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men and women alike
have more time to read
both news and ads; hence
the greater value of even
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From 8.f.
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' Alameda . Not. 29
China1' Nov. 30.
For S. F.
Peru Dec. 3
Alameda Dec. 4
' H
Vol. XI. No 200B.
Pkiob 5 Cents.
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1 V
Evidence, is Interesting
v Before Federal
Dr, Mm Would Not Sell for
$1000 an Acre Mr. Boardnun
Would Hot Buy at $5
Dr. J. S. McGrcw wait put on tho witness-stand
for tho plaintiff In the
land condemnation stilt of the United
Htntcs against iho Illshop Estate. Ho
was renting part of his land at Pearl
Haibnr under a lease for thirty years
at n rental of $50 an acre.
"It Is tho best land there. I would
not Hell it for one thoiiHand dollars
an acre." The wltncsB Bald OiIh under
cross-questioning by Mr. Kinney, He
explalncd'on further Inquiry Uint ""',
figure was not given as a valuation,
but. snld Dr. McOiow:
"I bought the land long ago Tor my
own amusement and when I kick the
bucket I Hhall leavo It.
The witness declmed to plae a
alua on waterfront land at Pearl Har
bor, aytng only that It had but little
valuo without Improvements. In an
swer to the Court, he said large ves
tela could not now enter tho harbor
on account of the bar at the entrance.
District Attorney Dunne Having in
tervened to prevent Dr. McGrcw from
answering a certain question. Judge
I'M eo r(,markcd
"The doctor Is perfectly able to toko
rare of himself."
"I mnv need a cuardlan." observed
the venerable physician, at which tho
ripple of merriment over the Court's
lemnrk swelled Into a wavs.
Judgn Kstce gracefully expressed
the Court's obligation to Dr. McGrow
when the lawyers had got through
with htm.
George E. Roardman was the next
witness. It would be throwing away
money, hald tho witness, to give rooro
than 5 an aero for the land on tha
right-hand side of the railway. If tho
waterfront wero Improved tbo land
thereon might bo worth $25 an acre,
but not otherwise. For grazing pur
poses ho would give nothing for it.
When tho sugar craze wns on the wit
ness Intended to promote a plantation
iluwn there, but he was discouraged
TIiIb was ruled out before the state
ment was completed. On cross-examination
Mr. Hoardman said the water
fiont land was worthless for any pur
pose except what was Intended now
by the United States Government.
.1. W. Pratt, Tax AsRcasor, FlrBt Di
vision, was the last witness before re
cess. He brought the assessment
books. Tho 435G acres In question
was assessed for Jlt.tW, lu 1598 and
J12.496 every year since until tho
present. This year Deijuly Assessor
Archer, for Ewa, assessed tho tract at
$09,000. An appeal was taken but not
allowed because unaccompanied by a
Aworn statement. Then a compromise
was marie on a valuation of $50,000.
Kahaiau, a native boy who was
taught by Officer Richardson between
11 and 12 o'clock last night, wns this
frrenoon sentenced by Judge Wilcox to
x months' Imprisonment at hard la
bor for trying to get In tho hack door
of the Hazlewood Market Company's
placo on upper Fort street. The de
fendant refused to'ask any questions
of the witnesses who appeared against
him and had nothing to say for hlm
tt'lf. Tho only defense ho put up was
that when seen by the Chtneso latin
dryman, he was looking for a water
closet and that tho key found In his
possession was for the purpose of
opening Ihe door.
The addition to the office building at
tho navy station is being rapidly erect
ed. It will be ready for occupancy In
ulxiut a month.
During the dull times of-the
past eight months
110 LOT8
have been sold at
The price paid for these
110 lots was
Some of these lots have
been resold at an advanco
of from 2f to 60 per cent.
No buyers at College Hills
nre ouerlnt; their lots at tho
original price, becauso Rap
Id Transit has made them
Intrinsically worth at least
a 25 per cent advanco.
Geo. B McClellan & Co.
Castle & Lansdale.
College Hills
There was a lively scrimmage be
tween the oilers of the Mauna Loa and
Hanalel yesterday on the Inter-Island
wharf. The watchman after some
difficulty expelled tho men from the
Wharf and they continued their fisti
cuffs on the street. They had been
uptown imbibing and on arriving at
the wharf were ready for trouble. One
of the party not singing to the liking
0 one of the other men he was Jumped
una this lead to general meice.
