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Vol. X. No. 1852
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Home Rulers Await
Beckley's Return
from 'Frisco.
Claims Jhat They Never Visited the
Board to InvestigateLetter Re
ceived from Beckley Mon-
sarrat's Little Resolution.
The cause of all the late delays In
PK on...... -II l.
the Houte has at last been explained.
For some time back, ever one at all In
terested In the Hondo knew the why
and whercforo of tho trouble. That Is.
they could have guessed pretty close
to the mark, but today all need of
guessing turned out to be a thins of
tho past, for the Home Hulerg divulged
the secret themselves this morning.
Monsarrnt v. as tho man that called
for trumps and, on his deuce high lilJfT,
tho Homo Itulers showed their hands,
following-Isthe resolution which Iton
samit Introduced to do the work:
Concurrent Resolution,
Whereas, this extra session of the
first Legislature of tho Territory of Ha
waii, has been In session for sixteen
days, and nothing accomplished, an
Whereas, for Mine reason, tho mem
bers of this Honorable, body do not
seem Inclined to pass tho Appropria
tion bill at the present time, and
Whereas, the 130,000 appropriated for
the expenses of the extra session. Is
about exhausted, and It: order to save
He It resolved, That this House, tho
Senate concurring, adjourn until the
(all day of June, 1901.
Representative Second District.
MnkoKau wanted to adjourn until the
twelfth as he would need all of that
time In -order to recuperate his brain,
which was getting saJly wearied with
Its unaccustomed exertions.
I'rendergast then let the cat out of
the bug by moving that they adjourn
for only three days as (hero was no
need for any long adjournment.
Emraeluth said that such adjourn
ment would be sufficient as he had a
letter with htm from Hockley, stating
th.it that gentleman had decided to te
turn to Honolulu on the 30th Inst.
This aroused Dickey's Ire.
"I see plainly," said Dickey, "that
this House lias decided not to do a
stroke of work until Beckley comes
bark. Can't we got along without
Beckley. You peoplo sent him away,
nnil now you can't get on without him.
What would you do If ho decided to go
to Europe or tho East?"
As If. usual with most of Monsar
rat's resolutions, ho was forced to
withdraw It beforo tho habitual tem
pest broke forth In full blast, so that
tho 1 1 on 60 had to choose tho other al
ternative of a three Hays' rest.
An nttemtp was made by Cvlahoe to
have all tho committee reports printed.
Such little obstacles as no money
mado no difference to htm, for ho
would have the rciwrts printed "wheth
er no. His plan was defeated, but not
daunted he eamo back and wanted tho
Public Health Committee report print
ed and adopted.
This rubbed Gllllllan the wrong vj'iy,
"Mr. Speaker." said aiinilan. "I am
a member of that committee. The
i other day Dr. Cooper asked mo when
our committee was coming around for
) Investigation. This report might be
signed by icsldents of Palama. but as
to a sensible man signing It, that Is n
different proposition. I credited tho
Home RulerH with more sense than
that, and I certainly thought that at
least they would show common decency
to the heads of'departments. What can
thla report bo worth when tho nxecu-
tivc officer nnd tho sanitary officers
aio Ftrlckcu from tho snlary list. Here
for lilt past ea' or
J lo on wca sock
Bttter 'Vns vmir n hU a"4
r lounaln7nUpa money
ir.c j ffioi homt At . : i
i . College
, ' - Hills 1
i RJ
'.' Loti, with Fltcnlc Car Sen Ice. a
i ltranj the twit el t'jrrounJInss, E
I i at only nne-lhlrJ the pilct ol tlmllat l,
I I crr.un4 elsiwhire. wit
One thlri caih mi bt'ance at on- fell
lS ly 6 fer cmt maket a kuo4 ln e jlment K!
r vsmigmMMBMmvi
um n
they have gone to work and .stricken
out tho doctors, whllo they havo raised
the wafes of the odorless excavator
tenders, I'am in fayorf printing the
report) yes, printing it In every news
paper In tho country, 'no that It will
how us up for Jusfwhat we are." "
The motion was lost, after somo dis
cussion. The following letter from necklcy
was recehed Just before adjournment:
Hon. J, A. Akinn, Speaker, 'House of
Sir: Your special commttteo to
whom -was delegated tlia presentation
of your House Resolution extending
the greetings of Hawaii to the Presi
dent on his western tour and wishing
him to further extend the same to tho
Islands, beg leave to report that tho
same has been dilly presented; also, as
'per wording of said resolution, other
natters such as documents and papers
given me anil duly enumerated In said
Having delivered tho same, your
commltteo will return by first avail
able boat which will probably be ths
Mariposa on the 30th Instant..
