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Plumber, Etc.
75 and 71) King Street
BOW Is tlio time to Ret leaks and
breakages seen to, and your
Roots Put in Order.
By competent workmen.
Ike Plumber's Strike
1 over, and I am again prepared
lo do Plumbing, Sewering and
theet Iron Work as heretofore.
estimates furnished... Work'
manthtp ana material guaran
das. Nott, Jr.,
Store, Bertanla Near Emma St.
i.i whit 7i.
.., ....... -W-. .. ,
, , . , c-l .1 L. ft, llt.i...
GaJvxJitd Iron Skyllgh is and Ventilator
Metal Roofing,
Conductor Pips and Gutter Work. i
rtivr) Slrttt, t.t. Queen ml Merchant Honolulu
Jobb nt pronallr att.oda 1..
JW. White 1 P. O. Bot 770.
Slice to Property Owners.
J have In my employ FOUR FIRST
CLASS PLUMBERS from the Gmt I am
ssw Ttiiy to fizurj on your work at the
Invest prices My men are Union Men.
Cve me a tt al.
ftrrltory Stables. King St.
Albert R. Cunha
308 Stonjienwald Bulldlnfi
V. Austin Whiting,
YY. J. Robinson,
JUmoTed to Room 306, Judd Building
Offr Bethel St, Near the Postofflee
Telephone to All Parts of the Island.
Horses and Carriages
For Bxcural ns
, ?o the Volcano or the Mountains.
' Jin excellent chance Is offered for
tourists to
Carriages meet tho S. S. Manna Loa
a Kallna and take passengers overland
Id llookcna. where the steamer Is met
Manufactured from Pure
5latlUed Water
delivered free to any pait of
itvj qvj ourttous ilrlyer.
Oahu Ice and Electric Co.
Just Received
a New Lot of . . ,
Key West and
Cigars 1
Beaver Lunch .Rooms
F. W. Thrum,
Mrs. H. H. Williams
Ait Embroidery anJ Stamping.
Full line of Art Materials : : :
Art Embroidery Taught : : :
Love Building. Hort Street
TEL. MAIN 149.
1CB K0U6B G00D8
Relve4 by Qpiry Sutmer.
ohn nott,
Prof. Howard's Story
One of the most Interesting docu
ments published on the mosquito Is
bv Prof. I.. 0 llovvnrd In the Review of
Reviews for August. Prof. Howard as
entomologist for the Department of
Agriculture lins given close attention
to the stud) of the mosquito ns trans
miners of disease and the methods pro
I h....t ,.. !... stwtAiatinli. . tlm In '
Ue(.( h, hus nlso made important In-
,,, i,1.,,i1,ti,.n. uu nrtlM'
I for the Review of Reviews Is given In
full: I
No one subject today Is exciting'
more widespread Inteiest nmotig mull-
cal men all otr the world than the
agemy of Insects In the spread of tils-1
eac and the popular Interest In the
isubject Is very great. Tor many ,
tuuuiiis cue newspapers imu1 coiituiiicii
long accounts ol experimental work i
. , ,.. ,
which has been done In one part of the
world or another, and every one has
at least a general knowledge of the re
sults obtained
H'lllS UUlilUltll I
IJUIMliM Ull' UlSl llllllUl IUI11 SICI1 III ,
d pro,Iuctnf, thc cston8hng re-1
nilts ulileii hnv Iifen rcirhpil urn. th
determination by the llurenu of Anl-1
mnl Industry of the united States De-l
partment of Agrltultutc of the fact
that the germ of Texas fever of cattle
Is conveyed from diseased to healthy The doors were all mad? double, and
cows by the cattle tick. The Texas tb outer one closed nutomntlclly, so
fever of cattle Is n disease allied to that by no chance could a door be left
malaria. 'I he fausatlve organism Is a open. Eir,iio)cs going tut after night
parasite which Inhabits (he red blood fall were protected by olls over their
corpuscles, just at dots the parasitic heads, and by gloves on their hands,
organism of malaria. It Is Interesting The most satisfactory results were ob-
to note that this discovery was made
In America and by Americans, because
much of thc subsequent work, and In
fact most of the work with mosquitoes
and malaria, has been carried on by large Italian landowners, and the gov
luvestlgators of other nationalities, ernment Itself, were convinced of the
and In man) different parts of the
Malarial Mosquitoes,
The discover) of the parasite of ma-
larla. the suggestion tnat It ma be
transmitted by a mosquito, the long
experimental proof, lu which many In
vchtlgators took part and the conclu
b.cn reached that mosquitoes of tho
...,... '.. ,.
