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ip-i n"imjimpfiviw?asar:"'"
Steamer Table.
From 9. F.
Ventura Jan. 22
Gaelic . . Jan. 28
For 8. F.
Doric . . Ian 3t
Alameda Fob. G
t. From Sydney.
u' Mlowora Tel). 12
J'or Sydney.
' Moana Feb 15
n- wine.
Let your want
lie rl early shown
Foi want unfilled
n- thane unknown
Bulletin "Want Ads." reac'
. the greatest number
' of readers.
Nssecii H
Voii. X. No. 2051.
I'i.ic i: ." Ci.ais.
Benefit of Portuguese
Beneficial Society
Come Timely.
Appeals from District Magistrate Dickey
-Guardian Renders Patrimony to
Minor-George Markham
Denies Complaint.
John 8. Azevodo, executor of the will
df (llraldo J Roclo, files bis final ac
count, asking for discharge. He receiv
ed (64&.C0 and p.ilil mil 28r32, Icav
Itijc as balance In band JTG1 18 Tho
receipts all ioiiip fioni St Antonio So
f It t Illustrating what a boon tho
beneficial associations of tbo Portu
guese colon are to poor families In
tlie hour of trouble
lo tbo bill for foreclosure of mort
gage of S C Allen s Tfiomlis II Lu
(.as and otbcis the minor defendanti
b their Bunrdl.in nd litem 13 M Wa
son enfer a demiiner 1'nder tbe usual
objection tbat the complaint does not
btate facts sulllclent to constitute a
i nine of action It Is set forth "that the
execution and ilcllv n liv defendant!
Thomas II Lucas and Lydla (' Lilc.il
of tin' mortgage sought to be fore-
loii-il Is not tbeieln alleged, nor Is It
olhgtd tbat the I ii m or Interest ot
sulil t efendnuts Gooigo V Lucas, VI
l.i rt II Linns 'I honias It Lucas Ir,
1 Mil. i C Lui.ib and Xonnin W Lucas,
In n ill mortgaged le.il estute Is In-
feiloi nnd subject to the lien of tho
moi tgagc "
n appeal has gone up fiom Allen
V. Itolilnson Ltd . from Judgment In fa
vm of Fu Yow Kee a firm of groceis
Tint Inkers, rendeied b Dlstiitt Magls
trMe L A Die le upon tho appellant's
suit for $143 SI balance on a note.
Defendants In the suit of Lee ICow
vs Lie Chan and Yong Ian havo ap
pealed from Dlstrkt Magistrate Dick
tv Juelgment for plaintiff for $i7SI.
Ue-orge Murkhani by his attorney,
fow-ph M I'oepoe makes an answer of
general denial to Prim's complaint In
m Hon to quiet title
Plaintiff b his attorneys, Andrews,
I'eti is & Andrade gives notice of mo
tion to set for healing defendant's tie
mmwr In the rciulty suit of Panto Lona
x lulln Acbleu to set nsldo and can
( 1 1 a deed
Hi'iuy Smith guaidlan Is ordered liv
luilge IIumplue)s to pay Kalianu mi
nor 168, the waul having coma of
voting age
Ihensa Alii Koki tins been appoint
til guardian of Joshua David Kokl,
N'lne sallois fiom merchantmen In
pint and thiee bluejackets are on trial
in i lie Police Court this afternoon,
i haiMil with tliieatenlug to kill J.
Amlc-ison a non-union sailor They
we re called on this foienonii (o lespond
to (lie charge and eadi ono In bis turn
phudid not gulltq.
It Is the opinion of the police that
the tiuubles between the union and
noli union sallois niu at an end fur
the piesent at least Ibis nunc com
tollable) state of affaiis has been
bioiighl about, first by tho let cut ur
ictsti, and. second. b the drpaituie or
Intended dcpartuie In the neai fiitine
oi vessels from which the paitles con
lerncil hnve hailed
The C I) Cailetou whose ( row Is
uiiiclc up of union sailors, has already
gone 'I he Chus 13 Moody, also a
union vessel, leaves Friday and the
Florence, whose sailors are all non
union men, leaves. on Saturday.
m i m .-.
