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m I,
Bt '
Is quite n largo number and In llio hnnds of good hunters will con
slderabl) diminish the bird population of tho Inlands While wo hno
no grievance against the birds jet tho nbovo number Is tho nmount
of cartridge wo have Just received and they are all fresh
Good ammunition Is one of the chief requisites to good hunting
and ours Is tho best.
E. O. Hall &
W. C. Peacock & Co.,
Hole Agents.
A Smooth Scotch Whiskey
Drink No Other.
Evcrj Imli ono pushes off lie
yond tin normal dlstniue of
twelvo inches rflter eye failure
begins means nn Inch of dangei
Mint nine persons out of a
h mdred may do It safely you
mi) be the ono who cant
Those having the best eyes
when old ago comes will be
those who heed the llrst call for
1). lp
Eyes Examined; Classes Fitted.
A. N. SaM,
Boston Building,
Fort Street.
Night watchmen furnished for build
lugs business property and residences
Builders will do well to consult How
tr In regard to watchmen.
.., , n i j .- i. ... .
Office and Residence, School Street
P. O. Box 234; Tel. White 3691,
Ilonolnln Iron Works.
Improved and modern SUGAR MA
CHINERY of every capacity and de
scription made to order. Boiler work
nd RIVETED PIPES for irrigation
purposes a specialty. Particular atten
tlon paid to JOI1 WORK, and repairs
executed at shorten! notice
Ciinillln UrHii Demi.
New York Jnn Jo Camilla Urso,
who In prUnti life was Mrs Piederlc
Lucre for many years n violinist fa
luous in nurope and Ameiirn died nt
Hit New Yorl Inflr.nary yesterday aft
fi a brief illness
When wo put om now rat
poison on tho market wo call
ed attention to tho fact that It
was a real poison and would
kill Our patrons who hnvo
tried it verify our claim
They bring wonderful tulos of
tno mortality among tho rata
Ono customer snld that five
wero poisoned In ono room
tho first night it was used
Is tho well chosen nnmo of
this new destroyer of ruts and
and mice A trial will con
vlnco anyone that if rodentB
are to bo exterminated our
poison will do tho work quick
ly and surely
A largo can costs fifty
cents There Is sufficient pol
son to destroy hundreds of
rats. Isn't It worth this to
free your house barn or yard
of rats? You know tho im
portance, too.
Insist on having the real
rO or J J'
Son, Ltd.
Wed Lending Mini.
New York, inn 12 lie umnj Call
fmnla friends of Miss Ola Humphreys,
the pretty Oakland girl who has been
er successful this season as leading
lady in the Piitnl Wedding compnnv
will be surprised to Itarn ol her mar
rlugt recentlv to Edwin Mordnunt tho
lending man of her company Mr and
Mrs Mordnunt will soon visit the
Coast nnd spend some time with the
brlfl' pan nts In Oakland
!new to-day
I will not be responsible for any
ikbts cuntinttcil unless by my written
oi di r VM MEYElt
2(iu7 2t
dlldi nd Is due nnd pnynble to tho
stoi kholdiTH of the Honolulu Brewing
A. Malting Conipanj, Limited, nt Its
olllce mi queen st i pit on January 31,
111(12 I. MMIWniiZHR,
jn"7 It Seiretnry
The postponed moling of stoekhold
irs In the mmpaiiv of I. II Ken A. Co,
ltd will In hi Id tomorrow Thursday
Innuary loin on the premises Queen
stieet C. II CURTIS