genus Auo,iheles art necessary second
arv hosts In the life of the parasitic or
feanlsin, makes a long story aud an In
teresting one. So many Investigators
paitlelpated that It Is illfllcult to give
proper eiedlt, and even now much hard
feeling exists between tho luvestlga
, ..i ,i... t- n.i. i..n. ., r..
man schools 'in regard to priority In lle8 "jas1ci1 l,"on a Pat scientific dls
rertaln dls.overles. In too Ma num.,cmcry ' now ,n ""atlon.
her of the quarterly Jo jinal of Micro-! what Enflland Hat Done.
Bcoplcal S-Uu c Dr. George II. F. Nut- T',e I'ne'lsli have been very proml-
tau has a tl.o.t iaper on the question mnt ln ,hls malarial work, both as lu-
of prlorltj w th regard to ceitaln dls- "l,.il ols ""d ns practical fighters of
covcrles In the etljlo0j o. nMlarlal '"S"""- Unglrncl has llttlo or no ma-
diseasHs and from u leaulng of this '"lla- lmt '"'' enormous colonial pos-
paper one cannot fall o be Impressed '-"'u''s In tropical and subtiopfcal
with the fact that many observers de- itglorti have drawn her attention for-
fcervo great credit and thnt the knowl- cil,l t0 lllc luestlon of remedies for
edge which we have gained li duo to rualarlal fevers. The beautiful experl-
tl.elr combined labors; and further, B"11101 demonstration carried on by
that pel haps no one name stands out 1)r8, Sarubon and Low, of tho London
preemlnentl. School of Tropical Medicine, In tho
However satisfactory the demonstra- f"ner nnd autumn of 1900, near Os-
tion of the complete life historj of the ''' on tlie Woman Campagna, has at-
malarlal parasite as It occuis In tho tracted n great deal of ttttentlon ln
human blood and ns It fies In tho tn'8 country, and tho newspapers havx
stomach of tho Anopiielcs mosquitoes contained very full accounts. This ex-
and wanders through the body cavity K-rlmcnt "as so convincing that the
of these creatures until b way of the ,ast doubter must have given In tit Its
salivary glands and duct It reaches conclusion. The Englishmen lived In
flie proboscis, may bo to scientific men, a wooden house constructed for the
and especially to thosn familiar with I""Poso In u very malarious region,
the biology of the particular group of T1c house was tight and thoroughly
parasitic creatures to which the mala- greened; they took no quinine, nnd
rial germ belongs, ns demonstintlng ""''l- ony precaution was to enter the
the necessary iclatlon ot mosquitoes house at nightfall and to remain ther
to the disease, son ethlng mure is re- u"1" t,lc wt morning. Tho windows
quired to convince the a frago hull- ttf,K' Mt ont" so that the so called
vldual, and this has been done many dintllj night air of the Campagna clr-
times and In many places by means of ciliated freely through the house. They
actual experimental work lu the way of exposed thcmtelvcs to rains during the
preventing tho dltease.
Work of Italy's Scientists.
Tho ltuilar.s have bee n most active
In thU work. Italy Is the classic land
of malaria. More than half of the
communes of the country aro malarl
ouB. Kvery year two millions of work
ers are attacked, and malaria Is prob
ab'y the principal cause of tho enor
mous emigration of pom Italians. The
first large scale practical experiment
tiled ln Italy, after the actual demon
stration of the trtnsrrlsslon of thc dis
ease bv the bite of the Anopheles mos
quitoes, tus conducted bj Dr. Angelo
Henry H.
a specialty. . .
Th ve'y la'est methods
employed In caring f r the
CejJ. A lull stock of the bet
and up-to-date undertaking
goods an J paraphernalia.
Office, 1146
Phone, Main O4
Mosquito and
Colli by means of a prevent he regime
with trio employes of the Roman Cam
pagna Hallroad. He chose two stations
Ceruro and I'ontrgalern, the most
abominably malarious places ho could
find, and by protecting the railroad
cmplo)es from mosqt Ito bites he suc
ceeded In Keeping them free from ma-
Inrln nfitln nttt At ttnfttilt ttt til A Tlftltrlv
borhood, without exception, suffered
rrnm It. Thp ixnprlint.il Interested
the scientific mm of the whole world.
