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Evening Bulletin- I iSf
'XV fi, v -
&k .' ?
Voi X. No. 1851.
Phiuk 5 Cents.
i : " "'"w'miK1
'IHrVFC : i
Jw r v -jar 5 ia
Mill MS
Says 'That the Finance
Committee Beats All
For Expense.
Monsarrat Stirs Up a Small Sized
Tempest Haaheo Would Cast His
Resolution Out the Window
Emmeluth Objects to More Fuel.
The complete change of program
still continues In the House. This
morning It wast something entirely
new being n little pass between Km
incluth ami Mnkalnal.
"Mi Ktnmeliith." said Makalnal,
"asked from me Inst Saturday n de
talleil account of the Houso expendi
tures I want to make a'vcrbal re
poit now, not having had the noces
ai) time In which to write' out a rn
poit Mr Krumcluthjins at different
times both during thin session and the
late regular session, objected to the
extravagant expenditures nf tho
House Tho record of the Accounts
Committee shows that tho Printing
Committee, of course, headed the list.
The Molokat Committee came second,
while Mi. Kmnieluth's Finance Com
mittee came third, having spent over
JP.'OO which was hundreds of dollars
nhcnil of any other committee.
"It has not been the fault of my
committee thnt extravagant prices
have been foolishly paid by tho Hourfe.
All I hate to do Is to approve war
rants and bills, and sotuo of tho larg
cut bills which wo hno npprocd were
from the Finance Committee."
Ml. Speaker." said Emmeluth. "I
nm willing to look over tho record of
thlB committee. I am not ashamed of
It, for every bill contracted by us was
legitimate. What I do claim Is that
Home bills patil were not legitimate,
imil It Is the right of the Houso to
know about the current expenses of
this session."
M nmmeluth then proceeded to In
troduce n relscd report on tho salary
bill, but Robertson objected to It on
the giound thnt tho arlous commit
tees had charge of the salaries In tho
departments to which they related.
Ills action was sustained.
Kanlhn then Introduced tho follow
ing resolution, and asked that It bo
adopted In the name of humanity:
"Wheiens It is n common minor In
this ( lt In referenco to the treatment
of sick peoplo In tho Victoria Hospital,
that thej nre housed In low, filthy
npaitments, and ono Is thereby made
to suffer more thnn necessnryi there
fore be It
"Resolvesl, Thnt n committee of flvo
members be appointed from this Houso
lo go and Investigate tho condition of
the Vlctoila Hospital anil report to this
After some discussion tho resolution
was tabled.
Monsarrat then started a small sited
tempest by Introducing tho following
"Resolved, That this Houso adjourn
In otdei to gUo tho remaining mem
bers time In which to file their appli
cations to practice law,
nmmeluth nffcso on n point of order,
claiming thnt tho Uouse had no right
to ridicule or Insult any branch of tho
Mnhne also claimed that it was out
of order.
Monsarrat said that it was as much
In order at, Mnhoo's petition to repeal
the Fedirnl quarantine law.
nmmeluth said thnt there was
enough discord between tho thrno
binnehps of tho gov eminent nlrealy
without adding fuel to the ill-feeling
nnd mond that tho resolution bo re
jected Haaheo wanted to relegate, tho mat
ter to tho recesses of all out doors,
via the window.
Argument now bernmo fast nnd fu
rious and tho thermometer began to
go up like stocks on a boom, Monsar
rat. perceiving that troublo was brew
lie withdrew his lesolutlon and tha
House adjoin ned, , ,
College Hills
We wish to announce to-the
public l ha", bv the terms of
a contract Just signed, the
WHlbf lmmdlitely extend-d
'hri-mih , ll-ce HI l, follow
iii' tile line oi our nuln b.ul-
evjrJ. i
Conduction w II begin AT
ONCE, and the road will be
In operation within foar
months, giving a 20
minute service.
OR '
f By Wireless Telegraph.
Lahalna, May ,57. William Scalley,
a colored man, stabbed a Japanese at
Camp 5, Sprcckelsville plantation, Sat
urday night. There are nine cuts on
the bod) and the victim Is dying at the
hospital of Camp 1 today.