.'. i7 It Sicretnr) piu tern
spei liil 'mo ting of the stoekhold
iib ol tlie OAIIIT Sl'flAR CO LTD,
will be hi Id at the ofTlco or II Hack
ri lil A. Co ltd In Honolulu on Prl
dnv lanuaiy HhI i'JHJ at lo o'clock
n m for tin purpose of amending tho
I! Laws P KI.AMP
2057 2t Seeretnry
Will be ren Hid nt the oiiice of the
Supcrlntuidcnt of Public Woiks of
Territory of Hawaii on Trldny lanu
niy list 1102 nt 1 p m lor iliedglng
Honolulu Hnrbor
I'luns anil specifications on file In
olllce of Siip rlnteiident Public Works
The Superlntinduit of Public Works
does not bind himself to accept the
lowest or any hid
Supellntenili nt of Publii Works
I Innuiry JTth I'lns
2057 2t
Circuit Tiriitory of Hawaii In Pro
bate nt Chaiuhcis In the Mattel of
tin Estate of John Urynnt late of Ho
' uolnlii Oahu deciased A Document
pin porting to bo the Last Will nnd
Testament of said dectased having
been pusented to snld Comt together
with n petition foi the probate there
of and for the Issuance of letters of
administration with will annexed to
Caiollne Urynnt widow of said de
ceased halng been tiled Notice Is
hereby glen that PHIDAY the 7th
day of MARCH. A D 1902. at 10
o'clock a m In the Judiciary Hulld
inir Honolulu. Oahu Is annotated the
time and placo for proving said Will
ami hearing said application when
and where any person Interested may
appear and show tnuse If nny they
have why tho prayer (o said petition
should not bo granted
Honolulu Oahu, January 28 1902
Ily tho Court
Cecil Brown Attorney foi Pitltlon
2037 It Ian 29 Pel) li, 12 19
E. W. Qulnn,
Patronnge ot Owners, Architects
unci Uutldcrs Hollcltcil.
1168 Union St. Phone, Main 394
'n News and Opinions i
9) na ili
W l
(( National importance w
The Sunf
f( A1-ON13 ()
';!J Contains Both. li
m Dilli by null - - SG a year W
f( Dally and Sunday, by mall $8 a year
W i
Jj The Sunday Sun jjj
( is the preatest Sunday News- (j
paper in the world. iff
I) Price 5c a copy By Mill, $2 a year J
AJiietsTIIESUN New Yurk. l
Weather Hureau, Puliation, January
29, Temperature Morning minimum
CO Midday maximum 77
llarometer at 0 a m 29 DO.
Ilalnfnll 0 01
Dew Point CIF,
Humidity at 9 a m 79 per cent
Diamond Head Signal Station, Jnn
inry 29 Wenther clear, wind fresh
Tuesday Ian 28
Am bk Cevlon, Wilier, fiom Hllo
Str l.ehnn Nap ill fiom Moloknl
poits at S P m
Wednesday, Jan. 29.
Iwalanl, (Ircen, fiom Kauai
with MO bags sugar 34 bdls
11 bdls bottles and .id pkgs sun
at I 15 a m
Tuesday, Jnn 23.
C'laudlne, Pnrlter. for Maul porta
Str Maul, llennett, for Hawaii ports
Str W. 0 Hall. Thompson, for Kan
n I ports.
O & O S S Gaelic Finch, for the
Schr Mol Wahlne for Poholalele.
Sloop Kalulanl, for Oahu ports
Stmr Lchua, Napala, for .Maul and
Molokal ports, at 5 p m
Schr Walalua, for Anahola, Kallhl
wal nnd Hannlcl
Stmr Tnmplco Heed, for Knhulul
nt 5 p m
TO b..l. lOMOHltOW
Sibr Ka Mol, for Kauai ports
Schr Concord for Koholalelo
passengers hooked
l'or Molokal and Maul ports pe
stmr l.ehun, January 29 Dan Mi
Corrlstou Prom Walmea per str Iualnnl, Jan
29 I.uka Nnkapiahit, K Kawamoto
II II imivorsen T It Robinson L II
IMnkhani II J Sheldon It Wright.
Mrs I Anli J II Coney. A reman
dcz and IS deck.