'I h" follow lug cnsis were disposed of
In the Police Court this.foienoon. Ah
Sang lure en j In tho second degree,
committed to the C'litult Court for
tilal. Ah Uong lecelvlng stolen goods,
nolle pios'd; Ileniy Shaw, assault nnd
bittery on A Sjralu, $10 and costs,
ale utln Rodilguez. vngianc), Cesar
(I Piua, vagrancy, repilmanded and
nisi barged. All Sang Is the Chinaman
accused of stealing IM Milnernny's
blijcle Me was dc fended 1, Attorney
Chllllngworth Ileniy Shaw is tho
man who, while In charge of a gang of
btovcdoies employed by Mi Cube Ham
ilton S. Kenny kicked a man because
In. called lilm u vile name.
Louis T Grant will assume his duties
.13 manager of the Oco.iulc. Gas u I3lec
ti lb Companj on tbo (list of rebiuaiy.
AHk.il this morning If the company
was going to branch out Into new fea
tures under his management, Mr. Grant
leplliil that every lino ot the company's
Insiness would bo pushed for all II
wns worth.
The second edition of the special
Industrial edition is now ready for
distribution. Get your orders in early
Price 25 cents.
us done
Judge Kstee this morning adjudicat
ed Innkrupt Chew Man and fhr otheis
doing business at Aala Inne Honolulu
under the firm name of Vit Cliong.
Thtlr petition sas that the) owe debts
which tbey are unable to pij In full,
and that they me willing to suriendei
all their propel ty foi the benefit of
their crediting except what Is exempt
Cel by law. and that thev deslie to ob
tain the benefits of I'nlte tatcs lnnk
luptcy laws Their sdndules show
unsecured debts of $IGG0M, and debts
to be paid III full attorney s fee of
J'O and wnges due servants milled
$212 90. There nrc no seiured credi
tors Tho assets consist wholly of goods
In possession of High Sheriff Drown,
taken by execution, amounting In value)
to $300.
Tbo following new rule No 128. has
been promulgated In the Federal
"Monday shall bo tho hw anil mo
tion day of this Court, when all such
matters will be heard at th" hour of in
o'cloik a. m., Biibject to the order of
the Court,"
Get your orders In for the special
Industrial edition. The second edition
Is now ready for distribution. Price
25 cents.
Judge Wilcox Maintains That No
Malice Was Shown by Defendant
--Right of Way
The cn.se of (' Iloltc chargid with
assault and battel) on line Wa at
Kauenho on the 1.1th Inst, cuttle, up
lor argument in the Police Court this
foieuoon, tho testimony of tho defense
having been completed at yesterday
afternoon's session
A U. M Robcrtsuu attorney for the
defense, said that In order to make out
a case of assault and battery It was
necessary to prove maiicu on the pari
of the defendant. Had there been any
such malice, Iloltc- would have attack
ed young Ahlo, who represented his
father at Kaneohu whan thei trouble
over the water Hume and ditch oc
Mr Ahlo had himself stated that ho
hnd no right to put tint Hume where
It was Tberefoie. the defendant had
a perfect right to break It down, pro
vldlng theie vvn'a no breach of tbe
peace In doing this. The attempt on
the part of A bio's men to erect the
flume nfter Iloltc a men tote It down
was unlawful,
W A Kinney, representing the
prosecution contended that It was not
necessary to prove adual malice As
snult and battery was using force uu
law fully on another. Mr Kinney sulci
fuithcr that It was Just such nets an
had oc cu I red at Kaneohe that led to
bloodshed Kven admitting Hint llolte
had a right to tho premises In the
name of the Kaneohe Ranch Company
he had no tight to tnko tho luw In hi
own hnnds nnd use force to push the
complaining witness Hoe Wa. from
tho flume Never in God's world
would the defendant have done such
a thing to a man with a white skin
Judge WIU ox sulci he could not flml
any malicious interest on the part ol
Dolte. There was n gang of ten Chi
linmen under young Ahlo nt the clltcl
and another of six under Iloo Wa nl
tho Hume rtoltu went to the Ilrsi
nnd told Ahlo he wnutnl them to
leave Ahlo said ho did not want to
He would lather have llolte use n lit
tie folic Tho defc uiluut thereupon
put bis hnnd on tbo Chinamen und
told them to leave Thoy did bit Im
mediated) llolte and Ahlo then rode
along to tho other gang chatting
pleasantly and, rrom the testimony
were perfectly fileiull) Tho same'