Scalley confessed thnt the Japanese
had two dollars on his person and It is
presumed that this was tho Incentive
to tho crime. The Japanese laborers
of tho plantation refuse absolutely to
work until the negroes, In a body, nr
deported from the plantation.
Harlan T. Wnlty, son of II. E. Walty
of Illshop & Co., bankers, and Miss L.
Long of San Francisco were married
Dl the home of the groom's parents,
1330 Ucretnnla ncnue at 3 o'clock on
the afternoon of the 2Cth Inst. Tho
marriage ceremony was most Im
pressively performed by tho Rev. W.
M. Klncald. Tho house was beauti
fully decorated for the occasion and, ns
soon as the ceremony wns over, the
vvcdldnc n.irtv sat down to n dinner.
' .tin rnmainliranrii ef t, lilnl. tulll IttiirA,
long in the memory of those present.
The affair was strictly .private, this at
the request of the brldo who recently
had he sad misfortune to loso her
mother In San Francisco. Members of
the family and witnesses were the only
ones present.
Numerous handsome (presents were
rccchcd. Tho bride's friends In San
Frunclsco remembered her most gene
rously. The oung people will go to
housekeeping at once In their new cot
tage on Klnnu street, which had been
previously fitted up and provisioned.
The Advertising Tourney wns n great
success. The Ilulletln led off, with Its
calf, getting special mention. Several
other firms received special mention
Tho prize awards were as follows'
1. The most original conception.
National Cash Register Company,
2. The most spectacular display,
Brucc Waring & Co.
3. The most artistic design, Lewis &
Co ,
4. The most comical performance.
Pacific Hardwaie Company. Limited. .
The Executive Council.
The Executive Council this morn
ing devoted Its time to routine mntters
that have accumulated In the past
week. Demetrius Lvcurgus wag grant
ed a license for his hotel In Hllo on the
same Hues ns the license for the Moann
hotel In WalMkl. An application from
the same puny for n straight license
wns refused.
Auditor .Austin wns called In and
nskid If It wo lid bo necessary to nsk
the Legislature for appropriations for
expenses following the expiration of
tho biennial period. The icply wns that
such was not necessary, ns appropria
tions were continued by law until new
appropriations were made.
.1. S. Scott, ili.itrm.tn of the Hllo
Road Hoard, winto that ho had an ap
plication from the Hllo Mill Company
for reimbursement for a road It had
constructed In Hllo Tho Executive
Council declined to npprovo the appli
cation. Three applications to accept roads ns
government hlghwavs were rejected
because of objections from Surveyor
Wall to the grades. They were the
roads in the College Hills tract; tho
Achl tract in I'alama and tho Hllo
Railroad nt Olaa.
E. S. Do d read a proposition from
the liana plantation, offering $'00 for
certain water rights. The matter was
For Groceries, Ring up Dine 911.
m .
Acting Governor Cooper refused posl
tlvely to be interviewed this morning
by n -Ilulletln reporter upon tho matter
of pardoning A. S. Haitwcll, S. M. Rat
ion and W, A. Klnnej. "I had nt rea
sons which to me wero sufficient Is nil
I will sa," said Mr. Cooper.
In the Police Court.
Thorn vvcie twentj-etgh capes nt the
Folics Couit calendar ihli morning.
Three drunks wero fined (2 anl -0&ti
for their overindulgence. Jo? Sllvn
and F. H. Hamm wero reprimanded
and discharged. They were charged
with violating section 221 nnd xl of
the I'enal Laws, respectively, A gang.
of crap shooters caught In a game oni
Union street, each paid $5 nnd costs i
for their law breaking. Tho case of oh-'
structing and perverting Justice
against Jno. Me era was dismissed.
C E. Stmracos and J. Toy! charged
with assault and battery on Ah But
were discharged. Ah Wa was fined 15
or cruelty to nnlmal3. Tho cases of
spiling liquor Illegally against Nautelo
will ho heard on Wednesday, and A,
Hogan, charged Wilth violating section
370 of the Penal Laws, will bq tried to
moirou. DIED.
ATWATKR In New Haven, Conn.,
May 4, 1001, of typhoid fever, Fred
erick Sanford, eldest son of W. O.