Chief Steward Akt and the whole
kitchen and dining room force of the
Mauna Loa were replaced this morn
ing with an entirely new gang. In
place of Akl, Den, an od servant of the
(ompany, has taken cbargc of the
steward's department and with him
has brought new men from chief cook
to bottel washer.
The officers of the ste.imtr Maul kept
open house yesterday. It wag the
Wilder Co.'s turn to entertain Ui offi
cers of both steamer companies In port
and the dinner spread aboard the
steamer wns a lino one. About thirty.
guests sat down to the Thanksgiving
Hundreds of Friends Attend Ceremony-Church
Prettily Decorat
ed in Green and Yellow
Wedding Supper.
Miss Sarah Mitchell Carter and Mr.
Winifred Howard Ilabbltl were mar
rlcd in Central Union Church last
night in the. presence of hundreds of
friends. Afterthc ceremony, which
was nerformed by the Hev. W. M. Kin
calU. the wedding party and members
of the Immediate family, went to the
Carter home In Ntiuanu for a wedding
supper. This finished, the newly mar
ried cotinio leu ior me i-enmsuia on
a special train, amidst a shower of
rice and old shoes.
Central Union Church was beautiful
ly decorated In green and yellow. The
pulpit und organ loft 'were hidden be
hind banks of palms and ferns. The
church was filled. As tho bildal pro-
cisstou arrived at tho door, ten Ka
mehameba School glds arose and
sang the "Urldal Chorus," from "I.o-
hcuarln. the procession moving for
ward to the altar as the sweet strains
Messrs. A. A. Young. W. W. Wll
lll'm.ion, Albert Watcrhouse, William
Walker, J, O. Carter Jr.; and cusn
man Carter, tho ushurs, led the way,
The Rev. W. M. Klncald entered from
the rear and took up his placo before
tho altar. From tho opposlto sldo ap
proached the groom, accompanied by
Robert W. Hblnglu, tho best man.
M sb May Damon and Miss Mary Wld
dlflcld, the bridesmaids, followed tho
libbers and Miss Carter, tho maid of
houor. Immediately preceded tho bride,
who rested upon the arm of her fath'
or. J. O. carter 8r.
Tho service was short. During the
ceremony Professor Ingalls, on the or
gan, and Mrs. Royal D. Mead, on the
nlano. played "irnumorci" and Men
delssohn's "Lift Thino Byes." At the
conclusion of tbo ceremony tbu Men
delssohn "Wedding March" was
Among thoso present at the cere
mony wero the following: Governoi
and Mrs. Dole. Mr. anil Mrs. 11. wa
terhouse, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. HalL
Dr. and Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Shingle.
Mr. Fred. Shingle. Mrs. Wlddtflcld
Miss Wlddlfleld, Mrs. C. Damon. Miss
J. Damon. Mrs. Klncald. Mr. D. Kin
catd, Mr. Grdman, Miss Pope, Mr. and
Mis. J. P. CobKe. Mr. Holt. Mr. Low
Ik. Mr. Campbell. Mrs. Kopkc, Mr. and
Mrs. A. II. Wood. Dr. and Mrs. Augur
Master Morris Augur. Mr. and Mrs.
T. II. Hobron. Mr. and Mrs. Gartlcy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowers, the Miss
es l.ndd. tho Misses Cnrter. Mr. and
Mrs. J. O. Cniter, Mr. and Mrs. George
Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Carter.
MrB. Fred. Curter..Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Wnterhouso, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Wall, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Young. Miss
Florence Carter. MaBter Alfred Young,
tho Misses Young, Miss Hemstcad,
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. volfe, Miss Ethel
Wolfe, Miss Hannnh Carter, Mr. Da
vid Kawananakoa, Prlnco and 1'rlnces
Jonah Kalnulanaolo, Mr. and Mrs. H.
C. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Da
mon. Mr. nnd Mrs. S. M. Damon. Hon.
A. 8. Clcghorn Mr. H. M. Whitney.
Mifcb Helen Kcllcy.
The steamer Mauna Loa will not sail
until tomorrow at noon. Tho holiday
yesterday interfered with the loading
of tho vessel and on this account she
has had her sailing time postponed.