Tears hnve tbeli functional duty to
accomplish, like every othu tluld of
the body, nnd the lnchijm.it gland Is
pot placed behind tho eye simply to
fill spico or to give txpusslon to emo
tlon The chemical properties of teau
consist of phosphate of lime nnd soda,
making them very salty but ncvu bit
ter Their action on the eye Is very
beneficial, nnd here consists their pre
m rihed dutw of the body washing
thoroughly that sensitive organ which
allows no foreign lluld to do the same
woik Nothing cleanses the eye like
a good siltv showei bull and medical
ait has followed niituies law in thU
respect advocating the invlgointlng
solution for any dlstiessed condition of
the optlts 'liars do not weaken tho
sight but impiove it They act .is n
tonic on the musiulai vision keeping
the eve soft and limpid, and It will be
noticed that women In whose ejes
lympathetlc tcais gather milckly have
bilghtci tendered orbs than others.
When the pupils aie haul and cold tha
world attributes it to one's disposition,
vihiili Is a mere flgme of speech Imply
ing the lack of balmy teats, that aiu
In the (oinen what salve is to the skin
or nourishment to the blood
The reason some women weep nior"
easily than otheis and still more
icadily thin Hie sterner sex, has not
Its difference In the stiength of the
teni gland, but in the possession of a
more delicate nerve system The
nerve fibres about the glands vlbrnte
more easily causing a downpour from
tho wateiy sac Men are not nearly
so sensitive to emotion their sympa
thetic nature the term is used In a
medical sense Is less developed, and
the eye Is therefore protected from
shocks Conbcqueutly a man should
thank the formation of his nerve in
tuie when he contemptuously scorns
team ns a woman s piactlce Between
man and monkey theic Is this essential
difference of tears An ape cannot
weep not so much because Its emo
tional ponds aie undeveloped ns the
fact that tho lachrymal gland was
omitted In Its optical make-up Die
tetic and Hygienic Gazette.
Almli;hty Ooil' eternal source
Of overj arm wo ilaro to vvlehl
Ho Thlno tho thanks, as Thine
foi re,
On leollnR ilecli in stricken flehl,
Tho thunder of tho liattlo hom
Is hut the whisper of Thv nonet
Ihlne Is oui wisdom, Thine om mlKht
Oh. give us more than strength ami
The calmness hoin of sense of rlsht
Tho steaillnst heart, the quiet will
To keep tho awful trvst with
know Thee In the cannon's
O Lord of love' bo Thine the grace
to tcaeli. amid the wrath or war.
Sweet pity for a humble race.
Some thought of thoso In lands afar
rWhere sad eyed women vainly
Tor thoso who never shall return
Great Master of earth's mighty school.
Whoso children are of every land,
Inform with lovo our nllen rulo
And stay us with Thy wnrnlng hand
If tempted by Imperial greed,
We In Thy watchful eves, exceed,
That In the days to come O Lord,
When wo ourselves havo passed
And (ill aro gono who drew tho Bvvord
Tho children of our breed mav sav
Theso wero our sires, who, doublv
Could strike, jet spare the fallen
-S Weir Mitchell, in St I-ouls Globe
A Slip of the Tonnue.
Tho Count Mecs O'Nnlr will you
bo plcnso recelvo my devotions? I
loots you vld crnndo passion
Miss Mllly O'Nnlr Hut Count will
you sorvo mo devotedly? You aro
sometimes bo austere
Tho Count Oystcre' I serfe him
stowed, fried on zo half ho' what
say I? I voulil say I serfe jou vld
my heart all Judge.
Weekly edition of the Bulletin $1
Por Wont Col q m n btc I'nge six
TO LET Two rooms furnished or
uiiturnlshed for light ..ousekceping
II L Ilinliow care 11 It T & L Co
2057 lw
FOR SALE A medium Blzed black
gelding, sired by Son of Sulan
shows Rpted Apply Jim Dodd
llench Place 2057 tf
uuST Small Shetland maro (recent
ly clipped) branded on right hind
leg Y Return to S V Chilling
worth, cor Nutianu and School Sts.;
lewnrd 2057-
STRAYED Prom my vard on Klnait
street last night, a dun cow. part
Jersey Ilobert Catton, V O Hox
324 29th January 1902
Will Be as Thoroughly American as
if it Were Owned by the Govern
mentPerkins Withdraws
His Measure.