The House then adjournod.
Did Jhe so-called Executive Coun
cil have n hand In or endorse the ac
tion of Acting Governor Cooper In
granting pardons to Hnrtwell, Kinney
nnd liullou under sentence for con
tempt of court?
This Is one of the questions that Is
now being asked about tho action of
Cooper on Saturday, Cooper Issued the
pardons Saturday afternoon. Tho
Council met Monday forenoon. .
Superintendent of Public WorkB
Doyd was asked about tho matter this
morning and stated promptly, "Noth
ing whatever was said about the 'par
dons at tho meeting of tho heads of de
partments Monday morning. Tho mat
'ter was not referred to In any way.
So far as I know Mr. Cooper said
nothing about It to any of tho depart
ment officers."
Tho Ellefords scored another success
last night In their production of the
"Blue and Gray." The play was the
most elaborately staged or-any of the
performances yet put on by the com
pany and tho rapidly changing scones
and the stirring events kept the audi
ence keyed up to a high state of Inter
est. Elleford as Corporal Eagln kept the
audience In continual laughter, while
Watson ns Sergeant Hccker was as
funny as ocr, Carl Rcrch made an ex
cellent Captain Stanley, and Wyman as
tho villain, Colonel Peyton, was quite
up to his usual good acting.
Miss Wleme had a part that was
poorly adapted for her stylo of acting,
but nevertheless she showed up re
markably well. Miss Jessie Norton was
first class, as Ruth Peyton, and even
In the most difficult passages, carried
off her part with tho usual tasto and
artistic skill -which she has shown dur
ing tho entire season. Tho houso was
very good.
For Groceries, Ring up Blue 911.
By the last steamer from tho Orient,
the Japanese received tho Joyful news
of the birth of a grandson of the Mi
kado of Japan. Tho child Is thirty
days old today and, in celebration of
tho event, the Japanese have arranged
for a festive occasion to take place In
tho rooms of tho -Japanese primary
school, Nuuanu street, this evening, be
ginning at 7 o'clock. Consul Mikl
Salto will preside. Vice Consul T. Ta
nakn, O. Shlata, Dr. Iga 'Mori and oth
ers will tako part In the program.
There was a very Important meeting
of tho Territorial Central Commltteo
of tho Republican party yesterday af
ternoon. The business done Is bplng
kept very secret but It has leaked out
that tho most Important thing dono
was the adoption of a resolution to the
effect that all applications for posllons
under tho govornmont must have tho
backing of thcl district committees of
'.he party.
Occidental No. 9.
Tho Occidental No. 2 Is In Band at a
depth of 7G5 feet, and oil Is running
over the casing. The well Is conceded
to be ono of the strongest In the Sun
set field. It will bo completed in a
few days nnd when perforated, great
things are expected of It. The Dally
Callfornlan, of Bakersfleld, May 10,
lflOl. Stocks In this company are for
salo by Judd & Co., 307 Stangenwald
The following cases were disposed
of In tho Police Court this foienooir
August de' Rego, Manuel Rogen and
Antouo Correa, larceny In tho scconl
degreo by taking frluts from tho homo
of Dr. Wood In Maklkl, six mouths In
tho reform school; Sin Tun, heedless
driving, $23 and costs; George Kaulua
nnd five other nntlvo'boys, escaping
from tho reform school, tlireo months
additional in tho Bnmo Institution;
Hoohuli, assatitl and battery on L. Na
pahiiclua, $C and costs; F, Ferrolra,
assault and battery on Mary Dlas,
discharged; Knpen, assault and battery
on Kumaka, $10 and costs; W. Carey,
leaing n horse untied In the Btrect,
i and costs; ah cnun, gauvuung, ?it
i.ud costs.