The trnnsport Meado will sail for
Manila tomorrow morning nt 9 o'clock.
She will take Chrlstmns mall for tho
soldiers, as will tbo Kosccran3 which
sails on Sunday,
In the list of lady assistants at the
"foreign lunch" tables for tho Catholic
fair, published In the Rullctln on M)n
ilay last, the names of Miss Klleu Holt
and Mrs. Gardiner Wilder at Mrs.
Noonan's table, nnd Miss Mvggle
Walker at Mrs. Hnlstcad's tablo were
accidentally omitted.
Honolulu Cable
Contract Is Let
New York. Nov. 19. The Commer-I
cial -Pacific Cablo Company, recently!
orgnnlzcd for tho purpose of construct
ing and maintaining a cablo across
the Pacific Orean,.and of wb.ch Jotrn
W. Maikay Is president, today award
ed tho contract for tho manufacture
nnd laying of tho first section of tho
great submarine strand to tho Slher
town Cable Manufacturing Company
of Hllv'erttiwu, near Loudou. The cost
of making and laying this section In
estimated at about $3,000,0no. 'lliu
section will reach from San Francisco
to some central point In the Hawaiian
Islands, probably at Honolulu, and It
Is expected will no completed about
the first of January, 1903,
The Silvertown Conmany will com
mence the work of construction iui-
Chicago, Nov, 18. "Congress will re
move the duty on raw sugar within a
year, and
nt 3 rents
the refined product will sell
a pound," said W. A. Have-.
meyer, Chicago representative of tho
American Sugar Rofilnlng Company, In
discussing the reciprocity convention
which meets In Washington tomorrow.
He said that the action of Congress
would be Inevitable.
Colon, Colombia.Nov, 22, S p. m.
Tho latest news obtainable here Is to
the effect that the Liberal General,
Lugo has arrived at Empire station.
distant about twelve miles from Pn-
I at Empire station.
1000 men. The Liberals are gaining the Cabinet? They say that a member
nnd arming many recruit along the 0r tho President's official family has
entire length of the railroad, and now no right to interfere in Fcocral patro
control tho line up to within a point nago except so I 'r as his own depart)
two miles from Panama. An attack ment is concerned. Hitchcock and
on thut city is expected momentarily i.lhe."?,'F,'nta1l'vB PJ. on! maintain
...1 miieh iinMlnmui U felt thre ltuat ,nt'lr candidate Is tho bolter man.
ami much uneasiness Is felt there. but t d , , t d , Roprcsont
The Liberal lender. Domingo Dins. Ii ntlm, , cJnKteM ought to be allow-
expected shortly to arrive at Colon. cj tfl exercise prerogatives In regard
" to Federal patronage In their ills-
. ... ...v . .. . ttM- They think thai tho contlnu
PI Clf CI A Mil l III , nce or Kerens' power ns opposed to
vLE T CjuAllI ID ILL Congressmen Is a poor encouragement
I for tho Republicans of Missouri In
v- ... -.i, . .10 . ..ii i .. elect other candidates to Congress. It
.ework. Nov. 22.-A special to the.' , ga(, 0(, , Mlssourians In
Sun from Trenton sas: Lx-Presldcnt Washington that llitcncock would r-
drover Cleveland Is III nt his home. In lluqjilsh his uortfollo should the Pros-
Princeton, Having been inrcaieneci
with nn attack of pneumonia, from
which, however. It Is said, ho Is now
out of danger. Cleveland returned
Wednesday evening with Mr. Endlcott
from a gunning trip In North Carolina.
Shortly after his arrhal homo ho was
taken with a severe chill and Dr.
Wyckoff was summoned. Other symp
toms developed, which made the phy
slclan and family uneasy, and today iauo,eril from the Vlsayas. Such a
Cleveland's condition was such as to project seems at present to bo undo-
cuusc no little alarm. slrable owing to tho general scarcity
of unskilled agriculturists. In Negrus
, . o . , . , .... alone last year 4000 wero employed
Ship SBPjJen In Lenky Condition , t,10 ,,,, , ,,anay whl() Rrow.
