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Bulletin "Want Column" on Page Six
Don t unit until the balance
Shuns business getting bud,
II il stimulate a prosperous
ThruuKb nn Kvenlng Ilulle
tin Ail
An ad. In the Bulletin, with
careful preparation of
: copy, pay large
: dividends
Evening Bulletin
Is Eagerly Read by Hundreds
Vol. X. No. 2033.
Tit i cm: 5 Ci:nts.
Steamer Table.
From 8. F.
Gaelic Jan. 28
Alameda Feb. 1
For 8. F.
Doric Jan. 31
Alameda Feb. S
From Sydney.
Mlowcra reb. 12
For Sydney.
Moana Kcb. 15
They Resent Competition
from the Head
Federal Attorney Dunne Gives Opinion
that Inter-State Commerce Law
Is Not ViolatedSecretary
Gurrey Explains.
Members of the Honolulu Uoaul of
Underwrite have made u defensive
ugrccment against direct competition
lit Insurancn companies on the Maln-
1m ml. Somo of thco Iiavo been doliiK
,i considerable business In risks
throughout tlio Tcrrltorj over the
bends of the local agencies, l'or their
tommon jrotcctlon tho agents bue
mado a compact, whoso obllbatlon Is
that mi) one of them will resign his
ngeniy If tho conipnnj should write
Hawaiian Insuranco direct below tlm
intes llxed by tlio Uoard of Undcrwrlt
.Mr. Langc, a member of the Hoard
wanted U bo sure ho was right before
signing the agreement. It was fresh to
Ms mind how a combination of mer
chants was called down b) tho lato
District Attorney llalrd for Its action
against outside drummers Ho tbcie-
foie wrote to ,1. J Dunne, Artlng DIs
trlct Attorno). for an opinion on the
Insurance men's combination. The fol
lowing Is Iho rcpt) ho reeelveel
Honolulu. II. T, Jim 2J, no.'
"Hubert K I-nnge, Hsq Miiiuiger llolt
schlacger Compaii) Limited Ho
nolulu, II. T.
"Sir. 1 have the honor hcrebv lo
reply to the question put li )ou )cs
terd.i I gather fioni our statement
that the mtlnlnnd Insurant o (omp.m
ies have agents In Honolulu The
business understanding nmong theso
agents has pindueed n uniform lnsur
nine rate In Honolulu, Just as nines
ponding business conditions hnc pro
eluced genrially speaklng.n similar iiul-
form rate In San Kranclseo Hut cer
tain large Honolulu estates hae placed
their risks In San Franilsio, beuiiise.
by going there. thc inn get a better
rate, that Is a ihe.iper rale, than they
inn get In Honolulu In order to pro
teit themsehes ngalnst this the local
agents nre considering the advisability
of Joining In nn agreement b) whlih
the locnl agency of any San I'ranilsco
lompun) will be prompt!) resigned
whenever such compaii) shall give ll
late on Honolulu risks that Is cheaper
than the going Honolulu or Sun Finn
Cisco rate I'pon this state of fuits
you Inquired whether such an agree
ment would lolato the Inter-State
Commerce law.
"In lesponso to our question I hnvn
the honor to advice that, in in) opin
ion, such an agieement would not vio
late the Inter-State Commerce law
"Very icspectfullj,
"J. I dukni:
A. It. Ourrey, smetaiy of the Uoard
of Underwi Iters, promptl) replied to
the uquest of a Ilulletiu icporter for
Information regnidlng the nature and
.xtint of tho gilevnnco against which
the local tlio Insurance) agencies are
taking action
"It Is not altogether a matter of
luwu rates being given on the Coast
tor In some cases Hawaiian ilsl h have
liicn insured there ut higher than tliu
local rates We feel that the premium)
or Insui into ought to be kept at
home. Just as a gioccr heie would feel
If some of his good customers suit
tin Ir ordeis for groeerles'to the Coast
"A good deul of tho Insuranco on su
gar mills has been taken direct to San
Fianeisco, although It pu)s higher
lateu than the local ageniics charge I
have made n complete inspcitlon of thu
mills thioughout tho Islands, some
thing that had uevei been done before
.is u result of whlih I have felt Justl
tleil In recommending u I eduction of
picmluins in many canes.