1 Special to Tno llulletln 1
Washington, Jan. 1C It Is nearly a
settled rnct that Congress will not pass
a mvv nt this session providing lor n
Government constructed enhio In tho
Faclllc The hearings that have licen
had upon the question licforo the
House nnd Senate Committees hnvo
romo nretty near convincing a major
ity of tho memiicrs or tno respective
committees that the hest thing to bo
done In trto ense Is to lei tho Commer
cial Cnblo Compnn, of which Jonn
V Mackny is the hend. go nlong nnd
tiuilil lis proposed cnhle without inter
ference from the Government.
Tno stntementB made by the repre
sentntlves or tho Mnchuv company
have been so convincing that they
have come prettv nenr putting n stop
to nil talk about n novcrnmcnt cable
rile compnnv declnred before the Sen
uto committee this ween Hint If the
woi eminent docs not interfere wltn
its plans It will hnvo Its cable be
tween Sin Francisco and Honolulu
laid and In working order by Decern
hei of the present jeni, nnd perhaps
tho (list messages may bo sent over
It In October or Noviunbcr The cnblo
Is now nctunlly being built at the late
ot 13G mllcH a ilny at mo Glasgow ca
bio works where all of tho great
deep water cables ot the world liavol
been built Ily tho enil ot noxl montn
tne cnblo will be going forward at the
late of loo miles a month, ami by tho
first of tho summer It will be complet
ed placed in a cable ship and bo ready
ioi the trip around tho Horn The
compnnj also piomlses to have a com
pleted cnblo In operation to the Phil
lpplnes within two ears from now
about half the time It would take tho
Government to do the same work.
Tho coinpanv also proposes that it
will make tho public rate between San
Francisco and .Manila Just one half ot
the present rate via Europe it will
glvo tho Uniied Slates Government a
rate amounting to one halt of the pub
Hi iale. making tho rate on Govein
mont messages ono quartet of tho pros
ent .uanlle American rate ino corn
pan) piomlses nt any time after the
cnblo has been completed la turn it
over to tho Government at the actual
cost price or If Hint he not sntlsfac
ent Manila Ainci lean into Tho com
tory to sell It to the Government at
anv price ngreed upon by arbitrators
unpointed for determining Its vnluo
Ine company savs thai Its only pur
pose In wanting to go nhead Is that It
can build cables for 1G per cent less
than nn other companv In tho world.
nnd In Its business of operating cables
and telegraph . nes n cable across tho
t'acltlc, owned either bv tho Govern
ment or by Itself, would bo of great
advantage to It, as It would to nil oth
er American telegraph companies
Tho compnnv places its pinna upon
such high ground that after tho heal
ing before tho Senate Committee Sen
iter PcrkliiH of California himself the
aulhni of n Government ownership Pa
rifle cnblo bill said that ho would be
obliged to renounco Gov eminent own
ershlp In tho fnce of an offer of this
sort nnd Immodlntolv he wlthdicvv his
own bill Irom consldeintlon
Experienced If Not Expert.
"Think jou, my dear Mr Piofessor.
that I will enough learn tint I tnnv in
six months before tho public sing' '
"All, no my dear miss, I cannot so
much hopo Hut then ou will perhaps
enough know that jou will to do It not
try." IndlannpolU News
Prince I.ulgl o. tho Anrurzl will re
tuin to America early nuet yenr ac
cording to tho Itallci. In command of
a fast Italian ennser The voyage will
Inst fourteen months.