Koch -amc from Germany to watch
them and the English Government
sent a commission which was Installed
at Ostla. Similar etptrlments were
carried on by Dr. Grcssl, another fa-
mous Investigator. He established
headquarters t.t Albamlla and San Nl-
cum t uruu in inu pruiiiice (it djuuiiiu,
in the midst of the desolate Campagna.
, , I .1 -., ,
He dosed malarial patients with qui
nine and other specifics from January
till June. The houses o the railroad
....... . .l ,. .M ...... -..
ICLll'U U llt BCirL'IlB III (I 1 1 UUIliB UUII
windows, and even In the chimney
otienlncs. jo that nn niosnultopR rould
gain entrance. The Interior walls were
whitewashed, so that the mosquitoes
rould be easily observed and killed. In
case any nccidenta'l,'- gdlced entrance.
talned. Without exception, the fever
spared the protected emploves, while
thc neighboring farmers, who ridiculed
the experiments, ne'e all III, The
possibility of practical antl-malarlal
work, nnd tb following venr (1900)
King Humbr't gavo seventeen thou
sand francs to the commune of Home
" n antl-malarlnl rompalKn was un-
......unw.. m.iuiiiiiiiiva, nun uuituia
and nurses, worked In the Meld from
June 30 until October 24. Not one of
"l Jul ,s . "": "' ireate.i
hundreds of malarial patients, nnd
practically proved to the Ipnornnt nnd
poor resldnts that protection against
mosquitoes means no malaria. This
ear thc sane campaign Is beginning
ngaln. The King of Italy has given ten
thousand francs from his private purse
., , ., , , - . . .
"" "' i '"e must imnuriiiiii cuari-
ilaj, since tho summer rains were for-
I mrrly supposed to bo very conducive
in maiaria. rney remained in aosn
lottely robust health, while almost
even non-protected person In the
neighborhood was III. Conversely,
mosquitoes which had bitten patients
Weak JVlen
Dr. Pierce's Elec
tric Body Battery
Away with Drugs I Inves
tigate. Sni lor "Book
let lo " Aiiiets
i'icucr m.rcTKic co
620 Mket 51,, S. P.
and 1148 Fort St., Love Building.
Residence 1375 Fort St., below Vineyard. Phone and Night Call, White 3811.
of the
It's Ways
In Italy were taken alive to England,
and there, In n place where there was
no malaria, they were allowed to bite
a person who had never had malaria,
end transmitted what the phvslclant
called a "beautiful ease" of double ter
tian malaria.
nut It has been In her several scien
tific expeditions to the west coast o!
Africa that England has done her best
work. Well equipped expeditions have
been sent out under the auspices of tho
Hoyal Academy, of the London School
of Tropical .Medicine, nnd of the l.lvcr
pool School of Tropical Medicine. They
have studied with great care the con
ditions under which the malarial mos
quitoes nf the genus Anopheles breed:
they have displayed the habits of theso
insects in tnc ru icsi manner; iney,cnl ,nieg lt hw been thol,Bht Uiat U
have studl.d malaria as It exists In the , tta fon(1 nl1, there are Ul(J,e ,megt.
natives; they have mapped for many g wh(j t()(, MIcve thnt U(e Ba.
settlements the exact spots In which
Anopheles breed: they have experi
mented with different mensures for tie
strojlng tho Insect In all of lis differ
ent stages, and they have brought
ibout results which are of the great
st practical value to the whole world,
ihe expedition of thc Liverpool school
which spent the entire summer of 1900
In Nigeria, was especially productive
In lesults, and its report, published In
March of the present jenr luvs down a
definite coutse of action for Europeans
resident In West Africa by which It
seems tertaln thnt the dreaded African
fevers may practically be avoided.
One of the most Interesting features It
crlcun phjslclnn, Dr. A. F. King of
that the habitations of Europeans must
rA Bffrrmtnf Ail ram f tifibai tr Inn ttitili a
be segregated from those of the natives
but eventually In many places, by
means ot exterminating work against
thc mosquitoes, the natives themselves
wlfl be protected to such an extent
that their habitations will no longer be
thc menace that the) me at present,
. American Investigations.
