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Is quite n largo number and In the hands of good hunters will con
sidorablj diminish the. bird population of tho Islands Whllo we have
no grlevanco against the birds yet tho nbovo number Is tho amount
of cartridges we hao Just received, nnd they nre all fresh.
Good ammunition Is one of tho chief requisites to good hunting
nnd ours Is the best.
E. O. Hall &
Ewn Mill Jnn 7 An enteitalnment
nnd bazaar wns given at the pavilion
b the ladles of Ewa mill. Saturday
evening Vocal and musical selections
were rendered followed by a one act
corned) farce entitled ' Bringing the
Doctor The cast of characters was
a i follows.
.Mrs. Wllklns ..Miss I' A Swift
Maudo .. . . Miss Ewa Fisher
Ann Miss Curtis
Freddy I C Penny
Hairy . . . .1 W. Ferguson
Lnwjer Pnikenson . N J. Polmero
Dr. Campbell Dr. C A ' Da Is
The several booths were well patron
ized About $112 was realized fiom
the entertainment Tho net proceeds
nre to be donated towards the lnl.inco
due on u billiard table purchased last
Washington. Jnn 15 A splilted dis
cussion was puclpllated In the Sen
ate today b soiuo remarks submitted
by llnle ot Mamo In regaid to bills
elating to the tormation ol n unal
resent) uhlc.li he Introduced lie tool,
strong ground against the organization
of a naval reserve, his comments being
construed lij some ot the Senators Into
a reflection upon volunteer soldiers
and land mlutij. Half a dozen Sena
tors were on their leet In nn Instnui
to defend the volunteers and the Na
tlonnl Guard of tho various States and
the debate took so wide a range tint
Senators went back In their lerei
entes to the ilajs or the Revolution
ary War to bcek Illustrations for theli
arguments While no action was pos
bible at this time, It Is lll.elv that the
discussion upon the measure, should
they bo reported, will be vcrv lively.
No business of special lmpoi inner- was
transacted the time of the Senate be
ing consumed bj matters or i online
After the adjournment of the Senate
Halo eald the naval reserve bills lutio
duced by him today line! been piesent
ed by request of persons Interested in
such legislation. In the same manner
he had Introduced bills representing
both tho Navy Departments views and
that of Individuals or organizations on
the quebtlon or a naval leserve Ho
personally, however, did not stand
committed to any of them, and ho
questioned whether nny satisfactory
results would como from them
It Is stated that a ship dating fiom
the time of Columbus Is still trading
between Spain and America One
wonders how much of the original tim
ber remains. Tho condition of tho
Anita (such Is said to be her nnmel
must rcscmblo that of the niicleul
sloop Lively, wrecked at flacton neai
Cromer, England, described as follows
In the Whitby Gazette, July. 1888
"The Lively was built by Mr. Spence
In 1780, nnd Is, therefore more than
J00 cars old, and was the oldest
Whitby built ship nlloat. Wo
believe she had but one of her original
planks In her, having been partially
tcbullt onco or twice." Another an
clcnt ship was tho Liberty, wrecked In
1836. She was built In Whitby. Ens
land, In 17S0, and was cmploved In the
coal and Haltlc trades. Tho Russian
Admiral at Cronstadt Inspected her In
1850, and expressed surprise at her
ngo and build remnrklng that be had
commanded n ship of ion guns but
never c ship WO years old. Coast Sea
men's Journal
Get your orders In for the special
Industrial edition. The second edition
Is now ready for distribution. Prico
25 cents.
The Bulletin. 75 rents ner mntith.
When wo put our now rat
poison on tho market wo call
ed attention to the fact that it
was a real poison and would
kill. Our patrons who have
tried It verify our claim
Thoy bring wonderful talcs of
the mortality among tho rats.
Ono customer said that flvo
wero poisoned In ono room
tho first night It was used.
Is tho well chosen namo of
this new destrover of rats and
and mice A trial will con
vince nnjono that If roclentB
nro to bo exterminated our
poison will do tho work quick i
ly and surely
A large ran costs fifty
centB There Is sufficient pol
son to destroy hundreds of
rats Isn't It worth this tn
free your house, barn or yard
of rats 7 You know tho Im
portance, too.