'"Ihen tnko the Chinese business In
outside towns. Where we iharge two
and a quarter per cent, on thu Coast
thoy thargo three and a quartir per
tent. For Chlneso langes those long
lows of wooden buildings we ask six
pir cent, while In Coast towns tho rate
Eoet) all the way fiom six to ten pei
tent. The conditions differ bctwecc
here and there In various cases, the
link being sometimes greater and
aoini times leas on one side oi tho oth
"A business house hero was allowed
to can) one hundred gallons of gaso
lluo In a building, and when the) heaid
of It In the San Francisco ofllio they
wiote down In great alarm eivei tho
link They nllovv but foily gallons of
gasoline In a building and charge extra
for It, while we make no cxtia eli.ug"
lor a hundred gallons,"
.Mr Cliuicy told of a business man
ut Kilo who placed his Insinuate In
van I'innrlsio, ono of whoso exhibits
auioiiipau)lug tho application was a
imip entlicly nut of dato lie warned
the man that In case of loss such de
ception regarding tho conditions might
Invalidate his policy. In an) event.
It would take six oi seven months to
adjust a loss at that distance, so that
tho slight reduction of rates would be
poor rccotnpenso for sending his risk
out of the country.
"The action of tho Mainland com
panics In taking Hawaiian business di
rect Is duo to the poor business of In
surance, ' Mr. Ourrcy continued
"There wcro sixteen or eighteen com
panies In San Francisco ten )ears ago
Now thcro are only two companies
with head ofllics there. Thlrty-slx com
panles In the United Slates retired In
ono )ear "
Mr. (lurro) showed. In the report of
the New York Superintendent for 189",
nearl) a whole pago of flue print oc
cupied by tho list of mutual lire lnsur
anco companies which had become ex
tinguished Tho companion reinsuring
their risks the past ear had received
premiums nmountlng to between five
and six million dollars.
"Honolulu has afforded good risks
for somo time past," concluded Mr.
Gurrey, "but of Into fires hnve been
somewhat frequent. Wo hnve been hit
within the past car to the amount of
$123,000 to (130 000 which Is not such
a very small figure"
Of College Grounds by People Who
Were After Lumber in Moonlight
Unexpected Denoue
ment. As tlie dock was striking eight last
ocnlng, meiiilx rH of tho Onhii Col
lege Incult) were surprised to see two
men hold!) lurrjlng away lumber
lioni the new building on tho college
gi omuls mid sent a messenger post
lialo to Inform T 1 Osborn, manager
ol the Coiurite Construction Com
pan), while they proceeded lo aim
themselves with all the model n Im
plements of wai tu protect tho prop
When Mr Osborn arrived on the
scene tho supposed mlserennts vveie
well out of sight. However, tho) left
evidence of their visitation in the
sbapo of bundles of lumber lying lu
wiu roan wnero uiey unci been hnstll)
chopped when tho men went stopped
by a couple of pedestrians demanding
them to drop their Icpd.
A crowd tongregnted at tho spot
whero tho spoils had been lelt and
discussed the boldness of attempting
to carry nwn) 24 foot boards nt nn
early an hour, mid In broad moonlight,
lumuricing me vvnno on tun amatout
ishness of tho robbers, for they made
n noise llko a steam toller In gating
the lumber awn).
Just before the arrival of an ofllier,
two men presented themselves nnd ex
plained to Mr Osborn that the) were
responsible for tho deed. The latter
Imtantly recognized them ns somo of
his head workmen whom ho had prom
lied a few boards some days prev lous.
The) had wanted to llnish somo
work on their cottage that evening, so
went for the lumber after dinner m
sliad of waiting for morning, and In
so doing, took dangerous chances Oi
having their clothes peiforated with
rlllr bullets by tho over vigilant stii
dents of the college
ah It was, tho whole thine nrmed
n good Joke, and when the olllcei nr
n'id. ho good unturedl) said ho pro
fetred n rldo on Ihc cm tn tin. ni.inmi.
task of fanning mosquitoes at the po
n ncuuun, u uii s well mat ends
Iho activity of the fnnillv nn,i i
dents of Oahu College, made murilfcst
aat evening, should servo as a warn
l"g to uny burglar who might have It
m ma muni to no any plirerlng nn the
rnmlses of tho udticnt.nnnl Inuiltn
lion mentioned
Snlenann jF. I. tin'., m u l.n.i n... it .