thing happeni'd There waB no mullet-
shown and llolte and Ahlo were on
good terms the whole time
Judgo Wilcox thereupon found the
dctendant not guilty and illsehmeLcl
10 WAS IKE 10111!
A Iltilletin reporter was known u Ut
ter today, which was i etched some
time ago b) J O Pratt from C'laieucn
T. Johnston of tbo Agricultural De
partment, Washington .Mr Johnston
vvus sent to Africa to conduct Irilga
tlon Investigations for the huieau hav
ing that subject In charge The Utter
In question contains the following icf
erenco to .lured G Smith. Dlrritoi of
tho Hawaiian i:perlinent Station:
. "While going west on the tialn re
cently I atiompanlid for quite a dis
tance Mr .1 O Smith who will have
charge of the Experiment Station In
Honolulu 1 hail met Mm previous to
this time In Washington, and con
sidered him an extiomcly able man He
Is a man of quiet disposition but strong
thuructer, and should like to liavo you
meet him I recently noticed sonic
criticism of Mr Smith In the newspa
pers that seemed unwarranted. A cer
tain nowapjper correspondent of Ho
nolulu was mi nppllcnnt for tho plnro
and I attribute n good deal of tbo criti
cism to this source."
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tion can be obtained at this office or
the newsstands. Price 25 cents.
i airs sim
Blasting Near Metropoli
tan Market Breaks
Another Weighing Sixty Pounds
Found on RoofCaptain Parker
Arrested Three Japanese
"I he friend of Manage r (1 J Wallei
of the Mrtinpolltiin Meat Co who b.ivn
hcaid of an occurieiice that took placet
at the maikct on King street this
morning ate (ongratiiljtlng him on
his em ape fiom what might have bceu
It was at about 10.3(1 o'clock thU
morning that tbe employes of the m u
ket ueie st.utled by a loud explosion
and a fe n sec oiids Inter, the crashing of
locks tluough the skylights and upon
the eoriugatiel lion loof.
Fine hits of glass wiut 11 lug In
cvnv illiecllon mil nicks fell Ibiough
to tin- lloor As soon as the excite
ment of the moment bad passed mi
Investigation was made nricl It w 4
found that the c.iieless lupinese oik
ing lu the exeaviilluns Just a fw feet
Walhlkl of the miiiket bad lion tbo
cause of the trouble.
Kwdinth an exti i ihaige ofpciwclei
bad been used to blast au'.u a ledge of
e oral that had been stimk by the men
H3 thev were making their excavations.
Hiving 110 thought of the- sufe-t of peet
pie who might be near It), the') put the
usuil Inadequate- amount of chains
and tools and lighted the fuse
l he explosion seemeel to send tbo
locks living lu one piitlculni direr
Hon and that was nu tup of the Metro
politan Meat Co s building Fortunate
lv the- kugest one of tilt no- a lock
weighing fully sixty pounds, lemalued
on top of the roof ufler having denied
the commuted lion badly
A twentv pound rock fell through the
tk light Just above the desk of Mr
Waller In hW private nlllee nnd, send
ing glass II) Ing about III a llvetv man
ner struck tbe safe .mil flnullv bound
ed to the lloor Fortunately Mr Wal
ler was not at bis desk but had he bee n
there he niUht easily have been killed
Tho lock that entered his loom tore a
piece out of the calendar on the wall
and broke a couple- of water glat-ses on
the safe In Its downward descent The
oulv occupant of the private utile e at
the time was the young lad) stcung
i a )bei
Two large nicks fell through sky
lights In tbe mai ket pioper but no one
was hint Seveial other sin illei plucn
fell on tbe skylights but did not crash
tluough Me n weie sent up on the
loof and the rocks were removed 'I hat
no one was hint seems almost ,i mlin
rle for there wire a number of nis
toineis In the iiiarkc t ami the e mpln)cH
neie lushing li.uk and tenth atti tiding
to theh duties
The noise of Hie explosion uttrudul
the attention of the police and Captain
Pjlkei was soon cm the scene. Ho
made luvestlg.it Ions and tlicu ai listed
.Moiltnfto, Iwabe ami Chubawara, the
tin cc men who attend to the blasting
opeiutlon. chaiglug tbciu with com
mon nuisance and plating ball at $'i(j
When a lock weighing ovci sixty
poiimls can be (blown Into the- air
and landed on a building. It Incomes
daugeious feu people to walk In tin;
ttiec is of Honolulu witli lu a block of a
nlatc wbe-le bhiitinir on. taltcins inr-
I led uu by lap.mesc. aie taking place.