San Francisco, Nov. 22. Tho Fish crs In Camarlnes, in Leyto and in
Commission steamer Albatross, now Luzon complain that they aro unable
In tho stream, Is to go to Mare Island ' wfk "l-'lr present crops through
to remain during December, and Im-wa,,t of ln '
mediately nftcr tho holidays will sail 1 ', . ,"" . .
for Honolulu to engage In scientific1, Commander Pond of thu Iroquois
......1. ... ...i ,JT.iT t , tr.... bas been relieved and orderod homo to
woik for several monhs In the Haw a- t f()r ,,, , ,aco ,., ,)()
linn group. Five scientists from Wash- tukcn ,,y ,jc,lt,.nal,t , Kodmaii. d"
Ington nnd other cities will sail In the tuched Irom tbo Albatross to com
Albatross. ' niand tho Iroquois.
-a r-a fs fci nu fti Ms na rw mi f.a f a w
Washington, Nov. 18. Tho new
canal treaty between the United States
and Great llrltaln hns been signed. At
noon Secretary Hay and Lord Pauuco
foto, thu Ilrltlsh Embassador, affixed
their signatures to tho elaborately en
grossed document. Notwithstanding
tho Importance of the event, It was
market! by severe simplicity. Lord
I'auncefote, accompanied by tho second
Secretaf y of the Ilrltlsh Embassy, Per
y Wyndham, appeared at tho State
Department at midday. They were
expected, nnd at once were shown Info
Secrctnry Hay's office. Two parch
ment (oplcs of tho treaty wero ready.
Tho slgnaturo of tho duly accredit
ed representatives of tho two great
Powers wero nt onco placed upon the
scrolls. Secretary Hay signed first tho
copy which Is to go to London and
Embassador I'auncefote was tho first
to sign the copy which Is to go Into
the archives of tho State Department
As soon as tho signatures und seals
had been nfllxcd Secretary Hay and
Lord Puunccfote shook hands and ex
changed congratulations. Lord I'aunce
fote carefully placed his copy ot tho
mediately and will have the work fin
ished about the first of next July. Tho
cable will then bo toAde on board
ship and It will bo threo'months more
before It reaches San Francisco, the
starting point of Its journey ncros4
the Pacific.
The actual work of laying the cabin
will consume about seventeen days
and with the additional time for estab
lishing thu stations and allowing for
posslblu mlshnpi. It will bo ready for
nervlce In two months after Its arrival
Guorge (1. Ward, first vlco piesldcnt
of tho Commercial Cablo Company,
n!d today:
"The company has assurod us they
will complete the cablo and have It
hero in seven months. Just as soon
Now York, Nov. 19. A special to
the Sun tram Washington .says: Sec-
, Congressmen Joy and Uarthold of SL
ioiHh have become involved In a hit
ter Missouri patronage quarrel with
II. C. Kerens, 'Republican National
Committeeman of Missouri, and
Hitchcock's friends say It may result
In his withdrawal from tbo Cabinet.
Kerens has been nerc some days urg
ing the appointment of bia political
lieutenant, Charles II, amith, as Col
lector of Customs at St. 1-ouls. liar
tlwltt anit-Joy havo rceommi'idfMV thu
appointment of William II. Uoyd,
brother-in-law of ox-Goternor Francis.
Hitchcock has told the President that
' Kerens' domination is a bad thing lor
'(ha t)..n..l.ll.... ... t It t
the Republican party in Missouri, and
' no'R ck by Joy 1
' na'8 oacKeu Dy joy ami Uarthold.
"" 'JT ' aDd' lho tolo.1e" ot
.uient decide in iaor or Kerens.
New York, Nov. 17. A cablo to thu
Sun from Manila says: Agents of Ha
waiian planters are hero to invrstlgut
th,. fenKlhtlltv f,f Imnnrtfni. I'iltnlnn
rat M fa Pa Ha m t j m P4 P Rj Us Ha
precious document lu a big, envelope,
and holding this In his Hand took his
carriage for the Embassy. Tho terms
of the treaty will not bo officially made
public until sent to the Senate, but
! the yellow journal representatives
havo failed ludrlcrously In guessing at
All the concessions wchc made by
Grcnt llrltaln, and they wero made
primarily becauso tho English States
men aro ever willing to go ns far as
! propriety will permit In winning the
friendly regard of tho great Western
Republic. This Bplrlt was supported
for the most part by tho generous
and broad-minded press In England,
which, with a few exceptions, com-
. mended tho now policy of their Gov-
.mm.nl nn Mia ..nnetlilA .rnnml hn tt
! ,1. A A mn.l.A no n.n... nnlnM tn i, Iti.l.