The proceedings In tho First Circuit
Court this morning nro printed below
lu full.
Mr. Fitch May It please your Honor,
1 ask the privilege of saying a few
words In what, were it before a legis
lative body, I should coll a question of
privilege, and I think it may be prop
erly so considered In Court.
1 find In tho Advertiser of yesterday
morning I havo not been able to bo
here ueforo and now bring the atten
tion of tho Court to It an affidavit
mndo by Arthur W, 1'e.irson. In which
among other things be states, that said
Oscar Lewis (referring thereby to the
bailiff of this Court), accompanlol by
Turk, his former partner, called on me
at my office. Lewis said to me that ho
hnTsome Information to give me on
the dead quiet, nnd said that Tom Klleh
had told him that the officials mean
ing Secretary Cooper and ex-Si .itrln
tepdent of Public Works McCa 1b,
whose case, was then pending bebrn
Judge Humphreys upon the charge of
contempt, would bo discharged by
Humphreys next Tuesday on tho
grounds of hearsay evidence, but that
said Judge would burn them up In his
I do hot know of course what Mr.
Lewis said to Mr. Pearson or ho.v Mr.
Pearson may have Interpreted what
Mr. Lewis Bald to htm. but 1 do know
that neither to Mr. Lewis the ballllT of
this Court nor to any person nt ony
tlmo or place anywhere have 1 under
taken to state what tho decision of this
Court would bo upon any question. It
would be Impossible that I should do
such a thing. Of course I do not know,
I think likely 1 may have Bald this; It
Is altogether possible that I did say
this; In fact I remember that Mr. Lewis
eamo to me whllo I was seated at this
table, I don't know bow long after the
argument, whether It was the same day
or the next day, and asked mo how
the case would go and 1 mado answer
to. him that I did not seeMiow your
Honor could decldo any other way,
the remark was made without thought,
with uo Idea that any attempt would
be made to mako merchandise, of It,
that I did not see how your Honor
could decide It any other way than to
discharge the rule upon the ground
of tho testimony being hearsay. In
fact, I had said that elsewhere openly.
In fact I believe I said substantially
that In the argument that I made here.
I was called upon by the Court to act
as amicus curnn In the rose, and I havo
never believed that the duties of that
position called upon the person who
filled It to do anything cIro (han. to
advise the Court with reference to what
ho might btipposo to lo tho views of
the Com t ; but to advise the Cdurt as
to what he believes to bo the law In tha
ease. I said then nnd I havo said since,
I have no hesitation In saying now,
that I do not sec how your Honor could
decide tho case in any other way than
to dlschargo the rule on tho ground
that tho parties had testified that tha
evidence brought to their knowledge
was hearsay, I endeavored to dis
cbarge tho duties of amicus curuo with
fairness nnd certnlnty without malice,
for I possess none and have none now
In the case, nor did I say, nor could I
havo said that It was the Intention of
your Honor to burn them up alive. In
fact, tho two statements are Incon
sistent. If the Court discharges them
on the ground that no law has been
violated, I could not presume that tho
Court would take It upon Itself to mako
any remarks that were other than ap
propriate to the occasion
Tho matter may seem of small con
sequence, but I do not like to be placed
upon nnybody's statement or Inadvert
ence beforo the comunltv, or before tho
Court, In tho light of expressing opin
ions even, certainly in the light of
Btatlng from tho basis of any knowl
edge what tho decision of tho Court
would be. I have never as your Honor
knows, had any conversation with you
directly or Indirectly en this subject,
or said anything to you about It, except
what I have said In open Court. It
would bo as Improper for mo to do that
as It would bo for your Honor to lis
ten to It, If you would listen to t. ns I
know you would not.
There aro other matters In this affi
davit which are perhaps more the busl
ness of tho Attorney General than they
are of mine, relating to nn attempt of
tho bailiff to sell what be did not havo
nnd could not get If ho did that to Mr.
Smith, a verdict of acquittal from a
Jury to be picked for that purpose. I
thank your Honor for having given m
your attention on this mutter to set
invef right as I havn stated,
The Court Tho Court Is very much
obliged to Colonel Fitch for having
called Its attention to so much of the
matter set forth In tho alleged! affida
vit an rellecta upon the Court and an
rclleets upon Colonol Fitch.
