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4BHHMHI11I1MH vti'f-'mr'
"! V?
The People 0l (All the 'New. of the ipay.
jrf Evening Bur.
9 f 7 I WMM I'roni the lroftrlvc ftwlteilft.
Vol IX. No. 10.11
'HUJ' ?.!,!.
iimmwn iiim
. jr.
ft IB
JWtMrml of Tropj May Thmttn
.British InteresUAmerian Ne
cessities Different from
thoscof, British.
New York, Scrt. J. A dispatch 10
the Tribune from Ioiilon says!
Th clmmedlnte reaulls of tho latent
American note was to cause n. sort of
ministerial conference to nssemblo
yesterday. Several members of ths
Ilrltlili Cabinet came up to Iondon In
lmite, am) held a consultation on tho
Chinese question. The Mluiitcrs In
cluded William 8. John llrodcrlck, the
Under Secrctnry for I'orclgn Affairs,
the Duke of Devonshire, I.ord lAius
downe. Secretary for War mid Qcorgo
,Oochen, the First l-ord of tho Admir
alty. Mr. Ilroderlck aud Mr. Ooschcu
were together nt the Admiralty for
some time and subsequently un active
.'liilerchnnge of tclegrama took (dace
between Downing street and Lord
Whntevcr may be tho olllclal view of
the matter, It mutt be said that the
Rusao-Amerlcan proposal has been
very coldly,' noi to say unfavorably,
receded by tho newspapers, which Pi
' 'this case It Is believed reflect tho tono
of the comparatively few pcoplo who
understund tho subject. Tho position of
tho United States Gomnmcnt Is un
derstood, and all posslblo allowances
are made tor tho dllllcultlcs of l'resl
dent McKlnley's hd Iters, who' uio
anxious to give no countenanco what
ever to tho suggestion that they am
engaged on an aggressively Imperial
ist policy. Moreover, It Is freely ad-
rallied that the Washington Cabinet
Is acting consistently with llsdeclurod
Intentions from tho outset, which wcro
avowedly to limit Intervention within
tho narrowest lines necessary to effe-ct
tho deliverance of tho 1'cklng I.eg.i
tlous. I'eople here well recognize that tho
United States, which 1ms no polltlrul
Interests In China beyond that of se
curing freedom of trado and Inter
course, should be anxious to withdraw
from the Asiatic continent as spcedll
as possible. Kngtand, however, hs tho
holder of Hongkong aud Wei Mat WlI,
cannot tetlro so easily and Is a little
disappointed at finding the United
States apparently so ready to lend n
Killing ear to n Russian suggest'en,
which the Iirltlcli critics regard with
distrust. Whether It is duo to o ha
bitual and perhaps exaggerate I suspl
clon entertained of Muscovlto diplo
macy In this country, It Is Impoulhlo
to say, but It Is certain that the litis
slau peacemaking suggestions aio nut
Geo. W, Smith, chairman of tho Re
publican TerrltorlalCentral Commit
tee, has, at tho written request of two
members, called a meeting of tho
executive committee at the Chamber o!
Commerce rooms at 3 o'clock this nf
ternoon. It Is generally understood
that tho purposo of the movers Is to
obtain a reconsideration of tho decision
to hold tho Territorial Concciitlon ut
Work on tho erection of tho power
house of tho Rapid Transit & Land Co.
will be In full bang next .week.
Roberts Strong Grip
On Delagoa Railway
Now York, Sept. 1. A dispatch to
tho Trlhuno from Ixindou buys
Lord Roberts' dispatches show that
the Drltlsh nre getting a firm hold on
the Delagoa nay Hallway, Sir Hod vet a
Culler's mounted troops have reached
Noolt Oedacht, where noarly 2,V'
Drltlsh prisoners, who wero confined by
tho Doers, have been released.
It Is uncertain whether the main
body of General Dotha's army Is retir
ing east or north toward I.ydenbcrg.
In tho former caBo the end or tho cam
paign should be closo at hand, other
wise guerrilla operations may bo fur
ther prolonged. Meanwhile, a llttlo
nioro fighting;, probably on a Bm-.ll
scale, Is reported from tho Orango HIv
er Colony, near tlie Dasuto frontier,
which shows that resistance la not en
tirely stamped out, even In that quar
ter. 1'resldcnt Krugcr, wth some of hit
chief oincluls, is at I'llgrlms' Host, In a
wild, mountainous district northeast ol
None, of tho heads of departments,
had any rnattor to submit to Qoveinor
D'olo this morning. Nn action wos'tak
en, either, on any pending, question.
