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vening Bulletin
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Y Y tronngo of people
Y who are Imprcsseil
Y with tho energy of
or more aitlve crftnpetltor
-tho man who tolls about
what he has to sell Lots of
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Iness joh neglect ... ... ...
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Vol. XI. No. 2085.
l'mcn 5 Ci:xth.
ptl" 'itjgiilfFlwy jhjmJMM '" 'iiir,ritiW''i'iHt"p".-
Steamer Table.
From 8. F. 'im' "
NlDBon Mam . . Mar. V 'f3-u I 1
Sonoma . ...... Mnr.yirv V .1,&4
For S. F. t? ',! ' 1 I
Ventura M. . VV 'J
Amerl Marti Mtr. 4 ., V JH flW
From Sydney. I 1ufr
Aorangl Mr.12 c f
idonAy: M.r.lr- " ' AN ISLAND
m is mid
Note Published Dealing
With Operations in
Therefore Russia is Asked to Qo
SlowlySeems Merely Reasser
jj tion of General American
) Policy in China.
Shanghai, Feb 20 Tho text has
been published In Washington of a
btrong American note sent to tho Ilus
elan and Chinese Governments on hob
ruarj 1st, declaring that tho granting
to any corporation of exclusive mln
lug- railroad or other privileges In
Mnnchurla would he n breach of the
treaty which America would view with
the greatest concern
A committee of the Itclchstag has
leduct'd tho ote for the force In China
bj 3,500,000 marks on nciount of tne
Tlcn Tsln gnrrlson, and has accepted
n ote of a million mnrhs for unrehlps
In the Orient.
lord Cranbome has stated that Rus
sian has declared her intention of ro
storing the customs In Nevvchvvang to
Chinese administration as soon as ctr
i umstances permit There Is no rca
son to question the good faith of tills
dcclaiatlon Ix)rd Cranborne on bo
linlf of the Oovernment dc( lined to
be drawn Into any statement regard
Ing the steps that L'ngland may take
or niaj not taku to give effect to the
Anglo Japaneso agreement
Vcklng, Pel) 19 No reactionary
movement by Uussla on account of the
Anglo-Japanese alliance has made it
self dlsccrnalilo here ct. If Uussla
withdraws her hand In consequence ot
the alliance Hint will be very satlslao
too . but the works she Is now en
gaged on In Mnnchurla nro very exten,
eive and her army will surely demur
at tint Idea of cvaciiutlon Hussln may
therefore take some determined step
ii order to malntnln her prestige
Meanwhile the attitude of China is
ver) strong. The withdrawal of the
foreign troops from Tien Tsln. which
was to take place by April, has been
postponed that their It oilers ma
natch tho com so of events. The l'ro
visional Government vvlil not be hand
rd nvei to China until the time when
the withdrawal wll have been actually
carried out.
I'eklng, Keb 15. The conclusion or
the Anglo Jnpancse nlliancc has
Nt lengthened tho Idea of tho Chinese
Government officials to depend on our
diplomacy The news has been much
welcomed b them
China urges that tliero Is no neccs
Pity for her to conclude any treaty
with Husslu for tho restoration of
Manchuria, and the latter country also
does not protest against this nttltudo
on the part of China. Tho agree
ment pioposcd by the Kusso Chinese
Dank has been rejected by tho Chi
nose Government as having no con
tuition with the Mancburlan question.
Cunning, the magician, will repeat
his successful tests of mind rending
and hypnotism this evening at tho
Orpheum An entire change of program
has been arranged and new features ot
strange and startling Illusions will he
This week will sec tho dose of the
engagement of Cunning and his clever
lompanv, who will depart for the Colo
nies In the next steamer
London, Keb. 21 Tho Chinese Mln
Intel nt St I'etcrsbmg is dead
There has been a neod of n
placo to have films and plates
piopeily dovolnped and printed
nnd we havo filled tho want.
Wo are not onl experts In
litis line but do alt tho work our
selves and guarnntea it to bo
satisfactory A slnglo trial will
tonvlnco you that wo can do
finishing better and cheaper
than ou can havo It dono else
vvhcie. Rice & Perkins,
Oregon Block, cor. Hotel and
Union Sts. Entrance on Union.