1 lie rocks which fell on the mniket
could Just as well bavo taken another
dlic-ctlon and killed people In tho
Japanese txcnvatloii winkers aie no
toriously caieless In the- bundling of
giant powder as can bo seen by a
glance at tho Police Court moid for
tho year 10U1 Several times ptoplo
have very nairowl) escaped billig kill
eel hv ro ks thrown out by blasting
operations in the coral beds.
Diplomatic eiielcK have cllspluyed.
muli Interest In the nriiin! of I'll j u I
Charoou Itaja Mnltrl. Slams envoy
extruoidluarv and minister pleiilpo I
tentlniy to the United States His!
persouallt) and his suite are us picturesque-
as his name which by the
wa) used to lie I'hy Phetiluida, hlsi
title being changed by Ids now up,
polntmeiit In many ways he losem
bles Wil Ting Fung, the tinueso mln
Istcr Ho also Is a linguist. Is tiav-'
elect ami Is well versed In internation
al politic s lle-sldes being u member
of tin- advanced party In Slam, lie Is a
close rrleiid ol tint king, anil Is deput
ed to stud) methods of government
here for the be-ttoiment of the Slum
esc- systc m.
Mac te-lllllc k the notice lit ulmunnn
gagemeut to Mile Leblane .ins nlre.nU
been announced, Is to bet marrleil in
tho spilug In London Ho (booses to
marrv In England la cause the formal
Itles nro ninth simpler tin in than on
the continent Mile Le-blnne Is veiling,
prettv mid uccompllshcd. She Is mall
Ing a stud) of the psvchologv of woni
en whli h, Maeterlinck s-vs will
cause a sensation when published.
Got your perlncllenls bound nt tho
TJVn.NIVG lll'LLF.TINS Uiudery
lb fuiieiil of I iank lliuwn tool.
1 lje c liom the late ifsideiice on Kin,;
street neai Pllkoi vesietilav aflHinocn
the He v Mex Mackintosh oMle I ulng
rill file lids of the dec e aie d turned out
in I. ii ne uiiuibiis to pav tbeli list li
t-uto to the deceased ami the procession
that followed the re m tins to the family
lot in Nuiianu eemeleiv was a long oi .
The seirvlee-s lit the house wet
ver) simple I'he nine biting clergyni j
'cad tho servlie of the episcopal
chinch and special music was given bj
a ibolr composed of III and Mrs
lleur) W How a id, Mis Itosi M
W.uel Gunge Smithies and HrncivJ
lloss The (elections weie 'Just As 1
Am and "lesus Lover of M) Sen.'
In his tcmarks on the deceased J.r
Mackintosh referred to tbe long lite of
the deceaseel among the friendship
which In hi true after death The short
krielress was most Itnpiesslve
Ihe boine on King stieet was vol,
beautlfilllt decorated, the great rthuit
dame of Mowers, feins ami palms bi
Ing disposed in sue h u manner as t.i
produce a most happy effect Til'
dotal tribute theinselves were beau
tiful After a shni t servlie at ll(
grave- tbe casket was lowered to lu
last testing place and then the giave
was heaped with the mass of How en
tint were rent In elm Ing the i iy.
The pall-biMieiH wne as follows:
Fled Wuiiele nbe ig. I)i II W Howard
Geeuge Smlihles ( M V Forster. 0
tit. Inliii C.llbeit and C II Wilson
No Clue as to Identity of Deceased
Inquest Held On Spot and
Body Buried Verdict of
Vesteiday alte-inoein woiel was re
ceived at the police station that the
decomposing bod of a white man h...l
been found b) Thomas Taylor, uu 1111
ploye or S 13 Damon, in 11 tlelel ol
sorghum at Mnnnaliia Close- beside
the body was a .Ueallliei revolver Jn
the chamber of which were found
tl.ne cnrtrblges and two empty shells
It appears that Taylor was working
in the tleld wbli h Is oil the iiuiuku side
or the load. I3uu of the Stat- Dairy
All odol leacbeel Ills UUStnls ami lu
pine ce-de-el to Inve-stlgutH, finding the
bod) between twit rows of sorghum.
