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Evening bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1895-1912, November 30, 1901, Evening Bulletin Industrial Edition, Image 7

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Shopi of Honolulu Iron Worki
I'lwlu liy Willmm, Honolulu
2000 acres, which Is about equally divided
between plant and rattoon canes of Roso
Damboo and Lahalna varieties.
As to tho tlmo of canes maturing It Is
from fifteen to eighteen months, wbilo tho
character and depth of soil aro from good
to fair. In tho plowing of tho soil ono set
of Fowler's English plows Is mado uso of,
whllo tho elovatlon that cano Is planted Is
from practically sea lovel up to 150 feet.
Water for Irrigation purposes and mill uso
Is obtained from Bprlngs In tho adjacent
mountains and also from a lagoon, which Is
pumped up, tho dally supply In twenty four
hours, averaging about 3.000,000 gallons,
Tho labor necessary on tho plantation Is
about 250 hands, ono third or tho work bo ng
performed by day labor and tho remaining
two thirds by contracting gangs or com
pany men. ,
To transport tho cano to tho mill and to
oxpcdlto tho moving of men nnd material
thero Is about ten miles of main and port
able tracks, tno rolling stock of which con
sists of seventy cano cars with aerago ca
pacity of four tons, ten closed cars for con
voying sacked sugar to tho shipping point
and ono engine.
In tho cultivation of tho soil tho company
expends from $10,000 to $12,000 every year
for fertilizers. Tho avorago y.eld of all
plant canes In a favorablo season Is flvo
tons of sugar to tho acre, or ono ton to eight
tons of cano, wh.lo tho rattoon canes not
receiving any Irrigation averago lwo tons
of sugar to tho aero.
The machinery adopted for tho manufac
ture of sugar conBlstB of two three-roller
and one two-roller mills, 26x64, made In
Glasgow; an open clarification system, two
vacuum pans, triple effect, open settlers,
three filter presses, six 36 inch centrifugals
driven by separate power, etc. All thrco
mills aro driven by separate cnglncB. having
combined 160 horsepower. Tho mill Is op
erated ten hours a day and turns out an
average of twenty tons of raw sugar In that
period, thero being thrco grades manufactur
ed and known as A, B and C. Tho gross
weight of tho sacks Is 123 pounds each.
Tho annual output of tho mill Is from
3000 to 3500 tons, which Is conveyed to Ho
nolulu for shipment by tho steamer J. A.
Cummins, owned by tho plantation company.
aeorgo E. Chalmers Ib tho manager of tho
Watmanalo 8ugar Company, and has been
connected with the sugar Industry of tho
lslnmls for eighteen years, whllo A. Irvlno
Is tho accountant at plantation.
Following is tho list of officers of tho com
pany: V. O. Irwin. President.
W. L. Hopper. Vice President.
W. M. Glffard. Treasurer.
H. Whitney, Secretary.
Honolulu Iron Works.
Tho Honolulu Iron Works was establish
ed In 1863. and since then has been In un
interrupted operation, with a gradually In
creasing capacity. It is now a stock com
pany, having been Incorporated about thlrtv
years ago, under the Hawaiian laws. Tho
stock of the Honolulu Iron Works Com pan
Ib owned by a number of prominent buslnoss
men, BUgar planters and steamship owners
In the Hawaiian Ulands. "- -,
In 1900 the old works were discontinued,
and now and extensive shops wero built
on tho south aide of the harbor (see Plate
No. 1). The new site covers six and one
half acres, and Is located with tho United
States Government reservation on two sides!
facing the harbor front. All of the build
ings are mado entirely flro proof, of stoel
structural work and bricks, and aro airy
and modern in every respect. In these bulU
Ings aro Installed tho most modern and effi
cient machinery and machlno tools that can
bo obtained In the United States, as wilt bo
specified later.