KIU 41111-1(14.110 nvio fiUUJf, III jiui mmr
hundred of millions into tho Isthmian
canal It was for tho Americans, and
not anyone eolo to control It In peace
I or war, without subjection to reserva
tions or ancieni treaty rignis of any
outside patties.
An authentic summary of the
treaty's terms mny bu classified under
4 P. M.
as this section Is complete and out ot
tho way wo shall commence work on
another section that will connect" th
Hawaiian Islands with the Philip
plnea. Our station there will prob
ably be on the Isluni of l.tiron. nenr
Manila. Wo havo no decided on that
point yet, nor havo wu fixed our arhed
ulu of rates, but wr slinil reduce theui
to n reasonable figure. We expect to
have the work completed In about
two or llireo )ears. Thu estimated
cost of the undertaking is nbotlt $15.
000,000, but we havo capitalized our
company at only $3,000,000 because
we profvr to increaso our capitaliza
tion as we proceed,"
Ward said It was expected that the
new cable would allow the transmit
slon ot messages In nearly four nours
less ume man required at the present.
Manila, Nov. 17. Company R of the
Ninth Infantry, Captain F. II. Shouf
fcl, was attacked by fifty bolomen nnd
kovoral lusui gents armed with rllles
at a point six miles irom Tnraugnan.
In the Island of Sninar. The lustirg
ents tried to rush the Americans, but
falling to accomplish their purpose
thoy quickly broke nnd scattered. Tnn
men of the Ninth had a corporal nnd
a scout killed and one private wound
ed. Sixteen of the liolomen were kill
ed, while the riflemen escaped. Tho
Hotchkl8s rapld-flro guns will be sent
to tho southern Islands for operations
In the mountains.
St. Petersburg. Nov, 19. Tho succes
sor of M. Chimin, Japancso Minister
In St. Petersburg, who now becomes
Under Secretary of Stats at Toklo
will be Shlnlchlro Kurlno. now Japan
ese Minister In Paris, and formerly the
representative of Japan In Washing
ton nnd Rome. M. Kurlno was educat
ed In the United States.
Washington. Nov. 17. Senator
Shelby Culloin of Illinois will bo chair
man of the Foreign Relations Commit
tee of tho Senato to succeed tho Into
Senator Davis. Senator Culloin today
said: "1 cannot understand why ru
mors to the effect that 1 was undecid
ed whether or not to tnku this chair
manship should bo put Into circula
tion. I have had nu other Intention
since Mr. Fiyn declined thu honor."
Mr. Cullom's decision to ucrept this
(hnlrmansblp will cause lilui to resign
the chnlrmannhln nf Mm Pnmmllt.m
01. Interstate Commerce.
Now York, Nov. 21. A cablu to the
Sun from Athens suys: A remark
able politico religious agitation liar
kept tho city for dnjn past In a state
Of excitement ltllnh lin ui-nanln,l 1,1
serious rioting and loss of life. Thn
oaiensiuiu caiiee of the trouble Is the
opposition of tho university students
unu outers to a proposal to translate
the Gosnnls Intn mmlnrn flm.,! nn.l
authorize such new version for gener
al uso. Thero Is, however, a consider
able political element In tbo move
ment. Involving nnnlllnr hnalllllv (n
Slav lullucnccs.
Among tho mssehgers arriving In
tho Alameda wore 1-. J, Cross and
W. O. Smith.
fi PjTi fa ite m Pa ra r fcj jkj pa Ha
six heads ae follows:
1 It abrogates or supersedes tho old
Clayton-Ilulwcr treaty, and thus puts
an end to the copartnership between
tho United States and Great llrltaln
In the proposed Isthmian canal pro
vlded for by that Instrument.
2 Declares that tho United States Is
free to proceed to the construction of
such canal.
3 That this canal Is to bo neutral
In time of peace, open to the ships ol
all nations, and that Its neutrality Is
guaranteed by the United States alone.
