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The Hawaiian Souvenir Playf
Appropriate at prizes (or card garnet.
.. iviniiTci ill uil.rih iHilii
Each rtrlt c.ntalna flftthreo balf-tono engravings of the cho.c-t-sl
views if Honolulu, llllo nnd tho principal points of interest in
the Islands. Back design of Kamchamcha Statue In co'orc. Edges
In Gold. Double enamel surface, of the very best finish. Large In
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K?) IW i 'TH
M jJ l 1
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i ""pWJjJl
Wi Ml t JkHkkT 1H .
Finest Park
Can Be Planned on Punchbowl
Honolulu Is one of the most attiact
tvo cities of the tropic. The problem
of how to render It moro tTeautlful and
more attractive Is not nn easy one to
solvo. Tho good taste shown by thoBo
who himi bulUlcd for themselves
homes along the broad thoroughfares
leaves little to be gained In Improve
ment of private grounds. There are
few cities anywhere In the world that
exhibit such uniformly bonullful orna-
mentation of the private grounds sur
rounding the residences
Improvement, if It ran be nttnlned,
mutt be sought along lines of provld
Ids better and more extensive parks,'
and In the widening nnd .straightening
of narrow or crooked streetB.
More Parks a Neeettlty,
In the matter of parks or public
breathing places the present popula-jllr pleasure grounds whatever Parks
tlon Is fairly well provided for. Hut evidently cost a good deal ot money
when Honolulu doubles and trebles In 'to maintain piopcrly The most com
sire, as It undoubtedly will within an-liuon system of management and the
other decade, additional parks will be one giving most satisfactory returns,
a necessity. Kven now there Is need is to have an unpaid board of three or
of such public spaces In the poorer, five Park Commissioners, usually pub-
and more crowded sections of tho city
A park has been defined as consist
Ing of "a tract of considerable size
tt apart primarily for enjoyment. ' It,
I muy ue n smaii square peruaps noi
moro than nn acre in extent, In the
heart of tho business portion of tho
city or n tract ot a thousand acres In
the suburbs, but wherever located Its
nrtmn rrtillialtim n Pn tli at It o tin II l.n
restful to the eyo of whoever pusses
. ., . .,, ... . .
A pa Ms . b t o the country trans-1
.iiuu u.iu.i, iu mo ciijr pieumng
n.i.K.-u.viii ui Buruuuer, uik-h iuku
or pasture, ponds, running streams, ,
flowers and bright foliage. The funda.
mental Ideas must be enjoyment, nnd
convenience of access.
Parks In Other Cities.
Among American cities New York
(Including Ilrooklyn) leads in the num
ber, area nnd tost of maintenance of
her park sstem, over 6.00 acres be.
Ing devoted to this purpose at a total
cost of eighty million dollars up to
Comparing Honolulu with cities
moro nearly Its present size. Duluth,
David Harum Sale.
"David Harum has proved Itself to
bo tho most phenomenal book of thej
-ho. .. .unuw.i.K ni-iiii annual ri - c -
ord of sales furnished by the Apple-
tons, shows some astonishing figured,
ospecially when It is remembered
that a novel Is considered "success
ful" If It reaches a circulation of only
a few thousand.
From September 23, 1S98, the date
nf publication, to January 1. le.99. tho
sales wero ltj.fluo copies. July 1. 1899,
tho copies sold were 191.7D0; January
I, 1900, 412,730; July 1, 1900. 4C0.7G0;
January 1. 1901. 501.500, July 1, 1901,
ol7,500, January 1. li 2. 537.000 nnd
March 1. 1902, they had reached the
enormuos total of C50.500 copies
American Presidents.
D. Applcton and Company have Just
brought out a now edition of "Tho
Presidents of the United States." wilt
ed by General James Grant Wilson.
Tbo article on President McKlnlcy
gives a brief and accurate resume of
the Spanish-American War and con
cludeB with the sad story of the
great President's tragic end. A sketch
of President Roosevelt is added, writ
ten by Owen Wlster. To tho beauti
ful steel engravings of tho previous I
editions has been added a fine portrait
of tho latest and youngest of the na
tion's chief magistrates Tho notable
list of contributors Includes Sorctnry
John liny, who wroto tflo sketch of
Lincoln, Jefferson Davis who wrotn
Taylor; Carl
the life of Zachary
bchurz. who reviewed Rutherford II.