The Island steamers Wnlnlcnle, Clan
dine and Mlkahala were lato It making
port e8tcrday on account of the pre
vailing heavy winds from tbo north
The Walalcale arrived at 2.30 o'clock
In the afternoon from Koloa with 3500
bags of sugar and miscellaneous
freight As tho telephone wires con
ncctlng Koloa with other points worn
down tho Wnlalcalo brought no sugar
reports The vessel reported very bad
weather, heavy seas and a northeaster
ly galo being experienced crossing tho
At noon the Mlkahala arrived from
N'awlllwllt with 5000 bags of sugar and
other freight.
Tho Claudlno came. In from Maul
ports about t o'clock In the afternoon,
bringing back her Hitclo freight as the
sea was running too high at that place
to land an thing.
Walluku, Mar 1 The members ot
tho Malu Athletic Association and
Morning Stars will cross bats again at
Wells Park, Walluku, tomorrow (Sun
day) afternoon, weather permitting.
Tho Maul bojs wish to keep up the
baseball Interest so that they will not
be found sleeping when the Illlo bojs
Jump In unawares. The presence of I
II Crook has added now llfo In sport
ing circles and Walluku will need no
further complaint about dull times.
Tho polo gamo at Kahulul scheduled
for this afternoon, will likely be post
poned on account of the Inclement
weather The proposition to change
the polo grounds to Weils Park. Wal
luku. has been frustrated by tho Pirn
neno bo)s who favor Kahulul on ac
count of Its central location between
Walluku and tho new Fiiuncnc mill
The rourth District committee of the
Republican parly will meet this after
noon nt 3 JO o'clock In the headquar
ters, Rllte building, to hear the report
of tho sub-committee of five appointed
to feel the pulse of the district with
reference to the naming of a candldato
to run for the Legislature according tu
tho special election proclamation ot
tho Governor recently Issued .
Another object of tb meeting will bo
the appointment of men to nil tbo
places of A. F. Gllflllan (deceased) and
Geo F McLcod on the committee. It
Is understood that a labor man re
commended by tho amilatcd labor
unions of the cllj, will be elected a
member of the committee In order to
secure representation for that section
of tho district. Tho committee mem
bers are very much in favor of having
a labor man with them.
It Is hardl) probable that the com
mittee of five on tho candldato matter
will bo ablo to report much more than
their conversations wlrfl" Eomo of tho
leading men of tho district. It is not
possible that every voter lias been seen
since Friday last and without such n
canvas It would bo impossible) to glvo
n correct summary of the feeling of the
district .
Jim Vlerra, a Portuguese boj about
8 years of age, appeared In the Pollen
Court this forenoon on (he charge ot
larceny In tho second degree by steal
ing a rooster valued at fl 50, the prop
erty df ono Ollvcra. Attorney An
drade appears for the prosecution and
attorney Vivos for the defenso. By
mutual consent of both sides, tho case
went over until noxt Monday to give
the Grand Jury time to Investigate.
Judge Wilcox mnuo a few remarks
peitalnlng to tho case, saying that a
recent Grand Jury had a similar case.
Someone had stolen a chicken. Dur
ing the Investigation of the case, each
ono of the Jurors asked an obscene
question relating to the rooster and
then fired tho caso out Ho did not
know what the present Jury would do.
Shanghai, Feb 10. Two' of Elliott's
columns engaged Do Wot In consider
able forco on February lOtb, thirty
miles to tho northwest of Rcltz. They
captured ten Doers
Cmma Square MuhIc.
Til ft tinnil will nlnt tlii fnllnu. In tr an.
lections at n concert In llmnin Sm.nr..'
this evening, beginning at 7 30 o'clock
Overture Ffa DIavolo
Introduction-- Lohengrin
Selection Iloliemlnn Girl
. Auber
.. Iialfe
la) Ka l'a Noe o Koloa.
(b) Oi Hoi Ha
Miss I Kclilan.
(c) Kaala
(d) Malkal Ka Makant o Kohala.
Mrs N Alapal.
Cornet Solo Don't Ho Cross Zeller
Mr Charles Krcuter.