4 That In time of war tho United
States may take such steps for the
protection of tho canal nnd its own In
tcre3ts as It may deem proper.
fi That the United States may maks
such rules and. regulations conccrulni;
tho uso ot tho canal as It sees fit, save
that tho United States agrees not to
levy discriminative tolls upon the ship
ping ot Grcnt llrltaln.
C In case of n chango of sovcrolgn.
ty In tho Isthmus tho stipulation which
tbo United States has entered Into ns
to tho neutralization In tlmo ot peavo
nnd nondlscrlmlnntlvo tolls shall not
bo altered. '
Fiom San Francisco, ecr stmr. Ala
meda, Not ember 29. Mrs. J. 11. Agas
slz and two children. II. A. Allen,
Mrs. It. A. Allen nnd child. Miss Al
len nml maid, II. F. llrardmore, Mrs.
Ucardmorc, John Ilovlc. Mrs. J. Cob
vln, I' .1. Cross and boy, George K.
It. Ctitt.-r. Miss Ilertha Dnnlson. Miss
Dennlson, Master Dennlson. Mrs. J.
R. Eastman, Mrs. W. P. FenneH and
two children. Captain W. G. Goodmau,
M. i). Hall, (j. A. lleanen. Miss 1..
Keepers. MIbs M. I-ahancy, M. La
ment, Mrs, M. I.emelie. (!. I. Lewis,
W. II. Low, J. C. Ohlandt. Mrs, Oh
Intuit, MltB G. Oman. II. Peyman. F
F. Porter, 8. I., .'.umscy. K. W.
Sclietter. Mrs Schetter. H. F. Slcber.
Mrs. Sleber. T. W. Smith. W. O
Smith, II. II. Walker, ll. A. Wido
"Tho District Attorney" was played
by the Nelll company to a fair hnuso
Inst evening. It proved to bo a clever
olay. well produced.
Starting tho performance at 8
o'clock was an Innovation to Honolulu
and wns done In order to allow tho
patrons plenty of tlmo to get over
1 heir Thnnksglvlng dinner.
A sprinkling 01 varan seats scat
'ereu about the hutiso showed that
many who had purchased tfeVcts bad
not leeovered even nt that late hour.
The nudlcneo seemed well tilensed
with the production nnd were liberal
with applause.
m 1
New York, Nov. 17. A special to
the Times from Washington says:
Among tho President's visitors yes
tnluy vas Reno Negclmackers of
I'm is, assistant general manager of
the uropenn Sleeping Car Company.
lie is In America to arrange a eon-
rait for the building of sleeping cars
i') run nn the llussinn railroad from
Moicow to Port Arthur. His reason
for having this done In America Is
tint cars can bo built moro quickly
here tlmn eUewherc. They are to bo
shipped lo .Moscow In sections nnd put
together there.
Negelmnckers said that In a very
short lime the traveler will be ablo to
", from Moscow to Peking in about a
'ortnlqht without changing enrs.
Eventually the trl pwlll bo cut down
to tKelMt days.
Odessa. Nov. If. Two deaths wer?
recently certified In Odessa as due to
he bubonic plague. The htilth nu
'horltles took vigorous nrccutlons
ignlnst Ihe spread of Iho dlseai.i and
no further eases havo been reported.
Wellington. N. Z.. Nov. 17. An
earthquake In Cantonbury district has
devastated the township of Cheviot
Many people have been Injured.
.London. Nov. 17. Ila'ron Hood of
Avalnu, Admiral on the retired list.
Is dead, aged 77 years.
The steamer Alameda arrived here
this nfternoon after a very fast trip
from San Franclseo. She has but
few passengers for Honolulu. Her
freight Is a large one and she has one
of the largest malls ever brought to
Honolulu In one steamer. The China
sailed a little before the Oceanic boat
but as she Is on a slow schedule the
Alameda had no trouble In beating her.
"Rut tho divinity that doth bedgs
about a King, you know."
"I bnve talked with track friends nf
Ills Majesty, and they assure mn that
there Is very little hedging about King
The Merchants' Parcel Deliverv
Delivers packages to any
part of the city for 10c up
wards. Try them. PhJne Blue 621.
Packages shipped 'o
all parts of tho United
States and Europe.