Insist on having tho real
Son, Ltd.
W dale and wife, A J loans ami
wife, Ilerkelev Cnl Mrs. Hussell D
Wnlbrldgc, Master Itussell I'arke Wal
bridge, nnd maid, Mrs John Nott Mrs
J. 1 Green, Mrs. W C. Wcedon,
Mrs It W Andrews, Mrs C M
Cooke Mis Jos O. Carter, Mrs Wm
W Hall, Mrs II r. Dillingham. J
Walker, I. Abrams nnd wife Mrs
F. M Hatch. A W. Dow Win Wll
llnmson. Chns F demons Allan W.
Judd. i;. 1". Mnhle. II . Focke. Geo J
W. Stark. O D Mahone. F. M. Hatch
and two children, T. 11. Potrle, I)r
Moore. Robert 11 llooth. Mr and Mrs
n. Ivors, Miss Scott. Southard Hoff
. niann Jr M Phillips Wm. Pnton Ma
'.Inn Xf t ...!.... T fl. m , .
"u" ' i.iiiiiiiK, u. i. lurueri. lioui)
lulu. Captain Thos. W. Oarllck and
wire. I.yim, .Mass ; Mrs. Mary E Nott,
Hammond l.a , W II. Stnndeford .
Oikland, Cal S M I.lllle. Phlladel
phla, A II Whltnker. II (I Wng
gener, L' S S. Moblcnn; W A Iliy
an Jr and wife. W. A. llrvnn Sr nnd
wife II M Gossnnyl wife I M lieu
die and wife, Chntles llartlett Djkc
nnd wife Kamehanieha School, H
Gollnskv J I Peteison and wife A
(5 Stoll II J James San Fianclscci.
i: H lllven C Irwin Mca, II II
I'lemer. i: i: Ilnitmniin Wnlalua.
The Hawaiian Orplnnnge and u
ilnstrlnl School asks Tor nineiidment of
Its charter, to piovide that ellglbllltv
of one fm the dhectoishlp slinll In
heller In the doctrine or Inptlsm bj
Immersion Instead or the fait of hav
lug been Inptlzcd In that vvnv.
Oahu stock wai. offeied this arter
noon on the Stock exchange lot J'H.
Tho Chinese theater opens up agnln
for howls, squeaks and what not tu
Klhel sold this afternoon for 11 1-2
a share, an advance or llitv centB j
shnie since this moiiilng
Judge Gear was hearing enspj p
Circuit Court clinmbeis today
The stock books of this Company
will be closed to tinusfeis fiom Wed
nesday, Janunrv 29th to Satuidav
Februai) 1st 1902, both Incltu-lvc
ii a isi:nhi:ho,
2ii33 It Treasiuer
All persons laving claims against
tho Estato ot J. II. TRUSCHLEH, de
ceased, aio requested to present same
to tho undersigned within one month
from date, and all persons Indebted to
said Estate are requested lo make Im
mediate payment at the olllre of
Imperial German Consul.
Honolulu, 23th January, 19o2.
2031 3t
Parties visiting I.alialim nnd the Isl
mid of Maul in gc-ueial can secure suit
nblo convevanccs unci careful dilveis
nt tho PIONEER STABLES, Lahalna,
Island of Maul.
Commercial men will be carefully
looked after with suitable rigs.
Every Inch ono pushes off bo
j ond tho normal distance of
twelvo Inches nfter eve failure
begins, means an inch of danger.
Ninety nine persons nut of a
hundred may do It safely, vou
may bo tho ono who can't,
Thoso having tho best oyes
when old ngu comes will bo
those who heed the first call for
h Ip
Eyes Examined; Glasses Fitted.
A. N. Sanford,
Manufacturing Optician,
Boston Building, Fort Street.
Mngn'lnc? Hound by tho EVEN I
r(D OH A
Wnlluku Jan 2i day spent la
riding through the Kihel plantation Is
it revelation to those who have not
kept In touch with Its development
Tin re i re approximately 3000 ncres
of glowing cane nt Klhel, much ot it
being ns largo and fine ns any cane
grown on cential Maul nnd none of it
that does not look fairly well In
eluding tho rnttoon enne, there will bo
nbout 1300 ncics milled during the
I resent season the output of which
will ilrobnbly be nbout 8000 tons. New
land Is being put to enne ns fnst an
water developments permit, nnd It Is
prohnble that within two or three jonra
nt least 8000 acres will be In cultiva
tion nnd yielding crops of 25,000 tons
per venr Tills jear's crop will ho
ground at the new Puuncne Mill.