Some ot the Important work upon
malaria has also been done In America.
We must not lose sight of thc fact that
the first sirong rational paper arguing
in favor of the carriage of this disease
by mosquitoes was written by an Am
erican phjslc'nn. I)r A. F. Klnf, of
Washington, D. C. In 1S82. Nor must
the Important discovery by W. O. Mac
Callum. of Johns Hopkins University,
In 1&37, of thc sexual generation of
malarial parasites be forgotten. Thlt
discovery contributed gretttly to tho
complete knowledge of the full life Ills
lory of this group of microorganisms.
A few beautiful and prnctlcal demon
cttatlon ot the comparative ease with
which a so-called malarial epidemic
can be stopped by practical antl-mos-qulto
work nave been carried out by
Americans. One of thc most perfectly
convincing ones which have been pine;
cd upon record was described by Dr.
W. S". UerKelcy, of New York city, in
the Medical Itecord of January 20, 1901,
This case occurred In u small town
near New York city. In thc summer of
ItOO. It was a placo where malaria
was not known, but Anopheles bred
there, nnd when a malarial patient
came (he disease was rapidly trans
mitted by these mosquitoes to many
people In the vicinity. Under Dr. Ber
keley's dliection, the mosquitoes in tho
houses were exterminated; screens
were placed in tho windows and doors;
(he smaller breeding places of the mos.
qultoes were filled In and the larger
ones weie drained; every malarial pa
tient was secluded by netting from
the bites of mosquitoes, nnd the spread
of the disease was Instantly stopped.
Not n single new ense ut malaria dc
"eloped. Anopheles disappeared en
tirely from the ho tses.
Yellow Fever Mosquitoes.
The rrort striking work done by Am
ericans, however. In connection with
the spread of disease by mosquitoes
has not been upon malaria, but upon
yellow fevir. The actual and conclu
Bhe demonstration by the army yellow
fwr ,mmlksltm. of which rr. Walter
Reed Is president, will rank forever ns
one of thu most beneficial In medical
Bacilli Theory Exploded.
The cause of yellow fever has al
ways been a mystery; and, Indeed, It Is
a mystery today In a measure, since,
although undoubtedly u disease of pa
rasitic origin, the parasitic organism
Afjcnts for
onuments &
Head Stones
Remember there Is no other
MR. WILLIAMS connected
vVith tills establishment ; so
make no more mistakes.
rcM, diucwcs, sctiirnoc
mom rpoii
Wins eaata I CO UIX
tr.jkr.tci i an, iik.
Ck1ir'aCbqciUt.ftBwrttill,t 3lb.cak-.
Grwa SwMrt Cb.iol.t, 141b. ck1i
roa aLt av liaoino oweotai
Walter Bskor & Oo. ltd.
Sorchtater, Mats., IT. S. A,
Uc)f ha, not Je. btn ,i,Mmered. Sov-
clllus Icteroldea of Sanarelll Is the
causative organism of the fever; while
the English phvsldan. Dr. Herbert E.
Durham, who Alth the late Dr. Walter
Mvers. was sent out by the Liverpool
School of Tropical Medicine to Ura-
zll, believes that In a small bacillus
which the) .. ive frcqucntl) found In
autopsies they have discovered the true
germ. The proof brought b) the Am
erican experiments that certain mos
quitoes will transmit thc illscac, how
ever, renders both of these claims un
certain nnd probably Incorrect. In fact.
Dr. Heed denies that Sauarclll's bacll
lus has anythlt.g to do with vellovv
fever. The true pnruslte will be dis
covered, without doub and It Is to be
,, d ,nat th AnlerIran lirm offlcm
who have been responsible for such an
extraordinary advance In our knowl
edge of the etiology of tnc dread dis
ease may be the Investigators to carry
the work through to Its fullest con
clusions. The experiments carried on by Dr
Reed and his associates were as perfect
In their methods cs it was possible tor
scientific nctimen nnd nnrd common
stnse to make them. Every poslb!ft
clement of error seems to have been
guarded against. 1 he nnal and con
clusive tests made during the autumn
of ltiuO were c6nductcd with a spirit of
earnestness, self-sacrlllco and enthu
slasm which affected every one con
nected with tho work, rven In me most
subordinate positions, common soldleri
not only offering themselves for the
inestimably dangeroua test, but Insist
ug that they should ue accepted as
subjects for experiment. The master
spirit of the Investigation, Dr. Heed.
as evidently the man nuove all men
'or this work, in this respect of com
piling the greatest conlldeme nnd en
.iiuslasm, no less than in the absolute.
y complete maner In which the ex
periments were conducted. I have mi
s a. e to describe die letalls of thll
masterly experimental work. While It
was In progress, criticism was Invited
and urged, from Havana phvslclnn
from visiting surEeons. nnd from every
one Interested Hut so perfect were th
plans that It stem Impossible that nn
criticism could have been mile.