.. w ...wB ... . iju ll, ,uv Mil
Ijl.iiil. was put lu tho wator jester I ly
nn euuiieii inn on wnat lookej in If
It would be a ver) siiccimsIiiI tilal lilp
.to inn .nuiuiiuu was luilK'tii; Tor
Prime nilfilil'u l.nnt ti,.. t.i
whlih was mining Into thu harbor, she
was run onto thn rails of the marine
railway anil tarried away her rudder
before sho had gono n hundred yards.
This happening qulto later In the aft
crnoon, the trial was postponed until
today, when sho will ho put thiough
her nnrou fnr elw, lira. .l,n . a....
.... ,.-., ., .,,v ,,,B. I,1V. i UllC
sets of racing sails mado by Cashmau
in.-i u uiu nisi appearance or tlie now
tlipr (n pnml ulin,,,. nml r.nni .i.
..w. ... ,, D.,ulu ,., Hum uiu
short distance that she wont ) ester-
cmy, ii was seen mat tno expectations
of her builders for Hpced will bo teal
The (lag note for tho United Stales
Naval Reservation it Hnlawa has
been erceted nnd somo dny next wk
me rormai raising of tho United States
flag will take nlico mule.- the direction
of Captain J F Menv Theio Is a
posslbllltv of a little fo nul cei.monv
I'tlng held In thu InMuie ufei of thr
luncl by the Naval nut!) iillles.
I'opc'H Condition Knlil to be (irnvt
Loudon, Jnn IS Vault) Fail's irn
respondent nt Homo wiltis ' Tin-
diath of thu I'opo may be oxpeelid
any day, as his holiness ian only be
said to bo just nllve He tnkes Utile
nourishment and Is geneiall) half un
cousdous. He suiters no pain, nun
simply dozes the hours away without
iimiprohenslon of what is gulng nn
around him "
Mnan'lne? tound Iit llin nvi'viv
The Price Has Touched
Lowest Point
Labor Situation Looking Up in One
Opinion Hawaiian Plantations
Are Better Than California
On a quest for opinions on the pn
ent Male of the sugar mnikct a IJulle
tin leporter happened upon nn hour
when mail) or tho leaders wile holding
a meeting of Trustees of the llnv.ullan
Sugar I'lanters- Association After
ward, however F A Si line for wns
found at his otllce ami, iipl)lng to u
general question, hrlell) discussed the
mat Ret and the conditions, hxullv for
meeting Its depressed state Mr
Sclincfer said In substance'
"It Is the lowest price foi sugai wo
have ever known thiee nnd three
elgbtliH cents as )on know That Is
with tlio United Stales duty Should
Cuban sugar be admitted free, the sit
uation lure would be serious It Is not
prohnhlu that Cuban sugar will Li
made fne short of annexation, but
Cuba will llkel) lie given concessions
nils would lie Jusi us well tor us, lie-1 lie mi lull) at Us meeting last iilgnt
cause with i oiu chsIoiis Cuba might goi One was tin labor question uud the
on quite a while without ngltntliiL, foif pioposlilon of a union hutwein tin li
flee admission of Its sugar. lb'" men ol the lit) nml Iho lliiniu
No I e.inni.1 ki) that the labor sit-1 l"1' l"11 '' '" '' "
uatlon Is impiovlng niiul, Our plan- Wllll ,..,.., ,,. , . ,,.,, ,U(.
tatlons Inform us that the) will need ,t,11IIlUt,, , Noiom tin woik of urn
more labor to kiep the mills gilndlng
full time on the crops We tried the,!
experiment or I'orto Itiuin labor hutV.
it has pioved a failure exiepllng per-'i
linn for KOlne moriil elTc. I II .nc I.mw.i
had on the Japanese In shotting thuij
that tlie) cl lit not altogether control
- - .....
the supply i
"A few Japanese ure coming tn not
more than u hunched lit a time.
though while many aro going aw a).
I think the statistics for hist J ear will
show a good many more drp.il turcs
than arrivals of Japanese."