Work is being pushed nt tho big
pump and the pump nt tho 300 foot
level has to be sunk only about two
feet further, n work of extreme dim
culty on nccount of tho Inrush of wa
ter. When this Is done, nnd Inteial
drifts aro run to develop water, of
which there seems to bo nn Incxhnust
lblo quantity, the pumps will furnish
a flow of twenty million gallons per
dny. At present nbout nlno millions
dnlly aro poured over tho Klhel cano
fields Tho coal used by tho ptunps Is
n verv expensive Item, but by July It
Is proposed to have oil substituted for
coal as fuel, which will result In n
saving of at least one hair.
Mr. James Scott, the new manager,
seems to bo tho right man In the right
place, and his thorough knowledge ot
machinery will prove an Important fac
tor In his usefulness Mr Jack Dow,
head luna is one of tho most expe
rienced cane cultivators on thj; 1st
ands nnd the flourishing condition of
tho Klhel cano Is a flattering tilbuto
to his skill nnd energy Mr Leslie
Scott, ns chief accountant is in charge
of the oirico. nnd tho storo and post
office are In charge of Messrs E. J.
llauinbcrger nnd E A. Davis, two
very competent, handsome nnd grace
ful knights of the vardstlck
vvniic or course It was n ponderous
Joko to hnvo cnpltnllzed Klhel at
three million dollars, still the plantn
tlon Is all right, up to Its natural lim
its and will prove one of the norma
nent money-makers of Maul Maul
Illln Jnn 21 The Jnniuii term of
till. Knlirlli i'lmillt Hillmtrnnil Intl
luesdny morning sine die, the most ol
iitu ic-riii uaving ueeu arcoinpiisiicil
with promptness and dispatch Tlicj
last few days of tho term weie devat
cd to the trial of civil cases
Tho ctiBc In assumpsit brought b)
the Central Meat Market against D
Ljcurgiis to recover the pnvment ot
about $800 claimed to bo due the for
mer, has been continued until the next
turm on account of the absence of a
material witness lor tho defense On
Mondny last tho garnishees named In
tho summons were examined by the
Court as to tho amounts owluc bv
them to tho defendant, the totnl
amounting to about $400. The order
of tho Court was that the amounts
mvlnir ho ilnnnullnil will, tlw. ,l.l. nr
the court pending the determination of
me sun icicigwny a Kldgwny ror
plaintiff W S Wlso for ilufemlant
In the suit to quiet title brought by
the Haknlau Plantation Co. ngnlnst
W Z Knbunnnn mlmlnlaf rni,n nml
others, the defendants were ruled by
Judge Little to bo out of court on tho
ground that they had mistaken their
luuiiur mini oi answer in pleading the
general lbsue to tho plaintiff's declnia
Hon It therefore rested with tho
plaintiff simply to give prima fncle evl
denco of their title This, when tho
plaintiff rested, the Court instructed
tllP tlirV limt linnll ilnnn n.,.1 !. I....
,.-., ...... ........ .,. , ..,,., uiu IUllt'1
wero nccordlnglv directed to bring In
a lumiii ior planum ror the property
claimed by It. namely, ono undivided
half or twenty two acres Ijing next to
the Kalwlkl gulch, a portion or Itoval
Patent Grant 801 Defendant noted
oxceptlon to the ruling of tho Court
on tho pleadings. W. S Wise foi
plaintllT, Smith & Parsons for defend
J A 1'naklkl and John Luniklla
vs. tho Honokaa Sugar Company, nc
tlon to quiet title, resulted In a verdict
for plaintiffs. Smith & Parsons for
plaintiffs; Charles Williams for de
HIIo Mcrcantllo Co., Ltd., vs. Her
man Eldarts. action on contract foi
damages, was continued by stipulation
to next term. F W Hnnkcv foi
plaintiff; Smith & Parsons for diTend
v ';;.iB, L,ocuen'pln vs. tho Kobnla
4c Hllo Itallroad Company, assumpsit
to recover for services rendered ns rlv
II engineer, wbb continued upon tin
affidavits of defendant that James Car
gvll and Colonel Jones, material wit
nesscs In tho ense. wero absent W
S. Wlso for plaintiff, llldgwav Sr
ltldgwny for defendant.