Hayes, Horace Porter on Grant. nnd(estB. Prof. Gilford wns limn In an un-
William Walter Phelps on Garfield
Tho book forms an interesting history
if tho United States from the view
point of the White House
Practical Astrology.
"Practical Astrology " by Comte C.
de Saint-Germain. I.alrd A. Lee. pub
Ushers, Chicago.
The author's name is a guarantee of
thoroughness, scientific depth and In
eld presentation, while a glance at
the make-up of the volume proves tup
publishers' wise llberallt) and ;excel
lent taste.
This book Is a new depart un In as-
irvlnitv a a Ilia OllthfiT h.1U illfti'tl
work on an entirely new method
worked out by himself, or rather ro
discovered by him, as ne claims It Is
tin, wrv method of the Ancient Hirvn-
... ..... .,Co,. u.,i !,.. .inrin..,
the dark ages intervening between
Ihelr times and ours, lie this as It
may, wo cortalnly do not find In this
work nny of the dlttleult calculations
mil operations without which hereto-
fure astrology does uot seem to havo
been thought of Instead, wo find a
nlmplo process of gleaning' it few dl
ructions and all tlm rusults from elm
plo tables truly a vast Improvement
in the Tropics
Minn , with a population of i."0,Oon
'( maintains H parks comprising 42"
acres at n cost ot 550.000; Hartford,
Conn., hng 16 parks, comprising 1007
acres, for n population of "0.000, l'o
orla. III., has 7 parks for C'1,000 people
'at a rost of $350,000; Wilmington Del.
'has 13 parks containing 270 acres at
a cost of 422,000 for 70.000 people;
'-.. e, l-nl.l ..
and Springfield. Mass- with 50,000
III1U OlirillKIIUIIl. Won,
population, has 25 parks comprising
483 acres, nt n cost of $H.fl.0iln. Chi
cago 1ms expended $29,000,000 In
maintaining 2000 acres of parks for
Its 2.000,000 people, a sum greater than
the total nnnual production of wealth
In Havvnll.
Best Methods to Adopt
On the (ontinry, many cities larger
than Honolulu have no parkB or pub
j lie-spirited business men, who have
the welfare of the city at heart. I'nder
these a superintendent, who receives
his instructions direct from tho
Hoard, a paid official who should un
derstand his .business, nnd an engineer,
gardeners, foremen, etc.
In establishing new- parks or remod
eling old ones the services of piofis
slonal landsuipe architect should b.v
"""''''I- 'iy 800'1 Karrtener enn plant
trees but there nie viry few who can
, M of , Um(, ()f
maturity of the design ns a whole
well planned nrtinilal landscane s a'
work of art.
Small parks, squares and gardens In
,ni hm' hFari t a city should provide
nn agreeable change of view to thov
who pass tluough them to or from I
business The crots paths mid walks
musi ue rcaannniii) tlirect tnrougli the
grounds. Their must be shudo
"-- "- 'ot "' nuuMu
along the paths, and open sunshiny
places for the lawns and flower beds.'
icw groups or trees nnrt shrubs encc- should be reserved for this purpose, nl
tlvely contrasted as to form and color though now visited chiefly by tour-
an aruor loventl with brilliant bios-
soma, and perhaps a fountain or a piece
ui siaiuary in tne center t'nlformltv
and sameness of view and surroundings
Upon the old wajs.
nn astrolocer now.
An) bodj may bo
The first eleven napter,.pre,are
.e Student, making hm. Ston bvKten.
acquainted with thp material with
w bleh the science deals, ond from
which It gathers the desired Informa-
tlon. The twelfth chapter then
teaihes, In a most practical auil lucid
way, tin- method of using the nequlred
knowledge nnd tho tables. The an-
thor takes tho brilliant rnreer and
eventful life of Victor Hugo as his e.v
ample, nnd If the language of tho stars
nlwas tallies with the facts as won- nfforded by tho Middle Wist before
derfully ns It certainly seems to l'o In the War and whlih, when completed
the ease of the great Pieneli poet, then was supplemented by an apprentice
It is slmpl) ImpoFslbln to disbelieve In ship to the printers' tradi When
astrology. jhoventecn ji-ars old. he began his
Tho book will convince many a
skeptic, and will afford a fuscinntlng
pastime to thousands both of bellev-
ers nnd bellevirs.