The scope of tho work executed by tho
Honolulu Iron Works Company extends
from tho repairing of all kinds of machinery
and Iron ship work to the building of com
plete sugar houses of the largest descrip
tion. They aro now finishing the last tno
of flvo such factories. The Honolulu Iron
Works Company has also executed repairs
to nearly all tho United States war vessels
and transports which havo como to Hono
lulu, and Is almost always engaged In such
work, for which special facilities are on
hnnd. They aro also at present engaged In
building a small Iron steamer, for which tho
material has been Imported. It will be
about 100 feet long, and tho company hopes
In time to be able to take up this branch of
manufacture to a greater extent. There havo
also been lately completed In their works
two 3,000,000 gallon pumping engines, and
more of this class of work Is expected.
The skilled mechanics employed are pro
cured mostly from the United States and
tho unskilled laborers are almost exclusive
ly natlvo Hawaltans, no Asiatic labor of
nny kind being used, 'ino number of men
employed varies greatly according to tho
season nnd requirements. At times, oh
many as COO mechanics havo been employed,
but from 450 to 550 have been tho avcrago
number of men at work during tho lu.it
thrco or four years.
Machine Shop. Referring to Plato No. 2,
tho machlno shop Is 90 feet wide and 3(H)
feet long, and in It aro installed tho follow
ing tools, viz:
1 67" double carriage Dettrlck & Harvey
18 lathes from 12" to CO" swing.
1 Jones & I.ampson turret lathe.
1 open side planer, 16 feet trnel.
5 Bhapers.
2 horizontal boring mills.
2 vertical boring mills, 8 feet nnd 1(5
fret awing.
3 Blotters, 12". 20' and 24".
1 portable Blotter for key-nays.
4 planers, 3 feet, 6 feet and 10 feet.
2 milling machines.
6 drill presses.
4 portablo drills.
1 air drill.
2 radial drills, C feet and 8 feet.
1 Newton cold saw.
2 plpo threading machines, up to 8" pipe.
6 bolt cutters, up to C" In diameter.
2 hydraulic presses, 300 tons and 50
Tho machlno Bhops aro served by:
1 15 ton electric traveling crane.
1 10 ton electric tracllng crane.
1 8 ton electric traveling crane.
1 15 ton hand erane.
5 air hoist Jib cranes.
Thero Is also a well-equipped tool room,
with universal milling machines, throo
lathes, shaper, drill press, emery wheoU,
etc., etc.
Foundry. This building la 88 feet wldn
and 265 feet long and contains tho following
machinery, viz:
1 cupola, capacity 12 tons per hour.
1 cupola, capacity 8 tons per hour.
3 coro ovens, 16 feet by 18 feet by 22
1 brass foundry with 3 pot furnaces.
1 pneumatic elevator for cupola.
Served by:
1 15 ton electric trn cling crane.
Overhead hand crano with air hoist.
Cleaning shed, tumbler, emery wheel, etc.
Clay mill nnd sand mixer, etc.
Tho necessary power Is supplied by a
5 horsepower Wcstlnghouso motor.
Boiler 8hop. This building Is 85 feet wide
and 330 feet long. Including a plpo shop
which is 60 feet wide, and 150 feet long. In
this shop aro Installed the following toofl,
60 horsepower Wcstlnghouso motor.
1 10 ton electric traveling crane.
2 oerhend h)drntillc cranes.
4 shenrs. capacity J" plato down.
8 punches, cnpaclty 4" hole In " plato
dow 11.
1 angle Iron shears, !" by 5" by 5" down.
3 sets horizontal rolls.
1 set vortical rolls
1 plate planer.
1 radial and 2 drill presses.
2 horizontal punches, 1 3-16" holo In J"
1 100 ton uvdraiillc rhetor, 9 feet gap.
4 60 ton hydraulic rhetors, 5 feet gap.
Pneumatic calking plant.
Dipping tank for coating plpo.
Pattern 8hop and 8torage for Patterns.