Hviuan Ili-othera vs II R Soulo
S. Co., was continued for slmlhti ren
Tom? Oil. n rMilnnan mmnl.n.,,
' ' " "v mvivmiui UN
I rout street, brought suit foi damages
against W. M. Kenlanul, a police oitl
CeC for fnlRn Imttrlcnn,,,..., .lnl.l..
that ho had been nrrestcd nml senrth.
vu wicnoui n warrant, nnd that vnlu
nblo papers had been token fiom his
person nnd not returned The defend
nnt maintained that tho an eat vvnj
mado under clrcumstnnces that Justl
fled a icaBonablo suspicion thnt tho
plaintiff was engaging In operations
connected with cho fa Tho Jury rn
turned a verdict for defendant W. S
Wlso for plaintiff; Smith & Parsons
for defendant.
Kealoha and Tollin vs Charles Wll
llSmS. Olcrtmnnt Itmnirht rn. tl.n ....
covcry of cloven acres of land situated
near Hnnnfcnn wad nnn auifn.i n., n
.. ...., ...... ,,,,,, (.,,,.,.,1 ,,,, iiju
tlon of defendant, plaintiffs having
failed to support their claim of title
rtldgway & Itldgway for plaintiffs;
Smith & PnrsoiiB for defendant.
C. A. Tlfnun VB I T 1Inln. ..!
others, ejectment, was continued unth
noxt term, by stipulation Smith A
Pnrsons nnd Mngoon for plaintiff, C
M Lclllond for defendants
In the three following enses contln
unnces were necessnry on nccount ol
tho disqualification of Judgo Little
Fine Etlckson vs Volcano Htnhles, ns
snmpslt, Henrv J Lynnn vs Hlla
Tribune Publishing Co libel, Ookala
Sugar Co vs. FrancUco Noblga, clam
Balm for Lacerated Feelings.
Mrs Tompjilns Mrs Vnbslov hnB
hurt such an experience' Arrested for
shoplifting! All a mistake of course
Mrs Jenkins I suppose sho roust
havo been very much nnnoyed.
Mrs. Tompkins Not at all. Th
nnpers nil said sho wns of "prepnsoss
lng nppenranco." Daltlmoro Sun,
CT1N,' IIOXOL'ULU, H, T..,$4ffyXb
...... a - ry
1 il PlUiiJ. '
in i-i la
5 "n a
r "71
I I"
'I i"
; m ,
p m p
a, m
S iB
9 4!
Moncltjr sc' t 08 t.t
1 01 6 40
TuttJty tt J9 l
Welnticlir ii iiiii
ThuiiJar ) j u i
FfMty ' 4 cS t
4 S 1
J ) 0 14 10 f
4 t6 ie o) If 6
'a m p m
1 I4il iJl !u
6oj If o II 40
Saturday 'jj 4 46 t e
Sunday a 3 1) 1 S
Monday ...,,,
'I 6 uo 1 6l 6 5 tf 40
Full moon on tho 23d at 1.3(1 p. tn
Tides from tho United States Coast
and Geodetic Survey Tables.
Tho tides nt Kahulut and Hllo occur
about nn hour earlier than at Ho
nolulu. Hawaiian Standard Tlmo Is lOh 30m
slower than (Ireen wclh tlmo, being
mat of tho meridian of 167.30. The
tlmo whistle . ows at 1:30 p. m which
Is tho samo as Greenwich, Uu Om.
Masters of vessels sailing from this
pott for San Francisco will find there)
a branch of tho U. S. Hydrographlc
Offlco located in tho Merchants' Ex
change, whoro Is maintained for their
benefit frco of chnrgo, complcto sets
of chnrts and directions of tho world.
Latest Information can bo obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation
an dall matters of Interest to ocean
Wenflicr Durcau, Punnhou, January
27 Temperature Morning minimum,
CC; Midday maximum, 7C.
llaromcter nt 9 a. m. 30.00. Irregular.