Oftlco, 1047 Rothel St.,
opposite Honolulu Market
S. S.ALAMEDA. Dec. 4, and
a. s. romoma rw m
. ... n,Ui ( g ,a.t(, on tno nRnC8t author
Last express steamers to coast boforo Hy that more dissatisfaction than
CHRISTMAS. ,cver reigns In tho War Oftlco. It Is
Ship your packages by ?(,w thoug-bt almost certain that I-ord
Roborts will resign tho post of Com-
WELLS FARGO & CO FXPHFSS "'" ' Chief net AprIL If not
nELLJ, lAIUlii a wr. rAIHC33 ,00ner. and therefore will not taki
With Union Express Co,
izu King at.
2SW J." y,
We havo Just received a new lot of
these oxce.'ent goods, and wo can
truthfully state to our customers that
thoy are better than over. Anyona
' who has worn a pair of theso Shoes
knows what that means.
To thoso who have not found a
Shoo that gives them satisfactory
wear, wo would suggest that they try
a pair of Ihcso.
And You Can Get Them Only at tht
Fiji MB
A Trivial Auction Bill
Resisted in Three
Adoption of Natural Child Comfirmed
Jury Panel Challenged
Probate Matters Are
Mrs. F. C. Rcttcrs will havo to pay
James F. Morgan s auction sato bill of
I.1.2S after fighting It through tho Dl
rlct. Circuit and Supremo Courts. A
.inanlmous opinion of tho final court
ms been rendered, overruling the ex
ceptions uf defendant to tho Judgment
eudercd by Judge Gear without a
Justice Gnlbralth Is author of tha
3plulon, of which tho following is tbu
"Under a contract of salo of spec
iflc chattels at a stipulated price,
hen nothing remains to be dono to
leslgnate tho property sold or tha
jrlcu to bo paid, the tttlo. Independent
it thu statutu of Iraudr, vests In tho
iiiyer, nnd a right to the prlco In tbt
teller, unless It can bo shown that such
a as not the Intention of tho parties.
In this case the defendant refused
1. arcept or pay for certain articles
Jho bought at auction for a total
(mount' of three dollar and twenty
five rents because tho auctioneer did
not send the things to her houso. C.
(J Hitting for plaintiff; T. McCants
.Stewart for defendant.
The Supreme Court has reversed tho
decision of the Tax Appeal Court In
Ihe matter ot tho Robinson estate.
It was on tho valuation of tha
Pakaka wharf .property at $99,900,
fiom which Tax Assessor Pratt ap
pealed. The property was returned
by the Robinson Estate at $80,000 and
assessed by lormcr assessor Shaw at
$270,000. Assessor . ratti rated it at
$163,800, being $3 a square fooL Tha
Income from the property for tho "year
1900 was $8071, being fo340 front
lints and $2731 from wharfage. At
the session of thn Tax Appeal Court
M. P. Robinson testified that for tax
able purposes he would be satisfied to'
pay taxes on 120,000. This Is thi
figure chosen by tne Suprome Court,
and thus the assessment Is fixed.
Holmes & Stanley for tho taxpayer,
Robertson ft Wilder for the Assessor.
T. McCants btcwart challenged th
panel of trial Jurors, as a precaution
In tiiu event of appeal. In the case ot
William Davis, Indicted lor assault
with dangerous weapon. The trial
continued from Wednesday Into today,
passing over Thanksgiving Dav.
After being out an hour the Jufy at
1 o'clock this auernoon returned a
verdlit ot guilty. An appeal was no
te... Judge Humphreys has confirmed
tho articles ot adoption ot Philip San
tiago, a male Infant ot tho ago of sis
years, by Ah On and his wife Ellon
with full rights of Inheritance. This
Is on tho petition of Monscrat Ban.
Hi a Co. tho natural father ot tha cJilfd.
vhlch says that tho natural mother ot
tho child, Felicia Santiago, died eight
months ago in Honolulu.
Judge Gear has appointed Dang
Yong Fomi ndmln.strator of tne estate
of Dang Yong Yok under $1S00 bond.
Thn estate consists or a flro claim ot
$1002.70 filed with tbo Flro Claims
A. 8. Mahaulu has bocn appointed
administrator if tho estate of Kealo
hapauole under $5i0 oond.
,A?W JorK' N0V' 18 According to
I lI3? ,.'?do? correspondent. of the Hop.
any prominent part In the coronation
$3.00 TO $4.50
, 1

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