Atwntcr, of Honolulu, nged thirty
Tho big American Iron ship Marlon
Chllcutt nrilved Saturday, 47 days
fioni Newcastle, with 2.100 tons of coal
for tho Honolulu plantation. Captain
Wedon has his wlfo and family with
The hearing on the application of U
A. Thurston for a writ of habeas corpus
before Chief Justice Frear was post
poned this morning until Wednesday.
The story of the long tlmo given tho
respondent In which to get ready for
his showing before tho Supreme Court,
tcgether with the additional chapter i
of the two days' postponement, upon
the Chief Justice's own suggestion, is
best told In the movements of L, A.
Thurston with reference to tho
' client," whose name he refused to glvo
to tho Grand Jury. ,
The client was J. L. Cowpcr'r.f Ha
waii. When the order of Judg imph
lejs was made directing L. A. Tl tirston
to give the name of his cllnt jto the
Grant! Jury, or to go to Jili, 'jsrper
was on the Ulg Island. The record of
tho Supreme Court In the m liter of tho
contempt of George A. Davis, to
gether with tho decision In the case
of the condemned Jnpnucie murderer,
filed by the Supreme Court on tho day
Thurston wns ordcrcl committed by
Judge Humphrcvs, were very embnr
rnslng Impediments In the wny of a,
favorable decision for Thurston
Time was needed for th" respondent,
Thurston, to reach h' llent, Coerper.
The wireless telegraph tho telephone,
nnd the returning Kiunii would bring
Coerper to tho Capital City, Saturday.
He would then be here to remove tho
"professional leashes" of restraint
from tho lips of Thurstcyi. Thuriton
could obey the orders of Judge Humph
rcjs. Tho Chief Justice could escape
the necessity of choosing between re-'
versing himself or sending Thurston to
Jail. Accordingly tho hearing on the
Thurston writ af habeas corpus was set i
for today, live dnvs utter his com
mittment by Judge Humphreys. '
Accordingly, Thurston dispatched a
telegram to Gardner K. Wilder nnd J.
L. Coerper to Marconi thcro to he
transmitted to Holunlon by telephone.
saving "Send Coerper to Honolulu by
this Klnau. Extremely Important."
Signed. Charles T. Wilder.
Mr. Cociper received the message
late Inst Friday evening. Ho came to
Honolulu by the Klnnu. He hunted up
Charles T, Wilder nnd raid, " Igot jour
telegram." "That wns not rtl) mes
sage," said Wilder, "but I signed It.
Thurston had to see jou."
Too genial German, Mr. Coerper. felt
a variety of sensations, nnd whin h
airived nt his room, onl to be In
formed that nn otllcer had been there,
with characteristic Griman stolidity,
he said to himself' "If they want mo
so badly, let them find me."
Ho therefore remained closo In his
room over Sunday nnd this morning
was not In a hurry to run up to the
odlcc of Thurston. I
So It happened thnt villi all the pilns
taken, the hour for i hearing on tho
Mike, a Spaniard and a steerage pas
sngcr in tho Zenlandln, has acknowl
edged ownership of tho shipment of
opium captured b Inspector Walter
Dolo on tho Oceanic wharf cstorduy.
Ho got It aboard, the vessel nt San
Francisco ns baggago so It was not
manifested. All ho gained by bring
ing It that wny was a saving on the
freight. U. S. Attorney Ilnlrd will give
nn opinion this afternoon on the mat
ter of tho seizure by thn Customs au
thorities. Tho fact that tho opium was all
stamped "duty paid" and that It was In
such a large quantity goes to show thnt
tho contention of the Customs people
that tho dopo in town u such great
quaptltlcB comes .as this lot has by wa'
of San Francisco nnd not from the
Conger In Washington.
Washington, May ID. Minister Con.
paid a flying vUlt to Assistant Secre
tary Hill today prior to his return to
Iowa, He will return to Washington
to consult with tho President befora
leaving for his post In China,
Captain Potter, for many years in
command of tho Alden Hesse, bus been
tiansferred to tho barkentlue II.
Pilucger, Tho Pflueger wns to havO
sailed from San Francisco on tho IStli '
Inst, for this port.