This was tit about 10. 11 etc luck In the
morning Taylor told Charles Itanins
01 what be ad round ami askid him
to telephone at once- to polite bead
quarters The telephitne was mil In
working order unci so Itamus infoime-d
Pnliolman Gumpher and that mile er
hastened to tonu It was about i
oclotk whim the police tluall) li
ce Ivtcl ihe tillnrmutluu.
He put) SherllT Chllllngworth oin
pane led tho lollowlug loroucis Jur)
and at about I o'clock started lor tbu
scene F W Wecel, II VI. Ayres II.
A Giles Paul Klileis lieu Vickeis
and I I. Ahlo Tho remains we-ie
vie weel and the- liujiii'St vvus ludd 1111
the spot.
Sue h testimony us could be obtained
was given to the Jur) but Ihe ic- wtu
iibsoliilcl.v no means It) which the
betel) could be- lileutllleel Tin- body
Was lu a vur) bad state of eueompo
slticm unci must have bun lying In
tho Held iiiiirly two wieks As Inr
an could be lenrued, the- man was ol
middle nisi-, of medium he Iglit and well
built He wore- course gia) liousers
gis) vest, black coat, dark tie, win
Kit lint, heavy boots and it brnael
leather bell with 11 steel buckle- The
top of the bead wns blown uv.ii)
A search was iiiude foi anything that
might blc-ntlf) tbo cleuascd, but noib
Ing could be foiiucl In the pockets
were a silver wntib a box of cor
trlges a Chinese! luiindr) tie ket ami
$11 oi lu insu.
Arter the luiiui-kt .1 grave wns dug
and the- remaliiH weio bulled on tho
slot Tlie Jur) then return to thee
pollen station and dec bled un the foi
lowing verdict
Thut the said John Doe wliltn
man, whoso true unmet Is unknown,
but Ideutlt) known canie to his death
at Moanuliia. In the ellstrlit of llnnu
lulu, Island or Oahti 011 or about Jan
nary 12th lliu.'. riom a self Inlllc ted
gunshnt wound."
No one hus been leported missing
during tin- past two weeks and the
peillce nre piuzlc-il us to the- Identity
0 the dc'( eased Inquiries were Hindu
o. the nipluyvH ut the Damon pluic
In Monnnlua ami other pbices In tlm
vlclnlt) but uothlng loubl be learned
The Paris bill can or paving bet.
lleves that it bus at Inst ill. ,n 1
au Ideal stmt ntivi.nti.nt in i)w, rir...
or 'duvltrlllcd glass blocks," with
which two main thoroughfares nru
now being laid arter six mouths pio
llmlnar) tilal lu other parts of Franc it,
ai( circling to the- ( hlef of flio paving
bureau The glass is Hist ground to
a fine powder he-iiti cl till it become 1
a paste and the 11 molded Into tie tun
gllbu blocks It is hetllcveic! that no
other kind of pave mint is equally
stiong elurable elastic and Impervious
to ntmeisphe-ile (lianges It has been
placed In the doweled streets leading
off the boulevards where- It will bit
subject to the heaviest trallte of the
capital If It realizes, expectations It
will iimloubtodly be substltiitcel silent
ly on the- boiilevaiela tor thct tiadlilon.
al iielir blocks It Is fariheupci than
ihe old system tequlres only half
xoarly ropalrs and Is moie cnsllj kept
, i
New Tax is Imposed by
Agents on Shippers
of Goods.
