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The People Get AH the News of the Duy.
Evening Bulletin
From the Progressive Bulletin.
Vou IX. No. 1021)
I'iiii i: fi Okxth.
"!- vSt
t-, .
TT "" l
Has Had Very Successful
Fish Trip Through
Give3 His Views on the Chinese Sit
uation Feels Positive of Good
Faith of Japan in the
Dr. David Starr Jordan, president of
Stanford University and one of tho
most eminent scientists In the Unit!
States, Is a through passenger In the
Nippon Mnru for San Francisco. Ito
and 1'rofessor Synder, an Instructor at
Stanford, nre now on their way back to
tho University after an absence of
about three months in Japan where
the) have been collecting tho fishes to
be found In Jnpnncso waters for the
museum nt Stanford, Dr. Jordan very
kindly made tho following statements
to a Bulletin reporter this morning
"During our threo months' stay In
Japan, we sliced ded In collecting soven
hundred dlffeient species of fish. Out
ot this number, one hundred and twen
t aie new to science. Naturally v.e
are verj much elated over the success
which has crowned our efforts. Wo
have all our specimens aboard, put up
In good shape for the long trip.
"The Japanese llsh, taken as a whole
are very much less hlghl) colored than
the fish to bo found In jour water?
Tho Hawaiian fish arc noted nil ovtr
tho world for this feature.
"You perhaps know that. In coun
tries such as Hawaii, whero the coral
formations nre to be found tlio color
ing of the llshcs conforms to tho sur
roundings. Dy this 1 mean the deep
blue of the ocean, tho Intense coloring
of tho si a growths, etc.
"Hawaiian fishes have been thor
oughly worked up. Two professors
from Stanford were here in IS'JO and
their work was most complete."
Later on, Dr. Jordan and Professor
Snjder went to the flshmnrkct wheio
they were fortunate In being In time, to
pick specimens from tho early morn
ing catch which had Just como In. Tho
Chinese and natives very soon learned
the object of Dr. Jordan's visit and kept
him busy from one stall to another. A
keiosene oil tin was filled before tho
scientist had completed his purchases.
"I have In the neighborhood of sixty
or seventy Hawaiian fish now," Dr.
Jordan said. "On my way to the, Orient
I got a few specimens but no where
near the number I havo succeeded In
getting this morning. I shall continue
to collect throughout tho day and
eirlj In tho morning, before tho w
parturo of the steamer."
Having finished with Ills story ot the
fishes Dr. Jordan was asked for his Im
pression on tho present situation In
China, In nnswer to which ho male
these statements:
"Chlnn Is todny In a state of chaos
and, to my mind, there nre but two
vnvs out of tho dilemma for tho Pow
ers at piesent concerned. One Is n to
tal reorganization of China and the
other Is for a quiet removal of the for
elgn troops, allowing tho Chtncso to
to carvo out their own destiny.
"Tli" first of these Is a question of
great magnitude. It would mean tho
choice of some eminent and liberal
statesman ns ruler of China with ad
vlsets from tho various nations of Kit
rope. It would mean also a complete
change In tho long established custom
of lot) lug petty taxo on tho people of
tho various provinces that have proven
China's undoing.
"As you know, each province is sur
rounded with Custom Houses wheie
theso taxes must be paid. This money
never reaches tho government but gees
to tho rulers of tho provinces, Ily this
unceasing levy ot taxes and the con
stant watch on the people, ono province
Is kept Ignorant ot tho dolngi In tho
next. If reorganization Is to I o ef
fected, this must all bo dono away vvllli
You can seo tho magnitude of tho an-
dertaklng from what I have Just staled
This Is only ono of the many proolems
that would havo to bo solved In con
nection with reorganization,
"Tho second way out of tho dllomma
Is for the nations to gracefully with
draw and leavo China to fight out her
own salvation. This would bo danger
ous for China but It would savo any
amount of trouble to tho other powoit
Of course, China could piomlso a mon
ey Indcmnltj for her recent acts but
this would nevci bo paid.
"Yos, I believe Ruasli lias designs on
tho territory In China south of hci
rajlioad, Sho wants to connect Port
Althtir with Vladlvostock and I bo-
IImo Hint, sooner or Inter. Iiy (air
mean or otherwise, she will get II. o
foothold In China alio U now striving
ntter It In nt)' opinion that Russia I
tho only countr) Hint Is out for Chinese
"I havo heard a great deal about Ja
pan hating designs on Chlnn but I
can sny posttvely that till li not so
for 1 know the Japani-so nmt have bail
occasion lo learn what the Sllkado'n
government I after.