Italntall 0 00.
Dew Point C0r.
Humidity nt 9 a m. 70 per cent.
Diamond Head Signal Station, Jan
uary 27 Weather clear; wind fresh
Sunday, Jan. 2G.
Str. Claudlne, Parker, from Maul
Str. Wnlalenle, Plltz, from Knual
Sunday, Jan 2fi
V S A T. Kllpatrltk, Hogcrs, for
Guam and Manila.
Am. sp. Florence, for San Francisco.
Mondny, January 28.
Seiir. Eclipse, Townseud. for Maul
and Konn ports.
Str Krauhou, Moshcr, for Anahola
and Klkiiirn, at 5 p m
Htr Lehun, Naopala, for Molokal, at
5 : m.
Str Noenu , for Maul nnd
Hamakiia poits nt 5 p. m.
Str Krauhou, Mosher, for Kllauea, nt
S p m. .
Str. Jnmes Makee, Orcono, for Ka
pan at 5 p in
Srhr. Malolo, for Hannlet and Ka
llhlwat at 3 p m.
Str. Klnau, Freemnn, for Hllo and
wav ports at noon.
Str. Claudlne, Parker, for Maul ports
at 5 p ra
Str. W. G. Hall, Thompson, for Knu
at purls at 5 p. m.
Sti. Maul, Dennett, for Paauhau. Ku
kalau, Ookala and Lnupahochoe at 5
p m (Loading today.)
O. to 8. S Gaelic, Finch, for the
Orlend, p. m.
O O S S Gaelic, Finch, from San
Francisco, Jnn 21, clue In the morning.
Str Mnuna Loa, Slmcrson, from Ko
an, Knu and Maui ports In tho morn
Str Lehun, Naopala, from Molokal at
10 ii in.
From Maul ports, per stmr. Claud
I no, January 20. W. J. Lowrlo and
wife. Master W. J. Iwrlo Jr., Miss
C. Lowrle, Mrs. W. A. Lowrlo, child
and servant; D. Petty nnd wife, C.
Strcckerwald, II. C. Harrow, A. T.
R. Jackson, Miss A. McLean, Mrs.
Geo. Ballev, H. R. Smyth, Jno. D.
Holt, Mrs. J. K. Josepa, Mrs. II, Ko
lomoku and three children, .Mrs. Mc
Gerrovv, Mrs. E. Jackson, Hnsegawn,
KuEiimuta. Itev. S. K. Kaallua. Rov.
E. M. Hanuna, Master Dlckerton, .Mrs
R . Dlckerton, Miss Northern. W. 8.
McLean, A. A. Iienson, W. H. Cra
zier and wife, nnd 13 deck.
Wnlluku, Jnn 28 Jnmes Alaka Ala
na, n well to do Hawaiian of Makawuo,
died suddenly at bis homo Inst Wed
.icsclay morning of heart lallure. Ho
fell Into tho nrms of his wife, who
WUS aroused from her slnml,..,. l,if
hearing her husband making murium
lng noises. An autopsy was perform
ed on tho body by Dr. McConkoy, Wed
nesday morning. Tho funeral took
placo tho samo afternoon from thu
lunuiy resiuence, uev Father James
ot Makawao conducting tho funeral
services according to tho rites of tha
Catholic Church. A large concourse
of relatives nnd friends followed thci
Bud procession to tho grnvo Deceased
was about 35 years or ago and leaves
a vvlfo and about hnlf n iin, i,n
dren to mourn their loss. Alnna wna
a hair-Chlneso who wns educated in
China lln was nn piomnlnrv iinunii
an In manv wnVR. TVor-nnai.,! nwnmt n
largo pig rnnch at Kula and other val
iiuinu properly.
LlfVlitB Went Out.
Just as Rov. H. II Parker started In
on his sermon In Kawalnhao last night,
the electric lights nil over the building
went out Mr Parker wnltcd for a lit
tle but the very unceitaln current of
the Hawaiian Electric Co failing to
return ho was forced to dismiss the
congregation. When tho members hud
got well on their way toward home, tun
lights enmo on again.