(12ino. large new type, 292 pagis,
over 100 Illustrations and portraits. , nunt of his Held, his first story an
Paper, beautiful lithographed cover In ' peurlng In ' Scrlbners' " for August,
five colors, 50c. Cloth unique cover 1R90. This was followed by others In
design, beautiful frontispiece litho-' "The Century," "I.lppluiotts'." and
graphed in flvo colors, It )
Practical Forestry.
Prof. John Glffoid, author of "Prac
tical Forestry," published by I). Apple
ton and Company, hns made his sub
Jeit a life study Ho Is a young man
(thirty-two), but has made hlmaelf
master of a. profession of Increasing
Imnortanee and one destined to he.
'come of still greater Importance with
the continued destruction of our foi-
settled part of southern New Jersey.
meraiiy in uie wor.s. so nine nis
tnsto Is a nutural rath.-r than nn ac-
quired one.
mier gruouaiing irom nvvainmnrc tll 'heart of America' and no one- step
College, he contlnuul his studies nl n the iiallon's di.velopiuent more, strlk
the University of Michigan. Johns hlK ,n llmt ,,rn ,)f Mt.xua improve
Hopkins, and Tulano Universities, f.o- m(.nt flom 1S30 , mo lu. , w
Ing abroad, ne entered tho University
of Munich, llavaria, from the Forestry
Department of which he received the
degree of Doctor r,f Kcnnomlcs, Por
threo years after his return he oceu
I'll the position of Instructor In Hot
any at Swnrthmore College. Swaith
morn, i'a. ints was rollowecl by three
his.)enrs dovoted to travel In tropical
America, and two yeurs In practical
'forestry work In New Jersey under,
.the direction of the Geological Survey. I
Prof. Olfford Is tho founder of tll
"Forester." tho official Oman of tho
American Forestry Association, and
Is the author of several forestrj ro-
porU and hroehures. Holms traveled
exlenslvely In Europe, and Is one of
the pioneers of forestry In this ceun-
try At preHent he Is ns'slstant Pro
fessor of Forestry In Cornell Unlver-
- slty. the first nnd only Blato college
- of forestry In this country- II l nl"o
vice piesldent, for New Jursey, of tho
lire alwa to op nvoidi-it
In n suburban pnrk of lirgii nrea
tie keynote must also he constant
change of view ai one vvnlks or drives
along lis roads and pathway. At
every turn In the way new vistas open
out before one. This Is the fccp t of
park architecture or landscape built
Ing, to enlarge the boundaries of the
pleasure-ground and make them seem
much more extensive than they nre In
reality. Tower Grove I'jrk In St
Louis Is one ot tho finest examples of
this phase of the landscape gardener's
art. Although oul) a quarter of n mite
wide the constantly opening vistas
magnlf) Its size In the mind of thct
passer-by until It seems i long walk
across It
In oui beautiful city neither tho
lurks and gardens nor the city streots
are. up to the high stnudaid of beauty
set bj lh pitvHlc grounds bordering
them A Purk Commission, r. If given
charge of the publlt pleasure grounds
l.nd breathing plnres, should also havo
the control of the tiee planting be
tween the footpaths and the curbing.
Man) of the streets In the residence
Olstrlits would be much Improved if
the whole kquare, from ono cross-street
to another, could be planted with one
kind of trre There might be formed,
hem an avenue of royal palms, or I'rldo
of India, there a stretch of Uougaln
vlllea, or Iloyal Polnclana, or perhaps
the gorgeous Coral tree. Such con
tinuity of view would add much to tli"
fume and beauty of Honolulu's streets
Another suggestion ns to the beau
tlfjlng of the streets would be that
fences around private grounds be re
move! so that the lawns might extend
from the residences to the ulillv foot-
..ntl... w I.. .III.... I ........
i i'.iiiin ui it.iiinu in .ui.iKt-n mill iuiiii-
try towns where cows and other family
iii..m,i- r.,n in ti... uu.m. r,.n. nr
necrssurj as n protection to the shrub-
i,..rv and flowers, but Honolulii has
certainly passed the stret pasture stag"
In its civic development
As a convenient and available park
K.. fr the coming 200.000 people of
Honolulu, the upper slopes and erntel
of Punchbowl should be dedicated to
fix ruuenoom suouiu im- u
th.- public. The .rest of
with Its magnificent view
of the cltv
Hts It is worth converting Into what
can be made the lluesl park In tho
i American Forestry Association, hon
orary member of the National Irrlga-
'tlon Association, and n member
n.nnv nlh.r slmllnr nn,.nll..n Ills
nimmer home Is nt Prlmeton, N. J.