There was soma Informal talk around
the council board.
ft KM ME!
Junior Event Goes to
Myrtles and Senior
to Healanis.
Was One by Quarter of a Length
Myrtle Spurted a Little Too Late
Leilanis Not In It
From the Start.
For tho first time since the introduc
tion of the popular championship races
at I'e-arl Harbor, the Healanis aud Mil
ties liuc taken their shells out of thj
water with honors even. Heretofore Jt
has been a clean snocp of both
senior and Junior eeuts for ouu or thy
other of these club but on .Saturday It
was different Tho Junior raco was
non by tho Myrtles and senior by the
Healanis. This gave each side a thauce
to Indulgo its whooping propensltlfg
to the full and, Incidentally. It created
u greater Interest In boat racing thin
has ever been known hero before. Al
ready tho enthusiasts or eludulgliu In
speculations as to Iho crews and tho
probabilities of victory in next year's ,
Tliu Junior race wus a little slow In
stnrtlng. The Nuul Station launch
kindly loaned by Cuptulu Merry, took
the Judges, timekeepers and newspaper relating to Hawaii from blm. be belli
men to tho starling lolut and It was a patriotic tJlUni from Jluwiill uu4
fully fifteen minutes uftcr arrival Ihut ,fie-o from any uiericiuiry alms, loi
Ihu start was made, Tho Ilealauls eiio, his old trusted fi lend did not woiK
could not seem to get into position. very hard for Hawaii betuuso bu was
Tho Myrtles took the lead ut Iho "ot puld for Jt, und so with Uwyer
start with n strong,' sweeping stroke, i
nutting a boat length between them
und their opponents beforo tho llrst rk Judge Mttle did for the welfuu
white ling was reached. At tho half ,' Hawullans, Mr, Wilcox explained p,
inle this had been lncrnise.1 to (bit, the people the renson for Uu eJsteii?u
lengths. At tho mile boat the red llusi'" mo in(jep.u.iei jsirty or Hawaii,
was ngaln raised. Tho llealanls show-1 which ho declaies us the to)ulsts );i
ed signs of exhaustion, u couple ef mea i
begun to wohblu uud It wus clearly seen
that tho blue could not win. Tho Myr-I
ties continued their steady stroke and , said because (hat would Inevtluoly )n
imssed oer the lino In 11:11, Bcvcral rur 'ho hatred of both parlies, for Mil
lengths ahead of the lleulanls.
It was tho prevailing Impression thii.
the Myrtlo senior crew would dcfeit Iho pioperly iuallllcutlons uud glvjng
Iho Healanis and bets on the basis of.'" Hawullans In Its stead the wlina.
10 to 7 wero quite generally made, H"'"l qualldcutloii. The speaker
Again the old saying of tho unexpected
happening, proved the case, Wlillo (In 'ho Ilepubllcuns und IKiiiocruls of llu
nice was closo from start to finish, wu" ho denounced im small ixduloes,
(hero was ubsolutely no question about1 Mr, Wilcox ns usual culled tho mis
tho Healanis being victors. IslonarlM) und their nons us landgmh
A In !h dm. rnre. tlift Mvrtlea eot1 lR'rS Olid tllO WOlKt HICHlleS Of JlttW
the lead nt the start but, before long,
It wus noticed from tho Judges' launch
that the Healunls had caught up and
wero forging ahead with a magnificent
iiml well sustained stroke. Tho Lot
lanls started orf In good shnpo hut thoy
wero unable to keep up with tin kill
ing pace of tho red and bluo und so
wero left In the distance.
At tho half inllo boat, tho lleulanls
wero about a length ahead of the Myr
tles and both crows wero nt It In good
shape now. At the mltn boat the red
ling wns raised rather hesitatingly,
showing tho Myrtles u llttlo In the lead.
Incitement was tiitcuso for tho raco
could bo called no one's.