Oow the Competition is Making
Itself Kelt Along the
Waterfront Old
Castle ex. Cooke are- to be paid leer
the money the) advanced fen Uucir-i-tletii
of tin- Quiunutlne vx hurt cl urine,
the plague times, and the consumers
In these Islands ale to pay lor It For
e veial weeks tho bills of lading rutin
Coist polls have borne tne stamp
"lhese goods are shlppeel siibjeit tit
a charge or fifteen lints per ton fur
(juaiantllie clues The new tax has
bien In ope-taMon about a mouth und
will he continued Inde United
Miteiug manv of the shippers it in
euuslilcud ns n sandbag ptitpostliou
but Irom the fact Unit It is such :i
small t hinge theie has been but lllllej
complaint e umtng us it noes along
I with the lediKtlon of Irolgbls wltltli
in falllug b) elegie-es the liupoitiis
tin Hit whole are feeling vrv Jubi
lint, and ale in hopes that In the fu
tun-tlie tales It) sailing vetst-.l will In
so reduced Unit the win now on will
le waging more1 bitte-rlv thin It Is nt
1 pie sent While- lite snipping Hues aie
lighting there will be (heap goods
m.irketitl ami the entire (euldb. will
I-up tin bene tit o uu- bailie
1 ltli the two now Hues ol Irelghl
iftitime-is plvlug tegulurlj1 IHtwoen the
Coast anil Island pons the steilmorh
whlcli Ii im nlwitvs earrleil irelght let
the IsI.iiiiIk Iiiv.i liifl tt. m. ..t tlm .i.,t
lute- established or tlim- dollars and
Hltv cents a ton Ihe sailing vessels
hlivu had to go below tills and nl
I hough the) e Itarge wluiifage primage
and the quarantine tax the) an- laud
Ing tbu frtlghi hen- at 11 few cents 11
Ion less than the steamers
Tint American Hawaiian line Is
1 liaising 11 net rule or three and a hall
ilolluis 11 ton for goods landed uu the
wharr hero At this rate the) will get
tne bllblltte nf th.. Initilii.mu i( .Ii,,
small Importers who are not tied by
ii'iiiiuii 10 1110 steamer companies.
'I lie Globe Navigation Company Is
lllietitll- tin. l-.it., n-wt.t t.. it ...
Hue or vessels ami It seems sun- tint
tin- Oceanic ntie will come down low
r thus liiiuglug the light Into tlie en
'in) s lines
Taking into consideration tbe illnVr
elite in tlmu betw the ste-ainerh
and sailing vessels ami the lint that
the sleuliit'iu will 1 urn nl ui .i.......
- -.... i.iiiuift. iiii,-t-
times its much Height lu 11 sluglo trip
" ) 01 me sailing vessels In the
traete 11ml Unit thev (an make the run
In 111 San Francisco In mm- elns the
BUllilli: VOSSC-IS Will ll.tl.. IA . ...n.. . I. ......
-.... ...... ... ,u,,,,- KiFnil
conslderubl) biloru the) will have tlm
iiiiijiiniy 01 the trelglit us the) liave
bail ill pusc 111s.
II) SllCllkilttf (It- tilt, (I..U r... ..!....
.. 'I'.i iitiinn-
tax imposed on Impolicy bere n gen
tleimin s.tiel ibis um.imIi... n
tax Is in addition to two otbei 1 barges
omen un people or Honolulu have
hren pH)lng roi veins Primage has
been iluiiLceel ut tin. Mil.. ,,r -. .....
on the Irelght ilinige '1 hen there
lias lit eu u tliari,!' ot twenty live cents
n ton on freight lor wbailage 'Ibis
uttei 1 luugo ami tlie primage are col
luted h) Ihe vessels They have- to
pe thei paid all the expenses of the
ships while In m. ir tne) w u-ri
lint ii it-useimililit time Take- ror In
Htiinco. 11 Ton ton vessel bringing u
1 niiisuiiu ions 01 irelglit to tills titv,
Ihe (onslgnees liave to pa) to the ship
tVVO ltutlllrt'il 11ml tltlv a. .ti... e...
whuirage and a bundled und sevent)
Hve dollais for primage. Tills amounts
to rour hundred and twent) live- dol
lurs that the ship earns foi nothing
un ills oiitshli the trdght.
It (lists a Vessel of the sle or
be veil bundled tons $'lll lor lowage.