Selection Musical Review . Itlvtcrn
Waltz Knntaslo
Qaiop The Planters
Tho Star Spanglil Manner.
r.Bf vnuf nrri!-. In for h .n.,.1,1
Industrlal edition. The second edition '
is now ready for distribution. Price1
SS cents. i
Chinese Doctor Found
Dead in Hanapepe
Murder Is Strongly Suspected Victim
Was Gambler and Had
About $900 On His
Among the arrivals in the Mlkahala
from Kauai Sunday was I.au Hnon, a
Hanapepe Chinaman who was sent to
the ctty to report to the High Sheriff
what he knows about the mjstcrlouj
death of a kinsman, Lau Kou Sam by
name and the finding of the body In the
, Hanapepe canefields by some native
on Saturdaj last. As it was necessary
for Lau Hoon to hurry away on the
tamo day as tho body was found, nil
the circumstances connected with thll
finding were not learned
On the night of February 11, Lau
Kon Sam was an Inveterate gambler
and a doctor practicing without a It
cense, went to tho Sun See Tick store
and from there to the Sing Kee store,
about a mllo nway There ho got Into
a big gambling game and won heavily
(Jutting the game at about 1 o clock on
the morning of the 12th, ho went to
sleep with Kum Tong who lived hut i
short distance an ay.
According to witnesses, the deceased
got up at about 7 o'clock, told the
cook that ho would be hack for lunch
and Jumping Into a wagon of the Sing I
Kee Co. started for Camp 1. several'
miles away, making the statement that
he Intended going to sec a sick man.!
Tho driver of this wagon was Kung
Wal, an employe of tho Sing Kee Co.
From this point on, thtf whole affair
Is shrouded In mjstery. At ono time,
tho driver stated that he had taken the
murdered man to Camp 4 and that he
had been paid sixty cents for the work.
He returned to tho store at about 12
o'clock of tho same day. On the road
ho met two Chinamen who. Jumping
on the wagon for a ride back to Hana
pepe, nsked him wmit he had been
doing nt tho camp The reply was that
he had taken Lau Kon Sam there
When questioned more carefully, the
driver denied hnvlng taken the deceas-1
ed to the camp Thts action has raised
n nitanlnlfin In Clin n.ltiflu nt tl... ..nil. a '
.. u. v ..... ... ,,; ..,,,l..n , 11IU K,lllt-
and tho fellow is being kept under sur
veillance. No suspicion seems to rest on Kum
Tong, the man with whom tho deceased
slept after quitting the gambling gamo
in the carl) morning He was asleep
when tho latter left for Camp 4.
On Februar) 15 three daj s after tho
disappearance, u hi other of tho de
ceased sent Chung Chew to Camp 4 to
make Inquiries Chan Wun, the camp
luna, stated that he had seen the de
mised on the 12th and that ho had left
for Honolulu. When asked how- ha
knew flic man lud lift for Honolulu,
tho luna replied that tho driver from
Sing Kee's pluce had told him so
A few du)s after this, a reward of
J50 was offered for tho recover of tho
body Some natives volunteered and
the friends of the deceased offered tn
pay each man n dollnr a ihy expenses
In addition to the reward alread) men
tioned This was accepted and the
search began, tho bod) being found In
tho canefields about two miles away
from the camp and on tho Hanapepe)
Tho man who came to Honolulu In
tho Mlkahala )esterda) and from
whom the whole story was obtained by
Deputy Sheriff Chllllngworth this
morning, does not know if nny marks
of violence or marks of identification
had been found on the body. As It had
been In tho fields for about a fortnight
It Is hardly piobahle that there was
much of value to be learned by the ap
pearance of tho body.
There was likewise no Information
forthcoming with regard to what
might havo been found In the clothes
of tho deceased, the Chinese relative
who came to Honolulu being u resi
dent of Hulela, a placo some distance
nway from Hanapepe, and all tho In
formation having been sent over tho
wires wnicn, on accuuni oi me siorm,
were not woiklng well.
At all events, It Is known that the do
ceased had between eight and nine
hundred dollars on his person after the
gamo In tho ' Sing Keo Companj
store Tills ma) havo been a mottvs
for the murder of tho Chinaman.