Another gentleman holding a mm
mantling position In limine lal and
planting circles but who was not nt
the meeting of planters spoke lu mole
optimistic villi of the sltiintlou Uelng '
averse to frequent citation In the news-
papeis as an authorlt) Ills uquest to
be left Iniogiiito Is risputed What
he said ran on this wlsu-
' I still think we have the nicest
business despite tlie depiessed mniket
Our sugar luclustr.v Is bittei than oi
rliardH In California
"No. I don t sii) we can stand niuih
lower pilres still, for some or the plan
tations uie making little or nothing
nt piesent Yet I think om nlTalrs uie
going to Improve "
"Upon what do ou base our good
"Well, our conditions are gradually
i omlng Into better shano The labor
situation Is looking better, llesles thu
Hopping Into the country of more Jap
nneso nom nine, to time
many of i
those alicady hero aro
more disposed to return to the plantu
tlons. HnprovementH In Honolulu,
whlih Involved much illcgina of ii-l i
lars nnd la)lng of sidewalks, are
slackening oft nnd tho Jnpnnese who'
havo been employed In that klml of,
woik will hnvo to find something else
to do.
"Fiom leient experiences, tlie Jap ,
aneso are less disposed than formeil)
to suppoit ono another in Idleness
'Uii) hnvo been unable to eoene tho
employers of labor in this way. The '
means taken by the planters to pro
vent labor fiom migrating flora one
plantation to nnnther has also had a ,
good effect
'I think there will be another cut
in wages, espcela.l) 1, the pile,, of s
S?.L',,?,Pn'f!' '.I!... 1 e.u!Ul'l!im".
iui. ut linn iuiiui in p i a lUUIIUI
mny also be neeeksnr) to leduie sala
rles, as was done before In a time of
On Monday last Nigel Jackson wns
piiiented with a locl.ut, tho case of
which wojufiioiinteil with fnui dla- iionsent to the iindertakliig today nnd
t It f. Mild Thft lil unfit it .,t lln ..!... I,,1.!.. ii . " .. :.
liiniids Tho Identity of the giver Is
unknown to Mi Jackson
It appears that on Saturday last
tieeie was a iiinavva) at tl cornel nf
Hint, and Nuiianu stieer-i 'iheie wn
in elderly lad) lu tho (auuigu Jack
sen iHRhed out fiom tho sldewn.l.
gi.isped'tbe lehiB unci stopped the rii.v
nvn) The lad) thanked tlio olllce
anel nothing more wis nil Jiiksol
Tc got nil about the nnilur until ho
vns presented with Uie lu"i.t The
ladv ic-rused abveolutel) lo give her
The weekly edition of the Evening
Bulletin Is the larqest and best pub
lished In the Territory. Sixteen and
twenty pages. $1 a year.
Foi into on packages
nml valuables to all
pints of the weii Id ling up
Wells, Fargo & Co, Express
TEL. MAIN 109,
Maionle Temple, with American Mes
senger Service.
Hawaiian mm
The Hawaiian bo)s who hav bet n
giving loncerts In No' York City
have been getting alon. vi rv well of
late In n letter froi.i one of the
number to W .1 Coell o or this c ity
Is contained the following.
'We hnvo been doing lnirlv well
since re aching this illy We have
pla)ed for the Now York Arts Club,
Lambs' Club and several private places
among which wns the home of Mrs.
Culver :i daughter of Senutoi Clark
of Montana We have here Thurs
day. Jnnuni) 0. for Springfield. Mass ,
where we nro to appear for a week
We shnll then return to New York fir
a week before beginning nut trip tu
wnrd home. Vc will pin) at the fol
lowing places on our wn) home Syra
cuse Ilochester. Youngstown, Hits
burg Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati, In
rilaiiapoll Chicago St I oulH Kansas
Clt) Omnhn, Los Angi leu nnd Han
Francisco We win arrive In Hono
lulu during th lntter part of April or
the beginning of Ma).