In ami out ol tin. buibor Pllolnge Is
Ucit to be tl tf ttri-il nu tlmu.. .1.,..
mail) all the largo vessels niiif'tin
ueiwetn ine ftwst and this city ate
tinder (oustwlso p.ipeis and do not
tuke a pilot vvhi'ii thev tow 'I huh
wharfage is at the rule of two cents
u ton a da) excepting HiiiidiiH nnd
ludldu)s 811) s vessel remains hue
discharging u-niayH, hei whoitugo Is
$11 n da) or $llu Her towage Is
590 ami the hnrlloi master's fee $3 for
hoaiclliig on enteilng These i barges
for a teiiilu) lay disc barging total.
Including l.'n foi wntoi $.'-,3 At tho
rate ror primage and whnilage charg
cd the shippers, the ship besides her
Height makes n dear pioHt or $172
With this piollt to each ship coming
here bringing luiio tons of cargo It
seems that the agents could tnko soiiih
of this to pav the builders of the Quar
amine whiiil Iniiteiid of Imposing an
other tux "
He I ccrtainl) bad reason to think
von cared for iiie-jott were so ulte
to me 1
She Hut 1 make It a point to be ulie
to (vt iv 111111 no milter how stupid he
Is Detiolt 1'ieo Press
I was marl) oveioome It) gaR
again ' icmarked the man who bad
eiime In from the siiIiiiiIh
' When did It iieiui"
At tho usual time When tho com
pan) reiukml Its bill " Tlt-lllts
"Dont 3011 ever icgret voiu p-ist"
InqiilKil the pilt-nn missionary
'No" ii piled the burden d convict
' It's me present that woriles mo
most Philadelphia Press
I i sKaitur Hun ib I will mak a
spe ' lal trip to Ixahului tbls alteruoon
with IJo Japan m Inboicrs who ha
lie 11 re b nse d riom tuaiantitic 11
sleatne 1 Nllhtm was Hrst bciokctl t.
lain the' l.iliiints imt ns tin re wtie
set man) more or them thnn wns at
Hist thought slie hail the job tarn 11
finm bur nnd the larger boat got It
Vm tlie leglllar captain of the Hnnulei
Is awn) on the steamer Nocaii, she
will be tindc r the command of Captain
Green or the twalnni on this trip The
hi bin era were being transferee! from
the Quarantine' station liv boats to
the simmer this afternoon and she
will sail about I o clock for her desti
The steamer Iwnlapl arrived from
Kauai ports this morning with a full
Intel of sugar and several passengers
Purser L)ons reports Hne weather on
the Gaitlen Isle with little rnln Cross
Ing the 1 banned a line-Tun was made
over a smooth son. V
'I here were rend) lor shipment on
Kauai when the Iwnlanl left over HO
O'tO bags or sugar Tho steamers Hall
nnd Mnkee will be In from there to
nioiniw both with full loads
. m RiKs an
Claims Antone Rosa Died While in
Possession of All Foreclosure
Mortgage Papers and
Isaac Tisto by his attorneys Smith
.x Lewis bus In ought suit In the Clr
cull Ciiuit against 11 ixaualhllo John
V Colbiirn executor ot tho will of
Allium- Ilctsn. deceased. Helen A.
Hosii ami Helan A llosn guardian ot
William I.adil Itosa, Muhelunl A How
and Hose llosn, minors, for the deela
tntloii of trust, the appointment of
trustee-, nnd conveyance of real estate.
It Is alleged that dn .itigtitV2it. iSS3
the defendant, a resident of Kapaku.
Koolauloa, was In possession of cer
tain lands nt that place whlcli he do
llvereel to Isaac- Testa by mortgigu
by way or securing the- pii)ment ot a
promissory note of the same elate for
j2int. with Interest at 12 per cent and
.1 te rm or three months.
It Is further nllegdl tnut when tlie
note became due neither principal nor
lute rest wns forthcoming, and so steps
wire taken to foreclose the mortgage
Antone Itosa now deceased was 0111
plo)te to fori close tho mortgage and
to (oiiduu a sale of the premises
Ros.i bid lu nil tho land involved and
li was knocked down to him for $33u
ns trustee
Itosa died having possession of all
tin- papeis and documents relating to
the nioitgage and foreclosure Tho
plaintiff itintlnues that lu now bo
llevts the force Iobuic proceedings
weie never completed In that utter
the- sale 01 the laud no deed or deeds
01 otbr conveyance of piemlses were
ever made by him ns mortgagee to
Antone Rosa trustee
On October 17 1S0X J I' Colbiirn
was appointed executor of the- will of
Antone Rosa and on the- same dato
Helen A Rosa was appointed gunrtllau
of the minors mentioned
The pl.ilnto. asks for the appoint
nunt or n suitable person to succeed
Anlone Rosn deceased us trustee In
older that the piopu steps ma) be
taken toward putting hlin in mil ims
session or the land fee simple
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one. '1 he lliinnthtcr Ih 11