Pain Killer, tho old and well known
remedy, has acquired a world wide re
nown for tho cuio of siiddon colds,
coughs, etc., weak stomach, Indices
ilon, crnmp or pain In tho Btnmach,
bowel complaint, cuarrhnea and cl) sen
cry It has lost nono of Its good namo
by repeated trials, but continues to
occupy a prominent position In every
family mcdlclno chcBt. Avoid substl
Mites, thcro Is but ono Pain Killer, Per
ry Davis'. Prlco 25c nnd 50c.
JAN. 27, 1902.
0(1902 designs In beautiful all-wool
W Nothing In our opinion Is moro elegant, more serviceable,
moro suited to our climate, for HOUSE or EMPIRE GOWNS,
Q or for DRESSING SACQUES than these exquisitely light, yet ex
a ccedlngly strong, patterns,
J Wo call especial attention to th Persian designs, which
aro tho Intest conceits of tho French weavers, nnd which nro
V destined to bo much shown In tl fashion centres this coming
The Plain, 50c a yd, The Silk Designs, 90c a yd,
A recent decision of the United
States Court Is ot Interest to sallois
nnd masters. It was given In tho case
of the libel of the steamer Ucrtha of
San Francisco by n member of tho
crew discharged for drunkenness and Is
to the effect that It Is within the legal
nuthorltv of the master of a ship to
prohibit absolutely the use of Intoxicat
ing liquors by his subordinate olncers
nnd the members of the crew, nnd a
mate who, nftcr the master had remon
strated with him for his exccsslv? uso
of liquor, and had forbidden the stew
ard to furnish him nny, obtained It
through the connlvnnce of a passenger,
and, owing to Intoxication, failed to
ohej an order with the required
piutnptnrss, gave legal cause ror his
discharge before the expiration of hla
term of service. '
Skippers of vessels lor the Sound
will be Interested in tho following
changes miidu lecently In the buoys
nnd beacons In nnd nbout Ptigct
Sound and the Columbia river bar.
OIHce of United States Llghthouso In
spector, Iblrteenth DlBtrlct, Port
land, Ore., January 11, 19u2.
Notice Is hereby given ot the foi
lowing changes In tho nlds to naviga
tion In this district, which nffect thu
List of Ilencuns and Uuojs, Pacific
Coast. 1901:
Columbia River, Main Ship Channel
fiom Astoria to Tonguo Point, Oro
gon. Wrecks of Sllva de Glare Iluoy,
No. 2 1-2, a red, second claa spar,
was established January tith In 21 reet
o' water, and mnrlcB tho outPi edge of
tho reef, on fno. following bearings.
Outer end buoy depot wharf NE ' I N
octer end Thorn's Canneiy wharl E,
wieck or Sllva do Giaco pott light
N 1 8 W.
Coliimbln Rlv or. Channel over W.il
ker Island liar ti Martin Island pan.
07. Cowlitz River Iluoy Nn 1 On
Januarv loth the number of this biiov
war changed to 1-2.
Wlllapa Ray, Washington, Channel
to Ovstervllle, page 07 Oyf,tervllla
Clonnel Iluoy No 3. a bln-u, tlilid
class can is reported January Sth, oh
having gone adrirt from Its nent'on on
tho west Bide of the chanu-d It will
bo replaced as early as practicable.
Channel Through Wrangel Strait
from the Southward, Alaska, page 81.
South Ledge Buoy No. 4, a red, sec
ond class nun, heretoforo reported
adrift, litis since been reported to b
In position. (L. II. B. Bulletin No. 120,
par. 137.)
North Point Buoy No. 1 1-2, a black,
second class can. Is reported ndrlft De
cember 28, 1901. It will be replaced as
early as practicable.
I.vnn Cnnnl, page ffi. Kntsehln rlv
ci Flats Buoy No 2. a red. first-class
nun, Is reported ndrlft December 28,
19U1 It will bo replaced ns eailj as
By order of the Lighthouse Hoard
vvr n niv
Commander, U S N inspectoi Thli-
eecniii i.igntnouse District.
The peculiar roulnc cimi.-n nf n,
sailors of the French cruiser Protet has
caused much comment nmoner tlin ulan
ones on the front who will discuss upon
onjming rrom tho manufacture of soft
soap to tho chances of skippers In the
life eternal.