Labor Matter Also Figured in Last
Night's Meeting of Committee
Labor Men Not
hen- wi'ii- two mallei In ought up
lol the (iiiislilerutloti ol the cxicullvn
lomiulttie ul tin- Home Itule Itepub
fining with the labor nun oi the illy
had ,e, , giwn made a n-purt II was
stated thai the labor i..i-n prefe-rnd
waiting a little biloie giving an) II mi I
UI1SWI 1 All or tlio I al lolls UllloUS had
not )it In en mussed togcthei Into one
hod). As soon as Hint was done, the
labor nu n would then come foiwuid
and decline thcnibclvis foi the paity
,'wiiom' iiiatroim would nrom so them
flhe gliatest benefits.
When the precinct club matter was
bu light up there wus a gnat deal ol
discussion Flnull), It was iiecileel tu
have n H)stem or clubs, one in each
voting precinct of the Islands and
made up or voteis who proclaim thell
realt) to tho pait).
Tin si clubs nie to In governed b)
till, llkllill ,,M1. .art, nml lh. I. .lull,,..
. .hv un ..,,. i ,o ..in, itivil llllliea
shnll hi to eleti delegates lo nil nom
iii.iung ioiivi niiuns and, as well, mem
beis of tin i-M-ciitlve committee
The niles wire n ad through and
thoioughly discussed being adopted
with but few changes 'ihise lilies
nie now lu Un- hands of n ciiinmiltee
ami will soon iippeni in piiut loi ills
trihtitlou among tin Home Ituleiu
The onl) mateilul change made to
the lilies last night was to the elTcel
that there mav he made mi amendment
to the rule's fen Hie government or tin
pint) i luhs h) a major!!) vole or the
tueiiilM ishlp or each club ' his change
was made lor tin purpose ot penult
ting the several piiclncl luhs when
a full utti nilaiiK' cannot he secured
to maki rules lor tin government In
these pieinlses
The I'oi mat Ion ot there clubs will be
111 the liaiuls or 1'ilnce Jonah Kal.iula
naole and I K Kaulin A trip through
ine isiiinus win lie liiKcn lor thu pur
pose or Interesting the iieeinle inter
ivted In the foriuallon of the clubs.
James Waul, a )o.ng Haw ('ian bu
will ir lu passi-H his plDsluil uxiiml
nation be enlisted as om or tho up
pientlces aboard the Mohicun. Ward
Is nuclei two e barges of l.uceny and
wus awaiting investigation by the
U I'll ml liny Sheiirf Uiown and Cup
tuln I'arki r took an Interest In his
iilii ellnl (l.i.ii- .In. 1.1,1,1 (... If l-... .1
,,,, Ue gi"eM Vh,'..e' yVars' torn." n
Ul lu ' v " mlKUt bo tho mak
lug of him.
He Is an liicniilguble )outli and has
Unliable dealings Weru he to bu sin
teuieil and sent to Jnll to associate
with i rimluals. he might beiomo worse
Hum ever and leave prison walls to
become a continued irimliial.
Aboard the Mohican Ward will
learn discipline mid will bu houulltid
in every wa SheillT Uiowu guvo his
the boy has already gone to thu Naval
Station to ho examined Of course. If
he tails to pass the Inspection of the
examining surgeon be will havo to go
back to prison ami stand trial when
thu time lomes
Civil Hcrvlcc I'xiiinlniitliiii.
Civil Scivlce examinations for mall
carriers In the Honolulu pustotllce will
be held in the High School, Feb 8
li'Ui, beginning ut 9am Applica
tions must he (lied lu cumpleted fuim
with A II Ingullb at Oaugei's nlllit,
Custom House-, not latir than 4 p m
Feb to iidmit candidates to the c
Hiulnatlon, .1 D. Ni II Dcnd.
J I) Nell, nn old resident of Koloa
Kauai, died Sunday uight and wns bin
led at that plaro Monday afternoon
Mr Nell was formerly In tho lumber
business Hu lenvts two Bona, one ot
whom Is nn employe ot tho Miltrvdu
Sugar Company, and the other Is the
manager of tho store at Kealla, Kauai
i mm m
OF 111!