As lo tho driver of the cart now un
der tho strict surveillance of the po
lice, it has been stated that he was In
tho same gambling game with tho de
ceased on tho night of February It,
when the latter mailo so much mone)
It Is further stated Hut while
the deceased was a member of the
' leiinB Too elan, the driver for tho Sing
' ce '" a me"l'l' of "'e Seo Yups,
commonl) known as hatchet men
Tho sheriff of Kauai sent n man hero
I "' euiiiui ,.! ciiu 11. KM aueilll 111 ur-
,ler ,0 Beo J,l8t wlint lan of nctlon
would bo proposed It Is understood
tint the police department will send J
4 London, l'cb. 18 Tho United 4
4 States Senate has ratified the Da- 4
f nlsh West Indies treaty. 4
4 4 444444 44444 44444444
special officer to Hanapepe to Investi
gate All the foregoing facts were mada
known at a meeting of the Leung Too
soelct) Inst night, and It was decided
nt that tlmo to offer all the help possi
ble A petition was sent to Consul
Yang Wei Pin nnd he has promised to
assist In the clearing up the mjstery
which surrounds the death ot Lnu Kon
nrarr jhsibb5
S-venty-Four Days From Manila
Captain McQuarrie in Command
Vessel Shows Signs of
After a long nnd tempestuous voj
Rgo, tnklng water Into her hold faster
than wag safe for the welfare of the old
vessel, the Ilrltlsh ship 1'llen A. Head,
from Manila In ballast, bound for Van
couver, put into port about 1 o'clock
this afternoon la distress
She was sighted about 11 o'clock this
morning and was soon taken hold of
b) the tug, being brought safel) into
port and dropping her mud hooks In
the stream off the Inter-Island wharf,
whcie a small crowd of curious water
frontcrs quickly gathered to learn
what the trouble was
The Head wss not on the list i '
touch at tills port and It was supposed
that the unfortunate vessel had met
with disaster during the recent heavy
northeast gale so (I) Ing to this port
fur shelter.
Ihe Head Is not a new ship b) nil)
means and has seen some henv) ser
vice In tier day
As she stands In the Btrc vm off the
Intcr-Islnnd wharf she clearly shows
signs of having been through terrific
weather and come out of It none the
better off
The Head cnju)ed good weather for
the first few days out of Manila and
her captain expected a line p.ibsabe to
Vancouver where he bus many friends
who would welcome him fiom his long
vo)age. I
It was not tong after the Philippine
had been left behind, however, before
It was found that the ship was leaking
The weather became squall) and n
gate followed that threatened to tear
the worth) vessels planks asunder'
Kohl) she bore up under the strain,'
but her h.illabt cargo was none ton
nu I elf ill on her ribs when the winds
and the sens tosccil the vessel nhout
She began tu leak with gicattr trccdoi.i I
nnd the Industrious crew had all tlui'i
could do to keep only a moderate
amount of water In her hold
Cnptalu McQunrrle Is ghid to ! In
Honolulu hnihor where, if pussibli,
the vessel will be repaired It may b
necessar) to lake out her look and
sand ballast and put her, one end nt i
time on the marine rallwa)
Much of Ikt copper slieathlng has
been worn nway the naked and bat
tered planks being exposed.
The Head left Manila on December
ID, so that she has been at sea, at
tempting to get to Vancouver for near
I) eleven weeks Slio is a vessel ot
.150 tons and, If It were not for her
battered hull, would bu n liundBomo
vessel She standH high out of tho
water, being light in billnel
The crew, somo of them, have al
ready managed to get ashoie
Hie Head will bo obliged to remain
In this port for some time When her
captain decided to put In heie she was
leaking badly and he did not consldor
It safo to attempt to reach Vancouver
.Much dlllUulty was experienced in
making Honolulu on account ot the
heav) northeaster of the last few da)H
A novelty In the shape of engraved
watches has Just been received by M.
A Hego of Koloa, Knual who Is of
fering thorn for sale Tho watches are.
of tho beat quality and aro engraved
with the Hawaiian coat of arms, tho
statue of Kamehnmeha I and Diamond
Head These engravings are of the
finest workmanship nnd the wntchei
are of the prettiest pattern ever offered
for tale in tho Islands
Snlgon, Fob 21 Woody collisions
continue to tako place at Daicelona
Kighty thousand men nro on strike
Provisions aro becoming scare o
Col Marclinml has quitted China.
next i:xpnnss sti:ami:r to
Wells, Fargo & Co. Express
TEL. MAIN 199.