The old timers do not nnnrmo n(
the Frenchman's manner of towing and
the boat bojs at the lasdlng nro all
practicing it on the sly. thinking they
have discovered something whereby
much work can be accomplished with
little labor.
The stroke consists of n milr-ir rini,
a rest of thrfe seconds nnd n stroke of
nbout eighteen Inches.
Acordlng to the Purls Courier rtu
Solr. the Ficnch Minister of Marine has
appointed a commission to inquire into
tho repoits of the crlmpln? of Trcndi
seamen -t Portland, Or.
There was very little done In the Po
lleo Court this forenoon. Most of the
casts wero continued. Of tho twentj
seven Chinese gamblers nrrcsted les
terday, 12 had their Cases put over until
tho 28th, nnd 15 until the 30th. The
three Japanese caught in a distillery at
Diamond Head, had their cases contln
ued until tomorrow. It Is understood
they have changed their minds nbout
pleading guilty and will now fight their
For Want Column Stc Page Six
WANTED A bookkeeper. Address
N X care Dulletln office, giving ref
orentes and stating salary.
FOR SALE California canary birds;
flno singers Enquire Madamo Lam-b-rt
cor Vlncynrd nnd Punchbowl
The Orpheum
Ernest Hogan
Beginning Saturday Evening,
RESERVED SEATS- - 75 cents
Notice lb heieby given that. In ac
cordance with section G12 of tho Civil
Law) all persons, compani?a or ior
poratlons. owning, contro.lirz or onc-r
latlng aeilal or underground circuits
for thu following purposes, vir.
Electric Lights,
Electric Power,
Electiic Railway Trolley Wires.
Electric Railway Feeder Wire,
Electric Signals
shall file at the office of the. Govern
ment Eleetilcal Inspector on or beforo
MarUi 1, 1902, detail maps showing tho
locatlou of all pole lines and circuits.
No extension or modification ot ex
ilstliis pole lines or circuits shall bo
maue until application, accompanied
by plain toi same, shall bo submitted
to and appioved by tho Government
Electrical Inspector.
All poles or circuits or wires on pub
lic streets or uighwavs not In actual
snrvlo must be lemovcd without fur
ther notice
Mr W. F. C Hnsson has been ap
pointed Government Electrical In-
spector for the Territory of Hawaii,
vlco W L Fiazee, resigned.
All blanks for tho above? work will
bo furnished upon application nt tho
offlce of the Government Electrical In
spector JAS, II. BOYD.
Supeiintenilont of Public Works.
Department ot Public works, Jnnu
ary 21 1902. 2052 31
WiltlukU. Jail 25. A stilt line honn
Instituted In the Second Clicult Court
of the Terrltorv bv the Hawaiian Com
merci.il and Sugui Companv against E
r uoie Attome) General The com
plaint alVgea that pi lor to June 14
1900 and blnee the nl.-ilntlff enrnnm.
tlOll AJ3 till sole nwnet In fee nlmnln
of certain fishing rights on the Island
of M.tul viz Fishing rights of Kahu
1 1(1 Bav Manlaea Hav Klhel nml ICn.
nnlo that In nccordanto w Ith the terms
of the Organic Act providing a govern
ment ror the Teirltoij of Hawaii the
pLallltlff COrilOrntlllll .IRlcn ihn nrrunca
of said court to cite the clefendnnt to
appear at Its June teim. 1902. to ans
wer to the complaint and to show cause
why said plaintiff should not bnv tm
to said flahlng rights as pia.vcd for.
and Broker
65 Queen St.
valuable real estate
at auction
On Friday, January 31,
At my salesroom, 05 Queen street, I
will sell at Public Auction a flno parcel
of land situated at I'uunul abovo thd
bead of Llllha street.
Tho lot has a frontago ot 310 fcot
on Puunul road and 200 feet deep, con
mining an area of 02,000 squaro feot.
Property Is but a short dlstancf
ftom tho terminus ot tho Llllha street
enrs. Is well situated nnd can bo dl
Udod Into several building lots.
Tor further particulars apply to
Jas. F. Morgan,
and Broker
65 Qneea St
U-iJMm, ,.-i&i,fc f, A
.rf, , All . M frtlH- t- .W,;,,

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