But Few Applicants for
Places in School
Two Hauaiians Apply and Are
Accepted But Fail to Show
Up Haole Has
Then has been Utile doin so r.u
about enlisting Hawaiian liojs aho.iicl
th Mohican us the bo)s who wire ex
pected to nppl) III drovis when their
I title Samuel made known his wants
hnve ralleil to nppear Sinn the vex
set has been here there have been Out
a half a dU7ru applicants for the foul
vui nicks lu the crew of landsmen One
white man has enlisted as be passed
the required ph)slral examination nnd
of two llawalluns who went nboui dthe
vissei one was acieptid and then fail
cd to appear again 'I he vessel is not
here on a recruiting trip end Is mil)
tilling the iin-an'ks in luu rew I he
culmination which npplle mil imve It
pass is a strict one ph.vsl, iilh line1
while' the men wanted ate mil expected
In bu ppulos the) must have a eer
tain h) in un 1 1 ) which will show them
to he well ropoi tluncel mill deve loped
foi lliitr ugf Men netni-en the nge
of ilghti en liul twuit) an eligible foi
the exaniluu lulls 'llii'ie is no tin
intlniiiil qualjll allon allhoiigh n mail
Willi a com iron s. Imol eelueatlon ul)
nlliei things being equal will be ne
leptid In luifereneii to a man wlihuii
idiiiatluii ,
i:ciutlve Dlllcer Kiiiipp said this
luoiiilng that he would like lo see th
Huwnlluus gltllug Intetestid in tiic
service uud thought that (he) would
make good stamen loi the Nnvj He
has heaid good repent of thnn and l
anxious to tl them nboiid the .Moll I
an While the Mohlian Is a Induing
ship liovs a I e- nut wunteil who cannot
Mnel ail) tiling i Ise to do on account of
previous bad behavior Suiiilii) school
si hoi, us ure not expelled hut bo)s
whose general reputation Is good In
the lummuiilt) In whlih Hie) have liv
ed aie desired The Mohlutu will gt i
nwa) on tile i rulse ngiilii some time
next Well, llllel up to tin d.iv of sail
lug aiiplle nuts foi plans lu the crew of
landsmen wilt he le eel veil uud examln
cil At the pleM-nl lime there me but
four vaiani lis hut h) the lime the ves
si I is read) for sailing it Is though!
that there will be bevenil moie ,xk
some of the hO)s nfti r tlulr experlene e
sine i h uvlng Inline have n longing foi
land and mil) remain lu re on the
he-ill b Instead or le polling for dut.v be
foie the vessel sails
Should unv of tlie bojs fiom hue in
llsllluv will h 1 splendid i)iportilllll)
to see soiii- new iimitiles as tlie .Mohi
cun tl c in heie goes to Christmas Isl
uiiel mid then to Samua She will then
pn) vUlts to the I'lillippliHH China ami
Japan letuining to Hawaii some time
In lime oi Jul)
Captain (Jeorge Johnson of ihi bnrl
S C Allen was the gtie it of his pas
s ngers on the last trip ui Ihe Moana
Hotel Inst night nnd Ml rrriip!nt of
i little prisent whl ll wis n el it mr
prise to ti 1 in Soon nftor arrival he
was Invited to lie piesent nt a dinner
at the hotel nnd cllel not know th;t
lt was on his ni count that tin ipreud
wus being given When he nnh-'d he
was pleased to tin') ti'ive'iil o his
file nils there besides th" pisscngers
wlio lately arrived her- with lilm
lining the dlnnci ho was in n nte
v .Hi a most henuilfiil mil" if ol'i iiiIT
Hi kf ns a token or ihe api diet Ion
ol the passengeis for :ueir tnainient
at the bunds of Captain Johnson on
the vo)age from San Freiicisco to this
poi t
Hngau and his pln)irs will present
"A Tl Ip 10 Coontown nt the Orplieuni
tomorrow evening for one time onlv
The piece Is an entirely new oue nnd
Ins never In en seen here before From
tin' rehearsals whlih have taken place
the new pla) Is fine and lull of laugh
uhle situations mid good music spo
dull) wiltten foi it 1 1 iiKii 11 and his
two dozen unbleached merlcaus have
been hard at woik with the phi) ami
promise! 11 splendid evenings 1 lite 1
tnlnment Popul.11 prices will he
dial god
The athletic exhibition to lake place
toinoiiow night nvei the Club Stables
Is to be a line show of the maul) ml
ot self defense or Hie two teams ot
boxers one in each Is a local ninn Den
ver IM Smith will spn four round
witli Con MiCaith) the phvsliiil In
slructor nlioaril the tiaiuiug ship Mo
hi en 11 while Jimiii) Fox. will hnve lour
rounds with Jack Weed I e who It Is
claimed Is one of the deveiest light
mun who evui donned the mils.
