto tho proper proceedings for
tho carrying into effect of tho Ap-
propriatlon Dills known as the
: Acts mentioned.
: : : : : : : :
of tho largest tonnngo nnd greatest
depth now In use, nnd shall bo supplied
with nil necessary locks nnd other ap
pliances to meet the necessities of ves
sels passing from Oreytown to Breto;
and tho Secrctnry of Wnr shall also
construct hucIi safe nnd commodious
harbois nt tho termini of said canal
nnd such prbvlslons for defenso ns may
bo necessary for tho safety and protec
tion of said cannl nnd harbors.
"Section 3. Thnt the President shall
rauso such surveys ns mny bo neces
sary for said cnnal nnd harbors nnd In
the consti nctlon of tho same shall cm
ploy such pet sons ns ho mny deem 11c
"Section A. That In tho excavation
and tho construction of said rannl the
San Junn river nnd Lake Nicaragua,
or such parts of each as may bo made
available shall bo used.
"Section fi. That In nny negotiation
with tho states of Costa Rica or Nic
aragua tho President may have, the
President Is authorized to guarantee, to
said Htatcs tho use of said canal nnd
harbors upon such terms as may lr
ngrced upon for nil vessels owned by
said states or citizens thereof.
"Section (!. Thnt the Bum of $10,000,
000 is hereby appropriated out of onv
money In the Treasury not otherwise
appropriated toward tho project herein
contemplated, nnd tho Secrctnry of
Wnr Is further authorized to enter In
to n contract or contracts for materials
and work that may be deemed neces
sary for tho proper excavation, con
struction, completion and defenso of
said canal, to bo paid for as npproprla-
flnna mnv frnm tlmo in flmn horpnffnr
mndo. not to exceed in the aggregate
Wnlltiku, May 3. Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Lowrlo celebrated their sliver wedding
at Spreckols Hall last Saturday even
lug. Free trains took Intending guests
to Puuneno from Wnlluku and Kahu
lul, but owing to tho Inclemency of the
weather that evening, a very largo
number of those who had promised to
participate in tho evening's pleasure
wero unavoidably forcou to remain at
homo and content themselves with
listening to tho music nnd merry
voices ot tho dancers througn tho tele
phone. Tho affair Is said to have been
a grand ono and successful In every
Washington, April 27. When tho
Houso met today tho question of adopt
ing tho report on tho Hawaiian gov
ernment bill, which was pending when
tho Houso ndjourncd yesterday, wns
submitted. Tho report was adopted,
139 to 54.
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A?m. G. Irwin &
Wm. O. Irwin, President and :
Claus SprevkUs YtcePraaiflas&.
IV. il. Ulffard.. Second Vice Prasrt
H. M. Whitney, Jr..... Tress, and bob
Heo. J. Rosa At
Sugar Factor
Commission Agest
juBHin oi tni
Owsa stfMt. Hooolalo H.I
A-prents for
Hawaiian Acrlcultural Cotp
Compsnv, Ookala Sugar Plant
A"tf1cts llni
I'lint. 1.0. unoasa Bsisi
Wtlluka Sutsi Co.. MaSss
rvb Co.. MoTokal Raitki-
uo., nonomu Migar uWi
Sugar Co . Halcikali Pirif,
Planttr'a Line San Ft ) 4sco Packs!
k Co.'s Lint ot Bosun Wants
Dss. Br
O. M. Cooke, President! George fi
Robertson, Manager; E. P. Bishop,
Treahurer and Secretary Col. W. V
Alton, Audit .r; P. C. Jones, H. Watar
house, Geo. R. Carter, Directors.
TbBVon Hamm-Toniii Go.,Lti.
Importers and
Merchants ,e
The Lincash're Insurance Co,
The HjIoIsc Insurance Co,
Union Gas ErRlne Co.
Domestic Sewing Mad ne, 5to.
lioiiorul Manager of
rb Sqa'tf.bl Life AssiiiJDM Socitti
C th United Buteator the UawlUM
bt. rfrt
rVhole3ale Iuporterg and Jobber
Inropcan and American Dry fioon
I'o t nd Qnecn Streata.
i. HACKFELD & CO., Lie
ot. Fort nnd Qneen StreeU Hoar lei
3onolulu Iron Works Cc.
Improve, nd modern 8UOAR MA
CHINERY ot every capacity And t
icrlptlon made to order. Boiler vrntti
ind RIVETED PIPES tor rrtttlcl
purposes a specialty. Partlnur tttJ
tton paid to JOB WORK wd repidia
executed at shortest notice.
ISLI. "' vli ''
r."" if sit'iasiii
vn i "juir-f

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