Masonic Temple, with American Mcs
'venner Service.
Honolulu Plantation Co's
New Trial Begins in
Federal Court.
Judge Humphreys Revokes a Decree
of Separation by Himself
-Estate of Late Mrs
A new session of the Supremo Court
opened nt Hi o clock this morning,
Chief Justice Freur, Justice (lallualth
nnd Justice Perr) present The Chief
Justice, before calling the calendar,
said tho Couit would sit throughout
this week and perhaps part of next
w-ek, then adjourn until Moda) April
tl There! was a large attendant e of
luw)ers. Including some from the nun
Irj towns.
t'nlted Stntes vs Honolulu PI int.
tlon C'omrany wns called for a now
(itiil by Jur) In the Fe-deral Court, ami
th" work of empaneling a Jur) fu lb
with preiceedi-d
Umma H. Douglas of Frultvati' Me
mods countv, California a daughter of
decensed, petltluns the First Circuit
Judge) that she ma) bo appointed ad
mtnlstrntrlx of the estate of (lie late
Cntlieiinu II llatchelor which Is Mil
ued nt JUtiJG real estate In Honolulu
being put down nt V 17". Heslde-s the
pctltionei tho helis at law me slated
to be Mrs Josephlno A Fink of Fruit
vale t'nl and foui sons living on this
Judge HumphrOH pronounced a
decree1 of separation nnd nfterwarl set
It at naught continuing for the term
the illviirce ease of Klese Krolioeso vs
Uuh F 11 FroboLse,
Divorce was granted to Mauao L'ina
ninn ngalnst Stephen Umaunia tor
adultery and for tho ssmo cause to
.John Degrcavt-H against Caroline l)e
At n qunrter to 12 In tho Federal
Court, both sides had paused n full p:in
tl for cause Judge Ilstto ailed em
1)( pile) District Attorney Dunno t ex
erelse his right of thnlicnge If (It'll. .
inch Kulf being allowed three! ' Im'
l ngct
ChnrliH'S Crniie was challi-ngi'd tiv
the- United States Tbo Court .it
iioiiueeei that there vveio no Jurms to
draw trom, nnd urdeicd the cleric tu l.i
sue- n speelnl venire for fifteen ndJi
tliiunl men Mnrshnl llendr) hcl,it
present was directed to send his men
along as soon ns found, while th.'
Court took recess till 2 o clock ibis
II It Hitchcock vs Hawaiian Tram
wn)s Companv, appeal of plaintiff v.
net lor hearing In the Supremo CVnt
timionow I olio wing aio the oilier
eases ntiBweri'd rend) at the calling nf
the ealemlar Hule to show cause I.'
ii, matter of M D Lcnnon. attorn
at law Nobicga vs Nohregn dlvn-to.
exceptions fiom First Circuit Com t .
Knu Ting Kee vh Jun You except. on
f i inn Flist Circuit Court J M Ve n
vs Mile Akeml exceptions fiom Fust
Circuit Cuuit T It .Mossmnn vs' S
II Dole et nl submission Motlnn to
iliiash, Irene II Hollown) vs C
Drown, Jesse Mnkalnal vs Goo vVui.
Ho), up pea I fiom Honolulu District
Court, Territory vs Ah Quong, eirlgt
nal, Defendant's motion to vacato de
ctee (1 N Hind et nl vs Wll Isr's
Steamship Company set for 10th lust .
John 'Kldwell vh Frame Godfrey, ap
peal from .liidge. First Circuit Other
cases will be ready after tomorniv
Thomas M HarrUon by his attin
ne-)H. Hobertkon & Wilder has filed oh
Jeitlons to tho bill of oxtuptious ot
J A Mngoon and others In tho ll.i
gey Cure Company case.
