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Published Every Dny Except Sunday,
H 120 KIdr Street, Honolulu,
T. II., by the
Entered at tlio Post Olllco at Hono
lulu as second-class matter.
Evening Bulletin.
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Telephone 25S
Post Onico Hot 718
. ..MAUCH 4, 1902.
Hon. Gforge H. Tarter had several
lively sessions with the Han I'rnn
rlsco reporters. They dubbed hlra
"His Haughtiness ' It may be "his
Naughtiness" before he gets back If
the reporters have their way .
The death of "Ned" Macfarlanc takes
from the social and buslnets circles ot
Hawaii n mnn whu was universally
liked and respected. "Ned" Maefarlanc
was a good fellow without being bois
terous, the life of ninny social gath
erings and one of the strong men of
rmr local business and political affairs.
His bereaved wife and members of his
family have the deepest sympathy ot
fho rnmmiinltv
...... ..
""'" ""-.
. , . , , .
i nc suiiviuvuin niuiir iij mi- iit-,"in "
Iinancini nouses having to no wmi tne
airnirs or tuc Kona sugar uompanv
tihow how utterly false Is the assertion
made by Thurston s Adveitlser that
the Inability to obtain funds for the
nlantntlon was or Is due to Judge1
. . . ..... . . .
The statements made by 'he Adver
tiser are not only a malicious ami
'wholly unjustified nttnek upon the in
tegrity of the court, but tliey nssall as
well the honesty of the business com
munity, more especially tho leading
financial Interests.
If what the Advertiser claims were
true every charge ever mado against
the business men of Hawaii as exert
ing undue and Improper Inllucnce to
secure a mlscarrlago of Justice would
of necessity be given the color of
or necessity ue K ven tne coior oi
truth. I-or Justice Is Impossible In any
lommunlty wliero a condition exists
dctnlled edltorlaly by the Advertiser
as follows: "An application was then
made by Mr. Wundonbcrg to each
hank, capitalist nnd firm of sugar fac
tors In Honolulu, nnd each In turn
politely declined. Somo gnve ono rea
son and some gave another, but the
real reason In each caso was that no!
business man felt safe to have his mon
ey In the control of Judge Humph
reys." The Advertiser's representations aro
proved to be recking vvflh falsehood,
malicious In Invention nnd devoid of
the slightest regard for tho good nnmo
of this community or the personal in
tegrity of Its leading business men.
The newspaper owned by Thurston
and tho accepted organ of the Governor
shows In this Instance that it Is ready
to attempt the wrecking of tho good
name of Individuals ns well as tho
community In an effort to s.itisf) a
personal spite.
There wns a meeting of the Republi
can Territorial committee In headquar
ters last night for the purpose ot con
sidering various matters which had
come up since the last regular meeting.
The greater part of the time vvr. speiii
m dluurslon. Tho principal mailer
brought up before the meeting wns the
status of the Porto Hlcnns In the Tr
r.tory of Hawaii with reg-ird to the
frjmhhi.. It was suggested that tho
committee appeal direct to Welling
ton fcr en opinion In the nvtttcr but
this wns not dwelt upon V(V long.
AtMther member said that It would be
a good thing to set a I'orto Hlcau and
take him before Judgo Esteo In ordr
that a test rase might be nnd'!. This
,tsfi was a suggestion nnd lid not re
sult !u rny action being tnkei .
Both of the inter-Island steamship
companies have decided to hold their
steamers In port until there Is boiub
moderation In the winds nnd waves.
The Klnau, Claudlno and Lehua of
Wilder s Company, which were to have
sailed today, will not get away until
tomorrow at the earliest. The Maunn
I.oa, Mlknhala and Walalealc of the
Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co. aro
also held over until tomorrow, when It
Is hoped the storm will let up.
"There Is no use sending the steam
ers oi n In such weather as this," said
an officer of Wllder's company this
morning. "Wo don t wan to tear them
to pieces,"
The Klnau Is scheduled to sail for
Hllo and way ports tomorrow morning
at 9 o'clock, the Claudlne for Maul
ports at the same hour; tho Lehua for
Molokal at G o'clock; the Manna Loa,
for Kau and Kon.i ports at 9 o'clock
und tho Mlkahala and Wnlaleale for
Kauai ports at 5 o'clock .
Get your orders In. for the special
Industrial edition. The second edition
Is now ready for distribution. Price
25 cents.