Just then, thcro was n ).w word
simken by tho rovswaln and the Ilea
lanl !oat made n hound foriuri'., Im
pelled by a number of short, quirk
strokes. This was the beginning of the
great half mile spun tho Healanis had
determined on. Tho Myrtles Jioijtji
their spurt off Olarcnco Macurlunos
but Ihey wcro too lato. Tho Ileulat'is
wcro already threo lengths ahead,
However, they did magnificent work,
icspondlng to tho call so well that they
crawled up, and finished about a quar
ter of a length behind tho Jfoalam,
Had (his spurt been a llttlo sooner, tho
Myrtles might havo tasted (ho victory
they longed for. ''
Tho time In this raco wus 10;ll.
Tho crows. In (ho day's ovonU wiro
as follows:
Myrtlo, Senior Dow, W. II. Soper;
No, 2, P, I.lshmn'n; No, 3, (loorgo An
gus! stroke A, F, Judd, and coxswain,
AV. Alvnrcx.
Healanl, Senior Dow, (, J.llolo;
No. 2, James Moyd; No, 3, Pan lion-
car; Htroko, Paul Jarrett; coxswain,
Oharlos Reynolds,
Lollnnl, Senior It, I). M. Cobb,
bow; C, Peck, 2; P. T .Phillips, 3; H.
K. P. Tnyjor, stroko; II, Wagnor,
Myrtlo, Junior Jlow, flco. Fuller;
No. 2, Arthur OIes; No. 3, Sam John
son; stroko, Alan J"dd and coxswain
W, Alvnrej,
Ilenlanl, Junior How, Mcrlo John
son; No. 2, Put aenson; No, 3, Allan
Waleott; strpko, W. Williams; cox
swain, Charles Reynolds,
JudeJl, J), flllllmsn, smmil Jnugn of Om Wrt Hrwiie wf tw
rltorV lias sent lit rmlRlwtlon t J'rwedmt M.Kilitor Tills
linunieiuent una made by Jiicik tUlllmsn oikI runtr us n ctewt cmt
prlne to his many friend altlioutfti at the tlluf of his ppolotimt We
had expressed hlinsclf ns doubtful whtHher he eiuld t.wpt tfce petal
Hon, Judge Sllllmuu'a ressuus for resigning r bis (frfvrcrnytvfwr iu4iV4
prat the and the fact that he lluds the salary eutlrriy liiadrqustn
Juitgo It. I). Kllllmnn Is the youngest mciulmr uf thn Juvsl Jnoh l'r
lous to the establishment of tho Territory In, kui uppolulrd by Mr
Dole to fill n temporary vacutir) Utr Mr.Blllltnan Kaspptdntwl by
1'resldcnt MrKlulc) for the- tiTiu of four year. He Mill remain un the
bench uutll his successor is oarand by MiKlulcy
Bob Calls His Critic a Poodle Dog
General Mass Meeting of All
(Parties to be Held
in Kink.
Walluhu, Sept. b. Itobtrl Wilcox jc
coiupanlod by Mrs. Teresu W'lltox ai.d
children, airlwl n Walluku last Mon
day afternoon from Ulupulukua dlvlrU
und ou the fclowlng day, Tuesday,
Wilcox spoke to u large audleuoe, most
ly Independents, Jn tbu skating rjlik.
Mr. Wilcox guo a bijcf outline ol
his work as a deleguto to the VuHni
States Cougicw during tho discussion
und voting on the Hawaiian bill. Hi
praised his own woik among (liu tueni
bers of both Houses, und told bow lead
ers of both, Houses sought information
Th speaker pmlsed (lie uvuIuau!o
onolher dre-ss. 1 was JmpollllJ for
Hoyullsts to asslinllalo will) vltlier U
Heputdicun or Demuviutlc parlies, lie
, panics nave given iiuwuii u very lair
franchise, ..specially (blowing; uw.iy
, Praised these pardon III (ho HUites, but
"'""' 'Mln "" ' ""' 1,r- Wilcox
' l'i,""a0 wa ""t' MUmimtorr 's
, "" i--" " ' '"" """''
lulu In company with 0, W. Ashforil.