'Japan's nolo purpose In Joining the
nllleil powers was to march to the relief
of the Ministers nt Peking. This ac
complished, she now stands ready to
withdraw her troops when the proper
time arrives.
"Tho only thing Japan wants Is th
control of Corca In order that that
country mny not be turned against her
self. This accomplished, she Is will
ing to relinquish everything else."
Beware of the Pier.
For tho benefit of the public tho
Sljrtlo Do.it Club boys wish It staled
that those people who nttend tho races
at Pearl Harbor Saturday should bo
very careful about tho pier In front of
tho Macfarlane house, the hcndquarteis
of the Mjrtlcs. This pier Is only sup
ported by two outer piers so that If a
crowd of people gets upon It, there will
very likely bo a number of baths taken.
A sign will bo put up on the pier warn
ing people off.
Bruce Waring & Co. to Offer Cheap
Lots in Pauoa Valley Below
Pacific Heights With Elec
tric Transit Connection.
Druce Waring t Co will noxtweek
open up n new homo addition. It Is up
Pauoa valles, overlooked by Pacific
Heights. Tho opening Is not to Inter
fere with the steady development f
Pacific Heights going on, but Is design
ed to offer honles to people of modest
Thero will bo CO to 80 lots of nn ap
proxlmnto area of 50,000 squaro feet
each, or CO by 100 feet. They will bo
offered at prices ranging from $500 to
$750 on modernto payments monthly.
Tho trnct commands a good view of
town, sea and mountain, being from 350
to tOO feet In elevation. Water will bo
furnished to the lots from the Paclllc
Heights supply at regulation rates. The
company will build n macadamized
load connecting the addition with the
Pacific Heights electric railway.
Dwellers In the area will havo no rea
son to complain of tho climate, for
thero Is no finer In all tho suburbs of
This now enterprise of Druco Wit".
Ing & Co. places within the reach nf
tho hardest working classes the oppor
tunity of owning homes as comfortablo
ns thoso of the wealthiest. No belter
diversion of balances from the defunct
Postnl Savings Dank could be suggcstcl
than Investment In such Independent
homes amidst most wholcsomo onvl
lonments nnd with swift communica
tions between tho scenes of labor and
of leisure.
Dr. Griffith Here.
Dr. Griffith, who was hero as nn as
sistant surgeon nt tho hospital In In
dependence Park under Major Davis, Is
going to Manila In tho transport Del
glan King. During Dr. Griffith's stay
here, he mado man friends, among
whom wcro the late Princess Kalulaul,
who counted him as ono of her best
friends. The genial young doctoi has
put on flesh slnco ho was last hero but
In manner he Is the same cordial, good
Tlmt Hluirk Story.
Two signed Icttcis are printed In the
Republican to support its shark sto'-y
ot jestcrday. one is by tho man who
alleged ho was nipped by tho shark, tho
other by his companion In the vvafr.
Tho bitten doesn't mention "shark" in
his lotter. His witness doesn't say ho
saw a shark on tho occasion or any
tlmo In his lite.
Emperor In Located.
Paris, Aug. 27. The Trench Consul
at Shanghai wires that Emporor
Kwang Hsu and Prlnco Tuan aro now
In tho province ot Shen SI.
With referenco to tho missionaries
nnd engineers nt Chen Ting Fu, south
west ot Peking, the Consul says that
they nro ns yet uninjured, but their
position Is critical.
Great sale of boots and shoes nt 5
cents on tho dollar nt I.. D. Kerr &
Co.'s shoo house, cornor of Fort an
Hotel streets.
Permanent Organization
Likely to be the Only
Tie Vote Matter Likely to be Settled
by Giving Each Delegate Half
a Vote and Seat in the
Conventions of the Republican dele
gates elected at the primaries Satur
day will bo held this afternoon at 3
o'clock. Delegates of the Fourth Dis
trict will meet In the Drill Shed, mid
those of tho Fifth In the Chamber ot
Tho first business of tho meetings
will bo organization, selection of chair
man, secretary nnd trensurer. Theso
officers will hold for two years and net
ns the directors of tho campaign In the
districts. Members ot the district con
vcntlon nccordlng to tho party rules
constitute tho District committee. f.r
carrying on the campaign After oi
gnnlzntlon the Immediate business will
bo straightening out the tic votes nnd
completing tho delegations from pre
cincts where no election was held. Tho
tie vote affects Drown and Andrews In
the Fourth nnd Winston nnd Huddy In
the Fifth. It seems to be generally ac
cepted that each of these delegates will
be given n seat In tho convention, with
all tho privileges ot discussion and
putting motions, but each will bo en
titled to only half a vote. Tho Fourth
District has thrco vacancies to fill ow
ing to tho failure to elect delegates
from Wnlmanaln.