Newspaper Author.
I-e Roy Armstrong, nuthur of "The
Outlaws.' anuoiinied by the Apple
tons, Is a well known newspaper man
nnd has already achieved n reputation
as n writer of short stoiles Ho la a
native of Indiana nnd was born In
1851 ills early eduuitlon was that
Journalistic career In Chliugo und has
"ground out" his dall) quolu of "iop"
steadily tver since. Mr. Armstrong
I found time from the routine of news-
pap. r work to attempt an enlarge-
"Youth's Companion.' In i-ollabora
tlon with Mr. Charles Dim lie Hanks,
he has written a "lllography of TIho
(lore Roosevelt, the tycilial Ameil
Ills first hook of fiction, "The Out
lawn." bears all the marks of a strum-1
wr,., ,, . fllU of ,,.,,, incident'
,, th(, rnmnIlc ,, u.rn rPllUlj i
U)hc(, , . 1)llU(1n(. 1)f ,.,,, MUWc
....... ,. -. -. , .,...
,i-ni me tuur) rriiieia nruiiiiu nil-
i,,,..,...... of ,., oIli ..,, c'aiml. nod
BB,HH , n(,rKy tmit ttl.nl intu ,), ll(.
,(.i,,nHn, of ,lt. w.tern country
of nlmxcif. be bays, "Mine has be.n
,,lmy, f an(, n ,,.,.,. ,. nu,, ,
know of no land more Interehtlng than
Wnbnsh Cnnnl was construeted-bank
ruptlng the State and surrendering Its
mhon to the quickly following mil
- , Mr- Armstrong s aI1 ardent expon -
- ,.ut of thl, ..Btr,.nU0,s . nm ll(ll
- cil vliliiallty expresses Itself strongly
n hIg ))00k
The March Smart Set.
In variety and vnlue of contcn's the
March number nf The Smart Set is the
best jet lKsuecl of this magazine, which
has established Its. If as the most Im
pnrtnnt exponent of eontemporui) flc
tlon, "Arabj." a nov.lette by the
llaroncss von Hiitlen, heudh the niini -
her. The story Is one of great ehiirin,
It Is ai n-allstle as romantic nnd It
conveys In crisp dlsloguo nnd move-
ment vivid pletutes or motlern lire. In
phasc-s as numerous as nro tho cliar-
acters of the narrative. Thorn Is a
lesson In "Aruby," and that a ower
ful one, hut there Is, first nnd ala)s,
the story Itself, vital and human, the
story of an unusual passion, in which
the Instinct of the primitive savage
and the conditions of our twentieth
century civilization meet nnd war. The
author has achieved a work of fiction
at once absolutely distinctive and
wholly fascinating. It is one of the
best novelettes yet published In The
Smart Set. In so Baling we glvu it
the highest praise.
(1. Vere Tjler contributes a psycho
logical stud that Is as analytically
powerful as It Is absorbing, entitled
"Her Investitures" "The Pennnco of
Ilcdwlg." by Lilian Hell. Is n delight
ful love story, with scenes laid in Par
Is and Constantinople wherein a
Krench maid moulds the destinies of
licio and heroine, nnd Incidentally her
own. "The Princess' is nn Idyll oi
pure sentiment, by Justus Mites For
man, and In "The Daughter of the
Painter Pnllsn." John Regnnult Klly
son hns wiitteu a story both ingenious
and beautiful, where are serves as
motif to a tender tale of love. Other
contributions of notable merit are: "A
Woman of Ideals," by Kate Jordan;
"IJnter Loid Love"' by Anne Mac
(Jregor. and "As Any Woman Would,"
by Nellie Cravey Olllmore. "A Study
In Suggestion" is a remarkable bit of
pschologltal fiction, by Emma Wolf
Kdgar HaltUH has written, with even
more than his usual brilliancy, on I
"The Oulctles of Paris", while Alfred 1
Henry Lewis. In "When Whig Met1
",,irtf V.rini. A im " hnti ..I.I nl.V. imn.'
sunwnato skill the story of a victory
won In old das by subtlest finesse.
The humor of this Issue Is best illus
trated In "Tho Pursuit of tho Ducn
ess," a dellclously amusing story of
.Monte Carlo, by Emcrlc Hulmc-Ilea-man.