ll.llll t Mil n Oil' f l ho leic rl
patrcilm n ul en poll Imn hnd a
veiv evlilng im i nn i a tdiiejne I n
till' MM i , 11 i II lt He fin ill) nil led In
i m I ii lug bis in in ami unv) liai the -at
Islaiileiii nf Knowing In Is In lillul tne
bu i
I 'uii' an simiid out early to search
foi me n of tin. Mohican who had ovir
etiivnl their lenve ashore. On l'liunhi
itreet be ran 111103s a hlucn ket ami
aske d Ii 1 111 roi his pass Thcv men sale)
he hail left It with n friend Duncan
then told him to follow tu the police
ftatlon and luiniutlug his blejele
Murteil off.
The Idui'Jnc ke I saw his ihntice nnd
made a break for a side street. Dun
can elroppiei his ble)de and followed
Ue had a men) chase and llnall) ran
under a twostor) hulldliu Duncnii
fo'lovved and (might Hi" sailor man
hidden uwav in n dark nook
During tlie morning five arrests ol
lib 1 Jae Lets were mneje
On Bottom of Upturned Boat foi
Fifteen Days--Nearly Died of
Hunger and
Santa llaihma Inn 1.1 Living til
ti'iu dn)s 111 sen upon Ine bottom ut
his inpslteil gasoline sdioutier, tile
lli'lle without lood nr water. Is tin
tiTilble experlilue 11 laleel by Cnp
lulu llarrv Olson who wus picked up
III the ihiililiel while tinning helpless
I) about this afternoon Tlie upturn
ed 1 rait bearing Its human burden
wns ellsccjve red by, 11 bu nl fisherman
v.lille he was at work at Ills crawtish
liiipn m 11 point off Culetu, a short
distance I loin this clt) nnd he Inline'
dlatel) went lo Ills resc 111
Captain Olson wns more dead than
alive, mid was unable to speak until he
had been brought to shoie. Olsons
tlisl winds aitei being laid upon the
couch were "l'or heaven h sake give
me food nnd w.ilir' ' He then pnsted
Into' tempornr) urn onsc lousness.
Olson said thut he hnd left San I'c
tiro si'Venteen dn)s ngn for the pur
pose ot picking up crawfish nt the
Islands lu this part of Hie channel He
wns ncc 01111 nnli'd b.v one eoinpanion
l'i le Wallaie The) had bom nt sea
two elus whin the sloop was cap
sized Ii) 11 lieuv) swell anil lloated hot
totil up
Owing to ids exhausted condition It
van Impossible to get a full ni count 01
what lollowud Horn Captain Olson as
In freiiueutl) bee mile unconscious but
he sue Keeled however In telling n
Dtorj 01 exposure ami ph)slcal toiture
which bus few equals lu thn c.itnstro
plies of the sea of Hie Southern Call
Inrnla const The two hatdy men sue
c ceded in passing the uist second nnd
third iln.vs without much sulTeilug,
pu)lng no heed to the exposure nnd
tiuii)iil up b) the hope thnt Hie) would
be sighted Ii) 11 coastulse vessel nnd
rest lied Hut 11 week passed, nnd nl
though thu men were suffering untold
tortuies for want nf rood nnd water
the) continued to ding to the upturn
ed e rait, hoping ugniust hope thnt thu)'
would be resciieil
Clinging to tin capsized boat thcv
drifted day after day sometimes dose
to the Islands nnd then again far out
11 sea Al times their hones lose lilch
as they wero carried townrd land oul)
tn be uaslieil ilown Ihe next moment
us the tide tinned and ngnln hole
them out to sea.
The days multiplied Into the second
week mid llnally Wallace breathed his
Inst l)lng prostrate acinss the keel nf
the boat Olson, with 11 piaver which
ne iiiiiiu not utler. shoved his eompnn
Ion olf Into the sea mid drifted oil. For
most of the tlniK after tills he wn un
lonsilous tilt picked up this evening
In the 1 limine.