Aside from theso details ot organlzi
tlon thn only business for the present
session ot the district conventions Is
the election of delegates to tho Ter
ritorial convention. Each district Is
entitled to eighteen delegates It Is
posslblo action on this matter may bo
postponed until tomorrow afternoon
when a positive reply will havo been
received from Illlo nnd the question ct
the plnco for holding tho convention
flnnlly determined. The session for the
nomination ot Legislative candldntis
will not bo held till nfter the Territor
ial convention Is held and tho party
platform framed.
Following arc the delegates of tho
two conventions:
First Precinct Wnlklkl and Puiiahou
J. D McVeigh, J. H. Iloyd, J. Wll
Ham K. Kelkl.
Second Precinct, Maklkl and Kewalo
J. W. Jones, Charles Wilcox, John
SI. Kca, C. H. Wilson, George SIcLeo I,
Andrew Drown, Lorrln Andrews
Drown and Andrews tlo vote.
Third Precinct. Pauoa and Ntiuanii
Stark Robinson, Henry Wnterhouse. 11.
SI. Slott-Smlth.
Fourth Precinct, Slnuka Derctania
street C. I. Crnbbc, A. V. Gear, David
Fifth Precinct. East ot Rlchaids J:
Koohokll, Samuel Johnson, W. I'.
Sixth Preclnet, Hast of llli hards Dr.
G. Waldo Ilurgess, Frank I. Hoogs, I.
II. Wolf.
Seventh Precinct, Walnunalo No
First Precinct, Knncoho Frank Pi
hla, Louis John MeCabe, Ulysses It.
Second Precinct, Koolaulon (Kahu
ku) Keau, Oeorgo Weight , Wm. K
Third Precinct, Walalua-C. P. lau
kca, W. W. Ooodalo, Andrew Cox.
Fourth Precinct, Wulanae Judgo J.
K". Kokahuna, SIoscs SInhcIonu, Oliver
Fifth Precinct, Ewa Plantation
Georgo F. Kenton, Thomas O Dowda,
David Douglass,
Sixth Precinct, Pearl City I.. I. Me
Candlcss, Frank K. Archer, S. Hoo
knno. Sovcnth Precinct, Moanalua, Kallhl
nnd Slakal of King Street James L.
Holt, T. SIcCants Stowart, n. O, yin-
Bton, Georgo H. Huddy. Winston ind
Huddy tlo vote.
Eighth Precinct, Palama W. 0.
Achl, C. II. Dwlght, C. F. Tetcrson.
Ninth Precinct, Slauka School Stroot
Fred Waterhouso, Georgo H. Carter,
W, J. Coelho.
Tenth Picclntt, SInknl School Street
Enoch Johnson, W. II, Crawford, J.
L. Kaultikou.
NEELEV In this city, Sept 7, 1900,
to tho wlfu of Arthur W. Ncoloy, a
Suit of Dr. English vs.'Orpheum Company Has
Queen Liliuokalani
Put on Calendar.
Judge Humphreys Handles a Large
Batch of Probate Cases Two
Guardians Want Leave to
Sell Real Estate.
Judge Humphreys this morning dh
tharged tho trial Jurors for the term
1 ho term will hold to hear matters not
requiring n Jury until tho end of the
twelve d.'ijs that It has been extended.
Territory vs. Kit, malicious burning,
and Territory vs. John Antone, utter
ing n forged Instrument, have been con
liquid until next term.
On motion of Davis . Gear for plain
tllf, Dr. English's suit against lliiitn
l.llluokntanl was placed on this term u
Frank K. Thompson, master, has
filed a report on the accounts of Cell
llrowu, executor ot the will of Charles
F. Wall Ihei nro found coriect The
balance of 'receipts nnd p.imcnts Jue
the i state Is $1531 71. There Is In the
hands of the executor property Inven
toried nt n valuation of $50,459.71.
J. I- Knulukou, guardian of John Lot
Knlanl, minor, has tiled an lnventoiy
with a valinllun of $7770. Ho peti
tions for leave to sell some of the real
estate, as the ward owes a mortgage lie
cannot pay and bus not income suffi
cient to complete his education, whlih
ho desires to do nt Oahu College.