The weekly edition of the Evening
Bulletin Is the largest and best pub
lished In the Territory. Sixteen and
twenty pages. $1 a year.
(i. id Coiiipiiny of l-unny Folds
RCSnitVIiD SEATS, 75 cents
ol 1902 designs In
1 French
Nothing In our opinion Is more elegant, more scrvlcenblo,
moro suited to our climate, for HOUSE or EMPIRE GOWN3,
or for DRESSING SACQUES than these exquisitely light, yet ex
ceedingly strong, patterns.
Vo cnll especial attention to the Persian designs, which
are tho latest conceits of tho French weavers, and which nro
destined to bo much shown In tho fashion centres this coming
The Plain, 50c a yd, The Silk Designs, 90c a yd,
Washington Jnn 17 The Senate
Cnmnii.iee on Commerce today nu
thorlzcd n rnvornblo report on Senator
Fryos ship subsidy bill The report
will be mndo by Senator Vnc.
The Democratic members of tho
committee voted against reporting the
bill The also otou solidly for a
motion offered bv Senator Mnllory toi
strike out tho general subsidy provl lot new vessels c large carrvlng ca
slon of the bill The commltteo made pacltv which promote export trade at
several amendments to the hill The i low freight tntes Combined with our
most Important are those nllowlng ' geographical position It gives special
mall cntr lug vessels under the hill to advantages to the American vessel"
he either Iron or steel. Instead of steel In the Pacific trade
only ob originally provided nnd re Daaed on actual navigation of
duclng to Ujon gtoss registered tons Amerlian vessels In foreign trndo In
the vessels receiving tno hountv tin 1'inii the subsidies proposed would
tier the bill. amount to $1072,000. divided ns foi
Thi lepott prepared by Senator.Iows Steam (excluding mail vessels)
Ftye vvns lend to the committee Itl$r)'iJO00 sails. $313 000 Geogrnphl
savs that the purpose ot the bill Is to i.tllv Atlantic ocean Jill 000 Pacific
establish the mnrltlme supremacy of ocean $ld7 000, square rlggeil ships
the Unite d States In trade with Asia on both oceans $161000 Pull com
and in the Gulf of Mexico nnd the Ca plinnr. with all requirements of the
rlbhcnti sea to establish thoroughly bill would fl the Initial expenditure nt
trade between the United Stntos and between JS0O000 and $900000
South mei lean republics nnd to glvo1 "Under the general Biibsldv Incrense
the United States a respectable icpre- In expemlltuie depends on Incrense In
rentation on the North Atlantic The shipbuilding The completion of 200
claim Is made that all these results
will he accomplished within ten jenrs
The report niso nsserts that the hill
will so extend shipbuilding ns to
transfer In time from abroad to tno
United State s the center nt that In-
ditstrj ns the centers oi other Indus-
trios reeently havp been trnnsrerred
nnd nlso that It will give to tne untteii
States a measure ot maritime Indc-
penitence corresponding to our India
trial nnd agricultural inaepenucnco
Senator Fno furnished to the press
the following summarv of tho report
The establishment of this complete
American ocenn mall service, involv-
lng much shipbuilding will require
several veais It will render tho Unit
ed States ns Independent of foiclgn
poweis lor Its ocean mnll service as lb
Gicat Drltaln The cost or the Amerl
can Beivice bj American mall steam
cib win be it 700OJ.I tno eost or urn
Ish and Colonial service by lliltlsli
steamers Is $4 700,000 Receipts from
ocean postnge by the United States
are now estimated nt $o"ii000 Tho
annual d elicit under the American sys
tern proposed including minor ser
S1C,"E 'S 1'?1"t. r.'0tfr,. T,!'
milium it.-jivn iiiiini tne- nniioii vw
lonlal svsteni Is J21S8 0UO
"The postal subsidy provisions en
nble the Postmaster General to estab
HbIi an American ocean mnll svstom
superior to the svstems of Great Brit
ain France nnd Germnny.