Jluinnnreys conduct or the case in nis.iV """""-' "" " i--iuii iu i
IaBBBBB)aBli,. Ifl ItJMMBMMHli MBaiaiilillfiii ttil nHi in i 1 i 11 I nl .Tc, . .'. t . . -.SSR..J;
Ho Will Take Over Anglican Church
ProperlyMuch Talk as
to Bishop Willis'
aan Krnnrlseo, FVb. 25. The Episco
palians of the Territory of Hawnll will
on and nrter April 1 of this year bo un
der the Jurisdiction of the Episcopal
Clitirch of America. They will no lon
ger be under the Church of England
nnd lushop Alfred Willis will retire,
jjisliop Nichols of the diocese of Cnl
ofornla has been ordered by the pre
s. ..ng Illshop of the United States to
make the transfer. He sails on
March 22 to undertake this Important
Thus ends a bitter fight which has
been waged for several years down at
tho Islands. The climax enmo when
Illshop Willis came up from the Islands
to attend the Episcopal convention
tuat was held In this city last October.
Ho was sent out from England nnd or-
ilalned by the Archbishop of Canter
bury In 1872 ns the Illshop of Hawnll.
At that tlmo It was loaned down upon
ns a mere missionary venture, but It
has grown to n diocese of vast Impor
tance. Americans gradually populated
the Islands. When Illshop Willis ar
rived In this city last October to ap
pear before tho Episcopal convention
he felt that his tight was lost and that
the popular feeling was mat he should
resign nnd that the rich church prop
erty that Is now worth nearly $1,000,
000 should be transferred to tho Epis
copal chuich of this country. With a
broken voice he said to a reporter of
the Call who Interviewed hlmt.
i win lay my case before the con
vention. Should they desire to take
the present church under their JurlB
diction. I will bow to the Inevitable. I
,. ,,,. 1,1.11 ihciv uiu iiiuujr hi iiu-
nolulu In favor ot seeing the Church
"' England In the Islands annexed to
the Episcopal church of America.
snouiii this step be taken I will go
yack to England.
xvxt month Illshop Nichols, with
nte power vested In him. will go down
to the Islands of Hawaii and formally
receive the property of tne Kplscopa-
nans. The lenrned divine who wns
ent from England will retire, go back
tn ma mnllins nr.iinti.ti nn.1 a.w i, l.l
I .,. ..In 1... ..
. Willi, IDIIUIJ.
Illshop Nichols last Saturday called
a meeting of the board of managers
or the diocese of California. Ho ex
plained to them that ne had been or
tiered to go to Honolulu with all speed
and on the llrst of next April receive
the property of the church that would
be turned over to him. He explained
that the date was just about Easter
tide, at the very time ho would best
like to bo In San Krauclsco. but that
hu was simply obeying orders. Ho
wns wished "Godspeed" and everybody
lfclt BMUrw ,hat tno Presiding Illshop
f h Untcj stnt B r Amcrlca t0,,ru
' ,mvo plaec1 8Ucl, a uclcato mf.
slun In bettor hands.
Gossip as to a Successor.
Who will bo the successor to Illshop
,. .ills Is not nt present announced, but
nt tho recent convention Archdeacon
Emery of this city wns prominently
mentioned for tho place. Tho Itov. Al
exander Mncklntosh, D.D., rector ol
Honolulu, Is nlso n likely candidate.
He has held services In the church at
i.onolulu for several years with a largo
following, while Illshop Willis, repre
senting tho old faction, held services
In the snmo edifice to much smaller
At noon tomorrow Captain John
I'nlrfield Merry, commandant. United
States Naval Station, Hawaii, will be
come a rear admiral. The usual cere
monies of the naval service will bo ob
served In his honor, the flag ot the rear
ndmlral being raised on the tall Hag
pole at the Naval Station and a salute
of thirteen guns being fired.
Captain Merry will bo placed on tho
retired list although It will bo soma
time before he quits active service.
Captain Merry will continue his pres
ent duties at least until such time as
all Pearl Harbor matters liavo been nr-
rauged In a manner satisfactory to the
Navy Department.
Captain Merry's able handling of the
renrl Harbor naval station land con'
dcmnatlon suits and his thorough un
derstnndlng of nnd lamlllarlty with all
matters pertaining to Pearl Harbor
and the proposed naval station there,
render his services at this time abso
lutely Indispensable to the Navy De
partment. Pearl Harbor land matters
are likely to occupy several months
yet, and Captain Merry will have
plenty to keep him busy during that
tlmo. After theso matters have been
arranged tho captain will return to his
homo In Sumncrsvllle, Massachusetts.
Captain Merry Is sixty yearB of ago.
Ho was born In 1842, In Edgecomb,
Maine. At the age of twenty no entered
the naval service, the exact date ot
his entering being October 15, 18C2, so
that for forty years ho has served
Undo Sam afloat and ashore.