In "Urnuser's Seance." a farcical
narrative of German student life, by
lMvvnrd llreck, und In "A Roynl Com
promise," by Ruth Milne. Thcio nre
In addition, the usual number of laugh
able paragraphs and light verses, all
dlHplaiing Unit particular merit which
has won for Tne Smart Set Its reputa
tion us tho publle'u best purveyor of
wit and humor.
The March number contains many
poems of conspicuous literary merit.
Among the authors contributing nre.
Illlss Carman, John II. Tabu, Gektt
Ilurgess. Clinton Scollarcl, Kdlth Ses
sions Tuppcr. Tbeodosla Garrison,
Minna Irving. Ethel M. Kellcy. Chas.
Hanson Towne and James Iluckham
Pnigit-ss Hall was the scene last
night uf a gu) und brilliant at-sem-blage
of the friends of the officers ol
the I' S Army transport Fgbcrt, who
pitbeud there to court Terpblchoro
until tin- we; sum' hours.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with palms and oilier tropical foliage
mingled with Chlncbu lanterns In
which weie eleitrlc globes which were
turned ou und off at frequent Intervals,
.l.n.ll ...1.1 -....! ....!.... .. .
"""', ' . . ' .
t ittif,- iiuaiiiiifni nt un uiiii iittiii
utTonU'il ik'li,;t.t to the ilnnetTK, nnd i
t.iKty suppir of slight refreshments
about the middle of the program wan
un ugic.able break III the innocent
revelry of one of the most enjoyable
Army and Navy dances ev.-r given In
I ''".
I " '
' H",'n ,lr"uk,' nu'n w,'r" IaDrt,,J at
he Millce station up to midnight last
, "'"'"'
Etc., Etc.
Set of 5 mop, $2.00
'ii sale- it ollicc ol . . ,
TUB . . .
Geneml bookbinding, ruling, gilding
embossing, maps, charts and artistic
printing at tho UVKNINO BULLETS
Job O'Jl-e
7 f
"Now, Johnny tell mo what a proph
ct is."
"Its n fellow that Is always looking
for a chanco to say, "I told you so ' "
Every customer wearing a pair of
HANAN SHOES Ib a prophet, bocauso
ho is always telling peoplo so. Ho is
nappy, contented, satisfied, and ho
wants his friends to slmro with him.
We are Importing moro HANAN
briOES today than ever in the history
of our business, this nlono proves
their merit
Co., Ltd.
816 Fort Street,
Honolulu, T.
Agents For
Hnvlland Waro
Victor Safe & Iocl: Co.
Ideal Ready Mixed
Pansy Stoves.
Improved Stone Fitters
And tho Steel Aermotor.
about the
wall paper?
Is that on the wall at tho pres
ent time streaked or spotN4!
Has It become a trifle rusty!
Don't you think a new covering
of a pretty 1902 design would
brighten the rooms up a bit?
Just take a look about tio
walls, then como and sne onr
handsomo stock. Don't decide
until you havo seen it.
Trumbull & Beebe's
Flower and Vegetable Seeds
Awarded Gold and Silver Medals Paris
Exposition 1900.
Ucautifuliy Illustrated catalogue)
mailed frco on application
410421 Sansome St.
San Francisco, California.
Madame Genevra
Opeia House, Monday, Mar, 17
Under the auspices of Buckeye Club.
For the Benefit of the McKinley
Memorial Fund.
Tlclets for Bale by tho I'.Miilcrs of
the Iluckeyu Club and at tho Ilerg
Strom MubIc Company's tn be e
rhuuged for re-served seats sale at the
Wall Nichols Company's
Prices: $1, 75c, 50c
Buckeye Club, Manager In Charge.
W. D. ADAMS, Manager for Mad
ame Dlthop.
Next express steamer to
the Coast. Exprcie closes
10 a. m. day of sailing.
Wells. Fargo & Go.
TCL. MAIN 199.
Pi'auonle Temple, with American
Messenger Service.
The weekly edition of the livening
Bulletin Is the tarnest &no best pub
lished In the Territory. Sixteen and
twenty pages. $1 a year.
,&. - ,-...v , , .., . . .... , I,.,, I' &jt.'l&l$ffi!&ifo . . s,K
&h " 4A.Kl-Am.AJirA '. .. -ft
twrrmiMiinnMmMrfnrwin''"'' '

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