Tho Court necr nt any time had
any conversation, as Colonel Fitch has
Mated, with him with referenco to hla
duties an amicus curuo In the matter of
Henry E. Cooper and In the matter of
J, A. McCandlesa nnd In tho m.attcr of
E, P, Dolo .except rt conversation of
the most formal character In which tho
Court Indicated to tho amicus curnn
the points which It thought wero In
volved and the arguments which It
thought likely to be urged nt tho Bar,
so mat uo might properly prepare him
self for presenting them to tho Court.
These points nvere not amplified upon
by tho Court por did the Court In clls
cHssIng themrlth Colonel Fitch fol.
low them la their various ramifications
As before stated, the conversation was
of tho most Informal character, not
enduring for o period of time exceeding
perhaps five minutes, nnd I think there
wus only ono conversation there may
unvo been two. The Court had some
conversation with .Mr Thompson one
of tho amicus furac and some conver
sation with Colonel Fitch, but It Is now
under tho Impreaslnn that It had only
one conversation with each of theso
i ntlmtn pMfull.L- II ... .n.. .
conversation wltli Colonel Fitch, but
inosn conversaiiuni were of tho most
formal character nnd v.cre not at all
private In their nature.
As to the other matters set forth In
the affidavit and to which my attention
has been unofficially called, I deslie to
eay. that It'nppears from tho affidavit
that the alleged offer of Bailiff Lewis
to corrupt hlroelf in the Interests of
one who stands Indicted In this Courts
Is alleged to have been made on May
23d. If that offer wan made If the
offer was made by the bailiff of this
Court on May 23d to nny reputable citi
zen In this community. It was tho
bounden duty of that citizen, bound by
all tho obligations nnd by all the tics
of civic duty to report that matter at
once either to the Court or the. Grand
Jury or to the Attorney General, In or
der thnt It might be taken in hand.
Instead of that tho affidavit was nut
In pickle, apparently, brined UQtll tho
:7th day of May when It wns published
among other attacks upon the Court.
Now, no matter what a man's charac
ter and poaltlon and rtandlng may be
in this community in tho estimation
of some of It. any considerable nortlon
of It, or In tho estimation of. all of. It,
this Court In the discharge of Its dn
ties cannot act upon a copy of nn nfQ
davit appffirlnir In tho nowsnaners. It
Is not customn'ry to Invoke the process
of court 8 of Justice by publications In
tho public prints. There Is no affidavit
beforo this Court; there Is no com
plaint before this Court. Tho Court's
attention has now been officially called.
not so much to tho alleged corruption
of Its bnllirr, his willingness to corrupt
himself nnd corrupt other officials of
tho Court, as to certain matters of
prlvilega In the affidavit which con
cerned Colonel Filch alone, and which
of course, concerned tho Court. The
Court cannot Issue any rule to show
cauEo upon that document. It pur
ports to bo a copj a rubllshcd copy
of an affidavit. A proceeding to call
a man to account upon a copy of an
ntndavit In a matter involving his In
tegrity and his honor, would be nn un
heard of proceeding. As before stated,
this Court Is open and the Grand Jury
Is in session. If any citizen has any
complaint to make nga nst nny official
of tills Court, that complajnt will be re
ceived nnd will be promptly and fnlrly
considered and acted upon, ilut tho
Court will not call upon any of Its
officers, whatever may be tho 'opinion
of this community of those officers
this Court will not call any of Its offi
cers to account, nor would It call nny
citizen In this community to account
upon street rumors or upon published
Htatements made against him In the
press of the city.
We have not arrived at that condi
tion of the administration of penal Jus.
tlco whero wo Invoke tho process of
tho Courts and put men upon trial
whero their property or their liberty
or their honor Is Involved, on tho mcro
Ipso dixit or accusation of somo ono
published In a newspaper.
Now It would seem that It a propo
sition wero mado to any man who had
In his breast ono spark of honor or
manhood or courage, to havo him for
a consideration corrupt an official of n
court of Justice, that that man would
Immediately report it to his fellow
citizens ,that ho would report It to tho
Grand Jury, that he would report It to
tho Attorney General, that he would
report It to the courts.