During the war of the rebellion,,
while lending a detachment of marines
and sailors In an nttack on Fort Fish
er, Captain Merry, then still a very
young man, was shot In both legs. At
this time he was a volunteer In scrvlco
with the rank of acting master. For
bravery In action he was given n com
mission In tho regular navy, becom
ing nn ensign, from which position he
has worked himself up.
During tho Spanlsh-Amorlcnn war
Captain Merry commanded tho gun
boat MachlaB In Cuban waters, parti
cipating In the capturo of several
Captain Merry's experiences have
been many, varied and exciting. His
life would make a most Interesting
Charles Molteno, formerly of Mer
chant street, has reopened his shaving
parlor on King Btreet, opposite Young
Gives Scant Courtesy and Gets It
In Return Private Secre
tary io Governor
Under tho headline
"Ills Haughtl
tho Call of
r.css Carter ot Hawaii
Feb. 19 sa)s;
Hawaiian Senator Georgo It. Carter,
one of the best known politicians and
business men of Honolulu, was among
the passengers of the steamship Sono
ma, which arrived here yesterday. Car
ter Is reported to have come to the
I nlted States for the purpose of re
porting personally to President Hoose-
vclt on the political situation In tho
"This report Is untrue," said tho
Senator to n Call reporter nt the Pal
ace last night. "1 nm here on private
and not public business of uny kind."
"Is It not true that tho President re
quested yon to come to Washington to
advise him ns to current affairs In the
Islands?" was asked,
"That Is a matter I do not caro to
discuss," responded Carter coldly.
have nothing to sny concerning my
trip to the United States.'
"It Is reported that you are to ho
Parker's private secretary In tho event
or his nppointment as Governor to suc
ceed Dole. Is that true?"
"I have nothing to sny."
Receives Callers With Coldness.
Senator Carter muttered something
about having heard considerable about
the enterprise nnd persistence of the
American newspaper man, and that ho
was convinced tils Information In this
respect was not misleading. He con
scnted to sny, however, that he would
ultimately leave San Francisco for New-
York. He was not quite certain when
he would make the Journey across tho
continent, but thought It would bo
"within a day or two."
"Are you going to Washington
wns asked ,
"I don't know whether by Itinerary
Includes that very Interesting city," ho
replied, as with a wave of the hand and
n "so long" he dashed Into nn elevator
nnd disappeared.
Carter Is a young mnn, 30 or so, ot
athletic build nnd a good dresser. Ho
wears glasses nnd Is smooth shaven.
When addressed by sti angers ho ex
hibits surprise and assumes an Irrita
tion of manner which may be foreign
to him when among his own rllentclo
of nequlanlnnces nnd friends, who aio
not likely to startle him. He seemed
to have prepared himself to meet with
coldness the advances of reporters, and,
like many persons who for tho moment
nro In the public eye, he evaded every
effort made to extract information
from him with the general statement
that he had nothing to say nnd an air
as If all the secrets of the nation had
suddenly been placed In his keeping.
Scant courtesy was shown by him to
various persons who called upon hint
last night, and tho Impression created
thereby was not flattering to Carter or
to the lmportnncef the mission with
which he Is intrusted nnd which evi
dently has very favorably Impressed
him vv Ith himself.
Statement on Way to President.
Carter left Honolulu on the 11th Inst.
A few days prior to that event the
leaders of the party which Is antago
nistic to Carter nnd his following pie
pared a statement of their own In or
der fo bend off any adverse leport he
might make and foi warded It to the
Presldcrt. This statement Is now eu
loute to Washington and It will be In
President Itooscvelt's hands before
Carter Is enabled to reach that city
The Intimation Is that Carter's report
will ho one-sided, nnd whether tho
written statement will be accepted In
preference to Carter's verbal one re
mains to be seen. That the political
division In tho Islands relative to the
removal of President Dole nnd the ap
pointment of Parker us his successor
Is marked there can be no question.
Carter has been a leading figure In
Island politics for four yenrs. He Is n
son of the late II. A, P. Carter, who
was at one time Hawaiian Minister to
the United States. Ho Is tho head of
the Hawaiian Trust Company and
holds Interests In the Havvalan Elec
tric Company He has been Identified
with the missionary movement In the
Islands and has the reputation of be
ing a reformer
The case ot Manuel It, Custan'ia and
K. Castanha charged with JUtllllng
liquor without n llccnbc, cumo up for
trial In the Police Couit before Judge
Wilcox this forenoon.