All amended bill In equity to net
aside and cancel n deed has been tie 1
by Puhikapa Malama Guertro, inlno
by J II Kumlo her next friend,
ugalnst Frank Pahlu and Llwat flue
rcro It pertains to land In Koolaupo
ke and alleges fraudulent conduct on
the part of Pahla,
Closing argument to the Jur) was
being matlo In the Chinese libel caso
before Judge Gear at noon today
Judgn Humphreys hears the petition
of Fred W Wundcnberg tec elver, fe.r
instructions as to what to do with the
Koua Sugar Company, at 2 o clock
Tho Jury found Wong Shlu King
guilty of libel In tho second dcRieu
and Judge Gear announced sentence
for 10 oclock tomorrow.
Cecil Hrown Is nppolntod exeviitor of
tho will of the) late Aieh F Gilnllan
under $8000 bond.
11 M von Holt Is appointed execu
tor without bond of the will of the
lato Frank IlroAn.
John S Azvedo Is ordered dlhclmrg
ed as administrator of tho estate of
(iraldo J Itoelo, deceased on paving
balance Into court.
Lnura K Halitalanl's petition t tint
she bo nppolnted administratrix of the
estate of her late husband, 1. K Ha
lualanl Is denied
Wnlunnc Meeting Postponed.
Tho annual meeting of the Walanao
Sugar Co was to have been held today
but tho non-arrival of Geo N Wlhox
of Kauai ono of tho principal stoik
holders has made a postponement nc
icbsnry Should there bo n meeting
any tlmo today It will bo simp!) set
over until Mr Wilcox does urrlvc
Cunning promises a show of crent
cxccllen.e at the Orpheum tonight,
and as this and tomorrow night s cr-
lormances will be the last opportunl
ties of seeing him. It Is extierteit b
the attendance will be vcr) large The
paie oi uc nets atreaily Indlcatei this
nnd It Is a trlbuto to show that Cun-'
mugs clever work Is nnpieclatcd i
Tonights pcrforrnatiM will ho In two
(-arts, the first eeinslstlng of prestbllgl
tatlon Illusions etc , insisted b) Wai
ten the Mormon vvlzmd and a mind
nndlng exhibition h) Madame Alone.
Ihe second part will l,e an exhibition
of iDpnotlsm In which Cunning ban
been eminently successful In thin
perfornnnre the subjects will be cans
ed to art In n manner so cnmknl and
ludlirrniis as to keep the audience In I
constant spells of laughter Jn Itself
this pin of the performance Is worth
far more than the price of ndmlsiion
It wis learned uj the last Mauna
l.oa that there was In eoiiipnitilntinn ,, i
change In the ofllee of deput) sheriff of
Kuu High ShJlff Hrown was seen to
day nhout the matter and he confirmed
the report, saving 'There, lino Inwn
n great many complaints from Kan re-'
Ka ig l)eput Sheriff Huton and I
nave written to SherlfT Andrews re
eeimmcndlnc a chance ir n nlini.ln mnn
lau be fouiiil to take the place I have
icietviei an application for the placo
from Henr) Martin a )oung half-1
white of the district and this nppllca
lion I have sent to Sheriff Andrews1
who will do what he think l t in th
premises "
There was gie.it excitement nt th,
Orpheum Saturday night when Deput)
Sheriff Chllllncwnrth lumiinl Inir, n...
ring ami Mopped the boxing eonteiU
uciwi'cu Agtiew niiil Fox nt Denver'
IM Smith 8 show However Mr chill.
Ingwiiith E.ilil toda) thnt le only did
this beiuiiBc he thought the match had
gone far enough Fox was tired out
and lie did not think tlm imiri-im-
should be allowed to continue He de
nies the statement that there was uny
row At nil events. Anm i.n.i i,n
befct of tho match from start to finish.
nix is rlever but It was shown Satur
day night that It would not be possible
for him to stand up long before Agnew.
mere was a four-iound bout be-
tween "Snider" Jackson nml St.lnpv
Jackson whlrb remiltr.,1 In .ir I
Two small bo) put on the gloves and
created n lot of amusement Decker and
Gonsalves had a four-round go, the
former showing himself to be the bet
ter man George Itllc) was a llttlo bet
ter than Fergeant I locker of Cnmp
McKlnlev In another bout Cdmlnsky
lent Jack Andrews out on Kilnts nnd
t'selcss" Harris, n negro, was much
the superior of Nigel Jackson . '
A Honolulu business nmn unn m.
centl) returned from Maul tells the,
following stor) of n trial In tho Dis
trict Court at Walluku the other day.