greot vm-lcty of letithcrti
Mr sty
Manufacturers Shoe Store
1057 TOUT 8T.
He Will Inform Himself
Regarding Fire
Joseph 0. Pratt Declines Involuntary
Candidature for Governor and
Would Nominate Fred W.
Senator C D ( lark, of Wyoming,
lias wrltttn to his fntnd, Joseph G,
Pratt, under dato of Washington Ja
nay .1, replying to a letter regarding
tlie petition of tho local Wyoming col
buy pr.t)lng Congress to sot aside cus
toms receipts nt Hawaiian ports for
the- pajment of Flro Commission
iwurds Incidental!), Senator Clark
torn lies on other mutters. I3vir sinew
annexation he has been regarded as 1
friend at couit of Hawaii. Tho Sen-
atoi wittci:
'I have not yet noon I lie petition
wbli b jo 1 sa) was sent to .Senator
Vvaircn Mr Mondell nnd myself rein
the to appljlng the customs, revcniiu
to the payment of losses Incurred lu
the suppression ot the phguo. I up.
poso the p- tltlnn fully rccl.es tile con
ditions und dre umslauies of tho mat
ter mil as I do not know tbo details,
of lourse I could make 110 effective
picsc'titntlnn without the contents of
the t'tltttun were known to tne. Ai
soon ns I git a sight of it I will tij tci
post myself t-o thut I can act intelli
gently." With reference to Information that
Judge dear ami George Davis wore go
ing to Washington Senator Clark tub!
they had not arrived or at least he bad
not seen tbvm. adding.
"There sefnis to bo alwaja some
thing doing in politics In Hawaii. O!
course I know nothing about tho mat
ter of your Governorship, but. from let
ters retclvcd from the Islands, there
seems to be a prevaliut Idea tbat Gov
ernor Dole ma) not rare to hold tbu
office much longer nnd tha,t sonic-emu
else will probably be appointed In tht
spring I have received letters from
there among others warmly speakln.1
of ou In connection with that office,
although I do not see what )ou would
want to assume the tares of the posi
tion for. as It seems to mo there U
more political Are nnd grief over there
to the square Inch than In any other
place under the Hig,"
Mr Pratt laughed over this mention
of himself while reading Senator
I Clark's letter to a llulletln reporter
who dropped Into his office In quest of
news Ho gave the nemo of nn en
thusiastic friend at Illlo is author of
the attempted boom of his name for tlm
position. The suggestion was a com
plete surprise when broached to lilm
recently, for that particular ambition
'ml never entered even his dreams.
Ills Idea had been flint Fred. W Mac
farlane. as an earnes't nnd effective)
business mun and one who had held
aloof from faction, would make nn
omigetlc and tfficlent Govirtior while)
'retonclllng warring elements
Senator Clark refers In the letter
hero quoted to the appointment of
' Hob" llrccknns as Fnlttd States Dis
trict Attorney saying be Is confident
j that .Mr. Ilieekons would make- an
U Hie lent nnd fntlsfactorj officer. Hci
did not agree with tho opinion be had
heard that this office should lie filled
bv a resilient "So far as I'know." tbo
.Wyoming Senator si)S no one there
I who Is full) qualltliel could bo found
who Is not Identified with one or the
other of tho political factions and this
alone would Impair an officer's useful
ness Again an attorne)famlllnr with
Federal practice would of course be
more efficient than one who has never
bad experience In tint line '
James A
ThU nnmc on n pnlr ot hIiock
itiennH 11 perfect fitting, nt
IIhIi hIicic, Miotic (if the heist
iniitcrliilK unci of the ItcHt
11 poor hoc, hut lovv for 11 good
good hhoe. Ilutton or lace In
from 0.00 to 88.00.
- -!

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