From the looks of tho Judgo as he sat
on the -bench it could ve,y well lie
seen that something was going to drop
and that too with u dull thud. When
Die defendants nppeared before lilin ho
turned to the prosecution aim Hated
that an attempt had been ni.iclc to
bribe him the night bcfoio.
Certain parties had visited him at his
place In Knllhl and had laid before him
certain plans, offering to pay If the
defendants were discharged. He verj
foolishly neglected to take iho p.iprr
which was preferred to him and which
was a promissory note for a teitaln
sum of money. He got up nnd went to
get his glasses In order to better see
tho document nnd realizing tlio way
things were going, the men took b.uk
tho paper and pocketed It.
Judge Wilcox said thnt ho would
have nothing to do with tho caM) on
account of Improper ndvancci having
been mado to him. He would leavo the
matter to tho prosecution to have a
time appointed when Judifo Illc key
could try the case.
M arttftjl yifJJlll.ilitl niiWlliilllllillUflfrfl
Special Bargain Sale of
BY Tlin il tl tl
Pacific Hardware Co.,
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c '
,; yi
' li, -
1'lioto by Turd), Uo.lon.
Constantinople, Keb. 23. Miss Ellen
who, with Mine. Tsllkn, was captured
r '.rlS6 ' i'-j'T. . IBBIBSSi t '..' 1,'ti-E.'.M"Y?rtfT.i
WLH'W S -vW 'i3SSa T,',viBrYtvMr1
v-tih& 19 Wm
v . -asp JT&Ka
v ':' l paroriUBt 'iixmv&mt
September Sutti last, has been ieloaso.1 and arrived at birumltzn, Macedo
nia, at 3 o'clock this morning. Nobody was at Strumltza to meet Miss
Stone, ns the brigands had given no Indication wheie they proposed to re
lease the prisoners. . ,. .... -mM&4flUy
Washington, Keb. to. Tho President
today mado public tho following state
White House. Feb. 18, 1302. I have
received the appeal of Admiral Schley
and the answer thereto from tho Na
vy Department. I have examined
both with tho utmost care, as well us
the preceding appeal to the Secretary
of the Navy. I hnve read thiough all
the testimony taken before tho court
lyid the statements ot the counsel for
Admirals Sampson anil Sculey; linvo
examined all tho official repoits of ev
ery kind In lefercnce to the Santiago
naval campaign, rumples ot tho log
books and testimony bcfoio the couit
of claims, nnd havo also pcisonally had
before me the four surviving Captains
of the five ships, aside fiom those of
the two Admilalu, wlclileh were active
ly engaged nt Santiago,
It appears that the court of Inquiry
was unanimous In its findings or fait
and unanimous in Its expressions of
opinion on moBt or its findings of fact.
No appeul Is mado to mo from tlio
verdict of tho court on theBO points
vvnere tt was unanimous. I have, how
ever, gono carefully over tlio evldenco
on these points also. I am satisfied
t.ca.pn tho whole tho court did sub
stantial Justice.
Under such circumstances It seems
to me that tho recommendations of
President McKlnley were eminently
proper, and that, bo far as Admirals
j Sampson nnd Schley weie conccrnod.
aJfcWateWaltthla. , ' 1
vehicular construction,
i r .i'(w-vtfjvi.
1 '"Mm$&
-V. -.."!
M. Stone, the Amcrlcnn missionary
by brigands In tho district of Salonlca
It would havo been unjust for him to
havo mado other recommendations.
Personally, I feel that In vlow of Cap
I tain Limit's long voyage In tho Oregon
mid tho condition In which ho brought
her to the sceno of scrvlco, as well ns
tho way In which he actually managed
her before und during tho fight. It
would havo been well to havo given
him tho same advancement that was
given Walnwrlght, But, waiving this,
It Is evident that Walnwrlght was cn
, tilled to receive moro than any of the
uier commanders, and that It was
Just to Admiral Sampson thnt he
I should receive a greater advance In
iiiiiuuvtn much nuiiiirui ocmuy uieru
was nothing dona in tho battle that
warranted any unusual reward for
either. In short, as regards Admirals
Sampson and Schley, I find that Pros.
Idcnt McKlnley did substantial Justlco
and there would be no wnrrnnt for re
vising his action.
Bo.- Admiral Sampson nnd Admiral
Schley are now on tho retired list, In
concluding their report tho members
of tho court of Inquiry, Admirals Dew
I ey. Ilc-nham and Ramsay, unite In
I stating that they recommend that no
further action bo had In tho matter.