An experimental san..r stntlnn iui
established In the open, a mile from
Quemnds. Two houses were built
tightly constructed, with windows and
doors protected by wlro screens
Fumigation Not Necessary,
ln one of Ihesi ouses. soiled sheets
pillow cases nnd blankets were user
as bedding, and this bedding nat
Drought straight fiom the oeds of pa
tients sick with jellow fever at Ha
vana. 1 or sixty -tin ee ilnvn t.icsc beds
Aero occupied bv menibeis of the hos
pital corps for periods varying from
twenty to twenty -one days. At the end
if his occupation thc men who were
til non-lmmuues n re taken to quar
antine for flvo dajs nnd then leii-nseil.
Not one of them was taken ill. All
were released In exielltnt health. This
experiment Is of the greatest Import
ance. as showing that the disease is
not convey by fornix, and heme the
,tiif .I.- . , .1 , 1 , 1,
disinfection of cloth ng bedding or
meichandlse supposed to have been
contaminated by contact with yellow
fever patients Is 1.11 longei necissary,
nnd the exticmct. to which this dis
infection work has been carried In
cases of jcliott ft-vei epidemics In our
Southern States huve been peifectly
In tho other house, whlih was known
as the "Infected mosquito building,"
were no nrthlts which nail not been
carefully disinfected. Tlie house ion-
talned two rooms, and non-Immune a mlt " the stieam a balk with three
were placed In both 100ms lu on.il,a"1r cautl1 passenger dashed on to
100111, sepninted from the otlu r by''"' vUu,rf, 1Bni1 t,h? ,at" 0,le8' thlM"K
wlio screen pa.tlll.ms only. mosq..ltoes ,I,,,J ,ft0,1,!l1 ,e ''" , "";
.. 1.1.1. i. 1 1 1., 11 ; .1 , . 'f-xi'irlseti A shore boat happen ng to
which lad .Itten iel m feve, patlenU ,)0 mal tllll ,., ,aKcll ,', 8tcam
.,.. ..,..,,.-.. . Kv u ..ci m.m Wl,r an( iullt., lot (Um mr tl)0 ,0H.
men remained In pel feet health; In the
mosquito 100111 SO jet tent of tlie pel
sons bitten by infected mosquitoes
that hud been kept welve days 01 moie
nfter biting jollovv feve patients were
taken with the dlseuse, and me tl
lovv fever diagnosis was confirmed by
resident physlciuns in Havana wiio
were above nil otheis fnmlllar with .ho
disease In every form. Persons bitten
by mosquitoes at an earlier petlod than
twclvo davs after they hud bitten 11
yellow fever patient did not contract
the disease. In .uiothei seiles of ex-
neilments, of seven perwms bitten by,
Infected mosquitoes by placing the.
hand In a Jar containing the Insects,
live, or 71 per cent continued tlie
Such, ln brief, was thu result of the
expei Imcntal woik, None of thu pa
tients experimented with died.
It was found that yellow fovui wan
pioduced by the Injection of blood tn
ken fioni tho geuetal cliciilatlon of a
patient, Btibciitaiieoiis Injections of
two cubic centlmetois of blood being
followed by tho disease, and the d f,
nlto conclusion was leached that the
parasito of yellow fevoi must bo pies
cnt In the general cliciilatlon nt loast
during tho early stages of tho dlBeiifo.
(and that yollow fovei may bo pioduc-
ed, like mnlailal fever, cither by tho
bite of the mosquito or by the in.Ur
tlon of blood taken from thc genet nl
circulation. From this tho importan.
(aiollarv Is reached, to quote Dr.
Heed's own words; "The spread of
yellow fever can be most effectual) v
controlled by measures directed to tho
destruction of tho mosquitoes and tho
protection of the sick against the bites
of these Insects."