Ira Eskew has been uppolnted ad
ministrator ot tho estate of Donald (5
Cnmiibell alias James Osborne, de
ceased, under $100 bond The i-stuto
consists of land nt Wnlklkl valued nt
$750 and two pieces' of land In Cali
fornia valued at $1250, a total value nf
$2000. The heirs of decensed, wlu
was n caretaker of grounds at Kamcn i
mchn school, nro Joinna Smith, sister
In England and Charles Campbell,
brother, residence unknown.
Frank H. Thompson, guardian nd li
tem of Knhanii, minor, petitions for
leavo to sell real estate at Puna, llv
wnll. Tho minor's estate Is valued at
$.'500 nnd thero nro unpaid claims
acnlnst It amounting to $1203 20 for
which thero aro no funds
The report of George Lucns, master,
on the accounts of Unite Curtw right
trustee Estate (Juecn Emma, bus been
confirmed nnd tho accounts have been
W. O. Smith has beeen appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Ioulsa J
Illtidt, deceased, under $500 bond. Tin
cstnto Is valued at $5399.tr and the
heirs are tho husband, four sons anJ
n daughter of decensed.
Tho petition ot Knplkn Lahola tor
probnto ot the will ot J. Pinno, nnd her
appointment as guardian of threo Ille
gitimate children who, with a brother
nnd daughter, are the heirs, litis been
dismissed without prejudice.
J. SI Pecniihole has been nppolnttl
guardian of his llvo minor children
nndor $200 hnnd.
A. V. Gear, Commissioner, has certi
fied to tho nssiHsnunt for benefits of
the llernlee Pauahl Illshop Estato oy
the Commission In the Slllllnnl street
extension matter, the total amount be
Ing $3933, nnd states In his certltleate
that tho trusties of said Estate by their
attorney, W. O Smith, havo given no
tice In writing of appeal from tr.o
uward to tho Circuit Court.
F. M. Hatch appeared befoie Gover
nor Dolo und council this morning as
tho nttornoy for tho Ewn nnd tho Ku
hala plantation companies, seeking to
havo their charters amended.
Theso corporation sdc
to ucqulro stock In other corporations
without limit ns to majority of sharcj.
It appears the newer Incorporations
chartered under tho general Act have
such lower, whereas thoso Incorpoiat-
eel before the geM-rat law was enacted
liuvo It not.
Tho Oovcrnor nnd his advisers are
of opinion that tho discrimination, an
accidental ono, Is pot fair and nro will
ing to see all corporations placed on
an equal footing. Action was, howovor,
Full lino ot abovn goods aro shown in
Iwakaml Hat Manufacturing Depart
ment. Di. Geo II I lucid) Is reported from
tho Queen's Hospital this afternoon as
being vci) much better.
Big Project Under
- COST ABOUT $50,000
General Sketch of Outline Made by
Architects On Site of the
Present Building En
trant on Fort Street.
Meiiat the head of affairs In connec
tion with the Orpheum '1 neater Com
pany nre considering plans for a new
theater prepared by Ileardsiiy & Page
aichltccts These wilt be laid befoie
the stockholders at a meeting to bn
held In the near future.
This statement in Itself might seem
to mean nothing very Important but
tho pioposltlon In hand Is ono ot gival
magnitude which will undoubtedly re-
suit In the building of u modern theater
secoud to nono In excellence
It Is proposed to tear down tho pres
ent theater and to put up a two-stsry
one In Its place. The entrance will be
from Fort street as at present On tho
mound ll'";r will e 'ho theater propel
At the Inner entrance wltT be a lobby
with n laige foyer lending to the aiiill-
torliun on the b ft und the eafe on tho
right Divls & Gear appeared for tho libel-
llie stiigc will be built facing Foit Innt Illrkln, and J SI. Davidson for tho
stieet Thero will be six boxes an I ship
over a thousand seats In the parquet Judge Estee declined to take Jurls
iinil dress circle The theater will b diction in Solters vs. Cnriiedd Llewel
lltted up In the very finest Htylo wltbjn hocauso the libelee wns n Ilrltlsh
ladles' and men's dressing rooms ship It wns a libel for wages llrll
smoklng rooms nnd the like. The dl- ( Mi Consul W. R. Hoaro wns called as
mensloiis of the auditorium will bo. a witness for the ship Ho testified to
about 7J feet wide by 80 feet long his having taken ofllclnl lognlrnneo ot
Tho stage dimensions will be as fol-
lows 40x72, ;s feet to the root of tli"
theater, CO feet to the gridiron of too
stage, proscenium arch, 30 feet wide by
2 tfe-et high.