"The American ocenn mall svstera
outlined contemplates on thp Pacific
vveeklv mnll service to Hawaii to tnu
Philippine Islands Japan China nnd
I Hongkong nnd a foitnlghtly service
to Pago Pago New Zealand nnd Aus
V.n.lin- nim1,C' maxlm,,ln COsl Wm,W ,'"
On the Atlantic the bill
plates stmiwceklv mnll seivlces to
Jamaica Havana and I'm ope wceklv
to Mexico once In ten davs to Veno
zueln and fortnights to Ilrnzll at u
maximum cost of $2 3(13 000
'Tin icpoit compaios In detail tho
American seivlcOs proposed with tho
lliltlsli set vice nnd asset ts that tha
bill will reveiliitlonlzc In American fa
vnt ns against the Suez route, the
worlds ocean mall connections with
,U(.1D I'l.'.lli llinil . lIIIK-llllIIB HIUI
jnpan anil uiiinn, ami win nireet its
Irnllan connections, it will glvo thu
United States twenty four auxlllaiy
nAtaln'i ;?.',"' com"arc1 wUh areat
The seeondpn.t of the report deals
with the general subsidy to all Ameil
'can vessels steam and snll, excent
mnll Bteamers It quotes President
Roosevelt's message, showing thnt tho
cost or building Amerlcun ships iu
grentei than tho cost of building ships
auroau tnni American wages on ship
board nre higher, and thnt tho Houso
should recognize theso Inequalities
Discriminating duties export bounties . ...
and subsidies based on export cargoes ' A nttl,!Per coi respondent Inter
oio In violation of our International ll the late 1.1 Hung Chang
obligations so dlrert subsidy it sajB.
is the onlv pracllcnl method Tho
Biibsldv propoMd Is not a naked boun
Ij lor II Is based on public services,
to bo renflered I
' Americans have nfiso.ute frea trail
In foreign going ships so no ship I
builders' trust Is possible under tin)
bill Shipbuilders rnn Import pow
free of dutv. materials for ships for
foreign trade so no mnn can raise
prliPB of materials
"If any American shipowner wllli
cmplojlng homo labor om,,long crnmeut ' explained the Vlceroj
American ntllcer nnd crews, perform ' "Tlle" as Prince Tuan wns lighting
Inir ei'rtRln services for the American 'or "le government, the Dowager Km
fiovernment nnd using tho vessel to press must have combined with him In
nromolo American commerce he will the attempt upon the legations,"
he paid a subsidy sufflclent to put him I u M nothing for a moment Then
"""" lZR,V fr(,En 8hln; Mr Tseng, the interpreter, replied
owner, emnloving fore en lnbor and i ,,, ,, ., ...
serving a foreign government. ''a a,l"c 8a8, tliat th" oraS"
"Tho avernpo cost of bulldine iron on tn8 tal,, ca,ne from Canton "
steamers mainly for cargo Is f IOC per World j Work.
uuiiu inn u'PHfl ill him I'U'lcil Funics.
beautiful all-wool
ton In the United States anil $70 In
Great Ilritaln Avcrngo monthly
I wages on ocean steamers mainly for
'cargo aie American $30. Ilrltlsh $2(1
I German anil Scandinavian $17. llio
general subsidies proposed equalize
American and foreign costs on these
'The bill will promoto tho building
000 tons of ocean steamers for foreign
trade In one jenr. Involving $1,300 nun
in subsidies will placo tho United
States In advance ot Germany as a
shipbuilding nation.