Anopheles the Dengerous.
In thc malarial Investigations, the
only mosquitoes which have been
found to carry the disease are thoso
of the genus Anopheles. Thc malarial
gprm seems to die In tho stomachs of
the commoner mosquitoes of the genus
Culcx. With yellow fever, so far ns
the investigations have gone, but ono
species of moqulto has been found to
transmit the disease. This Is thc
form known ns Stegomvla fasciatn,
formerly placed In the genus Culc.
This mosquito Is a southern form, and
Its geographic distribution corresponds
veij ucctirately with tho geographic
iistrlbutioii of the disease. It Is com
mouly found In our Southern State!.,
nnd Is nbundant throughout tropical
regions. It Is a mosquito which rend
lly acrommotWteg Itself to city con
u.tlons, and breeds freely In the cess
pools, rain water tanks and hatrcls.
and places of a similar nature. It
thus abounds In southern cbntmuuitifs.
Ono of tnc most Interesting illfTerenrcJ
in the habits of this mosquito and the
malaria hearing forms, and ono whlrti
lias some practical significance, ir
that, while the malarial mosquitoes
seem to lly and blto only nt night, th
yellow fever mosquito Is popularly
teimcil In many southern regions tho
nay mosquito, ' since It bites In 'he
nl'tcinoon ns well as nt night. It 'vlll
be lemembered that the malarial ex
pcrlmcntr-rii on the Roman Campagna
waked about the neighboring count! y
dining thc day and letlrcd to their
mosquito pioof house only at nightfall
lint lu n yellow-fever country it is
wise to protect one's self against mos
qulto bites by days as welt as by night
The incindullty which was felt l.y
many, nnd which was expressed by
certain Journals after Dr. Reed's first
announcement of the preliminary wotk
of the commission, at thc meeting of
the American Public Health Associa
tion In Indianapolis last October, has
passed away since tho publication ot
his last paper, read beforo the I'an
American Medical Congress at Ha
vann eaily in February of the present
year. The paper ItBeif is conclusive,
but th" modest way In which Dr. Reed
has told the story of tho magnificent
i (.'suits achieved by himself and by
his colleagues, while exact and se'en
tide, does not Impiess the average
uon-medlcal reader with a duo senso t f
Its Importance. Hut when one learns
or thc enthusiasm with vvRlch Dr.
Rped was received by tho Johns Hop
kins Medical Association nnd by tho
Medical Association of tho District of
Columbia, and when one talks, as the
wrltei has done-, with physicians from
Central America who were present Ht
tin' Pan-American Medical Congress nt
Havana, and with those who assisted
in this great experiment, one cannot
fall to believe not only In the sound
ness of the conclusions, hut in tlie
transcendent Important c of the dl3
eov cry.
Antl Mosquito Work.
1'iattlcal antl mosquito vvoik was
tindeitnkeu In Cuba Immediately fol
lowing tlie formulation of these con
elusions. General orders wore Issthul
(quiring the universal use of niosqul
to bnts lu alt barracks, especially in
hospitals as well as In field service
wheie practicable. Tho drainage of
bleeding plices the use of petrolcuri
on standing water. In which niosqul-
toes liipcd, was directed, and the mo!-
Itnl department of the army furnished
oil foi this purpose. It hns resulted
that Havana had less yellow fever dur
Ing the present ear than at any tlnu
In Its history Not a single case has
riilgliiated In the city of Havana sit.to
May T Inst, and. Incidentally, malarial
fevois have been greatly reduced.
A JapatiPi.0 cako and soda water
pcdilliM appealed before Judge Wil
ed v. In the Police Court Prlday
on tho charge of peddling without .v
lltense. The delcnc.ant was very real)
In got n licenic at once Ho madu
the e tisi- thnt his wife had got tho
notification and that she had not
given It to li 1 111. The Judge- explain. !
that, acconllng to the law, ho coul I
no. Hue him less than tho amount of
a yr-ais llteiiKo, which vas -o. lu
' l'0'1,1 l," h' "i11. "V1'9 I"lia'"'se:
NL'" ,M'' ""cheloi tel's mi to go
land get a license you hnd better do
L . Two m three'of , ,,,, ,,,
nf the city who do a little shnotliis
with shotguns onco In a while, squirm
nl uneasily In their scuts.