From tho showing made In this case
as before stated, It appears that this
offer was made on Mav 23d, and for
somo reason It was brined, put in
pickle until May 27th when It was pub
ilshed among other assaults upon the
The Court does not feel that It Is a
matter that It can notice or which It
should notlco in tho manner in which It
is presented; tho Couit accordingly
dismisses It fiom Us consideration.
When Walter G. Smith was cnlled for
arraignment on tho charge of perjury
S, M. llallou arose to appcari lit thn
Tho Court said from Its records Mr
Ballon was known to bo under sen
tence of thirty days Imprisonment for
contempt of court; that unofficial In
formation only, was at hand to show
that n pardon had been granted. Tho
Court said If Mr, llallou has a pardon,
ho will show it to tho Court. Mr. llal
lou thereupon retired from -tho case
end F, Wi Hankey appeared for Smith.
He asked that tho case go over to
Friday, Tho Court granted the re
quest. Judge Humphreys then stated that
he would not try tho crme but would
assign It to Judge Gear as he had been
Informed that he had railed for Hono
lulu. The Court also gave notice that an
order would be issued Saturday, ex
tending the present tprm twelve days.
The plans for the observance of Dec
oration Day, next Thursday, are com
plete. The management will present a
request to the Board of. Education,
asking that tho day be made a whole
holiday for the school children. The
formation for the march to the ceme
tery will bo as follows:
Squad of Mounted Police.
Sixth U. S. Artillery.
Hawaiian Band.
Vlrst and Second Regiments, N. Q. U.
Kamehamcha School Band.
Knmchamvbn Cadets.
Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias.
Grand Army of tho Republic.
Currlngeg for Orator, etc.
I'rlvnto Carriages.
The formation will be nt 2 o'clock
ohurp on King street, right resting on
hort, countermarching to Alakea, to
Emma, to Vlncjord, to Nuunnu, to tha
People having (lowers which they
wish to donato to the old soldiers, ur
requested to Icino them t the O, A. R.
Tho resignation of O C. Lewis ns
bailiff In the First Circuit Court wns
filed this morning. It bore the "en
dorsement of Judgo A. S. Humphreys
as rollows: "Thla resignation is nc
ccpted to take effect at once."
When seen later by a Bulletin re
porter, Lewis told the following story
regarding his relations with the First
Circuit Court as Us bailiff. Ho said
that a good while ago, he approached
Judgo Humphreys and asked If he
could help him out. The Judgo replied
that at that time, there was nothing,
but to como around again, and It might
be that ho could give him a tempor
ary Job. Two days befote the present
term, Lewis again went to Judge
Hunipbreyo for coraothlng to do and
was told to eamo up at the opening of
tho term and ho would make him bail
iff for the term.
Lewis was asked If in taking the po
llution ho was given to understand that
a pnrt of his duties would be to draw
"No sir," Bald Lewis. "I knew I
was not to draw Juries. Judge Humph
reys at no tlmo intimated that I was
to perform .such duties, I was merely
told to be present In Court and obey
such directions as tho Court might
give. My duties in the main were run.
lng errands."
J. L. Cocrper wnn Interviewed by a
Buletln reporter this morning concern,
lng tho matter of the wireless telegram.
Ho said that he told L. A. Thurston
that n reporter for this paper, hnd told
him that he knew of tho telegram be
In; sent, urging him to come to Ho
nolulu. Tio reporter then tofd Mr. Coerper
that he was mlstnkcn In telling Mr,
Thurston such a thing, because, the
Bulletin reporter knew of no wireless
message, nor of Cocrper's coming, ar
rival, and perplexity until ho heard
the whole story over coffee, duck eggs
and toast In a Chinese restaurant from
mo nps oi r, cocrper nimseir nt
about 8 o clock Monday morning.
"Was that tho first you knew of the
message? said Coerper to tho re
porter, this morning, "you told bo so
muny things I did not know, thnt I
thought you told me you knew a nics
sage was Bent to me. Now I was mis
taken nnd as soon ns I get 'through with
tho Grand Jury I will see Mr. Thurston
and the Inter-Island Telegraph people
and rcmovo all appearance that there
was a leak In the telegraph office."