The deep sen fisheries hounty Is to
e niouiage nn Industry which from the
battle or Lexington to the battle ot
Santiago has furnished moro men
propottlonatel for tho natlonnl do
reuse than any other American Indus
try The annual expenditure is cstl
mated at $173 000 This nmount off
sets ilGOOOO paid to promote the fish
erles bv Canada which uses for the
nuruose the annual Interest rm $3-
IDUQOO paid bv the United States to
Cinada under tile llnllfax award In
1878 For seventy )ears tlio United
bt.ites paid bounties to deep sea (IbIi
crmen The Pi esldent of the United
Stite has geneial supervision of reg
.unttons to enforce the act
Chicago Jan 18 The Illinois Cen
tra Railroad will within a short time
, '"" M of the principal station, nlong
Its line completely equipped with tele
phone wires for the use of the official
jnd eraplovcs In transmitting train or
ders ard messages for the operation of
The innovation Is regarded as radl
cnl for after continued experiments
on big nastein rotds the telephone has
been declare 1 a failure In railroading
It is epectcd however that If the
Illinois Central piovcs It to be n sue-
of which Its officials are most lean
gulne Its example will be ppcedlly fol
lowed by othei laige loids thiongh
out the United States The change on
tin- Illinois Centinl will le gradual
The nstallatlon of the new rjstem will
imt about $100 per mile m approxi
mates $310,000 to prjulp the entire
mid Including Its main hi inch and thH
Ya:u) and Mississippi Vallej road
Chicago will prohibl be the atnitlng
pni Almost simultaneously how
I ' ........j- . u,.vv,d.., .iu
iver won, win oe commenced nt New
Orleans mil St f.ouls Prom these
three ceutets a two-wlre lino will b
extended to the p.lnclpal points until
?ne1r,f,BS!a,1?n '" the Cn'"C "5?,em "
l""'' '-atei ns soon ns tho sue-
teah ' tlle traln opetatlon Is assured
fc0eral moie wires will piobnblv bo
strung on the main line to take euie
of the enoimously Increasing commer
cial business
' ' Is It true that Pilnce Tunn has bom
banished to NukdenT" aBkcd tho cor
respondent. ' Prince 1 nan has been punished,"
said the, Vlceioy,
"'h was he not executed''"
It U against tho laws of China to
execute a prince of tho blood "
"But' said the conespondent "tho
present Dowagei Empress executed an
imperial prlnco In the last rebellion "
' He was lighting against tho gov
and Broker
65 Queen St.
Household Furniture
At Auction '
At the resldenco of Mr. O. W. It. King,
1270 Derctanla street, between Pilkol
and Keeaumoku streets. I will sell at
Public Auction tho entlro Household.
Furniture, comprising In part
Plants, Veranda Chairs, OaK Hall
Stand, Pictures. Kingsbury Piano
(nearly new), 1 Combination Dookcnso
and Secretary, Mahogany Table, largo
Hugs Hasy Chairs nnd Hockcrs, 1
Koa Center Table, 1 Masslvo Oak Ex
tension Table. Dining Chairs, flno Oak
UxtcnBlon Table. Dining Chairs, flno
Oak Sideboard, Glass and Silverware,
White Unameled Dedstcads, Mattress
es Pillows, 1 Koa Desk nnd Bureau,
Oak Ilureaus, Tables. Tablo and Dcd
I.lncn 1 Gitrncy Iccfrlgcrator, 1 Char
ter Oak Stove.
Jas F. Morgan,
Auction Sale
Hay and Rolled
At my sales room, 05 Queen st'lt, I
w 111 sell at Public Auction
150 Bales California Hay.
200 Sacks Rolled Barley.
Just received, In good order.
valuable real estate
at auction
On Friday, January 31, '
At my saleBroom, C5 Queen street, I
will sell at Public Auction a fine parcel
of iand situated at Puunul above thi
bead of I.llllm street.
Tho lot has a frontago of 310 feet
nn Puunul road and 200 feet deep, con
taining nn area of 02,000 square foet
Property Is but a short distanct
fiom tho terminus of tho I.lllha strecf
rnrs. Is well situated and can bo dl
lded Into several building lots.
For further particulars apply to
Jas. F. Morftan,
and Broker
65 Queen SI
I t
t; l

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