Thos. Clark followed Mr, Wllcn,
Mr, Chirk nnnouueed hlmsulf us u Duni
ocrut, and llken tho Independents (o
(ho Colossus of Rhode standing nil
Republicans und Ihinoinits, but with
thn difference that It will not amount
to anything. John T, Alull nrouxi-d die
Iro of Dob when John said that Hob
had ben-n In polities with s.iimh bucitjs
us all his revolutions, Hob then Jump
id up und called Alull un upe, 11 sm.ll
IkkxIIo dog that iih-h uolhliig hut lurlc
und howl ull day, but would lose bis
Identity when stepped upon by u pu
sonngei of greater neliluvoineuU,
Tho Independents huvo Tippro.itliid
the Repuhllruiis uud I)em;crutH Willi
the Idea of holding u union meeting at
(lib skating rink this Saturday liven
ing, and tho speakers havo been warn
ed not only to avoid pcrsoimllllrtt lut
nlso to control their temper, Two lead
ers from each party will address tho
Delegates Named
For Maui District
Walluku, Sept, 8. Delegates In (he
District rnmmltlco to ho hold nt Wal
luku courthouse on Monday, Sept. 10.
have boon elected us follows! Judge J,
II, Mnhoo, Inela Kahlno, D, J.. )(iiluiiilo
III), Judge I), Knhuulello, A. Ahlhoin,
M, McCunn, R. 0, Smirk D, Kupuliu,
A. N, Kepolknl, (I to. Jlons, H. V Ki
Idkau, W, J, Iiwrlo, T. M. Ohun'li, V,
0, Allen, M, Kealohu, S. Kolim, (I,
JC. Kiinuluui, 0, Copp, Ham Knlnniu, A.
V, Tnvair-s, . K, lliinuna, ., )i. I'll
inanu, J, K, Naltlln, Jiulge J. K, losep.irnhln nissenuir on dm MiiiiimIiIh
M. II. llHHrr, J. J). 8, Kiilen, 1), yr,
Nnpllmu, 13, M, llanunii and (iiiy
VAN DON, All , ! iiipy. II
P, WI0IIMAN, ' ' '
I I.I ... ! !,
Thn Uyenlng Jlullotln, 75 cents per
mm mm
Party ,Will .Leave Next Monda;-
Marching Club May, Be Made Up
for Trip Steamship Co.
i Gives Hates,
The Jtepubliean Terirtirisl un -
!ir-V" 3r.'-f,,!,r:
and Krdsy ff next v,wk. This is lb
Jluul urlion of the Jtepublhwiu j:xau-;
UvecMinmltte-e- UlwMs weeding Md
in tho Chamber of Comuwe iUo.
Sunday forenoon. The dlw.,ut.U .
ieiigtliy wueind the is(tr ;iouKht fi. pW-i nu-Omw"
to a JiHulJty without dlsseMjliijij vti'.
....V HUM JHIW4I 9VW 0. fi'l Af.t
und plans to xlvu (he MomU K-'
eeplfon that wfll nisku the .ujr.mn.Jwi i
nieworuble u theunnsls ut Huwbl) l ul I
of (he Hi'PuWUuii parly.
At (he ioo.uc-t "t thv uwuiiltee-
retary Cptr Ibis mowing uiuel
to ullow (ho (Joyernuiewt band Ui - ,
ompany (he iv,,i,. rjie full (und ,
of 30 pleres will kc well (he (ho
"",riM; '" un mw
9ut ini mi iif viLHiuHt ui ino ww
will in paid flow prjvupe fgnJs. TJ
he parly unl It Is ilbly probable-thai,
one nf .'ie marelilKg ubs (but mrr-
id at the. ol niy wl ,wwa.j ,
f Bum Johnson,
'jie Wilder HMuwshlp Vwuimny ti
insenu-d (o ullow half rutis fur tm
ip und iwwl 'lt die KImii on Mw
day, reluming us vm n Iho nven-
don I11M Under this .rrunge-, ilwt I uniM wwte un r(P (rt , (ii,u wbl., fruit
went ull dWiKutcs will l nommoUt- (bis Courl." u.i .iu . .i ,........
ed, being uwuy trum (heir business ih
I. . .1 , .
shor(es( time possible,
IVInce Ciipbl In London,
A letter from I'rlnee Cupid Kulunl
nuno, (luted )ii.-ii Anno Miinsloii,
August 17, wus ric.lnd by J. V (.'ol
burn In Iho transport lmmt Sunday.