Kennedy Mnile Mnnnficr.
W. II. Johnson, manager of tho Ho
nolulu Republican, has resigned, and
J. II. Kennedy, advertising solicitor fot
the same paper, has been promoted to
the vacant position. Mr. Kennedy is a
young man who has had considerable
success as n solicitor and It wiib due
largely to this and to his known ability
as a business man, that the directors
decided to give him tho managership.
Mr. Kennedy will begin his new duties
tho first of tho month.
Children to llnve llolldny
Superintendent of Public Instruction
A T, Atkinson states that the children
of all the public schools -will be given
n full holiday on Thursday, May 20th,
Decoration Day,
Eighty-six applications havo already
been filed In tho Court of Flro Claims,
Ono was filed today, by 'co Wo Chai.
Company, unking for compensation to
tho amount of $77,700.
Mary Halemano, u Hawaiian woman
nged 2G ycirB, was sent to tho insano
asylum this morning.
Refrains from Pushing
Objects of His Mis
sion Too Far.
Delegate Wilcox Left for Washington
on 21st. Tells of Sentiment
in Favor of Ousting
The folowlng letter from Represen
tative Beckley, under date of May 21,
nnd telling of his work In San Fran
cisco, wns rccclrcil by the Coptic yes
"I wrlto to let you know thnt nit im
peiu given mo wero duly presented, ac
cording to the order of the House of
"1 had d pertocnl Interview with tho
President this morning for the l.wt
time on the oubject mutter vntriictcd to
mo and ran say thnt, owing to the tin.
foruuatc circumstance of Mrs. McKln
ley's 111 health the suhjxt could not
bo premert without prejudicing the
Executive's opinion nt this particular
It t.n.u pt.i. rviudi ni'u iwiunii
statesmen and hnve been luwlrcd of
favorable action on the subject when
It Is brought up again on the Presi
dent's return.
"Having had an Interview this morn
ing, I think It advisable for me to
return next week instead of waiting
here for the President's return to the
city, as he will be away from his Cabi
net, owing to the Illness of Mm. Mc
Klnley.. "Tho advlco of friends In Congrrs'
nnd high officers In the Federal Gov
ernment, Is that. If tho people of Ha
waii aro dissatisfied with their gover
nor they must make direct appeal to
tho President but In tho meantime,
look out for thembelvcs as best they
ran Just iu each State and Territory
of tho Mainland which have troubles
of their own to look out for and con
stitutional rights to vindicate"
A letter hus also been received from,
Dclegato Wilcox in which the writer
states that ho wns to lenvc for Wash
ington on the 21st Inst. Mr. Wilcox
intimates that his trip l being taken
on adv lee and concludes his letter with
the statement that nil shose politicians
and others with whom ho had spoken
in San Irnnclsco, were decidedly In
favor of ousting Dole.
Wiilmen Cnrporutlon.
Articles of Incorporation wero filed
yesterday with tho Treasurer by C. II.
Hofgaard, John Tnssoth, T. Darndt, I;,
Einahlum and W, I. Wells, under tho
firm r.amo of C. B. Hofgaard & Co.,
Ltd. Jhe principal place of business of
tho new firm will bo nt Walmea, Knunl.
The business will be to deal In lum
ber and general merchandise The
capital stock Is JI0.U00, divided Into
G.000 shares of $10 each. The liabilities
art! limited to 120,000.
Gell Will Hold Service.
Rev. Win. lilgar Gell, tho traveling
evangelist, talked before a good blzed
crowd at tho Y. M. C. A. hall last Sun
day afternoon. Yesterday at tho Cen
tral Union church ho spoke before an
other enthusiastic audlcnco, his sub
ject being "Mary, Martha nnd Laz
arus." Hereafter Mr. Olel will speak every
evening at 7:30 o'clock In tho Central
Union church. Every afternoon nt t
o'clock, Bible lectures will be given,
nnd - SllppcPH - fop
the Spring Mcanon
If thtrff tt ryhefe In tills country A
tow shot n4 illrrtr drpartmtnt
hl(h I ;rvrlrtyand hctuiyoltlei,
com p Icteric" of tiortmtnt f !,
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