Ihhiic of 0,000,000 Yen.
Yokohama, May 18. Tho Govern
ment has announced tho Issue of 0,
000,000 )cn in exchequer blljs nt "Vi
per cent, repayable In six mouths, to
defrn the expenses of tho China cam
paign. HORN.
THOMPSON In this city. May 24,
1801, to tho wlfo of Jas. U, 'lhomp-j
son, a son. I
habeas corpus, nrrlved without Thurs
ton having jet been able to see his
Acordlngly, Chief Justice Frear,
when the case was called, said that
owing to tho pressure of other Import
ant business this rate would have to
be continued until Wednesday,
A. S. Hnrtwcll, attorney for Thurs
ton, naively stated that ho would really
piefcr to go ahead with the hetrlng,
hut would of com so submit to the
pleasure of the Court.
TMim tho, court adjourned, L. A.
Thurston went down Merchant street
to Fort, turning down, stopping at tho
shop of Martin, the tailor. Here ho
was conferring with I A. McCnndless
and other friends, when his- "client,"
Mr. Coerper, camo up, Tho greeting
was cordial and the twain, Thurston
and Coerper, went nway togcthci.
Tho relation of attorney and client
between Thurston nnd Coerper con
rlsted of the latter securing the ser
vices of tho former In drawing up cer
tain forms to bo used In securing
rights of way fron land holders, for the
Konn-Ivohala railroad. It was during
conferences about this railroad busi
ness that Coerper told Thurston cer
tain members of the lower house had
asked him "What id there in It?"
when pressed to pass tho Konn-Kohalt
ence with the Legislature, through his
railroad bill. Mr. Coerper talked free
ly of the whole matter from Ms cxperl
expcrlence with Tliurslon,to his re
ceipt of tho telegram last Friday nt
He hardly knew what to make of the
whole, mntler but was willing that
everything bo made known.
WHt-hi know nbout bribery Is
summed up In these -words: "I was
pressing tho merits of my railroad bill
upon members of tho Legislature. In
three Instances, he says he was asked
"What Is there In It?" "What do you
think it ought to bo worth?" He re
plied In two Instance. To his query,
one response wns, $1,000 .another
$1500. "At this rato I thought I would
be broke," sild Mr. Coerper. "So I
went home und began buvlug right of
w u ."
Tho failure of Mr. Thurston to con
nect with his client mi Sunday was un
fortunate for the Chief Justice.
The suhpeona out for Coerper Is from
the Giand Jury, and his story will
piobibly bo told to that body hb this Is
being rend
The seal has been removed from the
lips of L A. Thurston unless Coerper
changed his mind after 10 30 n. m. to
day and C'lltf Justice Frear finds him
self extricated from nn embarrassing
dilemma, providing Mr. Thurston will
now go beforo tho Grand Jur per the
order of tho Judgo of tho First Circuit
Court nnd corroborate tho storj his
"client" Is telling or soon iwlll tell.
The Fire Claims Commission met
this morning and distributed blanks
for lllllng applications for hearing.
Nine claims havo already been filed.
On Filday consideration will bo com
menced. Hnrry Penhnllow nnd a friend nar
row! escaped a ducking yesterday In
the llttlo sloop Opltsah. They got out
side of tho reef when aleak was dis
covered. Tho water camo in faster
thnn it could bo balled out nnd had It
not been for tho timely arrival of
Henry Williams In his launch tho Ihi)h
would probably havo hud to swim in.
Umiion, May 18. Tho Pretoria' cor
respondent of tho Times wiring Thurs
day reports greatly Improved prospects
for the winter campaign. "Tho nu
merous surrenders of tno Doers are a
healthy sign." ho sas. "I am unable
as et to see a near dato for the close
of hostilities, hut ono may be more
hopeful, especially If tho results of the
coming activity resdjhble thoso of the
past month."
Callfornlan In New York,
New York, May 13. After discharg
ing her cargo of 8000 tons of sugar at
Philadelphia the new American-Hawaiian
Steamship Company nrrlved hero
today from tho Pacific. The Callfor
nlan Is the' first of a great fleet of
steamers built to operate between New
York, Sun Francisco and tho Huwailau
ftcrmnn Knllrontl Frauds.