At the llliio the Mter wus Wlllti, .lie
Pilneii hud iiui return.. I from Hi.. IW,
Hldoii ut Purls, Ho Mutm that bis
IntiriMt was not ki-.uilv ..ioiiuI ...ol
(hal die show would nuiloiibti-dly prove ,"'"1'' " '" '"' "" "'' "'' Om t ( m utwitr mmtn Ms tumm In tlm fil
(tlliiaiKlul failure. Howuver, like 'in- "'K''r',", "'" ",fc,'"( "f " W'i !, Jf JniiiMtir will, all lb
other lliiwulliin whose
wiiio published In die Hull
days ago, he states (but tho bulldilifiU
urn superb,
The Pilncu Is .ontimpludiiK ,r(,,
llnvillili Klirtliit iim fur ny tVntJi.ti Un.
lurnlng li KiikImuI Iiw will y. U, Die
Triinsvuul with Sir Vine on u sp-MI
Invltiitlon, Tbls sliilisinun Is koIuk
Into Afrbu 011 11 diplomatic illusion,
The Pi lino exports li; ko lo l'r"lU
iiml Joliuiiiiesbiii und Is eouullUK 011
elng Home llghlliiK.
Ilunilngioii .'hii Nut AppriUcd
New York, Aun, 31. 'J'bn Tilbimu
rays; It wus staled ynleiday dial
(.'id lis J', llunlluglon's I'slafu bail hii n
appraised ut WMWM, H"plyln lo
u Trlhuno (iporier's Inquiry i.innni-
lug ibis injiiirt, Onirics II, 'fwwl mid
It wus uiunlfestly uiilrue fuusuiuib (is
no appraisal of Hie islale )ial bun
Mnnter Mecbinlc l,w.
(J, l, ,ows, formerly fo)nnmn nf
die slinjis of the dilnn 'vllu hi Meit
clue How, Wyoi lias liwn uppolnl'.'l
maul or inerluiulo of din 0. t, & If fbh
In )imo nf Mr. liohiTls, ris'nnly r"
slgnixl, Mr. jiwls wus one of Iho
ies( iiim n die employ of llm lnr'ii
I'aelflfj mid Hut 0, II, k U, Co, people
uru naturally very glad lo ollnln is
M Coinlnt, TIiIh Yfuy,
New Vnrk, Hnit, ,-Hlr Krn'wt fl
tow, Hrlilsh Minister In Jumn, who
iPiurnlfiK to is his( ufier n dm u.
months' vacation nt is home, wim s
' in it 1 1 .11 it I it tuliltli ilftst....! fit.liitr lfi
inp(i'itMH i 'MW M'fi iii ir' tt'i
will rniss ie nuillneiii by mil mimI will
null fur Tultlu fioin Sni ''iniii'si'i),
1 1 1
'iil line nf mImivk giins 11 ru slmwri In
Iwulfuml nt MmiiifiieHiiliiii ciiir;.
Finn Jnli I'rliitlMK At
ho llullulln
:Judge jEst G)m is
tppinlpn ,pf ;Ship;$
Captain 'Xacaulaj'.lutervenes .frr.Sharc
of Dun(rpji KsIvslm Mori
Amerjcan Xitizens
JJircuitijJourt. 'Jlit
J Wilt) JUUx In (be lldJUsJ iUU
listre4 Oouj Ibis wotulug pe tu '
anient for M r
the AWertwu J.ar)i JCuiplie OUil
l tb-ir mw, Jlx M nnA
!..!!-r.irt!L .!rr i
,M(I liutlr dlkWeaje ff Uf! uiw fwt
As they Mid Ml the-, 1Um tuu Ibev
W vt majjI Ui to part Ut
,bl - "Won vlu.1 (Mw at I.K,
W tV WHtm unA vtis s m M m ,
..IW. W.K.K MH fP ..WHIMW ffl.
III iou4af nUt (wxt
' A ,tonl liU tiu UhihU-
P wotton I" lb Hmit W
lww naiute- Uy IWr ipsl Uim
Jiviglttviit l tb M U wH1!,.,. i !,-,. ,tu ui i- ..
w should tml Uv i)lmi4 un H
Kfound Ibst it Ju4 fA twn pfu4
In tlm umtm W. " ; "'
vl wM Km- mU rimU Wt 0-
w w Trr'r'
pwy iui- j.m. ,w
t-, "I lll W'H HWnf nuyuw to a Ui
nlabuMf"" H itHMHUti ttnttu'4-
mUM ut jhhU h plbllliy m m . .