This Is a two-story building, CO feet wldo
by 200 feet long. Tho upper floor In tho
half of tho building Is arranged for a pat
tern shop, and tho lower floor for a carpen
ter shop. Tho other half of tho building Is
entirely used for tho storago of pattern.
This building Is built of brick and Iron and
Is practically fire proof.
In tho pattern shop and carpenter shop
aro the following tools, viz:
30 horsepower Westlnghouso motor.
1 largo and 3 small turning lathes.
2 band saws.
1 circular saw.
1 combination saw.
1 planer.
1 jointer.
Grindstone, etc.
8mith Shop. This building Is 60 feet wld'j
two Cahall vertical water tubo boilers and
one horizontal combination flue nnd tubu'.ir
boiler, which furnish tho necessary steam
for tho whole plant.
8tore Building. The store building Is 38
feet wldo nnd 322 feet long, nnd contains a
largo stock of all kinds of Iron pipes, plate J,
boiler tubes, copper material, etc., used in
manufacture, and a largo toek of heavy
shafting Is nlwns kept on hand, up to 12'
nnd 16" In dlnmetcr.
Drawing Office. The drawing office 'a
large and roomy, nnd this department gives
cmplovnicnt at present to about soven me
chanical draughtsmen.
Tho general offlce for tho works la sit
uated In the front building, It is large and
well equipped, giving amplo accommodation
nnd facilities to tho clerical staff cmployd
In connection with tho works.
Tho second main division of tho Honolulu
Iron Works Is tho Storo and Mcrchandlso
Department. This is located on tho north
ern Bldo of tho harbor, at tho placo where
tho old works wero formerly In operation,
'these warehouses cover about two acres
and contain a largo assortment of Iron pipes,
tubes, packing, oil, fittings, brass and Iron
vahes, etc., of all descriptions, and a full
equipment of plumbing goods, also a full
slock of engineers' general supplies. There
Is also a largo variety of small engines,
fiom two to twenty horsepower, small boil
ers, hoisting engines, gasollno engines, ma
chine tools, such as lathes, drill presses,
shapcrs, planing machines, etc. This part
of tho company's business Is a very Impor
tant one, as It makes It possible for tho
plantations and for vcfbcIs calling at Hono
lulu to get supplies of almost everything
they might require, including blacksmith's
coal and coke.
m Mlet rAmr J '48
5Pf' VAvA,
fjr Y W ""
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Map Showing Position of Honolulu Iron Work in RcUtlon to Government Dock
by 110 feet long, and Is equipped as fol
lows, lz:
Arranged for 11 tiros.
1 bolt machine.
3 steam hammeis, 8, 5 and 1) tons.
5 hnnd cranes.
Coppersmith Shop. This building Is 25
ftct by 60 feet, and Is fully supplied with
tho usual tools for making copper pipes and
doing copper work in general.
Engine and Dynamo Room. This building
is 35 feet by 120 feet, and In It Is Instnllol
ono 350 horsepower Compound Corliss Con
densing Engino and ono generator.
The power for tho entire works emanate;
from this building, thero being no steam
engine located anywhere else.
Boiler House. In tho boiler houso nri
A new, commodious and modernly equip
ped oinco building is now In courso of con
struction. In connection with tho stores,' and
thero Is a clerical staff of about fourteen
at present emploed in theso departments.
The views of tho genernl plans of tho
buildings, as well as tho Interior of theso
UBt shops will bo found interesting.
Following aro tho officers of tho abovo
Important IndiiBiry:
V. M. Swanzy, President.
J. II. Atherton. Vlro President.
T. Clle Davits, Treasurer.
W. II, Ilalrd, Secretary.
T. II. Key worth. Auditor.
C. Iledeman, Manager.
J. Dyer. Superintendent.
J. A. Kennedy, Chief Acrountnnt.
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Interior View Michlne Shop, Honolulu Iron Work Showing Three Nine-Roller Mill la Procea ol Erection U'hoto v William, Honolulu)

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