Iltrlln, May IS. IraudB nnd pecula
tions amounting to 31,000,000 roubles,
havo been discovered upon the Russet
Polish nnd Vistula railroads. The
wero carried ont by wholesale declara
tions of deficient freight weights In
Wnrsaw nlono forty nrrcats havo been
Beckley Writes of Invi
tation to Confer
With President.
Delegation to Await McKinley's An
swer Before Returning to Ho
noluluInterview With
News has been rccclvnl from Rep
resentative Decklcy, sent to San Fran
cisco by a resolution of the House to
extend Hawaii's welcome to the Chief
Mnglslratc of the United States
Delegate Wilcox und Representative
lleekley arrived In finn Francisco on
the morning of tho inth Inst. At 5 p.
hi., Mr lleekley had an Interview with
Secrctar Cortclou and laid before
him the resolutions nnd other nutters
In connection with thn mission,
Tho President's secretary Informed
the delegation that ho would h tho
matter beforo the Pro.ildtnt since, ow
ing to the Illness of .Mrs McKlnlc-, tho
President had declared on everything
but the most necesary and urgent pub
lic functions which hid already been
arranged for
On tho 17th Inst.. Mrs. McKlnley be
Ing somewhat better In health. Dele
gate Wilcox and Representative lleek
ley were Invited to mct the President
tin tho following day. The details of
this meeting could not be learned as
the Zralandla sailed before tho hour
appointed for the same.
The letter from Representative Deck
ley stated that the delegitlon would
await the answer of the President be
foro returning to Honolulu.
The following appears In the Chron
icle of the ICth Inst.:
"Wo blamo Governor Dolo nnd his
political nrihorcnts." !! Heckler
when seen at the Occidental esterdn.
"for their Btudled Interference with
tho work af the Legislature. As is
well known, the Home Rulo party,
which represents the native element
In tho Islands, captured a big majority
nf the seats in both houses of tho
Legislature nt the last election, nnd tha
Mlsslonar rnrt. whl'-h was In control
of political nffalcs under the Pro
visional Government nnd under the Re
public, desllkc to relinquish the power
It has enJo)pil for ten cnr Some of
our cople, whose first Introduction to
the blessings nnd advantages of a free
government camo with their election
to Mats In tho Legislature found, upon
assembling In Honolulu, that their la
bors in legislators could only lie pur
sued In the face of pronounced opposi
tion from the Dolo administration
These legislators wero chnrgc-d with
tho responsibility of readjusting tho
laws of Hawaii to fit the new Territor
ial conditions, nnd they were even
denied tho prlvllign of seeing tho old
statutes, elf II and penal, which they
needed In order to legislate wlsel) nnd
Intelligent!. There was a studied nt
tempt to hinder tho work of the Legis
lature so that the Insufficient results
of the serslon might be used ns nn
argument to show that the native Ha
nnllano wero not capable of self-gov
Iwilei the Scene
Of Probable Murder
An assault which Is likely to prove
murder was committed nt Iwilei last
nlfht shortly nfter midnight. A Ja
panese, name unknown, was f right
full) beaten by either of his count f
men and Is now hovering between life
and death.
The man's Injuries were received ut
the hands of several Jnpiifso pimps
Roth his arms nro broken, stive ml r.bi
fractured and It is thought tint his
skull is also fractured. Ills fate was
so badl) beaten that ho is almtw: un
recognizable. Tho poluo are at woik
on the caso but bo far, hav) no strong
Blue nnd the Gray.
"Tho Rliio and tho Gray," to be pre
sented tonight at tho Orpheum, Is ono
of the fow military plays written dur
ing the late war with Spain that
possessed sufficient merit of plot nnd
correctness of detail to survlvo tha
general oxcltcment. A military play Is
always popular on account of its rapid
ly changing situations nnd tho oppor
tunities for purel) dramatic work af
forded by tho very naluro of tho piece
"The Uluc and tho Ono" Is no excep.
tluu to tho rulo. There Is a thrill In
ovory scene, besides a strong vtln of
humor running throughout tho plot.