There was a gieat deal cf cclto
nunl at tho depaittiie ol tho Done
y(vt(iiln. She sailed shaip ut 11
odocU and when pulling uwnv finiu
the whaif theie was a sciamblu to no'
J Into lettt it, aboard. When sho was
sels side 011 which the) climbed
almniil They icceived a good deal nl
dialling f 1 0111 tellow passengers ns
the) went up tho vessels side.
Those who appreciate the
class of ph itographic work
done Dy
are cordially invited to in -peer
specimens of her skill in her
reception ronm at the rear 01
Art Stoie ani
Photo Studio,
120 Hotel St
While mulching through the Midway
at lliilfulo, huve the West Point endcts
oUyetl tho command, "Kyes right?'
New Voik Woild,
f ! SUndird remedy lor Glett. ,
swsr.J Gonorrhaa and Runnings f utnvl I
fl IN 4B HOURS. Cures Kid- IKllUl 1 1
B ney and Bladder Troubles. X
Agents, Brokers and Jobbers.
H. P. BALDWIN President
J. D. CASTLE 1st Vice President
W. M. ALEXANDER.... 2nd Vice Pres
J, P. COOKE Treasurer
V. O. SMITH Secretary
QUO. 11. CARTER Auditor
Sugar Factors and
-Commissiofl Ageiti
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.
Haiku Sugar Company.
Pala Plantation Company.
Nnhlku Sugar Company.
Klhet Plantation Company.
Hawaiian Sugar Company.
Kahulul Railroad Company,
The California and Oriental S. S. U.
W.6. Irwin &6o
Western Sugar Refinery Company ot
San Francisco.
Daldwln Locomotive Works of Phila
delphia, Pa., U. S. A.
Newell Universal Mill Co. (National
Cane Shredder), New York. U. S. A.
N. Ohlnndt & Co.'s Chfnilial Fertll-,
Alex. Cross & Sons' high-grade Fertil
izers for Cane and Coffee.
Heed's Steam Pipe Covering.
Parafllne Paint Co.'s P. & D. Paints and
Papers; Lttcol and Linseed Oils,
raw and boiled.
Indurlno (a cold-water paint), In white'
and colors.
Filter Press Cloths, Cement, Lime and
Commission Merchants
Trta Pttfi ninnintlnn r.-v M
The Walalua Agricultural Co., LtdJ,J
iuv nullum ouuur iu. '
The Wulamea Sugar Mill Co.
The Fulton Iron Works. St. Louis. Mc
Thc Standard Oil Co.
The Geo. r. Uluke Steam Pumps.
Weston's Centrifugals. '
The New England Life Insurance Co.
of Boston.
The Etna Fire Ins. Co. ot Hartford,
The Alliance Assurance Co. of London,
Xew England Mutual Life In
surance CO. OF BOirON.
(Etna Fire Insurance Compani ,
Wm. G. Irwin & Co.
Wm. a. Irwin.. President and Manager
Claus Spreckcls Vice President
W. M. Glftard.. Second Vice President
H. M. Wnltney, Jr..,,Tieas. and Sec.
Geo. J. Ross Auditor
Sucjiir Pactora
Commission Ajjenti
Oceanic Steamship Co.
Queen Street, Honolulu, T. IL
AuroiitN lor
Hawaiian AKiIc11ltur.il Co, Ookila
Sugar Plant, Co , Onomca Sugar Co ,
Honomu Sugar Co , Walluku Sugar Co ,
Makee Sugar Co , Haleakala Ranch Co ,
Tho Planters' Lino of San Francisco,
Packet; Chas, Berwcr & Co.'s Line of
Boston Packets.
C. M. Cooke, President; Georgs
Robertson, Manager; E, F. Bishop,
Treasurer nnd Secretary; Col. W. U.
Allen, Auditor; P. C. Jones, H. Wit
terhouso and Geo. R. Carter, Directors
ThBVflRHunm-Tone Go. Lt j
Importers and
Merchants mssJif
The Lancashire Insurance Co.
The Balolso Insurance Co.
Union Gas Engine Co.
Domestic Sewing Machine, Etc
Subscribers to tho BULLETIN
not receiving their njptrs promptly
will confer a favor by notifying tli
Biuincss OiBcn; TiJiptcae 266.

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