With this recommendation I most
heartily concur. Thoro Is no excuse
whatover from cither side for nny
turthcr agitation of this unhappy con
troversy. To keep It nllvo would
merely do damage to the Navy and to
I tho country.
liWMFr"Ztm&. - JXTCsKfflrirl
f Y ,'OTj. ... - ' V -lja3U WJWTf
Established In 18S8.
Transact business In all departments
of Banking.
Collections carefully attended to,
Exchnngo bought and sold.
Commercial nnd Travelers Letters
of Credit Issued on Tho Dank of Call
fornla and N. M. Rothschild & Sons,
Correspondents The Dank of Cali
fornia, Commercial Banking Co. of
Sydney, Ltd., London.
Drafts and cnblo transfers on China
and Japan through tho Hongkong &
Shanghai Banking Corporation and
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and
China. "
Interest allowed en term deposits at
tho following rntcs par annum, viz:
8even days' notice, at 2 per cent.
Three months, at 3 per cent.
Six months, at 3 1-2 per cent.
Twelve months, at 4 per cent.
Act as Trustees under mortgages.
Manage estates (real and personal).
Collect rents and dividends.
Valuablo papers, Wills, Bonds, etc.,
received for safe-keeping.
Auditors for Corporations and Pri
vate Firms.
Books exnmlncd and reported on.
Statements of Affairs prepared.
Trustees on Bankrupt or Insolvent
Deposits received and Interest al
lowed at 4 1-2 per cent per annum, in
accordance with Rules and Regula
tions, copies of whlcu may bo obtained
on application. ,
Insurance Office, 924 Bethel Street.
Claus Bpreckels.
Wm. Q. Irwin
Claus Spreckels & Co.
Ban Francisco Agents The No-
rada National Bank ot San Francisco.
Ban Francisco The Nevada Na
tional Bank of San Francisco.
London The Union Bank 01 Lon
don, Ltd.
New York American Exchange Na
tional Bank.
Chicago Merchants' National Bank.
Paris Credit Lyonnals.
Berlin Drosdner Bank.
Hongkong and Yokohama Hong
kong-Shanghai Banking Corporation.
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ot New Zealand.
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British North America.
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approved security. Commercial and
Travelers' Credits Issued. Bills of Ex
change bought and sold.
Collections Promptly Accounted For.
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Honoy loaned on approved security.
A Bav!ng Bank for monthly deposits.
Houses built on the monthly Install
ment plan.
Twenty-third Series of Stock Is now
OFFICERS!. L. McLean. Presi
dent: A. A. Wlldor, Vice President;
C. B. Gray, Treasurer; A. V. Gear,
A. Wilder. A. V. Gear, C. B. Gray,
J. D. Holt, A. W. Kcech, J. A. Lyle,
Jr., J. M. Little, L 8. Boyd.
Office Hours: 12:301:30 p. m.
The Yokohama Specie Bank
Subscribed Capital.... Ten 24,000,000
Paid Up Capital Yen 18,000,000
Reserved Fund Ten 8,510,000
Tho Bank buys and receives for col
lection Bills of Exchange, Issues Drafts
and Letters of Credit, and transacts a
general banking business.
On Fixed Per cent
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Addition and In
Knllhl. .... (
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by Miss Elln Dnyton
B. W. Quinn,
Patronage ol Owners, Architects
nnd Uulldcrit solicited.
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Contracting and Consulting Electrical
Engineer, - Plans, Specifications
and Estimates Prepared. - Dealer
in Electric Supplies.
OFFICE Room 8, Macjoon Dldg,
TEL. BLUE 281.
MORAL Insure In "Tho Travellers",
Largest Accident Insurance
Company In the World. .:
General Agents for tho Territory of
M. Phillips & Co.
Wholesale Importers and Jobbers.
European and American Dry Goods.
rorx ana uuoon 8ts.
H. HackfekU Co., Ltd.
General Commission Agents.
Cor. Fort and Queen Streets, Honolulu.
Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Wood Poison.
r.,.t...llr Ca. To u U lr.u.4 al
nr.l;, II ja ana tU,a aarnr, ItaMa paCua
aaa atm aaa acaaa aaa attai, Macaa ratthaa U BaMlfc.
ra Tawu, n,l.s r.pn. Mint Saala, Clma aa
al part at laa aa4j, Balr a. tjaaraaa hlUa aat, rlK
S9uK Remedy Co.
2".1. ."' T,"P,,'al.f.,lll,!rpraaf.aftam. tap.
atal oo,0. VTa aallalt Ik. Bart akUaUa lua, lrali,a
aaiaataaa-anlaaaaaOIatallaaxa. Ive-aaaa Saaa tn
s&lLdk, it&&i!kiJuit&id
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