IniltlltlonH linen lienn Ihum.wI ).. I L-
Hu( kfelel Itlltierlnl llermnit r...u,,l nt
I his port for n lee option to take phin
at tlie new rooms of tlie Consulate In
thu Hnchfdd biilhllng on Monda) net
..nn 1. m 1 p ni, m loiiinieiuorailon
ol the birthdn) annlversnry of the Um
perm Wllhelni III uf Oermany
Hnvo till the bemit) eif patent Icnther with the vvcnrlnji
UiilitltH find comfort eif Mil, 11s Hoft nml hinootli iih
velvet. AIvvii.vh iiollhlied, I nil Mock of nil hIch uii Iuiiui.
Commissions He Charged
Above His Retainer
Fee Stated.
J .
Case of Brewery Licenses Being
Heard on the Merits in the
United States District
In the matter of the eatale of Jose
nionio da Sllva. deceased, Antonio
Agular do I'aulo attorney In fact for
Antonio da Sllva, widow, nnd Jacinth 1
da Sllva dster of deceased, has by Ills
atto no J. M Vivas, glv 11 notice of
motion to pioellfy the elccive nf Judge
Uear awarding the dlstributle.ii u'. the
liopert) entirely tu tho idow, aim
lo iK the compeusatlou tint should be
laid to Tom rip ll. nttor.i"y for the
in ver. In nn allldavlt da Sllva Ki)s
u 1 Lid I'lldi a retainer of rP thnt
Fltdi received from the court tho
jhare belonging to tho wlilon, nlo
.ollcited liom tho court certain mnis
.' lu pule! tho alllnnt nnd. oelde the
irtiiiiier meiitioiieii. diarecl ntuant .11
per cent on sinh sums also charged
I e fcumi' rate of cnmiiiiisiui on the
ulu'tlon of nul cstute be longii'g lu
. 1 Ii. of tie die ea,i I
11 M von Holt tempi,) n'minU
t.iii vt the estate of I iiiiik lllo.vn
civil petitions foi iVuv" to tell
ji 1 1I1 1 public or private sale all it
ihc stock In trade odona. n; to the ei
1 He n the premises nrc'il I' d !) e'e
.-1- I 1 rder Hi" name of thn lliwa
1 111 Un Co Fctltlon ir'f!rsxv
round of 11101I011 the belief that tin'
liuulniss Ik Insolvent, that the stoel
u worth Letween 1.",00 and JJOuO aur.
thnt the expense of currying on tbi
business would entail 11 loss which the
estuto Is unable to bear
Frank Drowns will Is llled for pro
bate lt nominates II. M. von Holt,
nephew of the estator as executor. The
testator bequeaths unto William ll
Itlce. for a lung time In his emplo).
tho hoi so. wagon mid harness iircd lu
his business To Joe 1. Dins, n Por
tuguese emplove Im leaves his Wal
thall! silver stem-winding wntih. All
tlie rest of his estate Is bequeathed to
Ills wife with the exception of $300 tu
his brother. Cecil Drown, as trustee to
be expended bv him in accordance with
the terms of tlie will The estate con
lists of the stock In trade-, hook debts
and 11 life Insurance policy, the total
valuation being about J3C00. The will
viib executed on November IS. 1901,
11 presence of Frhnh F. Fernandez
mil (icorge I. lllgelovv.
Judge Ksteo Is hearing tho brcwiry
nso on Its merits In the United States
District Court J J Dnnno and A O
M Hohertson appear for Macfarlane
and the other general liquor dealers.
nhlln It I) Sllllmnn appears for th
Treasurer of the Territory. 1 he suit Is
brought tu have the Honolulu brewery
licenses for retailing Its product, which
aro Isstieel at $"50 a )eai. declared
unionhtltutlonal as being In violation
of the property rights of the general
liquor retailers who pa) nn annual li
re use fir of $1000 Treasurer Wright
nml A Hoiking president and man
ager nf the Honolulu Drewing & Malt
ing Co were on the witness stand thU
Ottawa Out Jan 15 The popitln
Hon of Canada was nniclally nunounc
cd b.v the Census Department today.
It Is shown b) the census of Hint to
be : .li,9 1'e'i". mi Increase of 53eJ.t:j
fur the decade
Shoe Store

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