1lon oil ll firl. .
Mr. daW unfaUm to tMu ibt i
'"' ""'"'t " don, und w Md K; , riH(H(f rww Anow r lunrr
"t'f right Umrir-tlif niMU'f n cti)w lliit .M j,v' ,,4 wr jj
iw tor dlsenssion Ozi.nl llbdrA , ,. ,lu, ,ull,u ' .. . . ,.,. ..
lb .xpuo;i, MlnK, "Jol foriddi
a, a. yii t . 1 a .1 !
Mr MUJIuuubn buflnK shown (ba(
lh Omit bud m l'rtd-y Kiw IW
du ( Hw Kpp.Uul f)l u nv
..o... e ...... ........ ... ""'
tit Ifluiuf lullmi Is iliij ti-itlft Ujs I1-.1t I
(. show ihwu; A t)m tUmrt bar
lux for Hllo tnumirow. tlm eb-puly
i'b-rk won).) m upin Iho nmve-iey
11I tm sur(bn un tlm bond,
"I will lw (be liMUf ill iMr 1
Iiallds," Wild til.' JlI'lK" "TIM'!.' I Hi.
"'."'" """ "" "'' V '"
lbi f.'iill U) (I1.1 Cl(( III! f!wi,l lit Ap
Inipimsloiisl"'''"'"1 baying wuk.k ot liu
lletln n f 1 1 fl"'"'' 'w """l InclKi'l
tUu piMir
mu f)
-ninnliiK twin it lo v In iuIi
Mwlhut It Is bJi1arii, Kill) lhy
h- riuht .lu-br Ibe-Juw (Mr sp-
r "'
, v"u n ""'"'' W Wita
J"'"" ,'""", ,,l'"wl1 ""' '"""
" w;"'" ii'-i.
In III" HiUui.u mulli rol Huirt Ms it.
))mniym, Mr, fliimiuim, with Mm
ions.nl of lb tUwt, iMnnuml with
u rial 111 ui f.'upluln Mueuulsy, inutlir i't
lb tuie I'flfii, tor ulir In towlnu
llm Ihnmyimii off lb rut. Ttii
1 Mm Yuii iiliri nl lo i',miwtli)in:r W
J. UiMwm lo luloi tmUiiumy.
In tlm llbO of Dlibins iiKMlnst llm
nilimiu'r I'limiiilmi, llm Court ullow
11I ibw MurslnJ Vi day, wblb' Ibo v
wl whs In luniixly, for Ibw puy of n
Tbo followlnx ;ihiiiiI ullimn wefn fin
lurflllrHi Jumi- l.ylw, (bvirKe Ciil
nieis, Ailbur Mm, ). , fi, Von Hum,
J, ilu tlimyi'H, Ai II. l'sHliinlo, llsfil
Jhmi, M, I'laino, Alunutl A, Din mul
IMvwd ih f.'unl,
Tlm Court mhipHunil Ihls da
Wi'"k, it i) oVbn k, llicn lo loiivriin in
lli newly filled up roiirliootii on lb
Miouml floor. '
In llm ijii timml suit of .lolin II V.'
Iiil ,id ys, A. Id II. .Iit'l'l It Is slliiic
lllll'il lortW.X II I'Ollllsel (bill llllllllff
may liiiyu until rlepi, Hi Ui b lunuil on
lis motion o Ifilrodiu'ii iww nrldeni'it In
show lliul llm iliiymi o ri'm liu hid.
i'i llm iri'Uii liirulrml In lis irn,i.
mil Hi'llon Mini (o llln lis bill uf iniip.
linns In llm ilerrw In fiivnr of iufii
ilii'lKn lliiinpliri'vs luis roiiflrnii'il llm
H'poil nf llm iiiunlnr, Frank H, Tlionili.
son, fill llm timiiinls of Hri'll lli'iiwn.
imiTUlnr uf llm nsliilu of dims, I', Wall,
ili'iTiuml, iiiirovi'i llm uri'iiiMils iiti
onleinl dm imiTiilnr's illwlinun nn
llllim Ilmil inrililH.
A rniiiimn imw ulnult nf genii
slilrln, cnilniN mul ciilfo l ., n, Knrr's
nmnn Sliest,
U MM. MM if
In tMtojttiip jff ;tt JsftieUi Anu
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An Up-to-Date
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