Ibu cute to the right will be finite
large nnd fitted up In line style. Ac
cess from the auditorium will be very
Entrance to the gallery will be from , would re-sign Jurisdiction to the Con
Hie alley on tho maiikn side of the the- Bill.
ter, while the entrance to the root ga--1 At the samo time Judge Estee ad
den directly above the auditorium, will i Judgeel costs of court against the ship,
bob) means of a stalrcaso between Hits quoting authorities for this act and
place ami the cafe '1 hid will make it
Impossible (or the people In tile gal
lerj lo get Into the place.
The roof garden will be Just ns first
class plate's of the kind arc on the
Mainland There will be a stage re ,
musicians, 15x21 while the dimensions
of the whole roof garden will be fittx
Thero will bo nine) exists on each ilde
of th ttheatei proper so that the pl.i o
nia be emptied quickly. Ibis will be
accomplished by Installing window
rihe nlleywnys about the building aro
to be macadamized nnd fitted up with
lights so that people will be uble to gu
around tho whole place Tho land of
the Kapiolniii Estate back to Nun-urn
street, lias been obtained. It Is cal
culated to put up cottages nnd store's
for rent back of tho stage. The cost ot
the whole pioposltlon will bo In the
neighborhood of $50,001).
Chinese Reformers.
Control in Shanghai
The local How Wong society icceltd
ver) favorable lepoits b) todays
steuniir of tho progres sof their effoit
to bring n Reform government out of
tho i huos now reigning In China. It It
reported that n provisional reform gov
ernment has already been established
In Shanghai, und similar movements
aro well on tho wny to completion In
other largo cities.
On two bills to tho Jury from tho Ha.
wallan Hotel, Judgo Humphrojs has
written his dlnallowanco. Ono Im.i
Itoms of $5 25 for wlno and $9.75 for
cigars, cigarettes and enrds Anothor
has tho slnglo Item of elgars, cigar
'lies and cards I.& !?.'
Commissioner Wray Taylor report
ed tu Governor Dole today n great do
mniiil from tho Island of Hawaii tor
beneficial bugs to proy on Insect
TAIN PEN. All sizes, all shapes. II
No Corporal Punishment
Can Be Inflicted in
American Ships.
Judge Estee Gives $150 Damages to
Mate Birkm of Schr. Enterprise
for Unsafe Carrying and
111 Treatment
Judge Estee In the Federal Court
this morning gave a decision of au
prune Interest to masters of American
ships It wns In the libel of Frederick
illrkln, mate of the vessel, against tho
sehooni r Enterprise.
The Court gave Judgment for tho
pl.ilutirt for $150 This Is on account 1 1
tiespass In that the ship had not suf-Iy
carried the plaintiff, nnd In that he had
rot been properl) treated on the voy-
1 11 support of tli eileclslon Judge Es
tee quoted a stntute pissed by Con
gress In 1S9S, which came Into effect In
1899. which abolished corporal punish
ment on board of American ships Ily
this law an) master or officer striking
a sallo! on ho in! ship Is liable to Im
prisonment for not less than threo
months nor more than two years
tho sillor's complaint, and to tho
trentment the crew had lecelved slnco
nirlvul at this port
.J ho Cnuit remarked ple-isintly that
the Consul appeared fee be a thorough
gentleman. It was also shown that tiio
crew had been furnished with medical
attendance since arrival, besides being:
generally care-d for well Therefore ho
si) lug that the sailors bad a right, on
arrival In port, to seek Judicial redress
of their grievances
DivIh A. Gear for llbellant; Stanley
H Holmes for libelee
Raymond Re)es, Geo (llbb, Otto
Tlllnniler and J .It. Souzn wero natural
'I he Court Is hearing admiralty cases
this nfternoon.
A E Cooley of tho O R. & L. Co.
nnd Josephine Wores, sister of the Cal
ifornia artist and an artist herself,
were married at the Drew home, cor
ner ot Wilder avenue nnd Aiinpiiul
street yesterday afternoon, the Rov.
J. Uslioiirnei preforming the ceremony.
Tho bride wns given nwn) by N. Em
melt Sla). Tho newly married couplo
left In the afternoon train for Slakaha
whero the honeymoon will bo spent.
A comploto new stock ot genii
shirts, collars and cuffs at L. D. Kerr's,
Queen street.
An Up-toDate
Blucks & Tans.

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