'I lie Ullcfnnls should render a good nc
rount of this bfli both In comedy nnd
tho more serious situations
The box sain looks like another
crowded houso nnd the piny should
prove peril ips tho greatest favorlto of
tho Benson.
Tho Bulletin, 7G cents per month.
New York, May IS A special to the
World from Washington sa8
Information of a reml ciTlclal nature
his Lcen received hero fiom the West
i'olnt Military Acad'M; of a serlo'.s
condition of affairs prevailing in th
cadet battalion which amounts almutt
to on Insurrection of a large number of
upper claso men .
Trouble has been known to exist at
the Institution slnte the Investigation
,7jt thepozo hazing Jml matters have
grown set bad of late ihat It is reported
hero that no less than eight cadets,
chiefly of the second or next ranking
class, and perhaps a large prujiortlon
might be court mnrtlolcd.
The so-cailed Insurrection Is said to
havo been a result tf the growing un
popularity of Colonel Mills, the supei
Intendent, who, army officers allege,
has Issued orders and pn-scrlbsl regu
lations which the cadets bellcvo arx
entirely opposi il to the traditions und
best Interests of the ochool
Adjutant General Corbln sulci nt
1" 30 this meaning tint he had not re
ceived till) report of troublo nt West
I'olnt nnd that he knew nothing of the
W C Wecdon, ninniger of Ilruee
Waring & Co, will lenvo for thn Miln
land next Wednesday to attend th
coming Y M C A National Conven
tion which will soon be held in llos
ton. Mr Wcrdon Is International Vice
Piesldcnt of the M C A He will
stiend mtist of his time In Cleveland.
Ohio but will travel quite extensively
throughout tho entlro east
Mr. Wecdon will take n collection
of stercoptlcon views with him, and
wilt tr In ever way to advertise Ha
waii and secure tho Introduction of
foreign capital Into these Islands. He
will also lm tho new plant for the Ha
waiian Fibre Company as the first crop
U MKin to he cut from tho fields.
There is absolute! not a shadow of
truth In the statement made In the
Advertiser this morning to the effect
thnt lodge Gear Is M work n Sun
Francisco In the Interests of M. M.
Kstce for Governor of Hawaii The rea
son for Judge Gear's depirture from
Honolulu Is ho well known ni to need
mi repetition. He left Snn Francisco
for Philadelphia on tho Sth Inst., flvo
das beforo the arilvnl of President
McKlnley nnd did not expect to be
hick on the Pacific Coast before the
Ilnvvnllan Mull Contract,
Wnshliigtou, May IB The PoMomtl
Department has closed a contract with
thelluwnllan Navigation Compnn) for
performing steamboat mall service be
tween Honolulu nnd points em other
Islands In Hawaii for u distance' of -00
miles each wa) on an Irregular sche
dule. The contracting compiny Is di
rected to "notlf) postmasters b) tele
phone ns fir ns practicable of arrival at
Zcnltmdlii HhIIh Tomorrow,
The S. S. Zeatandln will sail ut 10
p. m. Tutsday 28th Inst. Tho ngents
find it aecessar) for this trip only to
despatch her ahead of tho advertised
sailing dato in order that sho may con.
form to tho temporary schedule sub
stltuted through the withdrawal of tho
Mariposa for n voyage to Sydney.
For a Coaling Ktntlnn,
London, May 18. "The United States
Government Is tr)iug to persuade INr
tugul," ha)s tho Lisbon correspondent
of the Dall) News, "to cede un Island
Ir tho Azores for a coaling station."
nnd 8llppcm -lor
the flprtng HcuHon
If ihrrt t apyfthrre In this country a
low shoe ni ilirprr JrpartnHnl
vhhhf rvrifiyanJrfAuynUh1e,
CPmpkteneti ut aobrfoitnt of tint,
anj range of pliM, I the equal of
ours, t art not aw ire of it i i
,ipFACli, -K
Prices $1.50 to 17.00.
IllUt -(
.U -iJtollt.lktJ'o
.w ..iMfi'i o
a.V v. -
Ira4j-Jitfcr Ui Jk.-4. - VM iJfafe. bk.jLiJUJli

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