' A Chinaman wns up on the charge'
of helling nwn without n license. Tho
piosecutlon showed thnt tho defendant
hud sold emclu nnd hail rficn ihn
awa Nevertheless the Chinaman was
round guilt) of se Inn nwn without n
lie e use nnd was sentenced to pay n
unn ot & ami costs Naturally thtra
was an appeal taken " '
London. Feb 17 Tho mrmnln.) In ,
fnntry surprised by tho Hours at Klip
i hit were mostly nosh from homo and
inn iiHeu 10 iioer tactics The killed
Included the eomni.inillnir nllln.r u.
Jor Dow ell I
A nicely furnished cottage and an
unfurnished twelve room house, both
on Fnlon street, aro for rent and leate
See under New Today,
Get your orders In for ihn mot-iai
Industrial edition. The second edition
Is now ready for distribution. Prtr i
25 cents.
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EM 111 II
'i ere are none better and few so good
none so good at
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co's
Where ease wear and price? nro con
Mderallnns )ou cannot overlook this
Manufacturers Shoe Co
in nil llfflll;
Receiver Wundenberg Is
For Selling Entire
Hearing of Petition at Two O'clock
This Afternoon Interested
Parties Served With Notice
to Appear.
Fied Wundcnberg, reeelvejr In tho
case of M. W McChcsnc) & Sons vs.
Kona Sugar Company, Ltd! nnd the
First American Savings and Triut
Compan) of Hawaii, Ltd, has petition
ed Judge Humphrr)! for Instructions
He Btntes thnt C llrewer & Co had
ted him tu believe they would. In all
probability, ndvance the funds nccei
tary to curry on the business of tho
Kona Sugar Company, Including tho
completion of the mill and taking off
the crop of growing cane, but that C
llrewer & Co. have refused to advance
cuch funds nnd the receiver has mado
ever) effort to obtain the ncrestaty
funds from other persons without suc
cess The receiver believes tint It is
Impossible to get the funds necessary
for the aforesaid purpose. He con
cludes "That )ouf receiver Is full) satisfied
that It Is necessary for the protection
and preservation of the property of
tho said Konn Sugar Company, Limit
ed, nnd tho said plantation, that Imme
diate steps he taken to sell and dleposj
of the said property, that delay In
completing the mill will entail a loss
of the present crop of about 3000 tons
of sugar, which will Irrcparabl) crip
ple and Injure the said Kona Sugar
Company, Limited.
"That It would bo to the best Inter
est of Ml parties to the litigation here
in If tho entire property and estate of
the said Kona Sugar Company, Limit
ed, be sold nt public miction.
"Wherefore, your receiver prn)8 for
an order of this Honorable Court In
structing )our rccr.vcr ns to whnt he
shall do In tho premises "
Judgo Ilumpbrejs has made an order
In which, deeming it expedient that the
petition should bo heard as soon nil
practicable, the hearing Is set for 2
o'clock this afternoon, with notice to
be served on S M Damon, II. K. Walty
and S i: I'nmdn, comprising the firm
ot lllshop & Co. tho First American
Savings & Trust Co., McChesncy &
Sons, tho Kona Sugar Co and W. W.
Ulerce, Ltd.
Judge Humphreys this afternoon de
nli'd the petition, stating that Wunden
berg Is merely care taker of tho planta
tion Herbert Young, one of tho Young
Urothcrs, who operate a number ct
gasoline launches In this harbor. Is
suffering with n broken wrist He doc
not know how or when the accident
occurred, but noticing t swelling )n
bis wrist and feeling ncnte pains In
that member during tne last day or
two, ho went to a doctor who, after un
examination. Informed him that hie
wrist was fractured In two place
1 Young carries his arm in splints nnd hi,
much ngalnst Ms Inclination, abstain
ing from nny nctlvo work
Shnngnnl, Feb 17 Ono hundred
nnd twenty mounted Infantry patrol
ling nt Kllprlvcr were attacked and
(overpowered, twelve being killed nnd
fort) eight wounded.
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